CSI: Miami s06e19 Episode Script

Rock and a Hard Place

A- ha, I win.
Best out of three? All right.
You're on.
After the bridge.
Let's go.
You okay? Hey! He could have crashed into the pylons.
I didn't see what happened.
How, uh how fast do you think he was going? He couldn't have been going that fast.
I was out in front of him and we were taxiing.
What's his name? I don't know.
I just met him out here this morning.
That's all right.
We'll check his I.
When we get him out.
Did you see anybody else around the bridge or - There's nobody.
- Okay.
Officer? We'll have this officer take your statement.
Thanks a lot, ma'am.
Take care.
You, too.
Morning, Alexx.
Morning, Horatio.
Major skull damage.
Frontal and parietal bones appear to be fractured.
If he was thrown from that jet ski, Horatio, to have an impact injury this severe, he must have been hauling ass.
There's an awful lot of blood on that jet ski, Alexx.
I don't think he was thrown.
I think he died on it.
There appear to be some dark flakes in his hair.
He didn't hit something, something hit him.
So we have death from above.
Tripp says his name is Jim Farber, but the address doesn't match up with his I.
Forgive me- I don't get out much, Calleigh, but tell me, who picks up a woman on an early morning jet ski? I'll tell you- a man who was just released from prison, that's who.
Our boy did time, huh? He did eight years.
He just got out.
In fact, his first day of freedom might have been today.
Looks like our scuba boy found something.
Lucky for me.
What have you got? I don't know.
It's not like any coral I've ever seen.
What is it? Slate.
Found them about five feet apart just under the bridge, broken in half like this.
That's an unusual color.
You know, that looks like the debris that was in our victim's scalp.
I wonder what that writing means.
I don't know.
I have no idea.
But I believe we just found our murder weapon.
You hear what happened down there? Yeah.
Some genius thought it would be funny to throw a ten-pound piece of slate over the railing.
Do me a favor.
Check the rail for prints and DNA, please.
Come on.
There's going to be 100 pedestrian prints on there that have nothing to do with the crime.
I'm sorry, Natalia.
I thought you were aware of the fact that our job doesn't afford us the luxury of assumption.
Anyways, I got here first.
Check this out.
Somebody's been popping pills.
Yeah, but they forgot one.
Looks like it had a logo on it, but the moisture must have caused it to erode.
Well, people do some pretty crazy things on drugs, and this crime would fit the bill.
I think it deserves a closer look.
I'm having the face-up side of the pill mapped through an atomic force microscope.
And it can read through the damage? It feels the surface on the nanoscale using a mechanical probe.
These were all over the streets when I was on patrol, but I haven't heard about one being around for years.
Well, it looks like that's because the federal narcotics division is believed to have seized the entire supply back in 2000 from Jim Farber.
He was our victim in the jet ski accident.
Well, if he was involved in drugs, maybe his death wasn't an accident.
Why don't we call the feds and see if they can shine a little light on his past? Calleigh's out in the field.
I'll have her head over.
Y2K uppers.
This brings back old memories.
Where did you find it? A man that you arrested eight years ago, Jim Farber, was killed today.
We found that pill on the scene.
I remember Jim.
He made a whole lot of these.
Almost 500 grams worth.
I seized it all.
Shut him down.
Well, he served his time.
I mean, that is until today.
He's back on the street with those pills.
I mean, that can't be a coincidence.
These guys always go back to what they know.
They dig up an old stash, like these Y2K pills, puts them right back in the game.
Do you think maybe our killer didn't like what Jim was selling? Could have been a customer.
Or maybe the competition.
You wouldn't happen to have any names, would you? Nah.
Jim Farber wasn't prone to giving up known associates.
We tried to roll him over about eight years ago.
Turned down two grand and his freedom.
Well, then, I guess that information died with him today.
Well, I'll tell you what.
I'll take a look at his old case file, and if something comes up, I'll give you a call.
That would be great.
Thank you.
I'm not sure I can help you.
Flagstone's pretty common in Miami.
I can't be the only guy selling it.
But our research showed that you're the only one who carries it in lavender.
Could we see a piece of it, please? Yeah.
I pulled a piece out.
We call that October Dusk.
Don't get many orders for it.
It's pretty rare.
Never thought I'd see it used to kill somebody.
Well, this is it; this is definitely it.
The piece that we have, though, had some writing on the other side.
Would that writing have come from you guys, as well? No.
It was probably the folks that bought it.
Sometimes customers mark them to remind them where they want to put them on their properties.
Do you have the customer's name? Yeah.
Here you go.
A man named Henry Woods signed for it.
Thank you.
Sure thing.
Isn't that Alexx's husband's name? The address confirms it.
What are we going to do? Should we tell Stetler? We tell no one.
What are you going to do? I'm going to handle this quietly.
Hey, what brings you to these parts? Had to retrieve the lab specimen from tox.
Thought I'd drop by.
Is this what dropped off the bridge? Yeah.
This is flagstone.
It's used for landscaping.
Find any prints on it? No.
Biscayne Bay took care of that, but I was hoping that this writing would give us someone to chase.
I think it's a pipe dream, though.
"Left walk, Jamie window.
" Dead end, right? Right.
Tripp's waiting for me in reception.
I gotta go.
I was just leaving.
- See you later.
- All right.
Hey, this is Henry Woods.
Leave me a brief message after the beep.
Henry, it's me.
Um, listen, can you call me back? It's kind of important.
About our walkway, our yard, the flagstone.
Please call me back when you get this.
Look, Bryan just came in.
I gotta go.
I love you.
Try to catch an earlier flight if you can, okay? That dad? It was.
Sounded serious.
One of the flagstones from my backyard was used to murder that man.
Your father has no idea how that happened.
Bryan, I need you to be completely honest with me.
Who have you had over to the house recently? Some guy gets killed and you immediately suspect me or one of my friends? Jamie has people over, too.
But I'm talking to you right now, not your sister.
And I need you to tell me the truth.
- The truth.
- Yeah.
How about the most likely scenario, mom? Somebody jumped the fence and swiped it.
It doesn't take a csi to figure that out.
You need to mind yourself.
Now, who have you had over to the house? Only person I've seen at the house today, mom, was Mr.
Horatio was at our house? In the backyard.
He picked something out of the grass and then left.
I thought you knew.
Go home right now, Bryan.
Just go home, okay? Could we process that, please? A cigarette butt.
Is this related to the dead jet-skier case? It is.
It was recovered from where the slate was taken.
So you know who the murder weapon belongs to.
I'm on it.
Thank you, ma'am.
how long is this taking, man? I got a cabana on the beach with my name on it.
We recovered a cigarette, Trey, that places you at the Woods' residence.
DNA? wow.
Bryan Woods is a friend of mine.
The crew likes to hang there when his folks are gone.
Hey, Bryan, your parents keep any beer around here? I'm sorry.
I didn't see the "no smoking" signs.
What's the big deal? "What is the big deal?" A piece of slate that was removed from that yard was used to kill a man, Trey.
That's the big deal.
I don't know anything about that.
You have a record, Trey.
Come on.
Threw a rock through a window a year ago.
And now you've escalated to murder.
Now, why the hell would I want to do that for? We recovered some speed at the scene, Trey.
I never touch that stuff.
Look, this piece of slate you're talking about wasn't found in my yard.
If you weren't so busy being all chummy with Bryan's mom maybe you'd grill him about that instead of me, huh? I'm out of here.
Mom! Bryan? Mom, please, I'm in trouble.
What happened? I don't know what happened! You have to do something! Where are you? At this warehouse, grove and third.
Mom, please, I need help.
I'm on my way.
Stay there, okay? Bryan? Bryan?! Bryan?! Bryan! what did you do? Nothing, I swear.
He was in pain.
he begged me to pull it out.
that was the worst possible thing you could have done! We got to stop this bleeding, or this boy is gonna die.
Go wait in the car.
- Mom, I - get in the car! I have an emergency.
A boy has been stabbed, and I need an ambulance, please.
You just hold now.
Don't die.
Please don't die.
Got him stabilized.
Blood pressure is 112/70.
Is there anything I should know? The blade may have hit a renal artery branch.
I used quikclot; standard pressure wasn't enough.
Got it.
We got a 16-year-old stab victim.
Situation at scene has have stabilized.
Transporting him immediately to county hospital.
It's Trey Holt.
It's our lead suspect in the bridge murder.
What about you, Alexx? What are you doing here? What's your connection to this? My son.
Was Bryan here? He pulled the knife out.
He didn't stab that boy.
He pulled the knife out.
Where is he right now? He's inside my car.
Come on.
Let's go.
I don't understand.
I told him to wait in the car.
This makes him a suspect, Alexx; fleeing a crime scene.
This isn't good.
I have to run this.
Listen, my son pulled that knife out.
If you run those prints, it'll be his name and his face and he'll go on record as a suspect.
Once everyone knows something, they can't unknow it.
He didn't stab that boy.
Is that what he told you? Eric, he didn't stab him.
Protocol says I have to run the blood on this first for DNA.
I can hold off on running the prints for now.
Thank you.
Don't thank me.
Just go find your son.
Find him.
Got a jackknife in here.
It's priority.
Strong possibility it's going to be it's going to be Alexx's son's prints on that handle.
She says he pulled it out of the victim.
Right now, we need to focus on who stabbed him.
Okay, um okay.
Then I can swab between the hilt and the blade for DNA.
And it won't compromise the print.
Thank you.
I've seen epithelials get stuck in the hilt of these jackknives from time to time.
So what do we do if it is Alexx's son? Then what? Then we have no choice.
We have to treat him like any other suspect.
we got a CODIS hit.
I don't believe it.
So, Mary's been a busy little girl.
I'm sorry, why am I here? We have you stabbing Trey Holt in the back at the Grove Street warehouse this afternoon.
It wasn't me.
See, Mary, a knife blade cuts both ways.
And the DNA that we've recovered says it's you.
Hey, where the hell are you guys? Now, Trey's in serious condition at dade general.
If he dies, you're going to need our help.
What were you two doing in the warehouse today? I paid Trey.
And I expected something in return.
And he promised and he promised, and he never delivered.
The Y2K pills.
How did you know about that? Your jet ski fling- Jim Farber.
He used to deal them.
You lied to me at the beach.
You knew who he was.
You lure him to the bridge, Trey drops a big rock on his head.
Which killed him, Mary.
Were you in on that? I think you should just book me for the stabbing.
You do, huh? I do.
I know how this works.
I do.
You get me to talk and before you know it, I'm your puppet.
Book me.
Horatio patrol just spotted the Woods boy- at tolson bridge.
Thank you, Frank.
Oh, Frank Yeah? Book Mary.
Put your weapons down, please.
Put it down.
You okay, Bryan? What is all this? I don't know.
These are them, H.
These are Y2K pills.
What does that mean? It means you're coming with us.
Bryan where did you get the pills? I was going to throw them out, that's all.
So someone gave you that bag to dispose of, right? You're saying that, not me.
Wait a minute, Bryan.
Now, see, we're here to help you.
One of those pills was found at a crime scene.
I had nothing to do with it.
Okay, then help us prove that.
I need the name of the person that handed you that bag.
Bryan you have to understand Bryan, I need the name.
Lieutenant, I can't help you.
Hang on a second, Alexx.
Bryan, that is the key to this.
Now, I'm sorry about this, Horatio but this interview is over.
Alexx if you take this position, I can't help him.
We need a lawyer.
Alexx Hey.
I know I can't come in.
I heard Bryan won't talk.
Is that the plastic bag he was holding on the bridge? No, Alexx, we didn't find Bryan holding a plastic bag.
He was holding a paper bag.
This bag was inside of it holding the pills.
And if you find his prints on it maybe you catch him in a lie, huh? Alexx, maybe we can tie this bag to another suspect.
Maybe somebody put him up to it.
Yeah, these are my prints all right.
Where'd you find them? Off a bag of Y2K pills.
Well, looks like Jim Farber's getting pretty serious about his favorite pills.
How did your prints end up on his drugs? Listen, lieutenant, I hand deliver bags of phony drugs to prearranged contacts all over Miami.
They're sold and then distributed.
How the hell do I know where they wind up by the time we make the bust? What you're telling me is the bag was refilled with speed without your knowledge? What I'm saying is that druggies reuse bags all the time.
You'll probably find a hundred of them with my mitts on them.
Look, I know you're trying to solve a murder here, lieutenant.
But I'm not your guy.
Just leave me alone.
I'm your mother.
Come on.
Sorry if I'm embarrassing you in front of your friends.
My friends? Those people are officers of the law.
And they took an oath to solve this murder.
And right now, all of the evidence is pointing them directly to Bryan Woods.
Now, maybe in the backs of their minds they're hoping it's not you, for my sake.
But once you get in front of that jury there won't be any hope.
Those 12 people won't know me, they won't know you, and they definitely won't know that you're covering for someone you think is your friend.
I never said I was covering for anybody.
You know what they will know? They will know that that murder weapon came from your backyard.
That you were caught on that bridge with illegal drugs.
Now, how do you think that's going to look to them? - Like I did it? - Yeah, like you did it.
And when that judge reads the verdict, guilty I don't want to to go to jail.
Then please tell Horatio who gave you that bag.
You always say your word is your bond.
I gave my word.
Baby, you don't give your word to drug pushers and murderers.
You save it for the people that care about you- that you care about.
Trey called.
He said he was hanging at the warehouse.
He asked me to come down.
When I got there it was bad.
Trey, what happened? Pull it out.
- What I'm I supposed - it hurts, man.
Just pull it out.
Come on, pull it out.
you gotta go to my place and get the pills out of there before Mary gets to them.
You could dump them if you have to.
Trey took the slate from our backyard.
He said he needed it for something.
I let him.
You took the slate from Bryan Woods's backyard and used it as a murder weapon, didn't you, Trey? Okay.
I'm way over my head.
Look, the feds set me up.
Excuse me? I got busted on drug possession about a month ago.
I made a deal.
I signed up to be a snitch with them.
Are you trying to tell me that you're a federal informant? They scooped Mary, too.
They gave us all the speed that we wanted.
The Y2K stuff.
All I had to do was give them the names of the sellers.
Then it all changed.
Then the deal was kill this guy or you go to prison.
Are you working for agent Sylvestri? Agent Brent Sylvestri.
Trey Holt and Mary Landis, yes.
They agreed to work for me.
To escape jail time, but I certainly didn't have them kill anybody.
Trey Holt confessed tovois in hlvement in the murder.
Yours, too.
Come on, guys.
It's his word against mine.
Agent Sylvestri, we have a warrant to search your home.
What are you expecting to find? The Y2K pills you seized from Jim Farber eight years ago.
You busted him with ammo gr45s, but there was a lot more than that, wasn't there? You pocketed the rest and he threatened to expose you if you didn't get them back.
Right? That's when you ordered Mary to kill him.
Right? So Mary lures Jim under the bridge, and Trey drops the slate on him.
And then what, agent? You wanted to take her out? A lot of bodies piling up just to cover up what you did.
Look, the Y2K were better than money.
When you have something that an addict wants they don't stray far.
Junkies don't deserve government money.
Well, your informants didn't deserve to be blackmailed either.
You guys are under the false impression that somebody actually even cares.
The people I deal with, their entire existence is devoted to chasing the next fix.
They're parasites.
Just like you.
So you see, agent, you are my guy.
is there any word on my son? There is.
Bryan will be released to your custody today, Alexx.
Thank you.
This room used to bring me so much peace.
I know that sounds strange, but we meet people on the worst day of their life.
And I always felt that it was my duty to be the last voice they heard, and I never- not once- took that lightly.
I almost lost my son today, Horatio.
But, Alexx- you didn't.
You didn't.
But after today, this room just doesn't feel the same.
I need to spend more of my time taking care of the living.
It has been my honor to work with you, Mr.
Back at you.
And, Alexx, that door will always be open.
Okay? I, uh Go ahead.
You are my last one.