CSI: Miami s07e16 Episode Script

Sink or Swim

Powell,sir,we're out in Biscayne Bay where you requ All right,thi Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.
We've reached our afternoon destination.
Welcome to paradise.
There he is, Miami's most famous defense attorney.
I was beginning to wonder when you were going to join us.
You look like you got it all under control.
Work it,baby,work it! You've gotta get her on this boat,D.
Come on.
It's invitation only,man.
That's easy for you to say, the guy with the hot Beyonce.
Look in the boat.
She's with somebody.
For now.
Come on,man.
I thought you was throwing a party.
The more the merrier,right? That's a beautiful thing.
Hey,wave them over.
Hey! I love you,Derek.
- You do? - Yeah,I do.
Everybody down on the bow! I want you down on the bow! ******* Move it! Get down on the bow! Keep walking! Move it! Get against the rail! Turn around,face the water.
Do it now! Let's go,let's go,let's go! Take off all your jewelry, ladies and gentlemen! Drop it on the deck behind you! Lose the cash.
Put it right behind you.
Hurry up! I said hurry up! Put it behind you.
Let's move! Let's move! Don't eyeball me.
Don't you eyeball me.
Honey,get me that watch.
I like that watch.
Let's move! Let's move! Now! Derek! Derek,get over here! - She's gone.
- No,no! Go get help! Nadine! Somebody get help! Nadine? Don't leave me! No! Nadine! Baby,don't leave.
Come on! Come on,baby.
Hurry up! proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season07 Episode16 Sink or Swim Nadine Alcott, the fiance of Derek Powell, the renowned defense attorney, has been shot and killed.
The suspects are currently on the loose and considered armed and dangerous.
Stay in line,all right? We're almost done.
I need your cooperation.
Thank you.
Why do you have them checking my friends for GSR? The shooter's probably miles away from here by now.
We believe the gunman had help,Derek.
He had a girl.
And the girl,she got away,too.
Derek I'm sorry for your loss.
Come on,these people would never hurt Nadine.
- Derek - What,Caine? - You're next.
- H,just got a text.
Coast Guard thinks they found something.
Just heard it on dispatch.
Does it match our description? Yeah,28-foot multicolor Eliminator.
It's over here.
Get your hands down! - Put it down! Let me see your hands! - Down! - Put it down! - All right,all right.
- ****** - Relax,relax.
What do you think you're doing? I'm finishing this boat.
Yeah,I can see that-- looks like you're destroying evidence.
Evidence of what? A woman was killed on the intercoastal today on a yacht, and a boat matching this description fled the scene.
You can try to take off the paint, but this missing cleat right here, we found back at the crime scene.
That explains why I found it abandoned.
Look,I work for the Parks Department.
This was sitting on Haulover Beach.
It's my job to remove it.
Is that right? So why is it in the salvage yard and not in impound? Look,the city doesn't pay me much money.
I figured I could fix it up, flip it,make a little extra cash.
No one would have to know.
You're in a pretty good size hurry.
This engine's still warm.
Natalia? This is all the jewelry from the yacht.
Look,I had no idea that was there.
Please,what do I gotta do to make you believe me? You can say cheese.
He look familiar? Never seen him.
Really? His name's Ken Vogel.
We found him with the getaway boat and the stolen goods from your yacht.
Maybe,but I'm telling you right now that's not the guy.
Powell,sometimes when there's a traumatic event, the memory recall can be affected.
Will you look again? It's not the guy! Believe me,I want it to be the guy,but it's not him! You need to calm down, Mr.
Powell and work with us here.
Whoever those two are, we're not interested in the stolen items.
- You said there was a laptop missing,right? - Yes,an LR6.
My fiancée is dead,Kojak.
Who cares about a computer? I care! Every watch,earring and diamond necklace listed in the police report was recovered.
The only thing MIA is your laptop.
What was on it,Mr.
Powell? Just some work stuff.
Nothing anybody woulwant to steal.
What does this have to do with anything? Well,if this isn't about piracy, then it might just be about you.
Me? Here's the good news: your stolen laptop ?? is enabled with Wi-Fi triangulation.
So you're saying when it's stolen, it can phone home? Yeah.
You have a home computer? I do.
Okay,then your stolen laptop should have sent an e-mail to your home computer, which would give us its current IP address and the location within 50 feet.
- We check his home computer from here? - Absolutely.
Derek follow me.
Is everything all right? The city has revoked your protection detail.
Yeah,I figured that was coming.
This is the Russian mob,H.
I'm not gonna run from this.
I'm not gonna let it chase me off the job.
And I'm not suggesting that you do.
Look,if Sharova knows that I'm his son, why would he be trying to kill me? It doesn't make sense.
Maybe he doesn't know.
All I was looking for was the truth.
Feel like if I could find him, tell him that face-to-face, it would change things.
That's them.
Those are my e-mails from home.
Take a look at this one.
??? That's the girl right there! Is this a live feed? Yeah.
She's on your laptop right now.
She has no idea we can see her.
Can we get an IP address and track her down? Absolutely.
Just click on that site,Abby.
Two tickets,nonstop.
What do you guys think-- aisle or window seat? Who the hell are you? Who am I? That's who I am.
Now what I want to know is where are you two headed withy Derek Powell's computer? I just bought this computer today off some guys.
I know that's Derek Powell's computer you stole off his yacht.
He and 20 other people can put you two at the scene of the crime.
That computer is,after all, how I found you two.
I told you to dump the computer.
How was I supposed to know it was,like,a beacon to the world? Guys,can we please not get into some sort of electronics conversation? Especially when there's a woman named Nadine Alcott who's sitting dead in the morgue? Hey,wait a second.
Now,we didn't kill anyone.
- It was not part of our plan.
- Oh,yeah? What exactly was youplan? Go on a yacht, you rob 20 people of all their goods, their jewelry,their money, and the only thing you guys keep is a computer? There were too many cops around.
We had to ditch everything, including the boat.
We may be thieves,okay, but we'd never take a life.
Well,with the way things are going now, I would think about adding felony murder to my resume.
Edward Baraski.
Edward Baraski's a good friend.
One of the few men I can trust.
He tells me you used to work as a private investigator.
Yes,I did.
For a short time.
But there's no money in it.
I understand you know Kate Hawkes.
Yes,I used to.
We did a job together outside of Brooksville.
She used to work for you.
She's in police custody right now.
Good for her-- she doesn't talk like most women.
May I see your purse? Please.
You think you can finish the job she couldn't.
Getting rid of Eric Delko,that is.
I can get close to him.
And nobody will be the wiser.
That cop Delko-- he draws a great deal of attention.
Well,this will require time.
Requires patience.
??? Use this.
Won't be traced to you,or us.
I work alone.
No one tails me.
Understood? So,what happened? The hit is still on,Horatio.
Eric is the target.
Third page you can find out where Sharova might be.
Horatio? I'm the one assigned to kill Eric.
Alexander Sharova.
Eyes front,please.
I assure you,I've done nothing wrong.
Then why hide your identity? I should ask you the same.
You put a hit on one of my officers.
That's absurd.
Why should I want such a thing? He was looking into you.
Well,what do you want me to do? Drive.
Eric Delko.
Alexander Sharova.
So you've been looking for me.
I've been looking for answers.
What makes you think I have them? My birth certificate from Cuba has your name on it.
Sangre que llama.
Yeah,"blood calls.
" I don't like it any more than you do, but I'm your son.
Okay,guys,what do you want of me? We want you to remove the hit.
That's not so easy.
Listen I owe you nothing.
You abandoned my mother when she needed help.
Why? Go to your mother,ask her.
I'm asking you! ?? Not bad,kid.
You took a tooth.
Feel better now? Not even close.
I owe you nothing.
This was a mistake.
I shouldn't have met him.
I figure he's feeling the same way about you,Eric.
So you'll have to forgive me for not having Nadine Alcott ready before now.
I had a DUI bus driver jump the curbt a marketplace.
I'm a little behind.
Don't worry about it.
Thanks for letting me get a sneak at the gunshot wound.
Here's our lady from the boat.
Was it a through and through? I'm not sure.
Let's take a look.
- No? - Close though.
What in the world is that? Let's have a look.
That's no bullet I've ever seen.
More like a dart.
Well,I have to say, this is a first for me.
It's a drag stabilized projectile.
Stabilized for what,high wind? No,stabilized for an underwater assault rifle.
Hurry up! I said hurry up! Let's move! Let's move! The yacht heist, Jack Ladner's handgun was all part of the diversion.
They lined all of the passengers up on one side of the boat because Nadine Alcott was the target.
- Thanks.
I'll call you later.
- Okay.
Horatio,you're going to want to talk to Derek Powell.
Heard you caught the couple that did this.
Heard you caught the couple that did this.
I want to see them.
??? The situation's a little more complicated.
It turns out there was another shooter, Derek.
That's ridiculous.
You have the statements of over 20 witnesses.
How could there be someone else? The shot that killed your fianc came from the water.
We believe she was the intended target.
Nadine didn't have any enemies.
Who would want to hurt her? Why don't you tell me.
What are you talking about? You and Nadine had a very public argument about a prenuptial agreement, didn't you? That wasn't supposed to be made public.
But she made it public, Derek, against your wishes.
Are you laying out my motive? That's what I do.
??? Do better, Caine.
Eric, I need you back in the water.
We need to revisit the channel markers, okay? I've never seen a scuba tank like this before.
Our shooter must be a pretty experienced diver.
Yeah, well, not experienced enough.
He got caught in the same fishing net I did and wasn't able to pull himself out.
He did manage to get away, unfortunately.
Yeah, well, that's what I brought you in here for-- to take DNA.
Yeah, but you do know that the saltwater probably destroyed any DNA that he left on the mouthpiece.
Maybe not.
Our diver wanted to go undetected so he used this diving rebreather.
It's different from standard scuba gear because it doesn't expel CO2, so it produces no bubbles.
So the DNA is trapped inside the tank? Yeah, from his recycled breath.
Expelled air goes through this carbon dioxide scrubber.
CO2 is then absorbed by the soda lime, reuses the oxygen creates warm air and that produces moisture.
Good job, Aquaman.
Let's see what it gets us.
Eric Delko? Yeah.
What's going on? I need you to stop what you're doing and come with us.
I'm not going anywhere without an explanation.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement is issuing an non-citizen action against you.
What does that mean? A copy of your Cuban birth certificate was obtained by our personnel.
You're being suspended pending further investigation.
- Your chain of command has been nck.
- ??? Ma'am, step away.
No, you step away! We're in the middle of an investigation.
You are about to be taken into custody All right, I'll go.
- Eric?! - Just back up.
Eric Let's go.
Listen, just get ahold of Horatio, and make sure you get this DNA.
I was born in Cuba.
It was a mistake, Eric.
I owe you nothing.
- Feel better now? - Not even close.
My God, Natalia, did you see them frog-walk Delko out of here? ??? What's going on around here? - Are you okay? - Look at this.
Ken Vogel.
You compared the DNA to his reference sample.
So you've seen this man before? This is our shooter.
This is the guy who was claiming that he was trying to resell the getaway boat, and we let him slip right through our fingers.
As they say, better late than never.
No, because the DNA evidence may not hold up.
Why not? The CSI who collected it was detained by the feds.
- You mean - ??? What did the immigration attorney say? He said the state is fast- tracking my deportation hearing.
I guess there's no due process for illegal immigrants.
Why didn't you say anything to me? I mean, you find out your birth certificate is a fake-- that's a huge deal, don't you think? I just couldn't wrap my brain around it.
We're supposed to do stuff together now though, right? I mean, all the stuff that you said to me at the hospital about us.
I meant all of it.
It's like all of a sudden my life is a lie.
It's all right.
I happen to like the lie.
What? You could have told me.
- This is crazy.
- Yeah.
We'll get through it.
Frank, have you talked to ICE yet? They said Delko's not just some no-name from Cuba.
He's an illegal alien with a badge and a gun.
This is ridiculous, Frank.
Who would want to do this to one of the team? What are you thinking about? Maybe it's not that ridiculous, Frank.
Do we still have Derek Powell's stolen laptop? Yeah, over at the evidence locker.
I need to take a look at that.
I'll keep you posted.
I'm curious as to why you have Eric Delko's birth certificate on your laptop.
??? in our last dance together.
I was attacking the credibility of your CSIs.
A Cuban friend of mine, he owed me a juicy document or two.
Turns out I never needed to use it.
Till now.
Do you realize that your tactics here are preventing us from catching Nadine's killer? Why would I try to discredit you guys right now? You put a shooter in the water to resolve a prenuptial dispute.
I'm not in on this.
??? I need you to catch the son of a bitch.
With Eric Delko gone, we can't get any of the evidence past a judge 'cause of this.
Clearly, the laptop got into the wrong hands.
I'll fix it.
Melissa, pull everything on all statutes relevant to American citizenship, Cuban naturalization and immigration.
And get me Darryl at ICE.
Like an idiot, I left it propped outside my garage overnight.
Next morning it was gone.
It was caught in a fishing net near Derek Powell's yacht.
Where that woman was murdered.
??? Your DNA is in the tank.
Must have been left over.
I haven't dove in weeks.
You're showing signs of decompression sickness.
Oh, yeah? How would I get that? You ascended too quickly and now bubbles of nitrogen gas??? Symptoms include joint pain, paralysis and death.
Left untreated, the nitrogen gas can kill you.
My hands I think they're going numb.
Why don't you tell me what happened, Ken.
I was underwater.
??? Hurry up! I said hurry up! Let's move! Let's move! None of this was my idea, I swear.
I was paid to pull a couple people together.
Make it look like an act of piracy.
Who paid you? No names.
No questions.
Just a large bag of cash.
The guy kept saying Derek Powell was paid to free murderers.
??? He kept saying what Derek did took away his whole heart.
Look I know his face.
Put him in a lineup, I'll pick him out.
Please, I don't want to die.
I'll do my best.
Get our friend some medical attention, please.
Thank you.
- You got to get me a hospital.
- Call an ambulance.
- Is that him? - That's him.
That's the shooter.
Who would want to harm you? I'm a defense attorney.
Threats come with the job.
This revenge was paid for with cash.
You mean the shooter from the water was hired to kill Nadine? That's exactly right.
And whoever put up the money claims that you took his whole heart.
You remember me? All along you knew.
You knew Kevin Sheridan killed my daughter, didn't you? You and that crooked excuse for a judge-- you were out to protect him.
I'm sorry that you feel that way, Mr.
How does it feel to play with people's lives? My daughter she was my whole heart! It's Paul Garland.
The country club murder.
His daughter was Lindsay Garland.
Yeah, Frank-- Paul Garland.
Paul Garland? Will you come with us, please.
No, no, I-I-I didn't pay anyone.
In fact, I don't see how I'm connected to any of this at all.
Well, you were out on the water today.
We've got a receipt right here that says that you rented a 27-foot motorboat from Wayside Marina.
I have rented that same boat every day for the past two weeks.
Ever since I lost Lindsay, being on the water helps me.
??? to take your hired diver, Ken Vogel, to and from the murder of Derek Powell's fianc? That is ridiculous.
Is that who I think it is? You have got to be kidding me.
??? Is he the one who's accusing me? We have Ken Vogel in custody.
He's about to roll over on you.
If that were true, I think he would've done it already.
Besides, anything that he says about me is irrelevant.
You've done your homework, haven't you? The evidence that CSI Delko gathered to get Vogel is inadmissible in court.
Uh, if I'm not mistaken.
Something, um, about-- what was it? Immigration problem, right? You pulled Eric Delko's birth certificate off Mr.
Powell's laptop.
Just got word we got Powell's laptop from the yacht.
Would that be something you're interested in? Copy everything on it.
Get it to me.
You see, it's just about, um, using the information that you have and manipulating it.
I learned that.
During my daughter's murder trial.
I took the thing you loved the most and got away with it.
How's it feel, Powell? You okay? I've been digging further back into Eric's father's past.
What did we get? The Alexander Sharova you met doesn't exist prior to 1960.
There's no matching birth record anywhere.
What about travel visas? Nothing in Cuba, Russia or the States.
Where this man came from is a real mystery.
Well, it can't be for long.
We have got to get Eric out of this mess.
Do you think this is gonna work? It has to.
What did the DNA reveal? We weren't running the tooth for DNA.
Since enamel and teeth form during adolescence, it retains an isotopic record of the geographic region where someone lives during childhood.
So, it's like a permanent mark of where you're from.
On the map, the colors represent the different oxygen isotope regions across the country.
Eric's father's tooth has an oxygen ratio of 18.
That's unique to an area over New Mexico.
And he wasn't born in Russia.
Thank you, folks.
You were born in New Mexico and you're an American citizen, Alexander.
All that from a tooth.
The boy managed to pull the information out of me after all.
And that boy is in grave danger.
He needs you to come clean.
What, show immigration I'm a native-born American? That's exactly what I want you to do.
The CIA sent me to Cuba in 1960.
To organize the locals, set up factories, fight Castro.
We all agree that the Bay of Pigs was a failure.
When this country turned its back on me I had to become a Russian-born citizen.
I survived two decades in Cuba.
After the CIA denied any knowledge of me, the Russian brotherhood took me in.
Listen, I am Alexander Sharova.
I'm Russian.
You are an American citizen and your survival is not the only thing at stake here.
I'd like to be heard on my motion for reconsideration of the motion to suppress DNA evidence against Ken Vogel.
Don't see how you can rightly do that since Mr.
Delko can no longer testify as an officer of the law.
That's why I'd like to have this read into record, Your Honor.
I'm submitting to the courts the findings of the immigration judge which states that Officer Delko was and always has been a US citizen.
If immigration concurs, the court has no reason to question his standing as an officer of the law.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
- However, you know better than anybody, a defense attorney will have a field day with the DNA he recovered from that scuba tank.
On what grounds, Your Honor? However wrong the information was, Office Delko chose not to come forward when he learned of his illegal citizenship status.
Speaks to the character of the witness.
Your Honor, I'm the best defense attorney in the city and I can't touch the character of this man.
What's going on? The immigration court has expedited your paperwork, Eric.
You're gonna be released today.
What? How did you pull this off, H? It wasn't me.
What's he doing here? ??? This man was shot in the line of duty-- the bullet fragment is lodged in his head-- but he comes to work every day.
He could've sued the city and been rich.
But he took an oath to protect and to serve.
The last thing this court needs to be worried about is the character of Officer Delko.
Well, let's hope a jury sees it the same way.
Motion for reconsideration granted, DNA evidence not suppressed.
Thank you.
You missed out I was gonna marry you but your dad stepped in.
What makes you think I would say yes? Maybe I met somebody special on the inside.
I doubt his cooking is as good as mine.
Hey, why don't I take you back to my place? I'll make you a traditional American dinner since you're new to our country.
That's sounds good.
But danger has been following me everywhere I'm going.
Calleigh, I'm serious.
I don't want anything to happen to you.
Come on, I have the safest house in Miami.
Do you know how many guns I have? You protected me; I'll protect you.
So this is over.
I don't think I could represent criminals anymore.
Well, I could always use a new prosecutor.
I heard about you losing your wife.
How did you get over it? You don't get over it.
And you never will.
Take care, Derek.
Take care.