CSI: Miami s07e03 Episode Script

And How Does That Make You Kill?

I'm having trouble sleeping.
Is it the dreams? Yeah.
And because you're always in them.
Always vulnerable.
How does that make you feel? Powerful.
Like,for the first time, I'm truly alive.
And I know exactly how it would happen.
Exactly how I kill you.
Y - You understand that if this is more than a dream,I I thought you said I could say anything in here.
Go on.
It's night.
You're alone in your office.
You don't hear me come in.
You just stand there like a prize.
Your smell is intoxicating.
It's like lavender and sweat.
I think of all the ways I can defile you.
I can feel the weight of the blade in my hand.
Up close.
Wants me to kill.
And when it's done, I disappear into the night, knowing you are forever mine.
Her name's Chelsea Marsh.
Her mother found her this morning at 5:45.
Her mother's a psychiatrist, works out of her home.
Sees all of her clients in this office.
And that clock is broken, isn't it? Could've happened in the attack.
Yes,could be.
The mother wants in - what should I tell her? I'll talk to her.
Stay with the girl.
All right.
Marsh? Dr.
Marsh,I don't think you should be here right now.
I want to see Chelsea.
I,uh I don't think that's a good idea.
She's not even allowed in there.
Who would want to hurt Chelsea? No one.
Wha She was only 16.
Are any of your patients violent? I I can't discuss my clients.
Confidentiality forbids it.
You have to understand,Lieutenant, people tell me secrets all day, and they have to know that I will keep them.
I took an oath.
So did I.
±¾×ÖÄ»½ö¹©Ñ§Ï°½»Á÷£¬ÑϽûÓÃÓÚÉÌÒµÓÃ; ·¸×ïÏÖ³¡µ÷²é:Âõ°¢ÃÜƪ µÚ7¼¾µÚ3¼¯ ·­Òë&У Ô£ºÐ¡÷Ë Ê±¼äÖ᣺southwing This is the door our killer came through.
It's been jimmied open, but there are no prints.
You know her? She's my therapist.
I thought you were seeing someone in the department.
I switched doctors after we found out that the other office was bugged.
Marsh is contracted with the county.
So she sees ex-cons and probationers? Broadens our suspect pool.
Yeah,it could've been any one of her clients.
They all know about the private entrance.
It's so sad - Tripp said she lost her husband last year,too.
I had no idea.
Yeah,she only has a son left.
You know,I didn't even know she had children.
I mean,it's amazing that she knows so much about me, I don't know anything about her.
Are you gonna be okay going in there? Yeah.
I've been in there dozens of times.
Not like this.
It's time to give something back.
What have you got? Single puncture wound.
Blood from the mouth and ears indicates internal bleeding.
What about the bruise on her forehead? Contusion from an impact injury.
I'm thinking she hit her head on the desk before she went down.
Based on the liver temp, I put her death between Definite signs of a struggle here.
Got a blood smear here, on the patient chair.
Nowhere near the body.
No signs of cast-off.
This could be our first break.
Let me get this back to the lab along with everything else the killer might have touched.
Uh initially,I thought that this clock broke at 8:00 in the morning - at 8:00 in the morning the office was a full-blown crime scene.
So it had to be last night.
So,who was in that office? Have we checked the patient calendar? Yeah,we actually, um,we got a piece of it right here.
The,uh,victim pulled it off when she fell.
The last patient seen around Isn't this confidential? Not anymore.
I can't believe Dr.
Marsh actually called you people.
I told her it was just a dream.
She didn't tell us anything.
But you just did.
Let's talk about your dream, Mr.
Oh,so now you're gonna be my therapist? Fine.
Like I told Dr.
Marsh, I had a dream.
I can't control what goes on in my brain while I'm sleeping.
Well,that's not all you can't control, sport.
What is that supposed to mean? You lost your temper in her office,busted her clock.
All I did was throw a paperweight,because she cut me off.
And I know exactly how I'd kill you.
I'm sorry.
Our time is up,Mr.
We'll have to continue this next week.
Next week.
Now,I pay good money for those sessions.
The time's not up if the clock's broken.
Well,maybe the clock wasn't enough.
What exactly are you insinuating? Somebody murdered her daughter last night,Nick.
Where were you between At home in bed.
Can anyone confirm that? Uh no.
Well,that girl was stabbed, just like in your dream.
W - Wait.
I said this was just a dream.
Not for Chelsea Marsh,Nick.
Please tell me you've got something on my murder weapon.
Yeah,check this out.
The weapon went through the brain stem, perforated the internal carotid artery.
Causing death? Well,the blade acted as a tamponade, effectively controlling the bleeding,and once it was removed, she suffered a massive intracranial hemorrhage.
You have any ideas as to what the murder weapon might have been? I got a chipped incisor.
I'll start calling you the tooth fairy.
Well,they keep helping cases, I'll keep pulling them.
This probably happened during the struggle.
Except there wasn't any struggle.
I didn't find any foreign tissue under her fingernails, no abrasions, no torn clothing Maybe it happened when she fell.
That's what I thought.
Until I realized the chip was on the back of the tooth.
So what are you saying, the murder weapon went all the way through her head? I'm saying you need a long,thin blade to reach that far.
That definitely narrows down the search.
Thank you.
So,I compared the blood Delko collected at the crime scene to a sample taken from Nick Burnham.
Our clock breaker.
Did you get a match? Negative.
And it's not in CODIS either.
So what's next? Will you run it against the National Child Identification Database? Why would we check that? Psychiatrists see all sorts of patients, some of them teenagers.
And I'm wondering if one of them knew the victim,had a motive to kill her.
Well,it's worth a try.
Got a hit.
Allison O'Conner.
She lives near our victim.
She's a troubled teen.
Her parents probably put her in the system for peace of mind.
I want to find out just how much trouble she's in.
Allison,are you familiar with a Dr.
Rachel Marsh? She's my shrink.
Do you know her daughter Chelsea? We go to the same school.
That must be weird.
No,not at all.
Marsh is the best shrink I've had.
She would never tell Chelsea my secrets.
Allison,are you aware that Chelsea was murdered last night? What? That's awful.
How? I can't tell you, but we have reason to believe that you were there.
You know that seeing a therapist doesn't mean you're a psycho,right? We found your blood at the crime scene.
Did you murder Chelsea? I'm a cutter.
I've been seeing Dr.
Marsh since my parents found out two months ago.
I just must've left some blood behind during my last session.
I don't deserve friends.
I'm a freak,and everybody at school knows it.
Cutting is the only thing that makes me feel good about myself.
You know that you can call me whenever you need to talk.
The only person I ever hurt is myself.
Allison,I would really love to believe you, but I'm gonna need to see what you cut yourself with.
It's okay,I'll be careful with it.
Is this it? It's not our murder weapon.
Do you believe me now? Dr.
Marsh has done nothing but help me.
I would never kill Chelsea.
I couldn't do that.
I got some really interesting results on the routine tox screen of Chelsea Marsh.
She was filled with prescription drugs.
Yeah,high concentrations of sertraline,diazepam and haloperidol- anti-psychotics and anti-depressants.
That's quite a cocktail, isn't it? Where does a get the prescription for all of those? From her doctor.
I would do anything for my daughter.
Including writing prescriptions for her? That's why she was in my office.
You had no idea she was on those pills? My children and I haven't exactly been close since their father died last year.
I - I threw myself into work, but I I did the best I could.
Marsh,is there anything else we need to know about Chelsea? Why don't I know? You can't blame yourself.
It's not your fault.
I'm in my home 20 hours a day, and I have I have no clue what's happening.
I know about everybody's life but my own.
What about your son,Dr.
Marsh? He took care of his little sister when I couldn't.
He he might know something.
I bet he does.
My sister is dead, and you're accusing her of being a drug addict? We're just trying to understand why she was stealing prescriptions from your mom.
She was depressed.
Used to have these massive anxiety attacks.
She couldn't breathe.
And she never said anything to your mom? Who do you think was causing the anxiety? This place is more like an institution than a home.
She saw eight clients a day, from cutters to convicts.
Anyone else who might have added to it? Chelsea was seeing some dude.
She was talking about ending it.
Do you know his name? I never met him.
Look,I think you guys are barking up the wrong tree here.
Why don't you enlighten us? Yesterday afternoon, I saw this woman sneaking around the yard.
Was it one of your mom's patients? I don't think so.
Her appointments are always on the hour.
This woman pulls up about 3:15.
Do you remember enough about her to give us a detailed description- what she looked like, what she was wearing? Not her.
Her car.
She had some of those stupid vanity plates.
Are you a patient of Dr.
Dashell? Um,sorry,I don't know who that is.
Marsh is the mother of the young girl who was murdered.
You were at her house yesterday.
Oh my,um my ex-husband goes there.
I followed him to that house yesterday.
So,why would you go there? Because we're getting a divorce.
And he wants to share custody of our son,Cory.
Which you're against.
Eddie hangs out with a bad crowd.
Okay,I knew he was sneaking off to see someone,so I I followed him, hoping to get some ammo to use against him in court.
When I found out he was getting help, I felt pretty stupid.
I still think Eddie's a lost cause,but you know,at least he's trying to do something to better himself,you know? Can I go now? You can go,but a word to the wise,Ms.
Leave the investigative work to me.
Hey,you seen Calleigh? She's coming back from the crime scene.
You got something? Yeah.
Based on what the brother told her, I ran a sex kit on Chelsea Marsh, and I got a hit.
Oh,yeah? Who is our donor? Are you familiar with the name,Shane Huntington? No uh,should I be? Yeah,22-year-old heir to one of Miami's largest fortunes.
Father's on the board of the Nautilus Yacht Club.
Well,this kid's also in the system for possession with intent to sell.
Okay,so Chelsea Marsh was forging prescriptions.
Maybe she was Shane Huntington's supplier.
Think we should make a trip to the yacht club.
You think this girl was my drug dealer? Give me a break.
So you were just sleeping with her,then? No.
Really? So we can do this two ways.
You can tell us everything that you know or we can cuff you, and we can parade you past all of your little yacht club buddies.
Um,Chelsea's mom is my shrink, and I met her after one of my sessions.
I feel claustrophobic.
I'm tired of keeping things from my dad.
So,why don't you tell him how you feel? That's what I have you for.
I'm afraid our time is up.
We'll have to pick this up next week.
When was that? Three months ago - we were together until last night when she dumped me.
I can't do this anymore,Shane.
I'm serious.
Not even just one more time? We had the most amazing breakup sex.
So you must have been pretty pissed,then, when she dumped you.
I didn't kill Chelsea.
But you also don't look too broken up about her death.
Yeah,well, why do you think I'm in therapy? I can't access my feelings.
There's been a family emergency.
I'm gonna have to reschedule.
You sure you should be here? They said it was okay when they released the crime scene.
You know,you always told me that I came back to work too soon.
I'm not working.
I'm canceling upcoming appointments.
So,is that why you called me here? Cancel our appointment in person? Eric my files are missing.
And you of all people know how sensitive the information in those files is.
Marsh,I do.
Well,then, why would your people take them? They were there last night.
There's no way anyone in my team took these files.
How can you be sure? Because we always wear gloves.
This locked drawer has been jimmied open and it's covered in fingerprints.
All of my personal notes- hundreds of secrets I've written about my patients.
That sounds like hundreds of motives.
Do you think that do you think that there's a possibility that Chelsea could have stumbled across a thief last night? If she did, hopefully one of these prints will lead to her killer.
Dashell,I met your ex-wife earlier.
Whatever she told you was a lie.
She's trying to keep me from my son.
I'm actually more interested in Dr.
Marsh's daughter.
I saw it on TV.
And that's how you found out about it? Why would I kill her? Because it's my understanding that she caught you stealing files.
We recovered your fingerprint from the file cabinet, Mr.
Now if you would like me to call your probation officer,I can have you sent back to prison.
got in a bar fight.
Stabbed a dude in self-defense.
I didn't deserve to go to prison then.
But the jury decided it was manslaughter.
This is murder, Mr.
Look,Lieutenant, the court ordered me to go to see Dr.
So I went to see her.
With the custody battle for my kid coming up, I decided to read what she was writing about me.
Your appointment is not for another three hours.
Would you excuse me for a moment? I'll be right there.
I understand that.
I'm with a patient right now.
That won't work.
Look,Lieutenant,I read the files,okay? But I didn't steal anything.
And I didn't see Dr.
Marsh's daughter, let alone kill her.
You say it happened last night.
I got an alibi.
I was with my son last night.
Where is your son now? With my ex.
At her work.
Look,I would never hurt Dr.
Marsh, or anyone in her family.
She is the only one that's trying to help me to get my son back,Lieutenant.
Well,I I hope so for his sake, Mr.
You Cory Dashell? Cory,I'm Lieutenant Horatio Caine with the Miami Police Department.
Cory,I wanted to talk to you about your dad.
Is he going back to jail? I hope not.
'Cause he's different now.
He doesn't get into trouble anymore.
Were you with him last night? Yeah.
We were fishing for swordfish.
Slept in a boat.
It was pretty cool.
Don't cover for him,Cory.
Why don't you go in the back and look at some magazines,okay? Eddie send you here? He would do anything to get me out of the picture.
Dashell, your husband may be involved in the murder.
Really? Was your son with him last night? It was his court-ordered night of visitation.
But he dropped him off here this morning.
Were they together all night? Well,you know, Eddie has been known to leave Cory alone while he goes out drinking with his buddies.
You really think he killed that girl? Mrs.
Dashell, is this your workstation? Yeah.
Why? Those scissors look pretty sharp.
Scissors match the width and depth of the wound.
All we need is DNA confirmation; this is our murder weapon.
Blue liquid is a quaternary ammonium compound.
It's used in salons to disinfect combs, clippers and scissors.
It's pretty nasty stuff.
So the killer tried to get rid of evidence by disinfecting it.
Disinfecting cleans, it doesn't kill.
So,any DNA evidence would remain intact.
Is that a piece of skin? No,my friend.
That's a piece of brain matter.
Must have got stuck on the scissors when Chelsea was stabbed.
I'll send it to DNA.
I want to close this case.
We found brain matter from Chelsea Marsh on the scissors at your workstation.
Eddie's trying to frame me.
Don't you get it? He must have returned them when he brought Cory back this morning.
We had the same thought.
That's why we called the Florida Park Service.
They confirmed that Eddie had chartered a fishing boat at 9:00 p.
last night and didn't return until 8:00 this morning.
Which means that he couldn't have killed Chelsea.
So,that leaves you.
I didn't want to lose my son.
So I-I tried to fix it.
Fix what? Eddie was changing.
He was actually fighting for Cory.
So I followed him to that house just to see why.
And when I saw that shrink I got so angry.
So you went back to the house last night to kill Dr.
Marsh and ended up killing Chelsea by mistake.
It was dark.
They both looked alike from the back.
You're angry at Dr.
Marsh for helping your husband get better? Eddie doesn't deserve to share custody of my son just because some shrink says he's cured.
Your son deserves a father.
Oh,she spent,like,what? An hour with him? Once a week? You know,somehow she knows enough to tell the court that he's a changed man? She was just doing her job.
She was helping a lot of people get better.
He fooled me,too, in the beginning.
He did.
But I lived with him.
What does she know that I don't? A lot.
And we know that you're never gonna see your son again.
And now she's gonna know who murdered her daughter.
And your ex is gonna get full custody.
Attention all air and ground units.
We have reports of gunfire in the 1500 block of Columbus Lane.
Marsh! Dr.
Marsh,the ambulance is on the way.
All right? You hang in there.
Marsh,who did this to you? Stay with her,Eric.
You're gonna be okay.
Stay with me.
You're gonna be okay.
Justin! Two family members in one day.
So what do you got? Well,for now, I can tell you it was a close-range gunshot wound.
Entered through the front, probably passed through the aorta,lodged in the back.
Well,I'm gonna need a bullet.
Bullet's near the surface.
And there you go.
Anything else? This is good.
Thank you.
Ready? Hey,uh,did you find a murder weapon? Perimeter and interior search turned out empty.
We pulled out a.
38 slug from her.
What do you think? You think the son did it? H found Justin with fresh blood on his hands.
I don't think he would have had enough time to dump the murder weapon outside the property.
So you think he's innocent? I don't know.
The only thing I'm sure of is that she was innocent.
I was inside the house and I heard a gunshot.
I rushed outside,but whoever shot her was gone.
Mom?! Oh,my God! Mom! Mom! Why didn't you just call the police,son? I don't know.
I was freaking out,okay? Justin? Look,the next thing I remember is you talking to me.
Justin,I have to be honest with you.
Something is missing from this story.
And if you don't help me, I can't help you.
What is the money for,son? One of my mom's patients paid me to steal her files.
All right,guys,let's wrap this up here.
Lieutenant did I get my mom killed? I hope not.
We're gonna need a name.
I don't know.
Some rich guy, Shane and Shane Huntington.
Justin That's the guy your sister dumped last night.
Why would he want to hurt my mom? I don't know,son, I don't know yet.
But if he did, you're an accomplice.
Yeah,I paid the kid to get me those files.
'Cause Chelsea mentioned she had a brother who'd do anything for a buck.
Hand 'em over.
Man,I don't think this is such a good idea.
I promise you I will burn them when I'm done, and no one will see them.
You read something in one of those files you didn't like, and so you came back and killed Dr.
What? You can't get me for the daughter, so you figure me for the mother? I already told you people I'm not a killer.
But you are a thief.
I had to get those files.
And after Chelsea's death, I figured the cops would be all over them.
What was in them that's so important? If my dad finds out about all the bad stuff I've done- fraud,drugs - then I'll lose everything: my trust fund,my sailboat, my entire life.
What'd you do with the files? I burned mine and I threw the rest in the trash.
I wonder what your daddy is gonna think about the fact that you're under arrest for burglary.
Search the boat.
Eric,I am so sorry about Dr.
Are these her files? 'Cause I thought I put 'em in lockup.
These are the keys to finding Dr.
Marsh's killer.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doctor-patient confidentiality remains intact after her death unless there's a court order.
That could take days, all right? In the meantime, her killer's still out there, and we don't know who they're gonna kill next.
But none of this evidence will be admissible.
That's fine.
Maybe it can lead to something we can use as evidence.
Listen,my secrets are in here,too.
I'm okay with this.
Eric,you of all people know how sensitive the information in those files is.
I'm a freak,and everybody at school knows it.
Cutting is the only thing that makes me feel good.
I feel claustrophobic.
I'm tired of keeping things from my dad.
I thought you said I could say anything.
I know exactly how it happened.
Exactly how I'd kill you.
After I got shot,it really put things in perspective.
Made me think about my future,settling down.
Wish it could be Calleigh.
You find something? No.
I think this is a bust.
I got something that's dated yesterday evening.
Patient smashed a clock during a session.
This Nick Burnham,Horatio's already interviewed him.
Did he tell Horatio he smashed a clock with a gun? Then I raise a blade over my head.
I'm sorry.
We'll have to continue this next week.
Next week.
Problem is none of this is admissible.
How do we sink this guy? Well, he did say that he had a dream about killing Dr.
Let's see if he was dumb enough to register that gun.
We found the gun that you used to kill Dr.
And it matches the bullet that we recovered.
Why would you kill her if she was helping you? Just when I needed her, she was gone.
There's been a family emergency.
I'm gonna have to reschedule.
You can't do this to me! You know,I was really starting to make some breakthroughs, and she leaves me.
Just,just like everybody else.
The dreams are getting worse.
Please,my daughter died today.
I need some privacy.
What about my needs?! You said you would help me! I will help you.
Just,just put down n the gun.
Classic narcissist.
You couldn't have waited for her to grieve? Hey! She had an obligation to be there when I needed her.
We have an obligation,too.
One we're about to meet.
That was a rough day.
I'm sorry if I forced you to compromise your ethics.
No,you didn't force me into anything.
And besides,I think the end result was worth it.
Marsh was a good lady.
You know that you can talk to me about anything,don't you? Of course.
When we were going through the files, did you happen to read mine? Would it matter if I did? It just wasn't in my batch, so I figured that,uh We make a good team.
Well,I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey,man! What's up, big man? Yeah.
You good? Yeah.
Will you give us a minute? Okay.
Thank you,Lieutenant.
No problem, Mr.
Dashell, you have to start taking care of yourself.
Your boy needs you.
I need him,too.
You have children, Lieutenant? I do.
Big man? Take care,son.
Thank you.
See ya,gentlemen.