CSI: Miami s07e15 Episode Script

Presumed Guilty

and the prosecution will demonstrate that it was on that afternoon, the afternoon of December 7, that Alfonso Reyes removed his belt, fastened it around the neck of Lindsay Garland and strangled her in the employee locker room at Palm Court Country Club, where he works.
I call as my next witness Miami-Dade Police Officer Calleigh Duquesne.
Officer Duquesne, you were the first person to question Mr.
Reyes in relation to this murder, - is that correct? - Yes, that is corre.
And what caused you to believe that he may have killed this young woman? DNA evidence.
I recovered one of the victim's hairs on Mr.
Reyes's shirt.
And what else? The victim's saliva was also found on his neck and collar.
Which could have occurred when the defendant was strangling her with his leather belt, is that correct? Yes, it could have.
Thank you.
No further questions.
Powell, your witness.
But my client described to you what happened, did he not? That he only discovered the victim's body, and then tried in vain to revive her.
Yes, that is what he told me.
You're a scientist.
And your job is to analyze data.
And to interpret it.
Well, science is an absolute truth, correct? While interpretation that's open to human error.
So is it possible, then, from a completely scientific standpoint, that the transfer of hair and saliva could have occurred when my client was trying to save her life? Yes.
Yes, it is.
I have ten people, all members of that country club, who have gone on record saying that they witnessed the defendant arguing with Ms.
Garland at 2:20 p.
, at the driving range, wherein he said to her, quote, I'm gonna kill you get out of here, now unquote, just one hour prior to her body being discovered and that the argument turned physical.
Can you verify this? Yes, I can.
Uh, I discovered bruising on both of her wrists.
And her autopsy revealed that those bruises were suffered ante mortem.
Meaning, before her death.
Now, a short time later, Lindsay was killed.
She was strangled with such force with a belt that the hook punctured her neck.
Can you tell the court what led you to believe that Ms.
Garland was strangled with a belt? I thought I, uh I thought I needed to see this through.
But I-I, uh I couldn't face it in there.
Hearing all the details of my daughter's last moments The defendant is a golf instructor who works at the country club where the murder took place.
He wears a standard-issue uniform, as a matter of course.
Does that uniform include a belt? Yes, that was confirmed by the club owner.
And was the defendant wearing a belt when questioned at the scene? No, he wasn't.
And that murder weapon was never found, correct? Meaning, that it is impossible to put it in my client's hands Alfonso Reyes was just in the wrong place at the wrong time - Yet we all know that Mr.
Reyes, as an employee of the club - That murder weapon was never found.
who knows every inch of that property It's impossible to put it in my client's hands.
He has no relationship with the victim.
No motive.
He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now he's suffering because he tried to do the right thing.
The evidence has spoken for itself.
But remeer, my friends, what hasn't.
And that's the defendant, who opted not to take the stand.
Now, if that doesn't show consciousness of guilt, then I don't know what does.
Put this murderer behind bars.
The prosecution rests its case.
How long, do you think, before we get a verdict? It's really hard to tell with these things.
Her body She's in the best of hands.
Thank you.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Lindsay Garland? Please.
She's in here.
Here, here she is.
Ooh, God! That shouldn't be there, should it? Has the jury reached a verdict? We, the jury, find the defendant, Alfonso Reyes guilty.
She's covered in them.
This changes everything.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode15 Presumed Guilty Hey, I heard it's all hands on deck.
What's going on? Yeah, we're re-opening the Lindsay Garland case.
Why? They just convicted Alfonso Reyes.
Horatio found blowflies living inside her nasal cavity.
Secondary screwworm blowflies, to be exact.
Hey, I just heard this.
How is this possible? Was there an infestation in the morgue? No, the entire medical examiner's building was searched, so the fly had to have la the eggs inside Lindsay's body just after death.
And that type of blowfly rarely, if ever, goes indoors.
Yeah, they thrive in tropical areas.
That means if they laid eggs inside of her, she had to have been killed outdoors.
And then moved into the locker room.
Check out the next photo.
Yeah, this is going to be hard to prove.
Yeah, her murder happened over six weeks ago.
Okay, so I'm gonna pull all of the evidence boxes out of storage, put fresh eyes on everything, and then the two of you can go back to the country club.
Wait a second.
You want us to check over a hundred acres of grass for an epithelial? Yes.
If you have to, then you have to.
Alfonso Reyes may be innocent.
You know, I really hope nobody dropped the ball on this case.
Yeah, me too.
But it's easy for that to happen when the defense doesn't waive time, and rushes through the trial.
I tell you, we've got CSI lab techs urse.
They haven't seen anything out of the ordinary.
I mean, this place is immaculate.
Well, this locker room looks exactly the same as we left it.
Those are the perks when you pay 100 K a year for membership.
We're not going to be able to get any freshevidence out of this.
Okay, let's start with what we do have.
We know that Lindsay was killed outside.
And the killer would have had to bring her body in here without being seen, and that couldn't have been easy.
That means that he either had some help, or he knows the layout of this place really well.
- Either way, you know what this feels like? - What? Square one.
- You wanted to speak to me, Lieutenant? - I do, Counselor.
I can exonerate Alfonso Reyes.
You're coming to me with this now? The victim was not killed in the locker room.
You're just coming to a theory that I've known all along.
If you knew this, Counselor, why didn't you file the appeal? I will, once I get more to work with.
And to be honest, your evidence didn't exactly help.
And my one witness Hang on a second, Counselor.
You have a witness? Her name is Tammy Witten.
She contacted my office yesterday.
She appeared out of thin air.
She says that she saw the victim, dead, on the day of the murder, but not in the country club.
And you don't see her as legitimate? A crackpot with a history of suicide attempts.
Look, a lot of people see me on TV.
They contact me, they want some face time.
I can't tell you how many times the star witness just wants an autograph.
- Where is she now? - I told you.
She appeared out of thin air.
She disappeared just as quick.
Frank, Tammy Witten.
The morgue, the hospitals.
Let's find her.
Got a possible drug overdose.
Tammy Witten.
Victim is unresponsive.
Tammy? Tammy? We're gonna have to pump her stomach.
Give me an N.
Activated charcoal.
Okay, she is stabilizing.
Witten? You're lucky to be alive.
The doctor said you overdosed on Anatol.
That's one pretty strong anti-depressant.
Have you got some kind of intimate thing with that stomach pump, Tammy? We understand it's the third time you've been in here.
Got out of rehab two months ago.
And I was doing pretty good, too, but You decided to eat a bunch of pills instead of hitting the stand this morning.
I'm sorry about that.
He's got all the subtlety of a hurricane.
But what he did need to ask was, did you did you overdose on purpose? Easier than living with myself.
And why is that? That girl.
Lindsay? I saw her the day she was killed.
Were you at the Palm Court Country Club? No.
Like I could get in there.
It was down on Third by restaurant row.
This silver Camry just blasts out of an alleyway.
Almost hit me.
Did the car stop? No, it just kept on going after it sideswiped a wall.
I couldn't see the driver.
But the passenger At first I thought she was sleeping.
But those eyes.
The next day I saw her picture in a paper.
- But I didn't say anything.
- Until yesterday.
I couldn't keep it inside anymore.
I called that lawyer.
I told him where I saw her, and when.
And he acted like he didn't believe me.
He said I wouldn't be credible.
I should've done the right thing.
But it's t late.
No, you know what? It's never too late.
And you just proved it.
- This is it? This is where it happened? - Yeah.
Tammy said a silver car came barreling out of the alley, hit the wall.
Got a paint transfer right here.
I checked Lindsay's DMV record and she does own a silver Toyota Camry.
Which was impounded by the country club on the day of the murder.
Yeah, it's been there ever since, though.
We never even processed it, 'cause we just assumed that she never left the country club.
But she did to meet someone other than Alfonso Reyes.
Took out of this alleyway like a bat out of hell.
With a dead Lindsay in the front seat.
Let me ask you something.
How are we gonna prove that this is the alley she died in? That is a good question, my friend.
Do you hear that? It's like a buzzing? Wait, there's a camera.
So, provided they have tapes from six weeks ago, I think we're in business.
No, look at it.
It's not even wired.
It's a dummy camera.
Where is that buzzing coming from? That's nasty.
Yeah, that's pretty nasty.
What, uh What are you gonna do? The fly found in Lindsay Garland's body was a secondary screwworm blowfly.
- Which is such a charming moniker.
- Yeah.
And it's the same one right here in the alley.
Look at that.
Same exact coloration, black stripes, v-shaped spine.
Out of the 1,100 species of blowfly, you found the one we're looking for.
And that proves that Lindsay Garland was strangled here in this alleyway.
Hello? Really? Okay, thanks, Ryan.
Wow, this case is getting colder by the minute.
Other than the blowflies, Ryan and Natalia didn't find anything useful at the original crime scene.
That only leaves Lindsay Garland's car.
And I'm not seeing any prints.
Killer must have wiped everything down.
Wait a minute I may have spoken too soon.
- I've got blood.
- That's a weird pattern.
Something must've left an impression.
What in the world is that? I tried telling everyone.
I didn't kill that girl.
I was so stupid not to take the stand, but Powell had never lost a case and I had faith in him.
Talk about Lindsay.
I first met her a few months ago.
I was teaching golf to a client on the green.
And I caught Lindsay trying to sneak onto the grounds.
Just grip it underneath But you let her come back.
She was pretty, flirtatious.
I fell for it.
Who wouldn't? How long did that go on? A few weeks.
But then I realized that she was just using me to gain access to all the rich guys.
To steal from them? To marry them.
I know that she was going out with a couple of guys on the admissions board, but Look, she's not the first pretty girl o's come to the club looking for a meal ticket.
Witnesses saw you argue with her right before she died.
She'd hooked up with one member, this big real estate guy.
Couple weeks later, he dumped her.
Suddenly she's back, asking me to let her on the grounds.
Keep your left arm straight.
Remember, tempo.
Lindsay? What the hell are you doing back here? All you have to do is look the other way, 'Fonso.
I told you, I could lose my job.
You have to get out of here now.
Come on, just for this afternoon.
I'm just trying to meet a good guy.
It's the last time, I promise.
I mean it! I'm gonna kill you.
Get out of here now.
That was the last time I saw her.
Until you found her body.
Two hours later.
It was the end of my shift, and I was just going to my locker to grab my stuff and her body fell out.
Lindsay? Help! Lindsay? I have no idea how she ended up there.
What is the name of the real estate guy? Andy Durbin.
Andy Durbin.
I'm not seeing any prints.
Killer must have wiped everything down.
Golf glove.
I'm looking for Andy Durbin.
That's me.
If I got an unpaid parking ticket, talk to my driver.
Lindsay Garland, Andy.
Yeah, it's a shame.
Glad they caught the guy.
I understand that you two were intimate.
A lot of people we intimate with her.
Put it this way, didn't need a nine iron to take a whack at her.
So, the rumor is true.
Where is this all leading? Do you have any idea who my friend here is? He is a suspect in a murder investigation.
Who are you? Kevin Sheridan.
Sheridan, if you gentlemen would be kind enough to show me your gloves, I'll be on my way.
Take off, Andy.
Beat it.
What, me? Do you see any blood on this glove? And everyone wears them.
They sell 'em at the pro shop.
Besides, I didn't even know Lindsay.
And you've never been in her car? No, never.
I guess we'll see.
H, as usual, that was, uh, a good call on the air filter.
We extracted a profile from it that wasn't Lindsay's The problem is that there's no match to anyone in CODIS and Sheridan won't volunteer his DNA.
Not yet, Eric.
Well without his DNA we can't make any headway.
And, uh, take a look at him in there.
He's not exactly wound up.
No, but he does look thirsty.
So, why don't we get him something to drink? All right.
What reason could I possibly have to kill that girl? vin, don't say a word.
Are you talking to my client without his lawyer being present? Now you know better than that.
If Mr.
Sheridan is in fact your client, then we have a conflict of interest, don't we? I know the law, Lieutenant.
Reyes has been notified.
And that's my only legal obligation.
Yes, and we both know Mr.
Reyes is innocent, don't we? Do you have evidence to prove that Mr.
Sheridan had any involvement? I will.
Well, until then, we're out of here.
Let's go, Kevin.
Nice try.
But you know nice never wins anything.
Calling it a day, Judge? Lieutenant I suppose you're here for the search warrant for, uh, Kevin Sheridan's DNA.
As a matter of fact I am.
Well, I'm afraid that warrant's been denied.
It's a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights to compel DNA without probable cause, and I won't allow it.
He's not going to get away with this, Your Honor.
No one's "gettinaway" with anything.
You already caught your killer.
Reyes is innocent.
And Sheridan's the guilty one? One of Miami's prominent businessmen? He's a friend of the mayor, for God's sake.
- A friend of the mayor.
- Yeah.
The evidence doesn't lie, Your Honor.
An air filter? A golf glove? I have the same golf glove.
You're going to have to do better than that.
I have an eyewitness.
You mean, the young lady who checked herself out of the hospital following a drug overdose, and is unable to be located? I'm going to find the young lady.
Look, you've already convicted Sheridan in your mind, haven't you? I heard you tried to trick him into giving up a nonvoluntary sample.
Information travels.
Especially when the messenger is Derek Powell.
I'll forget you said that.
Lieutenant, I am not the enemy here.
So don't make me one.
Give me probable cause, I'll grant you your warrant.
Wait a minute.
Powell's working for the guy that might have killed Lindsay? Now I know why he didn't want to waive time.
He wanted the trial to be rushed, so I'd go down quick.
But why? How do you factor in? Believe me, I wish I knew, but I've already told you everything.
It was the end of my shift Okay, so you went back to your locker.
I had a date that night.
I ran an iron over my clothes.
Then I got a call from a client.
Hello? Hello? Wait, I can't, I can't hear you.
Can you hear me? All right, I'm gonna call you back on a landline, all right.
How long was it unattended? Ten, maybe 15 minutes.
Then I went back to change my clothes.
Help! Look, the rest I already told you.
She fell on me, I tried to revive her, but she was already dead-- that's it.
You said you ironed your clothes.
So it'd stand to reason that the iron would still be hot.
Yeah, it was.
But I, I placed it on the top shelf and then went to take the call.
It's not on the top shelf anymore, is it? It's a match.
Air filter to iron-- 100%.
So the same person that drove Lindsay's car dumped her body in the locker room.
I gotta hand it to you guys.
Y'all don't give up, do you? Mr.
Powell, what are you doing? You shouldn't be in here.
, come on, give me some appreciation.
I'm just trying to make sure you don't have to work all night.
Especially if you don't have to.
Now here's a list of evidence that your team confiscated from the country club, just following Miss Garland's death.
And you're giving me this why? I just want to make sure if you're testing any of that old evidence for a second time, that you stop right now.
Why would I do that? You personally went to the Miami-Dade Police Department off-site storage center, and you went and retrieved two boxes of evidence today, did you not? I did, and all of that evidence is perfectly viable for reevaluation.
Well, that's where I beg to differ.
See, I subpoenaed your records from your mobile digital terminal, and the data shows you made an unscheduled stop this afternoon before returning to the building.
There was an accident on the interstate.
Both of the drivers sustained injuries, and I remained with the victims until Fire and Rescue arrived.
And after you got out of your car did you leave the doors open, or did you close 'em? Is that hesitation? Well, according to the log, you left the boxes unattended for at least 16 minutes.
You know, Mr.
Powell, I have to be perfectly honest with you, this rings of desperation.
No, it doesn't.
You compromised your chain of custody.
- I don't agree.
- You don't have to agree.
Me and you both know that a jury will agree with me.
You have a good day.
What was that all about? Powell's suppressing the evidence from the locker room.
- He's objected to the chain of custody.
- What? Man, that guy could get Hitler off with probation.
What do we do? Well if he's going to use his whole arsenal, so can we.
Yeah, I'm right down the street.
I gotta go.
What? What do you mean, "What?" You're doing 36 in a 35 zone, you've got a busted taillight.
Whatever you're looking for, you're not gonna find it.
What is that? Is that Anatol? You driving around, feeling groovy? - They're my wife's.
- Oh, they're your wife's? - Lay off, all right.
- Wife's? Get back in the car! You stay in the car! Put yo hands on the steering wheel! - You good, Wolfe? - I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- Nearly broke my leg! - I didn't break your leg.
I witnessed everything What the hell are you doing? Get back on the curb! Get on the sidewalk.
This is a routine traffic stop.
- Get on the sidewalk! - There is nothing routine about it.
You assaulted my client, and you kicked in his taillight.
- Are you okay, Kevin? - No, no, I'm hurt.
My leg-- it really-- It's bad.
Officers, I'm glad you're here.
I would like to file a complaint against Officer Wolfe.
- He attacked my client in broad daylight without provocation.
- What? Ryan.
I didn't assault him.
Okay, then we'll just take it under review.
We don't want to jump to any conclusions.
We know how these police brutality cases get.
You know the media just likes to blow 'em all out of proportion.
Maybe we should go back down to the station.
As a precaution.
Finish writing the ticket.
Okay? What the hell are you doing? What am I doing? Covering my ass.
You're not getting away with this.
This is total crap.
That guy is just screwing with us.
He's a cheap - shot artist.
Internal Affairs wants you on administrative leave.
Oh, my God, Internal Affairs? Horatio, this is crazy.
The guy had a broken talight.
It was a legitimate stop.
Powell says that you broke the taillight.
Really? 'Cause he's a liar.
He's lying.
I know he is, Mr.
I need your badge and gun.
Just until we sort this out.
You know, um I took a picture of that taillight.
Maybe somebody could check into it.
Somebody will.
Well, here we have all of the photos that Wolfe took of Kevin Sheridan's car before I.
got a hold of him.
Like that.
See that broken taillight? Yeah, it's bent outward.
Somebody had to break it from the inside.
Question is, by whom? Ryan said that he found a bottle of Anatol in Kevin Sheridan's car.
Now, that was the drug that Tammy Witten OD'd on, and she was the primary witness that would have exonerated Alfonso Reyes.
You think he resorted to kidnapping? I don't know.
She's been missing since she checked out of the hospital.
- Do you see that? - See what? Enlarge the photo where the glass is broken out, in the center.
It's a corona from the sun hitting the light.
It's round.
It's an eye.
You know, Calleigh, you're right.
There's somebody alive in that car.
Tammy Witten must be in that trunk.
- I'm going to put out a BOLO.
- All right.
I'll call H.
Call my office, deposit the retainer, and stop worrying.
It's gonna be fine.
Okay, bye.
- Where have you been? - Getting some stuff in order.
Now, you're sure everything's okay, right? Who you talking to? You sure are intent on making my harassment case against your department a walkover.
- Save it, Counselor.
- Here's your warrant.
You guys can't just barge in here like this.
I thought you had this taken care of.
You gave Tammy Witten those drugs so she wouldn't testify, didn't you? Open it, Frank.
- Where is she? - Who? - Derek.
- Let 'em in.
Thank you, Counselor.
Horatio, it's a washout.
No murder weapon, no gloves, no girl.
We looked everywhere.
I told you.
- We're gonna hold you for 48 hours.
- What? Derek.
Now, you know I can't let you do that, Lieutenant.
- Your client has kidnapped a woman.
- What? Tammy Witten.
She's the one who broke out his taillight from inside of the trunk.
She was trying to call for help.
Kevin, go with them.
I'll have you out by the morning.
Tomorrow morning? Forget it, you're fired.
You need to relax.
We've turned this place upside down.
If he did kidnap her, he must have taken her someplace else.
Yeah, H, the pictures that Wolfe took--here was a box of Mylar heat blankets in Sheridan's car; we haven't found them anywhere on the premises.
Mylar-- he may be using it to hide her.
Check it out.
Can I talk to you for a second? Go ahead, Counselor.
Now, you know as well as I do that if Kevin told me where that girl was at, I could not divulge that information.
Counselor, this girl may be dead.
I know you think I'm as bad as them less-than-savory characters that I represent, but I do respect the law.
So make me believe.
I've represented Kevin for ten years.
I closed the deal on this house.
I just closed a deal on some coastal property.
Go on.
I guess he won't be able to build that three-par golf course he always wanted.
It's a shame, isn't it? All that land.
Thank you, Counselor.
I need a bird in the air right now.
H, there's a lot of land down here.
We've got no signs of Tammy.
You going to thermal imaging? Eric, remember, we're looking for the Mylar blankets.
Those blankets-- they reflect heat.
If Sheridan used them to conceal her, we'll never be able to see her.
That's why I'm looking for the voids, Eric.
Got it.
All officers to the southwest corner, now.
Take me down, take me down.
- What do we got? - Found the blankets, H.
He's hiding her in an underground bunker, but it's locked.
We need a bolt cutter, Eric, right now.
Cut it.
I'm going in.
I can understand now why you were so reluctant to give us your DNA, Mr.
Now that we have it, we can prove it.
It was your DNA that we discovered on the iron and in the air filter of Lindsay's car.
Just give me the paper.
You understand what you're about to do, correct? You give me a deal, I give you a confession.
I just want this over with.
I started seeing Lindsay a couple of months ago.
It was fun while it lasted, but I ended it.
At least, I thought I did.
Lindsay, what are you doing here? We need to talk, and your assistants keep brushing me off, so Look, the thing we had? It was fun, but it's over.
- If it's money you're looking for - You you said you loved me.
I also said I was married.
That's never going to change.
Yeah, well, it could.
I'm telling your wife about us.
About everything.
Lindsay, I'm sorry.
Calm down.
What do you say we catch an early dinner? at our favorite restaurant? - Half hour - Okay.
- No! - Yes, come here.
After I strangled Lindsay, I drove her back to the club in her car.
I remembered her fight with Alfonso Reyes and figured he'd be good to pin this on, but I needed help getting her body into the locker room, so I called a favor.
Horatio, you are never going to believe this.
I guess the water's never deep enough, is it, Judge? No.
Sheridan confessed.
I didn't want to help him, but I had no choice.
You sent an innocent man to jail, Judge.
To get to my position, I needed someone on my side.
And like I said, he had dinner with the Mayor.
You sent an innocent man to jail.
He always said a favor like that, one day he'd collect.
Your Honor And that day that day has come.
H7246 prisoner Reyes, step forward