CSI: Miami s06e13 Episode Script

Raising Caine

Windsail key.
Your one chance to purchase the only publicly available atoll in the U.
In essence,you'll be king,or queen,of your own island.
This is but one of eight secluded coves affording you privacy within privacy.
Half of them are warmed by your own personal hot springs.
Completely rebuilt and upgraded,windsail manor is wired for senses you don't even have yet.
Come on,julia,when have you ever known us to buy anything without seeing it first? Oh,I really thought my wall would seal the deal.
tomorrow,at 8:00 promptly,our catamaran will leave from the marina.
You will deservedly be the first people to set foot on windsail key since its rebirth.
I'm happy to answer any questions about the prospectus.
Or the mojitos.
I see you want it.
just one second,please.
hello? Is anybody there? horatio.
This is bill winston.
Billionaire philanthropist,world traveler.
And now murder victim.
You are,ma'am? Pamela osborne.
I can't believe this.
She lives here,called it in.
I take care of everything for the winstons when they're in town.
I heard a noise and found him like this.
What was the event today? Bunch of billionaires jockeying to buy an island.
How well did you know these people? Only person I recognized was his lawyer.
Winston sells high-end real estate, so buyers fly in from around the world.
But trust me,this isn't a group of killers.
Well,someone was the exception to the rule.
Where is Mrs.
Winston? I'm over here,john.
But that's not your name anymore,is it? It's horatio caine.
I like it.
You know what,you can go now.
Thank you very much.
You know her,horatio? Mrs.
Winston,frank is Kyle's mother.
You've known about Kyle? - For how long? - Long enough,Julia.
Long enough.
I left him with my mom,always planning to get him back.
I wasn't equipped to raise him,and I didn't want to burden you.
Where is he now? He's in jail.
Can I see him? When the time is right.
We'll take care of this first,okay? I want you to tell me what happened.
We got married in cairo two months ago.
Just came from our house in europe.
In a way,bill and I just started to know each other.
I'm going to need background on your guests.
Of course.
Hey,did you hear that,uh,alexx got in a little fender bender on the causeway today? No.
Is she okay? Yeah,thank goodness.
I feel like today is so weird.
Did you hear what else happened? Julia winston,the victim's wife,is kyle's mother.
Kyle,as in horatio's son? Yeah,and horatio had to tell her that kyle was in jail.
So that poor woman got bad news about her husband and her son on the same day? I know.
I feel like we should try and get her some good news.
All right C.
Is a single gunshot to the chest.
The defect appears to be front to back, so he would have been facing our killer.
yeah,no blood.
It's not through and through,so the bullet would still be in him.
Well,that's good news,because if it's not too beat up, at least you'll have something to go on.
got some blood here that's been disturbed, which means somebody took something from our crime scene.
and it looks like he dropped a pen.
Well,give a man something to sign with,means he probably had something to sign.
So they took some papers.
It's engraved- it says,"larry hopkins.
" Practices law.
Who better to break it? I'm going to go and pay him a visit.
Hopkins,pamela osborne,the house manager, told us that you were at the house earlier today,is that true? It is.
I'm bill winston's attorney.
I brought him some papers to sign.
Yeah,I have a photograph here of a void on Mr.
Winston's desk implying that some papers had been removed.
You know anything about that? Bill insisted on signing everything alone.
He said it gave him clarity.
So I was standing outside waiting for him.
Just one second,please.
then I heard the gunshot,ran right in.
bill? bill! never saw anyone go in or out.
And then what happened? I collected his papers and left.
You never called the police? No,I chose to get his affairs in order.
Bill was a private man,and it's o ob tmy jprotect him.
Seems to me,Mr.
Hopkins,that you're protecting yourself.
You left the scene of a crime.
You can think what you like,miss duquesne.
Then I think I'd like my evidence,please.
Well,even though my client is dead,he still has privilege.
So you're going to need a warrant for that.
Suit yourself,Mr.
I'll get one.
Until then,don't go anywhere.
I'm posting uniforms here and at your residence.
Your life's on hold.
As assistant state attorney, I'll be prosecuting kyle harmon today,kathleen,in your kidnapping case.
After sergeant tripp's testimony,you're going to close the deal for us,okay? Okay.
Show your emotions,but be strong.
I'm not strong,miss nevins.
I am going through a divorce I can't afford,on top of the bills that I can't pay.
I understand that,but that doesn't mean that justice shouldn't be served.
Kyle harmon forced you from your home, took you to a secret location where he abandoned you.
I know what I did was wrong.
I'm really scared to go to trial.
Well,don't be.
Now,listen to me.
The victim,kathleen newberry,is going to keep the focus on you,you understand? Yes.
I'm going to ask you if this is the young man who kidnapped you.
Can I just point to him? Absolutely.
I think about it every day.
Even though rick bates put that gun to my head,I know what I did was wrong.
Can I also tell the jury about how my husband was behind all this? Your husband's already gone from corrections officer to inmate.
So now you need to focus on making sure kyle joins him.
What if they find me guilty? Hang on a second.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
We're not there yet.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
What do you mean? About the trial,you just you seem really,really upset.
No,I just want to I just want to make sure you're prepared,that's all.
Excuse me? So,I want you to get dressed.
Dad? Are you going to be there? Of course I will.
Now get dressed.
All it needs is your signature.
Wanted to make sure everything was on the books before kyle's trial.
I appreciate that,Frank.
Who is this woman? She's kyle's mother.
That's not what I'm asking.
Who is she? John walden is a cover name I used 16 years ago.
I did some special task force work in pensacola.
That's when I met julia.
Was it serious? It was for me.
Custody's a big step,horatio.
Yes,it is.
Alexx,I got your message.
How are we doing? Recovered the bullet between t7 and t8.
It's mangled,distorted.
Projectile entered through the sternum, passed through his aorta,up to the thoracic vertebrae.
That would mean that his lawyer could've walked in and shot him.
But not face-to-face,like we thought.
As I was going through his clothes,eric,it hit me.
There's no blood on it.
And no defects.
Based on the wound pattern there should be something on the tie.
There was a pen on the ground,right? Papers missing.
He was getting ready to sign something which means he was leaning over.
Okay,no way the killer was lying on the floor.
Bill would have seen him.
Killer wasn't on the floor.
The killer was under it.
But there are no basements in miami.
Alexx,money can buy you a basement,if you want.
This is the very first wine cellar I've seen in miami.
They had to have dug it right out of the coastal ridge.
This had to have cost a fortune.
It cost him his life.
I've positioned a bendie where bill winston stood.
With the laser,let's see what we get.
This is the ac vent.
Winston must have liked it real cold at his desk.
And the shooter stood right here.
now confirm that with the laser.
Therite is.
thanks What's that right there? Do you see it? It's blood and hair.
Maybe we got lucky.
Maybe our shooter was clumsy and hit his head.
Yeah,let's hope so.
Hey,I need the results of that hair.
I collect it,I run it,and you're anxious? Yeah.
I'm not done yet.
Hey,did you hear that kyle's case is up today? Yeah,that's right.
Um,horatio's headed over to the courtroom this afternoon.
That poor kid.
He's been used by everybody his whole life and now he might spend the rest of it in jail.
Well,I think if he gets acquitted,horatio's going to get custody.
Yeah,but even that might change now that the mother's back in the picture.
I trust kyle to make the right decision.
I expect nothing less from H.
oh,here we go.
We got a codis hit.
Rob mason.
He's in here for white-collar crimes.
Looks like rob just made it to the big leagues.
So,how did you guys figure out I was in the cellar? Because you left your hair behind.
You guys are good.
I racked my head on that ceiling.
Serves me right,I guess.
Why were you in the basement? Do you like fine wine? This place is like the tiffany's of wine.
Bill always talked about his 1905 blauschild bordeaux.
So you had a taste? Nah,I wish i had the guts.
Just wanted to say I'd seen it.
Why open the vent? Okay.
You got me.
So I wasn't there for something vintage.
Bill's always in that room.
I was hoping to get a hot tip.
Insider trading? You don't bank billions playing by the rules,lieutenant.
Besides,he never said a word.
So you shot him.
Why don't you slow down there.
Okay,I've never fired a gun in my life.
There's an easy way to prove that.
Now I'm no scientist, but if I were guilty,that should have changed color,right? Right.
Guess I'm out of here.
Excuse me.
Don't go far.
Time to find out if you're guilty,Mr.
That's a search warrant for the papers you took from bill winston's office.
Okay,well,I have some clients coming in shortly,but I will take a look at this do it now or I tear your office apart.
Do it now.
These are annulment papers,H.
Bill was going to dissolve his marriage to julia based on the grounds that julia had committed fraud.
That's right.
Just after they got married,bill asked me to look into her.
So you stumbled onto her past.
She claimed to have made millions in google,but she didn't have a dime.
And we uncovered at least five different identities that she used in the past.
What tipped him off? The windsail key deal.
She cut their honeymoon short to close it.
He figured anyone that concerned with the payday must really need it.
So,she was using him.
In his world,everyone uses everyone.
But the playing field's gotta start level.
Why go through with windsail key auction at all? He was going to publicly out her in front of everyone, so she couldn't dupe anyone in private.
And she would be penniless.
There appears tobe a lipstick smudge on those.
You don'T no.
Must be julia's then.
That means she knows that he was going to end their marriage.
And that is called motive.
Uniforms went to the house,and julia's not there.
What about her cell phone? It's turned off.
Turned off.
I've got an idea.
Thank you,Mr.
Yes,this is lieutenant caine.
Kyle harmon please.
Lieutenant,he's got a visi tor.
Okay,what is the name of the visitor? Julia winston.
Julia winston.
Keep her there.
I always knew you'd come back.
I whispered that promise in your ear the last time I saw you.
Really? I'll never leave you again.
I can't believe no one taught you how to do this.
Well,I've never really worn a tie.
Brings out the blue in your eyes.
I'll teach you how to do it when you get out.
That's if I ever get out.
I don't want to hear that.
Everything is going to be fine.
- You didn't hurt anybody,did you? - No,but I and I'm sure that woman understands that you made a mistake.
We all make mistakes,don't we? Yeah,I guess.
Look at that.
So handsome.
Like your father.
Could I have a word,julia? Of course.
Don't forget my promise.
What are you doing? I'm visiting our son.
You failed to mention his trial today.
I wanted to support him.
And you failed to mention you've used five aliases over the last 15 years.
When I met you,you were undercover for a living.
But I'm a cop.
You found out about the annulment,didn't you? I stopped by the lawyer's last night to go over the deal for the island sale.
Saw it on the table.
I'm going to go get some coffee.
- Would you like some? - Please.
And it was at that moment that you realized that you were about to lose everything.
what are you implying? You called,horatio? Check her car,please,frank.
You bet.
You really think i killed my husband? I guess we're going to find out,aren't we? Horatio? I have no idea how that got there.
Hook her up,please.
You're wasting your time.
Why is that? Because you still love me.
I heard horatio may have found the murder weapon.
Yeah,in julia winston's mercedes.
How diabolical.
You know,if her husband had signed the annulment, she wouldn't have anything,and now,she's a wealthy widow.
Hang on,calleigh,okay? Let's just see what the evidence tells us.
Now,I got some pressure distortion,there, but,uh,think I've got enough to make a comparison.
I know that julia is a savvy con artist, but I'm thinking,she's probably a rookie killer.
You're so sure of yourself that I am going to let you confirm it.
My pleasure.
Ten-card's right there.
Okay,this print that you gave me is not julia'S.
I said it.
Told you she was framed.
Want to widen the search,run it through afis,see what we get.
I got something.
Rob mason.
The guy in the basement.
I'll bring him in.
Positive for gunshot residue.
That's got to be wrong.
Stand up,please.
Turn out your pants pockets inside out.
That's positive twice,Mr.
I was tested earlier,it was negative.
How could that happen? You put your hand back in your pocket after you fired the weapon.
Then you scrubbed your hands before you came in.
now that everything's out on the table,why'd you do it? Things were starting to come apart.
What was coming apart? I spent years bribing and embezzling my way into the inner circle, and I'm finally rubbing elbows with billionaires, and the help goes and screws it up.
Tim gilbert.
You must have me confused with someone else.
Come on,tim.
We worked at ellicot house cleaners,remember? That was a long time ago.
What are you doing here? What does that have to do with your killing bill winston? Julia came to me with a deal.
She would not out me as a fraud if I did her a favor.
You want me to kill your husband? The gun will be here,bill will be upstairs.
I don't know.
I can'T i can't do this.
I'm not a killer.
Now,calm down.
He'll never even see you.
One clean shot.
Then leave the gun,and I'll take care of it.
When you're done,get back to the party.
What makes you think I would kill someone? You lied your way in here so you could be one of the big boys.
so be one.
she left me no choice.
Why don't you tell me what you did with the gun after that? I left it there for julia.
She said she'd take care of it.
By hiding it in her own car? I don't think so.
I'm telling you,julia's the one behind this entire thing.
You may be telling the truth,Mr.
Mason, but we have no physical evidence tying julia to the crime, so,unfortunately for you,she's played you perfectly.
The young man surrendered without resistance and has complied with all that's been asked of him since.
But he did take her to a secondary location.
That's correct.
Um,and to reconfirm,that is the man who abducted kathleen newberry.
Yes,it is.
These questions have been asked and answered.
If there's nothing else,let's move on.
Thank you,sergeant tripp.
That's all.
Witness is excused.
Thank you,judge.
Miss nevins,your next witness? The victim in this case,kathleen newberry.
She's scheduled for 11:30.
Let's proceed.
Your honor,as her testimony promises to be long, the state requests we break for lunch before calling her in.
Court rwillesume in 90 minutes.
The defendant is remanded into custody.
so,kathleen newberry's a no-show,huh? Yeah.
No one can find her,which helps kyle,of course.
I'll send my team up there right now.
Thank you,horatio.
- Did I hear her say her witness is missing? - You did.
Where's kathleen,julia? Why are you asking me that? I'm asking you because you petitioned for custody this morning hours before this proceeding.
Of course I did.
I'd do anything for him now.
And that's my point.
Looks like Mrs.
Newberry was having a rough go of it.
There's a foreclosure here.
Some past due bills.
Kathleen,this is assistant state attorney nevins.
But you know what? There's no sign of forced entry.
There's no signs of a struggle.
What about the voice mail? Yeah.
There are,uh there are over a dozen of them.
Most of them are from asa nevins.
Looks like she packed in a hurry.
hey,come check this out.
She left one bag behind,huh? It's a currency band.
Yeah,she could've fit a hundred of those in here.
So it looks like kathleen newberry just became a millionaire.
Something oily on the bottom of the bag.
Hopefully trace can tell us something.
Like where all that cash came from.
My guess,it's from someone who benefited from her disappearance.
I'm sorry,Mrs.
Winston isn't available right now.
She's had a very difficult day.
Well,actually,I came to talk to you because you run the house.
In exchange for living here when they're gone.
I do everything when they're in town.
Well,we found a bag today at kathleen newberry's house, and it had traces of acrylic polymer and butyl carbitol.
What are those? They're cleaning solvents for marble floors,which kathleen doesn't have.
But you do,in every room.
We're not the only home in miami who has them,miss boa vista.
No,but you're the only one with motive for kathleen to disappear.
Winston's been in court all day; she couldn't have had anything to do with it.
Well,see again,that's why I wanted to talk to you because since your boss just inherited millions, I think she sent you to pay off kathleen.
Not that I did,but what would be wrong with such kindness? Giving a woman who's fallen on hard times a chance at a fresh start.
Someone did her a great service.
"Someone"? I think you're behind it.
The best charity is anonymous.
That might be true,but I doubt that it was charitable.
Do you have a body? Are you saying there is one? If I have done anything,then I helped a woman in need.
If you want to talk about this more,I'll be in court looking after my son.
Criminal court department b is now called to order.
All rise.
Your next witness.
Your honor,permission to approach the bench.
I have been informed by assistant state attorney nevins that the prosecution's key witness is unavailable, and the state is not able to proceed.
I,therefore,have no choice but to dismiss this matter without prejudice.
So I'm free? You are,Mr.
Upon discharge from the miami-dade department of detention, you are released to your parents, both of whom have filed separate petitions for custody.
So I have to choose? Yes,son,you do.
Court adjourned.
I'm no lawyer,but if kathleen newberry doesn't show up,kyle can't be retried,right? That's correct,but I'm going to find her,julia.
And when I do,we're going to have to start this whole process over again.
Why would you want to put your own son back in jail? I'm,uh not actually talking about my son.
Do you have a twenty on tripp? I can't seem to get ahold of him.
No,but manchester and missing persons got a court order to access the the department of transportation records.
Turns out kathleen has a sunpass in her car.
So there are records at every toll plaza of her sailing through.
She's in a hurry,too.
She's hit a lot of them.
She's north of boca raton,which means she's headed way outside our jurisdiction.
So what if julia's telling the truth and kathleen did take the money and run? Maybe,but I've got a bad feeling.
Man,it feels so good to be out.
Let's keep it that way,okay? Son I can't tell you not to do this.
My whole life I've been moving from place to place.
Okay,with nothing,not even a photograph.
All I have is what I can remember.
Listen,kyle,that's not true.
You have your freedom now.
I suggest you take care of it.
You loved her once,right? I just need that chance to try.
I understand.
You stay in touch,though.
I will.
You take care of him.
I'm his mother.