CSI: Miami s06e14 Episode Script

You May Now Kill The Bride

Do you, Greg, take Susan to be your lawfully-wedded wife to have and to hold from this day forward, until death do you part? I do.
The ring, man.
The ring.
I'msupposed to have the ring? - Come on.
- I got it.
I got it right here.
I got it.
And do you, Susan, take Greg to be your lawfully-wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, until death do you part? I, I do.
Susan?! Susan? Susan? Susan? Susan? Susan, Susan, talk to me.
Talk to me.
No! Talk to me, Susan.
Come on.
we gotta get out of here! Come on, Susan.
Susan! Go back! No, Susan! Come on, come on.
We gotta go.
We gotta go.
move move Susan Alston.
Poor girl took a bullet before she could say, "I do.
" Where's the groom, Frank? Bodyguard got him in a limousine and hightailed it out of here.
I put out a bolo out on the vehicle.
Who is he? Greg Tanner.
He's a baseball star.
Real up-and-comer.
They say he might be the next A-Rod.
Security was so tight, they had a no-fly zone.
Who's the other guy? Russell Brooks.
Tanner's teammate and best man.
They're quite a little duo.
Brooks, my name is lieutenant Horatio Caine.
Tanner is conspicuously absent.
Where is he? Look, I know the guy.
Okay? We go way back to the minors, and the only reason Greg would go anywhere is for his own safety, okay? Leaving his bride behind to die.
I do.
I interviewed about a dozen witnesses.
We need to find the location of the shooter.
Everybody I talked to said that the shot came from a different direction.
We need that shell casing.
I'm on it.
Excuse me.
Alexx? Whatever happened to "speak now or forever hold your peace, " Horatio? That's a very good question, isn't it? Single gunshot wound, no exit.
I'm sure I'll recover the bullet at the post.
But, Horatio, there's something else here.
I found a substance under our bride's fingernails.
It looks like human tissue.
It's just a theory, but I'm thinking she might have gotten into a fight before the wedding.
A fight on her wedding day.
Alexx? As soon as you can.
Airship to ground units.
White limo matching the description of vehicle carrying Greg Tanner traveling southbound at Flagler and 11th.
Get out of the car with your hands up.
Exit the vehicle slowly.
Keep your hands where we can see 'em.
Throw it in "park, " pal, and cut the engine.
Hey! Stop the car! My mistake.
Well, that's a felony mistake.
Put your hands on the car.
And here comes the groom.
Look what we have here.
Concealed weapon.
I have a permit for that.
I provide protection for Mr.
He's just doing his job.
That's what I'm afraid of.
One shot fired and one round missing.
When was the last time you fired this gun? I can't remember.
I guess you're having trouble remembering why you left that wedding, too, huh? Duane is my private security, okay? There's no chance he had any involvement in this.
Okay, all-star.
Who else would want to hurt Susan? Nobody.
I can tell you who did it.
It was me.
I killed Susan.
Explain that, please.
Someone was trying to get to me.
Like who, Mr.
Tanner? Got to be some obsessed fan.
Just didn't want me breaking up the team.
The team.
Brooks and Tanner.
all the fans have adopted us.
He's the bad boy they call me the legend.
But I guess a wife just didn't fit in that picture.
So you believe you're responsible for your wife's death.
You ever see someone you love die, lieutenant? Matter of fact, I have, Mr.
Right in front of your eyes? Yeah.
When will I get this image out of my mind? You won't.
Is that the bodyguard's weapon? Yes.
D anthere's definitely one round missing, and I've got what looks to be gunshot residue on the cylinder.
Was it fired recently? I don't know.
Unfortunately, I can't put a time stamp on it.
So we need the round.
It could be key to the entire case.
Okay, let's contact Alexx- see if she's making any progress.
You got it.
Hey, I got a text from Calleigh.
Were you able to get the bullet out of the victim's head? I think it fragmented.
Talk to me after the autopsy.
While I'm looking, you should read this.
Report on the dna under her nails.
The groom said she didn't have any enemies.
She got into a cat fight with somebody.
Micro particles of silicamica in a petroleum film.
That make sense to you? I'm willing to venture a guess.
It's glitter wax.
They use it at all the high-end clubs on the dancer's poles.
And just how would you know that? Greg Tanner's bachelor party was at a gentlemen's club last night.
Wait a minute.
So the bride went to the bachelor party at a strip club? A gentlemen's club.
What's the difference? The difference- I can afford to get into a strip club.
Thanks for this.
I'll be back in a little while.
Hi, how are you.
Great, thanks.
What can I do for you? The Greg Tanner bachelor party was here last night, right? It started last night, yeah, but it ended this morning.
I mean, I don't even know how that guy made it to the wedding.
And the bridewell, she drank everybody under the table.
Well, that confirms that Susan was here.
Would you mind if I took a look where they were having the party? Of course, right this way.
Great, thank you.
I'm going to go check for evidence.
All right.
So who worked the Greg Tanner party last night? Let's see hereGreg Tanner.
The entertainer for him was Kelly Chapman.
Kelly Chapman? You know, I'm going to need to talk to her.
Can I get you guys to move? I'm Kelly.
You wanted to see me? Yeah, you hosted Greg Tanner's bachelor party last night? I didn't host it exactly, but hey, if that works for you.
Was there a problem between you and Greg's fiancée? - I mean, a sort of confrontation? - No.
We know she was in here last night.
We found skin under her fingernails.
Female dna.
I'm happy to swab you in for a comparison.
Oh, keep your swab in your poct, officer.
She was here, she waved me over.
What, to confront you about dancing for Greg? You don't get it, do you? She wanted me to dance for her.
So you gave the man's fiancée a lap dance.
Hey, maybe she wanted to learn what turns Greg on.
Looks like there was something going on here last night besides dancing.
All right, now we got a bullet.
Are you still saying nothing happened? Well, not till it started raining.
What do you mean raining? Ballplayers want to be like rappers.
Greg and his guys started showering dancers with hundreds.
Making it rain.
drop the money.
Or the next one's coming towards you.
That's probably what the bodyguard was hiding when Tripp pulled him over.
It would also explain why his gun had been fired.
I think this is our missing round.
If the striations match the gun, the bodyguard's off the hook.
Is there anything else you need from me? No.
If we do, we'll be in touch.
Touching's extra.
this is a very sexy day at the office.
I reviews Susan Alston's x-ray.
The only fragment I found was the one that killed her.
Which means that bullet ricocheted, Alexx.
It also means, Horatio, the rest of the fragments are back at the crime scene.
Which is where we'll be.
- Horatio - yeah.
- That young bride - never had to die.
did you get something? Yeah, it's a bullet frag.
It looks like it's wrapped around something.
It could be a diamond.
Maybe from the engagement ring? I don't think so.
It looks like it could have come off the veil.
That makes sense.
It's the closet thing to her head.
You know we've got the veil back at that lab.
Want to see if it's holding any secrets? Yes.
So did you get anything from trace yet on that frag we found? No, that's going to take too long.
I think we should perform our own experiment, and test it against what we know to be a real diamond.
My earring.
The molecular structure of carbon makes it one of the hardest surfaces on earth.
So it should scratch glass.
So we know that those are authentic.
Let's check it against the diamond from the veil.
It's fake.
You know, that veil was made especially for this wedding by amanda ravaro and it sold for $1.
8 million.
That's a pretty expensive fake.
I think that it's time someone had a conversation with Mr.
You know, natalia's out in the field.
Maybe she can stop by for a little chat.
I could sue you for slander.
Those diamonds are authentic.
Our lab report says that every one of those stones is a cubic zirconium.
I don't care what your lab says.
The veil that left here was genuine.
I don't know how she ended up with a fake.
These are reports from reputable gemologists.
So so you had it appraised and then you sold the fake.
And then you kept the real one and the 1.
8 million for yourself.
And then probably the bride found out it was a fake and was going to expose you.
I design every piece by hand.
I put a gps chip in every creation.
So Susan's veil has one? The real one.
And I have a program that allows me to track it right here from my computer.
Will you activate it for me please? Of course.
step away from the car.
who are you people? I can ask you the same question.
Can I see some I.
? Hey, everyone knows me- I'm Alan Farris.
Sports agent.
You represent Greg Tanner.
Since he was drafted out of high school, yeah.
Made a dumb kid a rich man.
I'm going to need to look in your trunk.
Open it.
You're going to need a warrant.
Well, the gps that's transmitting from your car gives us probably cause for a warrant.
Open the trunk please.
okay, trunk.
You getting married, Mr.
Farris? Greg was holding back his commission.
All right, he owes me over $2 million.
So you decided to steal his fiancée's veil as collateral? I told him if he'd pay, I'd give it back.
Instead, he just had a replica made.
- So you went to plan B.
- Plan b? Plan B.
Decided to kill Greg, you took a shot at him, you missed, and you killed his fiancée instead.
That's insane! I wasn't even at the wedding.
Yes, but you had motive.
Once we run you and your clothes for gsr, you're going down.
For what?! For a little thing that we like to call murder one.
Lock him up.
Thank you so much for coming back.
Listen, I'm, uh, I'm slammed, but you sounded frantic on the phone, so what's up? Okay, um well, last night here in the club, this guy used a fake credit card, and, you know, completely skipped out on his bill.
It was $20, 000.
II'm kind of in, you know, big trouble, okay? I'm the one who's on the hook for it.
The owner here, he's gonna make me pay back every single dime.
And I don't have anywhere near that kind of money, so what do you want me to do about it? Well, it's club policy, you know, no customer can leave without putting their thumbprint on their credit card receipt.
Uh, this, uh it sounds like something the economic crimes unit should handle.
I'll give you a number, all right? Well, I figured since I know you, that you could find this guy for me.
Come on.
Come on, I-I know you don't want me to get into any kind of trouble.
Lexa you don't have to do this this way.
All right? Sorry.
I'm just scared.
All right.
I'll see what I can do.
No promises, okay? hey, man, what are you doing? just, uh, just running a print on something.
Does that, uh does that have anything to do with the Greg Tanner case? No, it's for something else.
So that's how it is now- we're not gonna be sharing information with each other anymore.
Look, relax, Wolfe.
I'm just helping a girl out with something.
Wait a second.
Is that who I think it is? Is that the best man? Yeah, that's him- Russell Brooks.
Look at all those priors.
It looks like the "bad boy" has been keeping a lot of secrets.
So, you were at the pole last night.
My boy's bachelor party- wouldn't miss it.
Yeah, well, you missed out on paying your $20, 000 check.
You left it for some young girl to cover.
How would you know that? Because I ran the prints on the credit card receipt, and guess whose picture popped up? Okay, so I ran my bill up a little.
So? You got an interesting list of priors here.
You were detained for skipping out on a hotel charge, detained for a check kiting beef, and, uh, in a theft investigation you were detained but never charged.
Good lawyer.
- Well, you're detained again.
- For what? This time, it's credit card fraud.
And this time you're looking at jail.
I I can't go to jail, man-I got training camp in a week.
Well you're not going anywhere.
Believe that.
get out your checkbook.
For what? Because you're gonna pay that girl back every cent.
I hear our suspect list is growing.
Ballplayer's own agent? Yep.
Alan Farris.
I'm just about to run his clothes for gsr.
The guy's got plenty of motive and no alibi.
All we need is a little slam-dunk proof.
Did you fire your weapon today? No.
Why? You're glowing.
I have no idea how that got there.
It could be secondary transfer.
Where have you been? Pd all morning, then I got a call out after I stopped that limousine, but wait a second.
Hands up.
Exit the vehicle slowly.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
Throw it in park, pal, and cut the engine.
hey! I said stop the car! My mistake.
Are you thinking gsr transfer from an automobile? Maybe it's where the shooter took cover when he fired.
Then I think I should take a second look at that limo.
I have got what appears to be a gun mount on this undercarriage.
Looks to be an electronic trigger with some sort of a wireless receiver.
So it was remotely fired.
That would explain why none of our suspects had any trace of gsr.
So any pda or cell phone could have triggered it.
To have and to hold from this day forward until death do you part? I do.
no! and my guess is this wireless signal would have had a range of about 30 to 35 feet.
Who was the driver? Duane Cross.
I need to see him.
We fndou a gun mount under your limousine, Mr.
I don't know anything about that.
I told you before, my job is to protect Greg Tanner.
What about his wife? She's not my responsibility.
Apparently not.
Where were you sitting? I was sitting in the front row.
How could I possibly be the shooter? The weapon was triggered remotely, Mr.
How do you know that bullet wasn't meant for me? I'm clean.
Yes, Eric, go back to the crime scene.
We're not gonna find the shooter until we find the target.
How do we know where the car was parked? The driver left very clear acceleration marks.
We know where the shot came from.
And the altar's about Soon as we install this laser on the gun mount, we should be able to follow the beam to our victim.
Homing sensor sends a signal gun finds it, locks on, circuit's complete, the target's found.
So whoever was sitting in that chair was our intended victim.
Yeah, but why'd the shot kill the bride? I don't know.
Let's recreate the moment.
You tell anyone I did this, I'll kill you.
You are the same height as the bride, right? And I'm wearing her fake veil.
With the lighter stones.
And with a precision shot like this, as little as a millimeter can mean life or death.
So the fake stones put Susan Alston in the line ofir fe.
The bullet hit the zirconium and fragmented into her head.
So the true target was behind her.
All we need now is a name.
So Calleigh and Delko found the target seat.
But do we have the guest's name yet, Mr.
Wolfe? Well, event security gave me access to the guests' information, so this should give us a list of the guests' names.
The target was Kelly Chapman.
She's a dancer at the club.
Yes, she was, and she was the intended victim.
We need to find her.
I don't understand.
That bullet was meant for you.
Susan Alston merely got in the way.
I didn't think he was capable of something like that.
Who was capable of something like that? Greg Tanner.
The groom? Why would he want to shoot you? Greg was my best customer.
So you danced for Greg more than once? We had regular sessions.
And extra-curricular sessions.
So he was at your home.
Nobody knew him like I did.
And Greg was all about secrets.
What kind of secrets? Kelly, I really need you to tell me what kinda secrets Greg had.
That's right.
Who would have thought america's hero, "the legend, " would do something like that? We'll book you guys when we can get to you.
We pulled this from the underside of your limo this morning.
I'm supposed to know what that is? It was used to hold the gun that killed Susan.
It's remote-controlled via wireless.
What does that mean? Well, it means that somebody at your wedding used a pda or a cell phone to fire the weapon.
The bullet was originally intended for Kelly Chapman.
Does that help you out? Kelly? Why would I kill Kelly? I think we both know that you had reason to keep Kelly quiet.
That that That one.
you know, there's something really sort of nice about this one.
You look real pretty in this one.
You know, I think this one is really my favorite.
Wh ien was getting married, she threatened to use these against me.
Kelly, babe.
You are special to me, okay? You know that.
You always will be.
But? But I'm getting married.
I need to make that work.
So, what, I'm just out? Don't put it that way.
You're forgetting, Greg.
What am I forgetting? I have pictures of you.
What are you talking about? You look so cute in fishnets.
Maybe it could be your new trading card.
No, you will not do that.
Just remember, Greg, you did this to yourself.
Well, you aimed for Kelly, but you shot your fiancée instead.
Maybe I should have brought my lawyer here.
I need you to put your cell phone on the table, please.
If your phone was used to fire the weapon, it'll still be linked to the wireless receiver and the trigger mechanism.
The phone will connect to the wireless receiver, and should react automatically and start ringing.
aren't you going to get that, Russell? I'll get it later.
Let's get it now.
hey, it's just my phone.
It's a murder weapon, my friend.
Brooks? The ring.
I'm supposed to have the ring? I got it.
I got it right here.
I got it.
Susan, talk to me! Talk to me! No! You! hey, hey You did this? You killed Susan? Greg, it wasn't supposed to go down like that.
You shot her! The bullet was meant for Kelly.
Why? You told me to.
I told you to talk to her.
You told me to deal with it.
She was blackmailing you, so I dealt with it.
- You killed the only woman I ever loved! - Greg.
Take him out.
Hey, Tanner.
Greg! All right.
All right.
I do.