CSI: Miami s06e20 Episode Script

Down to the Wire

What's your emergency? Uh, please help.
He's bleeding.
Okay, sir, who's bleeding? Oh, my God, no.
Uh, he's shooting them, he's shooting them all! Who is, sir? Oh, my God, he just, uh I think before that was his son.
Please, please hurry- he's going after his daughter now.
Sir, I need a little more information.
What more do you need? They're dying.
Stop him.
Sir, where are they? 113 Coral Way.
Patrol units will be dispatched immediately.
Go, go, go! SWAT! SWAT! Drop your weapon! I'm not scared of you! Freeze! Drop your weapon! No! No! Sergeant, I'm confused.
We had a credible threat, Lieutenant.
Victim came at me with that knife.
I don't see any blood on that knife.
He didn't get close enough to stab me.
So nobody actually got stabbed.
Where is the family, Sergeant? Wife's outside with my men.
What about the kids? Cleared the premises.
No "next of" in the house.
there were children in peril.
Sergeant, it would appear that you acted on unsubstantiated information.
And we are very sorry about the casualties sir.
But tactically, Lieutenant, we were in the right.
Wait outside.
No kids, no gun.
He must have grabbed a knife for self-defense.
What the hell has happened here? Frank, it's called crime scene investigation.
I can't believe this is happening.
Why would they shoot him? Mrs.
Maddox, your husband was brandishing a knife.
To protect me.
To protect you from who, ma'am? Who do you think? From your men.
We were just talking about his business meeting later today, and they just burst in.
I am gonna sue your department for all that it's worth.
Maddox My husband was a good man, Lieutenant, and you took him from me.
What's your emergency? Uh, please help.
He's bleeding.
Okay, sir, who's bleeding? Uh, the boy the boy is.
Sir, please, I'm going to need some more information.
where is he bleeding? I, uh, I can't tell.
Oh, God, he just, uh, he just picked it up again.
Sir, please, I need you to calm down and help me.
Is that the 911 call? Yeah, I got access to the E911 system, and luckily for us, they, uh, record every call as soon as it comes in.
Uh, I can see him.
Oh, my God, he just, uh I think before that was his son.
Please, please hurry- he's going after his daughter now.
Sir, I need a little more information.
What more do you need? They're dying.
Stop him.
Sir, please.
I need a little more Can you tell where the call originated? Yeah.
Automatic Location Identification system takes every number and, uh, matches it to an address.
So if the number's in the database, we're gonna find a house.
Sir, where are they? 113 Coral Way.
Patrol units will be dispatched immediately.
Neil Jackson.
That's next-door to the Maddox house.
Do you know what "swatting" is, Mr.
Jackson? Killing flies? Try people.
It's when someone places fake phone call to 911, causing SWAT to respond to a non-situation, and results in the injury of innocent people.
And why would I know what that is? Because a SWAT call was made from your home and it caused the death of Michael Maddox, your next-door neighbor.
I wasn't even home this morning.
The call center confirms that the call came from your house, Neil.
That's insane.
Exclusive of the fact that I've got no reason to want Michael dead.
Well, there is that little matter of his lawsuit against you.
Look I just wanted to put an addition onto my house, crease the market value, but Michael was dead set against it.
He isn't anymore.
I did not make that call.
Then why don't you tell me who did? There was this guy, yesterday.
I caught him hiding in my tree.
What the hell are you doing? So you really expect me to believe that this same guy broke into your house and made the call? All I know is that I didn't.
Then I'm sure you won't mind waiting in holding until I believe you.
So, Calleigh ran Neil Jackson's voice against the 911 recording, and there was no match.
You know, there might be something to this whole tree climber story.
The only prints we found on his phone were his own.
Okay, well, then this tree might just break the tie.
You got something? Yeah.
Got some skin.
Got anything? Yeah.
The epithelials we got in Neil Jackson's tree gave me the DNA profile on this guy.
Kurt Rossi.
Yeah, how do I know that name? He calls himself a private investigator.
Got a long list of clients, all with deep pockets.
What's the big attraction? Big attraction, he'll put his morals aside, so you don't have to, bends the law to get people what they want.
Based on his record, he looks like he breaks the law quite a bit, too.
He's got burglary, obstruction of justice, false impersonation, bribery of a witness.
Look, he doesn't do the time, either.
He's our number one suspect.
No means no, okay? No doesn't mean maybe, and no doesn't mean "ask me again.
" Okay? Get off the phone, please.
I got to go.
Lieutenant Caine.
I understand you were on Neil Jackson's property yesterday.
I'm a private investigator - I go a lot of places.
What's so special about that place? A phone call originated from that property which got Michael Maddox killed.
Why would I kill Michael? He's a nice guy.
Good client, pays on time.
You worked for him.
Michael had doubts about his wife.
He wanted me to find out if she was cheating on him.
So I settled into those branches hoping Lucy and her mystery man would show up.
Until Johnny Neighbor comes home, and Hey! What the hell are you doing? Never got any of the dirt.
No names, nothing? Michael hired me to do things his way, and that takes time.
If it were up to me, I'd look Lucy Maddox in the eye and ask her point-blank.
Maybe I can help you with that.
Hoping to talk me out of my lawsuit? Mrs.
Maddox, were you having an affair? What on earth would make you ask me such a thing at a time like this? I am merely trying to establish motive.
Well, I'm not.
As it turns out, your husband hired a private investigator, a one Kurt Rossi, to spy on you.
Of course.
Michael saw conspiracies everywhere- at home, at work, in the news.
I'm not surprised he hired that vermin.
Who else was he concerned about? His business partner, Peter Cullen.
They started a hedge fund.
Michael wanted out, and Peter's fighting him.
It only fueled his paranoia.
My husband is dead, and you're coming to me with this.
I am.
Yeah, well, have it your way, Lieutenant.
Your SWAT team destroyed everything- even Michael's car, which I am adding to the list of things that they ruined.
His car? Smashed the front bumper in.
I can't see any possible reason for that.
All right, I'm on it.
Wife tried to stonewall, throw suspicion on the business partner.
Horatio called to tell you that? Called to say the wife says SWAT damaged the car.
But it's not their MO.
Well, I can tell you SWAT didn't do that.
Silver paint, verity of damage, that's vehicular impact.
It's an accident Lucy Maddox didn't know about.
Paint's still flaked and hanging on.
Means it's recent.
Could be relevant to the case.
This car has an event data recorder.
Means we're gonna be able to tell who our victim had an accident with.
So what exactly does this thing do? Documents accidents.
It senses deceleration over 1 G-force and it automatically records for 15 seconds.
So if Maddox were in an accident today, the footage will be here? Yeah, and hopefully someone with motive.
Well, you know what that means.
It's possible the SWAT call was meant to finish off Maddox after the accident.
Got a plate.
See that? I'm gonna put out a BOLO.
Want to step out of the car, please? Did you, uh, have a little accident, Mr.
Decker? Minor fender bender.
That turned into something major.
I'm sorry.
Why was I pull over? "To Lucy.
" You wouldn't happen to know Michael Maddox, would you? No.
Why? Because Lucy is his wife's name.
Isn't that right, Frank? Yeah.
Do you want to come clean, Romeo, or should I read the card? Lucy and I have been seeing each other.
Her husband's this paranoid freak.
Paranoid freak? You're having n affair with his wife.
We call that "motive.
" You're gonna come with us.
I didn't kill him.
The accident was a freak coincidence.
We didn't even stop to check for damage.
Problem is Michael Maddox had his car equipped with a video monitoring system.
Caught you two having words.
So would you like to change your story now, Charlie? Okay, we got out of our cars, but it's an accident, tempers rise.
Tempers rise and let the killing begin, huh? Hey, he's the one who came after me out of nowhere.
What is wrong with you? Didn't you see me coming? He was crazed.
You know what he said? He said if I didn't stop seeing Lucy, he was gonna kill me.
But you didn't want to end things, so you beat him to the punch.
I didn't kill Michael Maddox.
I wasn't even at their house this morning.
You didn't need to be.
All you needed was your voice.
I thought you said all you had was video.
Well, that's of the accident.
So what's the recording of? The murder.
You're still working on the swatter's 911 call? Yeah, but I haven't hit on any of the suspects yet.
What about Kurt Rossi? No, not even our number one candidate for breaking into Neil Jackson's house.
I did isolate a sound in the background hoping it would help us to identify the 911 caller.
And this is the noise I got.
It's a low Doppler rumble.
Sounds like a cannonball rolling by.
I just can't figure it out.
There's no match to the voice or environment.
What if the killer manipulated it? Will you play the call again? It's an airplane.
The caller must have lowered the pitch to mask their voice.
Let me just recalibrate the vocal track here for one second.
What's your emergency? Please help.
He's bleeding! Okay, sir, who's bleeding? The boy.
The boy is.
I think I got it now.
Uh, please help.
He's bleeding.
Okay, sir.
Who's bleeding? Uh, the boy.
The boy is.
Sir, I'm going to need some more information.
Where is he bleeding? Uh, I can't tell.
I need you to calm down and help me.
Oh, my God, now he, he's shooting them! He's shooting them all! I don't believe it.
Our It could have been Michael's wife, Lucy Maddox.
No, she was inside the house.
It's impossible.
Not unless you tamper with a dedicated phone line.
That way you can make it appear a call came from any phone number.
So you're saying that it's possible that the call didn't come from Neil Jackson's house.
Well, Lucy Maddox already lied about the affair.
I think it's time to bring her in.
Let's just hold on that for a sec.
'Cause if that call came from anywhere, give me a chance to figure out just where anywhere is.
Hey, you're not authorized to be in there.
This warrant says I am.
But I tell you what's not authorized is for you to tamper with phone lines.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'll explain to you.
See this over here? This is Neil Jackson's house.
This is his phone line.
Everything looks normal.
Except you follow these two wires down.
You keep following them down, following them down And lo and behold, there is a lineman set attached to his phone line.
Don't know what it's doing in there.
I'll explain that to you, too.
This lineman set piggybacks on Neil Jackson's phone line.
So when you make a call from it, it shows up on someone's caller I.
as Neil's phone.
Why'd you do this? I did it for a little side money.
A little side money.
Who paid you? Paid for my silence, too.
I don't think you understand the seriousness of this situation.
Because of your little innovation here, somebody was murdered today.
Hey, my boss finds out, I'm gonna lose my job.
You already lost your job, but if you want to save your ass, you're gonna trace the number to whoever's piggybacking off of Neil.
You've reached Debby Schiffer, assistant to Peter Cullen.
Leave a message and I'll get right back to you.
Hey, Horatio, you might want to visit Michael Maddox's partner because the 911 phone call came from his office.
Security says that's Debbie's desk.
We may be too late.
Debbie's not here.
Boa Vista, take a look at this.
A voice transformer.
Well, that pretty much sinks her, doesn't it? Yes.
You speak into the headset, adjust the pitch of your voice and you become someone else.
My God! Now he, he's stabbing them! He's stabbing them all! Got our murder weapon.
If you're with the media, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
We're not with the media, Mr.
We're with Miami-Dade PD.
We've been getting a lot of calls about Michael's death.
Cullen, are you aware that your assistant placed the call that got him killed? Debbie's the one who called SWAT? I'm amazed.
Debbie hated the fact that Michael was selling off the company.
She was scared she would get downsized, lose her townhouse.
Debbie's Type A, but this is extreme.
Where is she now? She ran down to her car to get something.
I'm surprised she isn't back yet.
Are you? Stay here.
It's Debby Schiffer.
Still warm.
Bullet's still inside.
Let's get it to Ballistics.
Natalia, no more collateral damage.
This is a private office! Sorry, pal, I got a warrant.
What exactly are you looking for? Gunshot residue.
So you think I shot my assistant? We did our homework.
Miami Herald's devoted a lot of ink to you and Michael recently.
"Acrimonious" is the word they're using.
It all fits, Mr.
You get Debbie to make your fake 911 call, your partner dies as does the threat to dissolving your company, and you silence your accomplice.
Hands out, please.
He wanted to sell, I didn't.
How that adds up to murder is beyond me.
Paper said you'd been hemorrhaging clients and cash to the tune of about a hundred thou a day by your own quotes.
Now if that's not motive, I don't know what is.
I see.
So, Miss Duquesne, find anything? No, I didn't.
I'mgoing to need your jacket.
I have better things to do.
I don't think so, Mr.
You washed the GSR off your hands.
Take him downtown.
You here for the Maddox case, Kurt? Lieutenant.
Oh, no, no.
Um About a young lady named Schiffer.
I guess we can safely assume you'll work for anybody as long as the price is right.
Not for you.
You've got nothing on Peter Cullen.
You mean, except for the gun.
Off a search warrant obtained by Calleigh Duquesne.
My firearms expert.
Which is the only reason the warrant was issued.
Not true, Kurt.
But I can make people believe that it is.
Okay? So lose your warrant.
Lose your case.
Drop this.
Peter Cullen is not your guy.
I don't agree with that, either, Kurt.
We don't agree about much, do we? No.
Then game on.
One thing you'll learn about me, I got eyes, ears everywhere.
Join the club.
I'd love to chat, Rick, but this is important.
Can it wait? No, it can't.
Your evidence is tainted, and I have to pull you off this case.
What? Remember the Website "Solve a Crime With Calleigh"? Damage is still being done.
There's a a video of you on it, reading off a piece of paper.
Those are my notes.
What of it? "Crime Scene recognition.
" It was basically a checklist of how to process a crime scene, as if you didn't know how.
That was the Website that almost got me killed.
I remember it.
Well, it could be made to appear as though you tampered with evidence or cleaned up a crime scene for two criminals.
To save my own life.
This is Rossi's doing, isn't it? Trust me.
I know you're a hero.
The department knows you're a hero.
Okay, so what are you saying? He can get inside people's minds and change them? We have to play by the rules.
He doesn't.
He took it to the State Attorney.
Okay, so you're telling me that I am probably sitting on the murder weapon, and yet I can't do anything about it? Way I see it is there's only one option.
There is always more than one option.
Get him to change his mind back.
I don't care.
I'll do whatever it takes.
I am sorry.
Okay, so you're telling me that I've been on the force for ten years, and yet I still have to prove myself? System isn't perfect.
And yet it still demands perfection.
Calleigh, I just heard.
Why didn't you tell Stetler the truth? That the notes were mine.
Okay, about the sheet, here's the thing.
You know, after you were shot, you came back to work pretty fast.
And maybe it was too fast.
And I guess I was just so happy that you were okay that I didn't say anything.
And I probably should have.
Say anything about what? Well, are you okay? We never talk about it.
You never talk about it.
It's a process.
And the medication helps.
And therapy helps.
And I make a few little notes here and there and that helps.
Well, I have to say something.
Because I feel for you, and you know that.
But if one memory lapse allowed a killer to go free I would've turned in my badge a long time ago.
You know that.
I'm re-training my brain, Calleigh.
But I know how to do my job.
What about the cheat sheet? Why does everyone keep calling it that? Work isn't a test that you take.
It's something you do right.
Every time.
So what if I take a few notes? Would it make you feel better to know that I've never consulted them, not once? Look, you know what? I'm going to got to Stetler myself.
I'm going to tell him everything.
Here's the thing, I'm off the case, but you're not.
Find another way to get the guy.
I know you can do that.
Do that instead.
For us.
All right.
This private investigator's got everybody scrambling, huh? What are you doing here? Checking Peter Cullen's jacket for GSR.
I thought Calleigh already tested it.
And she didn't find any.
Not necessarily.
So then why wouldn't the sodium rhodizonate pick up on it? Because there's GSR, and there's GSM.
GSM? Gunshot mist.
I'm using a new method that detects microscopic metal particles on dark surfaces.
With liquid nitrogen? Yeah.
Well, combine it with hydrochloric acid, lead and antimony become photoluminescent.
You can detect the tiniest remnants of a gun being fired.
You're really putting in quite the effort on this one.
It's my fault that we can't use the evidence Calleigh gathered.
You got him.
What's your private investigator doing here, Mr.
Cullen? He is representing me.
Dusted off my old degrees.
You're a lawyer, too? I'm whatever my clients need me to be.
Well, today I hope you're a miracle.
Because that's what your client needs.
We found GSM on your jacket.
Never happened.
We have evidence that says different.
Sometimes it's not about the evidence, it's about who collected it.
You're right.
It wasn't CSI Duquesne this time.
It was me.
Eric, how have you been coping at work? Every day is different.
I Thought I'd be back in, uh, my daily rituals by now.
I thought I'd be a hundred percent, but it's taking a long time.
It's only been a month since the shooting.
And that frustrates you? Of course.
I have to be really methodical about everything.
Even dumb stuff.
Writing checks, I can't I can't remember what year it is sometimes.
And do you feel like your coworkers are distancing themselves? No.
Not at all.
In fact, there's this one woman that I work with.
Uh, her name's Calleigh.
How did you get that? People send me things.
I hang on to them.
You never know when it might come in handy.
That's from a confidential session, and unfortunately your recording has nothing to do with our case.
Except that it ruins Eric Delko's credibility as an investigator.
I processed every piece of evidence in this case by the book.
Who's gonna believe that when you don't even know what decade we're in? That's not what I said.
Well, that's what it sounds like.
Now, while you guys pursue this case, this recording and a dozen more like it will be on YouTube.
So do you want to arrest my guy? Or not? Get out of here.
Let's go.
Still have time to get our table at the Fenston.
You heard what happened.
I did.
First Calleigh.
Now me.
Rossi's behind all this.
And he's going to get away with murder.
No, he's not, Eric.
But we don't know what else he has on us.
It doesn't matter what he has on us.
Why not? Because we're going to destroing him first.
Eric told me I'd find you down here.
You know, it is killing him that he can't work on this case.
Well, let's close the case then.
What we need is to go back to the beginning.
Back to the SWAT team.
'Cause everything else is right up Rossi's alley.
The piggybacking of the phone lines, the voice modulation, the surveillance.
But how do we connect this to him? The inciting incident.
He had to make sure that Michael Maddox would rush the SWAT team.
So therefore the confrontation was created.
Where does that leave us? That leaves us right here.
This paint transfer's too high on the car.
The custom bumper on the Escalade makes ground clearance on both cars the same height.
So if the cars hit normally, then the paint transfer should be only on the bumper.
Unless Mr.
Decker jammed on his brakes.
Lowering the front of his car.
Causing the accident.
So Charlie Decker targeted Michael Maddox.
So you lied to me, Charlie.
About what? You told me that Michael Maddox came at you.
You saw the video.
I did.
And I believe that you hit him with intention.
Now why would I do that? Kurt Rossi, Charlie.
Kurt Rossi? The big P.
? I've heard of him.
Charlie Decker.
Do I know you? You can call me Rossi.
I know you're sleeping with Lucy Maddox.
And I know that her husband just found out.
Oh, God, are you here to? Look, I'm on your side.
Charlie you can continue protecting Mr.
Rossi, or start taking care of yourself.
Somehow, Kurt knew about me and Lucy.
That I was completely crazy about her.
Now you love her, right? Yeah.
Then here's what you're going to do.
So he told me to stage an accident and then he'd take care of the rest.
What is wrong with you? Didn't you see me coming? Sure I did Michael.
I'm Charlie Decker.
You know who I am.
Look you stay away from my wife, all right? What are you going to do about it, huh? I'll tell you what, I'll give you some time to think, but when I come into your house to take Lucy, I hope you are man enough to fight back.
That's him! Don't do this! No! I am not scared of you.
Michael, this will kill me! Don't do this! What am I supposed to do now? Give me the rest of it.
I can't do that.
Okay, Charlie.
Then I guess I just have to accept his offer.
Whato you mean? Mr.
Rossi claims that you planned the whole thing.
He said that? Mm-hmm.
So what do you want to do? I'll have your best bourbon, neat.
Put it on their bill.
You double-crossed me.
What are you talking about? I teed up Michael Maddox for you and you sell me out? Who is this guy, Kurt? He's nobody.
Get out of here, Decker, before you get hurt.
Yeah? Like you hurt Michael? Our business is concluded.
You're calling what we did business? Yeah.
What the hell is he talking about? Yeah, Kurt, why don't you tell him? You want to know what I did? Peter I saved your ass.
Do you think I'm stupid? 'Cause I smell these across a room.
Who are you to try to take me down? Okay, listen, guys I'm sorry, okay? I didn't have another option, ll right? They had me dead to rights.
Yeah? My secretary was worried about that same thing.
You know what happened to her? No.
I put one in her chest.
Guys look, listen to me, okay? I will clam up.
I will do the time.
I will disappear.
You believe this guy? This dead ttle man? I got SWAT to kill Michael Maddox.
You don't think I can get to you in prison, huh? That'll be all, Mr.
You taught him well, Kurt.
Hey, nice try, Caine.
Really, um you got nothing.
I already found your wire.
Not all the wires, Kurt.
And thank you, Kurt, for having a big mouth.
You guaranteed this could never be traced back to me! If I testify on his involvement with Maddox, maybe we can make a deal? Like rats off a sinking ship, huh, Kurt? My offer still stands.
Come on.
Do you want your lab's dirty secrets hung out to dry? Kurt, your offer is meaningless now, just like you.
Ca-Caine? Caine! So this is Rossi's private vault.
I can't even imagine what must be on all these.
Before, about Stetler It's our secret.
We'll keep it between you and me, okay? Thanks.
Let's hurry up, this place gives me the creeps.