CSI: Miami s06e11 Episode Script

Guerillas in the Mist

Think someone followed us here? No way, man.
Check it out.
You see something? Eddie! Get outta here! Detective Tripp off patrol.
My rotation ended yesterday.
I'm officially back in homicide.
Who we have? Dockworkers reported gunfire in this building, Frank.
Saw a couple uniforms back there.
They look pretty shaken up.
Come on inside.
What the hell happened here? Where are the victims? They were vaporized, Frank.
Vaporized how? I don't know, but it was big.
Who coulda done this? Not who what.
This has all the earmarks of a gun-smuggling operation, but why'd they leave all those guns behind? Because this was not a robbery, Frank.
What, you mean, A turf war? Runners trying to take out their competition? Someone is sending a message.
What's the move? We call the atf right now.
I got friends over there.
I'll take care of it.
You okay? I've never seen anything like this.
I don't know if we're ever gonna be able to tell how many people died here today.
There were three.
How can you tell? Because I found the remains of three pairs of shoes.
Well, we're gonna get these guys.
We'd better.
Hoping that this can tell us who our shooters are.
You mean shooter.
You gotta be kidding me.
All of these rounds? You think they were all fired from one gun? One person? Do you see this round? It requires no casing, and every other one I've picked up is exactly the same.
There is only one weapon I know that can fire something like this.
It's the dx-4.
Its nickname is "the vaporizer.
" Never heard of it.
That's because it's illegal.
It's an electronic gun.
It has over 200 individually fired barrels.
When the trigger is pulled, an electronic current hits a primer on the back of each round.
Because there are no moving parts,there's nothing to slow it down.
It's capable of firing a hundred thousand rounds per minute.
I'd seen something like this on paper, but I didn't know it existed yet.
Well, it does.
Someone in Miami has one.
If we don't find it, we're gonna see a lot more crime scenes like this one.
I'll get this to the lab.
So, have you, uh have you seen the crime scene photos? It was a bloodbath.
I heard.
I'm waiting for the results from the cigarette delko found on the scene.
Hopefully that'll help.
Be able to get any I.
On the vics? I'm running them, too, but I only have the blood from their shoes.
Hopefully, they're in Codis.
Well,if they're in Codis, chances are they weren'T innocent bystanders, if you know what I mean.
And you'd be right.
Take a look.
Eddie Padura,Hector Malcas, Pedro Rupan.
And check out their criminal history.
Trafficking and smuggling firearms.
Makes it official.
Looks like somebody wanted to end their career.
And I think I can tell you who.
DNA on the cigarette belongs to Gabriel Soto? And look what Gabriel has in common with our victims.
Triple murder,Mr.
I didn't kill nobody.
Those guys, they work for me.
Then those were your guns at the warehouse, weren't they? I'm not saying that.
So what are you saying? Look, I got nothing to tell you.
I wasn't even there.
We have evidence that says otherwise.
What evidence? Your ADN on a cigarette butt.
I do business there.
I could a dropped it days ago.
I'm an antiques dealer.
You deal illegal weapons.
Give me a break.
Your guys were unloading a shipment of guns and maybe your buyer didn't feel like paying for them.
Look, make it easy on yourself, all right? Why don't you give us the name of your buyer? And why would i cooperate with you? Because it might get us to a killer.
Don't you want to know who did this to your men? I got my own way of dealing with that.
So do I.
You're under arrest.
Take him.
Go ahead.
I'll make bail.
- I'll be out in two hours.
- Just get outta here.
You sergeant Tripp? Yes, I am.
This is CSI Wolfe.
How you doing? Sergeant Tripp, agent Thorpe.
- Special task force, us customs.
- Hi.
We were, uh, expecting atf.
Yeah? Well, they called me.
This is about the smuggling operation at the docks, right? Okay, so, uh this is a customs operation.
Yes,it was.
Those weapons were headed to the middle east, where they'd end up being used on our own troops.
Well, you forgot to collect the guns.
Well, this mission was just to shut 'em down.
We planned to send in a cleanup crew, but you beat us to it.
Well, don't you think you guys went a little bit overboard with the, uh, with the firepower? What are you talking about? What I'm talking about is your operation gunned down three men in cold blood, and they didn't even get a single shot off.
Actually, I shouldn't be discussing an ongoing operation.
Fair enough.
What about the dx-4? The vaporizer? Yeah.
That gun's illegal in this country.
That's right.
So why were your guys using it? This wasn't our operation, strictly speaking.
Customs just had oversight.
We, uh contracted this one out.
Contract wha-what is that supposed to mean? You used a private security firm.
It's an army for hire.
We've been leaning on them for tactical support.
They did the port operation themselves.
Did they have a name? Mr.
So you're Peregrine security.
Guns for hire.
I'm afraid there's just not at lot I can tell you.
And I don't agree.
You have no jurisdiction in this case.
I'm gonna have to ask you gentlemen to leave.
Oh, we can be right back with a warrant.
Won't do you any good.
You have zero authority in this building.
Stand down.
Look, I'll try and save you some time.
Yes, that was our operation this morning, sanctioned by U.
So you gunned down those men? There was collateral damage, yes.
And you're admitting to murder.
It isn't murder under the patriot act.
What does the patriot act have to do with this? As federal contractors, Peregrine is protected from all prosecution in official operations.
Gentlemen, forgive me, but from where I'm standing, you're just common killers.
We're patriots.
Does a patriot use a weapon that's illegal in this country? I have no idea what you're talking about.
We know about the vaporizer.
Look, gentlemen, I understand that it's difficult for you to see the big picture, but the world is much larger than just Miami.
What we do over here saves american lives overseas.
I will not apologize for our mission.
That magic gun of yours, why don't you just hand it over? I think we're done here.
Not hardly, Mr.
Dispatch,this is air-12.
We're responding to Sandcrest Park.
Air-12 be advised,victim is Steve Lancaster, head of Peregrine security.
Possible DOA.
Thanks His name is Steve Lancaster.
You know what? There's no obvious cause of death here.
There's no blood, there's no gunshot wound, there's no stab mark.
Not a mark on him.
It's like he laid down and died.
I'm sure he had help.
Now wait a second.
Hey, Guys! Sir! Hold on please.
Get your handoff me.
Excuse me.
You cannot be here.
This is a secured crime scene, all right? - Hey - That SUV is Peregrine property.
I need to collect what's inside.
National security issues.
That's all well and good, pal, but murder investigation trumps whatever it is you're doing, so you're gonna have to get lost, okay? Get behind the yellow tape or I'll take you into custody myself.
this isn't over.
Not by a long shot.
Beat it.
Wolfe, let's get Alexx out here.
What have you got? I found an unspent round on the seat, and I think I've got Lancaster's laptop.
Wonder if that's what peregrine was so hot to get their hands on.
Check out this tattoo.
Looks like our mercenary used to be a navy seal.
I didn't see any signs of a struggle in there.
You think he would have fought back.
I think I know why he didn'T.
Burn marks.
My guess, someone hit him with a stun gun.
yeah, but that wouldn't be powerful enough to kill him.
No, but it could knock you out for a good ten minutes.
That's long enough to finish up the job.
So they hit him with a stun gun and then strangle him? No.
His lips aren't blue, no signs of petechia.
So what are you thinking? These kind of people, they want a murder to be invisible.
Like an assassination.
And I have a hunch how they did it.
Natalia told me that you had a crackerjack autopsy going on, but that you wouldn't tell her what you were doing.
Calleigh, you know I don't like to jinx my theories before I've had a chance to test 'em out.
But you came at the right time.
So what killed him? A bubble.
Come again? If I'm right, it was an air embolism that took our soldier down.
So you mean like when a person gets an air bubble in their vein? That's right.
Travels to the heart, gets stuck in the valves and stops the heart from beating.
Only way to know for sure is to submerge the heart in water.
If there's air inside, it'll float to the surface.
I am now going to cut the right ventricle.
And there's your killer bubble.
So this was no accident.
No way.
Circulatory system is airtight.
The only way to get air in your veins is to have it forced in.
Like with a syringe.
So somebody killed him.
Problem is you are looking at the perfect murder.
It is almost impossible to trace this back to the killer.
What about the injection site? Could you find something there? Maybe.
Oh, this killer was so smart.
Lieutenant Caine, Darren Butler, current CEO of Peregrine security.
Current CEO? Well, that didn't take long, did it? Steve was a good leader, lieutenant, but we move on.
Can't distract from the mission.
Was killing Steve a part of the mission? I don't know what you're talking about.
Steve was murdered.
And how does that relate to Peregrine? We found a DX4 round in Lancaster's suv.
Is that where he was storing the vaporizer? I don't know anything about that.
But if Steve was involved with the use of that weapon, then he crossed the line.
Of course, we'll never know now.
He's dead.
Yes, how convenient for you.
Lieutenant, off the record, you're looking at us when you should be looking outside.
So you're saying steve had enemies.
I'm gonna need those names.
I'm sorry, but those files are confidential.
You'll just have to find them on your own.
Yes, and I will.
And a word to the wise, Mr.
Butler, your name better not be amongst them.
Oh, yeah.
Got a nice juicy partial right here on the clasp.
Hopefully, that will give us our killer and not our victim.
Here we go.
James reilly.
Any priors? No, his record's pristine.
Why is he in AFIS then? Says he was in the navy.
All military personnel get fingerprinted when they enlist.
Steve Lancaster was a navy seal.
I wonder if they knew each other.
There's only one way to find out.
Look, I'm really sorry that Steve is dead, but I don't see what that has to do with me.
We found your fingerprint on his watchband.
Oh, come on.
Are you kidding? Is that why I'm here? I ran into steve today.
It must have happened when I, when we shook hands.
I was on my way to see a client, and we just bumped into each other.
Steve Lancaster.
Reilly? Hey, you got a minute? You want to grab something to eat? Actually, I can't,man.
I got to run.
He seemed like he was in a rush.
I haven't seen Steve since I left Peregrine.
So you worked at Peregrine security? For a while.
Steve brought me in to set up the computer systems.
Why'd you leave? Well, I I guess I just didn't want the life anymore.
After all the years in the navy and then Peregrine, I just got tired of playing war.
I run a computer repair firm now.
Where did you go after you saw Steve? I went back to the office.
You can ask my secretary.
I will.
Is that Lancaster's laptop? I thought it came up empty for any evidence of the killer.
Yeah, well, what's why I wanted to crack it open, see if we got any information that will point us in the right direction.
Well, I'll take any direction at this point.
I heard you talked to Reilly's secretary.
Yeah, she confirmed his story, but she may be covering for him.
Will you pop open that report? Sure.
"Operation black market status.
" That sounds like plans for a military action.
What does "asset out of the bag," mean? Asset in military jargon, that means a target.
"Three bogies in play" means three enemies involved.
Three is the number of victims at the warehouse shooting this morning.
I think these are the plans.
All right, take a look at this.
"Mission status: Stage one incomplete.
" Well, if this morning was stage one, I wonder what else they have planned.
What are you doing? What are you doing? I'm not doing anything.
The laptop's doing this on its own.
Someone's purging the hard drive.
They're doing it remotely.
They were just waiting for us to turn the computer on.
Turn it off.
I can't.
They're overriding it.
Well, can you figure out who's doing it? I'm transmitting an output signal, but once the computer's wiped out, all trace of whoever is doing this will be gone.
I'm synched in to their satellite transmission.
It's looking for a source.
We have to hurry.
It's wiped out 75% of the hard drive.
It's narrowed it down to south Florida.
We're running out of time.
We're almost there.
It's gone.
Wait a minute.
An address.
That's the address to Peregrine's headquarters.
They wiped out their own computer.
They're covering up something really big.
You've been tampering with the evidence, Mr.
It's not tampering when you're sanitizing your own computer files.
It is if you're interfering in a murder investigation.
We have to insure our information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
You mean like mine? There was nothing in there that would have pertained to Steve's death.
Lancaster was killed because the operation black market wasn't completed this morning.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Educate me.
Okay, lieutenant.
You were right about Lancaster.
He exceeded our protocols, and used the dx-4 in the dock operation.
The vaporizer.
We were going to turn over that gun to the feds, but it was never returned to base.
So the mission is incomplete until we reacquire the vaporizer.
So it was in his SUV.
Where it was stolen when he was murdered.
You're telling me that the most dangerous weapon on the planet is loose on the streets of Miami.
I'm sorry, do I do I smell pork? You do.
I'm using pig flesh because it's the closest thing to human flesh that I could find.
I'm trying to tie Peregrine to the Lancaster murder.
I didn't know that stun guns were traceable.
Well, it isn't like a regular gun, but if the mark is unique enough I mean, for example, this is the Lancaster stun bite.
You can see how the prongs are close together.
If I can match this model to one of these, I think we might be able to find our killer.
It's what I suspected.
Meet the Sentry the world's smallest stun gun.
You're telling me that that tiny thing took down a 200-pound guy? Well, it kicks out a million volts.
You know, it's funny I would think those Peregrine guys were such a boy's club, they wouldn't use such a girly little weapon.
Well, I only ended up testing it against government issue stun guns, and I figured that's what Peregrine would be using.
What kind of government agencies? State Department, customs agents.
Customs agents? Yeah.
Where you going? What's this all about, Wolfe? It's about your stun gun.
Excuse me? You carry a Sentry, is that right? Yes.
They're issued to us.
So Steve Lancaster's murder was that a State-sponsored assassination or did you do that on your own? What the hell are you talking about? Lancaster was murdered with a sentry.
The very same model stun gun you carry.
And why would I have a reason to kill Lancaster? Well, the vaporizer.
I'm trying to stop that weapon just like you.
Now you are.
See, you're the liaison for Peregrine, but you didn't know they were using that weapon until I told you, is that right? I can't be held responsible for what they do.
Well, your supervisor can.
When it gets out in the public that you hired a company to do your dirty work that's using illegal weapons, you're gonna take the fall.
I think you killed Lancaster to get the gun.
I think if there was no gun no problem.
You got nothing to base that on.
Is that right? Every time you use that stun gun, the date and time is recorded.
Why don't you hand it over? Here.
But don't let my supervisor hear.
My job is already on the line for how this was handled.
If they hear that I'm now a suspect If this tests positive your job is going to be the least of your worries.
Okay, okay, what's wrong? I was just I was convinced that our customs agent killed Lancaster, but she didn't fire her stun gun.
She didn't even fire it once.
So, uh we don't have a suspect.
Well, baby maybe this will help you out.
What is this? You tell me.
They look like black specks.
Where did you find these? In our victim's eye.
I found the injection site- in his retinal vein.
A syringe was the last thing our soldier saw.
Alexx this is huge.
If trace can tell us what these black specks are, we may have our man.
Steve Lancaster, Mr.
What about him? You killed him.
We found out about an interesting tool you use to service computer equipment.
The next time you kill somebody with a syringe, you should try cleaning the toner out first.
You know what, this is harassment.
I am not the only computers salesman in Miami.
But you had a motive.
And what is that motive? Revenge.
I'm out of here.
Sit down, Mr.
Now, we ran into a security firewall with your employment records.
So we called in a few favors at the State Department.
And it turns out that you didn't quit at Peregrine, you were fired.
I was not fired.
You cannot fire the founder of a company.
Lancaster founded Peregrine.
That's what it says on the revised brochures.
Peregrine was my idea.
I came up with it back in the Seals.
That's when I met Steve.
I brought him on as a partner.
So how did he force you out? I was spending so much time engineering courses in other countries, I didn't see the one he was pulling on me.
So you assassinated him.
Lancaster betrayed Peregrine.
It was a noble idea and he turned it into a killing machine.
Should have held true to your own ideals.
The world is better off.
What the hell do you want? At least I completed my mission.
Was part of that mission to steal the DX-4? I don't know what you're talking about.
The gun you took it from Lancaster's SUV.
No,I didn't.
I swear.
Someone must have stolen it after I left.
I hope so for your sake.
Take him.
Eric, let's take another look at that SUV.
I got a human hair with a bulb.
I'll have Natalia and put a name to it.
Gabriel Soto.
No, man.
You got the wrong guy.
I'm here to see Soto about a job.
Well, where is he? He's right there.
You made bail, Soto, but you might be going right back in.
You hiring new staff? I need to replace the men I lost after Peregrine wiped them out.
You need more manpower now that you have the vaporizer to sell.
That'll be a little difficult since I don't have it.
Yeah, well, I can put you in Lancaster's SUV, exactly where the gun was stolen from.
And how can you do that? Because I found your hair in the front seat.
You deliver that dx-4,I bring the buyer.
We'll split it 50-50.
And why does he want the vaporizer? He wants to mass produce it.
He's willing to pay big for it.
Well,if that's the case, then I'll just contact him myself.
You can't do that.
He only deals with me.
Not if you're dead.
Oh, man.
I didn't steal anything.
Look I met with Lancaster, you know, to talk.
You were just chatting it up with the guy who killed your men? No, I don't think so.
It was before that.
I was looking to buy the vaporizer gun from him, okay? I could retire off the profit from that.
Yeah, by selling it to our enemies.
Nothing personal.
It's just business.
Get down! Is it personal now, Soto? This guy's dead.
That bullet was meant for you.
The shots were fired from over there.
I've got a.
308 casing.
This didn't come from the vaporizer.
You know what's weird? I don't see any of your bullet strikes here.
Yeah, I tried to get a bead on the shooters, but by the time I did, they took off.
You know whatever is said between us stays between us, right? Did you freeze? No,I didn't.
It's just when the, uh when he started shooting, it took me back to that day.
I,uh I felt like I was getting shot all over again.
Well,why don't we just focus on the here and now? We've got a shooter to catch.
Looks like there are more casings up there.
Higher position.
It's where I'd want to be.
I'll check it out.
You find the casings? Yeah.
The shooter found himself a nice perch up here, but he wasn't too careful getting down.
Really! Did you get a print? Sure did.
Just one, but one's enough, right? How do you know I took the shot? We recovered your fingerprints from the sniper perch, Patrick.
Soto was a sanctioned target.
As you know,I'm shielded from prosecution under the Patriot Act.
I'd hate to rain on your parade, my friend, but Soto, as it turns out, was not the victim.
You killed an innocent man.
So, currently, you're not shielded by anything.
Intel said Soto was there.
He was.
You killed an innocent man.
Why did they want him dead? So Soto's buyer would deal directly with us.
We mobilized in the warehouse.
Okay, let me rephrase it.
Where is the gun? Where is it right now? We removed the asset from the SUV the moment we knew Lancaster was down.
Where is the location of the sale? I don't question my superiors.
I get my orders, - I act on them.
- Patrick.
I believe in the cause, lieutenant, that we're defenders of liberty, overseas and at home wherever good soldiers are needed, - that's where we are.
- So be a good soldier, Patrick be a good soldier and get me the location of the sale.
Where is it? I don't know.
Patrick if you don't give me the location, innocent people are gonna die.
Look at me.
- I don't know.
- Look at me.
Innocent people are gonna die.
- And I know that you - I don't know.
Only Butler knows.
don't want that to happen,do you? That's not who you are.
Only Butler knows.
Then give me Butler.
All I can give you is his computer.
Do that.
Butler! Have you seen this weapon used in the field? On several targets completely vaporize a human.
Most beautiful thing to behold.
You said we'd be left alone.
This'll just give me a chance to demonstrate what the vaporizer can do.
All right,let's go.
I'll finish it off.
Get the ammo on the plane.
And that's with only half the barrels engaged.
You're on the losing side of this one, lieutenant.
I could fire a thousand rounds before you get a shot off Well, apparently it only takes the one.