CSI: Miami s07e13 Episode Script

And They're Offed

And they're off.
Number five-- Backdraft-- jumps out in front, followed by the two horse, Snowrider.
Backdraft, go, boy.
Fighting hard on the outside is Caesar and Freebie.
Break clean.
At the first turn, here comes Snowrider on the rail.
Backdraft, fading fast.
Oh, no, Backdraft.
Come on, don't quit on me now.
Don't quit.
There you go.
comes Backdraft,tchi fire, mang h move.
It Swrid anBadrafin the homestretch.
Come on, come on.
Badraft, Snowrider.
And it's Snowrider at the wire.
Did we get an ID yet? Yeah.
We've got a Robert Banyon.
Big-time horse owner.
Took a shot to the back of the head.
My guess is, the shot didn't kill him right away.
His heart continued to beat and he bled out.
Okay, who found him? A couple on their way to another suite, looked in, saw the body.
I notice the entrance wound.
But no exit.
Which means the slug is still lodged in his skull.
I need the round.
Well, you'll have it as soon as I do.
There must be 10,000 people out there, Horatio.
And one of them is my killer.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode13 And They're Offed Everyone remain seated until you're processed by an officer.
So what have we got besides a killer view? A man shot in his own luxury suite.
Any witnesses? Doesn't appear that way.
I think he was here alone.
All right, let's see what our shooter left for us.
So, what happened to you last night? Thought you were coming by Brennan's.
We had a table in the back.
Oh, I just-- I went home, did some e-mails, went to sleep.
I was tired.
I'm sorry.
No, no reason to apologize.
Missed out on a good time, that's all.
Looks like the victim dropped a pair of binoculars on the floor.
It's a combination binocular-digital camera.
Maybe Banyon was killed over something he saw.
Yeah, maybe he took a picture of it.
I'll get them to A.
Well, he sure liked fine wine.
Also, this food looks like it could have been prepared at the track, except for this.
What's that? They're Grandine Truffles.
They are delicious, they are my favorite, and because of that, I happen to know you can't even get them in Miami.
What does that get us? A place to start.
- Yes, ma'am.
I got something off the truffles that Calleigh found.
What did we get? Well, they're distributed by a company out of Chicago owned by a guy named Wayne Tully.
What do we know about him? He happens to be in the horse racing business as well, and his corporatoffice says he's here in Miami.
And we're off.
It's a tough game, the horses.
Turns out that you have a number of businesses.
We found a specialty item distributed by your company in Robert Banyon's luxury suite this morning.
So, the man has good taste.
Yeah, but I'm willing to bet that if we took your DNA, we could place you in that suite as well.
DNA on one of the wine glasses.
Okay, I was there.
Why is that? Little thing I call business.
Man's a fan of my truffles.
Um, I thought I'd scratch his itch and make my pitch.
Which was? Shares in his stable.
Even a filet of the breeding rights on a horse like Backdraft, we're talking big race fees, stud prices, claims on offspring for years.
It's a gravy train, it's a easy street.
So what do you say? I'm offering you twice what those shares are worth.
You see Backdraft down there? Practically stole him.
What makes you think I'm gonna let you steal him from me? Times like these, having a partner is never a bad idea.
I don't have "times like these.
" Get out of here, Tully.
And when he turned down easy street, you shared your disappointment.
You got anything to back that up? We called the airport.
They said that you checked a nine-millimeter Beretta on your flight yesterday to Miami.
I want to protect myself.
Something wrong with that? I need the gun.
You ever stop to think that maybe I have enemies? I guarantee you do.
Hey, what are you doing? Me? Uh, Just looking around.
Yeah, well, you're coming with me.
Who do we have here, Frank? This guy's a stooper.
His name's Scott Aguilar.
Caught him sniffing around the track with one of these things.
I was just looking for stuff, sir, that's all.
Yeah, that's why they call them stoopers-- stooped over all day looking for dropped tickets.
People sometimes don't pay attention, they'll, you know, throw out their winners.
You're interfering with a murder investigation.
Murder investigation? I assu you, sir, that was not my intent.
Well, I'll tell you what my intent is-- for you to get your bottom-feeding butt elsewhere.
Let's go.
Lieutenant Caine, this boy appears to be lost, and I found this in his pocket.
It's got CSI Wolfe's name and number.
Thank you, Officer.
What's your name, son? Billy.
Billy Gantry.
Okay, Billy.
How do younow Ryan Wolfe? He's a friend of my dad's.
Where is your dad now? He was supposed to pick me up at swimming ssons.
He never did.
So you're here alone? Well, my dad's a vet here at the track and he's usually here, but I can't find him.
Okay, how about if we find him, okay? Come on.
Come on.
Freeze! Is that your dad's car? - Yep.
Stay here.
What was that? Stay in the car.
Get up.
Hang on a seco.
You're Russian mob.
You work for Ivan Sarnoff? Horatio, this is Billy's father.
His name is Mark Gantry.
Mark, this is Lieutenant Horatio Caine.
Mark helped me out when I had the little gambling problem.
Why does his son have your business card? Mark was having a little bit of trouble.
And I'm, uh, helping him look after his kid Billy.
Where's my son? Your son is in good hands.
I want my boy back.
I don't think that's a good idea, Mr.
Wolfe, please.
I'm going to call you.
Hang in there, okay? Mr.
Wolfe, the dead man has a tattoo from the Russian mob.
Why is that? I have no idea.
You know Mark's not involved in that.
Okay, that's not my question, is it? Look, he called me.
He said he was in trouble.
I came over, there's a guy in his house.
I don't know what's going on.
You'd better find out.
So, you got a bullet for me yet? Nope, and I didn't see one in the fluoroscope, either.
But there's no exit wound.
Unless the entrance is the exit.
What do you mean? Well, I'm not positive.
But let's take a closer look.
Powder burns? - No.
You're looking at the damage caused by a captive bolt gun.
Used to put down livestock.
Yeah, those are brutal.
It's a one-centimeter wide cylinder that bores a whole into your head.
And as it retracts, conduits on the pistol force out compressed air.
That explains the dark circle, right? - Yeah.
Captive bolts are supposed to destroy a horse's brain stem, so the heart keeps beating.
Hey, that's just like our victim.
A bolt gun on a human being? As if it isn't bad enough to use it on animals.
Yeah, Robert Banyon was a horse owner.
Maybe someone didn't like the way he treated his animals.
Excuse me.
We're looking for Robert Banyon's trainer.
I work for him.
I'm the Head Groom.
Terrance Chase.
And you are? CSI Duquesne.
CSI Delko.
I'm going to need you to stop right there, freeze.
The horse is spooked.
Its ears are back.
I guess we're making him uncomfortable.
All right, well this isn't about the horse.
We're here to ask you a few questions abt Robert Banyon.
Okay, I groom his horses, I hear things.
You hear that he was murdered this morning? Are you serious? We are.
He was killed with a captive bold gun, and we know that you use those in your line of work.
Not by me.
I think those things are barbaric.
I'm going to take a look around.
Don't worry-- I won't spook the horses.
So, uh, you know your horses.
Yeah, I grew up around them.
I also know enough to know that grooms and owners don't always get along.
Yeah, you'd be right about that.
But, uh, you know, Banyon treated horses right.
And I'd never jeopardize that relationship.
I can't believe this happened.
Did Robert Banyon have any enemies that you know of? In his side of this business, almost impossible not to.
Which is why I stick with horses.
You know, their trust is implicit.
Well, I wish the same could be said for you.
Looks like our murder weapon.
I've never seen that before.
I swear.
Tell you what.
We'll let evidence be the judge of that.
In the meantime, you're coming with us.
These are the photos from Banyon's binocular camera.
Hoping he caught a reflection of his killer in the glass.
But you haven't found any yet.
Banyon had a lens filter.
Prevents glare and reflections.
That could explain why he didn't see the killer coming.
And why we can't now.
Hey, Jane, do me a favor.
Go back and zoom in on the jockey.
She's holding something in her hand.
Some kind of plastic box.
It's called a "jigger.
" It's an electric prod.
It's used to make the horse go faster.
It's illegal.
Okay, so we don't know who killed Robert Banyon.
But we may have just found out why.
Colleen Flanagan.
Why don't you dismount.
We need to ask you a few questions.
It's our understanding that your road twice today, and your second mount was Backdraft for Robert Banyon.
Is that true? Yeah, yeah, that's right.
It's terrible what happened to Mr.
Yeah, we think so, too.
We also think you conspired to kill him.
What? - We've reviewed the tape.
And we know that you intentionally eased up on your horse during the race, andhen you spurred him on at the end for a comeback.
That's right.
You made sure Banyon never took his eyes off the race.
This way, a killer could step in and put a gun to his head.
You can't possibly prove that.
Actually, we can.
We have photos of you using a jigger.
Okay, I used the device.
But it wasn't about murder.
It was about winning.
Why don't you explain that.
Look, Backdraft is lightning out of the gate.
But today he was off.
It was like I didn't have my horse under me.
I had to get him going.
You risked your career for that? Careers can be made in a race like today's.
Or ended.
- No.
No, don't do this.
It was just one time.
I can't lose my racing license.
It's too late.
We're going to take you in.
So, what have you got on my friend Mark Gantry? Still working on it, but you can take his personal effects.
It's a racing program.
Yeah, found it in his pocket.
Same track where Robert Banyon was murdered this morning.
What else you got? Here, we also found a powdery substance in his pants.
Benzoylmethyl ecgonine.
More popularly known as - Cocaine.
Bit of a surprise.
More than you'll ever know.
You're lying to me! No, man, I swear.
- After what I did for your son, after what I do for you? You were my sponsor.
And now I found a racing program in your pocket.
Okay, uh I found cocaine on your clothes.
You're using again? No.
No, look, Ryan-- so yeah, look, I've been using a little, okay, but You got it under control? Spoken like a true addict.
That man who attacked me today, he's a member of the Russian mob.
Do you know what that means? What, is he your dealer? You owe him money? Yep.
He came to collect.
I didn't have the cash, okay.
I didn't know what else to do, who else to turn to.
You dragged me into a drug deal? Freeze! I'm sorry.
I-I screwed up.
All right? I'll, I'll deal with this.
All right? I just need a little time.
No, Mark.
Now I have to deal with it.
You want to help yr son? You help yourself.
Be sure to get tse to Prints, okay? Go.
Right away, please.
His personal effects.
I ran our Russian mobster's prints through AFIS, and I didn't get anything.
What about the watch, Mr.
Wolfe? Take a look at that.
It's running 11 hours ahead.
You know, if he just arrived, his prints would probably be in the immigration databases.
I'll check.
Nicholas Brinks.
He just stepped off a plane from Moscow last week.
See who sponsored his visa.
It's our old friend, Ivan Sarnoff.
Owner of the Aegis Boxing Club.
And a killer.
A month ago, you promised we'd reunite.
What is it this time, Lieutenant? Nicholas Brinks.
What about him? He killed himself today.
What does that have to do with me? You provided Nicholas with entry into the country, didn't you? Perhaps I did.
And Nicholas killed himself to avoid being questioned.
Why did he do that, Ivan? You'd have to ask him.
But that's out of the question now, isn't it? I'm asking you.
Lieutenant Caine, pity.
In another life, we would be great comrades.
I think that Nicholas killed himself to protect you, Ivan.
He was a loyal friend, Lieutenant, and you know I have a lot of friends.
And you're gonna need every one of them.
Eric Delko, in my Trace lab? Yeah, I'm working on the Banyon case.
I found some unusual fibers on the towel the murder weapon was wrapped in.
Recycled jelly cable, silica and polyopylene fibers, coated in a microcrystalline wax.
Never seen it before.
Certainly not common.
At least not in the States.
You recognize it? Yeah, what you're looking at is Polytrack.
It's developed in England.
It's used to replace dirt at horse tracks.
Why? It's cleaner.
Drains faster, and it's more animal-friendly than dirt.
So, you know your horses, huh? Well, every Englishman worth his salt has done his time at the Derby.
Uh, what does it mean when a horse puts its ears back? It means the filly doesn't fancy you.
So this Polytrack, uh-- it's everywhere? Not exactly.
I think only five tracks in the U.
have made the changeover.
Not one of them is in Miami.
How about Chicago? You know what they say about animal instinct? I'm afraid I don't have time to talk.
Make time.
The bolt pistol that killed Robert Banyon was wrapped in a towel that had traces of Polytrack on it.
That synthetic track stuff? What's that got to do with me? Just happens to be the new ground cover at Tallulah Field in Chicago, where you base your operations.
And you own a bolt pistol, don't you? I do.
Unfortunately, I had to put a horse down yesterday.
Stay where you are.
Wait a minute.
It's gone.
Big shock.
No, no, no, no, no.
I know what's going on here.
I want a lawyer.
I don't blame you.
Betting slip.
First race.
$1,000 on the number four horse.
Banyon's horse didn't run that race.
We need to take a closer look at this ticket.
I thought you might want to see the tox report on your friend Mark Gantry.
There's no trace of cocaine in his system.
He's clean.
That doesn't make sense.
Addicts lie to cover their using, not to, uh not to invent it.
Why would he do that? This may not be what you want to hear, but in my opinion, I think he's covering up for a bigger lie.
Mark is the track veterinarian, isn't he? Yeah.
So? Well, you know how they said that Robert Banyon's horse all of a sudden started lagging? They sometimes use cocaine to dope horses.
Lagging? Last time I checked, cocaine was a stimulant.
Cocaine is a stimulant in a human being, but the right dose in a horse will cause the heart rate to decrease, the respiratory system to increase.
It causes them to over breathe.
Slows them down.
So he was dosing the horses, and not using the drugs on himself? He's race fixing.
He's gambling again.
I don't know what to do.
Let me check into it.
Hey, look, I've just been released from custody.
You know, I talked and talked to you guys.
I did not do this thing.
I know you didn't, Mr.
Oh, Terrance, please.
I actually came to see Backdraft.
We're thinking that he may have been doped with cocaine.
Doped? Really? Who'd do something like that to you, Backdraft? And, you know, my question is how? Well, that part's easy.
Horses are vascular.
You know, you rub the drug right on their skin.
It absorbs into the bloodstream.
In the first turn, here comes Snowrider on the rail.
Backdraft fading fast.
You know, it looks like he could have been dosed under his bridle.
Yeah, sweat opens the pores.
Ingestion's immediate.
Hey, easy.
It's positive.
Poor baby.
What's gonna happen to him? He'll probably be sold off.
Oh, if he's lucky, put out to, uh, stud.
Are you interested in taking a ride? Oh, I can't.
I'm on duty, but, uh But I may take you up on that some time.
Please do.
Okay, Terrance.
We just got a call from CSI Duquesne.
We've confirmed the presence of cocaine on Backdraft.
We know everything.
We know you tried to fix the race.
The only way you're gonna help yourself is come clean, all right? Sarnoff shows up one day out of nowhere.
Starts bringing up long-shot bets I made, like, three years ago, before I even entered the program.
Are you sure that they were yours? Yeah.
My My bookie drops dead one day.
And three years later, there's Sarnoff.
He's got my name in that black book of his that he keeps in his coat.
Starts pressuring me.
Threatening me, threatening my son.
And you couldn't pay.
Told me if I dusted Robert Banyon's horse, I'd be in the clear.
You thought I'd forget? This debt would just float away on the breeze? No.
No, of course not.
You owe me.
I need that money.
All of it.
But I'll give you some time.
Time's up.
I don't have it.
Then you do something for me.
You do it right, we call it even.
Yeah? So, I couldn't bring myself to do it to that beautiful animal.
And now he won't rest until I pay, one way or the other.
All right, listen, Mark, you and Billy are gonna get out of here.
All right? You got to disappear.
You got to start over.
He'll find us wherever we go.
Not necessarily.
Betting stub from the horse track? Yeah, this is the one they found in Wayne Tully's horse trailer, where the murder weapon went missing.
You gonna turn it into a winning ticket? Yeah, if you consider beer and mustard a big case breaker.
There's no usable trace.
What about that circle across the top? I don't know what that is.
Maybe some sort of code from the betting windows? The shapes are more imprint than they are laser print, don't you think? Yeah.
You got a theory? Found a track rat today.
You know, "stooper.
" He had one of those claw grabbers.
What was he doing with it? Well, he was looking in the trash for betting slips, and I'm willing to bet that's one of them.
And how does this have anything to do with a missing bolt gun? Did you steal one from Wayne Tully's trailer? Oh, no, no, ma'am.
You would never catch me using that tool to put down an animal.
What about putting down a human being? We did some checking, Scott.
We know that you're the original owner of Backdraft.
Yeah, I owned Backdraft.
We're gonna need to check your hands.
What is it you're doing? Testing for nitrites.
By-product of gunpowder being burned.
You through? You are through.
What are you talking about? It's positive for nitrites.
That means there's a presence of gunshot residue on your hand.
You shot him with the bolt gun, didn't you? You put Banyon down.
That horse was one in a million.
He was a pure thoroughbred.
He was raw talent.
Perfect stride.
Perfect balance.
And he's got heart.
Just nded the proper training, that's all.
A little seasoning, support.
And then, Banyon shows up, and well, he convinced me that Backdraft was flawed.
This horse, I ran his stats.
He's too narrow up front.
Don't know if it will take the stress of training, much less racing.
Sir, that horse has great breeding.
He'll never win a race.
Look, I need a trotter pony.
I'll take him off your hands, do you a favor-- five grand.
Three cup victories and eight figures later Look I was a jockey that never finished in the money.
Okay? I scraped together whatever money I hato buy Backdraft.
He was my ticket out, and Banyon lied to me.
He told me that he was worthless.
And then he stole him from me.
He knew he was a winner all along.
And he was mine.
Just because Banyon was a dirty businessman, that doesn't give you the right to kill him.
That's easy for you to say.
Every time that horse took first place the feeling got worse.
All the horse owners keep a bolt gun.
First unlocked trailer I found, I took one.
There you go.
Come on, come on.
If I wasn't gonna get a share of the winnings, well, neither was he.
You didn't just lose your horseScott.
You lost everything.
You must be insane coming here.
I knew you'd be looking for me.
I figured I'd save you the time.
You caused me a great deal of trouble.
Look, Mr.
Sarnoff, I'm here to make it right.
I swear.
You think I'm a fool? Some game to be played? I just need this to be over.
I need my life back.
Your life.
I could kill you right here, right now.
If you want to kill me, you go ahe, but I'm through running.
But if you let me live, I can help you.
I took care of the other race myself.
Why do I need you? Tell me your offer.
I'll give you one more race, a big one.
I dose your horse.
I take care of any post-race dope test.
I get you your money.
And then, my debt is finished.
We're no longer talking about just one race.
How many? All the races.
I own you.
You want to live? You make me a winner.
Race after race af So, Ivan I guess that makes this post time, huh? This is a setup.
This will never stand.
Yes, it will.
Oh, Ivan, third race, five horse.
It's a guaranteed loser, huh? It's all here, H.
's every date, every horse, every race.
God, Ivan, you've made millions.
Bribery, extortion, conspiracy to race fix My guess is that's, um 30 years.
That's a big number, Ivan.
And this time, there's no one to take the fall.
Book him.
Seeing me off? I guess that's a fair description.
You're bringing a world of hurt on yourself.
On your city.
On those close to you.
Go on.
It's started.
You don't even know it.
Your team is falling apart.
You even know where they are.
I do.
Trouble is coming, Lieutenant.
And it's looking for you.
All right, Billy.
I'm gonna see you real soon, okay? No, you won't.