CSI: Miami s07e12 Episode Script

Head Case

Watch where you're goin',a You're gonna get yourself killed! Yeah,I'm calling to report - There's a man covered in blood in the middle of the street.
- covered in blood! - There's a guy in the street! - He's in the middle of traffic.
- He's all bloody! - We already know,sir,we've had dozens of calls.
We have officers en route.
Hey! Sir.
Hey,watch out.
Are you all right? Do you know where you are? Sir? India 2301.
Requesting backup at the intersection of First and Elm.
Got a male adult covered in blood wandering in the street.
India 2301.
Air 21 and other ground units responding.
Lieutenant,I knew time was a factor.
You're sure it's not his blood? EMTs gave him a clean bill of health.
The man doesn't have a scratch on him.
What's your name,son? - I don't know.
- Okay.
You're covered in blood.
How did that happen? It's hazy.
I c-- I can't remember how I got here.
I,I don't even know who I am.
What do you remember? Killing somebody.
But I don't know who.
Open your mouth.
I ran his prints.
There's no hits on AFIS.
DNA's a bust,too.
His tox screen came back negative,as well,so he's not on anything.
Maybe he's telling the truth.
Maybe he really can't remember anything.
I don't know,if you ask me,amnesia is a pretty convenient lie.
So you think he's faking? That's for the department psychologist to decide.
Until then,all we have to go on is what's on his body.
The blood on his clothes is still damp, which means he couldn't have wandered far from the source.
But there was no blood trail at the scene, and everyone that was there has conflicting stories of what they saw,where he came from.
I think that we ought to get every available lab tech we've got on this because there may be an injured person out there waiting to be found.
proudly presents Season 07 Episode 12 Thank you.
I have no idea where the hell this guy came from.
Some say First,some say Elm.
One guy even said he came down in a damn spaceship.
I wish I could say I had any better luck.
I put out a medical alert.
None of the local hospitals have a victim with blood loss.
PD's searched every building in a four-block radius and they got nothing.
Are you kidding? The guy had to come from somewhere,right? Yeah,well,all we got right now is unreliable witnesses and a guy with amnesia.
All right,I'm gonna head back to the lab and see if they got anything.
Talk to you later.
Please tell me you got something from the blood we found on amnesia guy's clothes.
Analyzing it now.
Who are we looking for-- a man,a woman Try a man and two women.
What? Wait a second.
He had the blood of three different people on his clothes? Okay,umrun 'em for genetic markers.
Got a paternal match and a maternal match.
Based on this,I'd say we're looking for a family-- father,mother,and daughter.
All right,compare it to the reference sample we got from our amnesia guy.
You think he hurt his own family? Whoever they are,they're not related to our mystery man.
Not by blood.
H,it's me.
Best-case scenario is we have three injured victims.
Worst casewe could have a dead family.
The blood on your clothes comes from three different people.
Oh,my God,what did I do? We got people out there,severely injured or maybe even dead.
And that's all you can tell us? I keep trying to think about Well,think a little harder! Come on,where were you? I'm sorry,I just can't remember.
You got to be kidding me.
Frank Lieutenant,do you think I killed somebody? I hope not.
I'm sorry,Horatio,but in the 20-some-odd years I've been carrying a badge, I've heard every lame excuse,alibi,and justification, but this "blank slate" thing,it really takes the damn cake.
I understand,but we have to be patient with this one.
My concern is our possible victims.
As is mine.
Guys,Valera got a CODIS hit on one of our victims.
He's Mitch Crawford; he did eight months in 2006 for insider trading.
I got an address.
He's got an address,let's move.
Anything? First bedroom clear.
Do you want to go upstairs? They've got a king-size bed up there.
You want to get out of the water,please? Whoa,whoa,whoa.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Where's the Crawford family? Look,I-I was just using their place to impress her.
I'm just a messenger,okay? I was supposed to deliver these legal documents to Mr.
Go on.
I got here this morning,just after 5:00.
You know,you can usually catch someone when they grab the morning paper.
Get in the car! W-Wait,I forgot,I forgot my suitcase.
Don't worry about that.
We'll buy clothes on the road.
Did you speak to him? No.
Never got the chance.
All that luggage-- it looked like they were going on vacation, so I figured they were going to be gone for a while.
All clear.
H,no sign of the Crawfords.
Did you see this? Looks like the Crawfords have a son.
Can I go? Not until I find this family.
Horatio,I found the Crawford's son.
- He's in a military academy in Fort Lauderdale.
- No.
Says he has no idea where his family went.
Hasn't seen them in three weeks.
But he can't be our killer.
School confirms he's been in tactical training all day.
All right.
I looked through the documents that were delivered to Mitch Crawford.
They're from his lawyer.
Is he in some kind of trouble? Yeah,he's a financial advisor.
He took liberties with his clients' money and then the market crashed.
So the clients went broke,and he went on vacation? Yeah,only he's not on vacation,he's on the run.
I went by his office,it's shuttered up.
According to court records,he's being sued by 11 people.
Maybe our suspect is a client.
Which gives him motive to hurt the Crawfords.
Oh,that's the boots from the amnesia bloke.
They are,and there's soil in the treads.
I need to know where it's from,fast.
So,we've got TNT and,uh,molasses.
You've got explosives and sugar? It's a unique combo.
Must be some mistake.
No,no,you know what?Maybe not.
Do you know Reyes Point? No,sorry,I just moved here six months ago.
Well,it used to be an explosives manufacturing plant for the army until the government sold it to a private developer.
But the soil was all contaminated with TNT.
Which is where the molasses comes in.
And you add unrefined molasses to contaminated soil, and it breaks down the TNT into harmless molecules.
Okay,it was definitely within walking distance of where we found amnesia man.
The only problem is it covers like two square miles of land.
There must be hundreds of homes on it now.
How are you going to narrow it down? We're going to have to jog our suspect's memory.
I'll tell Delko.
The soil on your boots gave us an idea of where you came from.
I'm going to show you something that'll hopefully trigger your memory.
The doctor said you went through an emotional trauma.
At the moment of that trauma,your brain became protective; it stopped recording new memories,and buried the old ones.
We need to try and go back to the moments before the trauma.
We found you in this area.
Anything look familiar? Look,I've been there.
I lost my memory once,too.
You did? Yeah.
All the memories are still there; they're in your brain.
We just have to coax them out.
We'll go slowly.
I'm just not seeing anything.
Don't just use the visual.
Try and remember what you heard,anything you touched smelled Take your time.
I can hear,uh children laughing on a school bus.
That's good.
All right,that's good.
There's an elementary school on Wellington.
Take a look-- is that the school? I'm not sure.
I can hear a,a whipping.
Like a whipping-- a dog But that's,that's it.
There's nothing else.
Whippingwhipping of a flag.
This is what you saw,Doug.
There's only one road in that neighborhood that'll take you by that school.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday,dear Sara There's a wallet.
Happy birthday-- H,our suspect's name's Doug Benson.
I wonder if this is the emotional trauma that caused his amnesia.
Could be.
Question is,did he witness these murders or did he commit them? So,Dr.
Price,what do you see? Well you see the streaks in the blood pool? Mr.
Crawford was still moving after the women were murdered.
So he was killed last.
NoStop! Stop! But why wouldn't the killer take out the biggest threat first? Because he wanted him to see his family die.
Like an execution.
H,you're going to want to see this.
This belongs to Doug Benson.
He must've been working here at the time of the murders.
That hammer's not sharp enough to cause these wounds.
So we don't have a murder weapon yet.
Let's find one.
I looked all over this place.
I haven't found anything that looks like a murder weapon.
Yeah,well,I think this guy Doug was lying.
I think he knew exactly what he was doing.
You're saying this based on what? Based on the fact that this soil could easily match the soil that Natalia found in the tread of his boot.
Which,incidentally,is the same size as the boot print here.
I think he sat here,watched the Crawfords.
He waited for the right moment,then he went in after them.
The boot print doesn't have anything to do with Doug's state of mind.
Doug's state of mind? But people who snap don't calmly bind their victims.
This was premeditated murder.
Wolfe,you're deciding Doug did it; you're not proving it.
Yeah,that's,that's sort of what we do,Eric.
- WeWe theorize.
- Yeah.
Do me a favor,just process the evidence before you convict the guy,okay? What's going on with you two? Wolfe's always jumping to conclusions.
I just You think maybe you're taking it personally? No.
Look,I've been there.
I can see it.
All Doug wants is to remember.
I can understand how you would empathize with Doug.
Doesn't necessarily mean he's innocent.
Look,I-II can't explain it.
I just don't think he killed those people.
Tell you what.
I called in a favor with the Feds.
They have a facility for studying memory loss.
I was going to take Doug.
You want to go with me? Yeah,if it's going to help us get to the bottom of what Doug remembers,yeah.
Basically,it can tell us if Doug's having a memory? Brain waves don't lie.
So if the information's there,we'll know.
Okay,Doug,we're going to begin.
Let's start with an irrelevant stimulus.
It's flat.
He's not remembering.
All right,let's move on to a target stimulus.
Something that Doug would know is pertinent to the case.
All right,there's a peak.
He's remembering something.
So far,so good.
Why don't you try showing him something relevant to the crime scene that he says he can't remember.
No,try another.
Maybe he really has amnesia.
We have evidence of him at the house.
I mean,we know that he was there.
Try one last one.
There wasthere was so much.
He's reacting to the picture of Mitch Crawford.
It was everywhere.
There was too much.
He's remembering the murder.
I'm gonna show him another picture of Mitch.
Knife was in his chest.
Doug,what are you saying? Do you remember this man? I was holding the knife.
I wanted to get it out.
I pulled it out of him.
Blood was all over me.
Did you stab him? It's cold.
I can feel the cold in my hair-- there's ice.
Get this thing off me! Doug,relax-- just stay calm.
There's ice.
Doug,hang on.
- I didn't kill him.
- Hey,hey,hey I didn't killGet this thing off.
- It's okay.
- I didn't Hey,hey,it's okay.
You're safe.
I didn't kill him.
I didn't kill anybody.
I really didn't think that Doug did it, but the EEG confirmed that he was remembering.
I did some background checking on Doug, and when he was eight years old,his father was murdered,and he witnessed it.
It says he was found unconscious,covered in his father's blood,holding the knife that killed him.
I believe that is the first time he experienced amnesia.
But he didn't do it? No,he didn't.
An ex-wife confessed to it.
I showed him the picture of Mitch Crawford.
He reacted to it,which means that he had to have been talking about him.
You mentioned ice.
Yeah,there was no ice at the Crawford crime scene.
No,but the glass coffee table was smashed when his father was murdered.
So,to a young boy looking down on his father's dead body,that would look a lot like ice.
So,the question becomes: which murder is he remembering? What have you got on the Crawford family? All three victims died of exsanguination due to multiple stab wounds,all in the upper torso.
Victoria and Sara's wounds are deep,jagged,powerful.
And what about the father? His are different.
They're shallow,erratic.
You know,Delko said that Doug Benson freaked out when he saw his father killed.
Maybe he did the same thing when he stabbed Mitch.
So,he might have been completely lucid when he stabbed Victoria and Sara.
With him claiming amnesia,I don't know how to prove he's a killer.
Take the personal effects.
- If he did do the stabbing,then maybe there's evidence of him.
- Okay.
Thank you,Tara.
Thank you much.
How are you doing,beautiful? It appears,Mr.
Sabin,that the nightclub business is recession-proof.
How can I help you,Lieutenant? Mitch Crawford.
What about him? He was my financial advisor.
He handled all my investments.
Then you should know that he was murdered this morning,along with his wife and daughter.
What's that got to do with me? I can put you at the house.
I went to see him a few days ago,after the market went south.
So how does over a million dollars just disappear? It's the market.
It's in free fall.
How come you didn't you get hurt? I did.
- Everybody did.
- Yeah?You're lying to me.
HeyHey!Hey!Hey,let go of me! I lost a good chunk of cash.
Maybe my cool.
Not my proudest moment.
It turns out that a number of his more unhappy clients are suing him.
Well,I'm not a litigious person.
How do you settle your disputes,Mr.
Sabin? All you can prove is that we argued.
- You have one other thing going for you.
- Yeah? And what's that? Motive.
Excuse me.
Can you help me out here,please? Can you get me out of here,please? I'm not like these guys.
I don't belong here.
What,you think you're better than me? That's not what I meant.
Who the hell are you? Doug Benson.
Oh,yeah? What you in for,Doug Benson? Let-Let me guess.
You,uh You steal a cell phone at the mall? Or some No.
That it,punk? I killed three people.
I stabbed them to death.
Mother,father and daughter.
So when exactly did you get your memory back? I didn't.
I just heard you tell that man your name.
One of your officers,Delko,said he found my wallet.
Had my picture and my name.
I also heard you admit to killing the family.
What does that prove? Everyone here says I did it.
What else do you remember? I remember that you thought I was guilty from the start.
But your friend,Delko-- he doesn't.
- He's gonna get me out of here.
- Hey.
So,were you able to match the boot print from the crime scene to Doug Benson? Not definitively.
Wear and tear on the sole only gave us partials.
So,basically,we got nothing? I'm trying something different.
- Might help narrow your investigation.
- Okay.
It's called stature analysis.
It's an experimental tool from the UK.
The laser creates a 3-D representation of the print.
The computer then measures the depth of the impressions made by the heel,ball,and toes.
I can then input those measurements And that gives us the weight.
Not only the weight,also his height.
There-- whoever wore these boots is between six foot,zero and six foot,one inch tall.
- That changes everything.
- No.
Doug Benson's five foot,eight.
Let me ask you something: Could a military boot have made that footprint? I believe so.
Where were you this morning,Logan? I was at our vacation house.
My dad called last night.
Hesaid he was having trouble with some clients.
He was going to take Mom and Sara to the house until things cooled off.
And what did you see? When I got to the house,I heard voices inside.
I looked through a window and I There was a man with a knife.
He killed my dad.
There was nothing I could do.
You could have called the police,Logan.
You're right,Lieutenant,but I snuck out of school to see them.
If my superiors find out,they'll throw me in the brig.
Just please don't tell them.
Is this the man you saw? Yeah,that's him.
I remember the red hat he was wearing.
A red hat.
Somebody saw me kill those people? You fled the murder scene,Doug.
And you discarded the murder weapon.
- I'm gonna make sure to have a doctor meet with you in holding.
- What,so he can help me remember? If I did kill that family,I'll do the time for it.
But I don't need my mind to play it back for me.
We waiting on Tripp? We are.
You doing okay? No,not really.
I just I found out that Doug's all alone.
Doesn't have a wifefamily.
You know you're not Doug,right? Yeah,I know.
Your friendship means a lot to me,Calleigh.
I didn't know you felt that way.
What? How can you not know that? You read my file.
That was an unrelated case.
It's important to me to respect your privacy.
Well,who's organizing this picnic? Uh,Logan Crawford said that he saw Doug stab his father.
And he was wearing a red hat.
We need to find that hat.
When PD picked Doug up here,he didn't have a hat.
- I can see where this is headed.
- Pick a street.
Trace it all the way back to where the Crawford family was killed.
Well,you know what? I'm breaking in a pair of new shoes today,so I think I'll start with the intersection.
All right,I'm gonna take First.
Do you want to take Elm? Done.
- Hold up.
I need to take a look in that mailbox.
- Sure.
- Hold on.
- Thanks.
Natalia,we've got a rush for DNA.
Hey,I was waiting for you.
This is the file Horatio wanted.
- About what happened earlier,I didn't mean to put you on the spot.
- Forget it.
What if I don't want to? Eric,I am so confused.
What do you want? You are going to have to tell me, because,until I actually hear you say the words,I don't even know if you believe it yourself.
- Do you know what I'm saying? - I do.
Well,the sweat on the brim is from Doug Benson.
Okay,so that confirms the cadet's story.
And we've got the blood on Doug's clothing from the victims.
Got his prints at the crime scene.
Got more than enough to book him.
Where was the hat found? A couple of blocks from the intersection where Doug was picked up.
Why? Because it's shedding black particles.
Dirt from the pavement? I don't think so.
Did you find something? - Nitrocellulose on the hat.
- That's gunshot residue.
Are you thinking he didn't do it? I'm thinking he was forced to do it.
I said kill him! Do it! Do it! We went to the firing range.
We have the gun that you always use.
All we have to do is test-fire it and prove that you forced Doug Benson to kill your family.
What?No! I didn't force anybody to do anything.
Who's Doug Benson? He's the handyman who was working at the house during the murders.
You want us to start believing you? Start talking.
Logan,we spoke with your superiors.
We know that you haven't been home in months.
Not even for the holidays.
You didn't go to that house this morning to see them, so why don't you tell us why you were really there? Look my father played fast and loose with his clients' money.
We always knew someone was going to come after us.
- That make you mad? - Nah.
He called last night to tell me that they were going on the run.
He was going to leave money for me in the barbecue.
But when I got there,the money was gone.
I figured whoever killed my family got to the money first.
Okay,so you claim that the money was gone when you arrived.
I mean,you didn't have a look around? But do you think if I'd found it,I'd come back here? So,whoever forced Doug to kill these people,also stole a bag of cash.
From all places,a fire pit.
Would you think to look there? No,but,um,I don't think I'll find a million dollars,ever,anytime in my life.
I don't have that kind of luck.
Luck is a fickle thing,my friend.
Oh,yeah? Why is that? 'Cause whoever took the cash left one beaut of a print.
Sabin we recovered your fingerprints.
Where exactly? At the Crawford home,on the site of a triple homicide¡ª where,incidentally,you absconded with the man's money.
Excuse me.
I didn't take any money.
Get a gander at what we found stashed in his office.
So you were saying? What does that prove? It proves you're a liar.
Okay,I took the money.
Still doesn't prove I killed anyone.
Sabin,it will.
Mitch Crawford's a-- was-- a liar and a thief.
As far as I'm concerned,that money's mine.
- So you took it,after you killed him and his family? - You process the shotgun? I had Travers run it against the hat Doug Benson was wearing.
Thank you,Eric.
- Didn't you arrest the guy who killed him? - Turns out,he was coerced.
To kill a whole family? Come on.
And yet,you did kill the family.
Along with Doug Benson's help.
I don't even know who that is.
Doug Benson? He's the innocent man you held at gunpoint.
He's the guy you made stab Mitch Crawford.
That was after you killed Mitch's wife and child.
You guys can't get me.
'Cause that man never saw me.
Didn't have to.
Jagged edge of your shotgun caught a fiber of Doug's hat.
I trusted Mitch with my money.
That rat didn't just squander it,he stole from me.
So I had to collect.
You got your money.
Why'd you kill his family? He said there was no money.
So I killed his wife.
And I'll tell you,that got him talking.
But the money was only half what he stole,and not enough to save my club from bankruptcy.
So he took what was precious to you,and you returned the favor.
When Doug Benson tried to help,you manipulated him.
You turned him into a murderer.
But what I don't understand is you had a gun.
Why didn't you shoot him? Why not get rid of everybody? What,and spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder? See,I put the knife in someone else's hands, then you clowns spend your time looking for them and not for me.
And yetyet here we are.
- You look at me,you die.
Walk! Walk! - Okay.
- Get down!Now,you're going to kill this piece of trash,or you're going to die like his family.
- No.
Pick up the knife.
Pick up the knife!Pick it up! No! Pick it up! Pick up the knife! No! Go on,stick it in.
Kill him! Do it! Do it! Yeah! Do it,again! Again! Again! So what happens now? Well,it's my guess that you'll be charged with second-degree murder.
So I can still go to jail? It's possible.
You thinkthere's any hope for me? Course I do.