CSI: Miami s06e15 Episode Script

Ambush (1)

Hey, hand me a gigger.
Uh, that would be your word for this? What the hell was that? The trick of fishing with explosives the element of surprise.
Explosives? Yeah.
You didn't think we were going to sit here for hours with poles and like, talk? Three fish? Not a lot of bang for your bang.
All right, fire in the hole.
See, better than two poles in six hours.
Is that No way.
Don't touch it, Bart! We were cherry - bombing the shallows for fish, and as in illegal explosives? No one was around.
I mean - The girl in the car might disagree.
- her arm, you know, with no hand, and I dove in.
If someone was down there, it was like some dead chick inside.
she was tied at the driving wheel with the tape She's dead, she's dead.
Well, good, I tell you something stay here for a second.
What are you thinking, Horatio? There may be a fingerprint preserved inside this duct tape.
Check that please, would you? Horatio you recognize the make and model? I recognize more than that, Frank.
This is Kathleen Newberry.
She's been missing for over a week.
Where's Kathleen, Julia? Why are you asking me that? Kyle got out of prison because Julia Winston paid her a million reasons to disappear.
Any sign of the money, Frank? No.
She had a fast car and a bag of money.
She could've ended up anywhere.
Anywhere but here.
Always makes me nervous when the crowd is so close.
There's not a lot of dry land to stand on here.
It's a bit tight today.
Yeah, but it's just such a gruesome thing to watch.
I don't know.
Something's off.
What's that? Her sunpass is missing.
Remember, we tracked her as far north as boca.
Yeah, and then her car ended up all the way back down here.
Yeah, that doesn't add up.
All right, we still have the court order to check the sunpass archives.
It might be worth looking into.
Yeah, maybe the killer made a mistake.
The sunpass could take us right to him.
I'll call it in.
So, what do you got? I happened to catch a glimpse of this blonde hair in the zipper here.
May I? Finish what you started.
This obviously is not hers.
What was the cause of death? Well, her lungs are full of water.
She drowned.
But the bruising on her wrists and knees indicate she struggled before losing consciousness.
So she was alive when she went down.
I'll have it in a bit.
Okay, great.
I'm going to go run this in the meantime.
Somehow I knew you wouldn't stay away, Horatio.
We found Kathleen Newberry's body, Julia.
I never even met her.
My assistant Pamela gave her my care package.
A $1 million care package.
Enough for her to start a new life, and get our son out of prison.
The money is gone.
I watch the news.
Do you I think I'm capable of tying her to her car and pushing it into the everglades? We recovered your fingerprint on the tape that was used to bind her body.
Anyone could have taken it from my home.
There are a lot of people out there with motive to frame me.
I'm looking at one right now.
You're still mad Kyle chose me over you.
Julia, you're in deep trouble.
I didn't kill her.
Why can't you just believe me? Because I haven't heard the truth yet.
Waiting on a result? As usual.
You hear about Julia? We found her print on the tape that bound Kathleen.
Not surprised.
Last time I saw her she implied that we weren't going to see Kathleen Newberry again.
So what, you're hoping to tie this hair back to her? Yeah, case closed, and H gets Kyle back in his life.
Is it Julia? No.
But you know what, it's the next best thing.
It's Pamela's, her assitant.
I'm going to go pay her a visit.
I quit working for Julia right after she got custody of Kyle.
She fire you? No.
You know as well as I do she's dangerous.
I left on my own accord.
You didn't leave because you got yourself a big payday? What are you talking about? I'm talking about your hair that I found on Kathleen Newberry's body and the million dollars that I didn't find.
I didn't steal any money.
The last time I saw her was when I gave her Julia's gift.
It's a shame what happened to her.
How do you think your hair got on her? Shehugged me, right before she left town.
How can I ever thank you? And it clung to her this whole time.
Hey, you're the scientist.
And you're the suspect, again.
Mind telling me how you paid for all of this? If there's one thing I learned from Julia, it's how to invest wisely.
I'm sure that's not the only thing you learned from Julia.
Hey, how's it going? Hey, did Delko remember to touch base with you about the sunpass court order? Yeah, he did, and they're sending the records over.
And I'm gonna go over to the garage to process the Newberry car.
Did you get the photos from the crime scene this morning? I did.
I am just about to download them.
Wait a minute.
Oh, my god.
What's wrong, Calleigh? All of my crime scene photos are gone.
They're gone? What do you mean, they're gone? Let me see.
Well, they're not gone, they're black.
Did you remember to take the lens cap off the camera? Yes.
Of course, I did.
Okay, what does that mean? What is this? This memory disc isn't department issue.
Did you let the camera out of your sight at any point this morning? No.
I mean, I may have set it down for a second at the scene.
Do you think somebody swapped it out? There's some prints on this.
I think somebody is trying to sabotage our case.
So, what do you recall about the car after it was recovered? Well, all of the doors were shut except for the driver's side, of course that's where the victim was removed.
The trunk was only slightly ajar, not open.
Hey, Calleigh, come here and take a look at this.
See this here? Somebody tampered with the lock.
Here you go.
Thank you.
It looks like looks like a piece of metal.
You know, I think that happened after it was submerged.
That looks like the tip of a fishing spear.
The guys that found her body were fishing.
Duncan, I'm coming in.
What are you doing, man? They're cops and they have warrants.
So you guys stole the money out of the trunk.
All right, look, I'm pre - law.
I know about Florida's salvage rules.
It's finders keepers.
Then I'm sure you also know all about what it's like to interfere with a murder investigation.
All right, when you guys were there, did you happen to steal anything else? Like what? Like anything.
Evidence, a digital camera memory card? Did you take a sunpass? Um, no.
No? Well, you just lied to me 15 seconds ago pretty convincingly, so I don't know why I should believe you right now.
He's not lying.
Okay, save it, you guys.
We already know that you've been lying.
If you're willing to steal money from a dead woman, then obviously you're willing to take evidence to cover your tracks.
Here's what's going to happen.
We are going to confiscate every computer, every digital camera, and every cell phone until we find the evidence that's ours that's missing.
Look, we're just two guys in the wrong place Actually, you're two guys in the center of a murder investigation.
You're both under arrest.
How are you? Just been trying to settle down, trying to sort everything out in my head.
Can I help you with that? Look, why are you still harassing mom? You don't really think that she killed that woman.
Son, that woman lost her life.
Look, please, just leave her alone, dad.
I can't do that, son.
Lookokay, she's really, really scared, dad, okay? I can tell that she's scared and she doesn't want to admit it, and it has to be because of you.
But she has no reason to be afraid of me.
But she is.
Are you sure that's what's going on? Don't try to con me, okay? I came here - and said what I needed to.
I'm done.
- Keep your voice down.
I've said what I came here to say.
Okay, I'm not going to let you use me against her.
I can't believe we've gone through all of Bart and Duncan's stuff and we still haven't found the memory card.
I know, I was kind of hoping that we'd find Kathleen Newberry's sunpass in all this stuff.
Department of transportation did give us access to all their records, and believe it or not, they have a license plate camera at all their tollbooths.
Oh, great, well, let's just hope whoever was using it hasn't stopped.
Will you pull up all of the tollbooths that the sunpass has gone through? Hey, check your e - mail.
"Solve a crime with Calleigh"? What is this? I don't know, but this web link has been sent to everybody in the lab's e - mail.
Is it some sort of a joke? I don't think anyone's laughing.
Come here.
"Solve a crime with Calleighor not.
" Do you want to see "how one of Miami's top CSIs really solves her cases?" Keep checking back and see the latest bungle Calleigh Duquesne tries to cover up.
Will you play the video? Sure.
That looks like Delko's handwriting.
That's so weird.
The video makes it look like you need help remembering how to process a crime scene.
Let's just move on from it, okay? That video looks like it was taken by somebody in the crowd.
Wait a minute.
There's a comments section? Some pretty creepy things are already being posted about you.
Look at that picture.
That angle could not be taken from the crowd.
That's from my camera.
So whoever swapped the memory car is not trying to sabotage the case, they're messing with me.
All right, let's just narrow it down.
It's clearly not Bart and Duncan'cause you can't send e - mail from booking.
What I can do is I can take the e - mail address and I can follow it back to a web site.
No, you know what? Let's just leave it alone because I don't want these pranks to mess up the case.
Calleigh, I'm sorry, but the memory card says different.
Evidence has been compromised here, so we need to resolve this if we're going to protect the investigation.
Okay, but let's just get back to the sunpass for a minute.
I plotted the usage of Kathleen Newberry's sunpass.
Whoever has it hasn't been shy, and they've been using a regular route.
This is the last tollbooth they've been through.
Can we pull up those license plate photos? Yeah, we're lucky we have them, 'cause the Department of transportation usually throws them away right away.
That's a semi.
A semi explains why it's been through so many tollbooths.
I'm gonna go talk to Tripp and have him bring the truck driver in.
Thank you.
Who the hell are you? Your nightmare.
Get your butt down here.
Is there, uh, some kind of problem? Hey, you can't go through my truck.
You Ted Wallace? Yeah.
This warrant says we can.
You sure you're not Kathleen Newberry? You got her sunpass.
You're a suspect in a murder investigation.
I don't know anything about a murder.
I drive my routes and I keep to myself.
Yeah, well, how'd you come across Kathleen Newberry's sunpass, then? I found it.
- Where? - Here.
I'd always bed down here before I pick up at the port.
I found it laying on the ground about a week ago.
I thought I'd save a few bucks on tolls.
You can't arrest me for not calling it in to lost and found.
Lost and found? A woman's dead.
We're locking up your truck.
You're going to take a little ride.
You know, Kathleen's body wasn't found too far from here just a few miles.
Think she stopped here on her way out of town and got picked off by our trucker? I don't know by who, but I know where I'm gonna look first.
Well, the heaviest traffic area at all these rest stops: the restrooms.
A lot of people have been in and out of here since Kathleen Newberry disappeared.
Think there's any evidence left? Well, these places aren't exactly known for their cleanliness.
Towel dispenser's damaged.
Maybe a struggle? Got something here.
Got a faint sweet smell.
I bet you it's chloroform.
So she was subdued.
The killer took her car, drove a few miles to the glades, taped her up, and then he drowned her.
That explains the how, but not the who.
Got some dried blood over here, too.
Well, like I told you, these places aren't known for their cleanliness.
We found your blood out at the rest stop, Ron.
Oh, I - I know what it was.
It was the, uh, it was the, uh, towel dispenser.
You know? It wasn't working.
And I grabbed for it, and I, I cut myself.
So a woman was killed out there, and you have a record.
Yeah, I'm in the system for, uh, real estate fraud.
Real estate fraud and now murder, Ron.
That's not a cut.
It looks like a bite mark.
Oh, I'm not sure you can tell either way.
But I told you what happened.
That's what happened.
And now I'm gonna tell you what I think happened.
You subdued Kathleen Newberry, Ron.
She bit you.
You drove her out to the Everglades and then killed her.
I'm gonna ask you a question that my lawyer will.
Can you prove that? That's what I do.
This is everything I have on Julia.
She's had numerous run - ins with the law.
Nothing ever stuck.
Has the name Ron Saris been mentioned yet? Yeah, as a matter of fact.
She was using one of her aliases, but they were both brought in in St.
Augustine for questioning about a charity scam five years ago.
Five years ago no charges were filed, were they? No.
What else? Nothing else about Ron Saris.
But, um, there's something else you should know.
What is it? Julia came to me.
Someone must have tipped her off that I was looking into her.
Horatio, she asked me to work for her.
Work on what? Specifically, about Marisol.
And why you went to Brazil.
She learned you had some trouble down there, so she wanted details.
Details? I never asked you about what happened in Rio.
Anyway, I I wouldn't help her.
I told her I wouldn't help her.
Horatio, I I don't trust this woman.
And I don't think she's one to give up easily.
Neither am I.
Julia did Ron Saris murder Kathleen Newberry? I haven't seen or heard from Ron in six years.
Five years.
It's been five years.
And Ron is back in town and I think you're in contact with him.
We all have skeletons in our closet.
But I've left mine behind for Kyle.
I don't think you can say the same thing.
As it turns out, I didn't need your P.
Friend's help, after all.
In Rio, money can buy a lot of information.
You murdered this man.
Julia, this isn't going to work.
Leave me alone.
Ryan, what are you doing on Calleigh's web site? Someone's interfering with an investigation, and I'm going to figure out who it is.
There are over 10, 000 hits.
I thought that e - mail only went out to us lab rats.
Yeah, well, it went viral, hence my urgency.
Well, can't you just look up who the site is registered to? I did.
It's Sir Berners - Lee.
He created the internet, so obviously, that's a fake.
I also followed a bunch of ip addresses, it all pretty much led to nowhere.
Wow, someone's really covering their tracks.
If we're going to find this guy, we're gonna have to find him on his level.
Meaning? The source code.
That gobbledygook make sense to you? Yeah, those numbers control the background color and the text.
And that one's for the video player.
Like, how Youtube works.
Yeah, but this is a different Flash video player.
In fact aside from a couple of tweaks, it's exactly like the one we use.
So? That's custom - coded for us.
By who? Hey, Calleigh, it's me.
Yeah, I know who's messing with you.
Hey, Cooper.
Come right on in, Cal.
Why are you doing this? Doing what? This.
I always wanted to start a web site.
Now I finally have the time.
Thanks to you, by the way.
Okay, look, I understand that you are angry.
I also understand that you blame me for losing your job.
I'm not angry.
I used Speedle's credit card, you caught me.
The lab cannot afford judgment errors by its employees.
I'm just trying to insure that.
You do realize that destroying crime scene photos is an obstruction of justice, don't you? Something happen to your photos? My memory card was swapped, but you already know that because I've already seen my crime scene photos on your web site.
Web site's a public forum.
Any user can post a comment or photo.
You can search my place if you want to.
But thank you.
Now I've got my next post for the site.
Okay, you know what, Cooper? When you were fired, I opted not to press charges.
Please, do not force me into rethinking that decision, okay? I haven't done anything wrong.
None of this is against the law.
You're not that guy.
You made one mistake.
Don't make it worse.
I'll see you at the next crime scene.
I really hope you don't.
is that Kathleen Newberry's shirt? As a matter of fact, it is.
See, once it dried, the pattern revealed itself.
You see this discoloration right here? Looks like the tread from a boot.
What I initially thought was a "v" is actually a "W.
" And that's the logo for Woodridge hunting boots.
Yes, it is.
The stain has diesel fuel in it.
Fortunately, that fuel preserved the pattern for us.
Let's bring in Mr.
Ted Wallace.
Woodridge hunting boots.
Ted, pal.
This isn't your lucky day.
Are we still talking about that dead girl in the car? We are, Ted.
Check your notes from our last chat, man.
All right, I happened to find this woman's sunpass.
That's where my story ends.
Well, you better start telling us something, Ted, like how your boot print ended up on Kathleen Newberry's shirt.
II don't know.
I've been in that restroom a million times.
Maybe I tracked something in and she fell on my boot print.
I'm not your guy.
Well, who is my guy then? All right, look he had a sunpass in one hand and five thou cash in the other.
All I got to do is take my rig up north and take his sunpass with me.
Look at these guys.
Can you identify him amongst these men, too? No, man, they could've been kermit the frog.
Ted, pal, do me a favor - really take a look.
Maybe this guy.
All I cared about was the cash.
Was he with a woman? No.
At the time, it seemed like easy money.
I sure didn't think it was tied to any killing.
Well, we all make mistakes, Ted this is yours.
Take him, please.
Hello, Horatio.
Ron saris is about to go down for the murder of kathleen newberry.
Bring him in, please.
I can't do that, Horatio.
He's going to take you down, too you know Julia, I'm sick of this.
We've been doing this your way up until now.
Now we're going to do it my way.
He's deaddeaddead.
You - you can't just kill a cop.
You Why are you protecting him? - Why? - Come on.
Ron - you still love him, don't you? - Ron Tell me, look at me.
You still love him, don't you? That's what it is.
No, come on.
Look look, I can make him disappear.
Come on, R on.
Tell me I just need to make one call.
Yeah? I only want to be with you.
Yeah, well, that's all I've ever wanted, was to be with you.
I need to speak with who's in charge.
Where's Ron, Julia? I asked you to let this go, Horatio.
You are protecting a murderer.
What does he have on you? This has nothing to do with him.
Julia, I want to help you, but this is going to be my last chance.
I don't need your help.
Besides, it's too late.
OhI'm sorry, Horatio.
You may not understand this now, but it's for your own good.
Marshal's office just notified us, a judge just granted a warrant for your arrest.
Granted to who? Brazilian federal police.
They're en route to take you into custody.
You're being extradited to Brazil, this afternoon.
They're charging you with murder, Horatio.
Horatio, I want you to know that we're going to be here for you, no matter what.
We need to stay focused on the newberry case.
I just got a call on a possible lead.
I'm going to head there now.
We'll hold down the fort.
I'd appreciate that, ma'am.
You go voluntarily, you wave your right to fight extradition.
It's not going to make a difference, Rick.
That won't be necessary.
Lieutenant Caine, you ready? Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Natalia, what are you doing? This is exactly what Cooper wants.
I know.
I know.
I'm sorry.
It's just thatYou know, this is really scary, because we're not the only people who can see this.
The criminals could be studying this.
And studying us.
He's at it again.
Wait a minute.
I thought that she talked to him.
Yeah, well, he obviously didn't listen, 'cause he just updated the web page.
What, a spider? Black widow? What's that supposed to mean? "This southern belle has a deadly bite.
" "John hagen, a decorated homicide detective," "performed his own little Duquesne mutiny, ' " "by committing suicide in this venomous little CSI's very own firearms lab.
" Oh, my god.
Has cooper lost his mind? No, but he's escalating.
Is calleigh in the lab? Uh, no.
The last I heard, she went out to follow a lead on the newberry case.
You've reached CSI Calleigh Duquesne with damn it, it's going straight to voicemail.
It means her phone's off.
That's not like her.
No, that's not good.
What are you doing? Checking the GPS tracker on her Hummer.
He couldn't have sent her out on a fake call.
She just had her number changed.
Yeah, he could have.
He posted her new number.
- Where is she? - I don't know! What the hell are you doing, huh? What are you doing, Cooper? I was just having a little bit of fun, man, all right? Little miss perfect needed to be taken down a notch or two.
So I videotaped her.
So what? Videotape? You've been harassing her on the web site, and now she's missing.
Well, Calleigh's a big girl; she can take care of herself.
She can take of herself? You posted her new number on the web site! It's not against the law.
Yeah? What if some felon, what if some felon calls her out to a location, huh? You think about that? Yeah, that's what I thought.
If something happens to her, Cooper, I'm going to come back here and kill you.
Lieutenant Caine.
I have to admit I never thought we'd see you back in Rio.
Why am I here? We needed time to build a case.
And somebody made it worth your while, right, chief? I do not like what you're implying.
You hunted down and killed Antonio Riaz That is why you're here.
He murdered my wife.
And so you murdered him.
Chief, let's just say that Mr.
Riaz got what was coming to him.
You'd testify to that? In a real court, I might.
No courtroom is necessary.
I just wanted to hear you admit it.
I admitted to nothing.
So what happens now? It is very simple.
As far as I'm concerned You are free to go.
Just like that, huh? Yes.
Just like that.
But You should know, you made a lot of enemies the last time you were in Rio.
And this is your way of saying "Good luck.
" I admit to nothing.
ButGood luck.