CSI: Miami s07e25 Episode Script

Seeing Red (1)

We got a man down in the cafeteria.
Repeat, man down! Lieutenant Caine.
Yes, sir, you said to call if there's any change with Ivan Sarnoff.
Sir, he's collapsed and we are transporting him to Dade General as we speak.
I'm on my way.
ALRIGHT,LET'S GO Get around this guy.
India 2107 requesting backup.
Ambulance struck at Shoreline and Ocean.
I need rescue.
Officer involved.
Get out! No! Drop the weapon! Lieutenant Caine.
I did my best, sir.
I know you did.
Try not to speak.
I I have a daughter, sir.
I'll take care of her, okay? Jeff.
* Yeah! * * We don't get fooled again * * Don't get fooled again * * No, no! * CSI MIAMI µÚÆß¼¾µÚ25¼¯ Attention, all units.
Prisoner Ivan Sarnoff has escaped from a transport ambulance at Bay and Fifth.
He is armed and dangerous.
Driver never had a chance, H.
He was dead on impact.
Let's get the SUV to the garage, Eric.
NTSB says we can't move any evidence until they release the scene.
We'll do it here.
Now, you know Sarnoff collapsed in the cafeteria, right? You know why? They poisoned his food to get him out.
Thank you.
Frank? Footage from the dash cam of the grey and white.
Decoy car cut off the ambulance, set it up for the big hit.
We can't see the driver there, Frank.
I got a make on the car.
Partial plates.
Good enough to run.
This was no accident.
Whoever wanted Sarnoff out of prison, pretty risky escape plan.
Yeah, but they didn't count on that train, did they? No, they didn't.
I called the organized crime unit.
Kasparov has been at the reins since Sarnoff's been inside.
Frank, I am done with these people.
Lieutenant Caine.
If I didn't know better, I'd call this profiling.
I'm looking for Ivan.
What Ivan does is Ivan's business.
He escaped from prison today.
How is it my problem? Two people were killed.
One was a police officer.
Not involved.
You're not involved.
You're his number two.
Of course you're involved.
I'm his number two? Ivan is an embarrassment, Lieutenant.
I washed my hands of him.
Besides, I've been here since early morning.
Right, baby? Absolutely.
We never left the premises.
You are harboring a fugitive.
This is harassment, Gregor.
Get out.
You're under arrest.
Ma'am, YOU?????A POLICE OFFICER Ma'am, you're coming with me.
The curtain is down on your country, Caine.
The future is ours.
Gregor, the show ain't over.
You okay? Handcuffs were a little uncomfortable.
It's a little strange to be perp-walked.
It had to be authentic.
No, I understand.
What did you get? Three days ago, a shipment of guns was intercepted by undercover agents.
Russians lost millions.
Who was responsible? Ivan Sarnoff set up the deal from the inside.
Deal fell through.
Any sign of him? No, not so far.
But Kasparov has been taking phone calls, acting a bit cagey.
What else? They may be planning on stealing back the gun shipment.
A GPS tracker? I need you to go back inside.
Now, that is equipped with a panic button.
Don't hesitate to use it.
That's my car.
That picture was taken at a crime scene this morning.
Well, I wasn't at a crime.
Your car was.
My car's missing.
I was carjacked.
When? Yesterday.
Why didn't you report it? I did.
They, uh, told me they'd look into it.
Lot of good that did.
Tell us what happened.
I was doing errands.
I stopped by the post office.
Out of the car, guy puts a gun to my head.
Broad daylight.
Because the house is vacant; they're already out.
That's why.
Just give me your keys.
'Kay, here.
Here, take it, take What the hell is this, anyway? Mr.
Green, your car was part of an orchestrated car accident that allowed a dangerous criminal to escape.
I was I was at work, all morning.
Can anyone confirm that? I'm a real estate agent.
I was showing a house this morning.
I have a whole sign-in sheet full of witnesses.
Well, witnesses say they saw one MDPD officer being fired at by Sarnoff.
Right, but the lasers all say different.
Because the officer never moved from behind that patrol car, and yet Sarnoff shot everywhere, including the SUV.
But if the Russians were trying to spring him from the ambulance, why was he shooting in their direction? Maybe they weren't trying to help him.
What do you mean? Maybe the Russians weren't trying to free him.
Maybe they were trying to kill him.
So, who pushed the ambulance on the train tracks? Whoever it was scratched the VIN off.
Got it-- got a secondary VIN.
Really? Good job.
Hopefully, this'll give us a name.
You left your SUV at the scene of a train accident.
An accident that you caused.
I have language barrier.
Not sure what Let me interpret.
A police officer and a paramedic were killed in the accident.
Doesn't mean anything to me.
Frank, tell him what happens to a cop killer inside.
We'll put you in a place that'll make gulag look like a tennis camp.
He messed up.
The gun shipment Yes, he set up the job from behind bars.
But he blew it.
Our guys got caught; we lost the guns.
Word came down it was time for him to go.
Poison was to get him out of jail and into the ambulance.
Why didn't you just kill him inside? To make a point, in a very public way for all to see-- it is the Russian way.
Where is Ivan now? Even if I knew, I open my mouth, I end up on the train tracks.
I'm gonna put you in a cage, see if it'll jog your memory.
Get him out of here.
I need to talk to you.
About what? This.
That's my father.
Where-where did you get this? It was taken from the dash cam of the trail car that was in the attack this morning.
Eric, we're gonna have to bring him in.
This doesn't mean that he had anything to do with it.
He was there when they tried to kill Sarnoff.
He wouldn't do this.
You don't know him.
I'm sorry, do you know him? I was going to be deported, Calleigh.
He risked his life to stand up for me.
He is a part of a crime organization.
We need to talk to him, unless you've already done it.
I haven't.
Can I look at your list of recent calls? You cannot cross this line.
I won't watch you do it.
Hey, hey, hey! I want 500 automatic rifles in my hands by the end of the day, understand? Hello, Gregor.
Hey, baby.
Glad to see you free again.
I wanna show you something.
So how'd you get out of jail so quickly? They released me pending a hearing.
Or perhaps you gave them something.
I gave them nothing.
What is this? I believe this is known as a shallow grave.
Who's it for? That depends.
On what? On you.
Go on.
You have to prove your loyalty, baby.
New contract, new target.
Who? Ivan.
Ivan Sarnoff.
I want a body in this grave by sundown.
His or yours.
Citywide dragnet in place.
We collected Sarnoff's plate from prison.
Turns out it was laced with rodifical.
Rat poison.
Three times the level needed for human toxicity.
The call for medical attention went out three hours ago, gentlemen.
It just doesn't make sense.
He would have to see a doctor by now.
What do you think he's doing, Horatio? He's going underground.
And tell Mr.
Lawrence I need to reschedule his procedure for tomorrow.
Thank you, bye.
You're a doctor, yeah? Yes.
Who are you, what do you want? I want you to fix me.
You do that and I let you live, yeah? He abandoned your car a few miles from here.
I didn't want to help, but he had a gun and he put it to my head.
You didn't do anything wrong.
Are you sure? Yeah.
He needed a doctor and you were in the right place at the wrong time, that's all.
He wouldn't stop bleeding.
He was dosed with rat poison.
Well, rat poison is a blood thinner.
He'll bleed out if he's not treated.
I told him to buy vitamin K.
That'll help, but only for so long.
Can you tell us what else he forced you to treat? He had a laceration on his arm.
I re-dressed it.
Those are his old bandages.
" Aegis Fighting Club.
These are from Sarnoff's boxing club.
He's been there.
Marenko, tape from your boxing club was found at the scene of a carjacking.
We know that Ivan was there.
Have a seat, please.
What if I could arrange a meeting between you and Ivan? Where will the meeting be? Public place.
Water Garden.
One hour.
And Lieutenant Mm-hmm? You need to be alone.
I will.
This is Lieutenant Caine.
Hello, Lieutenant.
Ivan, where are you? I'm watching you.
You're watching me.
Ivan, you need treatment.
You've been poisoned.
Your concern is touching, Lieutenant.
You and I have the same goal.
We have the same goal? What is that goal, Ivan? We both want Gregor Kasparov.
How do you plan to deliver him? I can provide you with the testimony you need.
But Ivan, you have to come inside to do that.
I won't last five minutes.
You got to answer for the dead police officer, Ivan.
Collateral damage.
Tell that to his daughter.
Are you going to help me or not? You have to come inside, Ivan.
No way.
Ivan! Eric, just in time.
Snapper and blue runner are biting.
You need to answer for something.
What? This.
You were there in the car.
Yes, I was there, but not by choice.
Then what were you doing there? Two people died this morning.
One of them was a police officer.
You hear me? A police officer! I had nothing to do with that.
Then what were you doing there? I do what I'm told.
Or what? What? That.
This is your chance to get out.
There is no out.
There's only death.
Not if you fight it.
Eric, you don't know what you're asking me to do.
CSI Duquesne, phone call.
What's it about? Something about a carjacking.
This is CSI Duquesne.
I understand.
Where? Who is this? Hello? Hello? That's the decoy car from this morning.
Somebody just called it in.
An anonymous tip.
That's good.
It's a good break.
If you want to call it that.
What's that supposed to mean? Where'd the car come from? Calleigh, you just told me.
You got an anonymous tip.
So you really expect me to believe that this crackerjack evidence just fell down from the sky? What's your problem? Does this have something to do with your father? No.
Okay, you know that if you have talked to him, if you have helped him, it makes you an accessory.
I know the law.
Do you? I mean, do you really? Let's talk about this later.
Hey, what's up with Eric? I don't know.
You got something? No, not yet.
We do know that Anthony Green's car was stolen.
I'm just looking for evidence of a carjacker.
Uh, you want to take the front, I'll take the back? Sounds good.
Calleigh? Isn't it sort of funny that Russian assassins leave the same things under the seat that we do? Hey, when did Green say this car was stolen? Uh yesterday.
Then what's this ATM receipt from this morning doing in here? He was in this car today.
Anthony Green wasn't carjacked at all.
He's a part of this.
Anthony we located your car.
When can I have it back? You lied to us, pal.
That's a bad idea.
Excuse me? Left an ATM receipt in the backseat.
Dated today.
Proves the car was in your possession, moron.
Look, whoever stole my car stole my bank card, okay? They-they used it; it wasn't me.
Yeah, well, we thought you might say that.
We checked with the bank.
It's your face on the security camera, with the Z4 behind it and it's in the background.
Connects you to two murders.
Juries don't take too kindly to cop killers.
Officer? Wait over there.
Excuse me, Frank.
Horatio, I know what they're planning.
Gun heist, sports store.
Biscayne Outfitters on Baygrove.
It's in play right now.
Where are you? What did she tell you? She just gave us their next move.
, I'm at the address for Biscayne Outfitters.
There's nothing out here.
They gave Yelina bad information.
Okay, so our cover is blown.
Hold on a second.
I'm getting a text.
Silent alarm just got tripped for the MDPD armory on Grant.
They're not importing weapons.
They're stealing confiscated guns.
Wolfe, full SWAT.
Okay, uh, where are you going to be? Finding Yelina.
They're taking an arsenal out of there.
I got your back.
Go! Go! You okay? I think they got away with hundreds of automatic weapons.
The silver car that fled the scene Yeah, right, I'll put out a BOLO.
It was Eric.
Excuse me? He was driving and Sharova was in the car with him.
Wait a minute.
What? It was Eric.
I shot at him.
Are you sure? Yes.
Tracking Yelina? Yeah, as we speak.
Smart giving her that GPS tracker.
She's on the move, most likely in a car.
She stopped.
Maybe she's at a traffic signal.
She just hit the panic button.
Eighth and Vitale.
You got it? Do you know where that is? I do.
Caine Nice to see you again, Lieutenant.
Now, Gregor you know and I know that you're not gonna survive those injuries.
Ivan showed up.
I underestimated him.
I know you couldn't be trusted.
We're going to go to your grave now.
How do you feel about that, baby, huh? I brought you up in Bratsk.
I gave you everything.
???????? One in the chamber.
You decide what to do with it.
Huh? I need my gun, Caine.
I need the gun.
You will have the gun as soon as you tell me where they are.
OK I'm not going anywhere with you.
Get in the car! Get off of me! You're my ticket out.
Now get in the car.
??????? ???????? Get out.
Are you okay? Thank you.
Let's go.
Get out of the car.
Lay right down on the ground.
Right down on the ground.
Now where's Eric? I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know? You left the armory with him.
You're covered in blood, my friend.
It's not my blood.
Whose blood is it? Is it Eric's? What happened? He was there to help me.
He was getting me out before I committed a crime.
Was he hit? Did I hit him? All I know is, he was bleeding.
He kept driving, and then he lost control of the car.
That's all I know.
If anything's happened to him, you're gonna get what your friends got.
Get up.
You're under arrest.
If he's not in the car, where is he? We'll find him.
We can't lose him.
Not gonna let that happen.