CSI: Miami s06e16 Episode Script

All In (2)

You go voluntarily, you wave your right to fight extradition.
It's not going to make a difference, Rick.
So what happens now? It's very simple.
As far as I'm concerned you are free to go.
This is Mala Noche justice Como? Como? Mala Noche justice meet Miami justice.
You made it.
Yeah, but a lot of people didn't.
What's going on? Calleigh was abducted while following a lead on the Newberry case.
Searched for her all night.
Finally tracked her GPS, we were unable to locate her.
Yeah, I'm with H right now.
That's Tripp.
They found Calleigh's Hummer.
We got to find her.
Aerial unit spotted it.
No sign of Calleigh.
No eyewitnesses either.
We'll be right down.
Cell phone and her kit are still in the car.
Whoever did this was smart enough to disable the GPS tracking unit.
This is too damaged for I.
S, Eric.
Yeah, well, shot came through the window, so, there's probably a cleaner bullet inside the car.
Gentlemen, I don't see any skid marks, do you? That means she slowed to a stop before the gunfire.
It also means this was an ambush.
This just isn't sitting with me.
Calleigh was armed.
We all know she wouldn't go down without a fight.
What'd you get, Eric? Got some sort of reflective trace.
Let's get that to the lab and I'll catch up to you gentlemen later.
What the hell you think happened in Brazil? He didn't say.
I'm just glad he's back.
Hey, any luck with the trace found outside Calleigh's Hummer? I wouldn't call it luck.
Call it chloroform.
No wonder she didn't put up a fight.
Do you think that it's any coincidence that Kathleen Newberry was also subdued with chloroform? I don't think that we can afford any coincidences.
Every minute that Calleigh's missing, her odds get worse.
Then I think we should speak to Newberry's suspected killer, Ron Saris.
Horatio's already on it.
You chloroformed Kathleen Newberry and then killed her.
Horatio, as I told you before you were arrested for murder in Brazil, Uh, there's no evidence to prove that.
One of my CSI's was chloroformed and abducted last night.
And I see that as a pattern, Ron.
Thousands of people can get their hands on chloroform.
But I'm only looking for one.
Well, I'm happy for you, but I know you can't hold me so, I'm,uh I I want to thank you.
For Brazil.
Um worked out really well for the two of us, didn't it? Because, uh, Julia and I, we got back together.
Best of luck finding your CSI.
If anything happens to my CSI, this'll be your last week on earth.
Pick her up.
What do you want from me? We want to: "solve a crime with Calleigh.
" See, our poker buddy, Robert, he, uh, hmm he didn't give us what we wanted.
So he had to pay the price.
And then, Tommy found your website.
Look, you're a CSI, right? Make it so this can't be traced back to us.
You expect me to cover up a murder? Okay.
Uh, let me think.
You need gloves.
And we got to bleach the floor.
Wipe up all the surfaces for fingerprints, for shoe prints, for any skin trace.
What else? I need to get the bullet out of the body.
They could trace it back to your gun.
But you're going to have to untie me for that.
You're lucky.
This bullet's near the surface.
Where do you think you're going? I need to get something to get the bullet out with.
Get rid of that.
You think you can get the next bullet out on your own? Yeah? What do we need her for? I wouldn't do that.
Why is that? That bullet smells like garlic.
What the hell does that mean? It means I need you to get me some toilet cleaner, a lint roller, speaker wire and a black light.
Yeah, we'll get right on that.
You know, you should stop stalling.
Just trying to do what you asked me to do.
Look, I think we should see what she can do.
You can be her delivery boy.
It'll give me a chance to get to know this bitch one on one.
I'd smoke that cigar.
Yeah, I was planning to afterwards.
But if that's what turns you on, then The smell of the cigar will mask the smell of decomp.
Yeah? Unless, of course, you want your neighbors calling the cops down here.
You're not as stupid as you look.
Can we have a minute, son? Um, take these with you.
Go ahead, sweetie, and I'll see you in a second.
I guess you weren't expecting to see me again, huh? No.
But Horatio, I didn't want you to die.
I thought you'd have a better chance in Brazil than here against Ron Saris.
So I take it that's his dry cleaning? He's living with us now.
- Whatever Ron is or isn't - He's a killer.
He got me my son back.
Yes, but he killed Kathleen Newberry to do it.
I had nothing to do with that.
The one witness who saw what Kyle did is gone.
Can't you just let this go? One of my CSI's is missing.
And you think Ron had something to do with it? It was a roadside abduction, that's his signature.
Oh, my god.
If you stay with this man, you and Kyle are going to die.
Pick it up.
Tommy's out there running errands, I thought that maybe me and you could waste a little time.
I'd rather die than have you touch me.
Last words.
- Let's hear them.
- Huh? I don't think you killed the poker player.
Took you long enough.
Not like there's a store that sells everything on earth, Seth.
I need the toilet cleaner and the stereo wire.
Would you hand me one of those mugs and a corkscrew, please? What are you doing? It's called the Reinsch test.
I take some of his tissue and I put it into a solution of hydrochloric acid.
And the acid will separate the inorganic from the organic molecules.
It's basic chemistry.
Then I put the copper wire in and see if it turns gray.
It's gray, so what? It's positive for the presence of heavy metal.
From the bullet when we shot him.
No, it's a different kind of metal.
Um, mercury, thallium, selenium, the atoms from one of those metals will bind to the copper and turn it gray.
I would say you're looking atacute arsenic poisoning.
Wait, wait.
So you're saying that we could be off the hook? Seth.
She's saying that somebody killed him before we shot him.
What's the black light for? It's for our next location.
I can tell that this is not the primary crime scene.
No, no, no- we're not taking you anywhere.
You just told us he was poisoned.
The bullet wound is perimortem.
Ultimately, it's up to the medical examiner, but the police could still charge you with attempted murder, which is 25 years to life.
If you make a sound, if you even think about running, I promise you, I will not hesitate.
You're not allowed in here.
It's about Calleigh.
- She's still missing, right? - Yeah, she's still missing.
She's been abducted, Coop.
Now, what do you want? It's the memory card from the first kidnap victim, Kathleen Newberry.
I thought it might help you find her.
Yeah, I hope so.
There are a lot of similarities between the Newberry case and Calleigh's.
Chloroform, both kidnapped from public places Yeah, and Ron Saris doesn't have an alibi for either one.
If we could just get that guy for murder, maybe we could get him to tell us who he's working with.
I won't let Calleigh end up like that other woman.
What's that? What is that line? Well, I'm not sure.
Let's take a closer look.
Some kind of a string? That wasn't on the car when we looked at it in our garage.
Maybe it fell off in transit.
Yeah, it's not like these tow truck drivers look for evidence.
You gotta be fair, though.
They're paid to tow, not solve our cases.
All I'm saying is that if they would've tried a little harder, then maybe Calleigh wouldn't be - missing right now.
- I know what you're saying.
I'm just saying that we could play "what if" all day.
The important thing is finding her, right? Yeah.
Ryan, yeah, I need you to stop by the tow yard.
Excuse me, sir? Sir! Sir, could you do me a favor and take a break? Sir, please? Could you do me a favor and stop, please? May I help you? You could help me by taking a little bit of a break.
Thanks, man.
That's a match, Ron, a perfect match.
Which places you at the scene.
Uh, it puts a dirty piece of string under a car that you pulled from a lake.
I think that after you pushed her car into the water, you caught your shoe under her bumper.
All right.
You know, I'm not gonna talk anymore.
Conspiracy to kidnap a law enforcement officer carries a life sentence.
Why, Horatio, would I bother with a CSI? Why would I do that when I've got what I needed? I've got Julia back.
And we both know how that happened.
Don't we? By killing the Newberry lady? Okay, you're never going to prove that.
I just did.
Not after I talk to the state attorney and tell them that you coerced evidence unlawfully.
Assault and battery.
You beat me up to get what you needed.
You stole my shoelace.
Nice try, Ron.
Well, that bruise should show up about the same time as the state attorney, I would say, don't you? Now, Horatio, tell me.
Are they gonna believe me, or are they gonna blame a cop who got extradited to brazil for killing a man? Just remember what I said, Ron.
I will.
I'm going to go to Julia now.
Oh, I'll say hi to your son for you.
Do that.
You know, unless the bullet ricocheted, it's probably on the passenger side.
Well, I haven't found anything yet.
Well, maybe the window shattered when the bullet hit the door.
Hand me a screwdriver.
Yeah, what do you need it for? Got a crack in the door panel.
Aren't we looking for a bullet hole? We are, but sometimes this rigid plastic, it does funny things when it's hit by a bullet.
It'll crack open and snaps back shut like a swinging door.
I don't even have that gun anymore.
Well, if you sold it, where's the rece there is no receipt.
There is no receipt.
I lost it in a poker game last night.
What, nobody could change a hundred? I've lost my watch, my boat, maxed-out my visa.
The gun was all I had on me.
Didn't change the cards, though.
Who'd you lose it to? Like I know his real name.
Well, no legal casino is gonna allow you to bet with a gun.
Sounds like an underground game to me.
Yeah, so? So one of our own CSIs has been abducted with that gun.
You need to tell us where the game was played.
We've already got you on illegal gambling, sport.
It's time to show your cards.
It was an old factory building.
I think it was 1429 Wimberly.
You better hope you're right.
H, yeah, we got an address.
We got a body, Eric.
It's not Calleigh.
It smells like bleach.
Well, his fingernails have been scraped.
Body is positioned.
Clothes pulled in a single direction.
Someone took a lint roller to him, removed any trace.
The body's been cleaned.
This whole room has.
Professionally, which is why they grabbed Calleigh to cover this murder.
What have you got? I've got some prints.
Got a lot of prints, H.
It's a number 60.
She's leaving us a message, Eric.
She's telling us she was taken by two men, which means she was alive when she left this room.
Yeah, but for how long? That's going to be priority number one, gentlemen.
Excuse me.
What the hell's going on? And you are? I'm Mitch Davis.
I own the building.
I have plans to turn this place into lofts.
Nobody's supposed to be in there.
Well, somebody was, Mr.
Davis, and now they're on the way to the coroner's office.
You people really need to step up the patrols around here.
I am not in the business of providing room and board to a bunch of squatters.
A man was shot and killed and found next to a poker table.
Does that ring a bell? A poker table? First murder, now illegal gambling.
Well, th-that's great.
So what am I supposed to do- build a moat? Why don't you start with security cameras? Now you can see our cleaning job.
I'm gonna need the black light.
What do you need that for? Show you what you missed.
This is where Robert was shot.
What the hell, man?! - I thought you said you cleaned it.
- I did, I swear.
His wound was in the abdomen, and based on the amount of blood here, I would say that he landed face down.
Y- you're right.
We just wanted to ask him where the next poker tournament was going to be.
So you guys like to gamble? No, we like the entry fee.
Tonight's the big one.
Ten guys with 100 k buy-in each.
So you were planning a robbery.
And what? Robert got in the way? Look, no, we thought he was our in.
We used to play nickel ante games down at the marina.
He liked it.
When we asked him for the address, he, like, freaked out.
I told you.
I don't know where.
Just give us the address.
This tournament isn't for you.
Toss a few more cards and come back in a couple years.
I thought he was trying to make a move on us.
Was Robert using this flask? Yeah.
If he was poisoned, we might be able to get something off of it.
Go to the medicine cabinet, see if you can find some iodine.
Why? You'll see.
Stop! What are you trying to do? Start a fire, get the cops here? Look, this is called a fuming chamber.
The smoke is supposed to be there.
The hot chemical is going to stick to any print that's on the flask.
I've got two prints.
Okay, if you give me yours, I can exclude you.
Do I look stupid to you? You just want our prints so that your friends can pick us up later.
You know what, if you don't trust me now, you're never going to.
I don't trust cops.
You can have my prints.
I trust you.
Look, I don't know what he's been telling you, but this is not going to end well.
We're already in too deep.
We have no other choice.
No, that is not true.
If you take the flask to the police, give it to them, it will point them in a totally different direction.
You've got to turn yourself in.
I'm telling you it is the only way.
I don't know.
I do.
You are not the same person that he is.
Just find a way to get out of here, any way you can.
What kind of excuse? I Don't know what to say.
I'll give you one.
What are you two talking about? We're going to need bleach soon.
You're up, delivery boy.
So, Alexx, this is our poker player.
Yeah, Horatio, but there's no id yet.
And something weird his heart showed signs of cardiac arrest.
He had a heart attack? Yes.
So I sent some samples to tox.
Turns out it was caused by acute arsenic toxicity.
So the poisoning caused the heart attack.
There was also significant postmortem tearing around the wound, as if someone had gone digging.
And look at this, Horatio.
From weird to weirder.
Alexx, that's a piece of a cigar.
Okay,you're saying that as if it makes perfect sense.
Inside the layering of that tobacco could be dna.
I'm gonna take that with me.
So you're saying that Calleigh left this in the wound tract for us to find? I am.
Pick it up.
Will you hand me one of those mugs and a corkscrew, please? Seth McAdams, attempted rape.
Here we go.
I had units roll out to Seth McAdams' last known.
What did we learn, Frank? He hasn't been seen in days.
No sign of the guy.
Hang on a second.
Can I help you? The name's Tommy.
I know something about a murder.
Talk to me.
But I had, like nothing to do with it, though.
Look,I-I even got proof.
Does this have to do with the missing CSI? Me and my friend we took her.
Where is the missing CSI right now? Robert Milland's house.
Take him, Frank.
Take him.
Eric, 7501 whitlock.
Tactical units to 7501 whitlock.
Officer hostage situation in progress.
We clear? All clear.
H? Yeah, the house is clean.
I'm not sure if Calleigh was here, but, uh, she's not now.
What else? Hang on a second.
Found an interesting picture of our murder victim.
He's with that guy, the landlord, that said he has nothing to do with the poker games.
So he's a liar.
Bring him in.
I didn't shoot Robert.
Neither did the killer.
He was poisoned using arsenic.
You lied to us.
Because you knew robert milland, and you knew about the poker game.
Yeah, well, that's only half true.
I knew Robert.
We used to hit vegas together, but he got tired of the casino scene.
Said that underground poker was more exciting.
So you let him use your buildings for a cut of the action? No way.
Those games are full of criminals.
Robert liked to play the gangster.
Not me.
So you're saying he broke into your buildings? Yeah.
I had trouble unloading the building.
He took advantage of it.
Pissed me off.
And you wanted to make sure that'd never happen again, right? I swear, I didn't.
You know where csi Duquesne is? Because if you do, you better tell me.
Lieutenant Caine is working on the killer's fingerprints, and if they match yours, I'm not going to be so nice a second time.
You sure you don't know where Tommy went? You heard him he went to get bleach.
Yeah, and he never came back after whispering in the corner with you.
Maybe he got caught,or maybe he got scared.
You're the one who should be scared, bitch.
See, you just became my new partner.
And we're about to pull off the biggest heist in underground Miami.
Why don't you tell me why I'm here? You poisoned Robert Milland with arsenic I personnally recovered your fingerprints from his flask I just couldn't lose again.
Explain that, please.
I was in a rut.
Robert was too good.
He was always rubbing it in my face, you know,just always had to bring up the new Rolex.
The Donzi.
His Hummer.
All paid for by my kid's college fund.
Sorry, girls.
Looks like community college for the little ones.
I didn't want my wife to find out how deep I was in.
So by getting rid of him, you figured you'd increase your odds.
I had to win back some of what I lost.
For my family I just wanted to mess with his game, so I I spiked his flask.
Look, the guy never took a sip.
Walked away with the biggest pot of the night.
How'd he do that? He drank it after the game, Paul.
It gave him a heart attack.
You didn't lose your gun in that game, did you, Paul? No.
I was so pissed.
I drove by Robert's place afterwards.
I saw the Hummer a few streets over.
I thought it was his.
Fired off a few rounds.
Freaked when i saw the CSI decal.
I don't blame you.
have we made any progress, Miss Boa Vista? I had the techs scour this entire place, and there's just nothing that says that Tommy Garver or Seth McAdams was ever here.
Well, what we do know is they had Calleigh clean the place.
She did such a great job of helping us id these suspects.
I just wish there was a way she could have told us where she went.
Maybe there is.
Better not miss one fingerprint.
Hello, talk to me.
Club Descent, 6:00 P.
I'll be there.
$100,000 buy-in? Perfect.
Yes, I got her.
All right.
And if I'm not mistaken, baking soda and grape juice look at that.
Invisible ink.
6 P.
Club Descent.
You know it? I know it.
Just got one last little errand, and then this is all gonna be over for you, my dear.
The poker game? That's my girl.
What do you need me for? Let's just say I'm not exactly on the invite list.
My badge.
Get him to open the door.
Go! Miami-Dade P.
Invitation only.
Yeah, here's my invite.
All right, ladies, poker game's over.
I want all your cash now.
Come on.
Drop the guns, or I will shoot her.
You're not gonna get the chance.
Now, if I were you, I'd fold.
Don't you agree, Calleigh? Clear! You messed with the wrong people.
So you're sure you're okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
what are you gonna do? Are you gonna take some time off? I really don't know, to be honest.
I think I just want to go home, think about what happened.
Hey, you're not going home alone.
Eric, I'm fine.
I really am, I promise, but thank you.
I'm not.
I don't know what I would have done if something would have happened to you today.