CSI: Miami s07e21 Episode Script


You got to be kidding me! Not again! Hey, hey, you, good morning! What are you doing, baby? It's always something with this guy.
I've had it.
Okay, I'm recording this for legal purposes.
My name's Tyler Marr.
This is my house.
Okay, and this is my neighbor's house-- belonging to one Steven Corbett, hereto referred to as jerk-weed, all right? Now for the past year, jerk-weed has had guys over here hammering stuff and mowing stuff and doing God knows what else at 8:00 in the friggin' a.
right outside my bedroom window, all right? Now jerk-weed knows I do my thing late at night.
He knows I need my mornings for sleep.
So today, it's gonna stop.
Somebody had a bad morning with a wood chipper.
Looks like your guys are going to have to work their magic on this one.
Whoever our victim is, is sprayed all over the inside of that truck.
Who is our shirtless friend? It's Tyler Marr.
He's the neighbor that called it in.
He's covered in blood, but says he didn't see anything.
Look, all I saw was blood.
If you don't believe me, look at my camera.
I was just recording it for legal protection, ay? I just came down to tell the gardener to turn that thing off.
I didn't know he was going to fall into it.
Are you saying that that's the gardener? Yeah.
I mean, he was the only guy down here.
Hey, what the hell is going on here? - Who are you? - The gardener.
Then who is our victim? proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season07 Episode21 Chip/Tuck It's gonna stop.
Look, I wasn't anywhere near it.
If you remember, you guys were here before I was.
We have an eyewitness who said you started that chipper not long before the incident.
And then nature called and I answered.
So you were nearby? You would think that, wouldn't you? But my employer, Mr.
Corbett, is too cheap to rent a port-a-john, so I have to drag my ass two blocks to some fast food restaurant to use the can.
Wait a minute.
You turned the wood chipper on and then you left? Do it every morning.
Keeps these rich brats from sleeping in.
It's how I get back at them.
It's a very interesting tactic, but what you're actually telling us is that you're guilty of negligent homicide.
How's that? Someone died in a piece of equipment you left unattended; that's how.
Get him out of here.
I don't know.
Maybe it's an accident.
No way.
There's signs of struggle by the wood chipper.
This is murder.
So let's talk to the owner.
Corbett, someone dies under suspicious circumstances in your front yard, and all you can say is you're insured? It's a remodel.
These things happen.
Yeah, apparently a lot.
You've racked up no less than nine complaints from your neighbors about early morning ruckus.
And every one of those was rejected.
I abide by the city regs.
My workers don't start till 8:00 a.
Besides, both my next-door neighbors party till when I complain about that noise.
So you decided to throw one of your neighbors in the wood chipper? What? Yeah, in the middle of the day.
The wood chipper guy was the only guy scheduled to work here today, wasn't he? And, Mr.
Corbett, you did know that he leaves it on during break.
It gives you access to the murder weapon.
I've been home all morng.
The murder took place at your home.
I meant I haven't left my house.
Is there anyone who can confirm that? Oh, yeah, my lawyer.
He's a ray of sunshine.
How does somebody fit through this thing? Because of the speed.
This blade wheel spins at over 2,000 RPMs.
So fast, it creates its own suction.
All the killer had to do was push the victim into the feeder, and it's over.
en it spins, it's like getting hit with 50,000 knives.
Then the drum throws the remains up the chute where they spray out.
Hey, I think I might have found what's jamming up the works.
Let me see.
Looks like a piece of femur.
Because of the rounded section near the anticular cavity? Somebody's been studying his anatomy.
You know Hold on.
This marrow's really pale.
What does that mean? That our victim had leukemia.
Radiation treatment to the bone can change the color of the marrow.
Hey, check this out.
Something survived the chipper.
What is it? There's a bug crawling in that bone.
Looks like some kind of mite.
I've never heard of a bone mite.
I mean, is there such a thing as a bone mite? No.
probably came from the wood.
But technically, it's on the body, so it's evidence.
- Let's get it to Trace.
- Yeah, okay.
What were you doing with the bone? Well, the DNA from thelood didn't hit in CODIS.
So what, you're hoping to find someone else's DNA on it? Yeah, actually, I was.
Because Tara thinks that the victim may have had leukemia.
So they probably had a bone marrow transplant.
So the DNA would still be in the marrow.
Yeah, because it takes a long time for the recipient to replace the new stuff with their own, and so you end up getting two profiles in one person.
Did you get a hit on the bone in CODIS? Yes.
Let's see No.
But there's enough common markers for these profiles to be familial.
Which would mean the victim's child was the donor.
I'll call the area hospitals and I'll see if anybody has a case that matches.
If we get a hit, that's going to be a tough notification to make.
Yeah, right.
- I'll check back with you.
- Okay.
This is my father.
Ethan Reeger.
I'm sorry for your loss, Ms.
It's weird.
I saved his life by giving him that transplant, and then someone just took it away.
Is there anyone that you can think of who might want to hurt him? No.
Was anything troubling him lately? Was he acting strange? He's been acting strange for a long time.
You want the truth? I haven't spoken to him in a while.
You had a falling out? More like dropping off the face of the earth.
After Dad went into remission, my mom died in a car accident.
About two years ago.
He was crazy about her.
- And he didn't take it well? - No.
I was going away for college, but instead I stayed here, in case he needed me.
He just threw himself into his job.
What did your father do? He was a doctor.
Plastic surgery.
- Shared a practice with Sean Lofton.
- Thank you.
Whoever said beauty was in the eye of the beholder was lying.
It all comes down to one number: 1.
618: the golden ratio.
So my face isn't in this ratio? Part of it isn't.
The ratio between the height of your forehead to your nose and your nose to your chin is 1.
35, which is a little small, but if I put a chin implant right here, I'll lengthen your jaw and give your face the proper proportions.
Excuse me, Dr.
I'm with a patient right now.
My receptionist will be right back.
I'm with the Miami-Dade Police Department.
We want to ask you a few questions about Dr.
Of course.
Uh, Marika, do you mind waiting in the other room? When your people called me, you'll be happy to know I notified his patients right away.
Well, that's unfortunate.
suspect that one of them may be involved.
I didn't even think of that.
Well, we'd like to take a look at his client files.
Of course.
Right this way.
Kept everything on his laptop.
You know what? You're probably right.
I wouldn't be surprised if one of his patients was involved.
What makes you say that? Because Ethan didn't spend time with anyone else.
He must have had a lot of happy patients.
Just a couple.
He only had a couple at a time.
He obsessed over them.
Plastic surgery is about volume.
We have to get them in and out just to stay afloat.
So why were you two partners? Because Ethan wasn't always like that.
His wife died.
I understand that changes a man, but he got weird.
Started taking house calls.
That turns a 45-minute consult into four hours.
House calls.
Was Steven Corbett a patient? Steve Corbett? No.
But Elizabeth Corbett was.
That must be her husband.
Thank you very much, Doctor.
Eric Delko, Miami-Dade Police Department.
I told you people on the phone leave my wife alone.
She's not mixed up in this.
I wouldn't be so sure about that, Mr.
The man that was murdered on your front law is your wife's plastic surgeon.
I didn't know Dr.
Reeger was here this morning.
Apparently, your wife did.
She's repeatedly refused to come in for questioning, so we've issued a subpoena to force her to appear.
Might be what it takes to geter out of that room.
What do you mean? Elizabeth's room's down the hall at the end.
Corbett? Don't come in.
Corbett, I'm CSI Delko.
I need to ask you some questions.
I can't let you see me like this.
You let Dr.
Reeger see you this morning.
I asked him to stop by to talk about my next procedure.
What procedure is that? There've been so many.
Corbett, if you don't speak to me, I'm gonna have to have you arrested.
Now do you see why couldn't have killed Dr.
Reeger? I never leave this house.
Reeger was killed here this morning.
Maybe that's why you called him.
Snuck him into the house so no one would see.
I hide his visits because my husband doesn't understand.
He spends thousands to make our house perfect, but he doesn't see that I want to be perfect, too.
So I, I ask him to park down the street and come in through the side door.
How often are these visits? It used to be a lot, but I hadn't heard from him in a while.
I want you to finish what you started.
Elizabeth, in reaessing your case, I realized you weren't a good candidate for what I wanted you to look like.
Your facial structure isn't right.
But you promised me that I would be beautiful.
And you will be, just not the way I imagined it.
What was it that he imagined for you? I don't know but it wasn't this.
I'm 32 years old.
That's me.
Or it was if you can believe it.
I would give anything to look like that again.
I used to think that I was plain.
And then he turned me into a monster.
Corbett, you realize this is motive to kill Dr.
Reeger? Ron! P********* Horatio, look who Stetler dragged in.
- Is everything okay here, Horatio? - Why don't you tell me, Rick? I know you and Ron Saris have a history, but some things have developed.
I need you to put that aside for the bigger picture.
Whose big picture is that, Rick? When I can explain, I will.
You'll be first to know.
How you doing, Red? From the looks of it, better than you are, Ron.
Aw, come on, Red.
I thought you'd be impressed.
This whole ring- from-the-dead thing, that was your idea.
Well, I guess your modeling career's over.
Is it? But if it is, I got you to thank for it.
I don't hold grudges, man.
How about you? Tell that to your dead plastic surgeon, Ron.
Do we have evidence that'd involve him in that? Not yet, but how about the trafficking of illegal weapons? Oh, you know, Stets and I were just discussing that.
I'm learning as I go, but you remember it was your little money scam that lured me into that unfortunate weapons deal.
You know what they call that? Entrapment.
He's right.
State Attorney won't touch it.
I wot need the State Attorney, Rick.
You missed me, didn't you? I won't next time.
Let's go, Stets.
Yeah, Frank, Mrs.
Corbett said our vic parked down the street from her house.
What kind of car did Reeger drive? Mercedes S600? The tires have been slashed.
Yeah, I'm gonna need that tow, Frank.
Doesn't look like any sliced tire I've seen before.
Yeah, the cut is almost too smooth.
There's a lip under this cut.
Yeah, the rubber melted away, but it's too clean to be a torch job.
Yeah, more surgical.
This is done by a plasma blade.
You're watching too ma scnce fiction movies.
No, it's a surgical tool that sends pulses of plasma to cut through tissue.
It also cauterizes as it goes.
Sounds like the perfect instrument for cosmetic surgery.
What are you guys doing in here? A plasma blade was used to cut Dr.
Reeger's tires today, and, uh, I'd like to take a look at yours.
Why would I slash Ethan's tires? Friendly partnership turned into deadly competition.
But I wouldn't kill him.
I'd still like to take a look at yours.
It's in here.
- No, it's not here.
- But I used it yesterday.
Then I put it in my bag.
I remember because Ethan was arguing with that burn patient of his.
Is that the patient? - That's the guy.
- Okay.
What were they arguing about? You learn to read your patients.
If they won't tell you how their injuries happened, either they were abused or they're into something illegal.
This guy wouldn't talk.
Ethan got nervous, told him he was going to drop it.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
No, no.
You can't stop working on me now.
That is unethical.
And you know what? If I get wind from the cops that you've told them about me-- and believe me, I know which way the wind blows-- I will put you in hell myself.
What are you looking at, dork? They took off right after that.
Saris saw him put the blade in the bag.
He took the blade and used it to cut Reeger's tire.
I'll check the bag for prints.
You think this Saris guy killed Ethan? Why didn't you come forward? Are you kidding? I'm not messing with that guy.
- He was Ethan's problem.
- But now, he's your problem Doctor.
Checking up on me, Horatio? You'll be very happy to know I have a job.
I took your advice.
- Got things straight - Ron Saris He's alive.
Wait a minute.
That's impossible.
He died in that explosion.
His body was never recovered, Julia.
- And you think I know where he is.
- No.
That's not why I'm here.
Then why are you here, Horatio? I'm here because I believe he's going to come after you.
Why now? I don't know yet.
But be prepared.
I wish we could do something about the blood, because every time it sprays across the lens, I can't see anything.
The blood is kind of translucent for a coagulant, right? - Yeah.
- Maybe we can see through.
If I increase the contrast and color-time the image and favor the red values.
See? There.
Now, we can see through it.
Well, kind of.
Yeah, but then, what about the rest of the image? Because now that's all blown out.
Well, we won't need it.
This is a duplicate.
And if I replace the original blood with the translucent version - It disappears.
- Well, it's still there, just less so.
- Let's run it forward.
- Okay.
Wait a minute.
What was that? What's what? I didn't see anything.
It was just right on the edge of the frame.
- Will you rewind it just a little bit? - Sure.
Right there.
Judging by that watch, I'd say we're looking at a dude.
Let's push in on the watch.
What about clarity? The grain's too big this close.
This camera wasn't made for micro.
It's a little fuzzy, but it's engraved.
"Dillinger High MVP 2008.
" Let's take a look at the Dillinger yearbook.
Hi, Detective.
I'm Bonnie.
Detective Tripp.
Oh, and this, uh this is, uh CSI Duquesne.
Lucas, please have a seat.
Thanks for coming down, Lucas.
Your, uh, girlfriend can wait outside, if you don't mind.
You are too sweet, but I'm actually his mother.
Oh, really? Sorry about that.
No worries.
It happens all the time.
So, why did you want to question my son? Mrs.
Galinetti, we believe that your son Lucas may have been involved in a murder this morning.
We've taken this still from a camcorder that we discovered at the scene.
We tracked that watch to your school.
I guess you had a great arm last season.
I'm sorry.
Who was murdered? Dr.
Ethan Reeger.
That's my doctor.
Look, I was just going to talk to him, that's all.
Talk to him about what? To tell him to stay away from you.
Lucas, why would you want to do that? 'Cause he ruined my mom.
- How do you mean? - All right See this? This was my mom.
It's just over a year ago.
- It's like a totally different person.
- Give me that, Lucas.
- I'm still your mother.
- No, you're not.
Look at her, okay? Dr.
Reeger didn't just change her looks; he changed her.
She used to be there when I got back from school.
Now she's too busy getting ready to hit the clubs.
And some nights, she doesn't even come home.
- And I know that she's sleeping with some random guy.
- That's enough.
Galinetti, please.
Lucas, I need you to be honest with me.
Did you kill Dr.
Reeger? No.
Mom, you got to believe me.
I I followed him from his office, but I got lost along the way.
When I found his car again at that house, I thought I'd just wait for him to come out.
But that's when I found the blood.
What the hell? Are you going to arrest him? I'll take that as a no, then.
So, until you can actually prove that he did anything, you leave my son out of this.
Let's go, Lucas.
Come on.
Calleigh? Calleigh, I finally cracked it.
The case? The mites, the ones we found in Dr.
Reeger's remains.
Oh, good.
Do you know who they came from? No, but I know how they got there.
Where are his biologicals? They've been moved down to autopsy.
Tell me what you're looking for.
Close******* Cheap******* hair******* So, Travers figured out that the mites are hair mites.
All right, well, we know that the hair doesn't belong to Dr.
It's too long.
So, he must have grabbed a handful of his killer's hair before he went in the chipper.
Yeah, it's possible.
Althoughwhat sticks for me on that is that our suspect list is full of people who take care of themselves and obviously, some of them way too much, so What if the hair didn't originally come from our killer? - You mean, someone transferred it onto Dr.
Reeger? - Yeah.
Someone that died a long time ago and on another continent.
Take a look at this.
You see the dark band at the end of the strand of hair? - Yeah.
- That's the hair's root.
It looks putrefied.
It's because it came from a decomposing corpse.
Some foreign wig companies-- they get their raw materials from, let's say, unwilling donors.
Can you imagine how you'd feel if you discovered your doctor gave you one of those wigs? Mrs.
Corbett, we know that you wear a wig.
My hair was damaged from so many years of treating it.
Reeger said I would look better with one.
Did Dr.
Reeger provide it for you? Yes.
Why? We believe that he pulled strands from your wig when you pushed him into the wood chipper.
Some human hair wigs are made in less than sanitary conditions.
- Uh, they have mites.
- Let me just stop you right there.
Like the rest of me mine's synthetic.
May I, uh It is.
Now, could you please leave? Mrs.
Corbett, we're sorry.
I hope you understand we have to follow every lead.
I am so sorry, Mrs.
after we spoke earlier, I remembered something.
Something Dr.
Reeger said.
You asked me what he wanted me to look like.
I think it was someone else.
I don't understand.
You should look like her.
And when he realized that I would never look like that, he gave up on me.
Do you have any idea who he was referring to? I don't.
I I couldn't bring myself to ask him.
How long ago did you begin treatments? Almost three years ago.
That's around when Dr.
Reeger's wife died.
Can you pull up the accident file on Marni Reeger? Her daughter said she died in a car collision two years ago.
You pulled up Bonnie Galinetti.
No, that's Marni Reeger.
That's the doctor's dead wife.
She looks exactly like Bonnie.
Pull up Dr.
Reeger's patient files on Bonnie.
That's why Dr.
Reeger stopped working on Mrs.
He finally got it right with Bonnie.
You're accusing me of pushing Ethan into a wood chipper? This is just as crazy as trying to pin it on my son.
Please sit down, Mrs.
Here's a warrant.
- For what? - To obtain a hair sample.
Hard evidence comes in many forms, Mrs.
Galinetti, even microscopic.
- What is that? - That's your hair magnified 200 times, and all those mites that are feeding on the dead human hair that was used to make your extensions.
We found the same hair mites on Dr.
Reeger when we pulled him out of the wood chipper.
Oh, my God, get it off! Get it off! The more work Ethan did on me, the happier I became in life and with him.
He's the man that Lucas said you were sleeping with? It was more than that.
I loved him.
I thought that he loved me.
Until this morning.
I brought you some breakfast, and I thought that maybe we could play doctor before anyone comes.
It is tempting.
But I have a few house calls.
I'll tell you what.
When I'm done, I'll take the rest of the day off.
I love you.
All those operations, all that pain.
He never loved me.
He loved his dead wife.
So you followed him to the Corbetts' house.
I wanted him to realize what he had done.
Bonnie? Did you follow me? Don't you mean Marni? Isn't that who I am to you? Now, now, get away from there.
You could hurt yourself! I can't live with what you've done to me but I hope that you can.
No, no, no, no, don't do it! I can't lose you again, Marni! Mrs.
Galinetti, was your son involved? No.
No, I had no idea that he was there.
He must have come after I left.
Oh, my God.
What is Lucas gonna do without me? Horatio, I wanted you to hear this from me first.
Ron Saris has been placed in a confidential informant program.
We can use this guy to play the other side.
It's what he does.
Then you don't seethis as a as a dangerous gamble? Well, it's already paid off.
He's arranged a 75-kilo deal, and he's getting one of our undercover cops inside the factory.
Horatio let me make this clear for you.
Any interference with Saris, violation of department policy.
anks for the heads-up, Rick.
So, you heard the news, right? Right? You and me-- we're gonna be working together? You know you-you have to have a little more faith in humanity.
Me, I'm a changed man.
I am.
I mean, I'm working for the good guys now to protect and to serve.
You know? I organize a couple of wiretaps, a seizure here, raid there.
Who knows, man, maybe they'll even give me my own badge like yours.
Your wife survived the attack.
Yeah, I heard about that-- terrible.
You know, I had a name of a pretty good doctor.
It's too bad he's dead.
On second thought, maybe I don't want a badge after all.
You want to pull your gun out right now, you want to blow my brains out, but that badge, it's the only thing stopping you, isn't it? I know you took the blade.
Well, it's too bad you didn't get any prints on it then.