CSI: Miami s06e17 Episode Script

To Kill a Predator

That son of a bitch doesn't know what he's talking about.
We've been over this a hundred times.
Can we just talk about this a little later? I promise, okay? okay! I promise.
Found a letterhead in our vic's papers here.
It's from a Creighton & Howe, law firm next door.
He was a partner there.
What did he specialize in, Frank? Civil lit beat, class action, small-time stuff.
His name's Sean Radley.
Think maybe a dissatisfied client? There's a lot of anger behind this, Frank.
That's his car.
He sure didn't get very far.
They didn't want him to escape.
Have to be pretty cold to pull this off.
Not pretty cold, Frank.
Our dead lawyer's briefcase? It is.
What've you got? Some kind of impression in the leather.
Can you make them out? No, I can't.
I'll see if I can get his contact list off his phone- it's as dead as he is.
Wait a second, he was talking on the phone? Yeah, explains why he didn't see the car coming.
Who was he talking to? Hold on, guys.
- Hey, Calleigh.
- Hey.
So this is our hit-and-run victim, huh? He was hit hard, honey.
Point of impact was at the knee.
Snapped the femur so hard, popped the bone clean.
But this is what i wanted you to see.
Looks like oil.
See where the stain starts? It's above the compound fracture.
That leg bone is as sharp as a knife.
Must have punctured something underneath the car that ran over him.
well, that means our car will be leaking.
I'll get this to trace as soon as I get back, okay? This is sergeant Tripp, homicide.
I need some phone records pulled on a Sean Radley.
I heard a bang, II thought sean dropped the phone.
I didn't know he was run over.
Well, what were you and Sean Radley talking about, Ms.
Ross? Work- I'm his administrative assistant.
Just usual office stuff.
Yeah, but you called him.
From your home, at 6:00 in the morning.
That's a little early for work, isn't it? Sean and I had a fling a few months ago.
I called to talk about it.
Were you still involved? He broke it off right after it started.
Told me I wasn't his type.
What is his type? I don't know, but I know he found her.
What makes you so sure? Secretary's little secret.
Every morning, I sync my pda with his so we have the same info.
He forgot he saved a chat room exchange with her.
You still have your pda? Here.
Mystery lady says: "We'll hook up soon, I promise.
" Wizardman says- that's Sean's screen name- "don't tease me, angel.
" He never talked to me like that.
You know her name? Just her first name, Tiffany.
She's probably some stripper.
You can go, Ms.
We'll be in touch.
Guess what our substance is off the dead lawyer's shirt.
Uh, well, considering that it came from the undercarriage of his car, which was pierced by his bone, which incidentally I'm really glad I wasn't there to see, my guess is motor oil, 10w30.
Try soybeans.
Soybeans, like ethanol? No, as in bio-diesel.
It's rare, so it should make our hit-and-run car easier to find.
Well, it's nice to know that our killer cares about the environment.
Is that radley's briefcase? It is.
I found impressions inside the layers, but the leather was too pliant.
And you're hoping the wood underneath kept the shape.
Not anymore.
What is that, is that a license plate? It happened during impact.
You know, that may only be a partial plate, but we can still find this car, because it runs on bio-diesel fuel.
Okay, I got six matches.
Look at this, Green Oasis car rental.
Bring up the web site.
It is a car rental company, and they only rent vehicles that run on bio-diesel fuel.
Who rented the car? Got it.
Radley, your husband was hit and killed by a car rented in your name.
I was home all morning ask my kids.
I'm asking you.
Why would I want to kill my husband? He was cheating on you, Mrs.
Radley, wasn't he? I didn't know that for sure, I just suspected it.
he He would come home smelling of perfume cheap stuff and Does the name Tiffany ring a bell? I caught him talking online to somebody named tiffany about two weeks ago, yes, but he He deleted it, and I could never prove that she was his girlfriend.
Where's your rent-a-car now? I think that it was stolen this morning.
Did you report it? No, lieutenant, I woke up, and it was gone, and then sean was dead, so no, I haven't gotten around to reporting it yet.
I understand.
Without that car, you can't hold me here, can you? But, Mrs.
Radley, I'm gonna find the car.
The rent-a-car.
Here's what we need to do.
All air and ground units in the vicinity, be on the lookout for a late model, possibly 2007, all-black charger.
Tinted windows, license plate number oe225g.
Please be advised the suspect may be armed.
Nice work, Frank.
I'm afraid I can't take all the credit.
Our bird spotted it on a flyby.
Damage matches your hit-and-run.
Look underneath, we got spitting fuel, too.
Wow, this is our car.
Let me know if you find anything that puts the wife in the driver's seat.
Horatio had her in the hot seat not 30 minutes ago.
I've got something.
What've you got? Some sort of a piece of costume jewelry like you'd put on a fingernail.
looks like something a woman might find pretty.
I don't know if a grown woman would wear it.
How old are her kids? Son brandon is age nine, daughter hannah is 16.
driving age.
Let's bring her in to pd.
I'll do it.
But I don't even have a learner's permit, so how could I drive the car? Hannah, your mother said that the rental car was missing this morning.
And you're the only person who has access to the keys.
But I was home all morning.
We also, uh we found this in the car this morning.
So? So, I can see you're missing a jewel from your fingernail.
Mine was different.
Besides, it's a rental car; hundreds of people drive it.
But you know what, hannah? I think it's yours.
I also think it's hard to admit something like this.
You know what's hard? Try your mom and dad getting divorced.
I didn't want my dad dead; i wanted them to stay together.
Even though your dad was, uh He was being unfaithful to your mom? I didn't know that.
My mom doesn't tell me anything.
So you weren't angry at your dad? No.
My dad was, like my hero.
I was gonna work at his law firm with him, and Now it's over.
It's all over.
Look, can I go home now? Uh, yeah, of course.
There's an officer that'll take you home.
Thank you.
What did we get from hannah? I can't put her in that car.
I can't put her in that car definitively, no.
Okay, so we need to find this Tiffany.
You're gonna have to make a pit stop.
Why is that? There's a new murder.
There was a shooting at the eastern light caf? That's where I'll be.
Thanks for coming in on your day off.
No problem.
Homicide said he was shot, no one knows from what direction.
Did you get an id on our vic? No, we don'T.
But look at this green glass.
It's not from the restaurant.
Which means somebody must have brought it in.
I've seen this guy before.
From another case? No.
A couple of nights ago, I was watching that expose show, predators among us.
This guy was one of the pedophiles that they caught.
Are you sure? Yeah.
The show caught him online with this girl.
And he thought he was coming to see Tiffany, but instead he got cameras.
Did you say Tiffany? Yeah.
I just processed the balcony, and I didn't find anything.
But I think I know why.
Because the shooter cleaned up.
No, I think the shooter had an accomplice.
so the accomplice may have cleaned up.
The waitress said that she saw him pick something up.
Maybe a cartridge.
Miss boa vista, I think we're dealing with a couple of vigilantes.
I'll get a copy of that predator show right now.
Tiffany, you in there? We finally get to meet in person.
You got me, instead.
So, what's your name? Tony massaro.
Is that our shooting victim? Yeah.
Now we know his name Tony Massaro.
You gotta see what he's texting.
They open the show with it.
Wait a minute.
That's our hit-and-run victim, Sean Radley.
Tiffany, it's wizardman.
Now we know why he wasn't interested in his secretary.
She was too old.
Play it through.
Tiffany, it's wizardman.
Hope you're decent.
I'm coming in! Hi! You're not Tiffany.
Multicolored condoMs.
Cute! It's not what you think.
So both of our victims are pedophiles.
Yeah, well, sounds to me like a problem that took care of itself.
Well, delko Look, I don't need a lecture, Natalia, okay? I got nieces.
Guys, we really should focus, because both our shooting victim and our hit-and-run victim were on that show last week, and now they're both dead.
Think there's a vigilante out there killing these guys? I don't know, but if there is, every man on that show is in a lot of trouble.
I'm gonna go over to the studio.
I'll grab wolfe- he used to work there.
Something tells me you're not here to get your job back.
No, sorry, heather.
Actually we're here because two men who were featured on your show predators among us they were murdered today.
Your program provided the motive for anyone who was watching.
We don't force these guys to show up.
We just shine the light.
It's your job to catch them before someone kills them.
Well, then why don't you turn them over to us? Because we can't hold them.
You know, for the record, I asked for mdpd involvement, but they didn't want anything to do with the show.
That's probably because we view it as entrapment, not entertainment.
All we need to do is talk with the girl who spoke with our victims online.
You mean Tiffany? Yeah, Tiffany.
She's the only thing that those two guys have in common.
Maybe she, uh, knows something that'll help us.
Wanna meet her? She's right here.
Here she is.
You're Tiffany? In the flesh.
Name's lou, but I play tiff in the chat rooMs.
Hi, lou.
So there's no real Tiffany? Only online.
These freaks think they're talking to lonely little lolitas, but it's us.
Could you tell us what tony massseo and aran radley were talking to "Tiffany" about online before you caught them at the beach? We keep all our chats on record.
Just in case you guys come calling.
Here's a transcript we got on tony.
I think this'll help.
He went by "sexyback.
" See? He chatted up Tiffany for two hours.
The usual sicko stuff- "I know what girls like, you can drive my car, I'll buy you wine coolers.
" Lollipop's my screen name for Tiffany.
Why are we reading this? Thought you might be interested in the next part.
Someone pirated into their chat.
Not our lawyer? No, a new guy.
" Astroboi says "tiff and me have a date tomorrow night.
Stay away from her.
If you mess with her, I'll mess with you.
So they're fighting over Tiffany online? I'm wondering if, uh astroboi has a gun.
Is there any way we could find a real name behind that screen name? Usually, I can'T.
But when Tiffany sent astroboi her pics, it opened a direct link to his computer.
I got his I.
Address right here.
That's as good as a phone number.
And all I have to do is figure out the internet account it belongs to.
If I can trace the routef o the data packets it left behind like a trail of bread crumbs hey, astroboi wasn't too smart.
He used his personal internet account with an isp that gave us access to its customer files for reasons just like this.
Gentlemen, meet kevin weaver.
I need you to get off the bike, Mr.
What's the matter, officer? I wasn't speeding.
Turn around.
Actually, you were, but that's not why I stopped you.
What's, uh what's in the saddlebag? Nothing.
Then you won't mind if I take a look in there? Go ahead.
Well, that's the second time you've lied to me today.
It's registered.
It's also concealed.
I just happen to have a dead guy that was shot by a gun.
You and I are gonna take a little ride.
Turn around.
So Mr.
Weaver you harassed Mr.
Tony Massaro.
Who is that? You might know him as, uh, "sexyback.
" You two had it out on an internet chat room over a girl named Tiffany.
Oh, him.
Yeah, I'm I might have told him to back off of her.
So you could have her all to yourself.
It was nothing like that.
Did you read what he said to her? You see why I did what I did, right? Would you care to elaborate on that? This girl he chatted with, she's pure innocent trusting.
He asked Tiffany point blank if she was a virgin.
She said yes.
I just wanted to keep it that way.
Did you kill him to do that? I didn't kill anyone.
I guess we'll see.
- Hey, Alexx.
- Hey.
Have you got any rounds for me? Working on it.
Two shots to the groin.
I'd say this was personal.
Massaro here was busted on predators among us last week.
He's one of those internet pedophiles? Okay.
Got another one coming.
Looks like a.
243; that's from a hunting rifle.
Sounds like you may have yourself a vigilante out there.
Maybe, but it's not Kevin Weaver.
The gun from his saddlebag was a.
I'll have to have Horatio let him go.
Thank you.
Natalia, we just lost a suspect.
I hope you were able to find a print on the bottle from the shooting.
I mean, it wasn't easy, but I think I managed to Frankenstein a partial.
I'm so hoping it gets us our shooter.
What are you thinking? Well, the glass was underneath the victim, so whoever broke the bottle did it before he was shot.
Which means that our mystery man would have had time to leave and then come back and shoot Tony.
This guy did time for buying alcohol for minors.
We've got another pedophile.
I'm gonna get him off the street.
Thanks, Natalia.
You're a lifeguard.
Why aren't you watching the pool? No one's ever drowned on my watch.
Anyone ever been shot? What, is this a joke? No, Tony Massaro was shot outside of the eastern light cafe this morning, and you were the last person to see him.
How do you know that? Your fingerprints were on the bottle that broke.
What happened? Got into a fight, threw it at him? Look, I didn't break it, he did.
Yeah, we had a fight, but I was just I was trying to get him to come to a meeting with me.
Don't lie to me, Tony, I know why you're here.
You're looking at these girls.
Look, I'm on my way to a meeting now.
Just get up and go with me.
Leave me alone, okay? I know what I'm doing.
I'm making you go with me, come on.
Was this a meeting for pedophiles? Look, we're not pedo! We're not pedophiles.
It's a support group to help guys who look for affection from the wrong age group.
You mean children.
Mind if I see your PDA? That's- it's not what you think.
Okay, why don't you tell us what to think? You're a pedophile and you're asking to meet with someone named gypsygirl; that sounds like a teenager to me.
I wasn't on the chat.
I was checking up on my guys from the support group so they aren't trolling for girls.
I'm just making sure that they stay straight.
You expect us to believe that? You know what? He may be telling the truth.
The chat's still going on.
Gypsygirl is talking to someone.
Meet? Mason Park.
" "Can you meet?" Whoever gypsygirl is, she just asked someone named moonman to meet her.
Do you know who these people are? No, that's not one of my guys, and I've never heard of this gypsygirl before.
Well, if she's offering the meet, then it can't be a sting.
It's got to be a real girl.
Okay, you see this "d"? It stands for "cap.
" She's going to be wearing a pink cap.
That's how he's going to find her.
We'd better get there before moonman does.
Our real girl is in real trouble.
Did we get anything? No, been out here a half an hour, not one girl in a pink hat.
Wait a minute, I might have something.
This might be our girl.
She's got company, too.
Wait a minute, they're leaving.
Hang on.
That's not her.
Wait a second.
Let me see those glasses.
Well, take a look at who that is.
That's the same guy you and Tripp talked to, huh? That's exactly who he i he's a runner.
Get him.
I'm on it.
He's on the move.
Stop! Miami-Dade police! So, Mr.
Weaver, we meet again.
Lieutenant, this is not what you think.
It never is.
Get him up, please.
Weaver, what are you doing here? I came here to warn that girl I was talking to in the chat rooms.
- Gypsygirl? - Yeah.
She's new to the rooms, and she is already in way over her head.
You expect us to believe you? Look in my backpack.
That's my daughter, Cassie.
I got her a laptop for her 13th birthday.
I was so stupid, thinking she'd just use it for her homework.
She started using the chat rooms.
Yeah, her mother and I were too busy to notice.
I guess she met a boy.
Or, uh, someone pretending to be one.
A 35-year-old man killed our angel.
Weaver, are you killing the men that are preying on girls like your daughter? Are you a parent, Lieutenant? I don't kill anyone.
I don't care about those guys.
I want to protect these girls from making the same mistake that Cassie did.
I show them Cassie's binder, and I hope to scare them out of this chat room.
You never found the girl? No, I think we scared her off, but patrol did find her pink hat on the other side of the park, and Natalia is processing it now.
Is this the hit-and-run car? I thought Calleigh hit pay dirt with this.
Yeah, she found the fingernail jewel, but we can't prove that it belonged to Sean Radley's daughter, Hannah.
What's that right there? What's what? I don't see anything.
Right there, shine the UV light on it.
It's a contact lens.
Yeah, well, what's it doing there? My guess: Trauma.
Driver hit Sean Radley, contact lens popped out.
It's not good.
What's not good? Contact lens is tinted.
I arrested a pedophile once, purple contacts.
Why, 'cause kids like color? So no kid can identify them.
Okay, so we got a car that's driven by a pedophile that hit our lawyer pedophile, Sean Radley.
He stole his wife's car to throw us off maybe.
All right, I guess all we got to do is, uh find the other contact.
- moonman: i bet you're really pretty too - gypsygirl: u want 2 c? I wish I had better news.
You weren't able to get a DNA profile off gypsygirl's headband? No, I was able to get a profile, I just couldn't get a match in CODIS.
Did you try the child abduction databases? No, thank you, that's a good idea.
You know, when I worked for the feds, I used to load samples into the National Child Identification Program.
Yeah, but that's voluntary.
Yeah, but you know it's only going to work if her parents provided her DNA and prints.
Well, it's worth a shot.
You're not going to believe who the match is.
Are you sure? Hannah.
Where's your mother? She's with my little brother at the funeral home.
So you're, um you're gypsygirl online, aren't you? Yeah, so? Hannah, you were at the park to confront moonman.
Weren't you? Yeah, I mean, I was going to kick him in the crotch or something, scratch his eyes out, I don't know, but the cops showed up and scared him off.
So you arrange to meet men all the time? Look, I set up gypsygirl so I could meet these jerks and get them to stop hurting these girls.
Just like your dad was.
Right? You knew that your dad was caught on that Predator tv show, right? I had never even heard of it until I went to school the next day.
Everyone made sure I saw it.
All of a sudden, no one was allowed to come over to my house, even be near me.
Your, uh your dad was your hero? H.
My dad taught me to always look out for the helpless.
But he was lying, wasn't he? Hey, those are my contacts.
It's contact.
You're, uh you're missing one.
It's the same color as the contact we found in the rental car that ran over your father.
Hannah, you killed your dad, didn't you? Tell me what happened.
I stole my mom's keys, I took the car and I waited for him where he parks.
Hannah, you're going to be placed under arrest now.
I didn't want him to hurt anyone else, like Mallary.
Like who? This girl online.
I tried to scare her away from this guy, but she gave him her address.
Do you have the address? It's on my computer.
H, the predator's on his way there now.
Open up, let me in.
Mallary, my name is Lieutenant Caine, would you open the door, please.
Can I help you? Mallary, my name is Lieutenant Caine.
Can I talk to you for a minute? Do I have a choice? No, ma'am.
Where are your parents, Mallary? Palm beach, looking at some property or something.
So you're here alone? Yeah.
That's what they always do.
I'm, like, 14.
I can take care of myself.
Mallary, you're expecting a male visitor here, aren't you? Yeah.
So? This is my house.
I'm safe here.
You're not safe here, Mallary.
The man is a pedophile.
Come on, you're not my dad.
These guys are harmless.
They just buy me things.
That's it.
- I mean, it's no big deal.
- Mallary, what is his name? He said his name is Zane.
Mallary, I need your help.
Just a minute.
Mallary, you're going to be okay.
I'll be right here.
Natalia, dispatch just got a call from the cafe? Turns out your evidence thief is sitting at the bar.
That's great.
Let's call Tripp and bring him in.
Will do.
So, Jared, you stole evidence from a crime scene.
Well, that's why you were there, though, right? To remove anything that would lead us to the shooter.
Look, I just saw something fall from the roof.
Thought I'd grab it before you guys showed up.
Did you see that? I got it right here.
It was still hot when I picked it up.
It's the same caliber as our murder rounds.
I didn't mess with it, okay? Well, then why steal this bullet casing? Because it's cool.
Something from a murder.
I throw it on ebay and make a mint.
Look, I don't know who the shooter is, so can I go? No, you can't.
You stole evidence in a murder investigation, and you're going to need that shooter to prove that you're telling the truth.
This is weird.
Take a look at this.
There's only one print on this casing, and it came back like this.
Sean Radley? That's our hit-and-run victim.
That's the, uh the guy that got run over by his daughter.
Yeah, well, how could a dead man shoot Tony Massaro? Mrs.
Radley, we found that hunting rifle in your garage.
It was my husband's.
He liked to keep it loaded, so I made him store it there.
That rifle was used to kill Tony Massaro.
Now, you did a good job cleaning up after yourself, but you forgot to clean the bullets before you fired them.
I don't have to sit here and listen to your stories, so, I'm-I'm going to go.
Well, if you didn't do it, Mrs.
Radley, that only leaves your daughter, and we already know what she's capable of doing already.
Sean used to make me go hunting with him, even though I hated it.
I guess that I should thank him, though, because he made me a really good shot.
So you created the vigilante.
I just thought it could get you to look at someone other than my daughter for Sean's murder.
But it didn't work, did it? I'm not sorry.
A good mother will do anything to protect her child.
Hannah shouldn't have to pay for his mistakes.
You're right.
But I'm afraid, you're going to have to pay for yours.
Mallary, it's me.
Come on.
Open up.
I told you I'd bring 'em.
Come on in? So, Mr.
Durning, You're calling yourself Zane these days.
What are you doing here? I saw some activity in the chat room.
Thought I'd come out here and make sure Mallary was all right.
By bringing her alcohol? Come off it, Lieutenant.
These girls are a lot older than their age.
She is 14 years old.
Yeah, but I spend all day online with these girls.
I see what they write, how bad they want to be with someone.
Durning this girl she wanted me.
Durning, you are supposed to be protecting these girls.
Mallary? Please wait outside.
You know, Mr.
Durning, you really picked the wrong week for this.
I- I didn't do anything.
Durning you are resisting arrest.
No, I'm not.
I'm not resisting arrest.
Not yet.
Let's see how long that lasts.