CSI: Miami s08e03 Episode Script

Bolt Action

Got it,got it! That was my ball,man.
It was? Your serve.
I'll be right up here in case you need any help getting it over the net.
Real generous of you.
I thought so,too.
Yeah,baby! That's what I'm talking about! Troy? Troy,come on,man,no! Somebody call 911! Now! So Hazmat suspects chemical or bioterrorism.
Well,what do we think? I'm not sure.
We can't examine the bodies until Hazmat clears them for removal.
Okay,and we have one survivor.
Yeah,Chad Bowen.
He's getting a battery of tests right now.
It'll be a while before we can speak to him.
Yes,sir? Uh,radiation meters turned up nothing.
Water's free of toxicity.
What about an airborne contaminant? No,no signs of illness or contamination of any kind.
You're clear to take possession of the bodies.
Thank you.
So if it wasn't chemical or bioterrorism,what the hell are we dealing with? Something more personal.
So did you get anything? I found blue crystals in the sand near where Troy Billings died.
Blue crystals are usually associated with,uh,pipe corrosion.
So I tested for copper.
And? No pipe.
But I found copper sulfate.
Copper sulfate-- that's used to manufacture,uh,dyes and pigments.
So why would you need copper sulfate in the sand? There's no reason for those particles to be in the sand.
No innocent reason.
Lieutenant Caine,I'm Dean Collins.
This is my property.
Can you,uh,tell us what's going on here? Well,we're actually looking into that right now.
I-I host a charity event every month on this beach.
Nothing like this has ever happened.
Look,I don't mean to be rude,but we're not insured for accidents like this and See,the problem is is we're not certain this is an accident.
We don't know what killed these boys.
Yeah,well,either way,I just want to make sure that my wife and I are not liable.
I understand.
I'm actually focused on the young men who lost their lives.
Well Amanda was here when that happened.
She'd be happy to help.
And I'll be looking into our coverage,if you need me.
Did you know these men? They were state volleyball champions when Hailey was in high school.
Hailey? My daughter.
But I was the one that invited them to play in the event.
And maybe if I hadn't,they'd be alive.
Come inside and let the cops do their job.
This is Hailey.
Did you know these men,Hailey? Yeah,I went to high school with them.
But we didn't really hang out.
Hailey's in college now.
She has a golf scholarship at Dade University.
Did you see them collapse? I was at the club,working on my drives.
You have any idea what happened? Not yet,but we will.
Thank you,ladies.
We just unzipped the bodies,so it's gonna take some time to confirm cause of death.
But this one Troy Billings.
The petechial hemorrhaging in his eyes, I'm guessing I'll find pulmonary edema once I open him up.
So you're thinking asphyxiation.
Quite possible.
And this one,Lieutenant Ohman,this is a good one.
Randall Garber.
It wouldn't surprise me one bit if I found a subdural hematoma.
Internal bleeding.
The man went down hard.
Caused his ears to hemorrhage.
Our third victim-- Peter Markham Witnesses said he was clutching his chest when he died.
My deduction: heart attack.
But he's only 21,so it would be strange for him to have a cholesterol problem,wouldn't it? Right,it's strange.
Tom,all three of these men have burn marks on their feet.
Really? I hadn't checked the plantar region yet.
Well,these are from some sort of charge.
Tom,they've been electrocuted.
Let's start digging.
Look at that.
Looks like that cable's been blown apart.
It's been cut,probably to distribute the charge.
Chad survived because he was wearing insulated socks.
Check out those tendrils.
They feel like they're warm.
It encases a whole bunch of this cable.
And they're hollow.
I think that's interesting.
How about I send those to the lab and we follow the cable on down? Yeah.
Well this end isn't connected to anything.
All right,so that's the million-dollar question.
Where did the charge originate from? Well,we may not know the origin,but this is looking like murder.
A triple murder.
Let's tell Horatio.
We get something? You know,I'm not sure.
I-I just haven't dealt with a lot of electrocution C.
But-but look at these.
It's pictures of Troy Billings.
He's got a marking right here on his chest.
That semicircular bruise looks - it looks like a bite mark,doesn't it? - Yeah,that was my thought.
But the thing is,the skin isn't broken.
So it looks like the teeth couldn't dig in.
It looks tentative,doesn't it? Yeah,possibly.
Or it could be the skin was shielded.
Maybe it's the teeth.
Like a bite guard.
Like invisible braces.
So,Hailey,you told us that you barely knew Troy Billings.
Hailey,you lied.
You did.
I had a big crush on him in high school,but that's not the type of thing you like to admit.
Yeah,but I am willing to bet that if we tested your braces against Troy's bruises,we'd get a match.
You accidentally bit Troy? Well,no,not exactly.
They were together.
They were together? They were,they were together.
Right,Hailey? Troy asked me out last week.
I really liked him,so I stayed over.
I thought it meant something.
But it didn't? Two days later,I saw him walking out of my parents' bedroom.
Troy what are you doing here? That's my Troy,were you Oh,my God.
Look,I'm really sorry,Hailey.
So Troy was with your mother? She always goes after guys my age.
She's a cougar.
It's gross.
Gross enough to kill her latest cub? No,I would never hurt Troy.
I It's so stupid now,butI thought I You thought you loved him.
I'm getting my own apartment.
Get away from all her charity functions.
That's her,isn't it? Isn't that your mom? Look at her.
Like,like everything's normal.
All right,Hailey,you're,um,you're free to go for now.
Uh,"cougars and cubs"? Yeah,you know when older women date younger guys like,like Demi and Ashton or Mariah and Nick.
You know? You never heard of a cougar? Catfight,2:00 o'clock.
Hailey,he didn't mean anything to me That makes it so much worse! He was everything to me.
You knew that.
Sweetie,he's just a boy.
There're gonna be others.
Is that supposed to make me feel good? You're my mom.
Hailey Mrs.
Collins? Is my daughter gonna need a lawyer? Yes.
I think a lawyer would be in order because I think she may have had a part in this whole thing.
You think she's capable of something like this? Please,she wouldn't have a clue how to do whatever happened to those boys.
Maybe she had an accomplice.
I hear we have a little mother/daughter love triangle going on.
Yeah,apparently,the electricity isn't the only shocking thing about this case.
You think the daughter did it? Uh she's got motive.
There's nobody can back up her alibi.
What about you? You guys find anything? What's up,man? How you doing? I'm good.
How are the,uh how are the headaches? They come and they go,but,uh the meds help.
Well,when are you coming back to work? I don't know yet.
Um I'm on administrative leave until the investigation's over.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah,sure.
All right,later,Wolfe.
It's good to see ya.
What's with the big freeze? We're not allowed to speak.
No contact until the investigation is closed.
And why is that? Well,the interviews are today.
So,hopefully,the nightmare will be over and Eric can come back to work.
Or you could both lose your jobs.
That's not very positive.
The vehicle was leaving an armed robbery,it was advancing toward me rapidly.
In order to protect myself and others,I took my only available option and fired.
d inside that vehicle were CSI Delko and Alexander Sharova,correct? CSI Delko was attempting to do the right thing and help his father.
It's the only logical explanation.
But on that day,he didn't alert anyone in the department,including you,to his plans.
My plan was toaccompany Alexander Sharova,my father,when he turned himself in.
Okay,so why did your vehicle end up in the Everglades? I don't know.
Doctors say that the bullet fragment in my brain shifted,causing memory loss.
That occurred after CSI Duquesne fired at you.
But she didn't hit me.
The fragment was from an old injury.
Okay,as a police officer,Ms.
Duquesne is trained to react to a perceived threat.
Your vehicle must have appeared to have been a threat.
Yeah,it must have.
I trust CSI Duquesne's judgment.
If she fired at the car,she didn't know that it was me.
Okay,so how fast would you say your vehicle was going? Possibly 50,55 miles per hour.
It was accelerating towards me,so I took a shot.
At CSI Delko,who was fleeing a crime scene with a known felon.
He appeared to be fleeing the crime scene at the time,but I know now he was not.
You were instructed not to speak to CSI Delko.
I have not spoken to him,but I know what kind of a person Eric Delko is.
So you maintain that you were not involved in any criminal wrongdoing or violation of agency policy whatsoever? No,I wasn't engaged in any criminal activity.
Okay,then why would your partner and girlfriend's first instinct be that you were aiding and abetting a felon? I don't know where you get your information from,Stetler.
My former partner According to your former boyfriend you have maybe she has some trust issues.
a hard time depending on certain men in your life.
Would you say that's true? "Former boyfriend"? That's how he put it.
How do you mean "a mistake," Tom? It was more of an oversight.
I rushed to get you results this morning,and I made an assumption.
I'm sorry.
All right,all right,slow down.
What happened? The burn marks on the victims' feet all appeared to be entry wounds from the sand, but not this victim-- Peter Markham.
So in this case,they're not entry wounds.
These were made when the electricity exited his feet.
Tom,what's this? It's a burn mark.
That can be the entry point.
The charge entered through the other two victims' feet, but in Peter's case,the electricity must have leapt from the sand to his che.
And electricity will follow the path of least resistance.
Was he wearing a metal chain? Not that I found.
What is the black substance around the burn mark? It's some sort of tacky residue.
Let's get it to Trace.
Hey,I'm Walter Simmons.
You needed a hand? Yeah.
Isn't your specialty crime scene photography? Not when Travers is out testifying as an expert witness.
Then I become a man of many talents.
And you Yeah,I'm Jesse.
You're a Die Hard.
What? Die Hard.
That's what we call you on the night shift because of what you did in that hostage situation.
Yeah,well,the night shift has too much time on their hands.
Yeah,who you telling? What's up? Well,if you're subbing for Travers,I'm hoping you're some kind of chemistry guru.
Well,I mean,I graduated Phi Beta Kappa in chem at FAMU.
I don't like to blow my own horn or nothing.
No,of course not.
So we pulled this sample off one of our vics.
FTIR found a cellulosic resin,but I'm not sure about the rest.
Check it out.
John McClane,can I get a little breathing room? Please.
All right,we got some carbon here.
I'll need to run a chem analysis,though.
Well,we got some food and cosmetic additives and a shot of isopropyl.
Isn't that a binding agent? This is body paint,but not your average everyday body paint.
There's another kind? Well,yeah.
There's this stuff that they showcased at the art expo a few months back.
It's a special body paint that conducts electricity.
Why would anybody want body paint to conduct electricity? Artists paint a pattern on their body,attach an LED light to one end and a small electrical charge to the other.
So the paint carries the charge over the skin and the light turns on.
Used mostly for rformance art.
- How about murder? - What? Our vic was electrocuted,and this stuff was on his chest.
Then that paint guaranteed that the charge would travel to his heart.
Somebody painted a bull's-eye on your vic.
The videographer from the fundraiser sent us the event footage.
Maybe we'll be able to see what was painted on Peter Markham pre-electrocution.
Let's hope.
Shirt covers it all up.
Yeah,we couldn't get a clear view from the cell phone pics either.
I checked the log.
The body came in without a shirt.
So he must have taken it off at some point.
This isn't a fund-raiser.
It's foreplay.
Look at that crowd.
Man,them cougars are hungry.
What do you know about that? Well,when women reach a certain age,their libidos spike.
And they tend to be very generous.
So I've heard.
So you know French,playboy? Born and raised in the Louisiana bayou.
"Propriet?de J.
" That's property of J.
You know anyone with those initials? No,but I'll check the list of attendees from the fund-raiser.
Later,Die Hard.
Jacqueline Parsons-- or J.
Can you tell us about this conductive paint that you put on one of our victims? Conductive paint? What are you talking about? You must be making this up.
No,this is the very same paint that we found on Peter Markham's chest.
Oh,good,just what I was looking for right now,a magic show.
No,no magic involved.
Just simple science.
Easy enough for just about anybody to do.
I had no idea that paint could do any of that.
Peter asked me for it.
He couldn't get it himself? It was expensive,so I bought it for him.
Peter was an artist.
And you used him as a canvas? So you admit to painting the target on him,then? YesNo,it wasn't a target.
We were experimenting.
Come again? You know,in the bedroom.
You got the paint.
Just like you wanted.
You were right-- I think we can have fun with this.
Besides,I want everyone to know that you're mine.
Well,if you were so tight with Peter,why'd you feel the need to mark your territory? You don't know the women at these events.
They don't exactly believe in boundaries.
Take Amanda,for example.
Amanda Collins? She had so many of them wrapped around her little finger.
So many of what? Cubs? Young men.
I resent those terms.
" They're offensive.
When a man dates a younger woman it's expected,applauded.
But because I choose to date a younger man,I'm labeled a sexual carnivore? We know Mrs.
ollins was seeing Troy Billings.
What about Randall Garber? Randall Troy Chad.
But then she had to have Peter,too.
Even my mark couldn't keep her off of him.
If I was a real "cougar," I wouldn't have cared.
But I do.
I really do.
Well,I guess we found something else our three victims have in common.
Yeah,Amanda Collins.
Will you do me a favor? Will you try to track her down for me,please? Yeah,gladly.
H,we were going to bring Amanda Collins in for questioning, but we still don't even know what sent that electrical charge.
But what we do know is,no unusual tire tracks,no portable generator, nothing to indicate that the killer tapped into the power lines.
So this electricity just came out of thin air? Not exactly.
The substance that wrapped around the power cable-- is sand.
Beach sand.
It's not exactly a case-breaker.
It's actually called fulgurite,otherwise known as petrified lightning.
And as we know,lightning turns sand Into glass.
So you're saying that these guys were hit by lightning? That's exactly what I'm saying.
The killer used Mother Nature to send lightning through the cable under the sand to the victims.
And electrocute our three victims.
Okay,let me ask you this-- how does one capture lightning? We look to the sky.
We go back to the beach and look for something that attracts lightning.
Now we know lightning's the bullet.
We need to find the gun.
Yeah,but there wasn't even a storm this morning.
A bolt from the blue.
No,lightning can strike out of a clear sky and travel up to 30 miles.
It's called a bolt from the blue.
Well,then it would hit the highest point in this area.
The lifeguard tower.
And look at that-- we've got a scorch mark.
Looks like a cable was running along here.
Yeah,but do you see anything that would attract that lightning? Maybe on the roof.
I'll go get a ladder.
Or not.
There's burnt electrical tape up here.
Looks like it was attached to something.
I bet you it was holding up some sort of lightning rod.
A lightning rod.
I mean,still,there's just no way to tell when and where lightning's going to strike.
No,but someone was trying to increase their odds,just in case it did.
All you need are three things.
You need a lightning rod a cable attached to it running to the volleyball courtand then conductivity.
Right,and you guys did find that copper sulfate.
Yeah,that would do the trick.
Along with the sweat from the best conductors in that area-- the players.
I mean,you do realize,though,that this would have to be the luckiest killer on the planet,right? Lightning strikes all around Miami every day.
It's the highest rate in the country.
All the killer needed was a little patience.
Any sign of that lightning rod down there? No.
You know,a charge that strong could blast a lightning rod anywhere in the area.
I've got,like,toys and a bottle,and Wait a minute.
What'd you find? A little piece of jewelry,and I've seen it before.
This belongs to Amanda Collins.
You feeling young and hot? Hardly.
Why? Well,Tripp tracked her to a cougar bar earlier.
And she's there now? Yep.
And,uh,I'd go,but I'm not really her type,so Well,I guess I have to find a wing man.
And I'll ask Tripp to canvas the neighborhood for a lightning rod.
Collins? They sent you? Is that a problem? No,not at all.
You remind me of a quarterback I knew in my sorority days.
We had some really wild times in those library stacks.
Collins,you are opening up your whole life to me.
Ah,you brought a friend.
Name's Walter.
How you doing? Easy,big man.
Collins,we're aware that you were sleeping with your daughter's high school crush.
That was a mistake.
I forgot that when you're young,you fall easily.
And Jacqueline Parsons,she tells us that you were sleeping with Peter Markham,too.
Mature women are rarely satisfied with just one.
I didn't realize having a good time was criminal.
No,it isn't.
Definitely isn't.
But electrocuting someone is.
And what we did find was part of your necklace at the crime scene.
I lost that a few days ago.
I was there with Peter.
Public intimacy.
Standard cub fantasy.
But you were also with Randall and Chad.
That's three out of four dead.
So what happened? One of them get too attached? Those boys,attached? Maybe it was you that had a problem with this,uh you know,relationship.
I didn't murder those boys.
We were just playing games.
And your husband? Does he have a problem with your games? Why don't you ask him? He's on his boat,as usual.
What the hell do you guys want now? Mr.
Collins,are you aware of the fact that the men who died today weretogether with your wife? They wereThey were together,together.
Look,I live my life,and I expect my wife to do the same.
Okay,and can you tell us where you were during the game? Sure,yeah,I have an alibi.
Her name's,uh,Tiffany.
We were here.
Thank you,Mr.
My pleasure.
I don't get it.
Wouldn't it be easier for them to just get divorced? You didn't know? Rich people love to suffer.
What's up? I don't say this very often,but I think I've found a lightning rod.
Lightning bolt makes friends with a lifeguard tower and all of a sudden, I'm saddled with block after block of knock and talks.
Well,I guess it's our lucky day 'cause you have such a nice way with people,Tripp.
Well,this certainly wasn't on the top of any lifeguard tower this morning.
Look underneath it,smartass.
This is pretty chewed up.
Sure this doesn't belong to the homeowner? Yeah,in fact,the guy wants to know who's going to buy him a new lawnmower.
What happened? It's magnetic.
You knowWhen lightning strikes certain types of metal,makes it magnetized.
Tripp,this is the murder weapon.
Looks like a couple fairway drivers that somebody sawed the club heads off.
You tape a bunch of these end to end,you get yourself a lightning rod.
That's great.
Golf clubs.
Now,where does that get us? Every man,woman and child in the state of Florida plays golf before lunch.
You know what? Collins's daughter has a golf scholarship at Dade University.
All right.
Let's go.
You know,I may not live my life the way you think I'm supposed to, but it doesn't make me a suspect.
Do these belong to Hailey? Why? Because there are a number of clubs missing.
You people are still after my daughter? How is this supposed to be,uh,"evidence relative to the investigation"? I'd like to talk to her,please.
I don't know where she is.
She moved out.
What do you mean,she moved out? When I brought her back from the station,she told me she hated me.
She's never said anything like that to me before.
She won't answer my calls.
She won't answer my text messages.
Collins,running doesn't look good for her.
She's my daughter.
I lost my husband a long time ago.
I can't lose Hailey.
I'll find her.
the club used as a lightning rod is steel, but some of these shavings aren't dense enough to match the metal.
You can use the XRF to check.
interview didn't go well,huh? Did their decision on Delko come down? I haven't heard.
You ever notice how those I.
guys all look alike? I mean,they all got that square jaw.
It's so weird.
Well,looks like our murder wasn't Hailey's fault.
What do you mean? Well,her clubs are straight steel and the club used as the lightning rod is steel,too, but the head must have had a titanium alloy in it.
Well,just because the murder weapon didn't come out of Hailey's bag, doesn't mean that she didn't get a club from somewhere else.
Yeah,but we still have to put her at the scene.
That's why I asked to have all their laundry brought in.
I'm hoping the evidence hasn't been washed away.
What are you looking for,copper sulfate? I am looking for anything.
If you want to grab a magnifier and give me a hand,it would be great.
Are the parents' clothes in here,too? Probably.
I asked for everything.
Look at this.
There's a serrated edge on the fabric.
And there's blood on the leg.
What do you think that means? I think this proves everything.
So,are we good here? Not exactly.
Take off your shoes,please.
There you go.
I've had those for a couple of years.
They're probably caked in sand and salt,you know.
Maybe some deck sealant.
That the kind of thing you're looking for? What's that? It's a magnet.
What did you find? What is that stuff? Metal shavings.
From what? A golf club,Mr.
You were sawing the heads off of golf clubs.
Of course,we'll test it to be thorough.
It was you,wasn't it,Dean? You killed those boys.
You're a married woman,Amanda.
Those boys were half your age.
And you're a married man.
And you've had girls on the side for 20 years.
How is that different? Because I'm a man! That's how.
So,you admit it.
Friends see you organizing your little volleyball tournaments with your boy toys.
It's shameful.
It's embarrassing for a man of my stature.
You're under arrest,Mr.
Three counts of murder.
It-It was just meant to be a bad accident.
I guess you can't control the power of Mother Nature,can you? Take him away.
How did you find me? Well,I noticed some missing clubs in your bag, and I figured you might be here,blowing off some steam.
I guess that's what detectives do,huh? Figure everything out.
We try to.
Hailey,your dad is going away for a while.
He killed them? My dad? And I think you should come home.
For what? To be with my mom? She did this.
She made it all happen.
Hailey your dad acted alone.
If Mom acted her age,it would all be normal,like everyone else's family.
Your mom needs you.
You're going to need each other.
After you.
No,you go first.
We're allowed to talk again.
Without Stetler in the middle.
I think he twisted a few things up.
Yeah,I do,too.
,uh,recommended that the State Attorney's Office not take the case any further.
You're kidding! They're dropping it? How'd you find that out before the final report? You're going to laugh.
So,we're working together again.
I have a series of medical clearances to get first,but it looks that way.
Despite the fact that you shot at me.
Well,you drove a car at me.
I didn't aim a gun at you,though.
You drove a car at me.
I'll see you at work.
I'll see you at work.