CSI: Miami s08e18 Episode Script


Thank you.
Yeah, well, will do that to you, I guess.
You know, I think she likes me.
I think it's the uniform.
Yeah, more like the man wearing it.
It's good to see you.
Good to see you, too, Dad.
Look there, uh, there's something I've been meaning to tell you, Dad.
It has to do with the meeting down at Southern Command earlier.
Me and some, uh, some infantry buddies, we transferred over to We're slated to deploy from Fort Gordon in 14 days.
Deploy to where? Eastern Afghanistan.
You've you've made this decision without me.
Dad, it's an important job.
It's a dangerous job.
Yeah, just like yours.
You better get that.
What's up, Mace? Yeah, yeah, I'm just having breakfast with my dad right now.
What's up? No, I haven't talked to him.
But, yeah, he said he wanted to go.
Yeah, yeah, I'll swing by right now.
All right.
All right, bye.
Everything okay? Yeah, some of my buddies were headed over to the marina earlier.
Nobody can get a hold of my friend Brian.
It's really weird.
This is usually not like him.
You need a lift? Yeah, that'd be cool.
Thanks, Dad.
This is where he lives? Might as well.
He inherited this lot from his dad.
Spends most of his free time working on cars.
Will you wait for me? Yeah, go ahead.
Brian, where the hell you at, man? It's Harmon! Brian?! Brian! Brian! Brian! Dad! Brian! Dad! Dad! It's What's going on, son? Dad, it's Brian! Kyle, call 911! Call 911 right now! Yeah, we need the fire department.
Hurry! Brian! Kyle, get that hose! Don't die on me, Brian! Kyle.
Kyle! He's gone.
He's gone.
Be careful with this, gentlemen.
His limbs may fall right off when you lift him up into the bag.
It certainly looks like an execution, doesn't it, Doctor? It does.
The tire's melted around the victim's chest and arms.
Haven't seen this since the gang wars in the late '90s.
It's called "necklacing.
" His body is encased in rubber.
I'll save as much as I can for you.
Thank you, Doctor.
BOA VISTA: Hey, H? What'd you get? Got an antique flashlight.
Looks like military-issue, and I've got a gas can over there.
It may have fingerprints on it.
How's Kyle doing? He is struggling.
Thank you for asking.
So, you said his name is Brian Nassir? Yeah.
We were like brothers.
We did everything together.
We got each other's back.
I mean, what the hell? The guy was in his own garage! Just-Just calm down, Kyle, all right? Is that Brian's car? No, sir.
I've never seen it before.
Okay, thanks, Kyle.
That was him back there, Dad, huh? That was Brian.
Kyle, it's too soon to tell.
Let the M.
do his work.
Dad, of course it was him! I mean, it was his property! He hasn't been answering his phone calls all morning! I understand.
Take a look at that and tell me if that could have been Brian's.
What is that? It's from the Vietnam war.
Was he a collector? Just cars.
Not that stuff.
But I know who was.
Kyle, wait a minute.
Hey, you couldn't just leave it alone, huh, you ignorant bastard?! Frank? TRIPP: Get back.
Kyle! Kyle! Frank! Kyle! Kyle! Dad, this guy's stupid! Dad, this jackass lives next door, okay?! Shh! Go home! Go home! He's been in our face ever since we got back; telling Brian to watch his back 'cause he's Muslim! Take him home.
What the hell was that all about? I, uh I apologize.
I understand that you have a problem with the neighbor, Brian Nassir.
And I won't apologize for that.
This is my country, sir.
It's my community.
It isn't a safe harbor for Islamic extremists like him.
So I take it you went over there and did something about it.
I worked recon in Vietnam.
I don't need to set foot on his property to keep a watchful eye on him.
I found this on the property.
It's gonna have your fingerprints on it, isn't it? There's always stuff going on over there late at night.
These guys are on some sort of three-week leave.
They're up to something.
Get back to me later, man.
Get back to me later on that.
Yeah, all right, I will, man.
Now that's how every terrorist plot starts, you know? Homeland Security can't keep track of all of it.
It's up to us to be vigilant.
What's your name? Glen Harper.
Okay, Glen, you are quickly talking your way into a murder conviction.
Hey, there were others, too.
Some of those Middle Eastern-lookin' types showing up to visit.
Talk to them.
Maybe there was some infighting.
Oh, we will.
But you're a piece of work.
We're definitely gonna hang onto you.
Glen, don't leave town.
We went to boot camp together, all right? We were placed in the same unit.
Brian wasn't an extremist! Kyle, listen to me.
We have to remain objective about Brian.
Look, Dad, that old man next door is a wack job, okay?! He's-He's mistaking racism for patriotism! Gosh! I need you to keep your voice down.
I cannot charge the man without more.
So be patient.
Yes, Dr.
Horatio, I think you're gonna want to come down here.
What is it? Our victim isn't who we think he is.
I'll be right there.
So, this isn't Brian Nassir? Correct.
Burned so badly, I had to pull his dental records to make a positive I.
Brian Nassir had a dental bridge on the first and second lower left molars.
This man does not.
Are you sure? I mean, are you positive that it's not him? As sure as I am that the vagus and thoracic spinal accessory nerves impart parasympathetic control of the myocardium.
They do, and I am.
So who is the victim, then? We ran the registration on our mystery Range Rover outside Brian's garage.
It belongs to a Rahim Farooq.
And with little else to go on, I requested dental records for that very name.
Turns out those did match.
Allow me to introduce Rahim Farooq.
Does this ring a bell for you? No.
Frank, we know what he drives.
What else do we know about him? Address is in Coconut Grove.
Send somebody out there, please.
Jesse and Calleigh are on the way.
Okay, thank you, Frank.
Thank you, Doctor.
Brian's alive.
Yes, but now he's a suspect.
He always found it difficult here in the United States.
Frustrations with life here, making money, raising a family.
I'm so sorry.
I know this is extremely difficult.
Farooq, do you recognize this man? No, I don't.
Who is he? We found your husband's body on his property.
Do you have any idea why he might have been there? You have to understand, we left Iran not long after the revolution.
Rahim wanted to pursue a business opportunity here in the United States.
Even when things got bad recently, it was never my place to ask the specifics of what he was doing.
Is this your daughter? Yes.
That's Maya, our daughter.
How am I going to tell her? Salumeh, there's one more thing we're going to need from you.
Uh, Mrs.
Farooq, we're gonna scan your fingerprints into our system, okay? It's standard procedure.
We do it to eliminate you as a suspect.
Just put your right hand on the tablet.
Palm down.
There you go.
Your husband was set on fire, ma'am, and we found an empty gas can by his body.
Your print that we just scanned, it's on the gas can.
Was it a red gas can? Yes, it was.
Maybe it was the can that Rahim kept in the car.
I would beg him just to leave it in the garage, but he insisted.
Sitting in the driver's seat, it would start to smell.
It would always find its way back into the trunk, though.
And you've never been on this man's property? No.
I have not.
Doctor That's paper.
Charred as bad as the body.
Let me get that to Questioned Documents.
Brian! Dude, where the hell have you been, bro?! I thought you were dead.
I almost was.
So, you're gonna tell me what the hell happened? Not over the phone.
Okay, so where are you? Who's asking? I am.
Okay, I'm gonna tell you, but you can't tell anyone else.
That includes your dad.
Kyle, you have to promise me.
All right, I promise.
Good to see you, man.
Nice to see you, man.
I didn't know if we'd make it.
This is the girl I was always telling you about-- Maya.
Brian said we can trust you.
I wouldn't have called anyone else.
What the hell, man? My dad, okay, he can help you.
What's wrong with you, Harmon? I told you not to tell anyone.
I've seen that girl before.
The picture at the victim's house.
That's Rahim Farooq's daughter.
His daughter? We trusted you.
You two are coming with us.
You're under arrest for murder.
Murder? Are you serious? We found a dead body on your property.
What? No.
Miss Farooq, that's your father.
My fa? Let's go.
I'm sorry, dude.
You did the right thing, son.
Then how come it doesn't feel like that? Okay, stay standing on the butcher paper.
Put your hands up, please.
Okay, this hand.
Maya, I need you to hand me the contents of your purse, please.
I've got a wallet.
Lip gloss.
Cell phone.
This is a bus ticket to Saint Petersburg.
Did your mother know you were going out of town? Mr.
Wolfe, how we doing? All the normal stuff here, H.
Let's keep digging, please.
What's that thing for? This is a Xenos portable gas chromatographer.
It reads any chemical signature of any compound you may have touched today.
Yes, and we have a winner-- benzene, xylene and ethanol.
Yeah, so? That is called "gasoline"" Sir, what does that mean? It means we know why you went to the bus station.
All right, Maya, I need you to hold your arms out.
You have gasoline on your arms and your hands.
The gasoline was meant for me.
My father, he had a a violent temper.
But I'd never seen him that angry in my whole life.
Maya, are you telling me your father was trying to kill you? Yes.
Why? Because I was promised to another man.
So, you were part of an arranged marriage? My father had worked to arrange it all, but then I met Brian.
I just I just fell for him.
So, I went back to my mom to see if we could just call the whole thing off.
It's not cold feet, Mom.
But you agreed to marry Ahmad.
I thought I could.
And then I met Brian.
And when he was away he was all I could think about.
And the more time I spend with him, the more I realize he's the one.
Think about what you're saying, Maya.
Dad will understand.
Your father is a proud man.
He won't be agreeable to this, Maya.
You know that.
You share the same faith, don't you? It didn't matter to him.
I wasn't the one chosen for her.
She belonged to a guy named Ahmad.
I didn't even think her dad knew about me, until he showed up this morning.
Maya! What the hell? Dad, what are you ? How could you bring this shame upon me, huh?! Oh, my God! Hey! Let go of her! Let go of her! She was promised! You were promised! Dad! Oh, my God! Are you okay, Dad? Yeah, he's gonna have one hell of a headache, though.
We need to get as far from here as possible, Maya.
What Let's go! Let's go right now! Let's go! Wait! Wait! I couldn't go home to my mom.
She was probably the one who told him where we were in the first place.
We didn't know what else to do.
Look, we were taking the bus to find a motel somewhere to figure things out.
Well, somebody figured things out.
Farooq was found wrapped in a tire and set ablaze.
I don't know how that happened, sir.
When we left, Mr.
Farooq was lying on the ground.
He was breathing.
Well, that didn't last for long, did it? H? Yes, Walter.
I heard about our attempted honor killing; the father killing his own daughter because she disgraced the family.
If you believe the story.
You're not buying it? The father's death was not self-defense.
Dad, where's Brian? Brian is in holding, Kyle.
Is Brian the boyfriend? Yes, he's the boyfriend.
Yeah, he is the boyfriend, and he didn't kill anybody.
Hey, I didn't say he did, kid! Kyle.
Could I have a minute, Walter? Sure.
Thank you.
Look, Dad, nobody knows him like I do, okay? Kyle, Kyle? And he didn't kill Rahim Farooq! This is an active murder investigation.
Whether we like it or not, Brian is a suspect.
Look, last year, May 28, Anbar Province, there was an IED with my name on it, okay? If it wasn't for Brian Nassir, then they'd probably still be looking for my body parts.
Okay, I just want to make sure that he doesn't get blamed for something that he didn't do.
Walter? How we doing? Not so good.
Our victim's jacket protected this paper somewhat, but not enough.
And you've tried the glycerin and water solution? I did.
I even added some alcohol and chloral hydrate to soften the paper when I flattened it.
I was hoping to make some sense of the surviving text, but So, we will go to the infrared filter.
All right.
You thinking the infrared'll make the text clear? You see, Walter, the metal in the dyes and the ink show up better under infrared than they do with halogen.
Look at that, it worked.
Can definitely see the text more clearly now, but what language is that? That is Farsi.
Looks like we're gonna need a translator.
Yes, I I've already got one.
Looks like an official document.
The wording is formal, like a contract.
Could the line at the bottom be for a signature? Looks like the initial "A"" Last name Salib.
Does that help? It might.
It might, Kyle.
Rahim Farooq attempted to arrange a marriage for his daughter with another man named Ahmad.
Were you aware of that? No.
Thank you, son.
Good work.
Rahim is dead? How? He was murdered this morning.
This is a small portion of the marriage contract we found on his body.
It's your signature, yeah? It is, yes.
Were you following Rahim around? Wait, you think I killed him? What possible reason could I have? Well, he promised you his daughter, you took him at his word, and she ran off with another guy.
Hold on.
You're taking this too far.
Are we? Witness confirmed seeing you outside of Brian Nassir's garage this morning.
That's the same garage where the body was discovered.
Pulled your pretty face out of a photo lineup.
I've been there, okay? But-But it certainly wasn't to hurt anyone.
Maya agreed to marry me last year.
But lately her commitment has been waning.
So, I decided to follow her.
Find out why.
I saw her kissing that man.
I wanted to make it clear to her father that the marriage, it was off.
She needs to respect the conditions of this agreement.
She will be reminded, and this will be fixed.
Maya has brought dishonor upon both our families.
Please, Mr.
Farooq, there's no harm done here.
No, she has shamed me.
She has broken a sacred vow, and that cannot be allowed.
Look, you're in America now.
If she has found someone else, she deserves to be happy.
Tell me where she is.
I was afraid of what he might do, so I lied.
Said I saw them together at the mall.
You handled this amazingly well.
You're telling us there were no hard feelings? I was disappointed, yes.
But life goes on.
For some.
This Maya Farooq's cell phone? Yeah, take a look at the call history.
She called her dad at 9: 30 this morning.
That's only 40 minutes before Horatio and Kyle arrived.
That's awfully close to the time of the murder.
And I think it's interesting that she didn't mention it in our last conversation.
This conversation was only 12 seconds long.
It's long enough for a voicemail.
Her message is stored in the phone company's data system.
I called them and got authorization to access it.
Dad, it's Maya.
Dad, we need to talk.
It's urgent.
Meet me at 193 Avalon.
We have to put an end to this.
That's the address of Brian's garage.
So, she called her dad, said, "I'm here with my new boyfriend.
" What do you think? She was gonna break the news? I don't know.
I mean, "put an end to this" doesn't exactly ooze compromise and understanding.
So, you think they were lying in wait? Maybe.
I'm sure she had access to the family gas can, too.
Yeah, she's definitely holding something back.
Why don't you go back to the crime scene, go over it with a fine-tooth comb? I'm gonna have another conversation with this girl.
Okay, Maya, in our last conversation, you never mentioned inviting your father over to Brian's garage this morning.
I didn't think to mention it.
Does it really matter? Yes.
I don't understand.
Did you lure your father there? Did I lure my It was just a message.
Okay? Telling him where we were.
Look, all I wanted was to come clean with him introduce Brian to him.
I thought that if he would see how happy we were together, that he would give us his blessing.
Well, unfortunately for you, the only person who can corroborate your story is your boyfriend.
If I knew how crazy he would be, I never would've told him where we were.
Maya, the more you withhold information from me, the harder it becomes for me to believe you.
So, Romeo and Juliet claim they left before Dad's body was set on fire.
That sounds like they're covering for each other.
Sure does.
We're gonna need more than circumstantial evidence to prove that, though.
The only problem is, any useful discovery in this whole mess may have accidentally been destroyed by the firefighters.
Yeah, hmm, well I think it's that time.
Grid search? Layer by layer.
So afraid you were gonna say that.
Oh, wait, wait, Jesse.
Come here, take a look at this.
What'd you find? Do you see these two holes right here? Yeah.
You have any idea where that's from? Yeah, I think I do.
Will you do me a favor? Will you get me the casting resin, please? Yeah.
Will you get me the casting resin, please? So, this hole was made by a heel, huh? Yeah.
High heel, to be exact.
The wearer must have dug their heel into the silt.
It's looking like Maya, isn't it? Well, you know, we can't be sure because she was at Brian's several times, so this could have happened in the days before.
Natalia no, it couldn't.
See the ash attached to the resin at the bottom of the heel? Yeah.
It's crushed.
As in, stepped on? Exactly.
Means the fire was going when these heels went walking through.
Well, Maya said that she left before the fire started.
Looks like Maya's lying.
When am I going to see Brian? It's been hours.
I don't understand.
Maya, if you had been straight with me, it wouldn't have taken hours.
Now, you can't go until we look at your shoe, so please place it on the table.
You're right.
Maya's heels are chunkier.
We're looking for ones that are more slender.
BOA VISTA: May I have your shoe, please? It's a match.
A match for what? This is a mold of a high heel shoe print that we found at the scene.
And your shoe matches the exact size, shape and depth.
You were there this morning, Mrs.
Farooq, weren't you? I never planned on putting my daughter through this.
The scrutiny, the accusation.
But I could not sit back, either, and let this happen.
Ahmad told my husband everything.
About Maya, Brian, all of it.
The marriage was off.
Rahim came to me furious.
So, you support this? You support her? Be reasonable, Rahim.
Who are you? Who am I? Who are you? It's as if you accept her behavior, her betrayal! If I lose control over this family, what else do I have left?! Rahim, please Don't! I will take care of this myself.
I went there to warn her, protect her.
BOA VISTA: We found ash from the fire that killed your husband compressed inside the heel print that you left behind at the scene.
Wh-Which means what? It means that you stood over your husband while he burned.
When I got there, Rahim's car was parked outside.
He found her.
I could see that something had already happened.
Maya was driving away very fast.
More frightened than I'd ever seen her.
Like she was running for her life.
I went in to find my husband.
And there he was, lying there.
He said that he wanted to preserve our family's honor, but there was no honor in that.
Salumeh? What is this? Get me out of this.
You came to kill your daughter? I'm her father! I must decide what's best! Get me out of this! The violence must stop.
Listen to yourself! You corrupted our daughter! No.
You! You did this! Get me out of this, Salumeh! No.
Look at what you've become.
You forgot where you came from! It wasn't me.
You forgot who you are! Get me out of this! Salumeh! Get me out of this! You corrupted our daughter, Salumeh! You poisoned our daughter! It wasn't me.
Get me out of this! Salumeh! Salumeh! To do what he did I just knew that Maya would never be safe.
Hey, man.
How you doing? I'm not going back, Harmon.
Not yet.
She needs me now more than anybody needs me over there.
They extended my furlough.
Don't worry, man.
Take your time.
I'll be waiting for you.
Mom! Shh.
It's okay.
Take care of each other.
Respect each other.
I'm sorry.
No, no.
No! Brian! I'm proud of you, son.
Thanks, Dad.
You take care of yourself over there.
I will.
You come back alive, no matter what.
Okay? You come back alive.
I will.
I will.
I'll be right here.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you, too.