CSI: Miami s07e24 Episode Script


They never saw it coming.
It was over quick.
So,these guys are just sitting there with their hood up, so we know they're not going anywhere.
These poor suckers probably thought we were going to help them out.
They werquaking.
Jimmy,you're full of it.
Who the hell asked you? All right,I'm not the one you want to be messing with here,chief.
It's all good.
Those are nice shoes.
Come on.
Jimmy,you need to quit running your mouth.
What happened to that little "Skip to My Lou" kid that we used to run scams together in Palm Beach? I ain't your whipping boy anymore,Saris.
I let you crash here the last few weeks till you got your bankroll going.
Didn't even ask for rent.
Don't forget that.
Oh,I won't-- how could I? Now,go have some fun,you sack of hammers.
It was a sick score.
I bought this piece with the cash.
Homeboy,go home.
Party's over,kids.
Go home.
Drive safe.
Get out.
Jimmy,Jimmy,Jimmy,Jimmy,Jimmy You know,I've been listening to you tell that story all night,well into this morning.
You don't believe me? If I'm lying,I'm dying.
You should be a little more careful,you know? I mean,skeletons like that can have a way of coming back to haunt you.
Trust me.
I got no worries.
They are long gone.
What's going on? Oh,yeah? Where you got them at? For someone telling me to keep my mouth shut,you sure are asking a lot of questions.
I am? That's one question.
Come on,you're the cock of the block.
All that bravado,crowing to whoever's going to listen to you.
Come on,that's you.
You know what,you're right.
I'm probably better off not knowing.
- No,you know what? Give me your phone.
- Excuse me? You dropped off the map,Saris.
You think I haven't noticed your little secret phone calls? I want to know who you've been talking to lately.
I'm talking to you.
Or maybe Miami-Dade's finest.
Now,let me see your phone.
Knock it off! Mr.
I don't see Dr.
Yeah,she's not here yet-- I'm actually,uh,having a hard time getting a hold of her.
She's not answering her phone.
Let's try her agn,please.
H,owner fell in the pool.
He started screaming,and then he started melting.
Looks like some kind of acid.
Just dissolved right through the glass.
That's not from an acid,Eric.
That's got to be an alkali.
Well,highly concentrated-- we need to get him out of there or there will be nothing left.
We need to neutralize this alkali.
We can't wait for Hazmat.
Get some vinegar.
We're gonna need a lot of it.
I'm gonna get to a grocery store.
- H Tara's on her way in.
- Okay.
But there's something you should know.
The witness that called this in.
It was Ron Saris.
Well here we go.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season07 Episode24 Dissolved How you doing,Caine? You,uh you want a cigar,Caine? - Got you a hand-rolled Vascoma,Cuba's finest.
- No,thanks,Ron.
All right,well,make this look good then.
I mean,I'm talking to cops here.
I don't want to break my cover or anything.
Want to punch me,make me look like a suspect? God knows I won't have any trouble with that,will I? Okay,look,I'm a confidential informant,now,right? I'm working you.
- What do you got? - Jimmy Castigan.
I didn't turn him into yogurt.
Wasn't me,man.
He was a buddy of mine,he was a friend.
I mean,we had a little disagreement, but how was I to know that that pool was filled with whatever that was filled with,but you know what? It's not about him.
This is about me.
I was the target.
Oh,so you're the target? Yeah,I was the target.
I swim laps every day in that pool.
Just me.
I'm trying to lose a little weight.
Makes me feel a little refreshed.
You know who knows I do that? Julia.
See that? Look what I found on my car yesterday.
- I know she blames me for what happened - For good reason,Ron.
For good reason.
Look,you know,maybe she had help,okay? We know how persuasive she can be.
Maybe she's lost it,Horatio.
Maybe she's never had it.
Either way,she's your best suspect.
Well,now I have two.
Is that all? - For now.
- Good.
I should have known-- plastic.
Alkalines aggressively attack and break down the silica in glass.
And all other organic material,too-- natural fibers,leather,cotton and human tissue.
Plastic-- it's a synthetic,so it's not as easily broken down.
There's no way you could've known.
At least you narrowed down what we're dealing with to an alkaline.
So,Travers,have you figured out what this is yet? Just about to.
Uh,you mind lending me a hand? I'll give you two.
All right,the pH is at seven.
It's perfectly neutral,so it's safe to get the body out.
Do you think you want to use your hands or use the hook? No,you can use the hook.
I'll get my hands dirty.
Thank you.
Hey,guys,could you give me a hand over here,please? That's really interesting.
His clothes are in tatters,but his shoes are completely in tact.
Yeah,well,they must have been synthetic.
Otherwise,they'd look as bad Mr.
Castigan here.
I got to take this call.
You guys finish this up? Calleigh? I might have found something for you.
The two most common types of caustic alkaline are potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide.
In a flame test,the potassium will give off Violet hue,if I remember correctly.
And sodium is yellow .
The pool was filled with concentrated sodium hydroxide.
That's pretty nasty stuff,especially when mixed with water.
You know,the reaction can be exothermic.
He probably boiled as much as he burned.
How would you introduce that into the pool? It comes in liquid form,pellets or flakes.
But you'd need a hell of a lot of it.
There doesn't seem to be any disturbances in the grass.
There's no bleaching of any sort, so then what do you think is the fastest way to get it in the water? Of course,the filtration system.
All right,I'm going to grab my monkey wrench.
Time to do some plumbing.
Who was that on the phone? That was the lab.
They were calling about some prints I lifted yesterday.
We got a void here.
Kind of white flakes.
But I can't make out the shoe print.
That must be the flaky substance that Travers was talking about.
I guess the killer must've stepped in it.
So that proves that the alkaline was introduced down here.
The question now is how? Well,this pool has a sand filtration system.
The water works its way down through these PVC pipes and into these dual filters.
And the pipes are made of plastic.
That's why they didn't melt.
Yeah,they emptied the sand,all of it.
Replaced it with sodium hydroxide flakes.
So the chemical was introduced through the water filtration system.
The water ran over the flakes,dissolving them.
Turning this pool into a chemical death trap.
Now,somebody would've needed a key,because this door has a lock.
I imagine that they have a professional pool cleaner.
Let's see if we can track him down.
I sure as hell didn't pour sodium hydroxide in Castigan's pool.
Anything seem off to you when you went to the house? No.
I mean,well,my truck-- it did get broken into a few days ago.
Way to bury the lead,Pete.
Anything missing? My master set of keys.
That's convenient.
Where were you this morning? Working.
Nowhere near Castigan's place.
If somebody did introduce that stuff through the filtration system,it would've taken hours.
Why would it have taken hours? State guidelines,all right? Requires that all the ter in a pool,it's got to run through the filter every six hours.
So if someone spiked Castigan's pool,they would've had to do it last night.
Where were you last night? At a movie.
With my girlfriend.
You know we're going to have to check with her,right? You might want to call your clients,too.
Tell them they're gonna have to clean their own pools today.
We gotta take your truck.
You guys do whatever you got to do.
We will.
Julia,it's Horatio.
I've been trying to reach you.
Call me back please.
- You okay? - Yeah.
I've been all right.
It's just that Mom's been calling me nonstop.
I mean,she's already called me four times and I can't deal with - I-I just can't - Hang on a second.
What are you talking about? Well,she always wants me to come over to her house,and when I do,it's just trouble.
She's constantly getting mad,always talking about Ron.
She's been through a lot lately,hasn't she? Yeah,I know.
It's just that she isn't getting any better,Dad.
Has she been taking the medication? I don't know.
I've been really busy with work.
Somebody's calling me from my house.
Has to be her.
Julia? See? Julia,what are you doing? Just making sure Kyle has everything he needs.
- I went shopping - Julia.
Did you threaten Ron? Look at my face.
- Ron deserves to die.
- You're not answering my question.
Did you threaten his life? You always think the worst of me.
You think I stole those pills from the lab,and that's why you took Kyle.
None of it was true.
Julia,are you off the medication? I don't need it now.
I flushed it.
It's gone.
Let me get you some help.
I don't need your help.
I ne you to leave me alone.
- Julia.
- If you don't leave, I'll call 911 and tell them you're harassing me.
H,I got the results from that note that we got from Ron Saris.
No match to Julia.
Okay,well,that is good news.
She would've been a very poor defendant.
Why? What's going on? Julia's no longer taking her medication.
Really? Is there anything I can do to help out? I appreciate the sentiment,but I think we need to give Julia her space.
Okay? But thank you.
So I just talked to Tripp.
Turns out,Peter Bishop's alibi checked out.
He wasn't lying.
Somebody broke into his truck.
That somebody stole the keys to break into Jimmy Castigan's pool filtration system.
Found some hair.
- You got enough to get DNA? - Yeah.
I do.
You know,there's something strange about this hair.
- Yeah.
It's from an animal.
- How can you tell? 'Cause the scale pattern of the cuticle is larger and more uneven on animal hair that it is on human.
Yeah I believe this hair is from a cow.
Or a deer,maybe.
Some of this must've got transferred from whoever stole the keys.
That or some sort of hooved creature stole the keys themselves and proceeded to kill someone.
All right.
You know what else? This hair looks like it's been damaged and partially dissolved.
Wait a second-- the chemical we found in the pool,that was sodium hydroxide,right? Yeah.
Sodium hydroxide is a chemical they use to tan leather.
Yeah,that's how cowhide becomes those,uh,those cute leather pants you like to wear.
It's a bit of a long shot.
It's a start.
Tell you what.
I'll grab Tripp,and we'll,uh,go knock on some doors.
Tripp checked with tanneries in Homestead and Miramar.
None reported missing any sodium hydroxide.
Wait a minute,fellas.
I run a clean plant here.
- They told me we passed our EPA test.
- And you are? Allen Pierce,owner/operator.
And all our wastewater output is up to specs.
Pierce,we're not here in regards to your environmental impact.
We're here investigating the murder of Jimmy Castigan.
Well,I never heard of him.
You ever heard of sodium hydroxide,'cause a large amount was used to kill Mr.
Castigan? Well,I'm sure all ours is accounted for.
We store them in the old treatment building.
Nobody's been in there since we shut it down.
Would you take us there,please? Suit yourself.
Like I told you,nobody's been in here for years.
You smell that? I do smell that.
That's decomp.
I got a plant full of cow skins.
Smells are just part of the business.
I'm going to need you to step outside,please.
It's a torso,maybe.
Sodium hydroxide,that's what they used to get Jimmy Castigan.
Now this time,it's dissolving evidence.
Looks like the body neutralized.
The alkali hasn't dissolved completely.
What do we have in this one? What do you think this has to do with Jimmy? Mr.
Wolfe,what is that? Oh,that's a cigar cap.
Who do we know who smokes cigars? Want a cigar? Got you one.
Hand-rolled Vascoma,Cuba's finest.
So,Ron,we recovered one of your Vascoma cigar caps next to a pair of murder victims.
My cigar? I don't think so.
As usual,Red,you got it all wrong.
Those were Jimmy's cigars.
Hundred bucks a pop-- I'm not going to let them go to waste.
That guys needs So you're implicating Mr.
Castigan? I'm not implicating anybody,I'm saying so.
So you had knowledge of a homicide,but you didn't tell me about this? Rick Jimmy talked the talk.
He walked the walk,okay? That's what he was.
I didn't think that kid had it in him.
I tried to coax as much out of him as I could.
Then he turned on me,and that's what happens when you ask too many questions Okay,so what do you know? - Look,I know that Should I? - Oh,yeah.
All right,last night at the party he was telling a story,over and over.
We did pretty good.
Had us feeling we could make a living doing this stuff.
I bought this piece with the cash.
When I tried to get more out of him by the pool He said "Us.
" Jimmy Castigan had a partner.
- He ran with a guy - What's his name? Shane.
I think,maybe Sean.
Echols,I think.
E-C-H Okay,that's something we can run with.
Want to give us a moment? Um,by the way,how is our girl doing? - You think we can trust him? - Do you? You ready to suit up? It's not what you think.
I think it's exactly what I think.
You're showing up late to crime scenes,you're taking pills at work-- what is that? Is that oxy? You know,you got a problem.
There comes a point in addiction when you don't care if you get caught anymore-- you're there.
- What's going to happen when you mess up an autopsy? - It's not going to happen.
Oh,I used to say the same thing when I was gambling.
Now,I told you what would happen if I caught you doing this again.
Please Okay.
All right,let's get started.
Tara,this isn't a filling,is it? Nope.
It's a cholelith,a gallstone.
The sodium hydroxide doesn't dissolve it.
Victim had high cholesterol.
That's a real case-breaker.
It's a men's wedding ring.
There's a date engraved on it.
Whoever this guy was married to,I'm sure they're looking for him.
- Okay.
- You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to cross-check this with the Missing Persons' database.
See if I can't find the next of kin.
All right,great.
I'm going to give a sample to DNA.
- H,hey.
- Have we ID'd the bodies yet? No,but we got a wedding ring.
I'm going to cross-reference it against the Missing Persons' database.
Okay,well,keep me posted.
H,there's one other thing.
It's,uh It's off case.
What do you got? You know what? I'm just going to check that Missing Persons' list and then I'll,uh - I'll get back to you.
- Find me.
Okay? Find me.
This is Bill's ring.
I'm sorry.
I knew there was a reason.
When I couldn't reach him on the phone,I feared the worst.
I called the police and the hospitals,but it's like he vanished.
When was the last time you spoke to him? Bill was picking up my sister and her husband.
We were going scuba diving that morning.
And,uh,I woke up late.
And Bill called me around 6:00.
And asked me if I want coffee.
Uh,that's the last time I heard from him.
The reason I ask is we found a second set of male remains.
Walter That's my brother-in-law.
What about my sister? What about Rebecca? - Was she with them? - Yeah.
That's her.
- So you haven't found her? - No.
Well,there's a chance then that-that she's still alive,isn't there? There is a chance.
Did you get the search warrant? Yeah.
A lot of prescriptions for a lot of different people.
Stephanie Vasquez.
The missing prescription.
The girl who overdosed.
Personal effects indicate a bottle of medication.
It never made it to the lab.
That's impossible.
I logged it myself.
But Kyle did have a visitor.
His mother stopped by.
But Dr.
Price has a lot of drugs in here.
And she's not just addicted to oxy.
- She's stealing evidence.
- Mr.
Wolfe,we have to be absolutely sure.
Got it.
Sean Echols! - Oh,don't shoot.
- You Sean Echols? What's up? - I said are you Sean Echols? - Yeah.
Miami-Dade Police.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Wait a second,man.
You can't come on my property,point a gun at me.
What what's going on? Frank,what is that? It's a wild boar.
Is that thing in season? Yeah.
I shot it this morning.
I got a permit.
Jimmy Castigan has named you as his accomplice in the abduction and murder of three people.
Right before he was fried in a pool of acid,I might add.
"Pool of acid"? Who's,uh,Jimmy Castigan? Mr.
Echols,do you recognize any of these people? No.
The girl in the purple,you've never seen her? She doesn't look familiar? No.
No,I'm-I'm sorry.
I think you I think you got the wrong guy.
- Calleigh,I'm not buying it.
- Me,neither.
- Let's put a car on him.
Keep an eye on him.
- All right.
Yeah,H,it's me.
She's taking them from - Officer Wolfe,put your gun down.
- Julia.
Mom,what are you doing? Do it.
Kyle,come with me.
Mom,I will.
Just put the gun down.
You're scaring everybody.
I will when we're safe.
Don't come any closer,Horatio.
- I'm going to get him back.
- This is not the way.
I've tried your way.
But you still blame me for trying to kill Ron,for hurting our son.
- Taking those pills.
- Julia,you were right.
And I was wrong.
I did everything you told me to,so we could be together as a family.
We are a family,Julia,but this is not the way.
- I'm sorry,Kyle.
- Mom,no! Let it go,Julia.
Let it go.
Get down! Get down,now! You're under arrest.
Cleaning up by yourself? Yeah,I figured everyone could use a break after all the drama.
Well,it's not over yet.
Stetler wants to,uh talk to us.
About what? My guess it's about the Julia thing.
Oh,I-I talked to I.
Well,you know how I.
They double back on everyone.
Even the janitor's getting it.
Okay,uh,meet you up there.
I'll wait.
Let's go up together.
- I guess I'm ready.
- Great.
Spoke to my lawyer.
That was a state attorney,Julia.
Oh,I thought I get confused.
How's Kyle? Kyle is fine.
ratio,just say it.
So I'll know it's real.
So I know it happened.
It did happen.
Did I put our son's life in danger? You were right.
He's better without me.
So what happens now? I'm working on it.
Sean Echols is a dead end,but Tripp is still looking.
- Rebecca Barnett still out there? - Yeah.
Listen,before,when I was on the phone,you asked me who I was talking to? My father,Sharova.
- Eric - Look,Calleigh,I know what I'm doing,all right? I just want you to,please be careful,okay? He is connected to so many dangerous people.
We got good histological samples on Walter Barnett's torso.
Take a look.
The cells are damaged.
It's look like the cell wall's been distorted.
Frozen cells expand.
The ice crystals push out the cell walls,permanently destroying them.
So you can tell the bodies were frozen first and then dissolved.
Question is: Why go through the effort? The smell.
Sandra said that her husband called just before 6:00 a.
last Sunday to say that they were on the way over to pick her up.
Sometime after that call then, Jimmy Castigan and his accomplice had to carjack the victims, and they killed Walter and Bill.
The sun rose at 6:44 a.
And with the crazy humidity that we had last weekend, it would have gotten hot early,which means the bodies would have started to decompose, and they would smell.
So they had to freeze the bodies while they figured out what to do next.
Or until they could get them to the tannery without being noticed.
Two,three bodies,you'd need a big freezer,something like a butcher would use.
Or a hunter.
Big game hunters freeze their kill until they can have them processed.
Did a little legwork on our boar hunter.
He's a trash collector.
Guess what tannery's on his route? Sean Echols,that's our hunter.
He's more than that.
He's our murderer.
Drop it! Drop it! Move away from the gun! Get down on the ground! Now! Get on the ground! On the ground! She's not in the house or the trailer.
Where is she? I don't know what you're talking about.
What's that back there? - I share this a couple of my hunting buddies.
- Rebecca! - Calleigh! - I share that with a couple of hunting buddies! Sit down.
I know that you killed Bill Moore.
I know that you and Jimmy also killed Rebecca and Walter Barnett.
You froze them and then you attempted to dispose of their bodies when you thought the coast was clear.
Hold on,hold on.
If this works,you're a genius,man.
There won't be anything left to find.
That's the idea.
Seems like you got it all figured out.
I really even need to be here? What I can't figure out is why would you attempt to dissolve two of the bodies and not Rebecca's? I didn't do anything.
Sit down! I swear to God I'll beat you stupid! Sit down! Get these off me! Get 'em off me! Oh,your shoes must be leather,Sean.
- What did you do? What did you do? - Nothing.
The water has activated the sodium hydroxide,causing your shoes to burn.
It also proves that you were at the pool last night.
They never saw it coming.
It was over quick.
I was amped.
Don't get me wrong.
Same stuff you used to kill Jimmy.
And dissolve the two bodies at the tannery.
That's your smoking gun.
That brings the total of your murders to four.
There were only two barrels,so we got rid of the guys first.
We couldn't bury her because the stink was so bad.
Humidity hastens decomp.
And we had to keep her on ice till we had a better chance to get rid of her.
You're sick.
But you ow that,right? Well,they wouldn't follow directions.
You guys need some help? Give me your keys.
Who's in the car? It's okay.
It's just my family.
What's going on? And Jimmy Jimmy he wouldn't keep his mouth shut.
We came up on these three,when Echols,man,he just went mad dog! What's the point in making bodies disappear if you're gonna go telling the whole world about it? You know,where you're going-- a vat of acid's gonna seem like a vacation.
Get up.
Let's go.
Come on.
Have a seat,Doctor.
What's this about? We secured a warrant to search your locker.
They found these.
It was just a couple of times.
I didn't hurt anybody.
I didn't You hurt Horatio.
You implicated Kyle,you implicated Julia.
Recently,Your Honor,an employee of mine was caught stealing evidence.
And how did that influence the chain of events that occurred with Miss Winston? This employee wrongly accused Julia of committing the crime.
And as a result,I withdrew our son from her care.
Lieutenant Caine why are you here? Your Honor,I believe that my actions led Julia to a state of mental disintegration.
Define disintegration.
I would say that Julia has become incapacitated by delusions,Your Honor.
Your actions led to violence,and you've put a lot of people at risk.
- I'm sorry.
- We're beyond that point now.
What's gonna happen to me? State Attorney intends to go after attempted murder of a police officer if convicted.
Miss Winston could spend her life in prison.
Even,Your Honor,if she's deemed mentally unfit to stand trial? Well that would change things,wouldn't it? I assume it would,Your Honor.
ice,you're under arrest for felony theft,burglary and evidence tampering.
Ryan? I gave you every opportunity,Tara.