CSI: Miami s07e05 Episode Script


I have the black you requested.
Would you like the brown as well? No,the Ferragamo,por favor.
Siempre me tratas bien.
Thank you,Oscar.
Claro que s^,Ms.
Cualquier cosa para mi mejor cliente.
Check you out.
Too much? Are you kidding? I could never wear that.
I hate you.
It shouldn't be this loose,should it? Try on a muumuu or a poncho for me,will you? So I have a fighting chance.
And lock your door.
I could have been some creep.
One fatality.
I'm surprised there wasn't more.
Her name was Kim Walderman,17 years old.
I heard her friend in the dressing room next door sustained only minor injuries.
How is that possible? Wellthe blast was confined to this space.
The question is: where is the source? I won't be able to get a good look at her trauma in here.
The clothing is fused to her body.
You'll keep me posted on that,please.
Why target a fashion boutique? It seems so random.
On the contrary.
This was by design.
proudly presents Season 07 Episode 05 I just had those virtual dressing rooms installed.
You don't,you don't think there was a malfunction or something,do you? Mr.
Serino,we believe this was intentional.
Can you think of someone with a grudge? Anyone who might want to ruin your business? I opened six months ago.
The competition next door would love nothing more than to see me fall flat on my face, but to blow up my store uh maybe.
How many customers did you have this morning? A handful.
We opened two hours ago.
You have any surveillance footage from security cameras? This isn't a drugstore.
Our fashion is exclusive.
Important people pay top dollar.
They don't want a camera recording their every move.
We're gonna need all of your customer receipts and employee records.
okay,******you just**** Gentlemen,would you,would you excuse me,please? Get your hands off me.
Don't make me use the cuffs,Ms.
Excuse me.
How many times do I have to tell you it is not Get in the car.
Excuse me.
What is going on? Horatio.
This is a stupid mix-up.
I wrote a bad check in there,and now Keystone Cop over here is turning it into a big deal.
Okay,Julia,would you give us a moment,please? What happened in there? She's a repeat offender,Lieutenant.
The merchant inside has already filed a fraud affidavit regarding Ms.
He caught her again trying to pass another bad check.
What is the total? $6,000 I'll take it from here,okay? Talk to me.
Ron brought in this guy Leonard McBride.
He's,he's a business manager¡ª supposed to watch our money,but I can't trust him.
I mean,wha-- do you see what's happening here? All right.
I'm going to talk to Leonard,but no more bad checks,Julia.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
Let's get you home.
Buy rate is 30 to one.
Condo sales are at an all-time low.
Invest it now,make money later.
That's how this works.
Take off,gentlemen.
You better have a good explanation for this.
Shut up,Leonard.
Julia Winston.
She's a client of mine,yeah.
She claims that you are stealing from her.
You're misinformed.
Julia has lost her money,but she has only herself to blame.
How so? Look,she squandered millions of dollars.
Uh,rolled everything into venture capital-- obsolete companies,bankrupt businesses.
Not to mention Ron Saris,who hired you,I understand.
Hey,if the man in her life buys a luxury yacht and then disappears, there's not a whole lot I can do.
This woman is spiraling real bad,Lieutenant.
I really think she's losing touch with reality.
- Listen to me,you're burning through cash like nobody's business.
- Enough.
- You could wind up with nothing! - No.
I don't have to listen to anyone.
Get out.
Get out! She owes me almost a year's worth of compensation.
And-and I have to say,uh,working for free is getting a little old.
Leonard,a word to the wise: this better be the truth.
Finish your lunch.
We're gonna have a lot of fun collecting all of this stuff.
Tell me about it.
What do you need me to do? Well,I'm really just looking for something that'll tie all this to the explosion.
What was up on this wall,a TV screen? An LCD touch screen.
Every possible wardrobe combination at your fingertips.
Well,whatever happened to just standing in front of a mirror? Well,a mirror can't remember everything that you've tried on.
So this LCD screen could remember the moment our girl died.
Yeah,if we could put it back together,maybe.
You looking for me? Yeah.
I wanted you to have a look at this.
Looks like she took quite a hit to her abdomen.
Major trauma,right? Now take a look at her upper torso and face.
The trauma caused by the explosion is completely localized.
There should be,uh,collateral burns,there should be puncture wounds from debris.
Her neck and back also relatively unscathed.
So it's like the blast originated from her abdomen and moved outwards away from her.
Now,take a look at her clothes.
Are those copper wires? Two.
Showed up on the lateral-projection X ray.
Both connected to the top ends of the zipper.
Wait a second,there's something under here.
A watch battery.
This is enough to set off a small amount of C-4.
But what triggered it? The zipper.
The two pieces of metal came together and completed the circuit.
My God.
She was wearing the bomb.
Okay,yeah,I guess I could have handed her the dress, but what does that have to do with anything? Because it was rigged to explode,Mr.
What? Follow me.
Hey,Jane,what you got? The virtual dressing room rises again.
The display panel's hard drive is set up to dump its video every couple of minutes, but the explosion blew out the motherboard.
Can you pull anything? Just the last few moments.
That was me.
I handed her that silk top right there.
But that dress that she's wearing right now I don't sell that here.
Are you sure? All my clothes are 100% animal friendly.
That's suede.
That means someone walked into the store and delivered the bomb personally.
Hi,you've reached the voicemail for Julia Winston.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Hey,Julia,it's me.
Listen,I had a conversation with our friend,Leonard.
I'm on my way I got to call you back.
Hey,hey,hey,hey! Get off me! Get off.
Get off me.
Hey,get off him! Get off him.
What is going on here? You got some nerve,kid,taking a swing at me in my own driveway.
This kid's out of control.
Excuse me,but it doesn't look like he's alone.
If he steps foot on my property one more time,I'm gonna press charges.
Fair enough.
Have a good day.
You're picking fights with neighbors? Dad,hehe's a jerk,and he has a big mouth,all right? Son,somebody with your history cannot afford to be arrested again,can you? No.
Is your mother home? No.
Where did she go? I don't know; she never tells me anything.
Okay,I'll take care of it.
Go in the house.
Dad I'm worried about her.
She's not acting normal.
Go in the house,let me take care of it.
Cracking the case,are you? Oh,I'm cracking it wide open.
I brought you something.
It might help.
What you got? Take a look.
Is this from the blast? How did we miss this? Building inspector found it in the ceiling between floors one and two.
A driver's license-- Kim Walderman.
This is the vic's purse.
Pretty big chunk of change for a teenager,don't you think? Yeah,you think? About five grand.
What else we got in here? We got matches,a bunch of broken security tags.
A knife.
For shoplifting.
Kids will heat that knife up,cut the plastic ink tags off of stolen clothing.
Okay,so that's probably how she came under all this cash.
She was shopping with a friend,wasn't she? Yeah,she was-- the friend's in the hospital.
Might be the next move.
yep How are you feeling? The doctor put in a few stitches,antibiotics.
Said I'll be fine.
You know you were lucky.
Yeah,wish I could say the same for Kim.
Look,they said they were gonna take me home.
Why am I here? I need you to show me what's under your blouse.
You're kidding,right? You're gonna sexually harass me now? You know what this is about,Amy.
No,actually,I don't.
I need you to lift up your shirt.
Okay,Kim and I were into shoplifting.
We didn't hurt anyone.
Well,you obviously pissed somebody off, because Kim had $5,000 in her purse,and now she's dead.
Who were you selling the merchandise to? College dorms and stuff.
Not that many college students with an extra $5,000 laying around.
So who hired you? Nobody.
I was in it for the fun,I swear.
That fun turned into a felony.
You're under arrest.
Grand theft.
What are you doing here? Are you following me? Selling your house? Leonard McBride robbed me blind,okay? And living here ain't cheap.
What do you want me to do? I want you to tell me what's really going on here.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Look,Julia,when was the last time you took your medication? Don't make this about that.
But this is exactly what it's about.
You're sliding,and I can see it.
My friend,Ron,was right about the pills.
I'm not myself on them.
Have you consulted a doctor about that? I'm gonna deal with this on my terMs.
You trying to figure out where Kim Walderman's money came from? Yeah,well,II figured that the iodine would be more delicate than ninhydrin.
Why only two bills? Well,whoever handled the cash handled it as a bundle.
So they might have left prints,but only on the outer-facing top and bottom bills.
Those bills are gonna have dozens of prints on top of prints.
That's right,but if we get the same print on both, then I know the cash was handled by that person as a bundle.
Sowe've got two sets of matching prints.
Okay,so one of them's got to be Kim Walderman.
That's correct,there she is.
All right,let's see who the other set belongs to.
Robert Langley.
Got no priors for theft.
Yeah,but not exactly innocent,either.
He was accused of sexual misconduct with a patient.
I'd like to know what the hell he's doing giving a 17-year-old a stack of cash.
The sexual misconduct was a false accusation.
The charges were dropped.
The lawsuit wasn't.
I'm a plastic surgeon.
My patients are insecure,some of them,deeply unhappy.
That particular one,did not like what I had to say about her during a consultation.
She lashed out.
Listen,my daughter and I have someplace to be in an hour.
Can I go now? What about this young lady? Is she a patient of yours? Let me refresh your memory,Dr.
We found your fingerprints on a large amount of cash in her purse.
I met Kim.
She came to me,wanted a breast enlargement.
But you didn't oblige? Of course not-- she's 17-years-old.
You're too young.
Give it a few years.
Come back when you're ready.
I am ready.
I can pay cash.
We shouldn't even be discussing this while your parents aren't here.
Walderman,I won't do it.
I gave her her money back,along with some sound advice.
She was murdered this morning.
I'm so sorry to hear that,I Did she give you any indication of where she'd gotten the money? No.
But I do have a daughter that same age,Ms.
You should see the allowance she gets.
Thank you for your time,Doctor.
What do you got,Frank? I just got a call,fatal hit and run.
Vic's a blonde,adult male.
Okay? It's Julia's address.
Where's Kyle,Frank? I don't know.
We don't have an I.
It looks like a hit and run.
His name is Bryce Kerwin.
He lives across the street.
Well,I got a bottle of pills in his pocket.
It's Lamotrigine.
It's bipolar medication for Julia Winston.
Where is she? Inside,she won't come out.
Thank you.
Julia? Is that you,John? I lie to you,John.
I do.
Then again,you lie to me,too.
Don't you,John Walden? Julia,that was a long time ago.
I was undercover.
Where is Kyle? He left.
Where did he go? Don't know.
I'm not sure what happened.
There was a fight.
Kyle! Kyle,stop it! What's wrong with you? Calm down! Don't tell me to calm down! Get out! Are you giving these to him? You need these! Get out! Get out of here! Get out of here,both of you! Stop it! Leave! No,wait! Don't go,please! Bryce was stealing my medication.
Bryce is lying dead in the driveway,Julia,hit by your car.
Now,listen to me,did you or Kyle have anything to do with this? Julia,look at me.
Where is Kyle? He was just trying to protect me.
Who's going to protect him now? He's dead? Bryce Kerwin is dead? He was killed in your mother's driveway by your mother's car.
Do you have a set of those keys? Yeah,I mean,she lets me drive the Porsche.
Did you use the vehicle today? No.
Dad,I Dad,listen to me.
I did not do this.
Kyle,you had a public fight with this man.
That's gonna be a problem.
I was only trying to protect Mom.
He was stealing her meds.
Why didn't you tell me about this before? II don't know.
I thought I could handle it on my own.
Lookthere's only one other set of keys.
If there's a chance that Mom did do this Hang,hang on.
Just hang on.
Look,if it comes to that,I want you to put me in that driver's seat.
That's not the way it works,Kyle.
H,I heard about what's going on with Julie and Kyle.
I came to help.
Bottom line,Eric,I can't find anything to exonerate either one of them.
If I don't,that kid is going back to jail.
There's got to be something.
Let's go through it one more time.
There's something here.
Eric,that is crab shell.
So,Leonard,how did the rest of lunch turn out? Not too productive.
Why? Because it turns out,you left some of it behind,in Julia's car when you stole it this afternoon.
You don't understand.
Sure,I do.
Julia was burning through so much cash.
I realized I was never going to get paid.
So you decided to abscond with her vehicle as collateral.
I just wanted to ensure that I got some kind of payment.
The guy came out of nowhere.
Look,I am not a criminal,Lieutenant.
You are now,Leonard.
Lieutenant? You be careful of Julia.
She'll bring you down,too.
You've reassembled the bomb.
Yeah,what's left of it.
Problem is,bomb maker didn't leave behind any sort of unique signature.
This guy really knew what he was doing.
What sort of explosive was used? Very thin plastique.
He concealed it by sewing it into the seam here.
You know,he may be a good bomb maker, but who's to say he's a good dressmaker? That's a really good point.
I'll,I'll check the seams he mended.
Yeah,it's worth a try.
Stan Carlyle.
He's got a history with explosives.
Yeah,four misdemeanor explosives charges.
He blew up a college statue and a neighbor's pool table.
Spent two years in jail.
Looks like Stan's up to his old tricks.
Not if I have anything to do with it.
I'm CSI Wolfe.
This is CSI Delko.
Do you mind if we step in for a second? CSI? Yeah,sure.
Stan's my roommate.
Is everything all right? Where is he now? I don't know.
He left like,6:00 this morning.
I haven't seen him since.
What time do you expect him back? I don't know.
He's like a handyman or something.
Stan works days,I work nights.
I'm just subletting from him.
We hardly ever see each other.
All right,we're gonna have to take a look around.
Yeah,go ahead.
That's his room right there.
It's locked,though.
He never lets anybody in there.
**** Imagine living with a bomber and not even knowing it? Okay,see this? This is the same wires we found in the bomb.
And this thread matches the thread in the dress.
That's not all.
There's a shopping bag full of size two women's clothing here.
Some pulled apart.
Stan was trying to find the best fit for his bomb.
Where are the clothes from? Feratelli's.
That store happens to be right across the street from our bomb site.
Hi,I'm Calleigh Duquesne,CSI.
Are you Ms.
Feratelli? I am.
I heard someone died in Oscar's store.
The street's been shut down all morning.
We believe the dress the victim was wearing came from your store.
I made that.
It was one of a kind.
It was rigged with a bomb.
Do you remember who bought it? No,but I can tell you who stole it.
Some bitch with a baby carriage.
What makes you so certain about that? After she left,I saw the empty hangers,so I ran out to look for her.
I found the stroller ditched a half-block away.
Hey! What the She must've seen me coming.
She left some of the merchandise behind.
Where's the stroller now? I have it in back.
I'm gonna need to take it with me.
I didn't know you were expecting.
No,this is the stroller used to smuggle the bomb dress out of Feratelli's clothing store.
You find anything that might lead us to our bomber? No.
Unfortunately,nothing's popping at all.
No prints,there's no visible trace.
What about this blanket? Does this feel heavy to you? Yeah,and rigid.
That's not exactly baby friendly.
Let's take a look at it.
What's aluminum foil doing in here? It's a conducting material.
Bet you they use it to shield whatever they're covering from radio frequencies.
Allowing the user to bypass the store's security system.
that's right I think I know who this belongs to.
Let me guess,you want me to take my pants off this time.
Why don't you drop the sarcasm,Amy? Right now,the shoplifting is the least of your worries.
Do you want to tell us more about the baby stroller scam? I didn't think so.
Somebody stop that girl! What about Stan Carlyle? You know him? No.
Who is he? He's the man that rigged the dress that killed your friend.
The dress that you stole.
This isn't fair.
What's not fair? This.
Kim was the one targeting clothes from Ocean Drive magazine.
What do you mean,targeting? You know,like specific lists with stores and designers.
Who gave her the lists? They killed my friend.
I don't think it's wise to say anything.
Hey,you can't take that.
I'd like to see what your phone has to tell us.
Cell phones are lifelines to kids nowadays.
Couple of minutes,we'll see who she knows and where she goes.
We've got some text messages,her call log,photos.
Wait a second.
That's the murder victim.
She's standing outside the fitting room.
That's a crime scene.
I can enlarge it some more,but I'm afraid that's as good as you're gonna get.
No,I got everything I need.
I know who I got to bring in.
Didn't you guys get enough the first time around? Sorry,Barry.
Sometimes it takes us a while to get our ducks in a row.
But I do apologize.
The reason we have you here is because, well,we're charging you with first-degree murder.
You're serious.
I got a photo of you delivering the bomb that killed Kim Walderman.
I'll tell you what gave you away: your watch.
My watch.
I recognized it from your apartment earlier today.
What,the one you can find at almost any department store in the country? Come on,I thought you were looking for my roommate,Stan.
Stop trying to railroad me and find him.
I have found him.
I found him.
He's sitting right in front of me.
Barry,Stan-- whatever your name is,you're the same guy.
You have no roommate.
You're the bomber.
What are you talking about? We took a look at your fingerprints,and I noticed this.
I don't see anything.
Your fingers didn't leave any prints.
So what? So I did a little background check on your roommate Stan.
And six months ago,it turns out, he admitted himself to the hospital with severe first-degree burns on his hands and face.
This photo was taken pre-surgery courtesy of the Miami-Dade Burn Ward.
You hurt yourself pretty bad practicing your little hobby of making bombs,didn't you,Barry? Well,it turns out,you can change your face,but luckily for guys like me, you can't change your DNA.
Now,I've got a sample of Stan's DNA.
Are you real gonna make me run it against yours? Look,I am sorry for what happened to that girl.
I really am.
But you don't understand.
He he saved my life.
Who did? The man who who gave me a face.
I was so disfigured,I couldn't even step outside.
So your doctor put you up to this.
He asked me to custom-make a bomb for him.
How could I say no? Well,Barry you should've said no.
So I have a paparazzi photograph here in Ocean Drive magazine of your daughter, taken at an event last week- wearing not only a stolen dress, but the dress that killed Kim Walderman this morning.
There's lots of dresses out there,Ms.
It's true.
But there are not a lot of bomb makers, and certainly not a lot of ones whose faces you've reconstructed.
Stan Carlyle's talking.
I live a high-profile life.
But with the economy,elective surgery's one of the first luxuries to go.
It's important to keep up appearances even if business is on the decline.
My daughter,my wife I need to take care of them the way everyone expects me to.
Perception creates a lot of pressure.
So it was cheaper to have Kim Walderman steal for you? Thought it was a win-win.
She even recruited a friend to help.
But then,like every teenager,she got greedy.
What do you have for me? Amy and I are so busy,I don't even know what's in the bags anymore.
My daughter will love this.
There's your money.
And ll schedule your breast augmentation for three weeks from now.
That's not the deal anymore.
I want the big money.
The big money? I'm giving you plenty.
Forget it.
Didn't they already get you for sexual misconduct once? I wonder who they'd believe if a 17-year-old girl like me told a little story like that.
It'd probably be a while before you saw your daughter again.
You give an inch,they take a yard.
You took a life.
Teenagers talk without thought of consequence.
SoI called in a favor.
To shut her up.
Can you do the job? Hell,yeah.
I could wire a cloud to blow.
You can find her in four days at Oscar Serino's.
Be ready.
You're under arrest,Doctor.