CSI: Miami s07e04 Episode Script

Raging Cannibal

Okay, where are you taking me? Right up here.
It's the perfect spot.
Really? Professor.
Wellpull it out.
Let me see it.
So, how many of those do you have out here? Oh, a dozen or so.
And I try to hide them so they aren't disturbed.
What's it tell you? Water levels, algae content.
Anything contaminating the marsh.
It doesn't look contaminated.
Just because you can't see it doesn't mean the danger isn't there.
You see those cattails? They're an Everglades' grave marker.
Runoff from the sugar farms makes them grow.
If they aren't dealt with, they'll take over the entire Glades.
So, what you're saying is that, where there's cattails, there's no other life? Then that must mean, you must be veryvery important.
What was that? I don't know.
Could be a black panther.
I had one eat a sensor two months ago.
You did? There's nothing to worry about.
They're more afraid of us than we are of It's getting closer.
Whatever it was, it's gone.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Get your cell.
Call for help.
Okay, okay, okay.
Hang on.
This guy just ran out of the bushes.
He's covered in blood.
Where the hell are we? Horatio? According to his driver's license, our victim's name is, uh, Vince Koslov.
I got the boys running a background check on him now.
Thank you, Frank.
Who do we have here? Daniel Nash.
He found our vic.
Or more like, our vic found him.
You understand this is restricted land.
I'm one of the few people authorized to be on it.
I work for the Forest Service.
I-I monitor the water quality out here.
What about her? She authorized? Well, II mean, not technically.
Brought her out here To get technical.
With miles and miles of Everglades all around, Vince here decided to pick you out.
I don't know why.
I've never seen him before.
I've never seen anyone out here before.
This place is empty.
Perfect place for a murder.
proudly presents Season 07 Episode 04 Is that right? Okay.
I'll talk to you later.
So what have we got? Someone really did a number on this guy's abdomen.
Oh, yeah? If it's just the abdomen, how come he's covered in blood? My guess? Sliced his upper gastrointestinal, bled into his esophagus.
He would have coughed that up.
Any chance he tore himself on these branches coming through the mangroves? No.
The wounds are clustered.
And they pucker, which tells me it was a blade.
Someone stabbed him with a knife several times.
With wounds like these, I'm surprised he made it through all this mangrove.
He definitely wasn't stabbed far from here.
That actually makes sense.
He was in pretty good shape.
Tripp just ran background on him.
Turned out Vince here was an extreme fighter.
Like a kickboxer.
It's sort of like kickboxing, but, uh it's a little meaner.
There's no gloves, no rules.
He immigrated here from Russia, won a few titles, then he disappeared a few years back.
Maybe I can fill in some of the blanks in post.
All right.
I was wrong about our victim coughing up blood.
His GI tract wasn't punctured.
So where did the blood come from? I don't know.
There's no trauma to the mouth, so I'm cutting open his stomach to see if the contents tell us where he was before.
I can tell you he didn't chew his food very well.
Look at the size of the piece of meat he swallowed.
That's a tattoo.
He ate human flesh.
That's where the blood came from.
Vince took a bite out of someone.
Horatio, are we dealing with a cannibal? We are dealing with the Russian mob.
That's one of their tattoos.
It looks like a stag's head.
Is that some sort of symbol? It means that his victim was marked feath.
So you're saying our guy Vince, here, was carrying out a hit.
And his victim fought back.
Aren't Calleigh and Eric still out there looking for the crime scene? They are.
And that means somebody's looking for them.
There's some blood here.
There's more blood over here.
Its definitely where Vince came through.
There's a clearing up ahead.
Let's be careful.
This guy could be anywhere.
It's definitely our crime scene.
I'd say this looks like the guy that would have stabbed Vince.
We don't need an M.
to tell us a cannibal took a bite out of his neck.
Horatio said there was some sort of a stag tattoo on his skin that they found.
That looks like the rest of it right there.
Based on the arterial spray, I'd say Vince ripped out his carotid.
Now, now, now.
Come on.
You know, Calliegh, this guy's Russian mob, too.
How can you tell? These Russian mob tattoos, they read like a criminal r\sum\.
The cat on his chest-- that means he was a thief.
I always forget that you're half Russian.
I went through a phase when I wanted to learn about Russia and my family's history.
Didn't always like what I found.
His diving knife.
I bet that blood on the blade is Vince's.
So cannibal takes a bite out of tattoo boy.
In his final moment, tattoo boy stabs the cannibal.
Case closed.
Well, we still have to put the knife in his hands.
That shouldn't be too hard to do.
Vince was a fighter, right? I'll bet you this guy was, too.
Take a look at his hands.
Sticky stuff.
It's like a spray-on adhesive that fighters use instead of tape.
That rosin will fluoresce under ultraviolet light.
You know what? If he touched the knife, it will be on the handle.
He never touched the knife.
If he didn't kill Vince, someone else had to.
We're looking for a third man.
I got a name on that guy you found in the Everglades.
Andrew Brodsky.
He's in CODIS for a few burglaries.
Well, we know who killed Andrew.
Let's hope this print can tell us who stabbed Vince.
It it partial? Yeah.
Print image is small, but the ridge detail is rich.
Let's see what AFIS has to say.
Greg Donner.
Take a look at where he works.
Diver Tech Supply.
I think it's time to, uh check out his inventory.
Can I help you? I'm not sure yet.
Do you sell this knife? Blue Iron's blunt-tipped diver.
As a matter of fact, I do.
You interested? A knife just like this was used in a homicide this morning.
Hey, man, a lot of shops around here carry knives just like that.
This one has your fingerprint on it.
Well, yeah, of course it has my fingerprint on it.
I touched it when I sold it this morning.
Do you remember who you sold it to? How can I forget? It's a young girl.
Smoking hot.
Come to think of it, she was all business.
I'm looking for blunt-tip dive knife.
Hooked-edge cutting line, quick-release sheath.
Got one left.
I can get you deals on all the latest dive equipment.
Let me guess, you want my name and number for your customer profile? You read my mind.
It's a quick read.
What time did she come in? First thing this morning.
You want to talk to her? Miss Gray, could we have a word, please? Who are you? Miami-Dade PD.
You just purchased a plane ticket? Yeah, I'm going on vacation.
That's still legal, right? Killing a man isn't.
His name is Vincent Koslov.
He was stabbed to death in the Everglades this morning.
I don't know him.
Witness says you purchased a knife from Diver Tech Supply.
A knife just like the one used to kill Vince.
How did you find me? Easy, we flagged your credit card.
Miss Gray this is an excellent chance to help yourself.
I did it.
I stabbed him just like you said.
You're confessing to murder? Yeah.
It was me.
I killed him.
** Thank you, Miss Gray.
Eric, a 230-pound trained fighter? There's no way she could have taken him out on her own.
She had help.
Miss Gray, I hadn't noticed the lacerations on your hands before.
Did you get those during the stabbing? Yeah, I did.
Is that it? No.
How do you know Andrew Brodsky? Miss Gray, I believe he asked you a question.
That's my cell phone.
That's right.
While you were being processed, we examined your cell phone.
And it turns out that you made a number of calls to Mr.
That's not all.
Look like he's your boyfriend.
He is.
So? Miss Gray, before Vince was murdered, he killed Andrew.
It must have been horrible watching Vince rip out Andrew's throat.
He did that to Andrew? But you know that because you were there so you claim.
Miss Gray, I don't believe you did this alone.
I believe you're covering for someone.
Did you bring him the murder weapon? No, I Miss Gray, who did Andrew work for? He was in construction.
Look, you have my confession.
What else do you want? We're gonna want to swab your hands.
To prove I killed Vince? For starters.
Looks like some sort of glass.
It's all I found from the cuts on her hands, tiny shards of glass.
What kind is it? So far, three different types: Sodium carbonate, which is used to make beer bottles, and baro-silicate which you might find in restaurant kitchens.
Well, there's not a whole lot of those in the Everglades.
What about that third kind? I was about to find out when you walked in.
Let's see what's behind slide number three, shall we? It's window glass, but it's tempered.
Like from a car window? Right.
But you see these dark spots? Seems like it's some kind of tar.
You know, tempered glass is often recycled to make asphalt.
I have to say that combination seems an awful lot like a city street and not at all like the Everglades.
So Cassandra Gray didn't cut her hand with a knife, did she? No, she cut 'em on the pavement.
Why would anyone crawl down the road? She was running? She fell? She's not covering for somebody.
She's running from them.
It's safer in custody.
But to take murder rap? Who would make a person that scared? The Russian mob.
Horatio, I heard Cassandra Gray's confession was a dead end.
You want me to release her? Not just yet, Frank.
Since both our vics were fighters, I checked out all the fight clubs, see where they train.
Any of them Russian-owned? Yeah.
Uh, an Ivan Sarnov, Aegis Fighting Club.
Start there.
Beautiful! That's the way! Finish him! Take him down! What are you doing?! My job.
Those badges are worthless in here, bro.
Weller, go cool off.
go cool off.
I'm sorry for his mouth, but he's correct, Lieutenant.
There are no laws being broken here.
Till now.
I'm Ivan Sarnov.
I own the Aegis.
Everything is above board.
These men are all protected under a combative sports agreement.
Too bad Andrew Brodsky and Vince Koslov didn't have that same sort of protection.
Yes, and in case you didn't know, Mr.
Sarnov, both of those men were found dead in the Everglades today.
I'm sorry to hear that, but I don't know these men.
What is this? Is this tattoo equipment? Look at this.
This is the exact same stag's head we found on Andrew Brodsky's neck.
I run a clean club.
What my men do outside my doors, I can't control.
What is this? New mat? You don't mind, do you? Look at that.
H, we got dried blood here.
In a fighting club, blood is an occupational hazard.
A cut lip didn't produce that amount of blood, Ivan.
I suspect it came from several.
No, it's a continuous pool.
What that means is it's from one donor.
You are training killers here, aren't you? I think you have wasted enough of my time.
Did you get any results from the blood I found at the fight club? The one that you told me to drop everything for? Yeah, that one.
I'm running it through CODIS now.
Did you get any hits on Andrew Brodsky or Vince Koslov? No, it didn't match either reference sample, but let's see what CODIS tells us.
The blood belongs to Nathan Madden.
Nathan Madden.
Probably works for Ivan, he's probably got a record.
No, you know what, it's exactly the opposite.
He was reported missing two days ago by his wife Susan Madden.
So she must've provided a reference sample to the department just in case.
Their address is listed as a yacht in Wayside Marina.
I'll call Horatio.
Thanks, Natalia.
H, we got a lead on the blood pool.
Susan Madden? I'm Susan Madden.
Miami-Dade police, ma'am.
Can I see some ID? We're here about the missing persons report you filed on your husband.
Did you find him? We think he may be in some danger, ma'am.
We found traces of his blood at the Aegis Fighting Club.
We wanted to know why he might be at the club.
I don't know.
A man came to see Nathan a couple days ago.
You recognize this man? No.
I heard Nathan say his name.
They were in an argument.
Get out of here, Weller.
It's gonna happen one way or the other.
I will not let you do this.
honey, What's going on? Listen I like that you're willing to fight for something.
So I'm gonna give you a chance.
How about we have a little bet? You win, we'll go away.
We win, you do as we ask.
You know what this wager was about? The last thing that he said was that he would never ay from us.
Where are you going? You're scaring me.
Don't *** Careful.
He took off in our sport boat.
It's the last time I saw him.
I'm sorry.
I I can't say anymore.
You mean you won't say anymore.
No, I can't say anymore.
Well, it was one of Ivan's guys at the fight club.
Why would he want to take Madden's yacht? Let's ask him.
So, I checked with PD.
Jason Weller's in the wind.
What about Nathan Madden? Nothing.
How does a straight-laced yacht owner end up all mixed up with the Russian guys? By owning a slip at the Wayside Marina.
Well, those are like million - dollar waterfront condos.
There's a 30-year waiting list to get one.
Someone's found a way to get around it, though.
In the last six months, 12 slips have sold for $10, 000 apiece.
How's that possible? Because the Cupelo Corporation is behind them.
Looks like it's some sort of an offshore company.
So it's probably a shell.
Means it's gonna be next to impossible to get their records.
This corporation is strong-arming the owners into selling their slips and then renting them back to them.
So it looks legal, but it's extortion.
I think our missing yacht owner was trying to buck the trend.
He is the one slip that didn't sell.
Well, then now we know why he went down to the Russian fight club.
He was trying to keep them from taking his slip.
He was last seen on his sport boat.
Let's put out a BOLO.
Yamaha 230 spotted in Biscayne National Park.
I think this is it.
Let's hope for some sign of Nathan Madden.
You think that belongs to our missing boat owner? No.
Calleigh rushed DNA testing, and it's arterial spray.
It's consistent with Andrew Brodsky's COD.
This is the boat that was at the crime scene in the Everglades.
Maybe Madden's still alive.
I don't know, but we're gonna have to figure out who was on this boat.
They might've missed the blood on the hull, but they definitely wiped down the inside.
I've dusted the console, all of the railings.
I'm not finding any usable prints.
What's with the mirror, Wolfe? It's gray carpet.
If there were any shoeprints, we would've seen them already.
Not if the dust particles are the same color as the carpet.
Okay, take the mirror and move it back, like, 20 Little bit more.
Back, back, and stop.
Stop it right there.
See that? See, the light illuminates the front side of the dust particles.
Mirror's letting us see the other side because it's shadowing the dust against the light surface.
Now we lift them.
If this doesn't match, how many do we have left? Two.
But they both look like the patterns from the victim's shoes.
This one doesn't.
I think we got our killer's shoe.
The brand is Surf Glide.
Let's check the known dealers.
It's got to be a long list.
But we only need one.
Diver Tech Supply.
Where Greg Donner works.
Greg Donner said that he sold the knife that killed Vince to Cassandra.
But his was the only print on it.
Now we can put him at the scene.
A shoe print? A lot of people wear these shoes.
Not all of them had the same nick in the tread that you do.
Only your shoes were at the murder scene of Andrew Brodsky and Vince Koslov.
We already have your fingerprints on the knife.
I think we've been over that already.
I sold it to that little That little what, Greg? We know you lied about selling the knife.
It was business.
Didn't have anything against Andrew, he just didn't follow orders.
What are we doing all the way out here? Sorry, Andrew.
You just don't have your priorities in the right order.
No, no, come on, guys.
Look, I'm sorry.
I don't know what So you had Vince kill Andrew, why stab Vince? Vince was becoming a liability.
He lacked subtlety.
It's done.
Not quite.
In other words, you're Russian mob.
Does "Donner" sound Russian to you? It's not your real name.
Yes, it is.
You changed it to blend in.
Adept in the way of the bratva? Subtlety? What the hell, I'm a dead man anyway, right? Yeah, I'm bratva.
You don't have the tattoos of a vor, so you don't call the shots.
Who ordered the hit? I don't ask those questions.
Neither should you.
What about this question: Where's Nathan Madden? We know that you were on his boat.
You mean the rich guy from the marina? I don't know.
I just borrowed it while he was sparring at the fight club.
I heard the idiot was fighting for his boat slip.
My guess is he lost more than that.
No! Please! Who was he fighting? Aw, gee, Officer, I just don't know.
All those big men at the gym, they all look the same to me.
So Cassandra saw.
That's why you lied to us about selling her the dive knife? She was a loose end needed tying.
Figured you could flush her out for us.
Get him out of here.
Well, we solved the Everglades murder.
Now all we need to do is find Nathan Madden.
They were very interested in Cassandra.
Let's ask her.
It turns out, Miss Gray, that we've apprehended Mr.
Koslov's killer.
You have to let me go now, don't you? It seems clear that you confessed to us because you were afraid the mob was gonna kill you.
I just thought I was safer in here.
That's why I couldn't talk.
Yes, which is precisely why you need to talk now.
It was easy for you to find me.
It'll be easy for them, too.
Tell me what happened.
Andrew and I were outside of his gym.
Now, you know what I want to do tonight? What's that? I want to go see a movie.
I didn't see him, but he saw us.
I think Andrew knew him.
Why do you say that? Andrew's reaction.
He wasn't surprised.
And then they shared this look.
Like they recognized each other.
And then Andrew pulled me away.
Andrew, what the hell are you doing? Sorry, but you saw.
That body.
I-I won't say anything, I swear.
You don't have to do this.
I got no choice! Shut up! I love you.
Get as far away as you can.
Don't let them see you.
I'm dead if they see you.
Which is why you attempted to leave town.
I went back to my place to grab some things.
I thought I was careful, but someone must have seen me.
It's my fault.
He couldn't kill me, so they killed him.
Who's that? He's with the U.
Marshal Service, Miss Gray and the Witness Protection Program.
He's gonna help you disappear.
These Russians, Lieutenant Andrew said they'd never give up.
Neither do I.
So, this is where Cassandra saw Madden's body dumped? yeahShe said it was outside the Russian's fig, ht club.
I really hope Cassandra's on the level.
Horatio gave her protection.
She's got no reason left to lie.
But still, it seems to lack sense to dispose of a body outside your own establishment.
Russians don't lack sense; they lack fear.
Best way to get caught.
It's empty.
It's trash day-- it could be in a landfill by now.
Or not.
Hey! Hey!Stop the lift! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Stop this! Stop this.
Stop the Dumpster.
Looks like Cassandra was telling the truth.
Where's Calleigh? She went to the marina to notify his wife.
According to the I.
, this is Nathan Madden.
Wow, these guys really stop at nothing.
They stab, they bite.
Now they beat.
The means don't matter as long as it ends in death.
The means matter to me.
What are you thinking? They fight bare - fisted in there, which means the killer had his hands all over him.
So with permission, I'm gonna dust the body for prints You realize that that's impossible without a fuming chamber, right? It's like you said-- different means, same ends.
Anyway, I can't fume him-- he's been out here too long at this point.
If I can get even a whisper of a print to fluoresce Well, I'll let you get to it.
We found Nathan Madden.
And that is That's the guy whose blood we found all over your club.
You killed Nathan because he wouldn't meet your demands.
You remember.
I have made no demands.
You wanted his million-dollar boat slip for ten grand.
We found your fingerprints all over his body.
This man you mention, Nathan Madden, was he a short man? I remember him-- not a good fighter.
And you're right, there was a lot of blood.
I tried to help him when he fell.
You'll be okay.
You're all right.
You'll be okay.
Stay with me.
Help is on the way.
You helped him into a Dumpster after you beat him to death.
But you know what? Cassandra Gray saw you.
You mean Andrew's girlfriend, yeah.
You know, she's had some problems in the past.
Not a reliable witness.
Is there someone else who can corroborate this story? Ivan, if you didn't kill Nathan, who did? You remember the man fighting this afternoon? Jason Weller? I talked to him, make sure he turns himself in.
And why would he do that, Ivan? He trusts me, Lieutenant.
Weller just got carried away; he's a good kid.
Who would follow your every command, including confessing to murder.
Whether you like it or not, Jason Weller's testimony will exonerate me.
Is that the man who killed my husband? His testimony confirms it.
Am I gonna be safe? You are now.
Madden, if you have any problems, you don't hesitate to call me, okay? Thank you, Lieutenant.
Thank you, ma'am.
A shame.
He was one of my best.
You trained him well, Ivan.
We live in a world where it's necessary to get results, Lieutenant.
Well, then it turns out we share the same philosophy.
What is it you are after? I'm after you, Ivan, and I'm gonna get you.