CSI: Miami s07e11 Episode Script

Tipping Point

Someone, please! I couldn't cut the engine in time.
My foreman thought he heard a scream, but it was too late.
You think he was buried alive this morning, huh? This is unbelievable.
We just broke ground.
First day on an 18-month build.
What the hell's going on here? What time did your crew clock in? roll in here until around 9:30.
You didn't notice the loose dirt? I just thought it would be a easy place to stop my work.
Did you have security present? No, it's an empty lot.
It's not empty anymore, is it? proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season07 Episode11 Tipping Point You said someone heard screaming? Yeah, the foreman did.
How awful to have been buried alive.
But he had to have been sedated, right? I mean, to get him in the box, in the ground without a fight.
Actually, no.
Not sedated.
He was shot.
Got a bullet hole in his chest.
Got an entrance and an exit.
Okay, so he was shot, put in a box and then buried.
I'm gonna look for a bullet.
Might be he was shot in Hialeah and then dumped here.
Just got off the phone with Crime Stoppers.
Somebody called in a tip on a murder this morning.
Description matches our vic.
Yeah, but those people are just trying to make a buck off the county.
Can we trust a tip from someone who gets paid to give it? Well now, most days I might agree with you, but unless I'm missing something here, we started out with no leads.
Tara, is there something in his pocket? Some sort of an old cell phone.
Actually, it's not a cell phone.
It's a cardio messenger.
Is that some sort of a heart device? Well, yeah, it cou be linked to a pacemaker in his chest.
I think we just found our first lead.
The cardio messenger.
Yeah, it's a device that transmits a signal from his pacemaker to a Web site that allows his doctors to trace his arrhythmia.
And it also gave us an I.
His name is Michael Olvera.
He was a resident of Hialeah.
And that's his EKG I take it.
Yeah, the flat line puts his time of death at 9:21 this morning at the construction site.
But going back through his EKG, we can see his blood pressure dipped sharply around 8:00 a.
So this has to be when he was shot.
So based on this information, he was shot an hour and a half before the auger actually killed him.
Plenty of time to get from Hialeah to the burial site.
So we're looking for a primary crime scene.
You sure? You sure it was him? It's him.
I'd probably be locked up if it wasn't for Reverend Mike.
Michael Olvera was a reverend? Yeah, but he was the real deal.
He didn't just preach in your face.
He actually helped people.
Everyone just called him Rev.
This was his home? He opened his casa to anyone.
Called it Saint Judes.
Said we were his lost causes.
I understand he used it to keep kids away from gangs.
Taught us skills for the real world.
A real paycheck, real life, you know.
I'm sure there were plenty of people that didn't appreciate what he was doing.
Rev Mike knew he was always a target.
I mean, this place was messed with all the time.
Graffiti, broken windows.
Rev always just went out and fixed it.
He never backed down.
Had he received any threats recently? Somebody tagged the wall outside, but Rev painted over it.
Maybe the artist was tired of getting his work covered up.
I think we should take a look.
Thank you, son.
Are you getting an image? The T ray is picking up the change in the paint layers.
It's definitely a different type under the green paint.
It's graffiti.
- Can we tighten the focus? - Yeah.
Craneos Rifa.
Craneos-- that's a Latin gang.
Yes, and Rifa means "control," doesn't it? Yeah.
This is their neighborhood.
Gang unit's been after them for years.
They use kids to do all of their dirty work.
Maybe Reverend Mike got in the way.
Got a tag here.
I don't know what that means.
Let's find out.
And you can guarantee me that no one will know that I was the one that told? It's confidential.
Your name won't be used.
This way.
Yolanda Ramoz, Lieutenant Caine.
Have a seat, Ms.
Detective Tripp tells me you have information about the murder.
So how much do I get for telling you? Ms.
Ramoz, a man lost his life.
I understand that, Lieutenant, but I got my own life to worry about.
Depending on where your tip tas our investigation, Crime Stoppers could authorize anywhere from $50 to $1,000.
Really? I make, like, four dollars an hour putting flyers on cars, you know? So I was covering the street off of and I heard this gunshot.
Was that guy Reverend Mike? Did you see anybody? After that, I ran like hell.
That's it.
So I get my money now? I'll let you know.
Miss Ramoz, we're going to need the exact address of where you saw that shooting.
Got what looks to be a nine mil.
It's from the base of the tree.
The hole's fresh.
Might explain the blood drops here.
Something definitely happened here.
I'm just glad our tipster was honest.
It's the kind of neighborhood people see everything, but they're scared to talk.
Hopefully, Crime Stoppers will give them a chance to.
Wonder if this might belong to our victim, too.
It's a Saint Jude pendant.
Patron saint of lost causes.
It's what the reverend called his place.
Might be his.
Could have gotten torn off during the struggle.
It was in the water.
May have compromised any evidence left behind.
Well, let's see what this bullet gets us.
**** Yeah.
Understand we found a bullet.
Exactly where your tipster said it was going to be.
DNA confirms the blood is from our victim, so I'm running the bullet through IBIS now.
Looks like we've got a match, but not to a gun.
It matches another bullet recovered at a drug bust ten years ago.
Here's the case number.
They arrested someone.
Hector Salazar, former head of Los Craneos.
They never found the gun, so they never pinned him for the shooting.
They convicted him on assault and drug trafficking.
Sentenced him to ten years.
You see that? Released a week ago.
So you were so happy in prison, Hector, huh, you're on your way back.
Back? No way.
See this scar? Some skinhead shanked me while I was asleep.
Don't want to go back to that zoo.
Where did you shoot Reverend Olvera? Reverend Mike? You kidding? Shooting a holy man is bad luck.
You used the same gun twice, Hector.
Who says that's my gun? You couldn't put in on me then, you're not going to now.
****** Not by me.
The last three letters of your name are ZAR, Hector.
That's you.
Craneos was my set.
Someone's just welcoming me back to the hood.
Apparently not Reverend Mike, though, huh? He wasn't too pleased about your return, was he? You can keep dogging me, but I saw the light.
I'm reformed, Lieutenant.
I'm walking proof the system works.
So am I, Hector.
Frank, I got your text.
What's up? Spent most of the morning going through Crime Stoppers' database here.
The tip line? I thought that was mostly crackpots.
Yeah, but if you sift through enough mud, sometimes you can find some gold, like that little nugget.
Got a call from Darryl Broadman.
Said he heard shouting from his neighbor's apartment around 8:00 this morning.
Look at that.
It looks like he lives right across the street where Michael Olvera was shot.
Good job.
That sounds promising.
I think we should pay her a visit.
Hello, ma'am.
Detective Tripp, Miami-Dade PD.
This is CSI Boa Vista.
There were some loud voices reported from your apartment this morning, right before a guy outside got shot.
That was me.
I was on the phone with the funeral home.
We were arguing over the cost of my daughter's burial.
Mateo, go to your room.
My daughter Laura.
She was shot three weeks ago walking home from school.
The funeral director, he won't let me see her.
Not until I pay.
You can't afford the burial? I gave him what we agreed on-- $1,000-- everything I have.
But then he called and said I had to pay $1,000 more.
We're sorry.
We really are.
But do you have any idea where that gunshot came from? I just want to bury my baby.
I understand.
Think we should go talk to that funeral director? Natalia, this is a civil mess.
We're homicide.
Remember? Anyway, we got our hands full with this case.
****** Excuse me.
What's this? It's where my sister is.
Can you help my mom? I can't make you any promises, but we'll see, okay? Okay.
We can't work both? Ryan.
Why didn't you guys tell me you had Olvera's necklace in evidence? Good thing I read the crime scene reports.
That's Delko's job.
And, besides, Valera, he found that necklace in the water.
Fresh degrades DNA a lot slower than salt, and this is fresh water.
I didn't know that.
If blood got into a crevice, it's possible I could pull a viable sample.
UV light is picking up some blood.
What do you know? Ever hear of a Rafael Vargas? Yeah.
He's a shot caller for the Craneos.
I'm glad you read that report.
Rafael Vargas, turn around.
Get your hands in the air and step away from that table.
This is private property.
You can't come here and shake me down like this without a warrant.
We just tied you to the Olvera murder, Rafael.
No way, man.
We found your blood on the Saint Jude pendant.
I grabbed him, yeah.
Hey, maybe you're beyond saving, Vargas, but not these kids.
Leave them alone.
God gave up on this neighborhood a long time ago, Reverend.
He can't save them! He can't save you! Reverend Mike was steering kids away from your gang.
He got rid of a whole new generation of recruits, didn't he? Turn around and get down on the ground.
I'll take him inside while we search the place.
Search all you want, but I know my rights.
You can't hold me.
Thank God.
Who are you? I'm security, man.
What happened? These three guys, they were wearing masks, they jumped me while I'm making my rounds.
They took my keys, and-and they locked me up in there.
You know what they were after? What they was after? Whole case of ANFO.
Explosives, Eric.
That's enough to take out a city block, H.
What else did your informant tell you? Just said Craneos.
Remember anything else? Well, I mean, this one guy that was holding me had, like, a gnarly scar up his arm, you know.
See this scar? Some skinhead shanked me in my sleep.
That's Hector.
That's Hector.
You should've covered that scar, Hector.
If I did that, you wouldn't have I.
'd me.
And I wanted to be found.
Now, that's a first.
You wanted us to catch you? Without me, you would never have learned where Reverend Mike was shot or about the explosives.
I'm the one who fed the information to Yolanda Ramoz.
I need you to tell the cops you saw Reverend Mike get shot.
Do it yourself, Hector.
I don't need no Craneos after me.
It's important.
It's done in secret.
And the cops, they'll reward you.
Why did you turn on your own gang? You wanted to get rid of Vargas, didn't you? - Take over the gang again.
- No.
No, that's not it! I admit, I'm not a good man.
I've done things.
Had to when I led the Carnes.
But Reverend Mike he visited me in lockup.
Opened my eyes.
Showed me there were options.
Now without the rev and his place, those kids they'll end up just like me.
So you're here because your plan is to destroy the Carnes.
And the only way that can happen is if there's someone on the inside.
They trust me.
I'm O.
to them.
Let me go, and I'll give you every one of them.
You know, it's really hard to buy you switching sides.
You just helped them steal explosives.
Okay, Hector, what are the explosives for? I don't know yet.
But whatever it is, it's big.
That's why I came to you now.
Why me? There was this kid, when I was inside, killed a guy in his cell.
Usually, no one cares if the animals eat each other.
But this cop, he didn't look at it that way.
Proved it was self-defense.
That cop was you, Lieutenant.
Tobey Hollins.
That's him.
You gave him justice.
So do you still see it that way? Don't disappoint me.
We're gonna be watching you.
Excuse me, are you the funeral director? Is there something that I can assist you with, ma'am? Um, yeah.
I just, I lost my husband, and I-I really don't know how any of this works.
Thank you.
And I, um, I don't have a lot of money.
Uh, we have a package called "The Simple Things.
" Basic casket, minimum prep, an intimate service.
But for just a little bit more, we have the Evergreen package.
And Okay, I'm sorry.
How much was this first one? - $1,000.
00 - $1,000.
00 Then can you tell me why you're charging Gloria Nunez twice as much for the same service, while holding her daughter's body ransom? What is this? Look, uh, Miss Nunez misunderstood me.
Her daughter required extensive facial reconstruction, and that costs extra.
That's actually pretty good.
But of course, I've seen the autopsy report, and I know that Laura Nunez died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.
I could have your license revoked just for that alone, so if you want to lie to me again, I can throw in a nice charge of fraud.
What do you want? I'd like to know a little bit more about this Evergreen package.
'Cause I think Mrs.
Nunez would love to be upgraded.
Nunez Officer Boa Vista, I told you everything I know.
I spoke to that funeral director for you.
He'll bury my Laura like this? Yeah.
- No more money? - No more money.
I-I don't know what to say.
No, no, don't say anything.
It's-It's really the least I could do.
Thank you, Officer.
- Dios mio, Mateo! - Stay back, stay back.
- Mateo! - It was just an accident! - I didn't shoot it! It-It fell! - Step away from it right now! Where did you get that? Whose is that? Are you okay? Where did you get this gun? I can't say.
- Come on.
- I ain't a snitch.
Mateo, your window has a direct line of sight to where somebody was shot with the same kind of gun.
What do you know about it? Mateo.
Mateo, you got to talk to me or I can't help you.
CSI Boa Vista requesting patrol unit at 1808 Willis Drive.
Apartment 2-B.
Come on.
Officer, don't take my son away from me, too.
I'm sorry.
I don't have a choice.
Please, Mateo.
Mateo! I test fired that gun three times just to make sure, and each time, it came back a match.
So it's our murder weapon.
It's the gun that killed Reverend Olvera.
Mateo Nunez's prints are all over it.
I could only get a partial off the trigger.
Not sure if it's his yet, but I'm running it now.
According to Natalia, Mateo said he never pulled the trigger, it just went off because he dropped it.
You believe him? Is it Mateo? Yeah, I got a hit on a kid, but it's not him.
It's Freddie Granada.
I just met him this morning at Reverend Olvera's house.
But he said he was getting his life straight.
I guess once you're in, it's too hard to get out.
Get out of the car! Hands on your head! I'll check through his car, H.
What are you two busting me for? We found the hot gun, Freddie.
Hey, kid.
Hey, I heard what happened to your sister, man.
Take this.
Won't ever happen again.
All right? Guns are traded like baseball cards around our block.
Yes, but this particular weapon was used to kill Reverend Olvera.
- H! - Eric.
Got blood all over the back of the car.
You should've done a better job cleaning out your car.
Why did you do it, Freddie? Price of admission to get back with my boys.
See, Reverend Mike talked the talk, but he lied.
Said real life was gonna be easier than thugging.
Learn a few skills and I'd be a'ight.
Don't nobody want to hire somebody with "gangbanger" on their res.
But now I got benefits for life.
You weren't like the others.
Hell I'm not.
I'm stone-cold.
No, you're not.
If you were, you wouldn't have put the reverend in a box.
You would have just dumped his body.
Forgive me, Rev.
Take him, please.
Yeah? Lieutenant, it's Salazar.
I found out what the explosives are for.
The Craneos, they're gonna bomb the reverend's place.
Where are you, Hector? I'm nowhere close.
They're gonna go off any minute.
I can't get there in time.
Okay, but I can.
Bomb Squad's on its way, H.
All right, I'm picking up the tactical camera signal.
Can we see inside that room, Eric? Yeah.
Yeah, the room's been trashed.
What else do you see? I see the detonator, but I can't make out the charges.
There's a body, H.
Someone's in there.
Eric She's alive.
I'm going in.
- You're not gonna make it.
- I gotta try, Eric.
There's only 30 seconds left! Yolanda? All right, sweetart.
we'll get you.
Okay, I've got to get you out of here right now.
H! H How are you feeling? Okay.
My wrists hurt.
Head, too, where they hit me.
Why do you think this happened? 'Cause they know I talked to you.
It's my own fault.
Why do you say that? I liked all the money I was making snitching for Hector, thought I could find stuff out on my own.
Guess I wasn't too good at it.
I'm going to put you in protective custody.
till I can figure out who detonated that bomb.
How are you gonna do that? Everything's destroyed.
Not everything.
Okay, this is the digital video we recovered from Delko's tactical camera.
Okay, see those wires? They must run to the explosives.
They go back behind the camera.
I can't tell where.
That's no problem.
The camera records in 360, so let's, uh, take a look.
The wires go into that corner.
Okay, can you zoom in? Yeah.
The explosives are in those cans.
Get your hands in the air and step away from that table.
You know, I bet that if we run it back, we'll be able to I.
the bomber through the connections.
No, we don't have to.
I've seen those cans before.
Where? Rafael Vargas's shop.
He set the bomb.
H? You gotta calm down.
I don't need to calm down.
I know it was you who snitched to the cops.
Your time is up, holmes.
Vargas, wait.
It's not what you think.
- Yeah? What's that? - Rafael Just in time.
Come here to get your pet rat? Put it down, Rafael.
Put it down.
Even the slightest twitch, he goes down with me.
Rafael this is your last chance to leave this room alive.
Then fire away.
I want you to hang in there.
Help is on Hector, look at me.
Help is on the way.
Without the rev and his place, those kids, they'll end up just like me.
So you're here because your plan is to destroy the Craneos.
And the only way that can happen is if there's someone on the inside.
They trust me.
I'm O.
to them.
Let me go, and I'll give you every one of them.
Don't disappoint me.
I'm always surprised to see someone here who doesn't have to be.
What are you gonna do with the reward money? Don't know.
You got me thinking.
Rev's place could use some new computers.
I think they need the money more than I do.
Good for you, Yolanda.
Lieutenant thank you.
This is why we do it, isn't it? Yep.
This is exactly why we do it.