CSI: Miami s07e23 Episode Script

Collateral Damage

Um,hey,guys,do you have those omelets for five? Again.
The French toast,Tonya.
I don't want the crème brûlée sitting.
Get it to 11 right now.
Let's go! Okay.
I-I'm sorry.
Come on.
You guys are moving too slow today.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on,pick up the pace.
Good morning.
- Um,sorry about the wait.
- Oh,that's okay.
Coffee? I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Watch this.
Watch this.
It's gonna be good.
She'll love this.
What's she making? - Uh,it's the-the - Banana Foster.
- The banana flame.
- Bananas Foster.
The banana thing.
Yes,I remember that.
She's very good.
You know,she reminds me of myself in the kitchen.
Yeah,Dad in the kitchen.
- You mean,fire,flames? - Oh,yeah,right.
Mom,do you remember when he made those cookies? What were they called? - Spritz cookies.
- Spritz.
That's what they are.
That's what they are.
Those,like,cylinder things-- don't you make those with the little plunger? Very good.
It's my dad's birthday.
Serve him first.
- Bring that right here,right here.
- For you,sir.
Thank you.
Me first,okay? A little bit for me first.
- Gee! - Oh,my God,I'm so sorry.
- I did not invite her.
- Sorry.
Oh,it's okay.
We'll get it.
It's okay.
After Warren sets every single smoke alarm in the house off and flames, this one says to me,"Mom,could we please just go buy some animal crackers?" - I remember that.
- Yeah.
The dog,remember? Attention all units.
Use caution.
Possible explosive devices on scene.
Bomb squad has been notified.
Use extreme caution and limit radio transmission.
- Horatio? - More inside,Frank.
Okay,lay back,lay back.
Let me get your legs.
Steve,you said that you saw someone in the window.
Can you remember anything specific? I don't know.
I saw a lot of people.
I'm going to cut off your pant legs,okay? So I can see what's under there.
I heard the window break,and the table just jumped off the floor.
Everything was on top of me.
Oh,Stevie! Oh,that's my mom.
- Steve - Oh,my God.
Is she gonna be okay? Steve,it's all right.
She was having some neck pain.
They're gonna take her in just to make sure it's okay.
It was my dad's birthday.
Just wanted everybody to be with him.
Both of your legs are gonna need stitches.
He's next.
Let's load him up.
Come on.
Where is my dad? I haven't seen him come out yet.
This much damage--it's amazing we only have two dead bodies.
Male victim is missing a foot.
I'm looking at it right here.
- You got a tape measure? - Yup.
Six,on the nose.
That's quite a radius.
That means the blast was pretty intense.
Yes,and probably came from right under them,too.
Did you get something? Yeah.
Got the fuse body of a hand grenade.
That is definitely not military,Eric.
It looks homemade.
The result's the same.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode23 Collateral Damage Somebody outside must have seen something.
I mean,are you questioning anybody? Are we questioning anybody? Yeah.
So far,nobody's seen anything.
Frank,everything all right? Jason Molina.
He owns the place.
Molina,did you know the victims? The Emersons.
Warren was a big-time lobbyist.
Didn't have too many friends,but he loved his family.
Brought them in here all the time.
Why? Do you think somebody came after him? Well,we don't know yet.
He and a woman named Raquel Dominguez are dead.
Any idea who she is? Yeah,she-she,uh She worked for Warren.
She was with him so long that they were practically blood relatives.
How did you get that eye,Mr.
Molina? Couple of,uh,unruly bar patrons Friday night.
Look,it has nothing to do with this.
You were in the kitchen when this happened? Yeah.
Yeah,I,uh,heard it,felt it.
But I missed the whole thing.
Uh,my waitress,Tonya-she,uh She was working that table.
She may have had a better chance of seeing something.
They took her away in an ambulance.
Can I go now? For now.
Thank you.
You want me to head to the hospital? No,I'll go,Frank.
I'll go.
Miss Rush.
Thank you for coming in.
Have a seat,please.
How are you feeling? I was lucky,I guess.
Lots of stitches,a sprained ankle.
I know you had a pretty rough morning.
We're not gonna keep you long.
We just want to ask you a few questions about Warren Emerson and Raquel Dominguez.
They were the two people who were killed in the blast today.
And we know that you waited on their table.
Yes,I did.
Do you remember anything from the time leading up to the explosion? Get it to 11 right now.
Let's go! Ms.
Rush? Ms.
Rush? It's okay.
You can trust us.
Okay,look,if I talk to you,I'll never get my children back.
Would you care to explain that,please? They were taken by Child Services.
A week ago.
Why do you think that happened? I-I'm sorry.
I can't do this.
I can't afford to be in the middle of a police investigation.
You think that maybe the father had something to do with it? No,he's not in the picture.
This has nothing to do with him.
This whole thing-I don't know who's behind it.
Okay,Miss Rush,would this have any connection to this explosion today? Miss Rush,please answer.
I'm sorry.
Hang in there.
Maggie and Aidan Rush were removed from their primary residence six days ago.
What was the reason? We got a complaint about systemic parental neglect.
Caseworker followed it up,found the children unattended in the middle of the night.
The mother says she hired a nanny to watch the kids.
Named Maria Lopez.
After talking to 34 Maria Lopezes who'd never heard of Miss Rush or her children, we stopped looking.
Where does that leave the children now? They're under temporary custody of the juvenile court.
There has to be another way.
Please! Please don't do this! Please! Until we straighten this out,Miss Rush There was no adult supervision when we got here.
You've left us with no choice.
No,please! Please! I left them with a sitter.
This is a classic case.
Single mother,working as a waitress,trying to squeeze in a double shift to make ends meet.
Admittedly sad,but my concern is for the protection and welfare of those children.
What if I could prove that the mother is telling the truth about the nanny? If you can prove that woman really exists,I'll reconsider the case.
Where are the children now? They're in our daycare facility.
I'd like to see them,please.
What are you looking for? - The train.
- the train.
Maggie,my name is Horatio.
And I'm a friend of your mom's.
Can you give this to Mommy? I sure can.
That's beautiful.
Maggie,on the day that you came here, did you have a nanny? Mommy said her name was Maria.
Do you remember anything about Maria? She has hair like mine.
Anything else? Are we going home? You are.
Okay? Hey,look what I found.
The train! Thank you,Maggie.
All right,I need five and three moved out right away.
There should be room in cold storage.
And get Wayne to help you when he comes back in.
So,I'm looking for some sort of signature on the explosives in the restaurant.
Do you mind if I have a look at the two vics? Yeah,they just got here.
Are you looking for something specific? Well,we're having a helluva time finding shrapnel back at the scene.
So I was wondering if we'd get lucky with the bodies.
All right,this is Warren Emerson.
He was closer to the blast.
Which means he may be our target.
Give me a hand.
He's got severe pulmonary barotrauma caused by the blast wave, along with several penetrating ballistic wounds.
And,of course,severed right foot.
Thank you,Wayne.
The blast got him pretty good.
I don't remember seeing any frags on first look,but,uh, most of the trauma is localized up here in the lungs.
What was that? Get down! Get down! Tara,you okay? I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I saw¡¡the grenade.
- Kyle,you all right? - I know I saw the grenade! - I should've done - No,no,no,no,no.
It wasn't your fault.
Look at me.
Look at me.
It got tangled up in the guy's clothes.
It got past everyone,all right? Breathe.
Are you okay? Is anything hurt? Keep breathing.
Look at me,right here.
Right here,okay? Tara? Tara! Tara,are you hurt? I'm okay.
I'm fine.
Tara? uh,it's fine.
- okay.
- Yeah.
- Tara.
- Yeah? How you doing? Fine.
How the hell did this happen? Uh,my guess--there must have been two grenades tossed into the restaurant.
The striker lever on the second grenade remained attached somehow.
The force of the blast must have lodged the grenade into Warren's pants.
Then it was transported with his body back to autopsy.
- Let me ask you something.
- Yeah? What happened in there? What are you talking about? I'm talking about as a grenade went off in the middle of your morgue and you scramble for the oxycodone.
I was looking after a victim's personal property.
- I didn't want to lose it.
- It was yours.
- Are you hooked? - No.
They're for pain.
How come the first thing you do as soon as a grenade goes off is run for your drugs? - You know what? I'm - Listen.
I need you to kick this.
'Cause next time I can't sweep this under the rug for you.
I'm fine.
I promise you.
Well despite everything that's happened in Autopsy,Tara's refusing to go home.
Did you speak to Kyle? Yes.
He's a shaken up,but okay.
Thank you for asking.
Ryan's still sorting through all the shrapnel.
But,so far,it's not lead us to any suspects.
How about on your end? I'm going to be speaking to Warren Emerson's son.
I remember him.
Do you have something to go on? He set up the reservation-asked for a table by the window.
Hey,oh,bring that right here.
Right here.
- Yes,sir.
- Thank you.
Oh,this looks great! Do you really think he would set up his own father? I don't see why not.
Thank you.
Yeah,I requested a table by the window.
It was my dad's birthday.
I had nothing to do with this.
Steve,somebody out there had motive.
Yeah,there was always backlash directed at the family.
My dad applied a lot of pressure to big industry.
He lobbied against powerful people.
Were you ever threatened personally? Nothing I couldn't handle.
And I certainly never took it out on my dad.
We believed in everything he stood for.
There was no infighting under our roof.
We were in that restaurant when Warren and Raquel were killed.
Why does this keep happening? It's air pressure from the blast.
I still can't believe it happened.
My ears-they were just ringing,and I was on the ground,everything hurt.
There was this flash of yellow,and then I I woke up in an ambulance.
A flash of yellow? What do you think that was? I-I can't remember.
It was something outside maybe? Could it have been a car or someone's clothing? Moved too fast to be a person.
It could've been a car.
Can we just leave now? Yeah.
That's fine.
H,what's up? The widow thinks she may have seen a yellow car at the time of the blast.
I think we need to go back to the restaurant.
So go over there.
I need to check on something first.
All right.
All right,I'm on it.
Okay,the,uh,striker lever was the trigger on the grenades.
We know the combustible was gun powder.
And the ignition source was this battery.
Let me see.
It's a capacitor.
It's a time-release battery.
So it's the kind that stores a small current,lets it build,and then discharges all at once? Yeah,but it wouldn't create a spark on its own.
It needs an electrode.
- What you got? - You know what this is? It's a flashbulb housing from a personal camera.
That makes sense.
They use a capacitor that builds to a charge.
The bulbs are broken in here.
The charge would arc the electrodes.
It would ignite the gunpowder.
camera catalog? I'm going to try to figure out what brand this flash came from.
Are you serious? You know what the odds are of actually catching the bomber this way,right? Slim.
But I'm not going to give up on this.
Maggie wanted you to have that.
- You saw them.
- I saw them.
And they're okay,Tonya.
All right? Do you feel up to looking at some pictures? - All these women are Maria Lopez? - Yes.
Do you recognize any of them? No.
She's not here.
But she is real.
Maria Lopez was here,babysitting my kids that night.
- I'm not making this up.
- Tonya,I believe you.
What else can you tell me about her? Uh,she's my age.
She's a student.
I'm-I'm trying to get my law degree-- I met her on campus one day.
I had my hands full with the kids.
- You need help? - Thank you.
No problem.
Hey,little man.
¿Que paso? See,when I didn't qualify for loans at the start of the semester,I lost my day care,too.
And she offered to help? I trusted her.
She was good with the kids.
She came over when I had to cover a few nights at the restaurant,but now The phone number she gave me is disconnected.
The address she gave me is no good.
Even the school has no record of her.
I think she's using an alias.
Why would she do something like that? I don't know yet.
How did you pay her? Under the table.
She didn't even want to get paid,but I insisted I write her a check.
- I made it out to cash.
- Okay,do you still have the canceled checks? - Somewhere.
- Okay,I need those as soon as possible.
H says that the wife saw a car leave right after the explosion.
A getaway car? yeah and take a look.
Took a chip out of that wall,huh? Guy probably got hemmed in,had to back up,took a chunk out of that concrete wall there.
Smashed in here.
Must have hit this valet stand,too.
Look at that.
There's a little impression here from the license plate.
I'll get the EDL.
- Damn it.
- You all right? Yeah.
This thing's toast.
Where are we going to get the electrical current from now? - Hey,Derek.
- yes,sir.
Mind if I borrow your Taser for a minute? - *** - Thanks,appreciate it.
You're going to Taser the impression? Yep,I saw a trainer do it at a conference I went to last year.
Come on,let's do it.
Roll it out.
All right,give me a piece of tape.
All right,here we go.
Well,look at that.
It's working.
This might not give us the whole plate number.
Well,if Deborah Emerson is right,there was a car here before the explosion-a yellow car.
Three digits may be all we need.
Officer requests assistance,please-3209 Newton Street,3209 Newton Street.
Shots fired.
I repeat,shots fired.
Miami-Dade Police! Stop right there or I'll shoot! Hey,get down! - You Ken Jarvik? - Yeah.
***** How's Frank? He's not happy,but he came through the whole thing unscathed.
I'm taking my little buddy to interrogation.
Keep me posted.
Did we lock down the house? Got the telephonic search warrant.
Searched the whole thing,but there are no bomb-making materials.
How about the car? We can place this at the scene.
Let's take a look at it.
Pop that trunk,please.
Jarvik,get in the damn car.
You got bombmaking components? Not quite.
It looks like a roll of some sort of metallic paper.
I'll take those to the lab,see if we can figure out what they're used for.
What is this kid into? Well,it turns out this paper is really just silver laminate,but that's as far as I've gotten.
What is he using it for? My guess is to cover 3-D impressions in a layer of foil.
Dog tags,ID tags,awards,official documents.
How about credit cards? Take a look at that.
- Where have I seen that dolphin before? - Right here.
It's the logo for Dade Mutual Bank.
Ken Jarvik is making counterfeit credit cards.
That doesn't explain what he was doing at the restaurant when the grenades went off.
I had nothing to do with that explosion,nothing.
You were just sitting in the parking lot.
Doing what-waiting for a bellhop to show up? I just pulled over to send a text message-that's all.
And then there was this bang.
I sped out of there.
You know,one thing I've learned and one thing I know is the sound of a liar.
You're making me nervous.
Could you move back? No,I cannot move back.
You know what you're looking at? Credit card forgery,assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, - and double homicide.
- I didn't kill anyone! - You could have killed me! - I didn't know you were a cop! Well,you do now,don't you? All right,Frank,let him go.
I panicked.
I'm sorry.
Stop being sorry and give us a name or you're going down for all of it.
- Spit something out.
- All right.
The fake credit cards-I do that.
I make them,I buy things with them.
I know it's a bad thing,but that's all I do,I swear.
But those people that died--I didn't do it.
All right.
This credit card operation of yours--where's it based out of? May be too soon for the heavy lifting,huh,Steve? What are you guys doing here? Steve Emerson,you're under arrest.
Don't make a move.
Turn around,put your hands up.
Keep 'em where I can see 'em.
I'll be right down.
You guys,I think there's some misunderstanding here.
I'm just helping out a friend.
Your buddy Ken Jarvik's gonna be a no-show.
We have him in custody.
He always had a big mouth.
How far did you think this credit line thing was going to take you,Steve? We'd been doling out counterfeit cards for 18 months before you guys showed up.
The credit cards you were printing were fake,but the numbers on them were real.
Where were you lifting them from? It was the restaurant,wasn't it,Steve? Jason Molina.
He sold us his customers'credit card numbersfor a cut of the profits.
So you pirated the wrong credit card,and somebody took issue, first with him and then with you,right? No,that has nothing to do with this.
Steve,you were the target of the restaurant explosion.
Your father and Raquel-collateral damage.
Are you saying I got my father killed? I never thought I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
Somebody sent me a photo a couple weeks ago.
A picture of Ken and I with Jason.
I blew it off.
Sounds like you were being warned.
Where is the photograph? - It's on my laptop.
- Get it right now.
I'll bring in Jason Molina.
Lieutenant Caine.
I'm glad I caught you.
Please tell me you have some good news for me.
We just took Jason Molina into custody.
Really? Why,what happened? It turns out he was behind a credit card scam at the restaurant.
Were you aware of this? No,I had no idea.
These are the checks you asked for,the ones I gave to the babysitter.
It looks like they were all cashed in the same place.
Does that help? I hope so.
Ahi tienes.
Did you cash that on April 12? Hey,man,I cash a lot of checks.
Do you have a record of the transaction,please? Excuse me.
A record of the transaction.
I don't want no trouble.
Thank you for your help.
Hi,Yvette,I have a school-age son.
i want to talk to you about***? Steve Emerson has so many stolen credit card numbers in this computer, it's going to be very difficult to connect one with a name.
Well,this whole scam they were running wasn't much of a secret.
I can tell by this photo that they were definitely being watched.
Yeah,but by who? It was sent without an e-mail address attached to it.
Well,then,we let the picture itself tell us something.
Digital cameras use a light-sensitive microchip.
That's how they gather their image,right? Right.
Well,this microchip has millions of bucket-shaped wells on it, all topped off with a filter in different colors--red,green,blue which, when light hits it,offers up a whole mosaic of information.
- And those are the pixels.
- Right,exactly.
But before an actual picture is rendered,those pixels have to go through a type of,uh you know,like a a de-mosaicking software,which is found inside the camera.
That's where they're blended together to form a more uniform image.
Okay,so are you telling me that each of these algorithms is specific to a different model of camera? Exactly.
So,it's like the DNA from the camera being passed on through every single photo that it takes.
Tekshot ST20 with a You're probably looking for a sports or maybe a wildlife photographer.
It's not the kind of wildlife that you think,though.
This was the camera that was used to take pictures of us.
Who took these? - One of Ivan Sarnoff's people.
- Name's Cameron West.
He's trying to intimidate us the way they do in Mexico City.
This way,he can take the run of Miami.
,the photo that was sent to Steve Emerson's computer was taken by Cameron West.
- Our paparazzi guy.
- With the Russian ties-- and also,the flashbulbs that I found in the grenade came up a 1976 Photex camera.
That's the type of thing that West would have around.
But is he capable of detonating a bomb? Maybe he's moved up from taking photos.
- Bring him in.
- Will do.
- You kidding me? - Get your feet off of my table.
Oh,easy,tough guy.
That's a nice photograph.
Am I supposed to know who's in it? We matched that to your camera's model and lens.
I'm a photography nut.
- I point,click and shoot all kinds of stuff.
- Cut the act,West.
We know you're doing surveillance work again for your Russian friends.
How do you figure? These guys stole a credit card linked to a corporate account that's owned by Krukov Shipping out of Rostov,Russia.
And you guys you guys brought me in here for this? All right,well,le-let's just say that these,uh,corporate people had a score to settle with them.
But I had nothing to do with that part of it.
While I am having dinner in your restaurant,you're stealing numbers from my corporate account.
I'm sorry,sir,but if someone decides to go on a shopping spree with your credit card, that's not my fault.
you 're such right.
Consider this a warning.
The grenades used on them were homemade.
I don't know the first thing about grenades.
Parts of the grenade involved a 1976 Photex camera and its triggering mechanism.
That's pretty creative for a photography nut.
- I did not invite her.
I did not invite her.
- Sorry.
- Um,it's okay--we'll take care of it.
- Sorry.
You killed two innocent people.
You almost killed three more.
One of them was me.
****to be asking yourself,West,is,"What are my benefactors "going to say when they realize that their intended targets are still alive?" They're going to kill you.
It's dramatic.
I'll give you that.
But all this?******* so I think I'm going to go,okay? Go ahead.
You're making a mistake.
Caine? I'm Yvette Cervantes.
Have a seat,please.
So,based on your message,you have a little one that needs looking after.
- What's his name? - His name is Kyle.
A strong Irish name for a strong Irish boy.
Is he here? I guess you don't go by Maria Lopez anymore.
Maria Lopez,as you may recall,abandoned Maggie and Aidan Rush to Child Services.
And it's my job to get them back to their mother.
I have blamed myself every day for what I did.
There are people out there,Mr.
Caine,who know how to take advantage.
Who are we talking about,please? I had a job a year ago at a restaurant called Tisano's, and I didn't declare all of my tips,but nobody does.
Eventually,I quit to take up babysitting.
But then,the owner,Jason Molina,calls me two weeks ago,tells me that if I don't do what he says,he'll report me to the IRS.
So,he convinced you to watch Tonya's kids.
I promise,I made sure they were okay when I left.
I waited until Child Services came so they were never alone.
should be this way.
I would never put their lives in jeopardy.
- Are they okay? - Not yet.
What do you need me to do to fix this? I need you to come forward and tell your story right now.
Tell the truth.
Jason is a bad man.
I am afraid,if I go back on this,he'll find me.
Miss Cervantes,all due respect,but Jason Molina's in custody.
Are you willing to do that? Filing a false report? Come on,man,that's ridiculous.
If those children weren't at risk,Child Services wouldn't have taken them away.
This isn't about me.
It will be when the jury hears about credit card fraud and extortion.
Okay,it's really simple.
You just run a carbon copy of each customer's credit card.
Uh,in addition to the computer? Why? For the filing system.
I can't.
I don't know what you're involved in,Jason,but I can't be a part of it.
I got two kids to think about,you know.
Look,I gave Tonya a steady job,income to support her family.
I was burning the candle on both ends.
I needed her help,and when she refused me like that,it put me in a compromising position.
Nice doing business with you.
So,you decided to give her a problem.
If she loses her kids,she's not about to jeopardize losing her job,too.
I'll bet that she lied to you about what she saw just to protect them.
I've got a news flash for you.
The insurance money from the restaurant is going to her.
I put everything I've got into that place.
Who's going to go down for that? You are.
- That's pretty high.
- Yep.
Wow,you're fast.
So are you a bird or a plane? I'm a bird.
You're a bird-what kind of a bird? - An eagle.
- Eagle? Excellent choice.