CSI: Miami s08e13 Episode Script

Die By The Sword

Cut clean through.
Driver's license says he's Russell Turner.
Witnesses saw a motorcycle chasing him down here.
It's been a long time since I've seen this much blood.
Yes, and judging from the blood pool, he was killed right here.
This tile is damaged.
Yeah, oval-shaped drops all over it, too.
That's cast-off from a weapon.
And the weapon strike approximately three and a half feet from the ground, where his torso would be, right? Can I see your magnifying glass? It's a metal flake of some kind.
Inconsistent with the tile.
I'll get that over to Trace.
When I have you come in, stay on the paper, people.
Dr Loman.
Gradual deepening of the wound indicates the murder weapon entered the left side of his torso and exited the right.
With little to no resistance.
Skin, muscle and spine.
Dr Loman, what kind of a blade could do that damage? Let's see.
Slashing wound's a foot deep.
Weapon sliced through bone like butter.
Call me a few clowns short of a circus, but I'd say someone made quick work of him with a sword.
Travers, let me ask you something.
What kind of messed-up world are we living in that a guy can't go for a stroll without getting cut in half? Same kind of world that keeps me employed, I suppose.
I discovered something on the trace Horatio found in the tile.
Looks like three different kinds of steel.
In layers.
Now, the light splotches are ferrite, and the more ferrite present The lower the carbon content in it.
And the dark regions I'd wager to be pearlite.
A mixture of ferrite and iron carbide.
There's only one sword that uses these varying types of steel, folded over 20 times to create these three distinct layers.
Folded? So whoever made it had to heat the steel to make it malleable, then fold and hammer it.
And the only weapon manufactured using this process is the Japanese katana.
So our murder weapon is a samurai sword? First that guy Travers is telling me our murder weapon's a samurai sword, and now here you are taking a crash course on the Japanese mafia.
No, more like a refresher.
I was on a six-month investigation back in L.
on this group called the Sakiru.
That's how you got all these photos? A friend of mine from the FBI sent over all the Miami surveillance of them.
Think they're good for this? Well, the L.
victim was cut up and fed to his dog.
They used a katana.
It is their weapon of choice.
Now, I know I'm gonna be sorry for asking this, but why are so many of these guys missing their pinkie finger? If a member disgraces the gang in any way, they're expected to cut it off.
And they always start with the pinkie, because it's the most important finger in wielding a katana.
So, who's the guy getting special treatment? They're all sitting seiza it's a sign of respect.
That's got to be Takashi Yamada.
I'm sorry, I didn't read the tabloids this week.
- Is he the boss? - Yeah, the FBI said he came in a couple of weeks ago from Tokyo, probably to take over.
Got a lot of pictures of him down at Club Bonchi.
Could be his new headquarters.
Takashi Yamada.
Yamada is busy.
Well, so are we investigating a murder.
Step aside, Aiko.
I'm not too busy to speak to the police.
Bamboo reeds? Since when did tattoo guns go out of style? That's the easy way out.
This way, you learn to accept pain, and eventually welcome it.
Especially in your line of work.
- I don't know what you mean.
- Sakiru.
I bet you got to go through a lot of pain and suffering to be a Sakiru boss, don't you? Other people's pain.
If you wish me to admit that I belong to a group that values loyalty, discipline, hard work, fine.
- Now, how can I help you? - A man was murdered this morning.
With a katana.
Russell Turner.
Does he look familiar? This was for insubordination.
This one, for a girl I wish I'd never met.
And this one, indiscretion with the boss's daughter.
I can't even lift a katana much less, kill anybody with one.
But your men are quite capable, aren't they? If a man is not, there's no room for him here.
He goes away.
But if I find him, so will you.
Russell Turner taught social studies at Miami West High.
No record, coached football, paid his bills early.
So how did the social studies teacher get chopped in half by the Sakiru? If he got mixed up in problems above his pay grade, maybe next of kin'll know.
Let's go up and see if anyone's home.
When we dig into his sordid past, do we let his family know before or after that he's dead? Natalia.
You gonna notify them by yourself, or you gonna wait for us? Guess she is.
It's MDPD.
Is anybody home? - You want to take the upstairs? - Yeah.
Guess Russell Turner had a son.
I'll see if I can't find this kid.
Natalia! Get up! Please! I didn't do anything.
Took a swipe at a cop.
You can't always trust the cops.
This sword's got blood on it.
I'll take it to DNA.
All right.
That sword was for protection.
Look, someone killed my dad.
I saw it on the news.
I don't know what happened.
Hold on a second.
Who's your dad? Russell Turner.
Russell Turner's your dad? I'm sorry, son, but I don't see the resemblance.
I'm adopted, all right? I'm Kenny Turner.
I'll check that story out.
You got ten fingers and a katana, and that makes you my number-one suspect.
Turn around.
Put your hands behind your back.
Hey, Ry.
Thank you, 'cause I know you had my back in there.
I almost didn't have your back.
Another split second you're gone.
I didn't see him.
No, you didn't hear him.
Ever since the meth lab, you've been walking around like everything's okay, but it isn't.
You go, and you get your ears checked by a doctor.
Really? Then what am I supposed to do? It's gonna get out, and then I've got a big check mark next to my name, and I'm just like damaged goods.
Take this to DNA.
And do not go back out in the field.
You get your ears checked out by a doctor, before someone gets killed.
Turns out, Kenny, that the sword that you had in your possession is the murder weapon.
And it has your father's blood on it, so I need you to tell me what happened.
Dad and I went to this place to eat.
Everything seemed fine.
But then his expression just changed.
Dad? Kenny, you got to get out of here right now.
Get out of here? What do you mean? I don't have time to explain.
Please, son.
Just turn and run as fast as you can.
Just do it.
Go! I hid behind this wall for what seemed to be forever.
I didn't even know what I was hiding from.
I came out, followed the sound of the bike, and found him, lying there.
The sword was laying right next to him.
I took it, 'cause I thought I might be next.
So you were there.
Kenny? Have you ever heard the term "Sakiru"? Japanese mafia? Yeah.
Is it possible, Kenny, that your father had some dealings with them? My dad was a social studies teacher.
He coached football.
Why would he? I was hoping that you might tell me, son.
This guy came to the house.
My dad told me to stay in my room and be quiet.
I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I did get a quick look.
Did you recognize the man? No, but by the way he was acting towards my dad, I wanted a picture of him, just in case I ever ran into him myself.
No hard feelings.
We okay? Of course we are.
I work personal security for Takashi Yamada, and I will make more this year than I did the entire time I was partnered with you.
Sully, it's blood money.
Russell Turner was executed by the Sakiru.
So, because I work for Yamada, you come to me? Whatever happened to "following the evidence"? I have a witness that places you at Turner's house, Sully.
I can't discuss this with you any further, Horatio.
Sully It was a personal request - from Yamada.
- Sully Sully.
Yamada sent Sully to the Turner house for a reason.
We checked the State Department, and Kenny doesn't have any adoption papers, and he's of Japanese heritage.
That's correct.
You thinking that Kenny and Yamada are related? It's possible.
We need a DNA sample.
It's going to be kind of tough, with no warrant.
Yamada's not going to serve up a sample on a silver platter.
Walter, at the club, Yamada was having a tattoo applied.
We don't need a warrant to go through the trash.
- Walter - I'm on it.
Thank you.
I'm gonna just stay here and do some work.
Yeah, I heard.
You heard you heard from Ryan? - That's great.
That's really nice.
- Look He's a good doctor.
Pay him a visit.
Kenny, tell me about your dad.
He met my mom when he was in the Navy.
Guess she was too young.
Couldn't handle a kid.
He decided to take me on his own.
Did he ever show you a picture of her? No.
None of that mattered to me.
What does this have to do with anything? You see, the problem is, I can't find a record of your adoption.
So, you're saying my dad adopted me illegally? I don't know.
I don't know, son.
Take a look at these pictures, and tell me if you ever saw any of those men with your dad.
Who are they? They're Sakiru.
Kenny, is it possible that your dad was involved - in drugs or gambling? - No.
He was just my dad, okay? He was just my dad.
Am I going home? Just to get your things, Kenny.
I want to go back to the way it was.
I want my dad back.
Okay, Kenny I want you to hang in there till I get this sorted out, all right? And I'm going to, Kenny.
I'm going to.
Okay, go ahead.
Thank you, Frank.
Your DNA is a paternal match to Kenny Turner.
The boy is your biological son.
I am the boy's father.
Very good.
Is that why you had Russell Turner killed? You didn't want him raising Kenny as his own? Yoshi is his name, and he was stolen from me shortly after he was born.
I've been looking for him ever since.
Now you found him.
I filed papers in family court.
I even had M.
Sullivan notify the boy's caretaker that I was planning to seek custody.
You know, proper channels take time.
Yes, I know I must be patient.
Luckily, your DNA test strengthens my case.
I'm his father.
No, you're Sakiru.
You had the boy's father killed.
Why would I do that? I have every legal right to my biological son.
That man's death was inconsequential.
Not to the boy.
I'm gonna take the boy back.
He needs me.
I'm gonna take the boy back.
He needs me.
Involved in a T/C at, Eighth and Hyde.
Possible abduction of a minor.
Surround this area.
Put him down! Put him down and get your hands up! Right now! Put him down and walk away.
Move! We can tell by your tattoos that you're Sakiru.
I'm not Sakiru.
Then why kidnap the boy? I didn't kidnap him.
Look, lady, we caught you with duct tape and the chloroform.
I didn't kidnap him; I couldn't kidnap Kenny Turner.
Because we stopped you.
Because Kenny is my son.
You and Yamada are Kenny's biological parents? I met Yamada when I was 15.
He was very charming at first.
Then he put these tattoos on me.
It meant I was his property to do with what he wanted.
He raped me.
When I got pregnant, I made a promise to myself I would never let my son be raised Sakiru.
So you took him to the States, where you met Russell Turner.
He worked in a shelter, helped me get identification papers.
Told me a Chinese last name would make it more difficult for Yamada to find me.
I became Susan Lee.
You gave Russell Turner your newborn baby to raise? Yes.
Kenny was finally safe.
But Yamada caught up to you 15 years later.
Two days ago, Russell called me, said there was trouble.
So, you were trying to get to Kenny today before Yamada? He'll charm Kenny into Sakiru, just like he charmed me.
I can't let that happen.
Please don't let that happen.
Is that really my mother? Yeah, I think so.
And she's been here in Florida this whole time? Maybe when the time's right, you should let her explain.
That woman over there, she's your Child Advocate.
She's going to be looking after you for a while.
You mean like foster care.
- I know this is hard - It's fine.
I'm going to present a series of tones.
Some of the tones are very soft, so listen carefully.
When you hear the tone, will you raise your hand for me? I'm here to see Yamada.
Well, he's not here, and you can talk to me, Horatio unless you have a warrant or a subpoena.
He assassinated Russell Turner, Sully.
To reclaim his son.
I wanna see him.
Well, that's a bold statement.
Let's say he is the father.
He has a right to his son.
He committed murder to assert that right.
Who told you that, the mother? She sold her kid to the highest bidder.
Yamada doesn't have to kill anybody to get Kenny.
He's seeking custody in court.
That's why I went to meet with the stepdad.
Seeking and achieving are two different things.
The man is a criminal.
Horatio, in Japan, the Sakiru and the police work hand-in-hand.
That's very Japanese of you, Sully.
Why don't you help me? It's not happening.
I'll be back.
Well, Calleigh, we've got a family feud at the heart of this case, so we're chock full of motive.
Problem is, we're low on physical evidence.
Is that everything the vic was wearing? It's two pieces of the same jacket.
It's an awful way to go.
I thought I'd seen it all, until today.
There's just the normal stuff here.
Dirt, looks like some bread crumbs, lint This jacket smells like pine needles.
Could be something.
Yeah, it could be.
You know, the trace on our clothes reads like a diary we don't mean to keep.
I think I'll take another look around that crime scene.
Witnesses reported seeing a motorcycle chasing the, vic up here.
The only thing I'm witnessing is a lot of tall buildings and some dead plants.
Think we missed something here? Well, the killer discarded the sword.
I mean, granted there were no prints on it, but still Maybe something else was dumped.
Russell Turner's murder was messy.
There's no way that escape route is clean.
I'll tell you what I'm finding here, some empty beer cans.
Here's a shoe that smells like a dead fish.
Oh, good, apparently there is actually a dead fish in here.
Will you focus, please? Great, this is wonderful.
What's wrong? Apparently they've got misters up here for dead vegetation Well, that was a waste of my time and my pants, too.
Do you smell that? It smells like pine needles.
Looks like runoff from the misters upstairs.
Sometimes they'll scent the water to cover the smell of pesticide, and then the runoff just ended up down here.
Russell Turner had this scent on his clothes.
So, if we have trace on our murder victim It would be on our killer, too.
Thank you.
So far, they're all clean.
I'm not finding any form of pesticide on any of their clothes.
Turn around.
What about bandage man, right here? Yeah, no, I haven't checked him yet.
Thank you.
Looks like he's missing a finger.
I mean, you'd need all five to wield that sword effectively.
Takashi Yamada.
Yamada is busy.
Excuse me.
Would you come over here, please? What happened to your hand? I was careless.
You disappoint your boss and sacrifice a finger, partner? Put your arms at your side.
Turn around.
I got a reflective trace on the back of his neck.
Get your hands in the air right now.
I did what was necessary to save M.
Oh, so you were following his orders, huh? No one knew of my actions.
I carried them out alone.
Okay, so you fell on the company sword, huh? My story won't change.
You are under arrest for the murder of Russell Turner.
What I couldn't finish, another will.
Takashi Yamada will get his son.
Not if I find him first.
Take him.
I heard we got Russell Turner's killer.
Your nose for pine needles paid off.
The guy copped to the whole thing.
Did he say anything about motive? He said that he did it to save Takashi Yamada.
I mean, what do you think that means? I think it means that we got the who but not the why.
What I don't understand is Yamada has access to everything.
Why did it take him 15 years to find his son? I don't know, but we need to take a closer look at Yamada.
I am way ahead of you.
I accessed the Japanese criminal database records, pulled up everything I could find about Yamada.
Wow, look at that.
Gun charges, drug charges, assault, flight to avoid prosecution.
He wants us to believe that he cares about his son.
He's trying to paint himself as a devoted father.
I'm not buying it.
Look at that.
Yamada was hit for rape when he was 30 years old.
The charges were dropped, the case was dismissed.
Says they obtained a blood sample during the investigation.
But the blood we have doesn't match the type A from this rape.
Natalia ran Yamada's blood, and it came back as type O positive, not type A.
How's a person change his blood type ? I read somewhere that if a person gets a liver transplant, their blood chemistry will change in order to accept the donor organ.
Sakiru full-body tattoos can cause sweat production to shut down, makes the liver fail.
But plenty of people bikers get full-body tattoos.
You never hear about their liver failing.
No, Sakiru tattoos are applied with bamboo reeds.
I mean, the ink penetrates so far into the skin that it actually blocks the sweat glands.
Yamada got a liver transplant.
And with all those tattoos, this new one's not going to last either.
His liver, it's failing.
That's what he needs from his son.
Hey, guys.
Kenny Turner is missing from his foster home.
Somebody roughed up his caseworker and they grabbed him.
I'll notify Horatio.
Sully, where's the boy ? I'm being 100% honest with you when I tell you I don't know.
Sully, we know the real reason Yamada wants him back.
- The real reason ? - He needs a liver transplant, Sully.
The boy is his donor.
I picked up a prescription for Yamada yesterday.
Yes, that is for liver disease.
Where is he ? Yamada slipped away an hour ago without telling me.
If we don't find him now, we'll never get him back.
- He called his helicopter yesterday.
- Where was it ? - Where was the helicopter ? - Lighthouse Park.
Stop him ! Let him go.
Let him go ! I'm sorry, son.
I really am.
Dr Forest, dial 118, please.
Dr Forest, please dial 118.
You have all the signs of noise-induced hearing loss.
The ringing in your ears is called tinnitus.
And will that just go away on its own ? Too soon to tell.
The explosion could've been as high as 140 decibels.
That's like standing next to the engine of a jumbo jet.
The sheer force of those vibrations damaged these hair cells responsible for conducting an electrical signal.
And sending the sound to my brain.
Were you having any of these symptoms prior to the blast? Prior ? No.
Why ? On the CT scan, I found a preexisting injury.
Disruption of the middle ear bones.
It's not consistent with noise trauma.
Well, what does that mean ? I mean, if it didn't happen during the explosion, when could it have happened ? - Heads injury recently ? - No.
I've been doing this for a little over ten years, and two out of every three cochlear concussions I come across are women, caused by a hand slap.
I'm a woman, obviously, but, um there's nothing like that, so I'm in a very dangerous line of work.
A-And besides, if I had had this, this concussion before, then why didn't I have any symptoms ? They're not always immediate.
I have phone numbers of people who will listen.
If you need it.
Uh, can we just focus on the fact that I was almost blown to bits on a crime scene ? Because that's really what I'm dealing with right now.
I apologize.
Let me pull together some of the temporary treatment options, and we can discuss them.
Thank you.
I'm gonna miss my dad.
I just knew no matter how messed up things got, he'd be there.
Nothing ever shook him.
And now what ? I mean, Child Services, they don't care where I end up.
What's she doing here? I told you, I have nothing to say to that woman.
Kenny, why don't we give her a chance? No.
She had her chance, okay ? She gave me up a long time ago.
She did that to protect you.
Give her a chance.
Go ahead.
Hi, Kenny.
I don't expect you to forgive me for what I did.
For 15 years every day of your life, I missed you.
I don't want to miss any more.
Please give me a chance.