CSI: Miami s08e04 Episode Script

In Plane Sight

This is wink news radio.
The SEC and FBI have frozen Howard Burgess' assets And are moving closer to a trial date In his embezzlement charges.
Where you headed? Hangar four.
Brazilian model's flying in to surprise her athlete boyfriend.
Rough life, right? Noticed that limo's parked in a restricted area.
I'll call hq.
I've got some suspicious activity going on over here At hangar four, call for back-up.
Stop the plane! He's stealing the plane! Shut it down! Central, I need that back-up now! Turn off your engine! Stop the plane right now! Stay where you are, or I will shoot! I can't believe you shot at me.
What the hell were you planning on doing With Howard Burgess' airplane? Howard Burgess? I don't know him.
Burgess is all over the news.
Maybe you wanted to steal a piece of history.
This is professional asset seizure.
Keep your hands where I can see them! Slow, slow.
Slow! I've got my Authorization paper and my recovery agent's license.
You're a repo guy for private jets? Exactly.
This guy, Howard Burgess, Is six months behind on his payments.
I'm just transporting it to its rightful owner.
I don't care what you're doing, You boarded this aircraft illegally.
Turn around.
What's that smell? Did you stir the tanks in the toilet? Smells like a dead body.
Better get PD out here.
Ooh, that's not pretty.
Well, what do you know, Frank? Howard Burgess.
Scammed half of miami out of their life savings.
A lot of people think he ought to be right there, me included.
Why you? Crooked bastard soaked my 401k for ten grand.
What I don't understand is, Big-time money guys like this always get a house arrest.
Full surveillance till the trial is over.
Yeah, so the question is, did somebody break him out, Or set him up for murder? Yeah, it's hot out.
Glad I'm wearing this vest.
So, you get to fish Howard Burgess out of the toilet.
Have fun with all that.
You know, why don't you go for it? Oh, I'm sorry, first come, first slime, my friend.
Why don't we play for it? Rock, paper, scissors, are you serious? It's the la way.
What, are you scared? Hell no, just not eight years old, that's all, man.
On three and then you show.
Okay, look at me.
All right, I got it.
Oh, snap! That's the Miami way.
Have fun with the potty party.
That's good because I wouldn't want to get that sweater vest dirty.
That's mean.
Hey, walter, glad to see you're out of the lab.
What do we have here? We got a dead guy that got shoved into a toilet.
New guy gets the dirty work.
Me? It's the Miami way.
Well, this isn't my first rodeo.
Oh, really, you've stolen planes before? I don't steal; I reclaim property.
I'm a repo man.
Well, if this is all so legit, then how come half a dozen Airport security officers had you at gunpoint? I have to get the plane out of the hangar Before it's legally mine.
And if somebody tells me To stop before takeoff, I have to comply.
Did Howard Burgess ask you to stop And so you stuffed him in a toilet? Howard Burgess must've been dead back there before I boarded.
We'll see about that.
Have a nice time at PD.
Pull him.
Oh, hey! Jesse? Yeah? Found this up there in the mess.
Looks like a hand-rolled marijuana cigarette.
Yeah, get it to the lab.
See if we can get DNA.
And you need to hit the showers.
Will do, coach.
Hey, I, uh, spoke with the vic's corrections officer.
He gave me the coordinates of Howard's gps ankle monitor.
I'm calling it up on the phone.
huh Red dot's still blinking on the Burgess property.
Well, I guess that explains why no one was alerted When Howard moved beyond the signal's boundary.
CO never knew Howard left.
hold on a second.
That monitor's on the move.
I'll let the CO know we're responding.
It's okay.
You see that? Howard's ankle monitor.
Hey Good boy.
Oh, that's not all.
- What do you got? - Blood.
Whatever happened to howard might've started here.
You're Howard Burgess' son, Daniel, right? Yeah.
I'm sorry for your loss.
You're gonna find whoever did this, right? Well, that's the plan.
You have anybody that can account For your whereabouts this morning? I-I was sleeping.
Just woke up when your station called.
You know, we found a hand-rolled cigarette on your dad's plane.
So? So, if it's yours, it puts you at the murder scene.
I mean, the joint's probably mine from, like, a week ago.
I was partying on the plane with some friends.
I probably dropped it.
I-I would never hurt my dad.
Let me see your hand.
Did you get that helping your dad remove his ankle bracelet? All right.
You okay? Yeah.
Good job.
I'm not saying another word.
You don't have to.
Drug possession.
Aiding and abetting a man under house arrest.
Those are serious crimes.
Come with me.
I know you probably don't believe this, But my dad wasn't a bad man.
At first he exaggerated the investment reports a little.
Then he could never catch up.
He wanted so bad for those big returns To be true for his clients.
When the market crashed, he He was in too deep.
Daniel, what happened after you removed the ankle monitor? He left in his car.
He was going to pay back the investors Some of what they lost.
But somebody killed him before he got the chance.
Daniel, he was going to pay them back with what money? I-I don't know.
But-but my dad said the feds would just keep Whatever money they find for themselves, not pay back the investors.
You do understand, I'm not a fed.
And I just want to find who killed him.
Do you think you can clear his name? I'm going to do my best.
Well, what about me? Am I Am I going to jail? You'll probably receive probation.
But more importantly, Daniel, you need to be honest With me.
Thank you.
I I honestly don't know where my dad was keeping his money.
All right, what about your mom? She doesn't know either.
She has nothing to do with this.
Where's your mother now, son? She said she was going to the mall.
Burgess? Look who's out spending money in Ocean Walk Park.
It's not what it looks like.
I'm working.
You expect us to believe You're working here for money? My son and I will be homeless in a few days Unless I can save up a security deposit for a rental.
Why don't you try to hock some of your diamonds? Mrs.
Burgess, When was the last time you saw your husband? A few days ago, I think.
A few days ago.
Since they froze our assets, Our lawyers thought that it would be best If we lived in separate wings of the house.
I know what you're thinking.
That I bilked all of those investors Out of their life savings.
I must have known Everything that my husband was up to, but I didn't.
He was always in his office, writing in those notebooks.
I had no idea what he was up to.
You were vice president of his investment fund.
It was written all over the fake paperwork You jokers sent me.
He put my name On those papers so that it would seem like a family business.
No one believes me.
Burgess, that's not necessarily true.
Burgess? Allison Burgess? That's her! You're a thief! Where is my money? Huh? You wiped out - Sir.
My family's entire savings account.
Sir, sir.
And put us out on the street! Sir.
Sir, this is a murder investigation.
I'd appreciate it if you'd step back.
You should be investigating where my money went.
Everybody knows She and her husband have money hidden out there somewhere.
Sir, this is not the time or the place.
This is Allison Burgess! She has millions stashed away.
Not even the feds Take him.
You're under arrest, pal.
You're going down to pd.
You suck! Yeah, give me back my money! You have it stashed! Here we go.
Right away.
Right to the car.
Howard Burgess got what he deserved.
You have it stashed! And you're next! Excuse us, please.
Out of the way.
You're just lucky the cops are here.
Next time they won't be here to save you.
Bitch! Look, please.
I just need some soda, juice, anything.
I just gave you water ten minutes ago.
You don't understand.
Oh, I understand fine.
You ask me again, I'm gonna cuff you to the bench.
Is everything okay? Officer, I need you to get this man something to drink.
Something with sugar.
You're hypoglycemic, is that right? Diabetic.
Just hang on.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Let me check and see how long you have to be here.
Isn't that the guy Tripp brought in? Yeah, his name's Carlos Guzman.
They're just about to release him.
What happen, he lose a lot of money? He said Burgess took everything, And put his family out on the street.
And now, to make matters worse, he's got a public defender.
Oh, man, that guy's hit a rough patch.
I hope he makes it through.
So do I.
Can I get you a cab or something? Pay the driver with what, my good looks? Well, I can see if someone's going your way.
I could ask around.
Look, man, no one's going my way.
You don't know that.
I live in my car.
My wife's coming to get me.
Howard Burgess wiped you out.
Nail in the coffin.
I was a music teacher.
Then the county cut all the arts programs, laid me off.
Lost my health insurance.
Put our little bit of savings into howard burgess, Just to get out from under it all, you know.
And then he stole it.
All of it.
I'm sorry.
Not as much As my wife And my son.
Don't give up.
Everyone deserves a second chance.
Are you hurt? No, I just lost my temper with that awful woman.
I'm sorry, baby.
Let's go.
Hey, mijo.
Hi, it's Jesse Cardoza.
I have a question about the coastline plaza building.
Yeah, okay.
Well, have her business manager call me When she gets in, all right? Thanks.
What's up? Hey.
That your girlfriend? Not quite.
Oh, I see.
Keeping your options open.
Yeah, that's how I like to roll, too.
Well, I'll be in the morgue if you need me.
Wish we could find those notebooks She was telling us about.
Wolfe, did you hear that? Yeah, these are Howard Burgess's ledgers.
I bet the feds would love to get their hands on these.
The feds and everybody in the state of florida.
Maybe now we'll know where he stashed his millions.
And maybe, maybe who killed him.
Go through those with a fine-tooth comb.
What about the so-called Burgess treasure, the money That they say he had locked away? The ledger seems to indicate there was a, uh, secret stash.
By my estimates, somewhere in the eight figure category.
Take a look at this.
Every entry with a red tab that says "noise.
" They all seem to be taking money out of people's accounts.
You know, "noise" could be the password For some sort of a hidden bank account.
Yeah, but there's no, uh, Cayman or Swiss bank accounts That have any record of doing business with burgess.
Okay, keep at it.
I'll be down in autopsy.
Hey, tom.
Cause of death on this one's plain as day-- strangulation.
And our killer was kind enough to leave a very helpful clue.
It looks like some sort of a chain.
We've got a murder weapon in our sights, And we haven't even gotten to the exciting part.
There's an exciting part.
What the hell are you doing with that banana? Just a demonstration, night shift.
Say this banana is Howard's neck.
If I strangle the banana, Then look at the outer skin, I don't see much evidence Of damage, but If I peel it It looks like pudding.
But Howard here has more than fruit inside-- he has bones.
When his neck was getting Squeezed, the vertebrae actually separated.
The force it takes to dislodge those vertebrae is massive.
Okay, so we had a really strong killer.
More than strong.
This is beyond human.
Think machine.
Something with a chain attachment.
I bet there's something like that at the hangar.
I'm gonna go back and see If I can find something that fits the description.
Thanks, tom.
Here we go.
I've got chain.
It's attached to chock blocks, Which are technically heavy enough to stop a plane, So I guess they could be used to kill somebody.
Yeah, well, except there's nothing mechanical about chocks.
I'm surprised Burgess uses aluminum chocks.
Extruded rubber's more appropriate for this plane.
You know a lot about planes.
I have my pilot's license.
Of course you do.
What about that? You think he got winched? Maybe.
There's blood.
Looks like we found our murder weapon.
Let's take the winch back to the lab, and I guess we'll just Get someone to barricade the runway now! Get your hands up! Get down here.
I have all the proper documentation, officers.
Turn around.
Hands on your head.
Get on your knees.
This is a professional asset seizure.
This is a professional asset seizure.
I've got the authorization papers and my repo license.
You know, that sounds familiar.
What do you guys have-- some sort of a script you read from? No, just these papers in my back pocket.
It's the same paper the other guy had.
Well, I don't know how.
My boss owns this plane straight out.
Who's your boss? Gary archer of Land East Air.
This bird is worth 20 mil.
Archer, you have legal right to the jet, But you should have come to us first.
I apologize for that.
Okay, did you know Howard Burgess? No, he's a customer.
I just wanted my plane back.
Okay, so when the first repo man failed you, you hired the second one? No.
Byron pearce is the only person I hired.
I would have flown the thing out myself If I hadn't have let my license lapse.
You know what? Until I can confirm that, I would appreciate it if you canceled all your meetings.
So if Gary Archer didn't hire that first repo man, who did? I guess I was hoping you'd tell me.
These are his papers; we got them from the airport officers.
Wait a minute.
We've got some indentations here.
You think those are handwriting? Let's find out.
That is a signature.
A few more letters and we'll know whose.
The victim's wife hired this repo man? Allison Burgess.
Thank you.
You didn't like working at the mall, did you? Excuse me? I guess you figured hocking your hubby's jet Was a lot easier than hocking cookies.
What are you talking about? So you found out.
Burgess, You hired tony conner to take that jet.
Yeah, I thought I could sell it, And the money could help me and my son And pay back some of the people that my husband hurt.
Here's the problem-- you didn't own the jet.
Howard never paid it off.
He told me he paid cash up front.
That was a lie.
He was hiding it from its rightful owner, And by the way, he showed up this afternoon to collect.
So I guess I really am flat broke.
What happened to Howard's big old treasure? I-I, uh I wish I knew something about it.
So he didn't tell you.
I bet that pissed you off.
So much so that maybe you killed him over that money? Wait a minute.
You were protecting me earlier.
Burgess, Your role in the murder has yet to be determined.
Are you saying I'm under arrest? Not yet.
So the DNA on our blood and soft tissue is a match to our victim.
And I'm not seeing any signs of trace.
Hopefully Ryan's having better luck with the ledger.
You know, I have to say, still, I'm excited.
This is my first case of death by winch.
You haven't changed much since the day I met you, have you? Oh, my gosh, that was my first day, wasn't it? yeah, I remember the very Enthusiastic lateral.
I was right to be.
This is a great lab.
It's certainly not the broom closet I remember.
So what brought you back to Miami? Partially personal.
A girl? Kind of, but not the way you're thinking.
That's very mysterious.
Not as mysterious as our killer.
I mean, I'm not even seeing anything That suggests he touched the murder weapon.
The only place we know that he touched Was the private jet's toilet, And someone's already made walter go through that.
Wait a minute.
I mean, there is a part of the toilet we've been overlooking.
Boy, you really got me paying my dues today.
I got to thinking-- after the tank, the waste passes Through pipes and a pump and ends up in a filter.
Where things like evidence can get caught? Exactly.
You're doing good.
Let's see what we got.
What's that? Yep.
It's a contact lens.
Can't be viable for dna.
Much like our victim, it's been in sewage all morning.
No, we may not need dna.
I mean, the lensometer Should be able to measure the prescription.
All we have to do is match that to the suspect.
And there was that one guy-- carlos something or other.
Uh You know, the guy that tried to attack Burgess' wife.
He did wear Glasses.
Maybe because he lost his contacts in the murder.
I don't know, man, that guy is just trying to get by.
I mean, he's living in his car.
Yeah, all because of howard burgess.
Maybe it's just me, but it sounds like motive.
Can I see your glasses, please? What for? I don't understand.
You don't have to understand.
You attacked a woman in broad daylight.
It's not a stretch for you to kill Burgess.
I didn't kill him.
I have a family who depends on me.
I lost my temper at the mall.
I overreacted.
It was wrong.
Match? No.
What does that mean? Means your eyes are innocent.
Sorry we made you come back in.
I'll walk you out.
Lieutenant, traffic copter just located Burgess' car.
Fifth and clover.
I'm on my way.
I guess howard abandoned the bentley On the way to his plane.
Maybe he ran out of gas.
That's not what happened, Frank.
This tire has been slashed.
I guess they didn't want him to drive out of here.
So the struggle could have started here, Ended at the hangar.
You got treads on another car? I've got a single tread Synonymous with a motorcycle.
I let you off with a warning, daniel, Because I thought you were being honest with me.
I was.
You ran your father Off the road this morning, son.
Yeah, so? You broke him out.
And then you tried to stop him.
Why? He said he was going to pay people back.
I I trusted him.
I I always trusted him.
Then, after we got The anklet off, I saw him grab a suitcase.
I I checked his closet, and his passport was gone.
So, I I chased him.
I saw his car speeding down coral drive, and And I had to stop him, so I just sped up.
Pull over! Daniel? Daniel, what the hell do you think you're doing? You said you were gonna pay the investors at least half Of what you owe; now where are you going? Don't be naive.
There's nothing left for me to do.
They're going to lynch me.
You lied to me? You can never know the kind of pressure I'm under.
I hope they do lynch you.
He left me and my mom behind.
And now she's getting blamed For all this stuff she didn't even do.
How am I supposed to fix that? Don't grow up to be like him.
What about our ledger? Did any of our suspects show up on here? Yeah.
Carlos Guzman And Gary Archer.
No wonder Gary Archer wanted his plane back.
Looks like his company lost millions to burgess.
Land East Air? Yeah.
Why? Because he never mentioned investing with Burgess.
Do you wear contacts, Mr.
Archer? I'm not sure I understand where you're going with this.
Can you pop one out for me? Right here? It's not very sanitary.
Negative seven-point-five.
What are you talking about? The contacts that you wear Matches the exact prescription of a lens we found At the murder scene of Howard Burgess.
I think it fell out When you were hiding his body.
Why would I kill him? Because burgess stole tens of millions of dollars From your company.
It was not just my money.
I convinced my entire family To invest with him.
My sister.
My two brothers.
My parents.
My grandparents.
When I lost everything, they lost everything.
That must have crushed you.
With everything that he took from me, at the very least, Howard Burgess owed me my plane.
I subscribed to all flight tracking online sites, Watching for burgess to move.
This morning, I see the tail number popping up to go To the Caymans, so I know he's getting away.
Hey, stop right now, or I'll stop you myself.
Gary, we can make a deal here.
I'm done doing business with you.
This plane is mine.
Looks like I'm pretty good at taking what's yours.
I was just there to keep him from taking my plane.
But he starts fighting me like a caged animal.
I lost it.
And then you hid his body.
I thought it would go undetected in the plane And I would send my repo guy to fetch it for me.
Howard Burgess got what was coming to him.
A lot of people are going to be happy with what I did.
They're going to want to shake my hand.
Those people are going to have to settle For a phone call through glass.
I can't believe, after all this, We still have no idea where burgess's money is.
And the only credible lead we have is the word "noise"" Maybe the feds will eventually Figure out what that means.
Maybe there's no money.
Between the house, the Bentley, the plane Let me see that for a minute.
Take a look at the tail number.
Oh, that's just like a license plate for a plane.
Does it look special to you? What if it was a word? What if the 1 was an """ and the 5 was an "s"? Noise.
The money's on the plane.
If I were you, I'd put that down.
What are you doing here, daniel? I'm taking what my father owes me.
That money never belonged to your father.
It certainly doesn't belong to you, son.
But he promised me.
He said this was mine.
It was supposed to go back to the investors.
Remember? Well Well, I guess I guess I lied about that.
Daniel, what the hell do you think you're doing? You said you'd split the cash with me if I broke you out.
Tell me how your passport fits into that plan.
Don't be naive.
I worked too hard for that money to let go of it now.
So, you lied to me? Let me give you some fatherly advice.
In this world, it's every man for himself.
Well, in that case I I thought that would stop him.
And then, when you guys said that his body was on the plane, I knew that's where the money had to be.
I guess it's like what my dad said.
It It's every man for himself.
What about your mother? People are just going to think Whatever they want to about her anyway.
In my experience, the truth comes out.
It always does.
So, why don't you come with me? Man, Walter, you should have seen the look on your face When I handed you those gloves today.
Yeah, laugh it up, shorty.
Just don't come crying to me When you need to get a beaker off the high shelf.
You know that beer I said I was going to buy you earlier? Not buying it.
Not gonna happen.
Hey, I'm glad I caught you.
I had to tell somebody the good news.
Oh, yeah? What's that? This woman found me out of the blue From this place called the Coastline Plaza.
Said she got my name from my old school.
Offered me a job managing an apartment building.
We'll be able to live in one of the apartments free of charge.
That is great news.
Yeah, my wife and my son are going to flip.
Hey, I'm happy for you, man.
I guess this is my second chance.
Guess so.
Take care, all right? Yeah, man.
Go catch some bad guys.
All right.
That have anything to do with that call you made earlier? What call?