CSI: Miami s07e14 Episode Script

Smoke Gets in Your CSI's

You know,you drive like a madwoman.
Well,if you don't like it,next time you drive.
Maybe I will.
So what's going on with you and Delko? Ryan,I have no id what you're talking about.
Come on,Calleigh,you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Ryan,give it a rest.
Miami-Dade PD.
Anyone home? Neighbor called 911,said she thought she smelled something rotting.
I love the smell of decomp in the morning.
You are terrible.
There's no body in here.
Could just be a rodent.
You know,this place was foreclosed on a month ago.
It's been vacant ever since.
How long do you think someone or something's been rotting in here? Well,I would say with the heat and humidity lately decomp could start in a couple hours.
That's good.
I don't want to have to deal with another bloater.
Calleigh,he's up here.
This place is creepy.
Oh,my God.
Well,I'm not a doctor,but judging from the excess pool of blood over here, I'm guess our friend here did not die of natural causes.
Did you see anything around here that could have been used as a murder weapon? You get a splinter? No,I put my hand on a staple.
What was that? It's probably just backup.
They would have ID'dhemselves.
Do you think we got him? What is that? I don't know,but I don't like it.
What was that? Fire! The heat's coming from the kitchen! I'm going through the floor! Can't get this window open! I got it! Calleigh! I'm going back for the body! Come on,Calleigh,we got to go now.
It's all the evidence we've got.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode14 Smoke Gets in Your CSIs Calleigh and Ryan said they found the body rotting up in the attic.
And this victim has no I.
And there were no witnesses,were there? No.
The killer probably started the fire to cover his tracks.
Spread through this room pretty fast.
I have a pour pattern right here.
I'm just looking for an accelerant of some kind.
Right here.
This will do the trick.
Still doesn't give us the source.
You said they heard a bomb explode,right? Yeah,it's either backdraft or,uh,or a bomb.
This microwave would have been a perfect heat source.
What about an ignition? Eric,this aerosol can is perfect.
Yeah,well,the fire would have burnt away any of the killer's fingerprints, and,uh,probably anyother evidence Hang on a second.
What is that? Looks like a business card.
It's pretty badly charred.
I'll put it through the infrared,see if any of the ink's still intact.
Peralta,why were you at the house? Thinki about buying it.
Been trying to take advantage of the,uh,the down market.
Figured now's a great time to buy an investment property.
He said the bank is practically giving it away.
Can you confirm your story? Did you make an appointment with anyone? Well,I mean the house was supposed to be drive-by only,inside with accepted offers.
But look I'm not going to place a bid on a house I've never even seen,right? I mean,besides the door was open.
Well,that's still breaking and entering.
Yeah,but a good listing is worth a fine or two,right? Competition to get these homes is fierce.
Fierce enough to kill over? Uh,no.
No way.
A man was murdered in the attic of that house.
Well,I,uh,I'm sorry.
I don't know him.
- But you were in the attic.
- Yeah.
Yeah,I was-- I was,I didn't see him or anything there,okay? I was just there to see how much space there was.
It could have made a nice office.
Do you think we did something wrong? No.
They're just being thorough.
Kristen,it's fine.
I'm going to need samples from both of you.
Yeah,whatever you need.
Thank you.
The sooner we can ID him,the better.
We are working on that.
But I can put his time of death at yesterday evening.
What about a cause of death? Gunshot wound.
Are you sure you're not looking at bullets from this morning? Because I saw at least four hit him.
Actually,there were five.
But no bruising with those.
And that's 'cause he was already dead.
All right.
Which one was the fatal shot? You okay? - Can I have that water? - Of course.
Calleigh,I think the fire may have been too much.
Ryan said you went above and beyond.
I'm fine.
When do you think I can get the bullet? They're deep.
A while.
But I can tell you one thing right now: Mr.
Doe here had a dirty secret.
Track marks between his toes.
He was hiding a habit.
Most likely heroin.
All right,so maybe this wasn't a real estate deal gone bad.
Maybe it was drug deal.
Either way,I'll get these nail scrapings to DNA.
I never shot anybody.
Not that guy you found,and certainly no one as pretty as you.
Can you explain to us how your skin got under his fingernails? I have no idea.
I have seen that guy.
That's Elbows.
Can you elaborate on that? Met him at a pickup game last week.
Shirts and skins at Biscayne.
You happen to get his name? I just told you.
We all called him "Elbows.
" Can you,um,Excuse me.
Can you - Can I wh? - You got some gum? Yeah.
You okay? Mr.
Astor,you said that you were playing basketball with,uh Calleigh,you okay? - What is this,good cop- crazy cop? - Calleigh? I can't breathe.
Hey,officer down in here! - What's going on here? - Shut up! I need an ambulance! Officer needs a 42! I need help now! I never touched her.
Heart rate? Was 101,dropping to 84 Heard she was en route.
What happened? There was a fire this morning,and she was fine at the scene.
She just crashed.
Smoke inhalation's a quick-change artist.
Patient seems fine initially,and then crashes.
We need to intubate her.
Stay with me,Calleigh.
Ready? Here we go.
Be careful with her.
Eric,let us do our jobs.
I'll run the arterl blood gas.
Why don't you do that in her arm like normal? That looks like it hurts.
We need arterial blood.
Elbow vein doesn't have that.
Got it.
Bag her.
She's difficult to ventilate.
How difficult? We've got good air entry.
Her heart rate's not popping.
She's crashing,Doctor.
What's the oxygen saturation? - How bad is that,Alexx? - Very.
We have good airway,but the oxygen can't get to her blood.
Alveoli must be damaged.
What about hyperbaric therapy? We don't have time to set that chamber.
We gotta do something now.
Give her nitric oxide.
You want to sedate her? Not nitrous oxide,nitric.
Selectively increases blood flow to the alveoli allowing for more oxygenation.
Listen,Eric,please,I need you to leave so I can focus.
Gina,N-O,right now.
Baby,stay with me.
Stay with me.
Hit me.
She's not breathing on her own.
She has Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome,stable for now, but she's requiring a very high positive and expiratory pressure - At what level,Alexx? - 12 Get him now,Horatio.
You know,the doctors have you on this nitric oxide to help you breath better.
You can't stay on it forever.
It'll turn on you if your lungs don't start to breathe on their own.
You gotta get that peak number down to four,okay? You're gonna get through this,okay? I know you will.
You have to.
I can't imagine going to work without you.
I can't imagine living my life without you.
Ryan,I got here as soon as Horatio called.
Tell me you found something on that bullet.
Yeah,the fatal shot came from a nine mil,but I didn't get any hits on IBIS.
What about the five bullets that Tara pulled out? Nah,they were all postmortem.
Right,from when Calleigh and I were being shot at.
Right,but those all came from a diffent caliber gun.
It's a .
45w,I was just running a trace on it-- hold on.
I got a hit.
What case is it tied to? I don't know,let's see.
Let's see here.
All right,it looks like the gun was fired during a robbery.
Four months ago,Liberty City.
Now,a witness tied someone named Ricky Gannon to the crime,but he was never charged.
Ricky Gannon,why not? The witness died under mysterious circumstances.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
Hey,Horatio? Yeah,I think I know who tried to kill us.
Dispatch,this is Air 21.
We have an officer requesting backup.
In pursuit of a red Toyota traveling westbound on Griffing.
Breaking my arm,man! You got another one.
I'm going to sue your ass.
I got rights.
You know what,you waived your rights when you tried to cook me in that house this morning,didn't you? Man,you got me confused with someone else.
We know it was your gun,Ricky.
So why don't you tell us what hpened.
I saw that Hummer parked outside.
I've been squatting at that house for awhile now.
I didn't want any cops in my business.
We got heroin,H.
And by "business" you mean selling drugs at the abandoned house? Let's just say it held a lot of inventory.
And what about that guy you left for dead in the building? What guy? That guy.
No way I killed him.
That's Doc.
Best client I have.
He must've been there looking to score.
Went to the attic to get high osomething.
Why do you call him "Doc"? Look,I try to know as little as possible about my clients.
But you knew he was a doctor.
He paid in pharm.
He paid you in prescriptions.
Always gave me the new stuff,man.
Gave me an edge on the street.
The doc got this from Dade General.
Call them.
- Eric,you still at the hospital? - Yeah.
Why? Our victim was a doctor who was a heroin addict.
He traded pills at the very hospital you're in right now.
All right,so you think he worked here.
That's the idea.
I'm sending you a copy of his autopsy photo.
All right,I'll check it out.
Yeah,I do know him.
That's Don Phelps.
Yeah? Can you tell me anything about him? Not much.
I only work here a couple of hours a week part-time.
But,let's see.
He's a surgeon here,and he's a little off.
He just kind of gives me the creeps.
Yeah,the guy's a heroin addict.
Apparently,traded a bottle of Luxanol for his last score.
Luxanol? I've never heard of that.
Nah,me neither.
I was hoping you would know something.
- Want to talk to a pharmacist? - Yeah.
That'd be great.
Well,I honestly don't know.
Luxanol is used in clinical trials.
It's not even FDA approved.
Too new.
I doubt the doctors even know about it.
Phelps knew about it.
He had a bottle of it from this pharmacy.
Well,uh,you know,inventory has been off lately.
Um,you know,I-I lock up for an hour at midday.
Maybe he broke in.
If there was a break-in,the entire staff at this hospital would've heard about it.
The only way Phelps got into this pharmacy had to have been with your key.
You do work the same shift,don't you? Were you slipping him those pills? Look Donald and I were seeing each other.
- Thanks,Miss Vance.
- It was nothing serious.
I'll be sure to come back for a refill real soon.
Just friends with benefits.
He was using you.
Stealing from you,as a matter of fact.
Found out about that,make you mad? Confronted him? Killed him,maybe? No.
I-I'll take a lie detector test.
Honey,I'd pay to see that.
In the meantime,why don't you write Phelps' address down on that piece of paper.
I'm at Dr.
Phelps' address.
Think I found a way in.
You smell bleach? As a matter of fact,I do.
Are you getting the feeling that somebody died in here? Oh,my God.
That's a lot of blood.
You know,Alexx said that this guy was creepy,but I mean,this is,like,psychotic.
What do you think he's doing here? Amputations or he's doing some experiments? It's gonna be pretty hard to tell,because everything's been cleaned down with bleach.
So DNA recovery's gonna be highly unlikely.
Can't clean it all.
Look at this.
This is anesthetic.
So this doctor wanted his victims to be comfortable? Maybe they weren't his victims,maybe they were his patients.
Who's gonna want to get surgery here? He forgot wipe this dn.
Hopefully,this will tell us.
Wendy,do you recognize this man? It's Dr.
He performed surgery on you,didn't he? I was born with messed up kidneys.
I needed a transplant.
Why didn't you go to the hospital? I did.
They put me on a donor list five miles long.
So I did some searching on the Internet,and found out there were other ways.
You mean the black market? I posted on a bunch of message boards,and I got a call, and some guy said they found a match for me.
Go on.
He told me when to show up at Dr.
Phelps' house.
And when I got there,they got me ready for surgery.
Everything's gonna be fine.
This where they put the new one in.
That assistant brought in some kind of a big weird box.
I guess it was in there.
Wendy,you mentioned an assistant.
Someone else was definitely in there.
Well,he did steal the Luxanol from the hospital,I guess he could've stolen equipment,too.
His patient said that the nurse had a big weird box,and then everything went black.
This is probably it.
The LifePort Kidney Transporter.
Preserves the organ once it's removed from the donor before it gets put into the recipient.
I'm gonna get this to the lab for prints.
A transplant opportunity could come up at any moment.
talking about putting murderer behind bars.
At the expense of saving a life? All right,you're right.
You're completely right.
Listen,if you want to print it,you'll have to do it here and fast.
I don't have a kit.
I sense a favor coming on.
Oh,you do? Hey,I'm just gonna need a couple of things,all right? Uh,some iodine crystals,calcium carbonate and a breathing tube and some gauze.
We found your fingerprint on the organ transporter.
Phelps is the one that took that from the hospital.
Always put it back when we were done.
It's clear that you assisted the doctor with the surgeries.
Yeah,I can hand the scalpel over just as good as the next guy.
Keeping costs down just puts more money in my pocket.
Talking about money? You were messing with people's lives.
I found a group of people with a need,so I filled it.
That's a lot of customers.
So you found donors.
I'm good at sales.
Wasn't hard.
Trolled blood banks looking for matching donors.
It's amazing what people will part with for a little money.
Well,you and the doctor had a pretty good scheme.
What happened? You got greedy,you decided that you could do the whole thing by yourself? No.
The doctor developed a very bad habit.
It's no wonder you can't hold a scalpel straight.
It's your fault he died.
That's what we were really fighting about yesterday.
After the surgery.
Yes,the surgery in which someone died.
Right? A patient during the surgery.
Oh,my God,no! What the hell have you done? This was just a routine procedure.
Phelps told me it was a complication.
I'm pretty sure he messed it up.
I don't know what happened.
I'm not taking the fall for this! - We have to get rid of him.
- Right.
It wasn't my fault that guy died.
And I didn't kill the doctor either.
Colin,where is that patient's body now? Third mile marker.
Fly Hawk Trail.
Well,it better be.
For your sake.
Camera,please? Long ways,short ways.
Long ways again.
All right,let's check his hands for defensive wounds and his feet in case he was dragged.
So,this is the dead patient that Colin Astor led us to.
Yep,found him in the glades just like he said.
Name is Mauricio Correo.
Came all the way from Ecuador.
So,a guy comes to America with a promise of a new kidney,ends up in an unmarked grave.
Well,Mauricio definitely died during that surgery.
Or a little while after.
And what were the,uh,what were the complications that he died of? The suturing on this renal artery to the new kidney is disgraceful.
Jagged,uneven Looks like Dr.
Phelps s channeling Frankenstein.
The sutures would've caused s abdomen to fill with blood, he wouldn't have realized anything was wrong until after he stapled him up.
But by that point,Mr.
Correo had clotted out and died.
Did you just say this guy was stapled up? Yeah.
I took them out to get a better look.
I got stuck by a staple when Calleigh and I were checking out Dr.
Phelps' body up in the attic.
Well,they wouldn't have been from this guy.
All his staples are accounted for.
But you know what? This is tissue from the donor kidney.
You're going to take it and run it for DNA.
Because unlike a blood transfusion,where the donor DNA disappears, Donated organ retains the DNA of its donor.
I'm going to run this through CODIS,thanks.
You look like you're in some pain,Jeff.
I'm fine.
Are you? Yeah.
Look,I told you guys why I was at that house.
Yeah,well,I can't wait to hear the magical tale of how your kidney landed in another man's body.
You sold your kidney to Dr.
Phelps,didn't you,Jeff? You're wrong.
- Take your shirt off.
- Lift it up,Jeff.
Now,that really doesn't look too good.
Dropped a staple in the attic,didn't you,sport? He told me everything was going to be fine,okay? Don't worry.
What's that for? Why the hell would you agree to something like that in the first place? You wanna know why? Because the housing market is a disaster.
I racked up a lot of debt over the past year,okay? I went to give plasma,you know what I got? I got 30 dollars.
So,a man came up to me while I was in line and he said I can save a life and make some money.
Now,we needed that money to keep going.
There's this little innocent boy that's in desperate need of a kidney.
It just so happens he's the same blood type as you.
Sir,that boy will die without your help.
We have a world-class surgeon,We'll have you back on your feet and ten G's richer in no time.
- Is it safe? - Completely.
Okay,I'll think about it.
I started feeling weak after the surgery,I couldn't hold down food,man.
I think I needed both kidneys,not just one.
So,you confronted the doctor? Yes! Okay,I went to his house.
That's what I did.
He left,I followed him to the foreclosure,all right? Yo,Ricky.
I need to score,now.
I'll be inside waiting.
Unh-unh,hey,you can't be here.
It's an emergency,Doc,I need your help.
You volunteered,man.
You told me everythingwas going to be all right.
Doc,I feel like I'm dying.
It's not my problem.
It is now.
- Up the stairs.
- No,hey Now! Up the stairs! And that's when you killed him.
You know what,it's his fault that I'm dying! Jeff,it's your fault that you're dying.
Let's go.
I,um I put my watch on you so you'd know I was here.
In case you woke up while I was out on the investigation.
I knew you were here.
How'd you know I was here,you could Could you hear me? You heard what I said? Yeah.
It was like a dream.
It was real.
Will you stay with me? No.
Yeah,as long as you want me to.
As long as you want me to.
Calleigh's doing much better than we could've hoped.
She's a fighter,Horatio.
- That she is.
- Yeah.
How's your boy? Bryan's doing great,thanks for asking.
He's got a part-time job.
Seemed to do him good,so I thought I'd get one,too.
I can see that.
I'm only called "Doctor" a couple of times a week.
Most of the times just "Mommy.
" How are you doing? We're hanging in there,Alexx.
Hanging in there.
Why don't you come over for dinner tonight? Now,you know I can't cook and the kids are absolute chaos.
But it's family night.
So that means you'd fit right in.
I have no doubt.
Good to see you.