CSI: Miami s08e06 Episode Script

Dude, Where's My Groom?

I'm going to kill him! Okay, Sugar Bean Dad, I'm not 11! All right, you're overreacting.
Overreacting? It's my wedding day.
The happiest day of my life! I'm wearing a custom wedding gown, there are over a hundred guests waiting for me make my grand entrance and Charlie is nowhere to be found.
God, how could he do this to me? Everyone we know is in there.
- What are they going to think? - Who cares what they think? Yeah, the groomsmen are missing, too.
They're probably all just laughing at me.
Maybe they're late, maybe they got a flat tire.
And why wouldn't he call? No, he better be dead or dying, because if I see him I am going to - wring his neck! - Not a good way start a marriage.
- Please, Dad, just find him! - All right, all right.
- Did you dial 911? - Yes.
They're over there in the fountain.
I think they're dead.
I didn't let anybody touch anything.
Preserve the crime scene.
I'm studying forensics online.
Give me some room, people.
Step aside please.
What the? Blood in the fountain's human.
It doesn't belong to these two.
They're nursing a couple of prizewinning hangovers.
Could you keep your voice down, please? Looks like the blood came from their clothing.
And judging by the large volume of it in the water Somebody is dead.
Gentlemen, how did the blood get in the fountain? We don't know.
Who cuffed you together? I've had blackouts before, but never like this.
Sounds like a case of instant amnesia.
The kind brought on by, I just did something big-time illegal - and I don't want to get caught.
- Okay let's start with your names.
What are your names? Jack Williams, this is Sean Anderson.
What is the last thing you remember? We were with our friend, Charlie.
It was his bachelor party.
- We're his groomsmen and - The three of us having a good time, you know? I don't know how we ended up in the fountain.
Where the hell's the groom? Today's his wedding.
Oh, my God, you don't think this could be his blood, do you? Can I why you want these.
Kim, we found some blood.
And we need to determine if it belongs to your fiancé.
Is Charlie dead? I honestly don't know.
All right.
Put your hands together.
Wait, what are you doing? You two are suspects in a possible murder.
You're going down to PD.
We already told you we don't remember anything.
Well, not remembering doesn't mean not guilty.
Put them in separate cars.
I don't want them working out their stories.
And get their blood drawn for a tox screen.
Did Charlie express any reservations about getting married? I thought he stood me up.
I even wished he was dead.
But Charlie, he would never just take off.
Tell me about the best man.
You know that Jack and Charlie didn't speak for an entire year.
Really? Why is that? Charlie's nonprofit sued Jack's client.
Won a big settlement.
What about Sean? We went on one date in college, and he fell madly in love.
He just he couldn't move on.
He never wanted me to marry Charlie.
The blood work came back on dumb and dumber.
À tested positive for Scopolamine.
Devil's Breath.
It's actually a pretty popular drug in the L.
club scene.
Keeps you lucid, but it also hampers memory retention for the hours just before and after you take it.
Especially when mixed with alcohol.
So they are telling the truth.
They really don't remember.
No, guess we're going to have to rely on the evidence to tell us what happened last night.
In there.
Hé, you've got these weird green flakes pants.
Almost look like, confetti.
Okay, let's empty your pockets.
I have no idea how this got here.
We can test the DNA, see if the blood is from our missing groom.
You remember being at a club last night? No.
You got a stamp here from the club at the Ciel Bleu Hotel.
I don't even know what that is.
Now we know where you guys stayed last night.
How about we take a little trip? See if we can't jog your memory.
I don't know, Horatio.
So far I'm finding that every one of these blood samples has been contaminated.
Contaminated by what? Contaminated by the chlorine in the fountain.
Two guys were soaked head to toe.
The chemical was so strong - it destroyed the DNA.
- Yeah.
And it only takes an hour or so for the damage to be done.
And I don't think that there's a single usable piece of DNA here.
Okay, we cannot confirm that the blood belongs to the groom.
No, not yet.
I'm still looking.
I still have half of these samples to test yet.
Wait a minute.
Is that the piece of paper from the best man's pocket? Yeah, it is.
I couldn't get any DNA from it.
Let's get it to Walter.
There may be writing on it.
You think he's alive? Let's hope so.
Miami-Dade PD! Charlie King! Charlie? Looks like a bomb went off in here.
I've got something.
Wedding tuxes.
I got a suitcase with dead weight.
It's bowling balls.
What the hell were these guys doing? I have found no evidence of blood.
Yeah, nothing to indicate Charlie King was murdered here.
I'm gonna radio down and have them send up Sean, see if he can help us with anything.
All right.
The doorman from the hotel nightclub said that the three of you charged your cover to this room.
Does anything look familiar? You know, I don't really remember much after we checked in.
What about these? They yours? Don't look at me.
I'm a married man.
There's some sort of a design logo on there.
What do you think that is, a teardrop? I think that's supposed to be sweat.
That's the logo for the new strip club here in South Beach.
It's called Club Perspire.
Yeah, well, Walter was telling me about it.
Really? Are you Carmel? Manager says that these belong to you.
Yeah, that's my color.
Tell me, do you recognize any of these gentlemen? Because we found your undergarmentin their hotel room.
Carmel we're not trying to jam you up.
No one has to know you helped us out.
Never seen that one.
Oh, those two, they spent a couple hours here last night.
Who wants 'em? Hé, give 'em to my bro, Charlie.
He's married tomorrow.
No nothing, Kim cannot catch me with these.
I took the groom to the VIP room, gave him a lap dance and left him there to clean up.
That's interesting, because this one had Devil's Breath in his system.
Now, I understand that sometimes dancers use it to get bigger tips.
Some girls may need to drug their men, but not me.
I give them multiple reasons to be generous.
So, you are saying that you didn't pour them champagne from this bottle.
It'd be easy for us to compare the prints - on this bottlewith yours.
- So what? Poured it.
I don't know anything about the "Devil's Breath," though.
All right.
Well, we'll just have to check the video surveillance just to be sure.
Take it up with my boss, Dimples.
All right, Dimples.
You heard her, let's go get the footage.
Yeah, no.
How about you take it up with the boss and I'll see why Sean wasn't here with his pals.
We have a witness that says you weren't at the strip club with your buddies.
You have any idea where you were during that timeframe? Maybe my morals kicked in.
I never been a strip club kind of guy.
I'm not like Jack.
Or maybe you were too busy preparing to kill the groom.
I would never kill Charlie.
He's my best friend.
Without him, I'm not three years sober.
Without Charlie, you could have Kim all to yourself.
She told us about your date in college.
I had a crush on Kim.
We went out once, but that was before she and Charlie were engaged.
And then I met my wife.
We're getting ready to have a baby.
I'm over Kim.
And if she weren't so far into herself, she'd see that.
Fast-forward through this, please.
You bet.
This is where the stripper takes the groom into the VIP room.
Okay, now I've got all three video cameras from the three corners synched up.
I don't see where he leaves.
Okay, hang on a second.
Go back to that.
You see something? Zoom in on that, please.
Now, who's that near the exit? It's Kim.
What's she doing at the strip club? Catching her fiancé in the act.
Hey, honey, sorry we missed you.
We are on our way out.
It is just poker and martinis.
No strippers.
I promise.
Yeah, Kim, no strippers.
Seriously, no strippers, I promise.
I love you.
He lied.
The night before our wedding and he lied.
In my business, Kim, they call that motive.
No, please, wait, look.
I-I-I overheard Jack mentioning that club at the rehearsal dinner.
I I tried to talk myself out of it, to just trust Charlie.
But I went anyway.
Come on, it's your last night of freedom.
You don't want any regrets.
Next thing I know, some stripper is leading him into the back room.
So, you confronted him and you fought.
I was ballistic, but No.
I didn't go after him.
What did you do? I went back to my parents' house.
I swear.
He can't really be dead, can he? We don't know yet, Kim.
I want you to go home and stay local, okay? Walter, the bloody piece of paper found in Jack's pocket what does it give us on the groom? If I use haemasol, I think I can remove the blood.
Hopefully, we'll be able to read what's on here.
Fully understanding that we could lose the text, right? - Ready for that.
- Okay.
The blood should be absorbed and dissipate.
And if I don't shake the tray too much, ink should remain intact.
Here we go.
Oh, man.
The haemasol's destroying some of the writing.
At the top.
What is that, an address? "Julio Bail" It's got to be bail bonds, right? You think Jack was bailing out the groom? There's only one way to find out.
Calleigh, find out who Jack Williams bailed out last night at Julio's Bail Bonds.
Bro, this is a waste of time.
There's no way I bailed someone out last night.
Jackie! Bro! ¿Como estás? There's no way, huh, bro? Jackie was in here last night.
Was this gentleman with him? No.
Just mi amigo Jackie.
Stop calling me that.
That means our groom was at the strip club, but he never made it here.
Jackie was high as a kite.
He kept singing that "Wanted: Dead or Alive" song.
And who was our American Idol bailing out? Him.
Me? I was in jail? Fort Lauderdale brought him in.
That explain why he wasn't in our system.
Why the hell was I arrested? Trespassing, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest.
This wuss? Well, now we know why you didn't make it to the strip club.
Bail was set real high.
You must have really pissed someone off.
I don't even jaywalk.
I'm in my church choir.
I don't piss people off.
Well, you piss me off sometimes.
All right, listen, Frick and Frack, shut up.
Who filed the complaint? Clay Bennett.
Clay Bennett? The hotel developer? You are so screwed.
That guy owns half of Florida.
I'm gonna call Horatio.
I'm sure he's gonna want to talk to Clay Bennett.
Julio, how did Jackie here pay you? Jackie told me this sob story about getting his friend out so they could make it to a wedding.
Convinced me into taking a check.
This is a possible homicide.
Is there any way I could take a look at that check, please? I still have it here.
That's interesting.
So, that is your signature, then? Yeah.
That check was a wedding gift.
I wanted Charlie to use it as a down payment on a house suitable for my daughter, not to bail out one of his boneheaded friends.
Well, one of his friends, Jack, actually used it.
You have any idea how he might've gotten a hold of it? No, I left it with Charlie in his suite.
It wouldn't surprise me if he gave it to him.
Charlie does not know the value of a dollar.
Really? So, he's made some bad investments in the past? Investments? I wish.
He's a community organizer.
I offered that boy a real job, he turned me down.
Sounds to me like you're not too pleased with your daughter's choice.
Well, you know, I'm a dad, Miss Duquesne.
- It's Miss Duquesne, right? - Yes.
So, nobody's good enough for my baby, but she loves him and that's what matters.
Excuse me, M.
Bennett? My house man has your tip.
I'm trying to make my tee time.
You might want to push it.
Yeah, all three of these clowns were here.
How'd they get in? Hell if I know.
They weren't invited.
They harassed my guests for autographs.
Miss August, right? Hé, could you sign? They peed in my pool.
I may have had a drink.
One of them grabbed a mic and started rapping while the other one did the human beat box.
Let's kick it And I take it your people couldn't handle them.
My security guards escorted them out, and they came back.
I wanted them gone for good.
- Fort Lauderdale PD.
- Sorry.
You're under arrest for trespassing.
- Get 'em out of here! - Yes sir Why is it that only Sean was arrested? Because the other two made a getaway in my limo.
- So your car is missing.
- Yeah.
Grand theft limo.
Hé, the keys are in it! Did you file a police report? I didn't realize it was gone until after the officer had left.
I sent my own guy after it.
And where is your guy now? Looking for my limo.
I need a BOLO on a black Cadillac limousine, tag number S-K-five-two-six, letter O.
Air 20, suspect vehicle sighted, 13th and Ocean.
Repeat, 13th and Ocean.
Do not move! Miami-Dade Police! Open it.
Definitely not our missing groom.
Looks like Bennett's security guard found the limo.
Huh, Frank? Think one of the Three Stooges is capable of this brutality? That's a very good question.
Hang on a second.
- Horatio? - Horatio.
You know the blood we found on our groomsmen, Jack and Sean? It doesn't belong to the groom, does it, Natalia? Right.
Well, I finally found a DNA sample that I could use from one of the back pants pockets.
How did you know? Well, I am looking at the source of the blood as we speak.
Our groom could still be out there, and he could still be alive.
Meet M.
Tito Estevez of Always Protected Security.
That company might want to think - about getting a new name, don't you? - Funny.
I found what look like epithelials under M.
Estevez's fingernails.
He put up a fight with whoever did this.
I'll have Natalia run the DNA ASAP.
That'll tell us if the groom and his friends were involved at all.
You see this? - The green flake? - Yeah, that is so weird.
I found the same thing on one of the groomsmen, Jack Williams.
You don't mind if I grab this, do you? - It's on the body - What? so it's mine.
You territorial much? Snarky much? It's protocol.
I'll bag it, tag it, and send it up to Trace.
The limo is all yours.
Hé, Walter, I got some more green flakes for you.
I'm good on green flakes.
Doc Loman just dropped one off.
Is that right? Well, M.
Protocol found his on the body.
I found these in the limo.
At first I thought it was confetti, but, um, nah, it's not the right consistency.
No, it's heavier.
Try paint.
I need to trade up to a different microscope.
The BX41 polarizes light with a filtering mechanism, so the BX41 it is.
Come to Daddy.
This is weird.
Could you sell me a better adjective then that? 'Cause my 84-year-old bubbe says "weird".
Okay, fine.
One side of the flake is clearly cheap green paint that you could get at any art store.
But the other side looks like leaded paint.
With what could be azurite.
What does that even mean? Painters used this pigment prior to World War I.
No one uses it nowadays.
Walter, how do you know this stuff? Because I'm smart.
And my mom made me minor in art history.
Anyway, my guess is, is that this flake came from an older painting.
Maybe even a valuable one.
You know, Clay Bennett is an avid art collector.
You know, maybe Bennett wasn't so concerned about the stolen limo.
Maybe his real concern was a valuable piece of art inside the limo.
Well, if the groomsmen took it, what did they do with it? Want to take a ride? Well, the phone records show that Sean called this suite when he tried to get bailed out from jail.
So, since we know Charlie was nowhere to be seen, only stands to reason that Jack is the one that answered the phone call.
Hello? Sean! Hang on one second Wait-Wait one minute.
There's one more thig I gotta do.
Hang on.
Bro, bro, bro, bro, you will not believe what I'm doing.
I'm deer hunting.
Dude, I don't care.
I'm in jail.
Get down here and bail my ass out.
What?! Jail?! What jail? I need $10,000.
Get down here.
All right, all right.
I'm coming.
So you're thinking, after stealing Clay Bennett's limo then driving with Charlie to the strip club Jack must have come back here and stashed the painting.
The question is, Where is it? Look at this room.
These guys think they were on tour with Metallica? You a heavy metal fan? More like Guitar Hero god.
Oh, Walter, take a look.
Wouldn't he have hidden it? I don't know.
They were high.
Maybe he hung it up and used it for target practice.
Look at this.
There was a different painting here before.
A larger one.
Check out the discoloration.
This could be the source of our green flakes.
Why would a multimillionaire like Bennett want a painting like this? I mean, is it even valuable? I don't recognize it.
I think there's something beneath this deer.
Now, I can't tell for sure without my microscope, but this looks like the same pigment from the early 1900s.
With the azurite.
T-Ray 4000? Yeah, should get underneath the cheap stuff, show us whatever it's hiding.
Fluid image.
Wild color choice, and the rich emotion kind of reminds me of a Cezanne, maybe something from the Fauvist movement.
It's a Matisse.
You've studied the French masters, too? It's signed.
Oh, this piece was reported stolen from a private collection a few years ago.
So Bennett painted over it to prevent from getting caught transporting it.
What's something like this worth? I've heard more than $20 million.
That and Charlie King's life.
Get your hands where I can see 'em right now.
Get on the ground.
Let's go.
What the hell is this? We have a warrant to search your premises.
Wolfe, tear it apart.
Got it.
So, M.
Bennett Charlie King? Who? He took your painting, and you took him.
Where is he? Stop it.
Look, I admit I sent Tito to get my painting.
It was in my limo when those jackasses stole it.
I didn't kidnap anybody.
Maybe a little jail time will jog your memory.
Get him out of here.
Wolfe? No, no sign of Charlie.
All right.
Let's keep looking.
The DNA evidence from under Tito Estevez's fingernails has come back.
Any sign of our groom? There is no DNA evidence that connects Charlie and Tito.
However, there is evidence that our vic tussled with both our groomsmen.
Hé! Hé! Hé! You think Jack and Sean killed Tito? That's what the evidence is telling me.
We know three things.
We know that Clay Bennett sent Tito after the limo.
We know that Jack and Sean were covered in Tito's blood.
We also know that Jack and Sean had fingerprints in Tito's blood in the limousine.
Well, I guess the question is, which one did it? The car door was the murder weapon.
I know, ouch.
So, the head injury is the C.
Based on the consistent depth and placement of the bruises to the brain, this was done in quick succession.
One swing of the car door immediately followed by another, with the same amount of force and velocity.
All right, so, what you're saying is, this was the work of one person? Yes.
Is that a problem? I just get off the phone with the SA office, they say they won't press charges unless we can tell them which one did it.
Well, that would make sense.
Sean and Jack could point the finger at each other, and any decent defense attorney would walk them with reasonable doubt.
Just a moment.
I was examining the crime scene photos when I was determining COD.
Weren't there prints on the limo door? Yeah, but they were just smudges, nothing clear.
We've got the, victim's ear and cheek prints against the limo here, so we know what position he was in when he was killed.
May I see that? It's not great, but you can tell by the handprint that the killer held the door here and braced himself against the car here.
But they're smudged.
Hold on.
Maybe not.
There's a finger pattern, and the smudge is the thumb to the little finger.
So, that means the killer would have braced himself with his right and swung the door with his left.
What? It's about time.
Just sign for your belongings, and you'll be free to go.
Have you found Charlie? Come on.
He took off.
Wouldn't you? Jack, you're left-handed.
So? So, that must have made it easier for you to kill Tito Estevez.
What? Who's Tito? You may have forgotten what happened last night, but the evidence always remembers.
Clay Bennett's bodyguard caught up with the two of you guys after you bailed Sean out of jail.
Hé, Jack.
Thanks for saving me some champagne.
You don't steal from Clay Bennett.
No, no, we didn't steal! Tell Clay we are sorry, and he can have his limo back.
You're not going anywhere till I get Bennett's painting back.
Painting? What painting? What did you do? Hé, hey, hey! Hey, hey! Oh, my God! Whoa! I'm taking you straight back to M.
And then, one of you used your left hand to slam Tito's head in the door.
You see, Jack, you were the one with his left hand free.
Jack, stop! What are you doing? Jack, stop.
You'll kill him.
He's not breathing.
What the hell do we do now? Get him in the limo.
And then, you drove the limo to the pier.
Both of us? Afraid so.
You're an accessory.
It was the Scopolamine.
I want to call my lawyer.
Look, your lawyer is going to have access to all of our evidence.
Perhaps he can argue diminished capacity.
If we really did this thing, if we killed this guy, could we have hurt Charlie, too? We hope not.
Just got a call from Club Perspire.
Remember that stripper we've been watching? - Carmel? - I got a tip from - the owner she's quitting.
- Really? As far as we know, the strip club was the last place Charlie was seen before he disappeared.
She was one of the last people to see him, too.
She's on the move.
I'll grab Calleigh, I'll head over there.
I'll call to get a warrant for her place.
Where are you going, Carmel? What? Jesse.
I got this.
Who's this? - This your daughter? - I have rights.
You can't look in there.
We don't have a warrant.
I don't need a warrant.
What do we have here? - Nothing.
- Nothing? It's Scopolamine.
You enjoy drugging your clients? I'm sure your daughter is going to be just fine in foster care.
- Take her.
- Wait.
What do you want to know? Charlie King, where is he? You'll make this other stuff go away? Talk.
All right, some guy paid me to take him out back and put him in a car.
I thought it was a prank.
You liked the lap dance, right? Yeah, well, this is going to be more fun.
I-I-I-I got to get back to my friends.
Who was it? I don't know his name.
Some rich guy.
Was it this man? His name's Clay Bennett.
But it was dark.
I didn't really see him.
There is a girl out there who is praying for her fiancé to come home, and you can help her.
I know you remember something.
He was like 50.
And he was nervous, sweating.
I think he had a Southern accent.
He had a Southern accent? Carmel Owens I.
'd you when I showed her your picture.
She also said that you paid her to put Charlie in your car.
Now, M.
Hewitt, that's kidnapping.
What? What Tell them they're wrong, Dad.
You called me from the strip club.
You were crying.
I had to do something.
He's at a strip club, Dad, with some stripper.
Calm down, Kim.
Calm down.
I want you to stop crying, all right? Just come home.
You can call this whole thing off.
I love him.
Just come home, honey.
I asked Charlie to go away once.
He just wouldn't listen.
What are you talking about? So, the check you gave him wasn't a wedding present, was it? It doesn't matter the amount, M.
I can't take this.
I love Kim.
I know my daughter.
You can't make her happy.
Now, that's a blank check.
You fill out whatever amount you want, you walk away.
We're going to be family, M.
So, I'm just going to forget about this.
Kim calls me, and she's crying, and he's hurting her.
And they aren't even married yet, so I just I lost it.
I lost it.
You know, I drove down to the club.
I-I-I-I got I got to get back to my friends.
Give you a chance to, you know, change your mind about marrying him.
Where is Charlie right now, and is he alive? Charlie! Hang in there, Charlie.
You're doing great, son.
He's got a weak pulse.
Where is Kim? She's waiting for you, Charlie.
Take him to her.
She's waiting for you, son.
Please, please, please, be okay.
I love you.
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
We have to take him, miss.
Thank you.