CSI: Miami s06e12 Episode Script

Miami Confidential

Hey, Ken, how goes it? It goes, Wolfe.
It'd be better if I hadn't start my morning seeing that woman in there.
Alexx? Hey.
It looks like someone was thrown through the coffee table.
Looks like there was a wine glass on the table, huh? Its stem punctured right through to her carotid artery.
This amount of blood, I'd be willing to bet she died of exsanguination.
So I'm guessing somebody grabbed her, pushed her.
We might not have a murder weapon.
Hey, Ryan, will you help me move her over just? Alexx, hold on one second.
Just, uh, don't touch her.
Don't put your hands on her.
I'm thinking of trying something.
What are you thinking? You gonna fume this body for prints, aren't you? Right here.
Well, you know, I could dust the whole room and get a list of suspects who maybe were in here.
But what I need is a suspect who made physical contact with her.
Don't give me the hard sell, Wolfe.
Just do what you gotta do before I whisk her away.
Thank you, Alexx.
Not bad for a makeshift fuming chamber.
I've popped a few tents in my day.
Ryan! Oh, crap! I'll go get a fire extinguisher, all right? Hurry, Ryan, those glue fumes are flammable! Hey, this place is full of ammonia! We got to get out of here! Let's go! You two okay? We're both a little crispy around the edges, but yeah, we're all right.
You know, I gotta tell you, I don't know what happened.
That fuming tent was fine when I checked it.
Okay,get yourself checked out.
I need you at full strength.
You know, I hate to ask, but what about the body and the evidence? The evidence will never fail us.
This place smells like ammonia.
You know, Ryan and Alexx barely got out.
This could have been ugly.
The scene's all clear.
We got here before there was too much damage.
Have you got any idea what caused it? Yeah,it was a fully operational meth lab.
This place was a ticking time bomb.
Can we get inside? Sure,we got it under control.
It's all yours now.
There's our fuming tent.
It's melted directly onto her.
Well, there's the lab stuff.
Looks like she took second, maybe third-degree burns.
So much for trace.
I don't know.
She was partially protected.
It doesn't look like the open flames breached her backside.
Think we still may have a chance? Until we try.
If she was a meth cook, I'm not sure I have a whole lot of sympathy.
I don't think we know what she is at this point.
You got something else? Yeah, Ryan's fuming tent didn't start this fire.
What do you think it was? Well, look at the char on the wall socket.
It's cooked.
I think that's why the fan shorted out.
I'll call Delko.
Get him on it.
The circuit breakers are all taped open.
So when the power overloaded, the breakers couldn't throw.
The electrical couldn't turn itself off.
I wonder if this is some sort of an insurance scam.
Owner knew he had bad tenants, wanted to kill two birds with one stone? Possibly.
All right, let's see who get's paid and I'll call H.
So you're the one who torched my condo? Sorry to disappoint you, Mr.
Broyles, but it was actually nothing like that.
Tell it to my attorney.
The girl that we found in the torched condo's name is Rachel Hemming, Mr.
My God, it was her.
I can't believe it.
So she lived in your rental? Yeah, she was a model tenant.
And living in a converted meth lab.
Did you give her a break on the rent or just stiff-arm her? Found a lot of glassware in there.
Enough to make a pound a week.
That's a, that's pretty big business.
You overloaded the circuit breaker to make your drugs, and she was collateral damage.
Did you tamper with the electrical system to deal with the power overload? I don't know what to tell you guys.
The girl paid her rent on time, so I respected her privacy.
What, you gonna bust me for not being more nosy? Actually,it's called "criminal homicide.
" Counting one, two, three drug-related priors here.
That was her apartment.
Those days are behind me.
Apparent not.
Turn right back around,honey.
You gonna have to give me more time.
I mean,I haven't even had a chance to examine her.
That's perfect 'cause I wanted to catch you before you started.
Okay, what's up? I usually don't see you guys down here with a kit.
I wanted to see if the fuming tent had a chance to do its job before it went up.
Well, there wasn't a whole lot the fire didn't touch.
Maybe a patch of skin that came in contact with the floor.
All right, we'll start there.
Let me move her, all right? You got it? Got it.
Back this end up just a little bit.
We got a partial print.
Really? Looks like the fumes did their job after all.
Hey, Eric, what do you think that is? That looks like a piece of plastic.
Think it's part of her clothing? Looks like she wore it underneath her clothing, and whatever it was,the fire melted it into her skin.
I have no idea what this is.
You guys are gonna have to figure this one out.
Well, it's hidden in the last place that someone would look.
If you ask me, I think it's a wire.
A wire? So why was our baby girl bugged? Maybe whoever left that print knows.
No! I rushed in soon as I got the phone call.
I'm not from the area.
Rachel's my sister.
What, you need me to sign for her or something? Post bail? What'd she do this time? Well,I was hoping that you could tell me.
Your sister was killed this morning.
Are you sure? Yeah.
I can't believe this is happening.
What am I gonna tell our parents? Well, how about the truth? That's what I'm looking for.
Zach, we found your print on Rachel's body.
I'd never hurt her.
We have you in our system for assault.
Yeah, but that was for stupid college stuff.
The two of you have a fight? Not a "fight" fight.
It wasn't Look, Rachel hasn't had an easy life.
She got in with the wrong crowd.
Our parents got her into rehab.
She ran away? Yeah.
Three months ago.
I came down from Ohio.
I finally found her and I tried to get her to come home.
- Rachel.
- Zach, what are you doing here? I'm not leaving without you.
No, just leave.
You're coming with me.
No! Is that how she fell? She didn't fall.
She's tougher than that.
She slapped me.
Told me to get lost and that's what I did.
So you're saying that you came all the way down here from Ohio to bring our sister back, she told you to leave and you left? What else could I do? Well, I think we both know what.
Look, you're looking at the wrong guy here.
I didn't come to Miami to kill anyone.
If you did, you'll never leaving.
Hey, what you got? Well, there's nothing on the wine glass that punctured her neck, but that piece of metal Alexx found on Rachel Hemming's body It's a recording device.
Really? Well, maybe if the memory card's still intact, we could hear who killed her.
Yeah,dream on.
It's just a transmitter.
Now we'll be stuck trying to figure out who it transmits to.
And it's a pretty tall order.
Always is.
But think I got some kind of serial number here on the power source.
Let's take a closer look.
Group Three.
Well, MFO stands for Miami Field Office.
Miami's got the most field offices of any law enforcement agency in the country.
Trying to find the right one,you want to talk about a tall order? Let's see.
That's the number.
I'm gonna put it in the database, see if we get lucky.
I don't think you have to.
I actually know this office code.
How's that? I used to work there.
- Lieutenant, Mike Farallon.
- Mike - Natalia.
- Hey.
Have to admit it's strange having you back in these offices.
I know.
- She was one of the best.
- Thanks.
I agree.
Why don't we go somewhere a little more private? So how can I help you? Mike,we're here to talk about Rachel Hemming.
We spoke to your ASAC.
And we know that she was your confidential informant, Mike.
She was, yes.
I just heard.
It's a big loss for us.
She was your find? Yeah, about three months ago I picked her up for possession with intent to distribute.
I could tell she wasn't a user, so instead of locking her up, I put her inside a meth operation we were tracking.
That's a felony possession with intent to distribute.
You're looking at seven years in a federal penitentiary.
You said you could get me out of it.
That's right.
I can make this whole thing disappear into the ether.
What do I have to do? Keep dealing.
Rachel's intel was taking us directly to the operation's leadership.
What do you think happened to her? I was supposed to meet her at a warehouse downtown to get a report,but she never showed.
What about the surveillance audio? She was wired.
It's the first thing I checked.
Unfortunately, the bug wasn't transmitting.
Why do you think that happened? I'm sorry, this is as far as I can go.
This is still an open investigation.
So is her murder, Mike.
So is her murder.
So, Ryan torches this condo and he's not here helping us sift through this because Oh, come on, Eric, that wasn't his fault.
Yeah, well, it would've been nice of him to at least offer a little help.
Calleigh, you needed to see me? Yes.
I was wondering if you would take those four cans of glass that we got from the crime scene and run them through DNA.
Every piece? Yeah.
Yeah, we're gonna need it ASAP, okay? Sure, and while I'm at it, I'll find a way to end global warming and finish that proof of the unified field theory I've been working on.
Would it be inappropriate if I asked you right now if it was going to take you more than an hour? I know I'm a miracle worker, but there is a lot of work to be miracled here.
But I will get on it.
I'll send someone over to collect the rest of the stuff as you go through it.
Thank you, Maxine.
All right, what have you got next? A picture of Rachel Hemming.
But I don't know who the guy is.
I don't know.
They look awfully friendly.
Boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, maybe.
Whoever it is,I'm sure it's someone we're gonna want to talk to.
Well, if you do that,you're gonna have to pull his mug out of all that damage.
Check it out, there's some writing on the back.
Can't make it out.
Well, maybe Ryan will make himself useful in QD.
Well, I will deliver it to him personally.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Just came in to get a peek at the picture that Calleigh keeps talking about.
Yeah, I uploaded a digital version into the image editor software to recover what damage was done.
Does it one pixel at a time.
Thousands of color combinations per second.
Get an accurate representation of basically what we lost.
I know who that is.
- Who? - Mike.
- Who's Mike? - Mike Farallon.
Really? Well, you're gonna love this.
You know, the handwriting that was on the back of the photo? Well, the ink's pigment was gone.
But the solvent was still on the paper.
Could you get any of the words to pop? After 380 nanometers of ultraviolet light you bet.
"Stay away or you'll get hurt.
" Well, that picture just became a threat.
Yeah, it looks like somebody's still playing the old jealousy card.
Yeah, well, at least I know where to start.
Mike, the FBI guy, right? No.
His wife.
Is that your writing, Mrs.
Farallon? No.
We'll need a handwriting sample to confirm that.
What's this about? My husband.
Do you recognize the woman that's in the picture with him? I've never seen her before.
Her name's Rachel Hemming and she was murdered this morning.
What, you suspect Mike? We're investigating all the angles.
Mike and I married young.
We made, uh adjustments.
Mike's an undercover agent.
He's forced to live in two worlds, so we have an understanding.
And what is that? What he does when he's out of the house is his business.
He keeps a roof over our heads, our kids go to good schools, and, uh, when he comes home he belongs to me.
You make that sound so simple.
It's anything but.
Can you account for your whereabouts in the last 24 hours? I was home with my family.
And you can prove that? Check it out for yourself.
Thanks for coming in.
She has an alibi, so I'm gonna go check it out.
There's something wrong, Ms.
Boa Vista.
Well,evidently, the Farallons have a marriage of convenience and she just tolerates the infidelity.
So he has a history.
Three years ago when I was working with Mike at the bureau, I found out that he was sleeping with an informant and I confronted him.
And he asked me to keep it quiet.
And what did you do? I did.
Now I wish I'd had the guts to tell the bureau.
Are you willing to do that now? Yeah, I am.
The original informant,are we in touch with her? can be.
Bring her in.
You 've seen awhile.
- How you been? - Good.
You know I didn't bring you in here to chat about the lat few years, right? So, I'm guessing this is about Mikey.
Agent Farallon.
Did you know he had a new C.
? Hell, yeah.
Told me he needed a fresh face to stay ahead of the bad guys.
So he cut me loose, and brought in this cute little number to replace me.
I'm guessing that bothered you.
Mikey and I spent a lot of time together.
I was his eyes and ears.
I made nice with some of the craziest meth dealers in Miami- All for him.
I did everything he asked me to do.
I know you did.
The more I risked my life for him, the more he had to rush in to save me.
I thought he and I had something.
So you paid a little visit to Rachel Hemming? Yeah.
I did.
I wanted her to know that she was only temporary.
Mikey doesn't care about you.
What? Who are you? I'm your mirror to the past.
Three months ago, I was you.
It's not like that at all.
Really? Are you sure about that? It's a copy for you.
The original's for his wife.
Why are you doing this to me? It's for your own good.
Mikey is a piece of work.
I bet he gave her the same, um safe word that he gave me.
" And what is that-what's "together", what does it mean? For when you're in danger.
You say the word, and then Agent Mike can burst in and save the day.
Like in one of those romance novels.
I cannot believe that I fell for that.
Can I go? You had physical contact with a murder victim, so until we figure out how this whole story's going to end, I need you to stay close.
All right.
You talked to Jane? She's obsessed.
How could you give what she says any credence? That's the thing about a C.
, you have to believe what they say or they're useless.
Then we confirm with hard data.
I was not sleeping with Rachel Hemming.
I'm married, B.
You know, there's a real problem when the informant is more reliable than you are.
How deep did you get with Rachel? Depends who you ask.
She's dead, and you're the only one left.
What are you implying? Just what everybody else is thinking, Mike, that she had more of your secrets than anyone else's.
You know me, Natalia.
Rachel was too critical to our objective.
You know, work has always come first.
I really hope that's true, Mike.
'Cause, you know, you're running out of time and excuses.
HeyAlexx, what are you doing up here? I'm afraid it's not good news.
What is it? I found more than glass in Rachel Hemming's body.
There was a fetus.
She was pregnant.
Yeah, about ten to 12 weeks along.
Who's the father? DNA's working on it right now.
One death just became two.
Catch this monster, Calleigh.
Catch this one.
Hey, is Valera still working on that glass from the Rachel Hemming's case? Yeah, but she's pretty swamped.
So I thought I'd jump in and lend a hand.
Okay, 'cause I just ran into Alexx in the hall.
She told me Rachel was pregnant.
Did she bring you the foetal tissue? Yeah.
I'm running that sample for a familial match right now through CODIS.
And then I'm going to compare it to Mike Farallon's file.
His track record with his confidential informants is questionable at best.
I'm just hoping that he didn't make another mistake.
For his sake.
Look at that, it's not Mike.
But it does match another elimination sample.
Zach Hemming.
Her brother? Zach, why was Rachel pregnant with your baby? She's your sister.
By marriage only.
Her father, my mom we weren't related.
But you have the same name.
No, we don't.
Rachel's last name is Desmond.
When she came to Miami, she used my father's name to hide out.
And that's what you used to track her down? Yeah.
Look, we were 18 when our parents got married.
We lived in the same house a room apart.
Things just sort of happened.
We tried to cut things off, but then she got pregnant.
And you agreed to keep the baby? She was afraid of what our parents might think, so that's why she left.
I went after her so she didn't have to face it alone.
You can't live like this, Rachel.
You can't raise a kid like this.
I have someone else, Zach.
Someone to take care of me and the baby.
Just go.
Go home, Zach! It took me three months to find her.
I was so frustrated.
She left me powerless.
How frustrating? Did you kill her? I know I don't have enough money to support a family, but it would have been better than the life she was living.
I saw the drugs.
She needed help.
- Zach - No, I didn't I didn't hurt her.
Even if I couldn't be part of their life I would never hurt her.
Lieutenant Caine? You have a moment? Of course I do, Glen.
You questioned one of my agents today.
Mike Farallon.
We're investigating the murder of one of your informants.
I'd like to ask you to back off of Agent Farallon.
He's hiding something.
That's his job, Lieutenant.
We were four hours from a major drug bust this morning.
Till Rachel Hemming's murder got in the way.
Agent Farallon, the Bureau, is hanging but a thread on this one.
We cannot afford to overreact.
Was he recording surveillance at the time of her death, Glen? I have no idea what you're getting at, but whether he was or not, I have no reason to doubt him.
Are you aware they were having an affair? The Bureau is willing to forgive any of Farallon's transgressions if it means bringing down the largest organized meth operation in South Florida.
I'm going to need the name of her target.
No chance, Lieutenant.
You'll know who he is when we make the arrest.
And as for Agent Farallon I need you to back off until we make those arrests.
Hey, Glen If I find out that he got this girl killed, I'm going to get him.
So, how is it going with the glass from the crime scene? Let me guess- they all match the victim.
Rachel Hemming lost a lot of blood.
Needle in a haystack.
These are all victim's, victim This one's XY.
That's male.
That's not our victim.
Guess there was a needle after all.
Let me run it against our reference samples.
Jeremy Broyles? That's Rachel's landlord.
H, listen, I think you're gonna want to revisit one of our suspects.
Broyles owns the whole building.
- I've got all entrances and exits blocked off.
- Okay.
Lieutenant, over here.
Bingo, Frank.
Here we go.
You smell that, Frank? Yeah.
Meth lab.
Miami-Dade PD! - Can I help you? - Is your landlord here? No, sorry Jeremy! You've got the wrong guy.
Get down on the ground, Jeremy.
You've got the wrong guy,man.
Jeremy, get down on the ground.
You got the wrong guy,man.
We found your blood in Rachel Hemming's apartment.
I'm the landlord.
I'm in these units all the time making repairs.
You're under arrest for murder.
Hook him up.
I got something.
A piece of glass.
Conchoidial fracture, bevel surface.
Same as the victim's coffee table.
I don't know how that got there.
Have a seat here, please.
So we got you at the crime scene.
Right? We have the crime scene on you.
I don't think things could be any more clear.
Let me clarify something else for you.
That bitch deserved what she got.
In my business loyalty is everything.
Something seemed off about her.
Then it hit me.
She never, not once, tested our product.
Somebody got to you.
What? A cop? We're together on this.
You hear me? Together.
Then we share this.
Come on, Jeremy, not today.
Why not, baby? Why won't you take a hit? We've got that deal later.
I just want to keep a clear head.
- You're lying to me, baby.
- No.
- Yes, you are.
You're a narc, aren't you? - No! You don't understand! No! Don't! Didn't anybody ever teach her the rules of the game? Blend in.
She takes the hit she lives to see another day.
You know what was off about her? What? She was pregnant.
So not only,Jeremy, did you kill a new mother you killed her unborn child.
Live with that.
Oh, Miss Boa Vista.
I understand you closed the Rachel Hemming case.
We did.
We arrested Jeremy Broyles for her murder.
Why? Are you here to tell us that we screwed up your investigation? Hardly.
Turns out you guys chopped off the head of the snake.
We got panicked meth dealers looking for new product.
Fish in a barrel.
That's great.
Is that for us? Oh, yeah.
I pulled all the audio files off Agent Farallon's computer.
Anything of interest? I haven't had a chance to hear it, but now that you got Broyles for murder, it's probably a moot point anyway.
Maybe not.
What do you mean? Want to come with me? Sure.
So this is all of Agent Farallon's files? Everything that Rachel Hemming's wire picked up while she was his CI on the Broyles case.
It all pertains to our drug op.
What do youneed? That.
That proves that Farallon lied.
What are you talking about? Well,he said that he didn't get any transmission from Rachel this morning.
Well,no,she died before he got the chance.
Then explain this last date.
December 17,9:38 a.
That was this morning.
Right before she was murdered.
Didn't expect you this early.
What's up? My guys tell me you've been asking questions.
Questions? About what? Everything.
Stuff you don't need to know.
Paranoid much, Jeremy? You should lay off your own tweak.
Somebody got to you.
What? A cop? We're together on this.
You hear me? Together.
Things were about to go sideways.
Why would he stop recording? He knew her real well.
She's done this before.
Maybe he didn't sense a threat.
He knew that there was a threat because she said the word "together.
" - Together? - That was their safe word.
That was the same safe word he used with his last C.
, Jane Duncroft.
If that was the safe word, he should have helped her.
Yeah, he should have.
But I think he wanted her dead.
What's this about? Natalia? I've run hundreds of interrogations.
You think I don't know that stare? Just cut to the chase.
I'll do th- you sat back and did nothing while your confidential informant was murdered.
How does that grab you? Listen up.
Both of you.
I'm here as a courtesy, okay? So don't think for a second that I'm gonna put up with your penny-ante local PD nonsense,okay? You guys are way out of your league, here, man.
Is that a fact? We have the tape from this morning.
Rachel was a great C.
All her work was about to pay off.
I had no idea Broyles was onto her.
She did,and that's why she tried to contact you.
You sat there.
You listened.
She said the safe word and you did nothing.
All to cover up your affair.
I figured when the case was over, so were we.
I'd let her go and that'd be that.
Yeah, and then she told you she was pregnant.
Listen, my wife my, my job if that got out, I would have lost everything.
Jeremy, hey.
Didn't expect you this early.
What's up? My guys tell me you've been asking questions.
Questions? About what? Everything.
Stuff you don't need to know.
Paranoid much, Jeremy? You should lay off your own tweak.
Somebody got to you.
What? A cop? We're together on this.
You hear me? Together.
And in that moment,I saw my life in fast-forward.
I knew how everything would play out.
Not everything.
She may have been pregnant, but it wasn't your child.
What? That's not true.
That istrue,Agent, and DNA has confirmed it.
You were so busy with your investigation you forgot that she was a human being.
They were human beings.
Not bad, for a couple of penny-ante locals, huh? Why don't I feel better about this? You took a dangerous man off thstreet.
Should have done it three years ago.
Sometimes it takes that long.
Tell that to Rachel Hemming.
You know there's a way you could honor her life.
How is that? Forgive yourself.
You've earned it, Natalia.
Take it.