CSI: Miami s08e12 Episode Script

Show Stopper

Let's go, people.
Two minutes.
I'm sorry about the speculation and the rumors.
I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere.
So I will debut my latest single live In a surprise performance just for you guys.
This is a dream come true, and I'm having the time of my life.
I could do this forever.
# you're always out all night # # then you try to tell me lies # # because you think that you can say three little words # # and I'll be spending the night # # you come around and you take, and you take and you take # # you tear me down # # and I break and I break and I break # # then you tell me that you love me, baby # # but is that what you call love? # # if that's love, I'm giving up # # my heart can't take it anymore # # if that's all # # it's not enough # # you'll watch me walk right out that door # # it's like you said before, it's nothing personal # # I must be moving on # # if that's love, then I'm gone.
# One milligram of epi.
You got to bag faster or we're gonna lose her! She's still alive? Dispatch said she was dead.
She's been gone since we got here.
She's not gone.
She's gone! She's not gone! Now come on, We got to get her to the hospital right away! Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go.
Hey, wait, guys.
There's evidence on that gurney.
She takes priority.
I don't care.
Let's go.
We got to go.
Come on! What is going on? Emts are bringing her to the e.
They almost got away with her costume.
This could be our best piece of evidence.
Okay, how does the world's biggest pop star Burst into flames and then survive? I don't think she did.
Phoenicks spontaneously combusted today In a freak accident At a special concert for fans.
Phoenicks, whose given name was phoebe nichols The pop star, celebrated around the world, was just 23 years old.
Was pronounced dead en route to the hospital.
The cause of the fire is still under investigation.
As you can see here, a large crowd has gathered Outside the hospital hoping to hear better news, But it appears right now that news is grim.
Horatio, thank goodness! What's going on, tom? The body-- my assistants weren't allowed to collect the body.
So I came down to deal with it.
Come to find, I can't even get access to it.
On whose authority? That gentleman right there.
I don't care! I don't care! The deceased's personal physician apparently.
Hang up, pal.
Who do you think you are? ! What are you doing? Incredibly rude! I told you this is inappropriate! Gentlemen.
It is state law that I be allowed access Where is the body? We need to wait for her manager, sir, please.
Get out of my way.
These maggots over here All right, fine, fine, fine.
Let 'em in.
Let 'em in.
Let 'em in.
Let 'em in.
Keep the doors shut.
Gentlemen, stay right where you are.
Paparazzi out there.
Please, you, cover the windows.
Just block the cameras.
Are you ready, dr.
Loman? Yes.
Horatio, I'm not finding any evidence Of aspirated edema from the lungs.
Meaning what, doctor? She wasn't breathing as she burned.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
You're saying the fire didn't kill her? What he's saying is, she was already dead.
Clear! Hey, chief! A little heads up next time.
That's exactly how they went off during the show.
Same intensity, 20-foot reach, half second duration.
Could anyone have tampered with the pyrotechnics? No.
No, no, no, they're always under my supervision.
And I'm the only one Who can trigger that.
Explosives residue.
It's harmless.
So she ignited over there.
How far away from the stage Do you think she was from the pyros? Mmm 20 feet or so.
Well, then she was within range.
You said the pyros' reach was 20 feet.
No, I know, but the pyro fires across the stage, Not towards the audience.
Look, I heard on the news That the fire wasn't even the thing that killed her.
So why are you grilling me? The fire could have been used to hide what really killed her.
Hey, uh, get an f.
On this guy.
This makeup is flammable.
It's alcohol-based paint, But we use it on her all the time.
It's just a bronzer.
It's It's perfectly safe.
Not if you were standing next to a pyrotechnics show.
This acted like an accelerant.
We gave her a glow before every show.
Phoenicks was a fanatic about her skin.
Always avoided the sun.
She didn't want to burn.
I'm going to need you to leave all this here as evidence.
Thank you.
The victim was covered head to toe in accelerant.
It's unlikely that the pyro set her off.
It appears everything was done by the book.
Except the body being whisked away.
Horatio had to track it down.
Yeah, I knew something was up.
She was flatlining when I got here.
What about this, you guys-- They used the lif e-saving measures as a guise To keep the body from us.
Celebrity that big Who knows.
At least we got the body now.
Okay, so it wasn't the pyro that got her.
Had to be somebody in the crowd.
You know, a lot of people Dropped their cell phone and their cameras In the rush to get out of here.
So everyone was taking photos and videos while it happened? That's going to be all we've got though.
This was a surprise concert.
There was no camera crew.
Tell you what, I'll contact the ticket holders, See if I can't collect some phones and cameras.
Horatio, This is julian diehl.
Uh, phoenicks's manager.
Uh, listen, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the inconvenience My staff might have caused at the hospital.
As you can tell, this is what I was trying to avoid.
Diehl, what you call inconvenience, I call obstruction.
Well, we were just reacting.
I mean, this whole thing has caught everybody off guard.
Where were you when it happened? I was, uh I was backstage.
Do you really think someone could do this to her? She have any enemies? No, she was She was a sweetheart.
I mean, when you actually hit that level in fame, you You do become a target.
I would imagine Mr.
Calleigh, you walk with me a minute? Sure, rick.
What do you need? There was a discrepancy In your mileage log last month on the 26th.
I don't think so.
I'm pretty sure I would remember a road trip like that.
So you can't account for it? The 26th, I remember, was the irwin shooting.
I lent jesse the hummer while I was at the scene.
So I should be talking to cardoza? You know what? I'm not sure.
I may be mistaken.
Now you don't remember? Rick, it was weeks ago.
All right, I tell you what.
I'll look into it, I'll get back to you about it.
By the end of the day.
It's got your name on it, duquesne.
This dress is so tiny.
She always looked so much bigger on stage.
Oh, yeah? Were you a phoenicks fan? Weren't you? No, walter.
I'm not an 11-year-old girl.
Whatever, man.
Phoenicks was on fire.
Yeah, literally.
It's too soon.
Judging from the charring, I'd say this is the point of ignition, okay? What the hell is that? Hmm.
Looks like some kind of metallic wiring That's melted into the dress.
But from what? I don't know, but I tell you what.
You get this to travers, See if he can't run some analysis on it.
I'll talk to whoever made the dress, See if I can't get some answers.
All right.
I was privileged enough to make all of her costumes.
Did you design the clothes? Actually, no.
Phoenicks considered herself a designer.
These are her designs, if you can call them that.
I graduated from f.
And was voted one of miami's u p-and-coming designers, But I spent my days turning her cave drawings Into actual fashion.
That sounds, uh, frustrating.
Little bit.
Frustrating enough to want her dead? Give me a break.
I didn't deal with her directly.
Julian brought me her drawings.
Julian? Julian diehl, her manager? Yes.
That's how it was with the whole crew.
She was insulated.
Julian was her proxy.
This metallic wiring right her e - you recognize that? It wasn't part of the dress, if that's what you mean.
Have another look, please.
I hand sewed every piece myself.
This wire wasn't part of the design.
Thank you.
They're copper and they come from a specialized stun gun.
How specialized? Latest generation.
The ultra-thin copper carries a charge Of up to 50,000 volts.
# then I'm gone.
# So, you're saying someone standing Next to phoenicks in the crowd electrocuted her to death? That ignited her makeup.
Of course.
That would explain her odd c.
Heart attack? She was too young.
And you think the electrical charge stopped her heart? It's rare, but not unheard of.
Fatal electronic muscular interruption.
The electric shock induced ventricular fibrillation Which lead to an arrhythmia and cardiac arrest.
But I haven't found any stun probes in or on the body.
They may have disappeared during transport.
I've got the medical records for phoebe nichols, Aka phoenicks.
The girl behind the mask.
Her, uh, physician wasn't too keen on handing them over.
Apparently, she had a nose job, And that would have made headlines.
Nose job? She didn't have rhinoplasty.
That's what they said.
They also indicate she had her wisdom teeth removed.
Makes sense for a girl her age.
Yeah, but not for this particular person.
Why do you say that, doctor? This gal has hers.
Are you sure? Wisdom teeth.
All four, present and accounted for.
So, this isn't phoenicks.
So, who is this? Who am I looking at, mr.
Diehl? What do you mean? That's phoenicks.
Turns out that phoenicks's real name is phoebe nichols.
And that's not phoebe nichols on the table.
So, who is it? Her name is vanessa patton.
She was phoenicks's double.
Why would phoenicks need a double? Because phoebe quit on me.
Threw it all away, everything-- Recording, the touring, All the money, everything.
Who else knew about it? Nobody.
Are you kidding me? I had to clean house as soon as we made the switch.
Hair, makeup, everybody out.
If anybody knew that phoenicks wasn't real, You know what would happen? We'd lose everything.
Where's phoebe? I wish I knew.
Look, lieutenant, this is business.
It's fraud.
Look, lieutenant, I'm sorry I lied.
I-I really am, but to me, And to the world, Phoenicks is dead.
You better hope phoebe isn't.
You understand? In a late breaking development, The young woman who died onstage this morning, Believed to be phoenicks, also known as phoebe nichols, Was identified as vanessa patton, A backup dancer for the pop star.
Police are now focusing on locating phoenicks, And it's unclear if her disappearance Is a result of foul play.
When was the last time you saw phoebe? Six months ago.
The day she fired me as her manager.
Was that the same day she emancipated herself? I'm a single parent.
My daughter and I She had a dream.
I worked to make it come true.
We were all each other had.
When she sang in the church She was incredible.
Only six years old.
I got her singing lessons and Neither of us thought we'd end up here.
I-I lost control.
I'm sorry.
I-I don't know where she is.
Miss nichols, thank you for coming in.
We'll call you as soon as we know anything.
I think it's possible that whoever killed this other girl May have been trying to kill phoebe.
She could still be in danger.
We need to find her first.
That's new.
Actually, this is our crime scene.
I took all the cell phones and the cameras that ryan collected.
Downloaded all the digital media from the concert, And then using image recognition algorithms, I recreated the event.
That's impressive.
Well, maybe we can see who shot the stun gun now.
We don't actually have enough information to see who shot it, But I did find something else.
Check this out.
This is synth video in It's got curved image capability And it also displays in hover space.
Hover space? Why don't I just show you? Okay.
Feels like we're there.
We are.
Right there.
A little pickpocket action.
Whose hand is that? Belongs to this guy.
Can you I.
Him? Let me run it through facial recognition.
Good news, we found your bracelet.
Or maybe it's not your bracelet.
I don't know.
Yeah, okay.
So I was mad at the b for cutting me out of her tour.
But I wouldn't have taken that If I thought she'd miss one stupid cartier.
Okay, so, You took the bracelet because Phoenicks owed you money? Thank you.
I don't know.
Robbie, You sound a little bitter to me.
I'm her number one fan.
She's amazing.
We used to hang.
We were tight.
Hey, phoenicks, can I get a picture with you and your friends.
Come on, guys, squeeze in.
She promised me that I could be her assistant on her next tour.
If you guys are so tight, Then how come you were in the crowd? How come you weren't backstage? Fame changed her.
Yeah? Changed her how? She just up and ignored me.
I couldn't get near her, Started acting like she was better than the rest of us.
And, see, there it is.
There's the bitterness again.
You own a stun gun, robbie? Do I Do I own a stun gun? What would I use it for? Well, I don't know.
For one, You'd use it to, uh, set phoenicks on fire.
I would never hurt her.
You took the bracelet right before she was murdered.
So, if you didn't do it, Did you see anyone who might have? It was a concert.
I saw everyone.
Look, guys, if I knew who did this to phoenicks, Trust me, I'd tell you.
Now, is that business or personal? You didn't know I was the webmaster Of phoenicksfans.
Net? I cannot believe how much there is out there about this girl.
People are reporting sightings of her all over the world.
It's like elvis.
Except elvis is actually dead.
Is he? Check this out.
There are all these pictures of phoenicks Before and after plastic surgery, I don't know if they realized it, But I think the fans were on to vanessa patton before we were.
Hey, check this out.
They have a map of all Of phoenicks's known residences.
Yeah, well, we checked all of her known addresses.
Except those were ones that were owned by phoenicks.
This one is owned by glossy doll incorporated, Which is phoenicks's umbrella company.
I don't think we knew about this one.
We do now.
It's a nice house.
Big house, Private neighborhood equals pop star.
Hey, jesse, I gotta ask you something.
It's difficult to bring up.
What is it? Stetler asked me to account For a discrepancy in the hummer's mileage log.
I told him that I would look into it.
But I distinctly remember it's when I lent you the ride.
You sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
Sorry, I must have forgotten to enter the mileage.
Was it for work? I'll take care of it, okay? Was it personal Look, I said I'd take care of it.
Listen, calleigh, I'm sorry.
I # one, two, three, four! # I hear something.
Miami-dade pd! Phoenicks? It's weird, everything's covered in plastic.
Looks like no one's been living here.
I hear something.
# I'm gonna let it shine # # this little light of mine # # I'm gonna let it shine # # let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
# oh.
Phoenicks-- the younger years.
One, two! One, two, three, four! Now I know where that screaming came from.
You hear that? It's coming from the walls.
# I'm gonna let it shine # It's a dead end.
# this little # that's odd.
The sound is coming from this direction.
I think that's a door.
# this little light of mine # # I'm gonna let it shine # # this little light of mine.
# Phoenicks? Sweetie, you're gonna be okay.
It's clear.
We're gonna get you out of here.
Phoenicks? Phoenicks? Phoenicks! Phoenicks! Phoenicks! Phoenicks! All right, emts are on their way.
She was definitely drugged.
Probably some kind of sedative.
I was thinking the same thing.
Her pupils are dilated, And she has diminished motor skills.
So, the question is, who would do this? I don't know.
Maybe the person who killed vanessa? Oh, great.
Phoenicks? Phoenicks? Phoenicks is dead.
My name is phoebe.
Phoebe, I'm calleigh.
I'm a police officer.
Can you remember who did this to you? No.
The press is mobilizing.
We don't get her Out of here soon, this is gonna be a mob scene.
She's got some sort of a wound on her forearm.
I think there might be something in there.
Yeah, the hell is that? I mean, this is insane.
What did these people do to her? Sounds like the emts are getting close.
I'm gonna go with her to the hospital.
Okay, I'll stay here and process the house.
# # # # You're just gonna have to reschedule everything, All right? Uh, look, I'll call you back.
Are you going to tell me why I'm here? You're under arrest for the false imprisonment Of phoebe nichols.
Who? You're a doctor, don't play dumb.
You know damn well phoebe nichols is phoenicks.
And you shot her up with this, uh, haloperidol.
All right, all right.
Listen, phoebe nichols suffers from severe Manic episodes, all right? So, you doped her up and put a collar around her? You held her against her will And somebody paid for the house calls, right? All right, I don't think I'm gonna say anything else right now, okay? And while you were at it, you killed vanessa.
Whoa, wait a minute, I don't know her! I didn't kill her! Keep your voice down.
I didn't kill her.
Look, this wasn't supposed to go like this.
All I was supposed to do was keep phoebe drugged for three, Maybe four months tops, as long as the tour lasted.
And vanessa? I don't know anything about her.
I was just doing what I was told to do with phoebe.
By who? Listen, lieutenant, um, Phoebe nichols didn't want to perform anymore.
So, what was I supposed to do? The show's gotta go on, right? Is that why you killed the replacement? I didn't kill vanessa.
If vanessa is revealed, Phoenicks becomes a late night joke.
If vanessa dies during performance, Phoenicks becomes a living legend.
And you really think I'm that callous? I think you're that greedy.
Yeah, well, all you got me on Is a conspiracy and that's all, so Forced confinement and kidnapping.
Yeah, well, the good doctor's Gonna take the bulk of that time.
But as for the murder, lieutenant, You're barking up the wrong tree.
I guess we'll see if that dog hunts, huh? Excuse me.
Hey, can we Just for a minute? They're not gonna tell anyone that I'm That I'm here, are they? No.
I have spoken to them, And as long as our investigation is ongoing, Your whereabouts won't be revealed.
How are you feeling? Better.
I think.
How did you end up there? You wouldn't believe me.
Sure, I would.
I I'd always dreamed of being a singer.
But I just, I didn't want to do it anymore.
And it got to the point where I'd be I'd be in the middle of a song, and I'd just I'd just want to walk off the stage.
: Phoenicks! Phoenicks! That was in my arm? Yeah.
It's some sort of a gps tracking device.
I was waiting for you to get out, But I'm gonna take it back to the lab now.
You're leaving? Uh, yeah.
Do you want me to call your mother? No.
No, I'm-I'm not ready to see her.
I understand.
Well, I'll tell you what.
I'll take this to the lab, And I'll drop it off, and then I'll come back And see you, okay? Nurse? All right, I'll be back.
Thank you.
So, someone was tracking her.
Yeah, and the signal hasn't been deactivated yet.
Do you think we'll be able to find out Who put that in her arm? Well, it will be able to tell us Where the gps signal was received.
Where is that? The doctor's office? Unbelievable.
Her own mother was tracking her? Hi, melanie.
Thank you for coming in.
You knew your daughter wasn't dead.
Why did you lie to me? Look, two years ago I got a sense that I was losing her.
I implanted the chip.
I just wanted to know that I could always find her.
What's up? Oh, some vaccine.
Beckham asked me to give it to you, okay? Well, if you knew that you could find phoebe, why didn't you? Did you know she was being held against her will? Did you know that the doctor was medicating her? No, no, no, no, I-I had no idea.
Oh, my god.
I thought the chip stopped working.
Look, I tried.
Julian had this injunction brought against me.
He threatened to press charges If I ever came near the house again.
I want to see my little girl, please! We've already discussed this, all right? Your presence here is a negative influence on your daughter.
You did this; you turned her against me.
I want to see her now.
Well, she doesn't want to see you! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like you to leave, And if you don't, I will call the authorities.
Gentlemen, please.
I didn't know what to do.
Is she okay? She's been through a lot.
She's recovering.
Can I see her? Can I see my baby girl? That's up to her.
Wow, I can't believe people would do this for me.
This is so weird.
It's like attending your own funeral.
It's It's not right.
This shouldn't be for me.
This should be for vanessa.
Did you know vanessa? Of course.
Yeah, she was one of my backup dancers.
When, um, when julian said I could finally take a break, He brought vanessa in to take my place.
I don't want to do this anymore.
It's okay, phoebe.
You know, you're right.
You don't have to do this anymore.
What are you talking about? Come on in.
Who is this? It's me.
Vanessa? You-you look like me.
Can you believe it? A little makeup and the right clothes, I can look just like phoenicks.
She knows the whole routine, phoebe.
She'll lip-synch all the tracks, Nobody will know the difference.
Oh, vanessa was so excited.
Reminded me of me when I first started.
I should've warned her.
Now, she's gone.
It's not your fault.
You were both being exploited By people who just wanted to make money.
I just wanted to sing.
You know, singing in church with my congregation That's That's the last time I remember being happy.
You're going to find something else.
I have no idea what I'm going to do.
Well, you know, you're going to have To tell people that you're alive.
I know.
But then what? Hey.
This is the bracelet phoenicks wore at the concert.
What's it still doing in here? It's evidence in that robbie ferguson grand theft case.
You can just take it to the evidence locker.
Yeah, or Phoenicks was blinged up.
You mean vanessa.
Well # if that's love, then I'm gone.
# Hey, wolfe, check this out.
It's a very nice bracelet, walter.
Remind me to get you one For your birthday.
No, check it out And grab the als.
Oh, yeah, it's got a sticker on it.
Could be one of those antitheft micro tags.
Hold on.
Look at that.
Looks like a serial number.
I've heard of stun gun models That release microdots when fired.
Each microdot has a serial number For identification purposes, like electronic gsr.
We can track the serial number to the stun gun.
Put it in the killer's hand.
We traced a serial number to a sporting goods store Where you purchased your Stun gun, robbie.
Again with the stun gun.
That you used to kill phoenicks.
That girl That girl was a fake.
So you knew it wasn't phoenicks? Of course I did, but now-but now, she, She thought she was a star But she was nothing.
# I must be moving on # # if that's love, then I'm gone.
# And you would know that Because you're her biggest fan.
No! No, no, no! I was phoenicks's number one fan, not hers.
Look, I didn't mean to kill her, but we just wanted to show The whole world that she was a big fake.
Did you just say "we"? Melanie nichols, Robbie ferguson has named you as his accomplice In the murder of vanessa patton.
You're under arrest.
I gave vanessa a chance to step forward.
I-I told her to tell The truth about being a stand-in, But she thought she was a star.
Till you and robbie pulled the plug.
That little creep almost died When I told him the truth.
What are you talking about? It's not her.
Look, if you do this, robbie, we get our phoebe back.
I'll take care of it.
I had to expose them for the frauds that they were.
Look, I did this for you, phoebe.
No, you did it for yourself.
All you cared about was the fame And all the money and-and the rest of it.
You used me, okay, And I will never let you do that to me again.
Take her.
No, n-n-no, n-no, look, I had to do this.
I It had to be done.
How could you do this to me, phoebe? I did this all for you.
How could you do this to me? Everything is going to be okay.
So what happens now, phoebe? I-I think I'll go back to where I started.
You going home? Yeah.
Um, listen, about earlier and the mileage thing, I'm sorry if I was short with you.
It's not what you think.
You know, that's the problem, jesse, I don't know what to think.
I mean, you've been back for the last couple of months And I feel like I don't know you.
You just walk around with this-- I don't know-- this air of mystery.
Nah, there's no mystery.
I was running a personal errand.
I don't believe you.
I think you're hiding something, And I know because I have seen it before, And it's making me think I can't trust you.
You can trust me.
Then stop lying to me.
Where were you? I was, uh, following a woman.
She's in danger.
What makes you say that? Because I know the man that she's living with.
I drive by to make sure she's okay.
What are you telling me? I was on an investigation in l.
This woman was murdered.
Her throat was cut so bad that she was almost decapitated.
Her husband did it.
I knew it, I had him, But his lawyer turned the whole trial into an indictment Of our investigation.
And the husband walked.
He's in miami? He also killed my wife.
# you say love # # is letting you do what you want # # even if the things that you are doing # # start to ruin how I'm feeling inside # The pop star's only public appearance Since her harrowing ordeal was At the funeral of friend vanessa patton, Who had actually been standing in as the pop icon When she was murdered by a fan.
Newscaster 2: And while some have cried foul At the deception, most fans around the world hoped Phoebe nichols might soon return phoenicks to the stage, But that hope faded today with the release Of a brief statement from her, Asking for compassion and privacy.
Newscaster 1: Her only comment was she was going to follow her heart.
# and you take # # you tear me down and I break # # and I break and I break # # then you tell me that you love me, baby # # but is that # # what you call love? # # if that's love # # I'm giving up # # my heart can't take it anymore # # if that's all # # it's not enough # # you'll watch me walk right out that door # # it's like you said before # # it's nothing personal # # I must be moving on # # if that's love # # then I'm gone.