CSI: Miami s08e02 Episode Script

Hostile Takeover

Well,I'm surprised to see you.
I thought you'd be taking a personal day.
Why's that? Well,didn't Eric get out of the hospital yesterday? Yeah,he did.
He did, but the department advised, that he and I not have any contact until the investigation into the armory shooting is closed.
Well,you at least got a chance to tell him that you didn't try to shoot him on purpose,though,right? But I did shoot at him.
He was a suspect fleeing an active crime scene.
Jesse Cardoza here to see Lieutenant Caine.
I'm sorry,he's currently out in the field.
Would you like me to page him? - Yeah,that'd be great.
- I'll just need to see ID.
You're with LAPD.
Not for long.
You got a gun locker? - Yeah,I can take care of that for you.
- Okay,thanks.
Get down! ******** **** Everybody down! Now! You! On the ground! Hands on your head! Face down! Lemme see your hands! You! Get over here.
Get over here.
Get over here! Move or you're dead.
Walk! Move! Move or you're dead! Walk! You two,get in there.
Down! Get in there.
Is everyone out? We don't know.
We're doing a headcount right now.
You got any idea who these guys are? Witnesses say it's one guy barricaded in Firearms with the hostages.
Where were you when it happened? I was in the locker room.
I heard it,I couldn't see it.
Lieutenant,I got someone claiming to be the hostage taker on the line.
I'll take it.
This is Lieutenant Rick Stetler.
Who am I speaking with? Rule number one: I ask the questions! Listen,uh we're going to have to work together.
No,you listen to me.
Get me Horatio Caine.
I will only talk to him! Lieutenant Caine is in the field right now.
It may take us some time to find him.
How about ten minutes? And after that a hostage dies.
Get Lieutenant Caine on the phone now.
- Yes,sir.
- Now.
Let's see if your lieutenant really cares about you.
You got an ID on the assailant? Not yet.
We know he's got hostages.
Don't know how many.
You have ten seconds! He is on his way.
Is there anything that I Four,three,two,one This is Horatio.
You have just saved a life.
Now let's see if you can save all of 'em.
still coming in, but we can report to you that a masked gunman entered Miami-Dade's crime lab this morning, barricading himself and staff inside - Receptionist,two techs unaccounted for.
- Sounds like Danielle.
Who are the techs? Ben Perkins,Sara Clark.
- Okay,put 'em up in the elevator.
Let's see how he did it.
- I'll check into it.
Calleigh,how are you coming with the surveillance footage? The system's web based, so we had to disable it to blind the hostage taker from seeing what we were doing.
We should have it back up soon.
All right, so we comb the footage: lobby,reception,parking lot.
See if we can get an ID.
Direct line is up.
Speaker will allow everyone to listen in, but only you'll be able to talk to him using that.
I will be recording everything.
Are we in the one position? Okay,cut the AC.
I don't want this guy getting comfortable.
And I don't want him on edge,Rick.
Tell him it's being repaired.
SWAT's in position.
Rick,the firearms lab was designed to be bulletproof.
Even if you could see in, you couldn't get a shot to penetrate.
This was a coordinated attack,and we're covering all scenarios here.
Calleigh,surveillance is back up.
Rick they have to keep their distance.
Look,I know the hostage taker made you point man on the phone.
But I'm SOC-- SWAT has tactical command here.
This is my lab and my responsibility.
Okay,here we go,everybody.
Here we go.
This is Horatio.
Rule two One ring.
One ring and you answer.
Okay,I understand.
One ring.
Go on! Hurry up! I didn't catch your name, friend.
It's 'cause I didn't tell you, Horatio.
Look,u can ll me Ted.
Okay,Ted,is everybody okay in there? Oh,everyone is fine,so long as you keep answering the phone.
It's just you and me.
We can all walk away from this together.
No,no,no one is walking.
You just listen! That's what you do here! I can do that,too,Ted.
You probably think I'm a whack job,right? Ted,I don't think you're a whack job.
People find themselves in bad situations all the time.
That sums it up.
The American Dream trampled on by anyone and everyone.
Get that in front of the door! But you you're gonna get us out of this one.
You're gonna make sure justice is done.
That's why I asked for you.
Ted how can I help you get justice? Right,I tell you, and you ignore me like everybody else.
No! This is my thing, my way and my timetable.
Ted,I understand that, but I can't hold SWAT back forever.
Well,I got something for them.
Rule number three is I see a cop, I kill a cop.
Ted? Ted? So,we found coveralls and a tool belt stashed on the top of the elevator.
I'm guessing that's where he also put his motorcycle helmet and his weapons.
This is what he looks like in the lobby.
Unfortunately,we still don't have a good look at his face, and the Firearms camera was knocked out before we could get a look at him.
I got a Ted Wells who checked in at 8:23 a.
No,that's not going to do us any good.
That's the same alias that he gave Horatio.
You know what? I'm going to backtrack and see if we can figure out how he got here.
He drove himself.
All right.
That means the van's probably still in the parking lot.
That's great.
I'll grab somebody and head over there.
By the way,Ted Wells has been checking in all week.
That's probably how he snuck all the weapons into the lab.
- Hey,Ryan.
- Yeah.
Take a look at this.
It's that guy Jesse Cardoza.
The new transfer from LA.
He used to work here with Horatio back in the day.
He wasn't supposed to be here for another week.
You think he's armed? No.
Here he is at reception, checking in his backup.
The HT would've known he'd taken a police officer hostage.
I'm afraid that if they figure out this guy's a cop They're going to kill him.
Get those boxes in front of the windows.
Now! Let's go! Settle down.
What's that? Hello? Hello? You,sit down! Everybody,empty your pockets.
No phones,wallets, Berries,whatever.
Nobody talks to the outside! Pass me the box.
S-Slide it over here.
Jesse Cardoza.
You're a long way from home, aren't you,Hollywood? You know,I've never been to Cali.
Oh,you're an actor,right? Everybody there's an actor,right? I mean,even the governor.
I'm not an actor.
So why are you here? You forced us in here, as I recall.
No,why are you here? In Miami? I'm just on vacation.
Why are you here at this crime lab? Someone stole my car.
I was just filing a report is all - With her? - Yeah.
I find out you're lying, I'll kill her.
Yeah,and you'll leave here in a box-- I guarantee it.
I really hope you're an actor.
'Cause you scared me.
Sir,I know the hostage taker's van looks dirty, but it's clean as a whistle.
No VIN,clean plates, no fingerprints.
These your blueprints? Yeah,blueprints of the lab.
This guy really did his homework.
Probably knows the building better than we do.
Check this out.
Label torn off,no name.
Little blue pills.
Not exactly.
They're antidepressants.
Well,this just gets better and better,doesn't it? Without those,his state of mind's gonna get a lot worse.
You,up! Plug in the fan and get some air moving in here.
Come on! Faster! Faster! Shots fired,shots fired! - Yeah? - Ted,was anyone hurt? I got your attention now,huh? Ted,I need an answer.
Was anyone hurt? Just the ceiling.
You do something about fixing the AC in here! I'm working on it, but I need you to remain calm.
Ted,do you want me to get your meds? So you found my van.
You know what? Don't worry about me! Ted,is there anyone I can contact,a wife or a girlfriend? Is that the justice you're looking for? You don't even know who I am.
I know you're not Ted Wells.
She used to look up to me.
You know? I made one mistake.
One bad business deal.
I dug myself my own Look in public records.
Check any recent divorce action.
- **rname unknn.
Do it right now.
- Got it.
Ted,do you want me to find Tanya? You two can talk it through.
No,I think she's done talking to me.
What if I were to set it up? - What the hell is that? - It's just just the AC,man.
Horatio! You got SWAT coming in here? It's probably the AC,Ted.
I see a cop,I shoot! Don't you try me,Horatio! - Hey,calm down,all right? Look,it's the air duct.
- Stay out of this,Hollywood.
Just stay out of this! And you sit down! You,sit down! Sit down! Ted,I need you to calm down.
Put the gun down.
- Shut up! You,over there now! - Put the gun down! Look at her,she's scared! - If you put the gun - Sit down! Disconnected.
SWAT is holding their position.
It's not my fault.
It's about the life of a hostage,Rick.
It's not about you.
- I need your vest,please.
- You're not going in there.
Have the bus ready.
Let's move out.
Stay on him close.
This is a suicide mission.
How bad is it? Looks like it may have missed the femoral artery,but I gotta get this bleeding under control.
Hey,you! Come here,come on.
Look,keep constant pressure on this wound,okay? Sorry.
How you feeling? It's cold.
It's so cold.
What's going on? Her pulse is thready and tachy.
She's lost distal pulse; she's going into shock.
Take your lab coat off.
Come here,let's cover her up.
Here,we gotta get her warm.
Here we go.
- Okay - Sure you want to come work here? You're a cop.
- Horatio? - I'm coming in.
O-Okay,okay! I'm unarmed.
It's Horatio Caine.
You know,you look just like you do on TV.
You know,like-like when you found that Walsh baby last year.
Nobody thought you'd find that kid alive.
I need the woman.
Look I want a helicopter.
And I want $100,000.
This is not a negotiation.
All right,here we go.
You're going with them, Danielle.
You're gonna be fine, sweetheart.
You're gonna make it! One of y'all better negotiate with me! Okay,I'm listening.
Look,I want a copter and 100 K.
All right,we'll work on that.
Yeah,work fast,otherwise your cop Cardoza here is next.
And no Fed money.
No banks,no dye packs.
Go to one of those check cashing places.
Yep,I know a place.
Yeah,I know a place,too.
There's one on Eighth and Gillpark.
yal sta.
Go there and believe me, I'll know if you don't.
My clerk tells me you want to cash a check for $100,000? - Actually,we want to give you an IOU.
- Funny.
Get out of here, or I'm going to call the cops.
Look,we are the cops,okay? We've got a hostage situation.
People's lives are at stake.
Here's our paperwork.
O-Okay,y-you know what? You can't just come in here and clean me out,okay? I mean,how am I gonna get my money back? I understand what you're saying,and I'm sorry.
But if you have any other questions, you're gonna have to get in contact with Horatio Caine.
If I have any Fine,I'll just open the safe.
- I'll open the safe.
- Thank you.
You! You bring it in here.
I want the building clear and everyone out.
And then clear a path via the south stairwell.
You know,that isn't very smart.
You're gonna be exposing yourself to SWAT out there.
Yeah,well, I got a plan for that.
You just get on the phone and tell them I expect to see Horatio out there.
Yeah,this is Cardoza.
I just wanted to let you know he's gonna be on the move.
Ten minutes! ***** Stand by,everybody.
My orders only.
Hang on.
The HT has a weapon secured to one of the hostages.
Where is the third hostage? He had three.
Who's got eyes on Jesse? Where's Jesse? Our window is closing, Lieutenant.
We have a shot.
Please advise.
Stand by.
I repeat,stand by.
SWAT team,stand down.
That is not the HT.
It is Jesse.
Stand down! He's one of ours.
Go! - Freeze! On the ground! - Get the helmet off him.
Get the helmet off him! Jesse.
Get this gun off,all right? I'm taped to the trigger.
- ere is he? - I don't ow.
He nt us over here as a distraction.
He also left the money.
Where's that bag? - Doesn't make any sense.
- It might.
He's trying to tell me something.
You get that UV? The security strip on this bill is glowing blue.
The security strip on a 50 is supposed to glow yellow.
It should.
It's fake.
It's all fake.
It's all counterfeit.
He wanted us to find it.
And who made it.
Let's go.
You own Royal Vista Check Cashing,Mr.
Ripley? Uh,you know what? Here's a better question.
When are you paying back the Pay you back? What the hell are you talking about? That money's not worth the lint in my pocket.
Yes,what my esteemed colleague is trying to say is that we know you're counterfeiting money.
Get out of here,man.
You guys got some bad intel.
The burn marks on your hands indicate a process that uses a corrosive material to strip ink off bills.
Then you print whatever denomination you want.
Okay,no,no,no,no, no,no,no,no,no,no.
Look,just listen.
You guys came into my workplace, no warrant, nothing-- which I was cool with,by the way-- and now you're setting me up.
No we didn't, but somebody wanted to make sure you wentown for this.
Why don't you have a seat? Sloan.
What's Mr.
Sloan's full name? Mathew Sloan.
I'll check it out.
Track down the ex-wife.
Yeah,track her down.
What,are you guys kidding me? What does he have anything to do with this? Mr.
Sloan is seeking justice.
You did something to him, and now he's sent me after you.
Why? We were legitimate business partners,okay? I was starting this new venture, this drive-in, check-cashing thing.
I mean,we both went in 50-50.
Which means, he put up his life savings, and you put up fake paper.
See,when the venture failed, he noticed that I wasn't too concerned about it, so he somehow figured out that I was counterfeiting.
You know? Then he kept calling the Better Business Bureau.
He kept calling the attorney general's office.
He was trying to sic them on me.
I mean,he was crazy,man.
This man has you facing federal charges now, so who's crazy? I just have a few questions that I need to ask you,Ms.
Arrington now.
Has your ex-husband approached you or attempted to contact you in any way? No.
Here's a picture of Mathew.
Thank you.
Have you got any idea where he might go? Friends? Other family? We haven't seen him since the restraining order was issued last month.
You have a restraining order against Mathew? When I filed for divorce, he didn't take it well.
He acted like it was her fault he lost everything they had to that fraud,Ripley.
Are you saying you believe that your divorce had something to do with business dealings with Darren Ripley? I knew that guy was no good, but Mathew wouldn't listen.
He lost all of our savings.
After I left him, he would call at all hours, just show up at my work, wanting to explain himself.
Tell me about the restraining order.
He showed up a month ago, freaking out, picked a fight with my front door, and then ran off like a coward.
That was the last straw.
I didn't feel safe.
We got a TRO, which only made him angrier.
Could have been what incited today's incident.
Who knows why Mathew does anything.
He had to agree to get on meds just to get visitation rights.
What about your son? Does he have a cell phone? Would Mathewry and contact him? That's exactly why I won't let him have one.
Well,I'd like to talk to him anyway,if you don't mind.
I don't think that's necessary.
Jason's been through so much already.
I can't do that to him.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
Well,this picture will be very helpful, and thank you for your time.
Hey,it's Calleigh.
Listen,I need you to access some divorce records for me.
So,Sergeant Tripp called.
They found nothing at Mathew Sloan's last known address.
Okay,thank you.
You picked up right where you left off,huh? You don't mind if I start early,see this through? You never have to ask,Jesse.
Excuse me.
Horatio Caine.
Did you get 'em? Where are you,Mathew? Darren Ripley's gonna get what's been coming to him,right? Yes.
Now he's facing felony counterfeit charges,Mathew.
You should have come to me first.
Not everybody can live in Miami,man.
Out here in the sticks, we got a bunch of Keystone Cops that never make the 6:00 news, but you-- you all over TV.
Helping people.
So your answer is to commit a crime in my backyard.
Well,it worked,didn't it? I got justice.
Yes,but now you're a felon.
And as a felon,Mathew, you need to turn yourself in.
No,not yet.
You got the person that ruined my life, but not the one that took all I had left.
Who would that be? That's what I need you to find out.
What happens,Mathew, if I find you first? This is interesting.
The wife filed a petition for sole custody of her son three weeks ago.
The Arringtons didn't say anything to me about it.
Sole custody on what grounds? It says,"Pursuant to the minor's affidavits in family court.
" You know,the boy,Jason-- he had a cast.
Well,papers concerning a minor are usually sealed.
Well,let's figure out a way to open them.
I'll see what I can dig up.
She's scared.
What are you doing? Just put the gun down You,listen to me! I see a cop,I shoot! You're gonna make sure justice is done.
H,there you are.
Call just came in.
Mathew Sloan was spotted at Lloyd Arrington's house.
I'll be there.
- So,what do we have? - Nada.
Family wasn't here at the time.
Patrol has fanned out, canine unit's been notified.
- Was anything taken from the inside? - No.
Pool guy across the street said he just showed up, kicked the door in and hightailed it out of here.
Well,that's a new one.
You kick the door in, and then turn around and flee? You know,friends,I think this is another message.
I think you're right.
I'm gonna go get my kit.
Any updates? Yeah,I'm running it through CODIS right now.
- Travers ran the white substance that coated the hair.
- And? It was sodium,and the mineral content suggests it was sea salt.
Well,that's certainly helpful, seeing as Miami is surrounded by water.
Lloyd Arrington? Uh,okay.
Well,that's got to be a mistake, so,let me just run it again.
Wait a minute.
What if Mathew didn't kick in the door? Eyewitnesses saw him there at the scene.
I'm talking about the initial incident.
The one the couple got the restraining order on.
What if Lloyd Arrington kicked in his own door a month ago, and left a hair behind? And it's been accumulating salt from the marine air since.
That's what Mathew wanted us to find.
He was framed.
Yeah,your ex has completely lost it.
He just came here and came after me.
He kicked the door in.
We have to do something about this.
Okay,I'll call a lawyer.
So youke down door and then provided false testimony to secure the restraining order against Mathew.
That guy couldn't move on with his life.
What was I supposed to do, wait till he killed one of us? Need I remind you that perjury is a felony and you're facing five years.
Yeah,I want a lawyer.
And you're going to need one.
You used the system to kick a man who was already down.
What'd you get? I dug up underlying court documents related to the Sloan divorce.
Affidavit of the minor Jason Sloan.
The little boy.
There was a history of abuse.
At first the boy admitted that his dad's the one who knocked him around, then he recanted.
And Child Services said the only reason he recanted was because he feared his father, and the judge agreed.
Mathew Sloan lost custody three weeks ago.
This is the justice that Mathew was looking for.
You know,that guy lied about getting the TRO.
Maybe he's the abuser.
- There's only one way to find out.
- Follow the evidence.
No wonder Jason recanted his story.
He must've been terrified of his father.
You're so sure it was Mathew Sloan? Yeah.
I mean,he did shoot somebody this morning.
I was there,Calleigh.
Look,you've seen this guy's file.
Before today,I mean, this guy's done everything, everything he can to get his life back together.
I mean,first this Darren Ripley guy takes his money, but he couldn't find any recourse for that.
Then he gets a TRO thrown at him for making harassing phone calls in the middle of the night.
The guy works two jobs.
That's when he's off.
Hey,you've worked doubles before.
How many times have you gotten off work, you called somebody not realizing what time it was? Once or twice.
And the medication that you found in the van, he was taking that so he could see his kid.
That guy did not beat his son.
Let's suppose it's Lloyd the stepdad.
Do we have any evidence to support that? - Well,you mentioned he had a broken arm.
- Yeah.
Hospital said the boy suffered a distal radius fracture two weeks ago.
Well,Mathew lost custody.
Hasn't been allowed to see his kid in three weeks.
So,he's not responsible for that.
That's true.
You know,what if this didn't happen the first time? What if the broken wrist is a result of repeated abuse? Do it hard enough often enough, you get a radius fracture.
- You are coming with me! - Please,it hurts.
Let's go.
Now! ****** What? Well,what are you thinking? Look at the size of the bruises.
All right,what about it? Well,these pictures are to scale.
You're roughly the same size as Lloyd.
Put your hand next to it.
My hand's bigger than the bruise.
Your hand is bigger than the bruise.
Whoever jerked this kid around had a smaller hand.
Like a woman's.
Someone's got to talk to that poor kid.
I like the color.
How's the arm? It itches.
Is my dad in trouble? Well,Jason I'm going to get him some help.
Okay? How'd it happen? I don't know.
It just hurt.
The doctor said it was a hair fracture.
You know,I know you're scared.
And I know you don't want to talk about it.
I understand the situation very well.
You want to make your dad happy,so you tell the truth.
You want to make your mom happy, so you tell a lie.
The judge makes a decision,right? And he makes the wrong one.
Jason I know that your mom is hurting you.
And I want you to know that it's not your fault.
I don't want to lie anymore.
I know you don't, and I'm going to fix it so you never have to tell another lie again.
Dad never hurt me.
- Mom said she was scared that he'd take me away.
- Right.
I believe you.
And I'm going to make this all right.
All right? - Okay.
- All right,now.
Hang in there.
We know how this happened.
It's so hard.
You have no idea.
Arrington,I do.
And you knew if you followed this procedure and accused your husband of abuse, the court would probably side with you.
- I never meant to hurt my boy.
- There is no no excuse for what you did.
Reporting to you live in front of Miami-Dade Police Department on today's hostage situation.
Information is still coming in.
Unfortunately,police still have no leads on the whereabouts of Mathew Sloan, the man who allegedly stormed into their crime lab this morning.
However, we do have reports that Sloan's ex and her husband have both been taken into custody.
We don't yet know how these arrests might relate to the attack, but we'll keep you updated as this story continues to develop Get on the ground! Get on the ground right now! I knew it.
I knew you would do it.
Well,you were looking for justice,Mathew.
I guess you found it.
But now you know the truth.
I do know the truth.
Can you tell my son why I did this? That I did it for him.
You know,Mathew I think you can explain that a whole lot better than I can.
Hey,little man.
Hey,little man.
I love you.
Listen,Daddy's got to go away.
Just for a little bit.
Horatio's going to take care of you.
- Now,you listen to Horatio.
- Okay.
Mathew,it's time.
You know,you held up pretty well today.
Yeah,I wasn't the only one.
Danielle's stable.
She's going to make it.
So we can all swing by the hospital on the way home from here.
That's good news.
- Very good news.
- Yeah.
I think you forgot something.
My old shield.
You find it in Firearms? Why don't you replace it with this? - Welcome back,CSI Cardoza.
- Thanks.
Ma'am? I'd like to buy another round.
Sorry,H,but the new guy buys the next round.
Hey,technically,I was here way before you,but I'll buy.
What are you having? A club soda.
- Oh,come on,H.
- We're off the clock.
Come on.
Somebody has to drive.
I'm not tall enough to reach the pedals