CSI: Miami s06e18 Episode Script

Tunnel Vision

What are you doing? You cut me off, bitch.
You trying to get us both killed? Nope.
Just you.
Horatio? Driver's name is Jeff Lanier.
We had reports of arguing, Cars racing.
Then the road opened up.
You say the road opened up, Frank.
Yeah, it appears to be some sort of a sinkhole, which makes it a traffic incident.
We can turn it over to patrol, if you want.
Frank, I see light under the car.
I think there's a tunnel down there.
Nobody digs tunnels in Miami.
The water table's too high.
If they did, where the hell is it headed? There's only one way to find out.
Cash on the ground.
Bank across the street.
Looks like our driver stumbled onto a bank robbery, Frank.
We're over here.
Cave-in blocked any escape route.
Robbers must have climbed out through the hole in the street.
Not everyone, Frank.
I can't think why she'd be in this tunnel unless she was in on the robbery.
Maybe they left her behind.
You go, Frank.
Take a look at this.
Tunnel must have collapsed during the bank robbery.
Like divine intervention.
Bank robbery? But no alarms went off.
As branch manager, I would have been the first notified.
Look, right now, we have more questions than answers, all right? Do you know this woman? Oh, my god.
That's Lori.
Lori Stoltz, my assistant manager.
She was killed, and we have reason to believe that she was involved in the robbery.
Lori was one of my most trusted employees.
Did she have access to the vault? I've got the only master key.
But Lori knew the security codes.
So she could have disabled the alarms.
I know this is difficult, but we really need your cooperation.
I'm gonna need to see this with my own eyes.
Fine, let's go.
I don't believe this.
My vault is impenetrable.
How did he get in there? I think what the robbers did.
Check the security system.
Lori's code was the last entered.
She did disarm the security system.
All right, we'll need the name of every safe deposit box owner on record.
Our clients are Miami's elite.
They require discretion.
That's fine.
Then be discrete.
I'll do what I can.
Each one of these safe deposit boxes requires two keys to open.
We've got an electronic detonator here.
That and some plastic explosives would have gotten the boxes open.
That's also how they blew a hole in the wall.
Why would the bank robbers leave all this cash? Because I don't think they were after cash.
That's a very confident stride for somebody who's late to work.
I know.
I'm very sorry, but I had to stop and pick up a little addition to my wardrobe.
You got your gun qualification.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Now I can back you up for a change.
I can use it.
So, catch me up.
What have we got? Did you find the, uh the tunnel entrance? No, but this site is Perfect place to hide in plain site.
Well, let's get started.
Let's see what we find.
Hey, I've got some drag marks.
Will you help me? Yeah.
Well I think we found our tunnel entrance.
And maybe where they left.
Look at the tire treads.
Too narrow to be from a construction vehicle.
Could be from a getaway car.
This is an active construction site.
Somebody had to have seen something, don't you think? Yes, I do.
Excuse me? Are you the foreman? That's right.
Keith Farrell.
Were you aware that there was a bank robbery across the street this morning? And that the robbers got in through a tunnel built on your construction site? You don't think one of my guys had anything to do with it? Well, I don't know.
You're the foreman.
You expect me to believe that you had no idea there was a tunnel being built right under your nose? There was a woman that was killed in that tunnel.
Hey, it's got nothing to do with me.
Look, I'm on a breakneck schedule here.
I've only got seven months to put this tower up.
What exactly are you building? New headquarters for Amanda's Orchards.
Look, I'm in charge of 50 guys.
I don't have time for this.
Okay, well, as long as you know that if you're covering for somebody, it's gonna come back on you.
You two gonna charge me with something? Because if not, I got concrete to pour.
Well, we may be back for a visit.
So are these the safe deposit boxes from the bank vault? Yeah, just the ones that were opened and emptied.
Well, let's hope whoever emptied them left a print.
Yeah, let's hope so.
Certainly got your work cut out for you here.
We have our work cut out for us, pal.
That half right there that's yours.
Get started.
Well, we sure do got a lot of prints, but we don't have a lot of people on file, do we? No.
We've got five suspects to work with.
Let me run it against the list of safe deposit box owners that we got from the bank.
Two civil employees.
Two military.
What about this guy? Carlos Santiago.
He was arrested on a minor drug possession charge.
Yeah, I know this name.
Swims with the big fish.
The Hortez cartel.
Got ties to coca leaf farms in Bogota.
Just never been able to sink him on any cocaine distribution.
Well, his name's not on the safe deposit box list.
Then why were his prints in the vault? it's been a long time, Carlos.
It's always something, isn't it, Caine? This day and age.
Heightened awareness.
Everything questioned.
I mean, a man like me can't live his life.
Or make an honest living.
I've changed.
I'm an art dealer now.
Very lucrative and very legitimate.
We recovered your fingerprint in the vault at Dade Mutual.
I have a safe deposit box there.
It's listed under my company name.
The bank was robbed this morning, Carlos.
And a woman was killed.
You know me, Caine.
Bank robbery's not my style.
And neither is telling the truth, Carlos.
Are you going to tell me you have nothing to do with this? Today, lieutenant, I'm just another dissatisfied customer of Dade Mutual.
A victim.
A victim Why is that? My safe deposit box was robbed, as well.
And you're not going to tell me what they took, are you? You know me, Caine.
I'm helpful.
To a point.
That is going to change, Carlos.
I got your message.
What's up? I found something.
Thought you should see it right away.
You found a bullet in our tunnel victim? Fluoroscope caught it embedded in her rib cage.
It was concealed by the rest of her trauma.
Looks like a nine mil.
Can it tell us who fired the shot? It's too distorted for that.
But you know, it does prove one thing.
Our girl was shot before the tunnel caved in.
The collapse didn't kill her.
She was murdered.
maybe this will help you narrow the search for her killer.
I found semen in her underwear.
Well, if we're lucky, it'll give us somebody to talk to.
Charles Brighton.
The Charles Brighton? Is that the orange juice guy? Orange juice guy? He's the gazillionaire behind Amanda's Orchards.
You know, that little girl in the ads, "squeeze out every drop of goodness.
" We found the entrance to the bank tunnel at the site of Brighton's new headquarters.
Sounds like M.
Brighton has a lot to answer for.
Yeah, maybe murder.
Thank you.
Hi, I'm looking for Charles Brighton.
He's not here.
Can I help you? You must be Amanda.
Do we know each other? No, I feel like I know you.
I looked at your face on my orange juice container every morning growing up.
That picture was a lifetime ago.
And you are? Eric Delko, csi.
It's important that I speak to your father.
Can I know what this is regarding? No, I'm sorry.
It's privileged information.
But I thought it was like we knew each other.
it's not every day that I get to meet a celebrity, but, uh But what? Come on.
You can tell me.
You're married.
Engaged, actually.
I'm single for two more weeks.
Okay, if you want to talk to my dad, he's at the company's warehouse.
His home away from home.
Thank you.
H, Brighton's at the port.
Here you go.
Thank you Sir.
I'm Charles Brighton.
How can I help you? M.
Brighton, we wanted to talk to you about a robbery at Dade Mutual this morning.
Well, I don't know anything about that.
Really? We found your DNA, which suggests you had sex with one of our suspects.
You recognize that woman? That's-that's Lori.
My god, what the hell happened to her? She was killed during the commission of the robbery.
The thieves entered the bank from your property.
Brighton? Lori and I started seeing each other about a month ago.
Where'd you meet her? She came by my construction site.
She introduced herself.
Said it was "community relations.
" - That's right, right up there - Okay Take care of that.
Brighton? I'm Lori Stoltz.
I work across the street at the bank.
I just wanted to introduce myself.
Well, it's-it's, uh, very nice to meet you, Lori.
The pleasure's mine.
Sounds to me like she was setting you up.
I can't believe that she would use my property to rob a bank.
You got to understand, my wife passed away two years ago.
This Lori was my first attempt at having a social life.
I thought she was different.
Different, how? Well, when you're in my position, people have a tendency to exploit you.
It's happened before.
I just can't can't believe i let it happen again.
Look, guys, this is kind of hard for me to process right now.
If there's anything I can do I'd be happy to help.
Just say the word.
I may take you up on that, Mr.
All right, did you get anything from the bomb components from the bank vault? Plenty.
I figured out how the robbers got into the safe deposit boxes.
Our detonator was made out of a common household group of items.
Breath mint tin, nine-volt battery, and a lot of electrical wire.
Low tech.
Well, it only looks that way.
It's actually quite sophisticated.
There's a small amount of plastic explosive that's attached to the door of each safe deposit box.
One wire leads to a button, the other to the firing mechanism.
The device is powered by the nine-volt battery.
The button is pushed, the battery sends out a charge So we know how the bomb works.
Now we just need to find out who the bomber is.
Did he leave any sort of signature? They always do.
Connecting wire wrapped four times, counterclockwise.
And the detonator's made out of a breath mint tin.
Does that look familiar to you? You know what? When I was on patrol, there was a series of break-ins in storage lockers.
They used a device similar to this.
Did you ever get an ID? I could call my old watch commander.
I'm sure the name's on the list somewhere.
That bomb charge was a long time ago.
Why am I here? Mr.
Mays, we found all this stuff in your car.
The stuff's all mine.
Yeah, that's funny, 'cause you don't look like a diamond necklace wearing kind of guy.
- It's for my girl.
- Really? What about the bearer bonds and the stock certificates? Those for your girl, too? What, a guy can't invest? Listen, I can test your hands for bomb-making material.
They'll probably pop positive.
So do us all a favor and tell the truth.
Okay, fine.
You got me.
Actually, Freddie, technically, you got you.
See, uh, bomb makers are the only criminals stupid enough to sign their own work.
When you broke into all those storage lockers you used the same breath mint tin as your detonator.
Big deal.
I took a couple of keepsakes.
I can do the time.
What's the problem? The problem is that you shot Lori Stoltz in the tunnel.
That wasn't me.
When I got in the tunnel, she was already dead.
I didn't shoot her, and I didn't see who did.
Doesn't matter, 'cause if anybody dies during commission of a felony, it's felony murder.
So you can either tell us who you're working with, or you're the one who's gonna go down.
I was part of a crew.
Lori hired me and one other guy.
He's a real loser, name's Dan Kirkland.
All right, and then you and this guy got Lori out of the way so you could split the loot in half, is that it? Dan let me keep it all, except for one thing he swiped from my bag- he didn't think I noticed.
Guys, let's get a move on! What'd he take? I couldn't make it out.
I don't know what could be that important.
Obviously om was sitething worth killing for.
I'll go check it out.
What's that for? You're gonna write your confession, and I'll tell you what you can even sign it.
Frank, I'm in front of Dan Kirkland's house.
Get here as soon as you can.
Dan Kirkland? Yeah? Miami-Dade police.
Stop right there.
I asked you to stop! Hands on your head now! Not much of a shot.
What else you got? Why don't you keep moving around and you'll find out.
- You got him? - I got him.
You all right, Natalia? Yep, I'm fine.
Shots fired.
Requesting an ambulance at 24th and Cordova.
Horatio, I'm really sorry.
I - I know iab is gonna be all over this.
- Just tell me what happened.
Well, he I told him to stop.
He reached behind his back.
He started pulling his arms forward - Okay, so you were in fear for your life? - Yes.
Okay, so that's all they get.
What type of a gun did he have? Colt.
Lori Stoltz was killed by a nine millimeter, right? Yeah, so the murder weapon is still out there.
We also know that Kirkland took something from the vault.
Whatever it is, I'm going to find it.
- Horatio - Now, listen to me.
I don't want you to worry.
Okay? Nice house for a bank robber.
These are all Dan Kirkland's valuables.
How are we gonna figure out which one of these came from the vault? Well, the bomber said that they emptied the contents of the safe deposit box, right? And since he made the bombs, I guess he's got explosive trace over everything he touched.
So all we have to do is figure out which one of these items has explosive trace on it.
That's absolutely correct.
The watch wasn't in the vault? Yeah.
So let's check this video camera.
Eric, this is it.
A disposable video camera I mean, that must be worth protecting.
And worth killing for.
Hey, have you downloaded that footage off the camera? Yeah.
I'm doing it right now.
Okay, so these are the video and the audio files.
That's Amanda Brighton.
What do you think this is? Some sort of a home video? Yeah, it looks like it.
I am in bed with Miami's number one drug lord.
Oh, wow.
That's Amanda Brighton and Carlos Santiago in bed.
Look, baby, just tell daddy that, that I'm a legitimate business owner.
My dad will never know about this.
Sure, baby.
Now sell it like you did on tv.
This is Amanda Brighton for Amanda's Orchards.
Squeeze out every drop of goodness.
Oh, you know you will.
Little, dirty girl.
So Carlos hid this camera in his safe deposit box.
That's what the entire robbery is about.
Someone went to a lot of trouble to get this tape.
I better tell Horatio about this, A.
Be careful with that.
That's my mother's favorite painting.
Lieutenant Caine.
I didn't know you were an art lover.
Speaking of which, Carlos, you and Amanda Brighton on tape has become an instant classic.
Little, dirty girl.
That's not meant for public viewing.
Yes, blackmail never is, is it? Blackmail? Brighton's never paid me a cent.
There are many forms of currency.
See, now you're reaching, Caine.
And I'm not alone.
I'm impounding your vehicle.
You can't do that.
I just did, Carlos.
Should I call you a cab? What am I doing here? I just got out of the hospital.
We found the video camera, Dan.
We know that you were involved with the robbery of Dade Mutual.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Really? We have additional evidence that puts you inside the tunnel.
Hospital sent over your clothes.
We found trace amounts of sediment that matched the crime scene.
Okay, Lori Stoltz.
She hired me to dig the tunnel.
There it is.
We've reached the vault.
Get your gear, Freddie.
We're ready for you.
What was your take? She said we could keep anything we could grab.
All she wanted was that video camera.
I knew that it had to be valuable.
Guys, let's get a move on! And then Lori found out you swiped the camera, so you shot her? I didn't shoot anybody.
Lori paid me to dig a hole.
Okay? And I dug it.
Well, that tunnel collapsed on a man and killed him.
That's on your head.
I've got nothing else to say.
And I would like a lawyer.
Dan just confirmed that Lori was after the video camera.
And she was killed for it.
It had to be someone who had a lot to gain or lose from having that videotape.
Come on.
You can tell me.
You know, Amanda Brighton had on a pretty large engagement ring when I talked to her.
Then I think it's time we talked to america's sweetheart.
If you wanted to see me again, you could have just come by the house.
You've been keeping a few secrets, Amanda.
Like what? Like bank robbery, for starters.
Bank robbery? Why would I rob a bank? I'm a Brighton.
Does the name Carlos Santiago ring a bell? What about him? We have a videotape of the two of you together, in very clear resolution.
He taped that? Oh, god that was just a one-time thing.
Apparently Carlos wanted your "one-time thing" to last for all time.
Look that was two years ago.
I was going through a really difficult time.
- My mother had just died.
- And you met Carlos.
I was self-destructing, and he was there to pick up the pieces.
It was a mistake.
If my fiancé finds out That's why you stole the videotape? To save your upcoming marriage? No, I had nothing to do with this robbery.
We found tire tread marks near the bank.
So we're going to have to impound your car.
You can have it.
Really, I'll do anything I can to help.
I was not involved in this.
Well, I hope for your sake you're right.
Did you get anything from Carlos Santiago's rolls? Yeah, I ran the specs from his tires against the treads you found at the construction site.
I got no match.
So, he wasn't at the tunnel entrance.
I'm about to run the treads on Amanda Brighton's car.
Think maybe amanda took that video camera 'cause she was embarrassed? I would if I was her.
We got a match.
It puts Amanda's car at the scene.
Think we can put Amanda in the car? I haven't had a chance to process it yet.
Why don't I help you get started? Man, this thing's as clean on the inside as it is on the outside.
A little too clean, if you ask me.
I think I might have something.
It's got an amber sheen to it.
And a pretty bad odor.
Think it's some sort of oil? I don't know.
Let me get it to trace myself.
This could prove Amanda's lying.
What kind of trace did you get amanda brighton's car? Got kerosene and paraffinic petroleum distillates.
Kerosene explains the strong odor.
Yeah, but that could be used for any number of cleaners, solvents, coatings.
This combination is water insoluble.
It acts as a barrier between surfaces, sort of like an industrial cooking spray.
Yeah, but where would that be useful? Construction site where concrete's being poured.
you know, Natalia and I saw the foreman pouring concrete today nowhere near the entrance of the tunnel.
If Amanda's the killer, why would she not leave the tunnel and go directly to her car? Why the stopover? My guess? Dispose of the murder weapon.
Shut it off, mr.
Now what? Just here for the last piece of the puzzle.
And what's that? A murder weapon of the nine millimeter variety.
I told you pretty clearly the last time.
I don't know nothing about any murder.
Then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
Did you pour that concrete? Yeah.
This morning.
Don't even think about tearing it up.
Well, if there's something down there, we will.
This ground-penetrating radar will pick up any inconsistencies.
You can't use that.
I have a telephonic search warrant that says I can.
Calleigh, I got a hyperbolic reflection 18 inches down.
Something other than concrete's down there.
Tear it up.
I have no idea how that gun got in there.
You know, it's funny.
People always say that.
You already told us that you poured the concrete, mr.
I swear, I did not shoot anybody.
Well, we'll just see about that.
You know, mr.
Brighton, everybody has secrets, and sometimes, we attempt to conceal them.
I don't know what you're talking about.
We found your gun buried on your property.
The one you used to kill lori.
All this time everything I've done has been honest and above board.
Until now.
Until two years ago, when my daughter met Carlos Santiago.
And he captured her on film.
I built a very small distribution company into A global brand, all based on one very simple image family.
Santiago became a threat to that image.
If that video got out, it would have been devastating to everything.
You're talking about your family.
To my company.
When you figured out, mr.
Brighton, that mr.
Santiago had a safe deposit box at lori's bank, you hired her to steal that videotape, didn't you? Lori planned everything.
Lori hired the crew.
Dan, you're in charge of digging the tunnel.
Freddie, I'm counting on you to get us inside.
You work there.
Why can't we just walk in through the front door? Exactly.
I already told you.
I don't have a key.
All I have is the access codes.
We have no choice.
We have to dig our way in.
You drove your daughter's car out to the tunnel to get the videotape and kill Lori.
Lori was the only person that knew anything about me.
Lori's death was my security.
Who's there? Charles? Where are the others? Inside the vault.
We did it, charles.
What are you doing? Tying up loose ends.
Tunnel collapsed before I could get my hands on the tape.
All I wanted to do was get out from underneath Carlos Santiago's thumb.
He was blackmailing me.
Had nothing to do with M He was using my company My company to move his his drugs.
That made me sick.
Brighton, you're under arrest.
Get him out of here.
We don't have all day here.
Come on, let's go! Hurry it up! Come on! Say good-bye to andy warhol, huh, Carlos? Lieutenant Caine.
I had to learn to diversify.
Where's the drugs? Drugs? these are oranges.
Yeah, right.
Hey, put that crate down.
Looks like coke, H.
You heard him, gentlemen.
You're gonna pay for your sins, Carlos.
This is way above your head, lieutenant.
It is a skill I've perfected, Carlos.
Take him.