CSI: Miami s07e09 Episode Script

Power Trip

Tracy Hooper was given the liver of a nine-year-old accident victim in a four-hour operation.
Hooper is in critical but stable condition, normal after such an operation.
Her condition will be monitored for 72 hours to s if there's any signs of rejection.
Let's go to work.
* Yeah! * We don't get fooled again * * Don't get fooled again * So what do you think? No signs of a struggle.
The area around the body was undisturbed.
Ryan and Calleigh are canvassing the area, but I'm pretty sure this is a secondary crime scene.
Tire treads? Nothing, nothing.
No evidence of how the body got here.
She was just dumped.
Okay, so all we have is the body.
Okay, Dr.
No I.
on her yet.
Got a call into Missing Persons.
They're checking reports for any descriptions that might match the victim.
Lieutenant, we've got multiple burns on her body.
One here on her hand, on her arm and several on her upper torso.
This jacket burn goes from the back all the way to the front of her palm.
Something was clamped onto her.
I'm guessing jumper cables.
This guy's sadistic.
She wasn't just murdered, she was tortured.
The electricity took the path of least resistance, exiting out her back.
I'm guessing she was in a prone position at the time of death.
With burns like these, I'd say it packed a pretty good charge.
How much? It's hard to say exactly.
It takes one amp to kill a person.
To inflict these types of burns, ten maybe.
I don't need to open her up to know that she's probably fried inside, but I will to get you guys some answers.
Thank you, Doctor.
Ready? One, two, three.
All right, let's shoot.
Small scale.
Large scale.
Okay, now let's do length, width.
Start here.
What have we got? Young adult female, no signs of gature marks or bruising.
She didn't put up a fight? Nor was she physically restrained.
It's like she let it happen.
What's the cause of death? Heart failure due to electric shock.
Her heart went into severe ventricular fibrillation and then stopped.
The burns don't look as extreme as I thought they would.
Well, after the initial shock, tissue damage doesn't progress with further electrocution.
Some of it will fry and some of it will remain completely healthy.
Electricity's funny like that.
Take a look at this.
Her pupils are fully dilated.
Which means they were that way at the time of death.
So she was killed in complete darkness? Something's not right here.
What are you thinking? Well Well, it's more of a hunch than a thought.
I'll take it to Trace, see if it hits on anything.
How's that desk treating you, Reggie? It's a far cry from Homicide, but hey, what's not to like? Hang in there, Detective.
Thank you, Horatio.
Let me set these up for a positive ID.
All right.
Is that the victim's boyfriend? Yeah, Wolfe's with him.
Name's Tim Erickson.
He called in the Missing Person on one Kathy Meyers.
Description is a match.
All right, thank you.
I checked up on him.
He got a record.
You might want to follow up on that.
Old habits die hard, huh? The may have me riding this desk, but I'm gonna work it, baby.
Just remember why you're here.
We were supposed to go out last night.
What time was that? I tried calling her.
Went by her dorm, and her car was gone.
When I went by again this morning, she still hadn't come back.
Were you two very serious? It was our three-month anniversary.
I was gonna ask her to move in with me.
That's why we were going out.
So she was gone less than 12 hours, and yet you filed a missing person's report.
It was supposed to be a surprise, but she knew it was coming.
That's why I thought something was up.
Tim, was Kathy aware of your sexual batry conviction? What's that got to do with this? Well, you know, more often than not, the first person to report someone missing or murdered is usually guilty of the crime.
I came down here to ID my girlfriend, and you've got the nerve to accuse me of her murder? If you're finished, I'd likeo go now.
Don't go far.
Did you get the tox back from Kathy Meyers? Yeah, nothing in her bloodstream.
No chloroform, no GHB, nothing.
What about you? What'd you get? A swab from Kathy Meyers' eye has high doses of cyclopentolate.
Blocks the eyes' muscular receptors, dilates the pupils.
Effectively blinding her; restraint without restraint.
Tara's hunch was right.
He didn't kill her in the dark.
Instead, he fully dilated her pupils so that she was sensitive to the light.
It's weird.
Wait, wait, wait.
Do you remember that case from about a year or so ago, the murder vic's name was Allison something? No, doesn't ring a bell.
Well, anyway, her pupils were dilatedin the same matter.
I did the trace.
What happened? You know, I can't remember.
But the lab's IDB should be able to tell us.
Let me just put in the right search words, and I'm sure we'll be able to track down her case.
Allison Novell, 21, stabbed and dumped back in October of last year.
Yeah, but stabbed.
Kathy Meye was electrocuted.
May be related, maybe not, but it's still worth looking into.
Okay, well, their lead suspect was Dr.
Max Paulson, her ophthalmologist.
Never found enough to connect him.
But the physical evidence is still in the department.
I think it's time to get a send opinion from Dr.
You're kidding me.
Look, I s wrongly accused last time.
You can't just come into my office and start accusing me again.
We can if you've killed another girl.
Kathy Meyers.
Her eyes were dilated with a tool of your trade.
Oh, just like Allison Novell.
Where were you this morning? In my bed sleeping, like everyone else.
And before you ask, no, no one can corroborate that.
How unfortunate.
That's quite a shiner you got there.
Cut lip, too.
That happen when you tried to subdue the girl in our morgue? 'Cause we will find evidence of that.
You guys got to learn to communicate.
Talk to Reggie Mastow.
Detective Mastow contacted you? Yeah.
And as you so astutely pointed out, he left the marks to prove it.
Why is he so hell-bent on pinning me for murder? First Allison Novell, now some girl I don't even know.
Because maybe you killed these girls.
I didn't kill anyone, and you won't fault me if I talk to my attorney? I insist on it.
He said I assaulted him? I saw the facial damage myself, Reggie.
And you two have a history.
I just put him on notice, let him know we're all still watching him.
I d't need the help.
I see a lot of casework, strapped to this desk.
Now, as soon as I saw those dilated pupils, I knew that could only mean one thing, that Max Paulson killed again.
Reggie, you're on restrictive duty.
Because of him and the Allison Novell case.
Look, a civilian charge me with harassment, it run up the IAB chain, I ain't working Homicide no more? You're not taking this seriously, Reggie.
I found the man's print on the Novell girl! The print was inconclusive.
A tented arch, just like Paulson.
You know how rare that is? Of course you, you run the damn crime lab.
As long as I've been working this, I ain't never been more sure of anything.
What do you got? Did a search of past cases involving pupil dilation and forced blindness.
So we have another victim.
Yeah, we do.
She's alive.
She reported being attacked and blinded about eight months ago.
Name's Jessica Davis.
Thank you, Eric.
Jessica Davis.
That name rings a bell.
Just give me a little more time on this.
I can connect Paulson to her.
I need your badge and gun.
You're gonna put me on leave? For what? You are endangerg two cases now.
Your badge and gun.
Lieutenant, please don't do this to me.
They already took the work away from me.
I'm just a shadow around here.
Reggie, listen to me.
gg Let me clear this up, and I will personally reinstate you.
Lieutenant, Jessica wants to talk to you, but I'm not sure it's such a good idea, given her condition.
Her condition? She was just diagnosed with metastic breast cancer.
I'm sorry to hear that.
We just got engaged a month ago.
Well, she is weak.
But she's stubborn as ever.
If you could just take it slow with her.
I'll do that.
Hi, Jessica.
I just hope you listen this time.
I don't Your department dismissed me.
I'm not I reported this eight months ago.
The detective I spoke to passed me off to somebody else.
I never heard from either of them again.
Why don't you tell me what happened? I had a day off; I spent it reading a magazine in the park.
I lost track of time, and headed off to school.
I must have been knocked unconscious.
Why do you say that? Suddenly, there was this blinding light.
My eyes.
I can't see! Tell me how bad it hurts.
Beg for your life.
He wanted me to beg for my life, but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.
The next thing I know, I'm out on the street.
I've told you all of this before! No one took me seriously.
Okay, Jessica, that's about to change.
Horatio, I pulled all the evidence on Allison Novell out of the empty PD storage, but this is unfortunately all but destroyed by water damage.
Is anything usable? Not that I've seen.
Salvage what you can and reprocess it, please.
Excuse me.
You got it.
Horatio Caine.
Lieutenant, please, I need your help.
Miss Davis, what's the matter? My fiancé isn't here.
There's a man parked outside watching me.
I don't know what to do.
Okay, I'll be right there.
You stay away from her! You understand?! I'll kill you! Oh, you're wearing a gun.
You son of a bitch! Reggie, let him go! - Let him go! -Wait, I know you.
You're that cop.
The one that blew me off! You're not really giving me a whole lot to go on.
It just happened so fast.
Do you know how many assault reports I get? What? That's him? You blew my girlfriend off? You son of a Mr.
Chilton, calm down.
Eric, take them inside, please.
Let's go.
I don't know what you're doing here, man.
All I could think about, Horatio, was I was supposed to come and finish the job.
Reggie, didn't we just talk about this? Look, I'm ju trying to protect Jessica.
Didn't we just talk about it, Reggie? Look, we let her slip through our finger before.
We can't Reggie! If I see you out here again, if I see you out here again, you're finished.
Do you understand? I'll have your job.
She's not safe.
She's not safe.
Just finished my post of Kathy Meyers.
Was there something else you needed? Yeah, I need to take some photos.
Well, if you need pictures, why don'you just check the case file? No, not like the ones that I need.
These are infrared photos, and they penetrate through multiple subdural layers.
Any bruising should show up in AV.
We know that Allison from a year ago and our victim today were both blinded by eyedrops.
Right, and Jessica Davis corroborates that.
But the killer would had to have subdued them before he could administer the eyedrops.
Eyedrops don't stop you from screaming or fighting back.
All right.
So the question is: how did he do it? We know it wasn't chemically, so it has to be physically.
Yeah, but I didn't find any bruising to indicate physical restraint.
None that you could see.
That's what this is for.
All right, she's all yours.
There's some clear bruising, but it doesn't look like he strangled her.
Yeah, there's only four markings.
They're all from fingers.
It's a blood choke.
Pinch the carotid and the jugular, cut off blood to the brain.
Hypoxia kicks in, and in a few seconds, it's lights out.
So we're looking for someone with specialized hand-to-hand training.
Maybe military.
Or a vengeful cop.
Are you saying that you think Reggie killed Allison Novell and Kathy Meyers? I'm saying that he's been all over this case since it started.
Yeah, because he wants the guy to be caught.
Or because he wants to make sure that we have a suspect at all times.
Okay, look, I'm willing to admit that Reggie can be a bit aggressive, but he's a good cop.
In Allison Novell's case, they used infrared photography, too.
There were no markings.
Killer's getting angrier.
And all I'm saying is I've seen Mastow.
He can come unhinged.
In my opinion, all you've got are a few bruises.
And I think you need to have a lot more than that before you take this theory out in front of the rest of the department.
I don't agree.
Hey, guys.
Hey, Reg.
Miss Duquesne.
What are you doing here? I wanted to gnaw on me a bit.
The department's in full "cover-your-ass" mode.
Well, I guess in all fairness, he did put him in a bit of a tight spot.
Everybody's overreacting.
And you guys have proved me right.
Speaking of which, any new leads on Max Paulson? You know I can't discuss the case.
That's how you're going to play it, huh? It's protocol.
You CSIs love your protocol.
Prance around here in your perfect white lab coat, acting like you know every damn thing.
But sometimes police work ain't clean.
I think I'll stick with what works for me.
Turn the elevator back on.
What works for you? While you're taking your sweet time looking for more evidence, Paulson is out there walking free and easy.
Now, who's to say he's going to stop these killings? Is that what you want? More innocent girls to die? Step away from me, Reggie.
You getting off? No.
I forgot something in the lab.
Ask yourself something, Detective.
How would you feel if you had to stare a murderer in the eye and let him walk away? You trying to get to sleep after knowing something like that.
I sleep just fine.
How about you? Yeah, we're at a total loss with the evidence in Allison Novell's case.
And overall the evidence in Kathy Meyers' case.
Twice, none of it linked to Max Paulson or or any other suspects in this case.
You know, if the evidence doesn't lead us to the killer then maybe she can.
Kathy Meyers? So we know where she was dumped, but we don't know where she was abducted from.
Well, she was a, uh, student at Dade University.
But what do we really know about her? We know she was in love.
Yeah, Erickson said that it was her three-month anniversary, and they were going out to celebrate.
And what does a girl do before her big date? Make me wait in the living room with her cat.
Okay, but before that, what does a girl do? 'Cause see this right here these little marks along her eyebrow? That's from threading.
Threading? That sounds painful.
What happens is a stylist weaves a thread through your eyebrow, and then pulls the whole thing at once.
So you get this done in a salon?Monthly.
And from looks of her credit card bills, she had a favorite place that she goes to.
So I ran the plates, and the car's registered to Kathy Meyers.
Salon confirmed that she was here yesterday.
Yeah, looks like it's her purse.
Okay, so she was abducted right here.
Take a look at this.
See any scuff marks? Yeah.
We travel along here resulting in this.
Must be where he parked.
I don't see any tire treads.
Neither do I.
What do you think this is? It looks like industrial grease.
Maybe off his shoe? Could lead us to the killer.
Hang on a second.
ay, I'll be there.
We have another body.
Pupil dilation is consistent, repeated electrical burns.
No pattern.
Looks like jumper cables again.
It's a match to Kathy Meyers, isn't it? You really don't expect to have to see this kind of thing twice in one day.
The bruises from the blood choker clearly visible this time, Lieutenant.
I know I'm new, but I have to say I think this guy is escalating.
And getting sloppy.
What is underneath that fingernail, Doctor? Looks like she took some hair with her.
Which means she put up a fight.
Good news is, she got a follicular tag.
That is good news.
Latest victim's name is Rachel Calvado.
Just 21, but already booked for possession, solicitation, assault.
Bless her heart.
That is a hard life.
Harder death.
Still waiting on the DNA results on the hair from under her nails.
Everything all right? Yeah.
I'm just a little edgy.
So are you going to run sample against the department staff? No.
Why? Have someone in mind? Reggie Mastow.
It could be him.
I just want to know for sure.
But he's no longer working the case.
The only way his hair could get on the victim Doesn't matter.
It's from another familiar face.
Max Paulson.
I don't know a girl named Rachel Calvado, either.
I'm sorry.
We found hair under her fingernail, Max.
And the problem is, Max, that the DNA profile is yours.
That's not possible.
'Cause you can't make mistakes? Detective Mastow's methods may be wrong, but I think he may be right abouyou.
Everything you have is circumstantial.
Everything but the truth, Max.
How does this keep happening? Why don't you tell us? I have nobody seems to be listening to me.
I've been in a theater all afternoon.
Two movies, back to back.
Can anyone vouch for that? No.
I went alone.
Maybe an employee at the theater would remember me.
Busy doc like you goes to see two movies alone? That's a hell of an alibi.
It certainly is.
Followed up on Max Paulson's alibi.
Theater usher corroborated his story.
Yeah, well, he could have snuck out the back and maybe returned unnoticed.
Hey, guys, what, um what if Max is a scapegoat? Why, what do you mean? What are you thinking? Reggie Mastow.
Come on, Calleigh, you're reaching now.
I don't know, I mean, Reggie was at Max's this morning within hours of Kathy Meyers' body being discovered.
He saw the autopsy photos, recognized the dilated pupils no big deal.
Reggie could have known we we're close.
He pins it on Max Paulson, we close the case, and then he proves everyone that he was right.
Look, guys, I rode patrol with Reggie for five years.
He's not a killer.
The guy eats, breathes and sleeps finding the bad guys.
Yeah, but if he's so passionate about it, why give Jessica Davis the brush-off when she told him about her attack? She didn't give him much to go on.
Or maybe he didn't want to spend that much time with her, because he was afraid she'd recognize him.
Look, if Reggie's guilty of anything, you guys, it's tunnel vision.
That's it.
Take a look at this.
I got a piece of leather with a button clasp.
It's the perfect size for an ankle holster.
Horatio said Reggie was wearing one this morning when he was confronted by Dennis Chilton.
I'll call Horatio.
Put it down, Reggie.
Put it down.
This? Just doing a little house cleaning.
I heard you slammed the door on Max Paulson.
Calls for celebration.
Or not, judgg by the way you tickling your sidearm.
We need your backup weapon.
What's going on? I know that look.
Come on, fellas, it's me.
I need the weapon, Reggie.
The clasp is missing, Reggie.
That's 20 years old.
Showing a little mileage.
That clasp could be anywhere.
Where did you get that from? I found this 15 feet from Rachel Calvado's body, Reggie.
Did you kill Kathy Meyers and Allison Novell too, Reggie? I'm telling y'all, y'all need to be talking to Max Paulson.
He's right under our nose.
You know how many hours I put in trying to solve the Allison Novell case? It's about finding the right guy, Reggie.
Then Kathy Meyers' body showed up.
I let that man slip through my fingers before.
I ain't about to let that happen again.
It's not up to you, Reggie.
Rachel Calvado was a heroin addict.
She ain't got no family.
She's got a record a mile long.
Now I did her a favor.
I made her life worth something but using her to save the lives of other people who did have a future.
Hey, baby.
You busy? Get lost.
You want to see a little of this? How about that? Come here.
Come here.
That hurts! Please, no! I can't see! Bottom line you killed a woman to close a case.
I did what was necessary.
You are way over the line this time! Try filing a report.
See if anybody cares.
I put the killer in your lap.
That you did, Reggie.
All right.
You're certain Reggie didn't kill Allison Novell and Kathy Meyers? He killed Rachel Calvado to throw focus back onto Paulson.
So what do we do? We start over.
We've been through it all.
It's been destroyed.
Not all of it, Eric.
Check this out.
I took the liberty of pulling Jessica Davis' case file.
Since it was never considered part of the case, it was stored separately.
Now, she's the only victim that got away.
Maybe she took a piece of the killer with her, Eric.
The only thing logged in is what she was wearing.
It's already been processed.
It's another dead end.
Look again, Eric.
It says that there are two latent overlapping prints that were found on the button of her blouse.
Which we couldn't separate a year ago, right? No, the technology didn't exist.
Separate them now, and find me.
I thought you were working prints on the Jessica Davis case.
I'm isolating each print according to its chemical composition.
Because the chemicals in prints are unique.
Way to think outside the tent card.
Yeah, I'm using desorption electric spray ionization to identify the chemicals on the button.
And then we can isolate each of the chemicals and hopefully tease out an image of a print.
That's the primary component in hand lotion.
I bet that was transferred there by Jessica.
that's lithium grease.
Hang on.
It's the same substance found where Kathy Meyers was abducted.
It ties the two victims together.
So whoever killed Kathy is the same person that attacked Jessica.
Got a tented arch.
Looks like the same tented arch that we found on Allison Novell.
Paulson had a tented arch.
Do you think that Reggie could have been right all along? Paulson's an ophthalmologist.
What would he be doing with industrial grease? It can be used on cars.
Around the house, I guess.
Dennis Chilton? Jessica Davis' fianc? Wait wait, stop! Stop! There's been some sort of a mistake! Some sort of lab mix-up.
Dennis, tell them.
Davis, your fianc? murdered somebody this morning, ma'am.
We found lithium grease on a pair of his boots.
And that confms it.
No, you're wrong! He killed Allison Novell and he killed Kathy Meyers.
Didn't want you to find out like this.
You're the one who attacked me?! I was angry.
I wanted someone to feel as bad as I did.
So I killed the first one.
I couldn't kill you.
My eyes I can't see! Who are you?! Do you know how bad this is going to hurt? Tell me how bad it hurts.
(whimpering) Beg for your life.
You can't do this to me! Do you understand?! I couldn't kill you then.
After that, I did everything I could to make you fall in love with me.
For the first time in my life I felt alive.
Somebody help me! Help! I finally found someone as in control as me.
And then you lost control again when you found out Jessica had cancer.
That's when you discovered Kathy Meyers, right? I had to get rid of my anger.
And that's exactly what you did.
At the expense of everything.
Take him, please.
So Max Paulson was innocent.
I knew it was him.
At least I thought I did.
I betrayed the oath, Horatio.
Killed a woman.
You don't come back from that.
Here I am thinking I'm doing the right thing, taking a murderer off the street, and I become the thing I despise the most.
Reggie I'm gonna be fine, Lieutenant.
We all have to pay for our mistakes.