CSI: Miami s08e01 Episode Script

Out of Time (2)

Okay,listen up! We're gonna fan out in both directions and cover the entire area! Right now and be thorough! Be thorough! - Eric! - Eric! - Eric! - Eric! What if he collapsed in the water? He's out here,Calleigh, and we're gonna find him.
Eric! Eric! Lieutenant, over here.
What'd you get? It's his.
Eric! Get on the radio and call me a helicopter right now.
Eric! This is Air 21.
I've got eyes on a hundred yards ahead,southbound.
He's over here! Is he breathing? Eric? Get me a paramedic,right now! He's tachychardic; he's lost a lot of blood.
- Multiple head lacerations.
- Eric? Officer Delko? - Eric? - I need you to try and stay with me.
Can you do that? - Eric,stay with us,Eric! - He's crashing.
I'm gonna have to shock him.
Charging 360.
Clear! Clear! Clear! We're losing him! Someone's gonna pay for that.
All right,let's go.
All right.
Go for base.
This is Tin Man.
I need you to patch me through to Homicide; I'm in the Everglades.
How you doing,Sully? Detective Caine,I thought you were going to invest in a pair of sunglasses? And I thought you were going to find them for me,Eric.
- Yeah,I'm working on it.
- Appreciate the call.
You pulling tin? Yeah,you know the tow truck company pays minimum wage.
Yeah,why can't you ever pull out a big bag of unmarked cash,Delko? Well,I'm working on that,Sully.
Yeah,minimal decomp.
No more than She's been shot.
This isn't our primary.
It's a secondary.
I'll run the plates.
Get an ID.
Vital's stable.
- Pulse ox 99% on six liters.
- Eric,it's Alexx.
I've got you.
Pupils are unequal.
Regular rhythm, breath sounds bilaterally.
- Let's go! - One,two,three.
I'll take him from here.
Someone shot her here? No,Eric.
This is a body dump.
She was shot elsewhere.
How do you know it's a body dump? See this bruising right here? Bruising happens when gravity pools the blood at the spot closest to the ground.
And if you notice this bruising right here, it's called double lividity.
It means that she was on her back, until she was shifted to a side.
So they killed her and then moved her here.
Exactly right.
How you gonna figure out where they killed her? Watch and learn.
- Steve Bowers? - Yes.
Bowers, we're sorry to inform you that we found your wife's body.
Could we come in? I was about to call State Patrol.
I figured her car broke down somewhere.
I've been in Boca on business.
Monday morning was the last time I saw Amy.
Only it's Wednesday.
What are you doing here? I came home when Amy didn't answer the phone.
I-I was worried.
Can anybody vouch for your whereabouts the last 24 hours? No.
But I left a message on the answering machine this morning.
You can listen to it.
Do you own a firearm? I did.
But,uh,Amy didn't like having a gun in the house.
So I pawned it.
Guess I forgot to get rid of the bullets.
Sully? Do you smell bleach? Mr.
Bowers, have you been doing some cleaning? I told you.
I-I haven't been home.
- Some of the bullets are missing.
- What? - You think I shot my wife? - Yeah.
You know what? Maybe we shouldn't rush this.
Let's see how the evidence lines up.
Well,I know how it's going to line up.
It's a crime of passion.
I mean,this guy's greasy as lard.
Come on,he can't even fake tears.
Sully,somebody tracked mud across that floor.
His shoes are clean as a whistle.
They never touched dirt.
He washed them, just like he spit-shined the rest of this place.
I'd really like to see some motive here.
We'll get motive later.
I'm taking the widower back to the barn.
make sure he doesn't leave town.
Hey,look,I-I didn't do this.
I-I swear,I I I didn't do this.
Listen,he's young and he's strong.
Is he going to be okay? This is WINK News radio.
September 6,1997, afternoon edition.
The Clintons have arrived in London to attend the funeral of Princess Diana.
I have your bullet for you, Horatio, from the back of the wife's head.
That's a nine millimeter.
It's a match to the husband's box of ammo.
Sully's convinced it was a domestic.
I'd like to hear what the body has to say.
Gunshot wound is what killed her.
Based on the level of rigor, I'd place her time of death between 5:00 and 8:00 this morning.
Let's see.
There's no skin underneath these fingernails, and I don't see any defensive wounds on her arms, so she wasn't fighting off her attacker.
So either she knew him Or maybe the killer took her by surprise.
What about old injuries? Just an appendectomy scar.
So we can't paint her as an abused wife.
No,but look at this.
I thought the blunt force trauma happened when she hit the ground.
Maybe,Alexx, he was attempting to subdue her.
Where are you going with this, Horatio? I don't know.
I'm just following the evidence.
Women's pro basketball? I mean,is that even a sport? I mean,unless, you know, they start playing in bikinis.
Then,you know, count me in,right? Excuse me.
I'm sorry to interrupt you.
I'm wondering if someone could point me in the direction of Lieutenant Fred Dorsey.
He's in Special Investigations Unit.
How about I point you to my unit, and you can work the night shift with me? I'm sure your wife would take issue with that,Parker.
You science guys.
Always the buzz kill.
Sorry about that.
They're stuck in the Stone Age.
I'm Jesse Cardoza.
Calleigh Duquesne.
Thanks for saying something, but,you know,it's fine.
I'm used to the new girl treatment.
I used to work patrol back in Jacksonville.
- You're the lateral.
- Yeah.
I guess I am the lateral.
With a stop at Florida State Institute.
So you're Jesse Cardoza? Remember that name.
No need-- today's my last day.
- Really? - So you're looking for the lab? - Yes,please.
- Follow me.
Here it is.
Oh,my gosh,this is the lab? It's so messy.
It looks like a broom closet.
Oh,it used to be.
Is this why you're leaving? - No.
- Well, thank you very much for your help.
Oh,and,uh, good luck,Calleigh.
Good luck to you.
Ah,Lieutenant Dorsey.
I'm Calleigh Duquesne.
You're late.
Yes,I am.
I'm sorry.
I-I got a little lost.
Don't just stand there all day.
Got 1,700 guns need their serial numbers checked.
Hope you got a good night's sleep.
I did.
I slept very well,thank you.
So,you live right behind the Bowers' home.
How often did you hear the arguments? Okay.
Did you ever hear Mr.
Bowers make a specific threat? Well,you've been very helpful.
Horatio,I still got five hours left in my shift.
Megan is out in the field.
I need your eyes.
- I'll head over to the canal.
- No.
The primary-- the Bowers' home.
Someone used bleach on the living room.
You got a pump spray? Yeah,the room was definitely wiped down.
Found traces of bleach residue.
About to start checking places the killer may have overlooked.
Found blood behind the electrical outlet and the baseboard.
About to start luminol process.
Detective Caine.
Just the guy I wanted to see.
Well,you met my new assistant? Actually,I'm an expert in tool marks and firearms.
Duquesne,if you should need me.
So,Fred, what can you tell me? Well,elemental composition of the bullet that Dr.
Woods pulled out of the victim matches the batch of bullets that were found at the house.
Now,that doesn't put the gun in Bowers' hand, but this is,uh, pretty definitive.
Excuse me,but I believe that analysis is flawed.
Are you questioning my science? No,I'm not questioning the science, just the interpretation sir.
I don't know if they told you at that fancy institute, but bullets packaged at the same time and from the same batch are elementally identical.
Hang on a second,Fred.
Officer Duquesne, continue,please.
A study done by the Department of Justice is finding that bullets packaged months apart in separate batches can have the same led composition.
Therefore,your link between the husband and the victim is unfounded.
I mean, anyone could own this bullet.
Fred,did we see this study? It's worked for 40 years,Horatio.
That's good enough for me.
But,Fred,things are changing, and we need to change with them.
We don't have any other way to compare bullets.
You drop the ball on this one, and we're back to zero.
- What do we do then? - Look for more evidence.
- Officer Duquesne? - Yes,sir? Can I have a word? Detective Caine,did I speak out of turn back there? You did,but you're asking the right questions.
Okay? - Thanks,Detective.
- Okay.
You know what? Call me Horatio.
- Okay.
- Okay? Good job.
I'm looking for Officer Tripp.
I spend half my days on paperwork.
It would be nice if we computerized all this stuff.
Then what would we complain about? You work patrol in the Grove.
Have you ever answered a domestic for Amy and Steve Bowers? Bowers.
Yeah,I was there about three weeks ago.
Neighbors heard arguing.
- Did it get physical? - No.
Just a married couple shouting.
No hitting, so I didn't file anything.
Any B and Es recently in their area? No,but I did catch a Peeping Tom close to there last month.
Couple of female residents said they were being watched while they got undressed.
I say,shut the damn curtains.
And those Peeping Toms go from sexual assault to murder easily.
The bad news is,until they do, all we can give them is a citation.
Did you give this one a citation? Ah,let's see.
That's last month.
Yeah,here's the little creep.
Arnold Hollings, age 32.
Occupation-- landscaper.
Officer Tripp,I see one of those new computers, you're first on the list.
Thank you.
Arnold Hollings, you mow the lawn at the Bowers' house.
You ever hear any arguments between Mr.
and Mrs.
Bowers? Weedwhacker blocks out everything.
I prefer it that way.
I,um I noticed you have mud on your shoes.
I'm a gardener.
I ask you because we found mud inside the Bowers' home.
So? You told us that you never went inside.
I forgot.
I went in to pick up my payment.
- Mrs.
Bowers left it in an envelope.
- What time was that? - 6:00,I think.
- Was she home? She was in the shower.
Oh,how do you know that? Were you watching her? I heard the water running.
Really? You think I killed Mrs.
Bowers? If the shoe fits, my friend I pull weeds and I leave.
Got no idea who killed that lady.
Thanks for your time.
You're welcome.
The man has mud on his shoes.
He had access to the victim.
You're releasing him.
While you were doing your little science experiment, I did some real police work.
The husband wasn't on a business trip this week.
He was riding the high horse with some little cocktail waitress from Miami Shores.
I want to talk to the girl.
I already did.
She said, "He wanted a divorce, but he couldn't afford it.
" You wanted motive.
There's your motive.
Open and shut.
I'm hungry let's go eat.
You must be the tow truck driver.
I prefer automotive recovery expert.
Detective Caine asked me to come and get the vehicle,so Well,it's all yours.
You can take it.
I just have one question.
You want to give me your phone number now or later? Does that work? Yeah,it works all the time.
Well,most of the time.
Actually,it's never worked, but I'm going to keep trying anyway.
Well,I wouldn't bother with me,seriously, because I wouldn't even socialize with anyone remotely related to my job.
We'll see.
- Well,thanks a lot,Mr - Delko.
Yeah,but you can call me Eric.
You find those sunglasses? You know,I found a pair off of Alligator Alley polarized lenses, but they just they weren't up to snuff.
You deserve better.
I really appreciate you asking me to help with the case,Horatio.
What do you see? Well,the car's been underwater, so we're not going to find any usable prints, fibers or hairs.
Front end's damaged.
The airbag is deployed.
Could that have happened when the car went in the water? No.
I don't think so.
I've got transfer here, and you don't get transfer from water.
It looks like the car came into contact with steel or maybe concrete.
Okay,so that means someone crashed it before it went in the water.
Don't we need propellant to inflate the bag? The impact will ignite the propellant, and that generates the gas that fills the airbag.
It basically works like the primer of a gun.
And just like a gun, wouldn't there be explosive material on the driver? Yeah.
Wow,I never even thought about that.
Calleigh,when I was back with the bomb squad, we used to do the Greiss test for nitrites.
Why are you smiling? Because this is what I was hoping it would be like when I got here.
Medium velocity spatter about six feet up the north wall consistent with blunt force trauma.
Overlapping high velocity spatter about three feet up.
It suggests the victim was hit over the head while standing then fell to her knees.
There's a large blood pool.
Somebody cleaned it up.
Apparently where the victim bled out.
Alexx,I got a call from Jesse.
Have we checked for sexual assault? She was sexually assaulted.
Alexx,was there bruising? Vaginal mucosa lacerations.
Without bruising.
They were definitely inflicted postmortem.
But correct me if I'm wrong,Alexx, the body stops bruising once the heart stops beating, right? Yes.
Poor girl's corpse was desecrated.
Thanks to the Glades water, there's no semen, and without it, I can't identify your perpetrator.
Why do you want my shirt? Because every contact you make, no matter how small, will leave a trace.
It's called "Locard's exchange principle.
" I don't get it.
That's okay.
We do.
Sounds like a lot of hocus-pocus.
Actually, there's an entire forensic discipline based on this principle.
How come I've never heard of this on TV? Because guns make the news and science doesn't.
So all we have to do is lift these papers and see if either one of them pops for nitrites.
Husband's negative.
Let's try the gardener.
It's a positive result.
That is amazing.
We just put Hollings in the car.
Arnold Hollings is good for this.
These results place him in the victim's car.
It says that he was in a car when an airbag deployed.
But what if he crashed his own car? On the same day his employer was murdered? It's possible.
That's all a judge cares about.
Besides,wasn't the guy a gardener? So possible that the residue on his clothes came from fertilizer or weed killer.
So grant me the warrant, we'll confirm the Greiss test and get him off the street.
Is this even an accepted application of the Greiss in any county in Florida? Not yet.
So you're bringing me junk science,is that it? You trying to put a loss in my column? I don't think so.
Besides,I agree with your partner,Sullivan,on this one.
- He was here? - Yeah.
Helping me to put the husband away.
Slam dunk.
Eric,I know how hard how hard you're fighting right now, and I know how easy it would be to slip away and be with Marisol.
I think about that,too.
But I don't want you to do it.
I'm not ready.
I'm not ready for you I'm sorry,I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's just that I That I I lost her, and and Ray and Speed.
You're-you're all I've got left,Eric.
So I I want you to do what we always do.
I want you to fight.
That's what I want you to do.
That's what I need you to do.
I'll be right here.
When you said the driver hit something, I immediately thought of this.
Drove by here yesterday, this guardrail wasn't damaged.
We know the victim died between the gardener dumped her body after you came through.
See that blue paint-- that's transfer,which confirms the impact took place here.
This road was pretty slick from the rain last night.
Maybe the driver took the turn too fast.
So Hollings walked away.
These last two prints confirm that he put his weight on his left foot, he planted it.
Yeah,like he was going to throw something.
What do you mean? I played right field for the Hurricanes for a few years.
You're gonna throw something, you plant on your back foot.
Question is, what was he tossing? How about the murder weapon? Problem is, it's halfway to Florida Bay by now.
You know,maybe not.
Check this out.
How'd you know to look here? Water levels rise when it rains.
Excess water gets diverted into these drainage pipes.
You said the killer used a nine-millimeter,right? - I did.
- Looks like a nine-mil.
Sometimes things end up where you never expect.
Pays to know your environment.
And you know,Eric, that's the essence of good police work.
- Yeah,I guess it is.
- I know it is.
Nice job.
So far everything's consistent with the victim's injuries.
There's three blood drops on the window.
They seem out of place.
There's nothing on the ceiling or behind the baseboards.
Cause of blood drops: undetermined.
Heard you found the murder weapon.
Too bad the serial numbers were scratched off.
Might've been one more nail in the husband's coffin.
Thought you should know the A.
has agreed to file charges against Bowers.
Sully,you've got the wrong guy.
- Prove it.
- I'm going to.
I would love to wipe the smirk off that guy's face.
Explain to me the blood drops.
Still can't explain directionality.
It's completely out of context.
Jesse,I've got an idea.
Before you punch out, I need one more thing.
All right,so what is all this? I think I know how the blood drops got on the window? We both agree it wasn't a head injury.
What about the gunshot wound? Well,the victim was on this side of the room-- there's no way the blood could have traveled that far.
Sometimes things end up where they never should be, and it pays to understand your environment.
Well,what did we miss? I have placed the target where the victim fell to her knees.
Okay? Take this, go to the shooter's position and shoot the target.
- You want me to shoot the target? - Go ahead.
- Really? - Really.
It's a dummy round.
Go ahead.
- The air-conditioning was on.
- Yeah.
Watch this.
The air from the A.
carried the blood to the window.
Know what this means? If the blood hit the killer like it hit me We just put him in the room.
Raise your arms,please.
Lower them.
Turn around.
I've got a hair.
It's a different color than our victim.
Does that have blood on it? - No.
- Okay.
Turn around,please.
Okay,hang on a second.
What is that,guys? No.
That's dirt; that's not blood.
Bend over,please.
- That's a whole lot of dandruff.
- Yeah.
No blood.
Is that it? Am I done? No,you're not done.
Lean your head back,please.
All the way back.
Right there.
Calleigh, a swab,please.
Take a look at that.
Right there.
Brother you shouldn't have inhaled.
What does all this mean? You're about to find out.
We believe that a DNA test will confirm the blood found on Hollings will match the victim.
You have a pinhead-sized sample of blood.
You can't run that for DNA.
For one test we can.
Yeah,the defense has the right to run their own DNA test, and if you use the sample up, there's none left for them.
You're saying if we test it we can't use it against the guy, - and if we don't test it we can't get the guy.
- Yeah,that's the law.
Excuse me.
I have to be in court.
Well,the law just screwed us.
What if we multiply the sample? Yeah,well, that's pretty new science.
- We don't have access to that equipment.
- Yes,but the Feds are doing it.
Think you can reach out? I have a friend in the Miami field office; she owes me a favor.
If we don't find a way to stretch this DNA, an innocent man is gonna go to jail.
Well,couldn't have caught that serial bomber without your expertise, Detective.
It's the least I could do.
I put a reference sample from our victim in here,too.
But first step is to multiply the DNA.
Agent Boa Vista,would you run a PCR on these samples? Thank you.
Used to be we needed a blood sample the size of a quarter to run DNA.
Now it's the equivalent of a few skin cells.
- Progress marches on,huh? - Yeah.
DNA for you and DNA for the defense.
If it matches our victim.
All right.
This is the DNA profile for your victim.
This is the unknown sample.
Odds that two people have the same profile are about one in a billion.
The blood is a match.
Arnold Hollings murdered Amy Bowers, open-and-shut.
Let the record reflect that the State has presented sufficient evidence to show that the defendant, Arnold Hollings, committed criminal acts that there is probable cause to believe he battered, assaulted and killed Amy Bowers with malice of forethought, and that he laid in wait at her residence, implying premeditation to said criminal acts.
In light of these charges, the defendant,Arnold Hollings, is hereby bound over for trial and charged with murder in the first degree.
Horatio,the chief called.
He wants to talk to you.
- Thank you,Sully.
- No hard feelings.
We okay? Of course we are.
Horatio? Congratulations.
I just heard.
Chief wants you to head up the Special Investigations Unit,huh? Yeah,they're gonna rename it CSI.
Fred Dorsey's old broom closet? No,we've got our eye on a piece of property not far from here.
Yeah,I bet you do.
Well Thank you for everything.
I hope this works out for you,Jesse.
You're a good man.
Oh,and Calleigh says you're putting together a team.
I know a good cop up at St.
Pete,Tim Speedle, if you'd like.
- Speedle? - Yeah.
A little hard to get on the phone, but he's a good guy.
I'll give him a call.
You take care.
- You stay in touch, all right? - Will do.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Big H.
Just like I promised.
They've got polarized lenses,titanium frames.
This might be the best piece of tin I've ever pulled.
- Thank you,Eric.
- You're welcome.
Eric,you did good work outhere today.
I appreciate you showing me how everything works.
You ever think about being a cop? Come on,me a cop? No,man.
I'm serious,Eric.
See,this work is about observation, and you have a great eye for detail.
Why don't you go to the academy, let me put in a good word for you, get your badge, and then come and find me? People make a lot of promises, and in my experience, they don't usually show up after that.
Eric,I'm different; I'll be here.
You mean that.
I mean it.
Get your badge and find me.
What about the glasses? - Go for it.
- Are you ready? Here we go.
Yeah,man,those are you.
Find me,okay? All right.