CSI: Miami s08e19 Episode Script

Spring Breakdown

Step up, ladies! Whoo! These delicious college boys have offered up their perfectly-sculpted bods for your spring break enjoyment! We're looking for the leanest, the meanest, the hardest, tightest pecs in Miami! And you get to be the judge.
Hose them down! Yeah! How you ladies doing?! You want to see what's on The Program for today?! This is The Program! Now, who wants to get with The Program?! Spring break 2010! South Beach, let me hear you! All right, we got all night! We're gonna do it right! Get up and get down! Whoo! Your queen has arrived! Let them drink champagne! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
You angels are in for a treat.
Are you sure about this? Oh, yeah, I've never been more sure of anything in my life.
What did you have in mind? Whoo! Having the time of our lives! How in the hell? What kind of a person does that? I mean, just puts a girl out with the laundry? I don't know.
Blame it on spring break.
Guys think of it as a vacation from common decency.
They do whatever the hell they want to do with no no consequences.
Well, I'll tell you what.
There are gonna be consequences.
Jesse, what do you think? Sand constricted his lungs? 'Caused him to suffocate? Well, the tide was high last night.
And the foam around his mouth means he most likely drowned.
I'm sure Tom will enlighten us.
I don't need Tom to tell me we discovered a new kind of stupid.
Well, based on the amount of sand that was displaced and the depth of the hole, I bet you we're looking at more than one killer.
You think there's killers? Yeah.
I tell you what I think.
Sandman over here's buddies drank a copious amount of alcohol, they buried him as a prank, then they took off.
They thought he'd get free, tide came in (whistles) That's it.
Guys! Come on! It's not funny! Somebody help! Somebody help! Accident or not, we still need to figure out who did this.
Let's get to work.
Okay, hold him there.
I want to get a look at this.
I remember spring break Daytona Beach.
It's a miracle I survived.
Get drunk and crazy for what? To end up like this? Unless you think it was suicide.
Good aim.
Or bad, depending on how you want to look at it.
You okay? Yeah, I guess.
It's just when you're a kid, spring break is supposed to be the best part of your life, not the worst.
Got anything to go on? First and foremost, it's clearly a body dump.
A cherry of a dump site.
Hell, almost every hotel in this town uses this place.
So they all send their sheets here? Yeah.
Well, that's gonna make ID'ing the body a challenge.
Laundry system's almost fully automated.
Well, that would explain why she wasn't found until the end of the cycle.
You know, any evidence from our killer on her that was in that washer's got to be destroyed.
There's actually a debris collector on the side.
It's for large items so that it doesn't mess up the plumbing.
Got a sock sunglasses money, Chapstick.
There's a lot of stuff in here.
Could be from our killer, could be from our victim.
One, two, three.
Up! Bodies are piling up; three and counting.
And here I am, outnumbered.
Do we have an ID yet, Doctor? None that I found.
I sent photos upstairs to Missing Persons, but I've heard nary a word from them.
I did find something that I can't blame on the pipe that perforated his abdomen.
On the periphery of the wound, there are second and third-degree burns.
And on the remains pulled from the pipe, I found some kind of residue which I sent to trace.
What did they find? Strontium, magnesium, potassium and sulfur.
Components of a flare.
As strange as it sounds, I think he was shot with a flare gun.
So much for suicide.
And there's this.
Is that glass? Tempered, to be precise.
So, gentlemen, there was a window between our shooter and our victim.
Gentlemen, we're looking for a broken window at the Ciel Bleu Hotel.
Thank you, Doctor.
Got the same residue here, H.
And scorch marks.
Yes, and judging from the amount of glass out there, the blast originated in here, didn't it? Hey, no! What are you doing, man?! Don't! Lieutenant Caine.
This is the guy.
Look, I'm-I'm really, really sorry about the window.
I'll pay for it, I promise.
So, you admit you fired the weapon? Yeah, but I think the hotel's way overreacting.
You know, you didn't have to send out the SWAT team.
Where is the weapon? It's in my bag.
What the hell are you doing with a flare gun?! I drove my dad's car here from Michigan.
He's got a boat.
He left it in the car.
I grabbed it for kicks and giggles.
You know, in case I wanted to start an impromptu fireworks show.
But instead, you shot a guy through the window.
Shot a guy? No, I-I didn't shoot anyone.
You just said you discharged the weapon.
I shot at him, I didn't hit him.
Okay, I I have a body down at the morgue that begs to differ.
No-no-no-no-no! Look, look, I had a bunch of people up here partying last night.
We were all hanging out, having fun, but this one guy starts going crazy; he's throwing drinks everywhere, getting in everyone's faces.
I told him to get out, but he wouldn't.
I just I just wanted to scare him.
By shooting at him with a flare gun? That the man? No.
No, I've never seen him before.
I promise.
Look, this whole thing's just a big misunderstanding.
Be that as it may, you're coming with us.
He's lying, H.
That story's got holes in it as big as the one in our vic's chest.
I agree, Walter.
Let's prove it.
Hey! Not even close, H.
Dummy cleared the building by five feet.
And he's at least 20 feet from where the body landed.
He was shot in the chest, so he wasn't running away from the shooter, was he? Right, so if his horizontal speed can't increase, then his vertical distance has to.
Maybe he fell from a higher height.
So, what are you thinking? Go floor by floor? Nope.
I've got a better idea.
Here he comes, Walter! It's about four feet short, H.
Well, that's a problem, Walter.
I'm running out of real estate up here.
Hey, we're missing something.
H, you read me? Walter, how far away from the building did the flare kick out the dummy? Five feet.
Five feet.
That could make up the difference.
Are you saying what I think you're saying? Walter, he was never in the room.
Come on up here, please.
So, our vic fell off the roof first? Then, on his way down, was accidentally hit by the flare Dean shot.
Man, that's something out of an urban legend.
The force of the flare altered trajectory and impaled our victim.
Well, Dean couldn't have planned this.
And if he was in his room, then he couldn't have pushed our victim.
The murder is his alibi.
Note the footprints, Walter.
Heels to the edge.
Jumpers don't jump backwards.
No, they don't.
He was pushed.
Look at this.
Looks like our victim and the killer might have been having a party up here.
I agree.
So let's see who got invited.
I'm not finding anything.
Let's call Tom.
Tom Loman, Miami-Dade Medi It's Wolfe.
Did you post the beach boy yet? I'm sorry, but your DB is not the only DB in town.
We got nothing out here.
We'd like to finish this up, if that's okay.
Ryan, I am currently with another body.
I'll get to your guy as soon Well, that was rude.
Hey, Tom.
Have you got anything on our girl yet? She has broken bones, but no bruising, so I know she was dead before she went into the wash.
This bruising, however, is consistent with an antemortem injury.
Looks like blunt-force trauma.
Poor thing.
She was just beaten and thrown away.
Do you think that's the cause of death? Certainly looks that way.
I'll have to see how bad the underlying damage is.
All right.
I'll get back to you.
Calleigh? Yeah? I've got her room key.
The Ciel Bleu Hotel.
One step closer to finding out who she is.
You're welcome.
How many does that make? This is my second.
Miss, have you been charging your drinks to room 17-301? Yeah, of course.
That's my room.
So, you're Courtney Haywood.
Can we see some identification, please? You show me yours first.
I'm sorry? Who are you guys? We're with the Miami - Dade Police Department.
So, let's see your stuff Your uh I.
Thank you.
She's Courtney Haywood.
Can you guys tell me what's going on here? Courtney, we found a dead body this morning.
She had your room key.
She look familiar? Wow.
Um, no.
She doesn't look familiar.
Um, but I have been a little drunk for a couple of days.
It's It's spring break.
I thought I dropped my key card yesterday on the beach.
I half expected to come back to my room and everything be gone.
Should I file a report or something? I don't know.
Is something missing? I can't find my iPod.
But I thought I just lost it.
And you have no idea how she ended up with your key card? No.
But when I say I was a little bit drunk for a couple of days, I was actually a lot drunk.
Thank you.
Tom, so nice of you to finally get to our victim.
Don't start with me, Ryan.
Even though I have proven to be a miracle worker, I am but one man.
Well, what can you tell us about our John Doe? Okay, 0.
2 blood alcohol concentration at time of death.
Saltwater in his lungs, ruptured alveoli, frothy sputum, a drunk drowning.
Now, what can you tell us about our John Doe that we don't already know? This is actually a murder.
Murder? It's an accident.
His friends buried him, and they, uh, forgot about him.
You're wrong.
Look at his jaw.
Fractured perimortem.
Looks like he took a kick square to the temporal mandibular joint.
Then they left him to drown.
Is, uh, is that a burn mark on his ear? Haven't got to that yet.
It is a burn.
That residue is familiar.
Slight sulfuric smell.
My fall victim was shot with a flare.
You know, Horatio talked to a guy who took a shot at somebody with a flare gun, then missed.
What are the odds that this is that someone? It's spring break, fellas.
Anything is possible.
Is this the guy that you shot your flare gun at? Yeah.
But only after he refused to leave.
with The Program.
Hey, hey! Listen.
I told you already.
Why don't you just take off? Why don't you shut up, little man? This is a party.
So drink up.
So drink up, baby! 'Cause that's how we party with The Program! Hey.
I said, "Get out.
" Are you crazy?! I should have known.
Anyone who refers to himself as "The Program" is gonna be a problem.
The Program? Yeah, yeah.
He was way into himself.
Oh, what was it he kept saying? Um "P" something, "The Program.
" Paul.
His name's Paul The Program.
Probably not his actual last name.
Did you actually get his last name? No.
Look, it's like I told the other guys.
He was a jerk, but I didn't kill him.
All right.
Why don't you run us through yesterday? How'd you meet this Paul guy? Hey, Calleigh.
It's a diamond earring.
It's amazing what you can find in a hotel laundry.
Does it, uh, belong to our victim? No.
But this might.
It's a match.
Gun bluing? You think the prints can, uh survive the hot water and the bleach? Well, the button is brass, so I think it's entirely possible a print could have gotten etched onto it and then the chlorine would have set it.
If you add the selenious acid with the copper sulfate If a print's there, it'll show up.
I wonder if there's a match.
Walter, what are you doing here? Hey.
My vic partied here.
Had a VIP bracelet from this spot.
More cops.
Cooperative here is Ricky Halprin.
Club bouncer.
Ricky! Just the guy we're looking for.
We got one of your prints in our investigation.
Mine? Uh-huh.
Does your boss know you're a felon? Ah Hey.
Gang's all here.
Did your John Doe come through here? Yeah.
This is, uh, where he met the guy that shot at him with the flare gun.
All right, so at some point, all three of our victims passed through here.
Do you recognize this girl? Or him? How about this guy? Hundreds of people party here every day, every night, man.
It gets crazy.
I don't remember those two guys, but it doesn't mean they weren't here.
But her? Her I remember.
Really? Why? She was a pain in my ass.
Out-of-her-mind drunk; had to give her the boot.
Treat me like a queen! Let them drink champagne! You have to get down from there.
Let me go.
You've had too much to drink.
You gotta go.
You go.
I want a drink.
You're cut off.
Happens a hundred times every day.
Girls don't know how to hold their liquor.
And your establishment bears no responsibility? Let me tell you something.
They're allowed to get drunk here so they will lose control, and then you kick them out to fend for themselves.
Okay, look, I'm just doing my job, guys.
She's dead you realize that? You know her name, Ricky? She ran a tab.
She left her credit card at the bar.
Her name is Alexis Wilkes.
Did you see her with anyone? There was this hot blond, um, helped her walk out.
Must have been her friend.
All right.
Thank you.
Let's see if she had a room here.
We'll see you guys later.
At least their vic has a name.
Is that a bloodstain? That's a big bloodstain.
It's consistent with blunt-force trauma.
All right, this is where Alexis Wilkes was killed.
Killed in her own room and thrown out with the laundry.
You know, I'm not so sure she was in this room alone.
She might have been sharing.
Check this out.
This picture was taken here.
It's with our other two victims.
That guy did a header off the hotel roof last night.
They were friends.
Looks like they all went to the same college, too.
We need to find out who these kids are and who would want them dead.
All right.
So, gentlemen, we know our vics were staying together.
Do we have I.
's yet? Yeah, we got a little help from their university Paul Arnett and Brad Donner.
Our beach buddy was Paul Arnett.
Campus record includes indecent exposure, a couple of D&D's and hazing.
Upstanding citizen.
Alexis Wilkes has a rap sheet about like that.
Well, what did we learn about Brad Donner? Uh, Brad Donner was kicked out of his frat for hazing.
Come on He also had an assault charge filed against him in Broward about a year ago.
Why didn't we I.
him earlier, if he had a record? Because the charges were dropped.
Brad was technically a minor at the time.
This is pretty awful.
No, I can't do this! I can't watch I logged into Alexis Wilkes' social networking site on her computer.
This video was, uh, uploaded to the Internet about a year ago.
I told her it's what's inside that counts! Hey, come on, baby, come on.
No, no, no, no.
This is priceless! Yo, what's up with my hero? There's my hero! You're such a chubb lover, Brad! Get off of me! Oh, my God! Happy spring break, baby! Hey, so Oh! Genius.
Gimme some you're my hero.
All three of our victims ambushed that girl.
Why humiliate somebody like that? That's disgusting.
It could be our motive.
Well, it looks like according to his records, that's around the same time that Brad was hit with that assault charge.
Looks like I'm taking a trip to Broward Police Department.
I'll let you know what I find.
Hey, Walter, uh, what's with the bracelet? I thought we already tied it back to the beach party.
We did, but the bouncers scan I.
's they keep a record of who was issued which VIP bracelet.
Was Brad wearing a bracelet? No, but I'm thinking whoever threw him off that roof did.
Like her.
Hillary Swanson.
Bring her in.
That was the guy.
He gave me this.
So, you were with Brad Donner last night? I didn't ask his name, but yeah, that's him.
I met him at a club, and he was a little cheesy, looked innocent enough, but after a few shots, he went all aggro.
What the hell? It's okay.
Stop it! I said stop! What's the matter? You some kind of tease or something? What was that for?! You want some more? Huh?! I should have known better.
Guy was such a douche.
He attacked you.
So you reacted in self-defense, and you push him off the roof of the hotel.
I just got out of there, I swear.
If you didn't, Hillary, who did? I don't know.
Try the other girl who was dumb enough to stick around after I left.
The the other girl? Yeah.
Apparently, he was trying to make a three-way happen.
And you just forgot to mention her until now? What? Was that important? It is to Brad.
Enjoying your spring break, Courtney? Yeah.
That is what this is about, right? Drinking, letting loose, having fun? Three-ways on rooftop lounges.
Three what?! No.
Absolutely not.
Unlike other girls, my definition of fun doesn't include giving it up to every guy with a lame line.
You recognize him, Courtney? No.
Did you guys find my iPod? Is that the guy who took it? He was pushed off the roof of your hotel this morning.
Oh, God.
I have a witness, Courtney, that places another girl on the roof.
And you think that that's me? Was it? I don't know what else to say.
I don't know him, I've never met that girl, and I didn't kill anybody.
Apparently, you do know what to say.
Do you have any theories on the murder weapon? Sloughing of the skin made that difficult, and the bruising was too amorphous.
I had to make an invasive incision around the periphery of the cranium and peel back the outer epithelial layer.
So you had to remove her face.
In a manner of speaking.
And in doing so, I discovered these wounds.
More than one? Yes.
She suffered multiple depressed and basilar skull fractures.
Now we welcome the tool marks to the party.
I'll help you cast them.
Do you have any Micro-Sil down here? Always.
And you just forgot to mention her until now? What? Was that important? Okay, so our female victim had her head bashed in with an iron at the hotel.
I found this blond hair on Paul's shirt.
No match in the system, but it's probably female.
H and I just questioned Hillary Swanson.
She has blond hair.
Walter, you know as well as I do that there are a million girls with blond hair in Miami.
Yeah, but that bouncer at the beach party mentioned seeing Alexis with a mysterious blond, too.
You know what? You guys are right.
This isn't a fluke; they're targeted.
Yeah, they're getting picked off one by one.
By a killer blond.
I already told Lieutenant Caine.
Then why not submit to a DNA test, Hillary? And chance some false positive? I'm not an idiot.
I watch Jury TV.
Tell you what how about we wait till the warrant for the DNA sample comes through, then we'll see where things are.
I had no reason to kill those three people.
Oh, no.
Only the guy who gave you the black eye.
It's severely damaged.
Probably caused by excessive bleaching, dying or straightening.
Okay, overworked hair.
Not exactly the, uh the break in the case I was looking for.
Let me run an analysis.
Not that it's any justification to murder anyone, but from the sound of it, those three were asking for it.
Michael, that's a little dark.
Well, at the risk of being crass, the female vic was a belligerent drunk, by all accounts; the gent thrown from the roof punched a girl in the face; and from what I hear, your victim was the ringleader in seriously embarrassing that girl last year in a sex video.
Well, when you put it that way Just got back from the Broward Police Department.
The chubby girl in the video, Jill Quinn, filed a complaint against Brad Donner.
Yeah, we were just talking about her.
What do you got? Nothing.
Checked last known.
Moved out six months ago, no forwarding.
Sounds suspicious.
Well, maybe, maybe not.
After being humiliated like that in front of the camera, I think I'd want to disappear, too.
Hmm, interesting.
The hair shows traces of isotretinoin, a controlled acne medication, and Fenproporex.
Fenproporex is an illegal amphetamine used for an appetite suppressant.
Diet pills.
That would explain the hair's degradation.
A side effect of both drugs is alopecia.
Thinning hair.
I'm aware of what it is.
So, we got hardcore diet pills.
We got acne medication.
If she is our killer blond, she might not look anything like she did in the video.
You know what, Frank? Jill Quinn may have disappeared, but she might not be out of town.
She might have made herself unrecognizable.
This is the photo of Jill Quinn from the initial police report.
You're, uh, manipulating the photo? With a visualization software.
Think of it like a weight-loss simulator.
It extrapolates from the bone structure and body shape to render an accurate prediction of what someone might look like, say, a hundred pounds lighter.
You got to be kidding me.
Can you make her brunette? Yeah.
Do you recognize her, Frank? Do I ever.
Calleigh and I met her at the Ciel Bleu Hotel bar today.
Can you guys tell me what's going on here? Courtney, your real name is Jill Quinn, isn't it? And you're not a victim You're our killer.
We have Paul Arnett Brad Donner and Alexis Wilkes.
So? So you killed these people.
I lost some weight and changed my name.
It doesn't mean I killed anyone.
I saw the video.
And they humiliated you.
That gives you motive.
You were the last person seen with Brad Donner before he was pushed off the hotel rooftop.
What's the matter? Ow! What was that for?! Your turn, huh? There was another girl.
Oh, we know.
She's the one who identified you.
Just like the blond hair that you left on Paul identified you as his killer.
You put him in that hole.
But I'm not blond.
You were until you dyed your hair this morning.
DNA's a match.
And Alexis didn't steal your hotel card key.
You took advantage of her while she was drunk, didn't you? You gotta go.
You're cut off.
You go.
I want a drink.
I've got her.
I pressed charges for what they did to me last year.
I cried for help, and no one did anything.
They ruined my life and got away scot-free.
You should have seen their faces when they realized who I was.
You don't remember me, do you? No, should I? Why would I? Who are you? I was the fat girl whose life you destroyed.
No, please don't! Payback's a bitch.
When I met Brad last year Deep down I knew that he was too good to be true.
But I trusted him, anyway.
And I was just a joke to him and his friends.
But the joke was on him.
The fireworks and the impaling were just icing on the cake.
You know, usually when somebody goes through a change like you did, they're happier.
What they did to me was inhuman.
And they deserved what they got.
Is spending the rest of your life in prison going to be worth it, Jill? It is.
Fair enough.