CSI: Miami s08e07 Episode Script

Bone Voyage

Where's the desk sergeant? Someone help me, please.
What seems to be the problem? My daughter's missing.
She's only 22, she's blonde Well, ma'am, there's nothing we can do until she's gone 48 hours.
She's out there! In danger, don't you understand?! I understand, ma'am I'm talking about my daughter! Oh, God Why won't anyone listen?! Ma'am, I'm listening.
My name is Lieutenant Caine.
How can I help? My daughter's in trouble.
Her name is Ashley Tanner.
This is her picture.
We're from Pine Castle, up near Orlando.
She's just a small-town girl.
Something terrible's happened.
I just know it has.
Why do you say that? Because she left me this message.
Mama, it's me, Ashley.
I'm coming home.
Some things happened here, uh, bad things.
I need you, Mama.
I'll be I'll be there in an hour.
She never made it.
That was yesterday.
What was she doing in Miami? She drove down all by herself.
She was going to be a model.
Is it possible that she's just run away? Lieutenant I know my daughter.
She would never, ever do anything to leave me to wonder.
She would never do that.
Okay, what kind of a car was she driving? A Nissan.
There's the license number right there.
Tell me you'll help me.
I will.
Attention, all units, this is an interagency alert for all jurisdictions.
Be on the lookout for a Nissan, license number, Bravo, Delta, nine, one, five, Oscar.
Miami Dade.
Yeah, I found an abandoned car.
License number Bravo, Delta, nine, one, five, Oscar.
Tripp said you put out a BOLO on a young lady.
Have we found her? We found her car in the glades.
Apparently, there's blood at the scene.
Okay, so, let's go back to the scene and turn over every rock.
You want to work it as a murder? I'm trying to prevent one.
Well, both back tires are off the rims.
First responder did a good job.
He said he spotted tire treads several miles back.
I've got triangular indentations on this rim.
It looks like she ran over a spike strip.
The blood spatter, it extends out on the pavement.
Yeah, medium velocity.
The blood volume says head wound.
Probably looking at BFT.
You see this? What? Parking stub.
Town South Hotel, dated yesterday.
That could be where she got the tire damage.
You know, Jesse, there's a lot of overlapping footprints.
I think she was attacked.
It looks like two sets.
One male, one female.
Looks like she was fighting off a single attacker.
So, where the fight went out of her, the footprints turned into drag marks and then they disappear here.
Could be a second car.
I'm thinking she may have been abducted.
It's possible she's still alive.
I'm gonna run her cell phone, her credit cards and send someone out to the hotel.
All right, I'll try to figure out what kind of weapon our attacker used.
Applied mechanical force using a metal bat.
Produced medium-velocity spatter, average range.
Not consistent with the blood pattern at the scene.
Produced medium-velocity spatter, average range.
Welcome to our hotel.
Ticket stub? Not here for a car, pal.
I'm looking for a girl.
Who isn't, man? Ah, this girl's missing.
Recognize her? You know, I don't really notice faces.
My job's all about the stubs and keys.
Well, her stub says that she took a car out of your lot yesterday.
And I also think she ran over a spike strip.
People take off the wrong way all the time, man.
I park them and go get them.
I don't get paid to try to stop them.
Okay, look, buddy, you got no video surveillance out here.
So, you're the only help I got, all right, genius? Here's her car.
You recognize it? Jog your memory? Yeah! Yeah, yesterday.
Oh! Yesterday right after I started my shift.
She was a hottie in a real hurry.
Beyond that, look, I got nothing.
How'd it go with the valet? He remembers her driving out.
Besides that, he's dumb as a spoon.
We'll go check with the front desk.
Good morning.
Welcome to the Town South Hotel.
We're looking for a missing girl - her name's Ashley Tanner, and we have reason to believe she may have stayed here at the hotel.
Miss Tanner was with us for a week.
Single with a city view.
Then she upgraded to a waterfront suite.
Who paid for that upgrade? Her suite was compliments of Mr.
Jimmy Burris.
And is Burris still here? He just charged a round of drinks out by the pool.
Thank you.
With a bang-up bod like that, you could make serious bank as a model.
People always tell me that! Difference is, I can actually make it happen.
Really? I'm Jimmy.
Nice to meet you, Molly.
A pleasure.
And here's my card.
I make dreams come true.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
You Jimmy Burris? Yes, I am.
This conversation's over.
Excuse me.
You paid for the room of a young girl named Ashley Tanner.
Ashley Tanner, yeah, she's, uh, she's one of my girls.
She's a new recruit.
She's a couple of bookings away from a magazine cover, actually.
She's missing.
She's missing? No, no, no, that's terrible.
When was the last time you saw her? That'd be last night.
Where? Her room.
You know, Jimmy, time to take a little walk.
Miami Dade Police Department! Yeah, open.
Ashley! Ashley? Ashley? The place is trashed.
Ashley? She's not here.
What's this? Tequila bottle.
Looks like you guys had a time.
It wasn't a party for kids, okay? Plastic bag with a lipstick smear and a blonde hair.
Look, I already told you guys.
Ashley and I, we had a little fun together but it's no big deal.
What kind of fun involves a plastic bag over a young girl's head? Listen to me, the girl's a freak.
I got nothing to hide.
Here, right here, hmm? You ready? Yeah.
Are you just gonna watch? Oh, okay.
Okay, put it away.
We get it.
Okay, good.
The only thing I'm guilty of is giving the girl what she wants.
Well, you're a suspect now, so I wouldn't even think about leaving town.
What? No, I can't stay put.
I got business all over the world, I'm sorry.
Your business is on hold until we let you know.
Oh, hey, you are one smoking lady.
I could get you a magazine cover like that.
Can you get this dirt bag out of here and I'll bag everything up? Let's go, Heff.
I'll get you a cover whenever you're ready.
Make some real money.
I'm just in town for a company golf tournament.
What's the problem? We found your DNA on a cigar in a young lady's hotel room, Mr.
A young girl that is now missing.
This guy, Jimmy Burris, said he could get me a girl.
Show me a good time.
Said she, she was "anything goes.
" He lied.
She she was just a scared kid.
Where is Ashley Tanner? I don't know! You follow her to the Glades and run her off the road? No! No! What did you do with her? I-I didn't do anything! I swear on my-my wife and my daughter.
I-I just want to go home.
Well, there's your evidence.
Burris is not a modeling agent.
Guy's a pimp.
You want me to bring him in? For what, pandering? He'll be out in 40 minutes.
What do you want to do with him? I want to keep him.
Hey, Calleigh.
Yeah? I ran that name "Ashley Tanner" you asked for.
Anything pop? Small stuff: cell phone records, credit card purchases.
The last thing was a food and beverage from the hotel.
But nothing since then? It's all I got.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I'm getting something right now.
Credit card just approved! Newhall Beach, Calleigh.
Dave, that is our first break.
You are a rock star.
Hey, Ashley? Yeah? Ashley Tanner? Yeah.
You got some kind of problem? No, but you do.
That's not Ashley Tanner.
Credit card theft is a crime.
Where is she? No idea.
I-I don't even know her.
Why are you using her credit card, then? We found a purse laying in the grass.
Exit 14 at the rest stop.
What, you two were just skipping through the meadow? Get up.
Get up! We cooperated.
Shouldn't that count for something? It just bought you a trip downtown.
All right, everybody, listen up! This is a photo of Ashley Tanner.
Her purse was found at this rest stop.
She's missing.
We will find her.
You'll walk forward, keep your eyes down.
If you see anything, blow your whistle.
Let's go! Walter What do you got? Possible skull fragment.
Walter, this is a turtle shell.
Turtle shell? Yeah, this is a turtle shell.
Those are your shoes, that's the sky.
Okay, okay, go back to your quadrant.
Minimal blood.
Means this arm was cut off somewhere else and dropped here.
Shoulder joint's still attached to the remains.
You want to know what the worst part is? It's definitely Ashley Tanner's arm.
You see the birthmark right there? Same as in the photo.
Hey, all right, hold on.
Get this bagged.
Hey, all right, hold on.
Visible decomp.
Been here over a week, easy.
Ashley's only been missing a day.
This leg doesn't belong to her.
Where you going? I'm calling Horatio.
This went from a missing person to a double murder.
Hey, were you able to I.
our Jane Doe? Not yet, but there is a tiny butterfly tattoo above the ankle.
Oh, yeah, that should tell us something.
Now, DNA did confirm this is Ashley Tanner's arm.
And what'd you find? Sever point shows blue-black hematoma, non-gravitational blood trails; evidence of circulation.
She was alive when they did this to her.
That's horrible.
- If she was conscious then, she must have struggled Bruising on her forearm is defensive.
When I did the blood spatter test, I confirmed it was a heavy object used to hit Ashley- something with an inch to a half inch in diameter.
Perhaps a pipe? I don't know.
This bruise looks more like a tire wrench.
Yeah, go ahead, search your asses off.
You ain't going to find squat.
Tire iron's clean.
No blood on it, H.
Yeah, that's right.
I told you.
Okay, my voice, maybe, but I never raise a hand to my girls.
Shut up, Jimmy.
Hold him.
I have no idea how that got there.
Maybe it was after you attacked Ashley in the Everglades.
Want to know who attacked that girl? Talk to Burris.
He recruited her to be a model, then forced her to turn tricks.
Sounds like you know an awful lot about it.
He didn't want her to run, give him up to the cops, so he dropped a Benjamin in my pocket to flatten her tires.
But that's it - that's all I did for that guy.
That's not all you did.
Stay put.
Come on! What are you hooking me up for? You turned Ashley into a hooker.
She tried to run, and you killed her, Jimmy.
Yeah, you try proving that, Lieutenant Caine.
Jimmy, like I said before, shut up.
Sign right there and right there for your property.
Is there something wrong? Why has there always got to be something wrong? Heard we brought in a suspect on our Jane Doe.
We did, and I'm wondering if you can connect him to our murder.
Speaking of our Jane Doe, take a look at this.
I tested her hemorrhagic tissue.
Sever site shows no sign of bruising.
There's no blood flow.
So, she was dismembered postmortem.
Circle gets the square.
I don't get it - why would our killer change his M.
? Maybe he was interrupted.
Maybe he was altering his signature.
Tom, have you got any idea what that residue is on her foot? Hmm.
It looks like some kind of alkaline.
But I can't be sure.
I'll take it to trace.
Maybe they can figure it out.
Your unknown trace is salt and sand.
From a beach? Any one in particular? Let's see if I can narrow it down for you.
My old crony, the trusty ICP.
Check out that salt concentration.
It's five times higher than seawater.
I've only seen that high a concentration in natural salt flats.
Salt flats are desert terrain.
I mean, that's a long way from Miami.
I'm also getting iodine and plutonium.
Okay, how would our mystery leg get covered in salt and plutonium? Radioactive salt flat? Nevada was the primary test site for nuclear devices in the '50s, and they have salt flats.
This kind of plutonium has a half-life of 89 years, which means that soil could still be contaminated.
So, our girl spent time in the Nevada desert.
It would appear so.
Thanks, Travers.
Trace from our Jane Doe's leg may have came from- get this- Nevada.
So, Jane Doe has a lot in common with Ashley Tanner.
Sex, age, race.
Killed in Vegas, dumped in Miami.
It doesn't make sense.
Call the Vegas crime lab - they'll help us.
Digi-conference almost ready.
Synching up in three, two Hello.
I'm Dr.
Raymond Langston.
Hi, Dr.
I'm Calleigh Duquesne.
It's nice to meet you, even if it's on diamond vision.
Nice to meet you, too.
What can I do for you, CSI Duquesne? We have a partially - decomposed right leg that has traces of radioactive salt on it, and it's most likely from your area.
Any idea about the age and sex of the victim? Our M.
has confirmed the victim was female, around 22.
Do these remains have a butterfly tattoo on the ankle? Let me confirm that.
Yes, they do.
Confirms my worst fears.
Her name was Samantha Matthews.
Her mother reported her missing about ten days ago.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Was your victim from a small town? Ely, Nevada.
She came to Vegas to be a model.
We've got the same story here.
Okay, so your victim's leg was severed through the head of the femur.
Our victim's arm was severed through the body of the humerus.
Does that mean anything to you? It'd be very difficult to say without first taking a look at the evidence.
We'd love another set of eyes on it.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Thank you.
Langston, Horatio Caine.
Welcome to Miami.
Nice to meet you, Lieutenant.
Call me Ray.
Catherine Willows speaks highly of you.
And of you.
Would you tell her when you speak to her that I'm very sorry about Warrick Brown? I'm sure she'll appreciate hearing that.
What have we got so far? The dump site's this way.
Well, this is where we found Samantha's leg, Ray.
We have maggot migration trails here, Horatio.
I think we're looking at the original dump site.
So will these trails lead to more body parts? Unfortunately, maggot trails don't give directionality.
Look at these animal tracks.
Body parts were dumped.
Animal scavengers dispersed them.
So, Walter, grab Ryan and Jesse.
We need to expand the search.
Will do.
Excuse me, sir? It's an honor to meet you.
Thank you.
If these tracks get lost in the water- I'm a little out of my element here- any tips on how to conduct the search? Easy.
Think like a bear.
Loman I'd like you to meet Dr.
Raymond Langston.
I know who you are.
I read your book, In Front Of My Eyes.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
You had the courage, the temerity, the cojones to stand up to a broken, abusive system.
Thank you, Dr.
It was lovely to meet you, as well.
Can we take a look at the remains, please? Indeed.
This is the girl from Las Vegas- Samantha Matthews.
Take note of the wound.
Butterfly tattoo.
Significant decomp.
Exposure to the elements a week to ten days.
Yes, Doctor? Oh, clean planar cut to the medial condyle.
Striae indicate it was made with a downward motion.
What we'd like to do is match the striae to a particular blade.
Well, I brought along a series of slides showing the effects of various blades on bone.
See if we can get a match.
The thickness of the hip bone suggests a hacking blade.
Well, that would bring us to large-end carving knives, machetes, cleavers.
No false starts.
Kerf floor is uneven.
Bone fragmentation at the chop mark.
Which refines to a smooth edge at the bottom.
Unique blade leaves that kind of mark.
We are looking for a cleaver, commercial grade.
So, somebody that works with meat professionally.
Perhaps we're looking for a butcher.
Thank you, Doctor.
So, I'm isolating butcher shops, restaurants, butcher shops attached to restaurants.
How wide an area? Well, using the hotel and the body dump as axis points, we're looking at about a 50-mile radius.
Several hundred possibilities.
Okay, okay, let's try this.
Let's look for butchers who have restaurants in Vegas and Miami.
And several hundred possibilities become one.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to The Big Grand Steakhouse, where steak is art.
My name is Nathan Cole.
And tonight, you eat with style.
Hey, hey, hey, esperate! Esperate! What do you think you're doing? Oh, just admiring your work, Mr.
We need to, uh run a friendly battery of tests.
That's all.
Cole, you have a very distinct style.
You use a single stroke clean all the way through.
It's my signature.
It's why people pay a lot of money to watch me work.
And why my house is bigger than your precinct.
I understand you were in Vegas two weeks ago.
For the opening of my restaurant.
So? It's the same weekend that Samantha Matthews disappeared.
I don't know who that is.
She's from Las Vegas, but we found her leg here in Miami.
Hey that's a very expensive, handcrafted carving instrument.
Con permiso.
I'd just like to run a hematrace on this.
I've done nothing wrong.
So, you have a gang history with the Zetas.
That was a lifetime ago.
Ray? Blood's human.
How do you explain that? Hey, what is - what is this? Hey.
Bad news.
The DNA is too degraded for a positive match to either victim.
But here's what we do know.
Yeah, I'm in the precinct.
These guys just The blood's human.
The striae on Samantha's bone is a match to his cleaver.
Okay, so he kills the girl in your town, and dumps her in my town.
Take a look at the Band-Aid on the finger.
What could that be? I have no idea, but it is possible he might have an infection.
Can we get a warrant? Of course we can.
Extracting marrow from Samantha Matthews' right upper femur.
What story do you have to tell, Samantha? Someone mind telling me why I'm suddenly a blood donor? You know, Nathan, blood's a funny thing.
It tells a story.
Samantha Matthews had Hepatitis C.
Her family told us she picked it up on a family vacation to Egypt.
What has that got to do with me? We ran an antigen test on your blood sample.
Guess what? It turns out, Nathan, that she infected you with the virus, and now you have Hepatitis C.
Signature strain.
Only found in the Middle East.
There's only one way you could have picked up Samantha Matthews' virus.
She gave it to you when you cut her up.
Zetas bankrolled my first restaurant.
In return, they asked for certain favors.
Like killing Samantha.
No, no, I cut her up.
I did not kill her.
Then who did kill her? I don't know.
Then tell us why she was killed.
They don't tell me that information.
Probably she didn't want to turn tricks anymore.
That's the only thing I could think of.
We have a feeling that you know more than you're saying.
Look, I got a call.
I was told to drive to the salt flats.
She was dead when I got there.
I did what I was told.
Cut her up.
So then you just left her there? Somebody else picked up the body parts and dumped it.
I don't know.
Who? We need a name.
You're not listening! I don't know a name.
Who's that? Your other victim.
I never seen that bitch in my life.
I cut up the one in Vegas.
Her I didn't do.
All right, enough.
Who's your contact at the Zetas? Answer the man.
I can't.
Who is your contact at the Zetas? I will die first.
You believe him? That he cut up Samantha, yes.
And that he's claiming he's not involved in Ashley Tanner's murder.
Unfortunately, yes, I believe him.
So do I.
Ray That means the killer's still out there.
It also means, Horatio, that I'm not leaving until we solve this thing.
And that is good news.
I heard you got a confession.
Partial confession.
Nathan Cole admitted to dismembering Samantha Matthews' body postmortem.
So he copped to your girl.
Did he say anything about our victim Ashley Tanner? He said that he wasn't involved.
And unfortunately, these cuts prove it.
How's that? Well Samantha's leg was separated at the hip joint.
The cuts were clean, professional.
Whoever did Ashley was a lot less precise.
This this is the work of an amateur.
These cuts are sloppy, hurried.
Well, you know, we've got an amateur in holding.
Do you think there's any way you could connect him to Ashley Tanner? I'm working on it.
In the meantime, how's your team doing with their evidence search? I'll get you a progress report.
Thank you, Miss Calleigh.
Thanks, Dr.
Hi, Walter.
Ooh-whee! I-I didn't know what you were, man.
Don't panic.
Just make yourself small and non-threatening.
I can't be small and non-threatening.
I'm running for it.
Don't - you can't outrun a bear.
I don't have to outrun the bear.
I just have to outrun you.
Walter! It's okay, hey, hey.
You're safe now, girls.
Where did you get that thing? Huh, this? From the ranger.
Somehow, I thought it might come in handy.
Wait a second, wait a second.
Hold on.
Th-That's a foot.
Looks female, too.
All right, why don't you collect it and get it back to the lab? You know what? I'm just gonna call this in to the M.
You know what? So, what have we learned from the new set of remains? I found cuts in the bone shaped like a "W.
" You see, this shallow cut is a false start.
The grooves tell me that he was using a hand saw that was removed mid-stroke.
These shallow cuts here suggest a less efficient weapon.
Maybe a pocket knife.
At any rate, Ashley's killer used two weapons.
And they worked hard, didn't they? Yes.
When you work hard, you sweat, don't you? The harder they work, the easier they make it for us.
Miss Boa Vista, I need you in DNA right now.
Why are you showing me these? Because you killed Ashley Tanner.
Well, you can't prove that.
As a matter of fact, we can, Jimmy.
We found your DNA on her remains.
I told you guys, we played a little bit.
Okay? We partied a little bit.
And hey, you know Jimmy.
I hit that, you know? Jimmy? Your DNA on her bones.
Her bones.
You understand what that means? It means you cut her up in pieces.
Like livestock! And you worked up quite a sweat while you did it.
Don't, please! Please! Please.
No! You work for the Zetas, don't you? Hmm? You heard me.
You work for the Zetas, don't you? Answer the man.
Yeah, Jimmy.
Hey, man, you know, they, uh, they gave me a life.
They, uh, they financed my business.
You pimp.
Every time, Jimmy, one of these girls disobeys you, you kill her, don't you? I can't really let these girls run off on me, can I, Lieutenant Caine? If I was to do that, I wouldn't be around too much longer, now, would I? Hey.
I didn't dump the body.
Then who did? I'm sorry.
I can't help you guys; it's above my pay grade.
Jimmy avoid a date with the needle and testify.
Zetas run like a major company now, gentlemen.
And you know what the great thing is, you guys? You can't touch them.
Jimmy, I don't care about them.
I am satisfied with you.
Take him.
Just one officer, huh? That's all I need.
I'll see you, Lieutenant Caine.
Yes, you will, Jimmy.
Well at least we've taken two killers off the street.
Yeah, we did.
But Dr.
Ray Who dumped these bodies, Dr.
Ray? And how many more of them are out there? It doesn't end here in Miami, does it? No.
What's wrong with you? I'm fine.
Yeah, you are fine.
And you're mine.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Make it quick.
I told you to make it quick.