CSI: Miami s06e21 Episode Script

Going Ballistic (1)

Thanks Frank.
So, what's the story? We've got a jumper, name's Manuel Ortega almost we can speak bump too.
He jump thrue a windows to comit sucide, that doesn't make sens.
They usualy take the path of least resistence, don't they gentlemen.
These guys don't want to create more pain for themself, they want a release.
Plenty of brige in Miami to jump of without bunches of glass gettin' in the way.
I agree with that too, so we may be be dealing with a homicide That was my job to classify that.
Shanon Hegans, the new M.
Plaisir to be working with you gentlemen.
Hegans, glad to have you on board I realise I have some big shoes to fill, so hope you'll bear with me.
Let see.
The victim suffer any more lacerations to the hands, face and neck.
What the hell was that? Call fire rescue We may have a live one here! She's hit! She's hit! Shanon! Shanon! Go! Go! Go! She's gone.
Excuse me.
Thomas Wellner.
I was told to report here, uh, fill in for Dr.
Wood's replacement? Yeah.
Actually, you're replacing the replacement.
Higgins was killed in the crossfire.
I see.
Hey, Frank.
One hell of a morning, huh? No luck on tracking the shooter.
I got every man out there canvassing the area.
We've got every angle covered here.
I'm gonna take the streets.
Got Ryan and Natalia going to check out the room that Manny Ortega fell from.
Think that was a bad call on Fire-Rescue's part? I mean, you heard it.
Our dead guy took a damn breath.
Well, wasn't a breath.
It was a death rattle.
Sounds like our shooter was lying in wait.
Wanted to make sure Ortega was dead.
He didn't care about who was collateral damage, either.
Our new M.
was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I want this guy bad.
Yeah, we'll get him, Frank.
We'll get him.
Excuse me? Am I in the right place? Well, it depends.
- Who are you? - Juan Ortega.
The medical examiner said I could come up here, see about my brother, Manny.
Listen, Mr.
Ortega, we have other means of identification if you don't want to After everything that's happened, I don't want to remember him like that.
Listen, can I can I take his belongings? I'm afraid we can't release them.
This is still an open case.
All right, I understand.
If you don't mind me asking, were you two very close? Well, when we were younger, you know Yeah.
Manny was prideful, you know.
It got in the way.
How so? We didn't have much schooling, you know? I did well for myself, and he struggled.
You think you'd know of anybody that'd want to do harm to him? Not specifically, but He'd disappear for weeks at a time.
Not to do any missionary work.
I'd like to say that I never thought he'd end up this way, but I can't.
It's like a war zone down there.
Just goes to show, no crime scene is ever safe, huh? God, that poor M.
So obviously Manny Ortega fell from up here.
Yeah, or he was pushed.
Well, the building's vacant, so what was he doing up here in the first place? My guess is, nothing good.
This room is completely empty.
It's going to be really hard to get an I.
on the killer, I think.
Maybe not.
You have something? Blood swipe.
Blood swipe? Good catch.
So who are you? You know my name.
Evan Caldwell.
Let me rephrase that.
Who are you really? Reaching in my back pocket.
Be my guest.
I'm ATF.
So you're a federal agent with a criminal record.
Pure fiction.
Used to work undercover.
Those trumped-up charges gave me street cred.
In case somebody got wise.
Manny Ortega.
Manny's death was, uh an inconvenience.
Inconvenience? You mean, like my medical examiner.
You got her killed today, you know? I could charge you with murder.
Now hang on a minute.
I've been tracking illegal munitions sales in south Florida.
Manny showed up on my radar.
- I'm losing interest, Agent.
- All right.
He was small time, but in a big game.
He was running all around Miami scarg up buyers for illegal rounds.
And you wanted to find out who Manny was working for.
I squeezed him a little.
See if I could get him to squeal.
He wouldn't bite.
You got the wrong guy, man Cut the crap.
Man, I've been on you for weeks.
All these inquires you've been making Hanging out with drug dealers, rival gangs What? I can't have friends? That's cute.
Look, I know you're working for somebody.
You tell me who, and I don't make your very near future a living hell.
I ain't saying squat.
I can take the heat.
We'll see about that.
I could have gotten Ortega if I had the time, but somebody beat me to it.
And with him went my case.
Am I supposed to be satisfied by this? I guess you'll have to be.
Not for long, Agent.
Beat it.
Wellner, I really need something to run with.
Do you have anything from these bodies? Just barely getting started on this guy.
I guess I got used to the old M.
Right - Alexx.
I don't know what kind of spell this guy had over you guys, but A woman.
What? Alexx is a woman.
Look, this is detailed work.
A tad more delicate than dusting for prints.
Listen, as an M.
, I'm sure you can appreciate the gravity of this case, okay? All we have to work with right now is trajectory.
So if you please put a little move on it.
I guess if you're here that means, uh Yeah.
I finished my proficiencies.
I think you mean, my proficiencies.
You know, Eric, I just don't even think that we need to talk about it.
I really didn't mind having a refresher course.
It was good for me.
Anyway This is terrible.
I don't even know what to say.
Have we got any leads? I processed all the rounds from the scene.
I ran them through IBIS.
I got zip.
So the only thing we have to go on is if the shooter left something behind.
Well the shooter obviously wasn't perched up there, because the rods are facing that way.
Right up there at parking structure.
Shall we? Here we go.
Look at all these casings.
Explains why we couldn't see him.
The sun was right in our eyes and he used it to his advantage.
We may have a live one! Down! Go! Got an unspent round.
There are a bunch of them.
It must've dropped during the chaos.
They're oxidized, too.
I can't see the head stamp.
This could be a nice lead.
I'll run the rest through prints, see if anything pops.
This is strange.
They all look oxidized.
Take a look at this.
It's a piece of a gun grip.
Weapon malfunctioned.
You know, a blast like that could have injured the shooter.
Horatio, it's Eric.
Listen, our shooter's weapon malfunctioned.
He could be injured.
Here's what we do.
Canvas all ERs.
Let's do it right now.
All right, I'll tell them we're looking for someone with powder burns.
Hey, good to see you again, Red.
It really is.
This place is starting to feel like a second home to me.
So what kinda two-bit beef you got conjured up this time? I am working on a double homicide, Ron, in which the killer's gun malfunctioned, resulting in the type of powder burn that you are sporting on your neck.
Oh, well, I fired a gun recently.
Yes, I did, at the range, and I accidentally put in the wrong size rounds.
So, I got a little powder burn on the neck.
Yes, you were at the range.
Yeah, well, this day and age, you want to be prepared, you know, protect your family.
Family, Ron.
Julia, Kyle.
Like it or not, we are family now.
And I really wouldn't want anyone to try and take them away from me.
Where is your gun, Ron? It was useless.
I dumped it.
I'm sure it's in some garbage dump.
You know, Ron, that seems a tad flimsy to me.
Does it? I don't think it's as flimsy as what I got brought in here for.
You want to book me? Book me.
Otherwise I'm flyin' I'm gonna find the gun, Ron.
You play the hero, but it's gotta kill you.
Huh? Deep down that you're so bound by the law.
You know, Ron justice comes in many forms.
So does self-delusion.
Just thought I'd come in and check on you.
Check on me? Why? Oh.
Bullets fly and everyone thinks I'm supposed to have some sort of Vietnam flashback? It goes with the job.
Yeah, but it doesn't mean you have to get used to it.
Look, I'm fine.
But thanks.
What were you cooking up over there in the fuming chamber? Hopefully, the identity of our shooter.
I didn't get any viable prints from the gun grip, so I ran the prints from the casings.
Brad Gower.
He's got a previous assault charge.
Yeah, I've got a name.
Hey! Who are you and how'd you get past Security? All-access pass.
We're looking for this guy, Brad Gower.
Um Yeah, sure.
That's me.
Can I help you? Yeah.
You sure can.
Turn around and put your hands on the table.
Turn around! Whoa! Hey! Whoa What's this all about? He's clean.
Manny Ortega.
Never heard of him.
Why? Your fingerprint was on a bullet casing connected to his murder.
Let me stop you right there.
This is a munitions supply company.
My prints are on thousands of live bullets.
I do spot checks for quality control.
Really? We didn't see a sign on the front door.
Well, I don't sell to the public.
I'm an independent defense contractor.
You can check my contract with the DoD.
You supply ammunition to our armed forces? Not exactly.
The U.
pays me for the ammo and then, uh, distributes it to our allies around the world.
We supply them, they help us.
It's a win-win.
I find your patriotism inspiring.
I'm more interested in capitalism.
I gotta be honest with you.
Deal's worth over ten mil.
Ten mil for rusty bullets? Rusty? Hey.
Anything can happen once these bullets leave my warehouse.
It already has.
Unless you want this on you, you help us track that rusty bullet back to your shipment.
Give me the ballistics info on the round.
I'll do my best.
Good decision.
I'll call Calleigh.
Hey, Calleigh, this is Frank.
You got anything off those unspent rounds? Not yet.
I'm just getting started on them.
I got a guy here that says he might be able to track the buyer.
Thank God you're okay.
It was crazy.
The bullet just rolled off the table.
Then the lab catches on fire.
Normally bullets don't discharge when they hit the ground.
I know.
It's because they were old.
I should have known something because of the oxidation.
Don't beat yourself up over it.
Because of me, the entire case is probably compromised.
There were three unspent bullets at the scene, right? Yeah.
How many of them were compromised? I think two.
There's probably another one in the rubble.
All right.
Let's find it.
Here it is.
I found it.
You are my hero.
Success? Success! I used my bullet-puller to neutralize the bullet, so, let's see what we've got.
So you've got black powder there.
You don't see that much anymore.
I know.
It's predominantly smokeless these days.
It's because they add stabilizers to make it safe.
Could explain why the round was unstable.
Yeah, black powder doesn't have that.
No, without the stabilizers, the powder deteriorates over time.
It becomes acidic, which releases heat.
With nowhere to go, that heat builds up towards a flashpoint, and it's just itchin' for a reason to blow.
Does that explain why the bullets are so oxidized, is they're old? Almost 40 years old, to be exact.
This round was made in 1969.
You know what that writing is? It's cyrillic.
It was manufactured in a soviet bloc country.
Why are those even in circulation? It shouldn't be.
It's illegal to sell old ammunition from those countries.
You know, all of this stuff is coming from Brad Gower's company.
Means he's buying old ammo, and selling it as new through his defense contract.
Collecting it up cheap, selling it off at a huge profit it's a nice scam.
Maybe our vic Manny knew about this was looking for a payday.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
Hi, Brad.
Put your hands on your head and get down on your knees right now.
Here's your warrant to search the premises.
Still after me for those murders? I already told you, I just touched those bullets.
Got something over here.
You sure did right before you loaded the magazine and fired it.
Nine mill, cracked grip.
Matches the piece we found at the scene.
Okay, Brad, this is your chance.
Manny introduced himself.
He said he wanted to off-load some ammo.
What kind of ammunition? He said it was some brand new prototype.
Supposed to be the most dangerous ammo ever made.
It seemed too good to be true, so I followed him this morning.
The guy he met had "Fed" written all over him.
I figured Manny was a snitch, that he was trying to lure me in with the promise of new bullets and then deliver me to the Feds for reselling the rusty ones.
Hey, Ortega.
Brad, what are you doing here? Where's your friend, Ortega? - What friend? - The Fed.
You didn't think I'd see him leave? You trying to rat me out? Trying to get me busted on an illegal weapons charge? How stupid do you think I am, Ortega? - Choose.
- Choose? What? The way you're going to die.
Either you take your chances with this bullet, or you spread your wings, see if you can fly.
No, no, no, no, no.
We can work this out! I didn't think he'd actually jump.
I couldn't take the chance that he'd get up again.
I actually thought he was dead, until you guys arrived.
That woman, she yelled.
Call Fire-Rescue.
We may have a live one.
And that's when you panicked.
I wanted Manny gone.
I didn't mean to kill her.
But you did, Brad, you did kill her.
Take him direct to booking, please.
Everybody down! Frank, this is getting to be a very nasty habit.
Hey, Frank, where's Horatio? Mobilizing the troops.
I've got every man out there looking for that car.
I'm also thinking about upping my life insurance.
So we've got a drive-by shooter who only gets off one shot? Yep.
One entry wound, a couple dozen exit wounds.
You know, I've heard about these, but I've never seen them.
They're called Fused Alloy rounds.
What makes them so special? Basically, they're just fragments of metal put together with heat.
If it comes in contact with something cold, such as body armor, it remains intact and sails right through.
If it comes in contact with a heat source, for example, a human being, the heat reverses the manufacturing process and the bullet returns to its original state.
Fragmenting back into pieces.
It's dual-purpose ammo.
Body armor or not, either way they got you.
So any shot's a kill shot? Yeah.
Well, hell, with ammo like that, ATF ought to be all over that.
You're right.
And I bet they are.
Look, if this is about Manny Ortega I already told Lieutenant Caine The Ortega murder's been solved.
Brad Gower confessed.
Brad Gower? You've been tracking illegal munitions in South Florida, so I figured you knew Brad and his partner were selling outdated ammo.
Yeah, I knew, but I looked the other way.
Those bullets are going overseas and hard reality is, that's their problem.
I'm worried about the bigger threat here in Miami.
The Fused Alloy rounds.
Well done.
You go to the head of the class.
They are lethal and illegal.
That makes outlaws the perfect buyers.
Have you been able to figure out who's making them? No.
That's why I need to find out who's buying them.
What about Manny Ortega? Any idea how he fits in the big picture? Chatter says he's soliciting buyers for the munitions maker.
Look, Manny, I know what you've been doing.
You've been prowling around for buyers.
Buyers for Fused Alloy rounds.
You got the wrong guy, man Cut the crap.
All these inquiries you've been making, hanging out with drug dealers, rival gangs What? I can't have friends? Look, you're working for somebody.
You tell me who and I don't make your very near future a living hell.
I ain't saying squat.
We'll see about that.
You've got till noon tomorrow.
I get a name or you don't get a second chance.
You know, Agent Caldwell, in my opinion you should have protected him.
He got left out in the cold, that's why he got killed.
A life like his, I'd call it karma.
I guess.
Since you were surveilling Manny, I imagine you know all of his buyers.
I'd like a list of the names, if you don't mind.
Anybody asks I was never here.
I just got a list from ATF of interested buyers in Fused Alloy rounds.
Could get us closer to who shot Brad Gower.
They did their homework.
They cracked the shell corporations and then tied them to individuals.
There's someone on there who's very familiar.
Ron Saris.
Thank you, ma'am.
Let me know what I can do.
Okay, you know something, Caine, I'm really getting sick of this.
You are about five words away from a harassment suit.
What do you want now? Brad Gower was just killed with the same ammunition that you purchased from Manny Ortega.
What, so someone put me on a list, who cares? Anyone could do that.
Who? Manny what? I never killed a guy called Gower.
I've got an alibi.
You have an alibi? Yeah, I do, I do.
And it's ironclad.
Julia and I we just got married.
We're family now.
We're legal.
of your fine courtrooms.
Doesn't get any better than that, does it? What are you planning to do with the rest of the ammunition you purchased, Ron? Well, hypothetically, if I were buying up all the bullets, I'd be using it for only one thing and one thing only.
Is that a threat? Don't flatter yourself.
Although it would be a lot easier on Kyle come Father's Day.
Ron you're going to be dead by Father's Day.
I guess congratulations are in order.
You heard.
The wedding was a little spur-of-the-moment.
Does Kyle know? Is that why you've come? To lecture me about who I should be seeing? Julia, Ron is after your money.
My money? The money you've amassed over the years of doing what you do.
Really? And what is that? When you're gone, he will eliminate the one thing that stands between him and that money.
You're talking about Kyle.
You don't think I considered that? I am not going to let that happen.
You don't have a choice.
Where the boy is concerned, I do.
What are you proposing? Do not go back home.
You meet me at Miami Shores airstrip at 5:00 p.
The boy is innocent.
We'll be there at 5:00.
What's going on, Dad? I need to talk to you.
This looks serious.
It is serious.
Is it about Ron again? It's about Ron.
Now listen to me.
I need you and your mother to leave the country for a while.
What do you mean, for a while? How long is a while? For as long as it takes.
Look, it took me my entire life to meet you.
Okay, now you just want to send me away? Someday you will understand what I am doing.
That's what they all say, and then they're just gone.
I need you to trust me.
Yeah, they all say that, too.
Air One to ground units: suspect vehicle in the drive-by shooting located at Bayfront Park Metromover stop.
This is the car from the drive-by shooting? Yeah, patrol found it five blocks from the crime scene.
Fortunately, Horatio left his calling card.
You find anything else? No, unfortunately not.
There were no prints, no trace.
Whoever ditched the car got rid of the license plates, took off the VIN number and they left the keys.
I bet they wanted it to get stolen.
So, where does that leave us? Well, a car like this will have a navigation system that I bet is linked to Bluetooth.
Bluetooth so a driver can talk on their cell phone hands-free? Exactly.
And if the shooter paired his cell phone with the car, the navigation system will have record of it.
And the number will be stored in the system's memory.
Look whose number's up.
Colin Madison, you worked with Brad Gower.
Yes, I did until today.
Until you killed him.
Me? There was a drive-by, one shot.
Unfortunately, for you, we can put you in that car.
No, no.
No way.
Now see, I bet you think you got away with it because you cleaned your car, but here's the thing.
It's your navigation system that gave you away.
It's hooked into your Bluetooth, which is linked to your cell phone.
Put your cell phone on the table, Colin.
Hey, listen, I just realized I'm late for something.
I gotta go.
What's going on? Um, I can't explain right now.
I'll talk to you later.
Colin, here's the thing.
I know that you killed Brad, I just don't know why.
You're cheating the government on the defense contract, you're making money hand over fist.
You mean, Brad was making the money.
I was on an hourly.
He wouldn't cut me in.
So you wanted him out? You're trying to muscle into the business? Not at all.
I wanted to live.
This morning, a guy burst into my office with a gun pointed at me.
You Brad Gower? I had to try and convince him I wasn't Brad.
What'd he ask you? He didn't ask me anything.
He told me.
Said if I didn't kill Brad, I'd be next.
He even gave me the bullet to use on him.
Why would he do that? Said he had a score to settle.
Look, I know the guy meant business, so I did it.
Everybody down! Do you know his name? Know his name? Make me a deal, and I take you to him.
Dispatch, SWAT's making entry, 144 Tenth Street.
Get down! Get down! Get down! Move, move, move! Let's move! Go, go, go! Get down! Get down! Get down! Get your hands up! Hands up! It's quite a performance you put on this morning.
You came to claim Manny's stuff, look for anything that might incriminate you.
Yeah, you can never be too careful.
So your brother worked for you.
He really surprised me, you know? Did very well for himself.
I was very proud of him.
I guess that means he warranted a revenge killing, then.
You'd kill for your family, wouldn't you? How many rounds of this ammunition would you say is out on the street? The Alloy? I don't know.
None some a lot.
We got you on multiple charges.
Might as well talk, Juan.
No, see, I believe in self-preservation, which is something you ought to think about, Lieutenant.
'Cause by taking me down, you're gonna make a lot of people angry.
So consider yourself warned.
Take him.
What time is it? What? What time? What time is it? It's 4:00.
I'll be right back.
I need to take care of something.
Where are you going? Dad said he was gonna meet us in an hour.
Don't worry about Horatio.
Just stay here and don't use the phone.
- Be careful, Mom.
- I will.
Si, Horatio Caine.
I want to know when it's done.
It's done.