CSI: Miami s07e22 Episode Script

Dead on Arrival

Miami,Florida,a mecca for the tanned,toned and genetically blessed.
And it is here in this playground just south of heaven we have gathered 12 young women all united with one common purpose: finding their one true soul mate.
Ten weeks,ten rejections,and we're down to the final two ladies vying for Neil Palmer's heart: Grace Carlson,a 23-year-old preschool teacher from Coral Gables,Florida.
Beautiful,a life force,a virgin.
I came into this a little hesitant,to be quite honest,and with no expectations.
To go from that to this makes me still believe that fairy tales don't just haen in books.
Kaitlin Sawyer,a 25-year-old paralegal from Boulder,Colorado,beautiful,but tentative.
Her heart like a locket; not easily opened.
But she's still looking for the one man with a key.
I don't know.
I mean,all-all this stuff: the cameras and lights It's just all so unnatural.
I mean,who wants to fall in love with millions of people watching? But when I look into Neil's eyes it's like the whole world just kinda falls away.
This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make.
I care for both of these ladies deeply.
And I'm in debt to the show.
You guys have done what I haven't been able to do my entire life.
I've found my other half.
And so it comes down to this,the final moment.
At stake,a marriage proposal and a million-dollar prize.
Which one of these two luckiest of ladies will be the marrying kind? There he his.
- Are you ready? - Yeah.
- Kaitlin - Yes.
you've shown me sides of myself I never even knew existed.
And for that,I'll always be thankful.
And I hope that you'll be there for me until the day I die as a very good friend.
Kaitlin Sawyer,I'm afraid you're not the marrying kind.
Please pack your bags.
Well,Neil,here it begins with Grace Carlson.
The first day of the rest of your life.
Oh,my God! What,what Get,get some help! Grace - Afternoon,sir.
- Ma'am.
So Dispatch said that,uh,this was a high - profile case,but they weren't kidding around.
The media's already here.
Looks can be deceiving,ma'am.
Wait a minute.
No wonder this house looks familiar to me.
That's the victim? That's Grace Carlson! This is that reality show,The Marrying Kind.
Ah,a fan.
I can tell by your suit that you're the man in charge.
I'm Myles Martini.
This is my show.
And this is my crime scene now.
We were just filming the season finale.
My guy was just about to propose to Grace.
Yeah,and make her a million dollars richer.
I can't believe this.
How could this have happened to her? It happened because reality just became real.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode21 Dead on Arrival Hey,this is how they did it.
I was wondering where they'd fit a camera crew during the confessions.
You watch this show? Oh,yeah.
ah,I watch the show.
I guess I'm more of an ESPN watcher.
Well,anyway,I'm hoping that this camera caught more than a confession.
So Ryan's working on trying to get a warrant for the footage.
The thing is,the girl Grace,the victim,she was like the sweetest thing on the planet.
And granted,she's stuck in a house with 11 other catty women who are hell-bent on scoring themselves a fianc\,but murder,really? Did you find a weapon? No,but from what I saw of Grace's body,her wounds were abraded.
So a blunt instrument was used,something other than a knife.
Yeah,the blunter the weapon,the more painful the injuries.
Look at that.
It's supposed to be good luck.
Talk about seeing the light,huh? Being diffracted off of the crystal.
One of them's missing a top.
That could be used as a weapon.
Yep,killer probably just used something nearby.
It's a crime of opportunity.
The chauffeur's looking really good for this right now.
When someone gets murdered in the back of your limo,you don't see anything? You gotta be blind.
Or guilty.
How many ways can I say it,lady? I don't know how it happened.
Really? Okay,so you put Miss Carlson in the back of your limousine and she was alive, and then you dropped her off and she was dead.
That's some magic trick.
Look,there's a partition between the front and the back.
I couldn't see anything.
Cody,it is in your best interest to give me something.
Otherwise,you're gonna have to hire yourself a very expensive lawyer.
All right,listen,I did leave the car for a few minutes.
You did? Me and the other driver were parked at the production offices back at the Woolrich Hotel.
The chicks taped their last confession in the limo while this dude Neil waits for us back at the mansion.
So what happened? Caught a smoke break.
We're ready to shoot the final elimination.
That's action on the limo.
We're gonna lose the light over the house.
All right,so then you left the girls alone for what,a few minutes? Well,it was 1:00 when I took off,so I guess it was more like a half an hour.
How in the middle of production were you able to take a smoke break? The assistant director radios us,says "Hold off.
" Neil wasn't ready.
He,like,disappeared or something.
He disappeared? It's ridiculous.
Kill Grace? How could you think that? You disappeared and you have no alibi.
I feel bad about it.
- Especially in light of - In light of what? Look,I got cold feet,okay? You can't begin to understand what I've been up against.
Try me.
Look,for almost three months I've had cameras on me 24/7.
Hair and makeup people in my face,being overanalyzed by a dozen women who may or may not like me for the right reasons.
I just needed some space.
Neil,we're ready for you on set.
Could you please report to the front of the mansion? Neil? Neil,you there? See,here's the problem.
I find your timing suspect.
All right,maybe it was,but I just needed the time.
It made me realize something.
What's that? When they cast me on this show,I thought it was BS.
Paying me to date a dozen women? I fell in love with Grace for free.
Thank you.
Is everything all right? What do you mean? Well,I was up in the catwalk earlier and I I saw you take that pill.
My shoulder's been hurting ever since that gazebo crashed down on me at the crime scene.
Aspirin has been a good friend.
It didn't really look like aspirin.
Excuse me? - I'm just saying - I don't need to explain myself to you,Kyle.
- Can we get to work? - Yeah.
What do you need help with? I need you to run the sex kit and nail scrapings for Grace Carlson upstairs.
All right.
So,Grace Carlson is in the limo.
12:30 p.
No driver visible.
That corroborates the driver's story.
All of my life,I have dreamed of this day.
The day a a man like Neil would sweep me off my feet and ask me to marry him.
This is so sad.
She has no idea what's coming.
We do.
So get ready.
We're going to jump to the end.
To go from that to this makes me still believe that fairy tales don't just happen in books.
You know? Oh,are we leaving? Wait.
Bring it back up again.
What happened? That's it.
The transmission cut out.
So,we lose any sign of our killer? Okay,okay.
So,she gets in the car at 12:30.
Signal goes out at 12:40.
Driver leaves at 1:00.
Gives the killer 20 minutes to go in,do the deed,disappear.
What about Kaitlin Sawyer's limo? Do you think that that camera caught anything? Let's take a look at her video.
I mean,who wants to fall in love with millions of people watching? But when I look into Neil's eyes it's like the whole world just kind of falls away.
What is she doing? Her video cuts out.
Yeah,but by her own doing.
She just turned off the camera.
I heard it.
So,both cameras go out right before the murder.
- That can't be a coincidence.
- No.
She had the 20 minutes to kill Grace.
So,do you think Kaitlin got wind that she was going to be runner up? She murdered for a guy and some cash? A million and one reasons right there.
Yep - Get you a drink? - Uh,no,thank you.
Are you sure? They're on the house.
No,thank you,ma'am.
Sorry about that.
Marisa Dixon.
From the show.
What are you doing here? This is where Neil Palmer's reject pile goes after getting the old heave-ho.
So,you're sequestered here.
Yeah,well,they don't want us out there ruining the surprise as to who's going to win.
Like we'll cry buckets or go postal or something.
Minibar's free and towel boys are way hot.
Can you tell us where Kaitlin Sawyer is? - Runner-up? - Yep.
Poor little thing's over there,mourning her million-dollar loss.
She won't talk to anybody.
If you'll excuse me,ladies.
Thank you.
- Miss Sawyer? - Yes? I'd like to ask you a few questions about Grace Carlson.
Of course.
But you know,I really didn't see anything.
Didn't the camera in the limo help? See,the thing of it is,is both cameras lost transmission right before the murder and after the time that you left the frame.
So you think I had something to do with it? Look,the reason that I hid from the camera was because I didn't want anyone to see.
Noto see what,ma'am? That I was crying.
But when I look into Neil's eyes it's like the whole world just kind of falls away.
I justI got so wrapped up in whether or not Neil was going to pick me, and I'm not like that.
Why did you appear on the show? In my life I've had some setbacks.
Would you like to talk about those? You know,on the show,I'm I'm known as the shy girl with the hidden past just because I don't broadcast my every afterthought.
Forgive me,Miss Sawyer,but you don't seem like the other contestants.
That's sweet.
But maybe that's why I lost.
Hey,that's just another setback,right? That's life.
So,unless there's anything else,I probably should get back to I'm going to ask you not to leave town,if that's okay.
I can't even leave this hotel.
If I do,I'm in breach of contract.
Hang in there,okay? Thanks.
The whole lab's buzzing about Grace Carlson's murder.
I feel like I'm in a foreign country and I don't speak the language.
- It's a girl thing.
- Wait a minute.
You watch,too? Maybe.
Well,I used to.
All these years,you still manage to surprise me.
I'd like to think that's possible.
Wait a minute.
You said that you used to watch it.
Why did you stop? Well,I got this new diversion.
Um,he's really cute.
He's about this tall.
He's wearing a white shirt.
As much as I'd like you to continue,take a look-- we've got two sets of tire treads.
Same as the limos from the show.
Acceleration marks prove that the limos took off in a hurry on the way back to the mansion.
Wheel base is 16 feet center to center.
That's the same as the cars from the show.
What do you think this is? In the death business,we call that a great start.
My show's lead-in is a crime drama.
Is this the part where you tell me this is my print? Tell me something,Mr.
Martin,why would your fingerprint be on a wireless signal-jamming device that we recovered at the scene of Grace Carlson's murder? Maybe because I use one on the show.
Someone must have stolen mine.
Now,what could possibly be in your job description that would call for one of those? We use wireless cameras.
It allows me to exercise some discretion.
Makes me still believe that fairytales don't just happen Believe it or not,there's some moments we don't need recorded.
Would one of those moments be when you forcibly take someone's virginity and then kill them for threatening to talk about it? I never slept with Miss Carlson,all right? I guess she figured she didn't need the leg up-- or two-- like the others.
But the last thing I need is for my greatest hits to end up on the net as some sort of viral video.
All right,then.
So,tell me.
What is time alone with you in the limo? Is it an audition? When the show premieres,we've got 12 nervous young women, all longing to fall for a man they don't know.
But from day one,they know me.
I'm the familiar face.
So it's natural they turn to me for comfort,reassurance.
To improve their chances of winning? Hey,I'm just the host.
It's not my fault if they think it has some bearing.
So,I have a healthy sex drive.
You going to throw me in jail for that? You know what? If I could,I would.
Because there are also a lot of gentlemen in there who need comfort and reassurance.
So,I heard Tara sent up samples from the victim.
Oh,yeah,from,uh,Grace Carlson.
I'm still working on the nail scrapings,but the sex kit DNA is running through the system as we speak.
You know what's funny? You're like,the first person I met who hasn't heard of her.
I'm not really into TV.
Can't beat the smell of old books.
Yeah,well,Calleigh likes the show's host for it.
Apparently,you have to be on antibiotics just to be in the same room with the guy.
That the guy? No,it's not.
Oh,uh,by the way,old books are printed with lead-based inks,which makes them toxic.
They say television's hazardous to your health.
Why am I here? Did you find who killed Grace? - We may be looking at him.
- You can't be serious.
You still think I did it? Evidence tells us you took a little romp in the hay with Ms.
Carlson right before she wasurdered.
We found skin cells under her nails.
It could have happened while she was fighting you off.
We never fought once.
We did have sex,but Do I have to sit here and try and convince you Keep your voice down.
I'm sorry.
Would you just take a look at the people that she did fight with? All right,sport,you want to slip a name in the old suggestion box,fire away.
Grace mentioned that someone went through her stuff back at the mansion-- destroyed it.
Who would that be? She didn't say.
Said she didn't want to drag me into it.
But ask me the show likes to create drama.
They stuff the girls in rooms like veal,crank up the thermostat and watch the fur fly.
You want names? I can start with two.
- I'm Marisa.
- Erica.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah,we were Grace's roommates.
Why'd you bring us here? We're here,Ms.
Dixon,because we'd like to ask you and Ms.
Zabel some questions about Grace's murder.
We were told that one of you was in a fight with her.
Whoever it was knew their way around a knife.
Anyone could have done that.
Sure that neither one of you was jealous that Neil was falling in love with Grace? In love with Grace? He fell in love with a new girl every five minutes.
Right,Erica? Only took him three minutes to love me.
Trust me,he wasn't worth killing over.
I mean,he might be good at the old puppy dog routine,but he's a total liar.
Obviously,he's not the only one.
Whoever shredded these clothes was very careless.
Why don't you show us your hands? Fine,I did it.
I shredded her stuff.
She won $3,000 worth of clothes in a challenge.
I was mad at her.
All right,and you were absolutely certain that you never got into a physical altercation with Grace? - Never.
- That's fine.
We can verify that.
We'll get a rrant for all the footage from the house.
Be my guest.
Well,this is it.
This all the raw footage of Grace's bedroom cam on The Marrying Kind.
What exactly are we looking for? Okay,well,if we could prove that Marisa and Grace got in a fight using DNA, we would,but Valera and I tried multiple times to get any sort of profile from the epis underneath her fingernails and there was just - No luck? - No,not even with PCR.
The sample was just too degraded.
So we're going to need other proof.
Oh,there's night footage.
Hopefully,there's a cat fight between the girls and they're wearing bikinis.
Did you Wait,did you see that? Wait,rewind a bit.
- What? - Zoom into that far window.
That guy-- he's just He's just watching her.
Do you recognize him? No,not at all.
I don't,I don't recognize him from the show.
Well,the facial recognition software will run it against the mug shot database.
If he's in the system,we'll get a hit.
- Look whose number's up.
- Russell Keener.
It's creepy.
Russell got popped for a DUI in Miami last month.
He was probably celebrating his release from the Kentucky state pen where he did time for assault with a deadly weapon.
That is not the kind of guy you want stalking you.
I like to work out.
Take night jogs by the beach.
I didn't ask for your exercise routine,so you should probably cut to the part where you're perving out under Grace Carlson's window.
What? I saw the lights at that house-- equipment and stuff.
Figured maybe there was a party I could crash.
So you slipped past security.
The more security,the better the party.
Just took a little gander.
But the place was practically empty.
A couple guys with cameras eating bagels.
Not exactly Studio 54.
And you're not exactly Mick Jagger,are you? If you did see me on some footage,you would have also seen that I left that place without bothering anyone.
You know,that statement doesn't really convince me you're innocent,Mr.
It's not my job to convince you.
It's your job to prove it.
Correct? Which you can't.
- Can I get out of here? - We're just going to make one quick stop.
- Book him.
- You're arresting me? On what charge? It's a little thing we like to call trespassing.
I can't believe you totally put me on blast in front of Neil.
Please,Marisa,how many liquid lunches have you already had today? That sounds awful.
What is that? Well,you see,I realized it was going to take a few days to go through all the raw footage from The Marrying Kind, so I just downloaded all the most popular clips.
Oh,did Grace have a fight? Oh,yeah,she got into a huge blowout with Marisa last week.
I can't believe I missed it.
Here,check it out.
You could put a cork in the whole virgin ac 'cause nobody believes you.
Forgive me if I don't value the opinion of a scene queen that avails herself to anyone with a pulse.
Women included.
That is exactly why the remote control was invented.
And the pause button.
Check that out.
That is not very ladylike.
****** So we took a look at all the footage,and we saw your fight with Grace.
And you think that's motive? Guess I did one hell of a job.
Are you confessing? To the fact that I'm a kick-ass actress? Totally.
Look,most every fight on those shows is staged.
You're such a bitch,Marisa.
You know he loves me.
He loves your rack,you syphilitic slut.
First of all,I've told you,bitch is not a word that Grace would use.
Now,Marisa,I appreciate the energy and commitment, I really do,but stick to the script,all right? He loves your rack,not you.
Then pull her hair again,okay? Let's try to get it right this time.
All right,if that's true,why didn't you tell us? We're not supposed to advertise the fact that we're actresses.
Wait a minute,you're saying that all the girls on the show are actresses? Not all.
Grace was a non-pro.
We got along fine.
They just wanted to send me off with a bang,and I wanted something juicy for my reel.
What does that mean? Look,some of the girls actually think they're there to find love.
But this was like a two-and-a- half month audition for me.
And for what it's worth,I did meet the man of my dreams.
His name's Wayne Morris.
Who did think that Neil was the man of their dreams? Who was in love with him enough to kill? Just one person.
Let's just say she was always the bridesmaid.
Even today.
Kaitlin Sawyer.
Sawyer? She's gone.
No signs of Kaitlin on the hotel grounds either.
These girls are obligated by contract to stay here or face a lawsuit.
Eric What is that? Natalia was right-- it is good luck.
Found the murder weapon.
Michael? Oh,sorry.
Got a little engrossed in the light show.
We're thinking Kaitlin Sawyer the killer? Yeah,it appears that she's fled.
We found the murder weapon in her room,so she had the means, and she was the runner-up so she's got motive.
The only thing that we don't have is the DNA linking her to the murder weapon.
And you're not listening to a single word that I'm saying.
Um,my apologies.
I'm sort of stuck in a quandary.
I found some trace on the weapon.
It's chemical makeup suggesting a type of salve.
But it's a synthetic tripeptide.
Synthesized from what? It has the appearance of a neurotoxin which you'd find in snake venom.
Snake venom? In snake venom? Travers,you just Travers,you just broke the case.
I did what now? Calleigh,are you anywhere near the Woolrich Hotel? I know who killed Grace.
No,I told you idiots like five damn times.
I cancelled that order,okay? I don't have the money.
- Ms.
- What? Come with me.
So,you rigged the show.
I made Neil an offer he couldn't refuse.
What kind of offer? Because Neil was going to be able to split the million dollars with whatever girl he chose.
Well,normally,it's 50/50.
But I sweetened the pot.
- Kaitlin.
- Neil.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm Marisa.
Nice to meet you.
******** What are you doing? We're-We're supposed to keep those mics on.
I got a deal for you.
Pick one of them,you got to split a million bucks.
Me? All I want's a quarter mil.
- What? - You heard me.
No strings.
What do you say? Will you marry me? There you go.
We threw a dumb reality show.
Sue us.
That's someone else's job.
Ours is to arrest you for murder.
What are you talking about? The weapon that was used to kill Grace had snake venom cream on it.
- You ever heard of viper balm? - No.
I watched the show when you went and you had that treatment.
Doesn't mean I still uset now.
All right.
In that case,we will just swab your hands and your face,just to make sure.
If you had it all wrapped up with Neil,why would you have to kill Grace? It's all Neil's fault.
- He went and did it.
- Did what? He went and fell in love.
He double-crossed me and booted me off the show.
So,it's with a heavy heart that I have to say good-bye to you today.
I hope you can understand and forgive me.
Marisa Dixon,I'm afraid you're not the marrying kind.
Please pack your bags.
I saw Neil look at Grace,and I just knew.
He took something from me.
I wanted to take something from him.
But there was always somebody watching.
So,I snagged Myles' video jammer and I waited.
To go from that to this makes me still believe Oh,are we leaving? - Marisa,what are you doing here? - Shut up.
I thought I could pin it all on Kaitlin.
I mean,look at her.
She totally fits the part of a murderer.
Actually,you do.
You justlanded the role of a lifetime.
Horatio,this Kaitlin Sawyer thing has been bugging me.
If she didn't kill anybody,why would she break her contract and leave the hotel? My question exactly.
I talked to Louisville PD.
Her real name's Margery Kemp.
She changed it 14 years ago.
Now,why would she do that? She was attacked by a man with a knife when she was nine years old-- almost killed her.
Horatio,it's Russell Keener.
She identified him as the attacker.
He went to prison for 15 years.
She changed her name and never looked back.
Frank,he's in the lockup.
He's out on bail.
Thank you,Frank.
- Put out a BOLO on him,please.
- All right.
Kaitlin Sawyer is missing.
She is? Well,that's terrible.
Now,I know you keep the girls sequestered here,so they don't talk.
Sure,if even one gossip site puts up a spoiler alert,the ratings take a hit.
What do you do if they decide they want to leave? How do you find them? When the girls are eliminated,they all get a consolation prize.
It's a cell phone from one of our sponsors.
Producers use it to listen to their phone calls,but also to track their whereabouts and make sure that they don't try to fly home.
So they've got a real-time GPS locator in their phones.
- Which one's Kaitlin? - She's in blue.
She's in the Harbor Vista Marina.
We just lost the signal in the ocean.
Time's up,then.
Get your hands in the air,Russell.
Do it now.
Where is Kaitlin? Little girl's taking a nap.
Turn around.
I'm going to ask you a final time,Russell.
Where is she? This time,she's not waking up.
If you hurt this girl,this will be your last day on earth.
Watch him.
Kaitlin? Even if you save her,you know I can find her again.
How did you know she was in Miami? I caught that silly TV show,flipping channels.
I recognized her.
And my signature.
That girl put me away for 15 years.
She needed to be taught discipline.
Nice and easy That a girl.
That a girl.
She can change her name a thousand times.
But that scar that's forever.
So is a life sentence.
Where is he? He's gone.
He's gone forever,okay? Okay.
All right.
Thank you.
There you go.
There you go.
There you go.
There you go.