CSI: Miami s07e10 Episode Script

The DeLuca Motel

Nice you know to leave the good out of it.
Molly,get out here now! Now! You're gonna wake up the world! People are already awake.
Damn it! You are cleaning that up.
That's what you want to talk about right now,huh? You want to talk about the messes that I made? Miami-Dade P.
! Eric.
We're swabbing everyone for GSR before we get prints and elimination samples.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Just got grazed.
I can't say the same for the kid on the gurney,though.
A single gunshot wound to the chest.
It doesn't explain the blindfold or how he got here.
There's no blood drops anywhere around the pool.
- Do we know who he is? - No.
I've never seen him before,and,uh, I've been here for a little while.
Why are you here,Eric? I thought I told you.
middle of a condo remodel.
I just figured I'd live on the cheap till it's done.
I'm fine,H.
Just a It's an excuse to get away for a little while.
I guess that didn't last long,huh? Any luck? Nope.
Searched the grounds,no g.
What happened here? Victim's room.
We've got blood.
Kid tried to run for help.
Took a swim instead.
Killer probably gave chase and shot across into Dko's room.
You know,the shooting-- I understand; buckets and burnt matches-- that's a stumper.
Room's paid through the week.
Bed hadn't been slept in yet.
There's no telling what happens in these rooms.
I'd rather sleep in a gutter than lay my head on one of these sludgsponges.
At least the gutters get cleaned once a week by the city.
I think that may end up being our problem in trying to process this motel room.
It's gonna hit on every criminal that's walked through the door.
What about the one that went out the back? I guess our killer didn't count Eric being at the sceneso quickly.
Had to improvise his escape.
Miami-Dade PD! We've got fabric.
It's not a lot, but it's a start.
What the hell's Delko doing in a dump like this anyway? So you able to find the bullet that grazed my arm? You're looking at it.
My guess is, it came through the window.
Broke apart when it smashed the bottle.
There's one bullet in the victim,one in my room.
That leaves the third shot that I heard.
hird shot.
This is a really nice place,man.
It's very classy.
It's got a sort of a nice rustic vibe.
I bet the ladies love coming here.
It's temporary,Wolfe.
Oh,it's temporary? You looking for a vacancy in a hotel where they don't blindfold you and shoot you in the chest? Is that a field explosives kit? What are you doing with it? I brought new tech home.
Are you questioning my work ethic? No,I'm questioning your out-of-work ethic.
You missed Sunday Steamers last night 'cause you were playing with nitrates and bromides? - What's up with you? - Yeah,I just crashed early.
I haven't had a good night's sleep in a while.
I can't imagine why.
Look,all I know is, this is the only room that the killer wasn't in.
So,you coming? Right behind you.
Enrico Moldano.
So,I haven't opened him up yet, but there's no question as to the cause.
The fluoroscope shows the bullet fragged into two: one ated his left lung, the other lodged into his aorta.
He bled out in seconds.
Yes,but he still had the strength to run to the swimmingool.
We got a.
18 alcohol, twice the legal limit.
Alcohol slows the body's processes and the effects of trauma, which he's got a lot of.
Um,this two-centimeter areas of diffuse erythema on both palms.
He was tortured.
He's got parallel contusions consistent with whipping.
And you see these puncture wounds here.
Someone stabbed him with pins or needles several times.
Maybe someone had an S&M appointment there.
Wait,that's weird.
This bullet's intact.
I thought it fragmented.
This is not a bullet.
It's got Greek writing on it.
"Beta Sigma Mu," that's a fraternity.
It was stuck to his chest when he was shot.
This was a hazing.
Neil,you know that hazing's illegal,right? Yeah,of course.
And we know that you were in the hotel room with Seth,Neil.
He's one of our pledges, but I don't know anything about a hotel.
Really? You should have maybe changed your jacket before you got back to the frat house 'cause we found some fibers on the window that someone broke trying to get out of the room.
Zeta, epsilon,delta, gamma,beta,alpha.
See? I knew you could do it backwards.
You're now officially a pledge.
Please don't arrest me for hazing; I'll get expelled.
Hazing? We're talking about murder.
Was Seth going to report your behavior? You got scared,took it to another level? I just put him on bucket brigade.
It's when you hold up two buckets of water, and,if you lower one, or take your foot off a piece of tape on the floor, you ve to drink a beer.
All right.
Come on.
All right,now, let's get back to it.
Feet othe line,moron! Ten morees.
- You can handle that,can't you? - Yeah.
- You are pathetic! - Help! Miami-Dade PD! I don't know where the shots came from.
I'm sorry I left Seth there.
I didn't know what else to do.
You could have called us,Neil.
- I thought I'd look guilty.
- You were right.
So here's the bullet fragments I collected from Dko's room.
It's totally compromised.
All right.
Then we're stuck with the.
Tell me something.
What are those lines at the tip of the bullet? They don't look like striations to me.
It's because they're not.
When a bullet's in flight, the jacket heats up to around 400 degrees, which makes it malleab.
So,if it hits something with lateral movement, that means it etches the bullet.
Which means our pledge marshal may have been telling the truth.
That shot didn't come from inside the room.
I know how to tell where it did.
Who would have thought that hazing would help ussolve a crime? Well,my guess would be the same people who would think you were living here.
I was wondering how long it was going to take before you asked.
Why didn't you tell anybody that you moved into a motel? Does it have something to do with your family? I'm just trying to figure some things out.
I just don't want you to get hurt.
The shooter could have been anywhere along this trajectory.
There's a broken bottle here.
But we have no idea what time it was dropped.
Well,I do.
I know exactly when it was dropped.
About ten seconds before the shooting.
You are waking up the world! They're already awake.
Damn it! So I had a beer instead of OJ.
That's why it's called vacation.
I told you to clean it up.
Why would we hurt that kid? You're staying at a cheap motel, paper-thin walls.
You got a bunch of loud frat ks next door.
Maybe they pissed you off.
Yeah,'cause that's my nature.
Just shoot the problem.
Apparently,it is.
Did a little research on you.
Came back,you had priors for possession, disorderly conduct,assault with a deadly weapon.
Sounds like you've got quite a temper,Mr.
Carl isn't like that anymore.
He's not violent.
What happened to that young man was a terrible thing.
We were terrified when the shots rang out.
So what did you see? Nothing.
We had just gone into the room.
That is the truth.
It can't be spun any other way.
The truth never can be, Mr.
Can I talk to you for a second? Of course you can, Mr.
It's about Eric.
Something's just not right.
Every time I ask him questions about him staying at that motel, he dodges them.
Maybe he has personal reasons.
Well,he also has a used tab from his explosives kit.
I found this.
" He lied to me about not being there last night.
It's a hole-in-the-wall in Little Havana.
I don't think I need to tell you that nothing there costs $1,000.
Maybe we shouldn't interfere.
You know, when I was running bets, I was very good at bending the truth.
So I kw the signs.
I understand.
Okay,why don't you go back to the case, and I'll look into it? - Thanks.
- Okay.
Go sit at one of those tabl for a minute.
Don't be long.
The name on that paper is mine.
I'm Enrico Moldano.
Eric Delko came to see you,didn't he? A lot of people come here to see me.
As long as they have $1,000.
Delko had requests.
When do I get it? You come by tomorrow, I'll have it for you then.
I'm not meeting you face-to-face again.
You gotta put it inside the morning newspaper at the DeLuca Motel,room 229.
Who's got you spooked? Is it the Cubans,the Russians? You want answers or you want my business? It was nice knowing you,man.
What did he want? Something that could only be found in Cuba.
He knows I have connections down there for legal documents.
What kind ofocuments? - Ask him yourself.
- I'm asking you.
I ain't saying anything more.
If anything happens to Eric, I'm going to hold you personally responsible.
You understand me? - Is that a threat? - That's a threat.
I know Carl and Molly Reston are hiding something.
I mean,who goes on vacation without any luggage? Or a toothbrush.
Which means they have no place to hide a gun.
I beg toiffer.
What have you got? Can you take this vent down for me? Yeah.
I think so.
- Give me a boost, will you? - yeah.
I got evidence that something slid down here.
Really? See the gun yet? Not yet.
The scratches head off into the darkness,though.
How far? I can't tell.
There's an open vent ahead up here.
Calleigh,what happened to you? You freeze up? Notmeexactly.
I can see how this looks bad-- my boyfriend dead in the tub.
It does look bad,Linda.
Looks like you killed him.
Shot your neighbor to keep him from telling the cops.
Did you,Ms.
Bowen? I No.
I never killed anyone.
So I won't find a gun in here? You're welcome to look.
I'll do that.
Mind if I sit? Baby's been a devil today.
Go ahead.
This the father? Been together six years.
That is,until Hurricane Ike destroyed everything.
Joel injured his knee hefting sandbags.
Got disability.
Moved us here till we could get on our feet again.
How did he die? Did something unusual happen? Air conditioning stopped working.
Joel can't stand the heat-- always hurt his lungs.
He went up into that air duct and found something was blocking the flow.
- What was it? - Wouldn't say.
But he was excited.
Said things were going to get better.
Later that day,he collapsed.
Joel! Oh,my God! Oh,my God! Come on.
Come on.
It was too late.
And instead of alerting the authorities, you just put him on ice? With no wedding ring, I have no claim to Joel's disability checks.
How am Iupposed to support my baby? You thought if you could hide the body, you'd keep collecting the money.
I know it was wrong.
Bowen,I have to be perfectly honest with you.
At the very least,it's fraud.
And until we can autopsy Joel, I also have tossume that it may be murder.
This isn't even your lab,Wolfe.
What are you doing in here? Oh,just crossing my T's and dotting my I's.
When did that include meddling in my life? It included meddling in your life when we started working together pal.
Anyway,something's not right here.
That's the bullet from my room.
It's collateral.
It's a stray shot.
38 slug at its heaviest is 180 grains.
This isn't the entire bullet.
It's already weighing in at 218.
So what are you saying? What I'm saying is that this bullet came from a high-caliber gun.
The second shooter.
So I need you to be honest with me.
is there somebody gunning for you? I don't know.
I thought my place was being watched.
That's why I've been staying at the motel.
Who else knows you're staying there? No one.
Except Enrico.
Where's Enrico? He took a break.
Headed out back a while ago.
Enrico aquí.
Déjelo y volvere This is CSI Delko.
I have a homicide at 20th and Drexel Requesting backup immediately.
You keep beating me to crime scenes,Eric.
Yeah,I was meeting Enrico here to pick something up.
And you have no backup, so you're out of protocol.
Yeah,that's true.
What did Enrico have for you? He has your birth certificate.
Why would he have that,Eric? Look,since I started looking into my family, I've had someone go through my trash.
I've had my CSve had my car brok into.
Constantly feeling eyes on me.
- It's like I've awakened the beast.
- You have,Eric.
People are dying.
You're coming off the case.
Okay,I'm building a black widow theory here.
He's got lipstick smudges on his cheeks, traces of it ohis lips.
He may be part of a team.
Two shooters,right.
Horatio,is Eric in danger? It's possible.
Is there anything we can do? Let's close this case.
Wolfe,did you get something? Not just something.
It's 8.
Same caliber as one of the guns we're looking for.
Let's get that to the lab, please.
Leaving town, Mr.
Reston? I was going to geta bite to eat.
I tell you what.
I'lluarantee you three mealsa day from here on out.
Your fingerprint, it's connected to not one murder, but two murders today.
Does that seem familiar to you? It wassed to kill your frat boy neighbor andEnrico Moldano.
I don't know who Enrico Moldano is.
But you do know Seth Copeland.
Please,just hear me out.
Me and Molly, we came into some money, a lot of money, and just needed a place to stash it,that's all.
Let me guess.
You hid it in the AC vent.
Used the room for a safe-deposit box.
Better than a bank.
At least,I mean, that's what I thought until I came back and it was gone.
I thought Molly double-crossed me.
- Get out here now! - Carl you are waking up the world! They're already awake.
Damn it! - You are cleaning that up.
- Really? That's what you want to talk about right now,huh? The mess thatImade? Would you ratherall a thief again? I swear to God,Molly.
Where's the money? Carl! I didn't mean to hit the kid.
And then I heard your other officer.
I panicked.
I threw thgun.
What have you done? Miami-Dade PD! Problem is,we searched the ground.
We didn't find the gun.
Gotta believe me.
And there it is, inside the drum.
I guess the question is, who took the gun? Well,we've got a fresh set of tire tracks right there.
Yeah,that bullet hole may have solved the murder.
But there's three of them.
Couldn't be from a car.
Maybe an ATV? Office Duquesne? Ms.
Bowen, I just wanted to be the one to let you know that our medical examiner concluded that your boyfriend indeed died of a heart attack.
Am I in troue for what I did with his body? No,not atll.
Also,I want you to know that I'm gonna make sure Joel gets a proper burial.
Thank you so much.
You had mentioneto me that he found something in the air vent, something he said would change your lives? Wish I knew what it was.
Could you show me uh,where he was when you found him? Sure,I guess.
He was here on the ground.
I swear I didn't know that was there.
Am I gonna need a lawyer? I can't answer that yet, Ms.
Bowen, but I'm gonna need you to go back to your room and wait with the officer until I get back.
Have a seat,Mom.
You have never asked me to meet you here before.
What couldn't wait until dinner,huh? I need you to tell me something.
It's about my birth.
You have heard a hundred times.
I was pregnant back in Cuba, but your father and I want a better liffor you.
We waited for the full moon to come, and we got in a boat, and that trip was rough, but as you know,we made it to Key Largo.
I went into labor, and there you were, three hours later.
What's wrong,Eric? You-you said that I heard the story a hundred times.
Except sometimes we landed in Key West; other times in Coconut Grove.
Another time,you were in labor for 18 hours.
And sometimes, you say you went into labor the second we left Cuba.
I don't understand.
The truth isn't supposed to change,mami.
So I looked into it.
And my birth certificate's a fake.
We had connections when we got here and This is my original birth certificate.
I was born in Cuba.
My biological father's name is Alexander Sharova.
Who is he? He was the boss at my factory.
It It was a mistake,Eric.
He was a bad man.
Please,sweetie, please.
Let it go,please.
Does he know that I exist? No.
Why are you asking about this now? Are you in danger? Eric? No.
I'm sorry,my son.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Reston, have seat,lease.
When c I see Carl? Is he okay? He's being processed.
I still can't believe this is happening.
He didn't mean to shoot that man.
Why am I here? I think that I may have something that belongs to you.
You found my money.
I guess so.
If you are claiming,in fact, that this is yours.
All right,Mrs.
Reston, then here's ththing.
When we recovered that money, it was in uniform amounts: $15,$30.
That,coupled with your husband's possession charge leads me to some idea of this money's origin.
You think we're drug dealers? I'm just telling you what I know.
The two of you bounce around from state to state carrying bags of cash.
He's already admitted to using motel rooms as banks.
You got to be kidding me.
All right,now,I'm happy to do some checking around with the Narco Unit if in fact this bag is yours.
If I'm right,we'll file charges on you.
What's it gonna be,Mrs.
Reston? I mustave misheard you.
Never seen that bag before in my life.
I didn't think so.
Officer Duquesne.
Is there still a problem? No,uh,there's not.
How are you doing? Without Joel, I can't afford to stay.
Well,that's why I'm re.
This ifor you.
What is all this? It's the money that Joel found in the vent.
It's $26,000.
According to Florida Statute 705, if money is found and reported, the rightful owner has an opportunity to claim it.
And if they don't, then it belongs to the person who reported it.
But I never reported it.
Well,as it turns out, Joel did.
He must have been a really good man.
All this money I'm sure somebody will be comingfter it.
Not this time.
Take it.
Start over.
Miss Boa Vista.
Have you identified the vehicle yet? I ran all the tread measurements, and no ATVs match the specs.
But we have the middle tread.
Yeah,that's from the front wheel.
So I figure thkiller must have backed out and then rode away.
- What if he didn't? - You mean what if the ngle tire was the back tire? Well,that changes everything.
Wow,that's amazing.
The Can-Am Spyder; it's a cross between a motorcycle and an ATV.
Well,let's see who owns one.
Cross-check them for women,please.
Because of the lipstk on our victim.
Kate Hawkes.
She was in the bar, Miss Boa Vis, when I talked to Enrico.
Don't be long.
That puts her at both scenes.
Doesn't it? Thank you.
Yeah,it's my bike.
So what? It tested positive for blood,and my guess is, it belongs to Enrico Moldano.
Is that all you've got? It puts the gun in your hand.
Who are you? Carl Reston's gun,long with the tire treads,puts you at the original crime scene.
Also puts you there at the exact moment there was an attempt on Eric Delko's life.
I shouldn't have missed.
I didn't count on any distractions.
Distractions like Seth Copeland's murder.
- Where's the money? - Carl If you already know everything, why are you still talking to me? Well,we don't know everything.
Like,why did you shoot at Eric Delko? It was a job.
Provided by Alexander Sharova.
That's what you want to think.
Do I have a choice? Where is he? You heard the man.
Where is he? If I tell you, will that get me a deal? No deal.
You don't know where he is.
I guess I was on her list.
Not her list,Eric.
His list.
You mean my real father? He's not going away.
This is just the beginning.