CSI: Miami s07e20 Episode Script

Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing (2)

This is not a negotiation.
Each time you refuse, we take something away.
Go to hell! You took over your sponsor's debt without the money to pay it.
Ivan isn't happy.
I'll get the money.
It's too late for that! What are you gonna do,you gonna kill me? No.
That would be a e ofunuekill There is a certain robbery-homicide, I want it to go away.
No,I can't do anything about that.
I warned you of what would occur should you refuse me.
So you'll do what I ask? Never.
No! No! No! If your own safety is not a concern, perhaps the safety of others will be.
You do what I ask, or the Gantry boy's going to get hurt.
You'll never find him.
You think you could hide him and his father? They're back in Miami, and I know where they are.
Hey-hey,Mark,it's me.
Uh,why aren't you picking up? I need you to call me,okay? it's about Billy.
He's not part of this! He will be.
And everything that I've done to you, I could do to him.
All right,I'll do what you want.
Is that a yes? Just tell me what evidence you want me to get rid of.
When the broker dies you do whatever it takes to throw the case.
What broker? I don't know what case you're talking about.
You'll know in an hour.
Aim high,Mr.
Aim high.
An exchange broker was shot in his office on the 30th floor.
Got a call from a tenant who heard an alarm.
I ran up there as soon as I could.
You apprehend the shooter? No.
I'm the only guard on duty.
I,uh,shut off the exits.
So the killer's still inside the building.
I doubt if he had time to get down before I locked the building.
Yeah,maybe he went up.
That's funny,'cause your boss said the same thing.
Aim high,Mr.
Aim high.
Thank you.
proudly presents sync:¼û²»µÃ˧¹øÊÜ¿àµÄßÇÈâ Episode20 Wolfe In Sheep's Clothing What's up with the purple water? Let's follow the trail and find out,Frank.
There's only one way off this roof,Horatio.
How did you get up here so fast? Horatio just opened the scene.
I didn't want to wait for them to turn the elevators back on.
So you ran up 30 flights of stairs? That's dedication.
I'm Cynthia Lang.
You wanted to talk to me? You were the victim's assistant? I was.
What did Mr.
Warner do for a living? He was a foreign currency exchange broker.
He swapped drachmas for dollars here? Wouldn't a bank be better? Mr.
Warner dealt with people who felt more comfortable outside the banking system.
So they're criminals.
No,not at all.
We got a through-and-through.
Actually,it went all the way through the chair.
Any of his clients unhappy about the exchange rate? Not that I know of.
Could be a nine mil.
Body and the chair did a number on it though.
It's gonna be hard to match it to a gun.
People fly from all over the world to do business in Miami, and they need U.
dollars to do it.
They'd bring Mr.
Warner their currency and his fee, and he'd give them their cash.
So he kept cash on hand.
At least two million,U.
But he keeps it all in a locked safe.
I don't even have access.
How is it that you didn't hear anything when your office shares a wall with his? I was in the lobby getting Mr.
Warner his Danish, like I do every morning.
Ask anyone.
I appreciate the suggestion.
- Ryan.
- Yeah? Can you tell what's been stolen? The assistant said that he had a lot of money in here,but that's missing.
Well,we know how he got in.
He drilled a hole in the door.
Probably used a borescope to line up the pins and bust open the lock.
Well,if he was prepared to do that, I guess logic would state that he also was wearing gloves.
But if he used a nine mil, we would've found the shell casing.
So Well,I guess he must have scooped it up.
Yeah? What's up? That sounds great.
- All right,bye.
- Who was that? Delko.
He said that he may have a lead on the purple water.
He wants to know if any of us have any long rubber gloves.
Oh,I think I do in my kit.
So this is what turned the water purple.
It's an exploding dye pack,like the one banks use to protect their currency.
So the guy threw the money in the Jacuzzi.
He tried to dilute the dye by opening the box underwater.
Probably still tinted the cash, but it didn't leave it with the telltale ink marks that would render it unusable.
So how do you explain the disappearance of the thief? Packed the money in a bag, dripped all the way to the edge.
Threw the money over the side? No.
If he would've done that from this height, there would be cash all over the street.
So then what? Air traffic control had no reports of a helicopter in the area.
There's no human pancake on the sidewalk, so I think the guy BASE jumped.
Guy's got $2 million in wet cash,jumps over the side.
That's got to be a what,at least an extra 100 pounds.
It's not impossible.
Anybody see him land? No one.
Why don't you get the,uh, strongbox back to the lab.
What are you gonna do? Retrace our killer's fall.
See you in a bit.
Dave,you make any headway on our jumper? The city should have sent you all the buildings' measurements by now.
Okay,Eric,I've got it.
According to my research,most BASE jumpers have a standard glide ratio of two to one.
So our thief glided two feet horizontally for every vertical foot that he dropped.
So it wouldn't even matter even if he did have the extra weight from the cash, because a larger chute would allow the drop to maintain at that ratio.
Now,your building is 450 feet high, making the landing about 900 feet out.
You're looking at about a block and a half.
Our jumper would have landed anywhere along that line.
I'm not seeing any open spaces.
No one reported a BASE jumper landing in the street.
What about another building? Well,if that's the case,you got a daredevil.
He's have to clear at least 300 feet or he wouldn't even walk away.
Look for anything under three stories with a flat roof,see what you find.
Okay,I see the area where he might have landed.
Is that Jim Colton? Yeah,we got his epithelials on the parachute.
Now let's see if we can put the gun in his hands.
Oh,man,I got to take this.
What now? We're about to question a murder suspect.
I wouldn't take it if it wasn't important.
What do you want? You have one of my men at your station.
You'd better get them looking at someone else.
- I'll fix this.
- Let me see your hands.
I thought you could use a little extra motivation.
Check your phone.
Dad? You shot Ian Warner stole his money and jumped off the roof with it.
- Says who? - Says your DNA.
You worked at the,uh worked at the extreme sports center,right? Yeah.
Is there any other way your DNA could have ended up on that parachute? Yeah.
I pack chutes all the time.
You fire guns all the time,too? Yeah,it's clean.
He could have washed his hands.
Get him out of here.
- Don't release him.
- Eric,he's clean.
He's a suspect,Wolfe,okay? I can detain him for 48 hours.
- Now what the hell is this all about? - What? Interrogation 101.
We ask them questions,they give us information.
You totally gave the guy an out.
Unfortunately,Eric,we have to consider every possibility.
I agree,but not in front of the suspect.
Get your head in the case.
There's a certain robbery-homicide, I want it to go away.
No,I can't do anything about that.
No! No! Mark,where have you been? I had appointments all morning.
What's wrong? I need you to go to someplace safe and just stay there.
What about Billy? When was the last time you saw him? I dropped him off at school.
I was running a little bit late.
Hold on,is Billy in trouble? Dad? He's in trouble,all right? But if you go after him if try and find him, they're going to kill Billy.
Who,the Russians? Yeah,it's the Russians and I know what they want.
All I got to do is stall them,okay? You need to stall? What does that mean? It's just some family stuff.
Okay,I don't like to pry but I'm going to.
What's going on? I noticed your lip.
It looks like you're missing a tooth.
Did you get into a fight? No,no,no,uh,I had a crown made and the temporary fell out.
You know how hard it is to get a dentist appointment with the hours that we work.
So I do.
So,I collected all of the items that got tossed out of the safe.
I think that our killer probably pushed them aside on his was to the lockbox.
Hopefully he left a print.
I'd love an extra set of hands.
you got 'em.
I've just got to take care of one thing first.
B****** Got a call from a tenant who heard an alarm.
I ran up there as soon as I could.
How's it going? I'm still running all the prints Calleigh tape-lifted from the victim's scattered safe contents.
So far,the only ones here belong to the victim himself.
You need any help? No.
No,listen, um,about earlier If you're worried about what happened during the interrogation,don't.
- We all make mistakes.
- Thanks.
Ben Porterson.
Oh,yeah,that's the security guard from the building today.
Yeah,apparently he was inside of Ian Warner's safe.
I'm gonna have patrol bring him in.
Hey,you know what? Why don't I go do it.
No,I actually want to get Horatio in on this.
I'll take care of it.
There's no way I'm gonna test positive for gunshot residue.
Do you carry a firearm,Mr.
Porterson? Yeah,nine mill.
For my job.
Relinquished it to the officers that brought me in.
You see,nine millimeter is the same caliber round that we recovered from the crime scene.
I didn't shoot Mr.
That's not what the evidence is telling us.
- What's that? - Gunshot residue.
So how did it go down? You did the murder and your partner BASE jumped off the roof with the cash? No!Look,I didn't do anything.
You're under arrest,Mr.
Porterson, for the murder of Ian Warner.
Thank you for your cooperation.
No,all right,wait a second.
This doesn't make sense.
I'm innocent, I swear.
This is crazy.
I didn't do anything.
- Mr.
- So is he our guy? Yeah,he popped positive for GSR.
The security guard did? You sure? That's what I said.
What do you want to do about Jim Colton? I don't know.
What do you think,Mr.
Wolfe? Well,he didn't test positive for GSR.
Can't place him on the rooftop,so can't put him at the murder scene.
So then we have to let him go.
H,his DNA indirectly ties him to the scene.
Indirectly is not enough,is it,Eric? Keep me posted,gentlemen.
No,I'm not just gonna calm down,okay? I want someone to tell me what's going on with my son's case.
I'd be happy to.
Lieutenant,thank God.
Ryan told me Billy's been taken.
Gantry,as I recall, you and your son were supposed to leave town.
Sarnoff shows up one day out of nowhere.
He starts pressuring me, threatening me,threatening my son.
Mark,you and Billy are gonna get out of here.
All right? You got to disappear.
We did it - we took your advice and we left.
And then I found out that Ryan took over my debt, and I couldn't live with that.
So I got back a few days ago, and then he called and said that they have Billy.
Look,I just don't understand what's going on.
Well,that makes two of us.
Have a seat,please.
Have a seat.
Come on.
Wolfe,where are you? Dad? I know that doesn't look good,but I can explain it.
I was going to pick up a suspect.
I got a flat.
It was a setup.
The Russians were watching us.
I should've known that.
The guy who kidnapped me said that if I didn't help in the Ian Warner investigation they would kill that kid.
No! No! I analyzed my shirt: sucrose,calcium phosphate.
Do you know how many sugar refineries there are in Southern Florida? - You subverted an investigation.
- No,I did not.
I slowed it down.
And after that kid comes back, I will face every review board out there.
Horatio, they're watching my every move.
What about Billy? ****** ***** Hey,Jamie.
Is this the security guy's jacket? Yeah.
Something just wasn't sitting quite right with me.
Well,Calleigh,you know that a a hunch doesn't trump evidence.
I mean,the guy had GSR on his jacket, his print was on the victim's safe, and his gun's the right caliber.
- That gun? - Yeah,that gun.
It's clean.
And it looks like it's never even been fired.
And get this - I ran a modified Griess test, just to see exactly where the GSR residue landed.
Because GSR typically will spray back onto the shooter in a speckle pattern.
Two shots.
But look at this.
Check out the shape - it's a smear.
Someone else fired the murder weapon, and then wiped the GSR onto Ben.
Maybe he wiped the GSR on his own jacket.
- Don't touch that! - What? Drop it! You're not wearing gloves.
I know,I know,it was just a weird mistake.
You are one of the most meticulous people I have ever worked with.
What are you doing? What are you talking about,what am I doing? I made a mistake.
You don't make mistakes.
You certainly don't make mistakes like that.
You know,Ryan,I have to tell you that I think you're acting the way you acted when you were gambling.
I'm not gambling.
All right.
But I want you to know that with all we've been through, if there is something bothering you, if there is anything bothering you, you do not have to keep it a secret from me.
I'm not keeping anything a secret.
I got secrets - don't tell anybody.
What was that about? I guess I'm not quite clear on why you brought me back in here.
Well,we're hoping you'll be straightforward with us now that we know the truth.
We know that you didn't shoot Ian Warner.
So you believe me.
We believe that you didn't pull the trigger, but somehow you're still connected to this murder.
How? We found your fingerprint in the safe, but the gunshot residue that we found was transferred.
I'm being set up.
That's what we're wondering.
Who were you in contact with around the time of the murder? Cynthia.
Cynthia Lang?Ian's assistant? Yeah.
I didn't want to say nothing- I mean,I have a fiance- but Cynthia, she asked me out last week.
She's kind of aggressive for a woman.
I guess I kind of liked the attention.
And this morning? It was down in the lobby.
Come on.
She found me and told me she couldn't wait to see me and,uh,pulled me into the elevator.
Wait a minute.
That loser told you what? The security guard told us that you seduced him, that you tricked him into staying on the first floor while your office was robbed.
Yeah,that's me.
Do I look like the kind of girl who would do that? You're saying you didn't have sex with Ben Porterson? I would never be that desperate.
Well,if you would like to disprove his story, we can process you.
For what,exactly? Gunshot residue,for starters.
And then DNA.
Just to disprove him? No.
No way.
I want a lawyer.
We haven't had an incident at this school in over ten years.
What makes you think he was taken from here? Principal,I can assure you that my sources are credible.
Did you bring the security footage? The camera from our main entrance.
Thank you.
I analyzed my shirt: sucrose, calcium phosphate.
Do you know how many sugar refineries there are in Southern Florida? Looks like we shouldn't have released you.
Where's the boy? Boy? What boy? I don't know anything What is the money for,then? I just followed orders.
Show up at the high-rise, bust into that safe and jump off the roof with the cash.
Why are you digging a grave,then? It's not a grave.
I was gonna stash the money in there.
Just lay low till the heat was off me.
Where is the boy? I didn't have anything to do with that.
Jim,take my advice.
They're gonna kill you next.
Like I said,Jim,you're gonna be next.
No way my people did that to Sergei.
Hook him up,please.
The difference is yours will be at point-blank range.
You're a cop.
You have to protect me from them.
Where is the boy? You have no new messages.
Look,I don't know any names.
But you know exactly where they are,don't you? You stay quiet,you live.
You understand? This is Wolfe.
I thought we had an understanding.
Listen,your guy is free.
I got Jim Colton cut loose,he's still got the cash.
I thought that was the deal.
Who says I have only one guy? Listen,you got to give me all the information.
That's how it works.
I can fix whatever situation you want, but you've got to give me the information,all right? Now,who is this other guy? It's too late.
Now you deal with the consequences.
No,no,no,no,listen to me.
You listen to me.
I've done everything you asked me to do,okay? I have done everything that you have asked No,you haven't,Mr.
Wolfe! You've only made things more difficult.
Just tell me what to do.
I should have killed you when I had the chance.
- The deal's off.
- No.
No! No! Hang on,Mr.
Billy,You okay,son? Billy?Let's go.
You okay? Are you all right? Mr.
Wolfe, we're coming home.
This is all of Ian Warner's money? Yep.
Horatio got Jim Colton to come clean on the heist.
He was in possession of this bag.
Nine mil.
It's the same caliber as the mushroom round I recovered from the scene.
Yeah,the gun's been wiped clean, probably by Jim.
Maybe,uh maybe that can help.
What the hell is this? It's from the crime scene.
I found it in the broker's office.
I - I thought the killer took the only shell casing at the crime scene.
- No,I scooped it up.
- Why? I had to.
You had us spinning our wheels all day while you were holding onto a key piece of evidence? - I'm sorry.
- What the hell is wrong with you,Wolfe? Take a look at it.
It has ridge detail.
And you've had it the whole time? - There are extenuating circumstances.
- Just get out.
Just get out.
I'm gonna get this to Fingerprints.
This shell casing was on the floor of your boss's office.
Your print's on it.
We know that you loaded the gun that killed your boss.
And I'm willing to bet if we tested you for GSR, we'd find out that you pulled the trigger as well.
Ian was one of the richest currency exchange brokers anywhere.
He'd forgotten the people who graciously helped him to that position of power.
So this wasn't about the money? No.
It was about disrespect.
None of this would have been necessary if he'd shaken a few hands along the way.
Or kissed the ring.
So they're being relocated.
Ian was my boss,but I work for others.
Listen,your guy is free.
I thought that was the deal.
Who says I have only one guy? And they decided it was time for him to go.
Warner,I have a message for you.
Cynthia,please,not right now.
Make it fast.
Is everything all right up there? Come on.
You and Jim Colton were quite a team.
They promised us we would never be caught.
They were wrong.
Starting now.
Why do you think the Russians went after me? Because they sensed an opening, but they underestimated you,didn't they? H,they're trying to break us.
I say bring it on.