CSI: Miami s07e01 Episode Script

Resurrection (2)

Ryan, what happened? It's bad.
It's not good.
What do you mean, it's bad, Wolfe? Talk to us.
Horatio took a round to the chest, and I got here too late.
He's gone.
What? He's dead.
Oh, my God.
Calleigh Eric, Horatio's dead.
Listen to me-- Horatio's gone.
He's dead.
Where is he? I need to see him.
I released the body.
What?! What?! What the hell did you do that for? The first responder waits for the team to get here! His team.
I'm sorry! I didn't want him lying here in his own blood on the evening news, I released the body! How did you get here so fast? I was running an errand nearby.
You left that interrogation for an errand? I left a stupid errand, I dropped everything as soon as I heard it on the radio.
It just doesn't make sense.
Let's focus.
Horatio had enemies.
We know that.
This must have been someone close.
WeWe're gonna find out who did this.
We find out! -==ÆÆÀÃÐÜÀÖÔ°ÇãÇé·îÏ×==- ±¾×ÖÄ»½ö¹©Ñ§Ï°½»Á÷£¬ÑϽûÓÃÓÚÉÌÒµÓÃ; ƬÃû µÚ1¼¾µÚ1¼¯ ·­Ò룺¸öÈËID У Ô£º¸öÈËID Where's Lieutenant Caine? I released the body to a federal agent 20 minutes ago.
Why would you do that? The airstrip's on government land.
Federal agency has jurisdiction.
What was the agent's name? I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know?! He had He signed our release form, took the remains.
The remains have a name.
Horatio Caine.
We're waiting for a statement from the department.
Airport personnel are saying that Lieutenant Caine is dead.
The shot was fatal.
How you doing? Talked to everybody from the crew to the tower.
Learn anything? Private jet took off right about the time the shot was reported.
It was bound for Puerto Rico.
What about witnesses? Lot of noise on the ground, planes taking off.
Nobody claims to have seen or heard anything.
You know what I don't understand is what Horatio was doing out here in the first place.
Well, this might explain it.
It's the flight manifest from the jet.
Julia and Kyle were on board.
Where are they now? Plane landed 40 minutes ago in San Juan.
I've already talked to local authorities.
No sign of them.
Well, let's stay on that, 'cause they're either our two best suspects or our two best witnesses.
Let's find out who did this, Cal.
As long as we're breathing, Frank.
I just can't wrap my head around this.
Where's Wolfe? Um, the last I saw, he was walking the perimeter.
Why? Something's just not right.
He was here too quick, and now I can't find Horatio's body.
Eric, he's one of us.
Listen, I think I'm looking at our first break.
Got a partial shoeprint here in the blood pool.
Someone walked through his blood? Yeah.
Here, look.
Left a little fleck of some kind.
That looks like coagulated blood.
One fleck of blood doesn't dry on its own, so this could be from the killer.
I'm gonna rush it to the lab.
Running the fleck from the shoe print? Yeah, um, my-my hunch is right.
That blood is definitely from a different source.
Pop it into CODIS.
I'm way ahead of you.
If ever there was a time to get lucky.
Yeah, right.
Brett Hanson.
"Armed robbery, attempted murder, assault.
" Deceased? This guy was killed in jail yesterday.
So how does a dead man's blood wind up at that airstrip? Whoever killed Horatio walked through Hanson's blood first.
Take off your shoe, Diaz.
You're the only person released from Miami Dade Detention in the last 24 hours.
Gated out, 4:00 this morning.
So? So you went straight from jail to the Miami Shores Airstrip? Nah, I-I don't know what you're talking about.
We found blood from a man named Brett Hanson at the scene of the murder.
You transferred that blood there on the bottom of your shoe.
We know you're a associate of Juan Ortega.
Who? Don't play dumb with me.
You hear me? Don't play dumb with me.
Ortega manufactures and sells fused alloyed bullets.
You know it, and we know it.
He sent you to kill Horatio Caine because he was after those bullets.
Me? Nah.
I was there trying to catch a flight.
Heard a shot, saw Caine go down.
You know, I figure I'd take a picture.
Get credit for the hit.
You get credit for the hit? With Ortega? Hmm? Well, you didn't fly anywhere.
How are you gonna explain that? Hey, man, no crime, no time.
Eric! Eric! No crime, no time?! Huh? Get your hands off of me.
You're going back to the lockup.
You okay? Check out this photo on his phone.
There's a reflection in the blood pool of the mntenance hanger.
It looks like there's something on top.
That's not something.
That's someone.
Perfect vantage point for a shooter.
Let's do this.
Surface is pristine.
No latents.
I've got a bandage.
I spoke to Agent Caldwell this morning.
He had the same bandage.
If this is about Manny Ortega, I already told Lieutenant Caine Ortega murder's been solved.
I think I know who shot Horatio.
Oh, come on.
You don't think I killed Horatio? I've been tracking those fused alloys for months.
He's helping.
You were trying to track down the same supplier Ortega.
And maybe you got jealous.
I mean, you could want the case for yourself, you could be using the collar to get promoted.
It wouldn't be the first time a Fed crawled over the body of a good cop,would it? You watch your mouth.
Don't talk to me like that.
I'll talk to you any way I see fit, young lady.
Now, if you've got nothing else Oh, but I do.
It's the release form for Horatio's body.
It was signed for by an Agent Dean Redland.
We've matched the handwriting to you.
The body's out back, sir.
I don't have to say another word to you.
I would love that.
In the meantime, I'm going to get a warrant for your phone.
You do that.
I've got Caldwell's PDA.
If the guy did it, he was working with someone.
Let's find out who.
Forensics? No, surface computing.
Hey, wait a minute.
Check out that text.
"It's done.
" Yeah, the time stamp says it was sent at the same time H was shot.
And the text log gives us the recipient's number.
Let's call it, see what we get.
Yeah, this is Wolfe.
Hello? Ryan? Yeah.
It all makes sense now.
How you got there so fast, why you released the body.
Eric, I want you to relax, 'cause this is not how it looks.
Really? Because it looks like you and Caldwell are responsible for Horatio's murder.
Really? 'Cause you're wrong.
He texted you, "It's done.
" Yeah, what does, "It's done" mean, Wolfe? I was following orders.
Orders from who, Wolfe? Orders from who, Wolfe?! Hmm? From who?! From Horatio.
I don't believe anything you're saying.
You tell us what you know.
He's alive.
What? Horatio is alive.
The M.
was an ATF plant.
Ortega was sending someone to kill him.
Horatio Caine.
Y quiero saber cuando esta hecho.
(I want to know it's done.
) Saris wanted him dead, too.
The only way he was going to survive is he was going to stage his own execution.
Every gang that Saris sold those fused alloys to are coming after you.
Including someone even closer to home.
Find the fused alloys, take down this entire operation.
But why me? Because you have a problem with fused alloys.
And you're a dead shot.
I'm going underground to flush Saris out.
Caldwell did the shooting.
I was responsible for the blood.
That's why I left the interrogation.
What about the others? No one knows anything till this over.
Agreed? Where's Horatio now? He could be anywhere.
I heard a noise.
It's me, son.
You're okay.
Horatio? We didn't think we'd see you again.
We did just what you said to do.
We waited and now we're leaving.
I need more time, Julia.
What am I supposed to tell Ron? I don't want you to see Ron.
That man is my husband.
And that is your problem, Julia.
I need four more hours.
Mom, just give him more time.
Hang on, son.
I need to talk to your mom alone for a minute.
What's this? This is the key to a safe place.
There's been a change in plans.
I want you and Kyle to go there and wait for my call.
Where are you going to go? I'm going underground.
Thank you for coming, Miguel.
You called, I'm here.
Lieutenant, my foundation represents vital Cuban-American interests from Miami.
Does this affect my community? Everyone is effected by this, Miguel.
I see.
You saved my life three years ago, Lieutenant.
And I meant it when I said, "Anything you need.
" Those bullets need to come off the street now On the phone you mentioned $10 million.
If you don't mind me asking, why can't you go to the police department for this money? My situation is complicated.
Lieutenant, I trust you completely.
You will retrieve these bullets.
Lives will be spared.
If it's the last thing I do.
All right, what do you people want from me? You sold some fused alloy rounds to a buyer in Miami.
Now, what kind of businessman would I be if I gave my customers, huh? Then, uh, Eric here is going to take you on a little ride through gang Let you sit up front.
You know in the "informant" seat.
Let's go.
Back from the dead.
Frank Tripp called.
Said you were gone.
I didn't want to believe him.
Yelina, the only thing that matters right now is Ron Saris believes it.
With you gone, he drops his guard and walks into your trap.
That's my plan.
Is this the cash for Saris? That's the money.
What if he asks me where it comes from? You convince him you're a foreign entity looking to buy.
Military perhaps? Perhaps.
But the $10 million is incentive.
You won't have a problem.
When I meet with him where will you be? I'll be close by.
Yelina, be careful.
Sit up tall, Ortega.
Gang town's coming up.
You can do what you want to me, man.
It's too late for you guys.
Too late for what? Balance of power has already shifted.
Shut up.
Tell us where to find the rest of those fused alloys.
Stay with him! Hey, I need you to stay calm-- I'm gonna help you out, all right? Help me! Turn your face.
Turn your face away.
Watch your face.
Watch your face.
All right.
Seat belt.
Your seat belt.
Come on.
Stay put! Here we go, come on.
Watch your legs.
Ortega! Get down! Everybody get down! Everything's gonna be okay now.
All right? You're safe.
All right? Yeah.
Shots fired.
Officer needs assistance.
Fourth and Bay.
They openeup on that truck.
Driver's dead, guard's injured.
Money's gone.
Perfect ambush.
Fused alloys? Yeah.
They went right through that bulletproof armor.
All right.
You okay? I'll be fine.
Any information you can give us will be real helpful.
We stopped at a red.
Something was wrong, you know? The light just wouldn't turn green.
It was like we were set up.
And then they just started shooting.
Run it, run the red! Relax.
It's bulletproof glass.
We're safe.
We're going to find whoever did this.
I promise.
H? I lost him.
I lost Ortega.
How? Woman got trapped in her car.
If I didn't save her, she was gonna die.
Okay, so you did the right thing.
Let's contact Metro, see if they can help us.
Why Wolfe? Why didn't you come to me? Eric, you were the obvious choice, and there was a chance this was going to fail.
I didn't want that for you.
It still may.
Let's make sure that it doesn't.
Got something-- clean round.
Well, we get a match, we might get a shooter.
You know what I don't get? Why kill the driver? Fused alloys pierce armor and kill people, Calleigh.
They can't open that door.
So they needed the keys to get the cash? That's exactly right.
I've got epithelials on this glass.
You get a name, maybe we'll get closer to those bullets.
Todd Keener.
Age 22, gang affiliation.
The Crypt Kings? Hold on.
The Crypt Kings-- that's not part of Ortega's gang.
That means these bullets are everywhere.
Keener, you know you left evidence of yourself at the armed robbery today.
That means we've got you for felony murder.
I didn't shoot nobody.
Then tell us who did.
I don't rat out my boys, either.
Oh, yeah? Well, cooperating's all you've got.
Well, I guess we're both losers then.
Take him.
You cops-- you just don't get it.
You're on the short end.
Gangs got all the ammo.
You're nothing but ducks on a pond.
I said get him out of here.
These bullets are everywhere, H.
What do we do? I am working on it.
Saris? You know, on the phone, you didn't sound quite this lovely.
Did you come prepared to do business? Depends on who you are.
What's more important is, who I represent.
I'm listening.
I have a client who wishes to purchase a large amount of fused alloy rounds.
And who is this client? Whoever he might be.
His money's American.
And, uh, how many of these supposed rounds are you looking to buy? All of Ortega's supply.
Word is, you have possession of them.
What do you think I am? You think I'm stupid? Who are you? Really? And who sent you here? I represent a consortium of global military interests.
And I'm authorized to pay you any price.
I' sell you all of Ortega's bullets and all the gangs that he sold them to.
Oh, right.
I'll approach those entities on my own, thank you.
Entities? The Crypt Kings, The Rhodes Gang.
I mean, they'll be stripping all that money off you, and then they'll strip everything else off you.
Let me guess.
You'll buy back the bullets and sell them to me at double the price.
Gorgeous, I'm just trying to protect you.
Sure you are.
You get those bullets back, and I promise you I'll make you a very wealthy man.
That's just a down payment.
How am I gonna get in touch with you? That's my phone.
You text this number when you've dealt with the gangs and have the bullets.
I keep a boat down at the marina, okay? That's where I'm gonna be.
Ortega escaped when the radio car was rear-ended.
Yeah? Well, there's blood on the passenger side door, so Ortega cut himself getting out.
He's on foot, headed east.
Let's see what he left behind.
Got a blood drop here.
Oh, yeah, look at that.
That spatter pattern, angled impact.
Long ellipse with a tail.
Ortega was running for his life.
In this direction.
Got another one.
Let's keep going.
The blood stops here.
Must have stolen a car from here and gotten away.
It's a dead end.
This is the traffic light Horatio wanted us to check into? Yeah, from the armored car robbery, but luckily for us, it's an intelligent intersection, and it interacts with a PCS.
The priority control system? Yup.
Those hand-held devices.
When the user pushed a button, the traffic signal changes.
It's used mainly by emergency personnel.
Metro reported a system override.
Eastbound light is green, and all the others are red.
So that armored car didn't stand a chance, did it? If somebody altered the signal, how do we get an ID? Well, you know, the beautiful thing about intelligent They keep a record.
They got a database of every cop, firefighter, medical personnel.
The emitter's registered to an ATF agent.
Jake Berkeley.
It's been a while.
I'm sorry.
For just disappearing like that.
I had to go off the grid.
Is that a euphemism for not picking up the phone? I had to rejoin ATF.
I'm back with my undercover detail with the the Crypt Kings.
Yeah, I figured as much.
An infrared traffic device was used today in an ambushed armed robbery.
A man was killed.
What has that got to do with me? We ran a check and traced the device back to you.
I was assigned that thing from the bureau.
One of the bikers took it.
I haven't seen it since.
The Crypt Kings look good for this.
We need your help.
That could take some time.
We don't have any time.
Whato you want me to do? Well, how far undercover are you? What are you implying? Exactly what you think I'm implying.
I'll see what I can find out.
Crypt Kings.
Howdy doody, fellas.
You're all very scary.
Very scary.
You got all the bullets, right? Money first, my friend.
I'm gonna need all the rounds that Ortega sold you guys last month.
Well, minus what we used in today's heist.
Armored car job downtown.
Tell you what, for you, I'll make it eight bucks a round, but you got to do the math.
Oh, I've done the math for both of us, you moron.
Here it is, okay? the penny, double what u paid.
There we go.
I guess we got stones doing this deal in broad daylight.
With Caine dead, are you kidding me? It's gonna be like the wild, wild West.
We're all gonna get rich, me first.
Come on, come on! Get your guys going.
I got three more stops in an hour.
Horatio, connection's been made.
Hey, Eric? Did you get anything on Julia Winston's Mercedes? No, nothing, I'm still waiting.
Where does that leave us? I'm not sure yet.
Take ??? and??? Wait ??? ??? You ??? That's ??? Ok, ??? ??? Who's ??? Diaz's ??? That's ??? We ??? I ??? ??? Diaz's cell phone.
Okay, we should work backwards.
We should do the most recent phone calls first.
Only one phone call received today.
From Ortega.
All right, let's ping it and see if we get a hit.
Can you get a clear picture up here? Yeah, sure.
Ortega's at an airstrip at the edge of the Glades.
And so am I.
Hands up! Let me see 'em! You'll be dead before you hit the ground.
Taken down by a dead man.
I didn't do it, Caine.
Must be millions in these bags.
The gangs bought a lot of bullets.
Ron Saris-- he hijacked everything.
You don't know the half of it.
Thank you, Juan.
Book him.
Takes care of Ortega.
Saved ATF a bundle-- nice job.
I've got some bad news for you.
Those bullets are still on the street.
What? Who's got them? I'll ??? Hey.
What are you doing here? I brought you something.
Three .
45s, two Mac Tens, full auto.
Took them from the Crypt King safe house.
All these guns were used in the ambush today.
This is amazing.
I'll compare it to the fused alloy round I've got, see if I get a match.
You get a match, I'll give you a whole crew.
How'd you get out without getting noticed? I didn't.
They're looking for me right now, and if they find me, I'm dead.
That's an incredible sacrifice to make for the case.
I didn't do it for the case, Calleigh.
I did it for you.
Thank you.
So what happens now? Well, ATF will send me somewhere, put me on ice for a while.
Six months, a year.
But there's no guarantee.
No, there's never a guarantee.
I was kind of hoping that you would wait.
I feel like the last couple months, all I've been doing is waiting.
It's terrifying for me.
I wonder every day if I will see you again, if something happens to you if I would know about it.
I can't live like that.
What happened to your face? I had an altercation with a thug.
It's nothing.
Horatio was so stupid to think that I'd ever leave you.
Forget him.
Forget that name, okay? He's dead to us, okay? You know what? This right there that's only the beginning.
What's in those boxes, Ron? Thought you'd never ask.
Fused alloy bullets.
That's the whole shipment.
A whole shipment in all those boxes, and we've got more down in the hull of the boat.
You don't need to do this.
I've got money.
My money this time.
So, what's our plan? We're gonna sail out of here, you and me, all these bullets.
I've got a buyer in South America who has an eless need for fused alloys.
Money and me.
And bullets.
What more could a woman want, right? A divorce.
A what? A wh What the hell is this? It's called irreconcilable differences, Ron.
No, don't do this.
What are you doing? No.
No, it's not gonna go down like this, Horatio.
It's my boat-- you gonna shoot me? Don't do it, Ron.
Shoot me in the back? Ron! We searched everywhere.
There's still no body.
We got to keep looking, Eric.
I'm with you, H, what do you want to do? Whatever it takes.
We'll find him.
You and me? You and me, Eric.
This never ends, does it? And it never will.