CSI: Miami s08e21 Episode Script


This is so beautiful.
It's amazing.
I think this is it.
You, uh, you think this is the one? It will make her very happy.
All right, then, this is the one.
(chuckles) So About the price Can you, uh, can you help me out here, come down a bit more now, just a little? Sir, you already asked me that last week.
I've done all I can.
I'm giving it to you almost wholesale.
- Hey, come on.
- What are you doing? Hey, get out of the road, dummy.
Belt's busted.
I got to call a tow, man.
You know you can't leave your car there.
Sir, she's going to love anything you give her.
So Let me show you some of our more affordable settings.
No, no, hang on, hang on.
This is the one.
I'll make it work.
Can you, uh, spread it out over these three cards? Everybody down! Stay down on the ground! Out of my way! Do it! Let's go! Somebody call an ambulance.
All MDPD units-- code two-nine with shots fired.
Two motorcyclists heading eastbound on the 913.
Suspects armed and dangerous.
This is Horatio Caine.
I'm on the bridge and in pursuit.
I love her.
Where are they? I didn't see 'em, Lieutenant.
That's impossible.
They just came right up here.
They never came this way.
Well, they didn't just disappear.
Well, they didn't just drive their bikes off the side of the bridge.
They wouldn't have survived that fall.
You got something, H? These tread marks.
Made a pretty fast U-turn.
Why did they double back? Look at that scraping.
Something was definitely dragged.
Maybe they rode their bikes up onto something.
Wolfe, I saw a truck drive by.
We're looking for a fastball; They threw a changeup.
Put out a BOLO? They're long gone now.
These guys are good.
You got anything? Nope.
I checked the starter, the belts, the battery, the alternator.
There is nothing wrong with this truck.
There's no reason why it should have stalled.
Yeah, they dropped it off here as a blocking maneuver.
Did you run the VINs? That is the one thing that is wrong with it.
It's been stripped.
That right? What is it? I thought I saw somebody I knew.
Oh, yeah, who? He's an ex-boyfriend of mine.
His name's, uh, Jake Berkeley.
He's an undercover cop.
You see this? What? It's a VIN plate.
You didn't pull this? No.
That wasn't there before.
Look, if you don't park it, I'm gonna cuff you to one of these tables.
I already told you, I don't know how they opened the cases.
Well, how do you open 'em? With a key, but I have the only copy, and these guys-- they merely just waved their hands and the cases popped open.
Why didn't their magic work over there? They didn't even try, and those cases have some of our most expensive diamond sets.
Say this is an insurance scam.
You'd want to take pieces that would, uh, attract less attention, wouldn't you? What are you saying? I'm saying it looks like an inside job.
I'm the only employee who was here at the time.
Where were you during the robbery? On the floor, with everyone else.
Here, look at my security footage.
Hey, Frank, do you know what this is? I found this taped to a flower pot outside, and-and I could swear that it's wreaking havoc on my hearing aid.
Uh Give me a minute, will you? All right.
How's it going? Does he have anything to tell us? Hmm, beyond the obvious, there appears to be something underneath his nails, and I overheard the manager say he was buying an engagement ring for his sweetheart and they snatched it from his dying hand.
Wasn't enough to take his life.
Natalia, let me see that doohickey.
Flip that switch.
Huh, you know what that is? It's a signal jammer.
They used it to disable the wireless security cameras.
Son of a bitch.
Excuse me.
You're gonna have to wait on the other side of the tape for me, please.
Oh, sorry, um, I'm just wondering if my boyfriend's still in there.
If he is, he's probably giving a statement.
Okay, I've been waiting for him in his office for a while now.
Do you mind checking for me? His name's Ben Rooney.
Ben Rooney.
You stay here and I'll check it out, okay? Tom, what are you doing? Everybody can see the body.
Horatio wants me to get the nail scrapings to you ASAP.
That I understand.
Is his name Ben Rooney? Mm-hmm.
This is his girlfriend.
Oh, my God.
So, what's under our Vic's nails isn't skin.
Really? Check it out.
Looks rubbery.
It's because it's latex.
Okay, so our killers wore gloves.
And the transfer occurred when they grabbed the ring from his hand.
Yeah? VIN number you and Jesse found, we got an address.
It's the getaway truck Horatio saw.
Looks like they're long gone.
What the hell? Calleigh, come take a look at this.
Let me guess.
It's a diamond.
How'd you know that? They're everywhere.
There must be a million in diamonds here.
This one's still in the prongs.
Somebody must have been in a hurry.
Who the hell would throw away diamonds after they go to the trouble of stealing them? I don't know.
But we should get this back to the lab.
Stay here.
Miami-Dade PD! Slide your weapon out where I can see it.
Get down on the ground right now! Hands on your head.
Get down now! Okay.
His name was Joe Tepper.
Robbery-Homicide started tracking his movement in South Beach a couple of months ago.
Dropped me into a meet-and-greet with a guy, and within a few days I've been recruited for the next heist.
So what went wrong? He, uh, he sniffed out I was a cop.
Is that why you shot him? I did that to stay alive.
He drew at me first.
Were you in the store, Jake? No.
No, I just drove the truck.
Then when we passed you, the other guys bailed a few miles after, and Tepper told me to meet him back at his place.
So he just threw away a hundred thousand dollars worth of diamonds? That's what I asked him, and that's what pissed him off.
If you're just going to throw them away, I'll take 'em off your hands.
Tattooed with serial numbers.
Cops will track them right back to us.
You ain't never tried to fence a stone before, have you? Relax, man.
I just, uh, asked you a question.
You ask a lot of questions for a driver.
You carry a badge, don't you? What do you think he did with the settings of the other pieces? I assume he gave 'em to his partners.
And who are the partners? I don't know.
That's what I was trying to find out.
But, uh, he kept me on a strict need-to-know.
All right, come on, Jake.
You got to give us something.
An innocent man was killed this morning.
What do you think I'm doing? I mean, giving you that VIN number is probably what put my ass in the crosshairs to begin with.
You're right.
Thank you for that.
So, what do you think now? I think this trail's officially gone cold.
Not yet it hasn't, Jake.
We've still got the diamonds.
I need case It was checked in by Duquesne this morning.
Yeah, we got bin 15, envelope five.
Bin 15, envelope five-- there's your winner.
Thank you, sir.
Walter, the seal on this box is broken.
One, two, three, four No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
What?! Walter, I'm missing envelope number five.
What?! One, two, three, four six.
I need the chain of custody on the diamonds.
What's wrong? Man, just give me the chain of custody! Detective Duquesne logged them in this morning.
Detective Wolfe checked them out at 9:32.
Okay, so you just forgot to put them back? No, I didn't forget to put them back, Walter.
Calleigh had me come down here, count them, and I put 'em back in the bin.
So maybe you accidentally walked out with the envelope.
Walter, what are you suggesting? Nothing.
The diamonds are missing, I'm trying to jog your memory about where you Walter, I put the envelopes back in the bin, and then I checked out with him.
He's right.
Somebody stole the stolen diamonds.
I see him.
So we have a hundred thousand in diamonds gone? On your watch.
But sir, I said the security cameras were down in this area of the lab.
Did it occur to you to get 'em fixed? I called Tech Services the moment they went down.
And what time was that, Officer? About 10:50, sir.
Wolfe reported the evidence missing at 11:17.
That's half an hour, Horatio.
I'm surprised the entire locker isn't emptied out.
H, if I may.
You know, those monitors at the jewelry store, they went haywire, too.
That's strange.
This shouldn't be turned on.
How do you mean? I disconnected the battery before I processed it, and I left it that way.
Battery's still connected.
Yeah, I got eyes, pal.
Look, someone must have known this was in here.
And then they turned it on before they lifted the diamonds.
Who's the last person who touched the signal jammer? That's you, Mr.
Horatio, I didn't do this.
I know you didn't, Walter.
Give me a minute, please.
Thank you, Walter.
Horatio, I have to request that I handle this investigation.
This is my lab.
It's going to be my investigation.
As soon as I have the results, I will share them with you.
Got Joe Tepper's clothes from the morgue.
Tepper's the guy that Berkeley popped.
Let's see what we've got.
There's faint white rings under the bloodstain.
Looks like something splashed on there and then dried.
Look at that.
Looks like a memory card from a digital camera.
We can pop that in and see what spills out.
These were all taken by the thieves casing the jewelry store in the neighborhood.
And unfortunately, they didn't manage to take a picture of themselves.
Who's that? This is the manager opening the store in the morning.
Keep going.
This is the key of the display case.
Can you make a copy of a key from a photo? All you have to plug into the key code are the measurements of the teeth, and if these guys had a computer program that normalizes the size and the position, they could easily make a duplicate.
Well, then this is how they broke into the display cases.
Is it me, or does that photo look like it's taken through a window? Yeah, it does.
I wonder if it's from one of the offices across the courtyard.
Let's find out.
This is it.
This is the perfect perspective to get a close-up on the keys.
So then it must have been taken from inside that office.
It's a real estate office.
You're kidding.
What's the name? Ben Rooney Properties.
Ryan, that's the name of our victim.
Maybe our victim wasn't so innocent, after all.
Miss Pennington, the owner told us that Ben was in the store every day last week.
Now, would you know why? I guess he was there to buy me an engagement ring.
Actually, we don't think so.
We believe that Ben was casing the store.
Casing? Ben was also taking pictures of the manager's keys, so that he could make duplicate copies.
I'm sorry, I-I don' understand this.
So if Ben was one of them, why would they shoot him? Thieves will often turn on each other during a robber.
That way they get the extra share.
We also know that Ben was working with at least three other people.
Does this man look familiar to you at all? Or did you ever hear Ben talk about somebody named Joe Tepper? I-I don't know.
How well did you know Ben? I only knew him three weeks.
I went into his office to buy a condo.
Are you still showing houses today? Whoa.
Didn't see you.
Here you go.
My fault.
What kind of place are you looking for? Um How about this one? Sold.
Miss Pennington, is there something that you're not telling us? No.
You do realize that Ben probably knew his killers and anything you can tell us will help us find them? I'm sorry.
I just I guess I didn't know him at all.
We've got a splatter stain found on the jeans of Joe Tepper.
I got boric acid-- what's that used in? Uh, insecticide, flame retardant, metal casting.
Metal casting.
Diamonds were removed from their settings.
What kind of settings were they? Uh They're all made of gold.
That's what they're using the boric acid for.
With the acid, gold goes liquid at 1,800 degrees.
Maybe it's not the diamonds.
Maybe it's the gold.
So, why are we talking to this Spano guy? He's been in lockup for the last two months.
The biggest fence in the city.
He will have information about who our thieves are and where our gold is going.
Have a seat, please.
I understand you guys need me as a technical consultant.
So how does this affect my situation? Depends on how generous you are.
So, whatcha got? We've got a jewelry store smash-and-grab, and they were only concerned about the gold.
They used boric acid.
Very nice-- these boys know what they're doing, for sure.
So why just gold? Aren't diamonds worth more? Yes, sometimes, but in the heart, my friend, gold is the Golden Rule.
What happens when the economy tanks? Gold skyrockets.
You know, people trust it.
They can hold it in their hands, they can put it under their bed at night.
And with the current state of affairs, gold is up over $1,200 an ounce, amigo.
That is a better investment than Google.
So, who were your buyers, amigo? Ah-ah-ah.
Trick question.
I'm losing interest.
Who are they selling the gold to? Everyone buys gold.
You're not gonna find your boys through the buyers.
Gold can't be traced.
It doesn't have serial numbers, like diamonds.
You melt it down, it cannot be traced.
It's easier to move than heroin.
Well, these guys were pretty efficient.
They were in and out in less than 60 seconds.
You have any idea who they are? Thanks to you fine people, I've been out of the loop.
A man died in the store.
All right, I can tell you, this one job ain't enough; It takes a lot to make a score.
I suggest you widen your net, but If I were you I'd do it fast, because once they have enough for a sale, they're gonna move on it ASAP.
And then Poof.
Speaking of which, take him.
That's it? What about me? All right.
Well, now what? You heard the man, Jesse.
Let's widen our net.
Make a call to the Feds.
Hey, have you seen that signal jammer? Uh, yeah, it's right over there.
Hey, you okay? Yeah, yeah, no, I'm good.
Hey, I hear you're gonna be playing on our team again.
Hey, I've always been on our team.
What are you talking about? Hey, I'm just here helping you guys out until your case load lightens up.
Will you do me a favor? Will you turn that thing off, please? It's making me crazy.
It is off.
It is? Yeah.
It's got to be you, then, because my hearing aid (whirring grows louder, then quieter) just totally Started freaking out right when right when you walked in.
You didn't come back here to just help us out, did you? What are you talking about? You forget I was an FBI informant in this lab, and I know you've got to be wearing a wire.
I am.
It's off.
Thank you.
Is this about the diamonds? Yeah.
That's the fastest I've ever seen the state's attorney's office move on something.
We've been working on this for a couple of months, Natalia.
When we were receiving evidence for trials things would be missing: Drugs, cash.
Small amounts.
We couldn't find where the leak was.
Until today.
Does Horatio know? Of course.
When were you gonna tell the rest of us? Or do you actually think that it is one of us? That's why I volunteered for this-- to protect you guys.
I'll filter the recordings.
Something's still going on.
Look, I need you to keep this between us.
Okay, but you've got to be careful, Eric.
I'm not gonna let anyone get hurt.
I meant you.
You know, Calleigh carries the same drop gun you do, a Ankle-holstered .
That's right.
She, uh, she showed me how she makes custom ammo for it.
She uses a Russian-brand primer.
She, uh, mixes it with Whitefield 296 pistol powder.
"Hand loads," she calls them.
She said you showed her how to make them.
Is that why you brought me in here? Because you're jealous that your girlfriend still has something from the ex? No.
No, actually, we found, uh, GSR on a video signal jammer that was used to disable the cameras here in the lab.
And they contain mercury.
That's unique to Russian-brand primer.
Well, like you said, I'm not the only one who uses those loads.
Calleigh could've got it on there during processing.
Except she never touched them.
Are you working for I.
now? No.
No, I'm not, but, uh, I'm gonna have to take this to them.
So, where were you, Jake, when the diamonds went missing from the locker? Are you kidding me? Now I'm the Pink Panther? Hmm? Don't you think I've had enough trouble today? I nearly got killed, Delko, in case you haven't heard.
No, you did the killing, Jake.
So, let me tell you what I think.
I think that you've been undercover too long.
I think you've seen some big money change hands, and, uh, thought it was time to take a piece.
The carrot we dangled in front of Tepper, to take me on, was the toys that I could bring.
Like a wireless signal jammer.
And if I did get GSR on that thing it was before I passed it off to Tepper, not after you guys logged it into evidence.
And you know what, until you pull undercover duty Don't lecture me on how long I've been under.
'Cause you have no idea what it's like.
I widened the search by using the FBI's National Data Exchange System.
So I searched for any unsolved jewelry store robberies that fit today's M.
New York, Seattle, Dallas.
They're nationwide.
And the FBI's calling them 60-second men-- in and out in less than a minute.
I'm telling you, it's all the same.
They have keys to open the displays, they take only gold, escape on motorcycles through staged traffic jams.
Except this time, they put a man in the morgue.
Do we have photographs of the thieves? Well Uh, no, like today, they always knocked out the security cameras.
What about photographs by witnesses? Yeah, I'll run a search.
Those two are blurry.
That leaves us with four.
You know what, Jesse? Zoom in on those faces.
They're all different.
Maybe the latex we found wasn't from the robbers' gloves.
Maybe they wore facial prosthetics.
Is there any way we can see their real faces? Can we make a composite? Well, here's the recognition software to compare facial structures.
Maybe if I I remove the differences, that might subtract the prosthetics.
They're women.
The image on the right, Jesse, is the victim's girlfriend.
Ben was honestly buying you that ring.
He wasn't a part of the heist, was he? Ben was just a mark.
Oh, I think he was more than that.
His office had the vantage point we needed to photograph the keys.
Thanks for waiting for me.
If that's true, then why didn't you just melt that down with the rest of the stuff? Because I'm stupid.
I did the one thing you're not supposed to do.
I fell for a mark.
I got to go.
I have an appointment.
I'm dead if I miss it.
Oh, I know.
I have appointments, too.
Let's just play hooky today, huh? Just you and me? All right, but we got to stay in bed all day.
And that's why you went back to the jewelry store.
I went back to see if Ben was still alive.
Yeah, I guess you wouldn't have had that problem if you didn't shoot him.
I didn't.
I couldn't.
Well, then, who did? Out of my way.
Do it! Forget about him.
Come on, let's go.
Why don't you, uh? Why don't you tell us who your partners are? I'm not a snitch, okay? You're also not a murderer, and I'd hate to see you go away as one.
Okay, look, Kayla, if you had any feelings for Ben, don't let his killer go free.
All right.
You already know Joe Tepper.
He was our utility.
He basically did whatever we told him.
And that's Whit.
Whitney Dern.
How about you tell us where she is right now? This is where we melted the gold.
But she's shipping it out this afternoon.
And she's going with it.
What did you think you'd find? Pile of gold? Check it, Jesse.
It's just a shipment of bikes.
Whatever you're looking for, it's long gone by now.
If that were true, lady, you would have left the truck behind.
Stay where you are.
I'm coming up.
Jesse, you got a gold pen? Yeah.
There's one in my kit.
This motorcycle's made of gold.
Hide it in plain sight.
Easiest way to get it through customs.
Where was the gold going to? I don't know, Your Honor.
I'm just an innocent bystander, threatened by these big men with guns.
You're under arrest for the murder of Ben Rooney.
Don't know a Ben Rooney.
Kayla Pennington did.
And you're taking her word for it? That's the way this works.
Cuff her.
Stupid bitch! Hey! We were so damn close.
Get her out of here! And you sold us out? $24 million down the drain? I hope he was worth it.
Um, Jake told me what happened.
I just wanted to stop by and let you know you don't have to worry about him.
Look, I'm not worried, I just Look, it's not about you and me, Calleigh.
It's about the lab.
I meant he couldn't have taken the diamonds.
You're just gonna take his word? Well, he was with me.
What do you mean, with you? I took him to the hospital to get checked out.
And that's it? Yeah.
You know, it's funny because I thought that you weren't jealous.
I'm not.
I I just, uh I'm just curious.
That's all.
All right.
Well, I should go, because I'm tired.
It's been a really long day, and I have to go home.
Save a little something.
The guy from, uh, Forensic Engineering on the second floor with the beady eyes and the scissor hands Oh, Mitten.
Yes, yes.
Yeah, yes, yes.
If 50 pounds of beef jerky was missing, then I'd believe it was Mitten.
So still no word on those diamonds? No.
Thin air.
Telling you guys, heads are gonna roll on this one.
I guarantee it.
I got an announcement to make.
I'm not going out for a drink tonight.
I'm too tired.
I'm sick of this mishegoss.
I'm going home, taking a bath.
It's too bad, 'cause I was gonna go get myself a tasty beverage at Crosby's.
I'm in.
Count me three.
Is five a crowd? Hey.
Definitely not.
This is where we get to break the new guy in.
The new guy.
How about the new guy's buying? Ooh! Hey.
Ooh! Ooh.
Ugh! You know what? I should probably hang back.
I know it's stupid.
What? What are you talking about? It was you idea, BV.
I know.
I forgot that I have got to be in court tomorrow morning.
I haven't even begun to look at my notes.
You know, I'm gonna have to catch up to you guys another night.
That's sad.
Let's go.
Have one for me.
Have a nice night.