CSI: Miami s08e22 Episode Script

Mommie Deadest

Hi! Oh, thank you! Hi.
Hey, you guys want to say something? Happy anniversary.
Want to say something? Hey, Laura and Chuck.
You're a terrific couple.
Happy anniversary.
Wonderful parents.
You know what? Great party.
Okay, we hate you because you're so damn perfect.
Yeah but congrats, anyway.
And back to the anniversary party.
Oh, that color looks so good on you.
Who picked that dress out? You did.
That's right.
That's you.
Oh! Look how cute they were! Yeah.
What happened? Yay! Yay! Mom, Dad, me and the little man would like to congratulate you on your 20th anniversary.
You're amazing.
Because without you, there wouldn't be an us.
Yay! Oh, sweetheart.
Okay, guys, that's enough about us.
Or maybe just a little bit more.
There's, uh, beer and chardonnay, and, oh, there's a few slices of my, uh, carrot cake left.
Please get to it before I do.
Where's your brother? I thought you two were going to play for us.
Oh, it's too late.
Everyone's leaving.
Great time, Chuck.
Hey, man.
All right, we'll see you soon.
Thanks for coming.
See you again, man.
Hey, thanks so much.
Thank you for coming.
Thanks for having us.
We'll see you soon.
It was fun, right? All right.
Yeah, it was really fun.
Yeah, good.
Yeah, everybody had a good time.
Hey, we'll see you soon.
We'll see you soon.
Thanks for coming.
See you this week.
We'll call you.
I just want to say that you're more beautiful now than ever before.
I'm exhausted.
I have to clean up.
Oh! Those damn kids broke that lamp again.
They're not getting away with this.
This time, I'm getting it on tape.
I know you're out there! Come on out! I've had enough.
I'm gonna get your face on video, and I'm sending it straight to the cops.
You're not gonna get away with his.
You Dr.
I think we can safely say overkill.
Absolutely brutal.
She was struck at least nine times with so much force and velocity that each blow on its own could have been fatal.
What about a murder weapon? Not sure yet.
But judging from her injuries and the varying direction of the blood spatter, whoever did this was swinging wildly from several different directions and angles.
And totally out of control.
And fueled by rage.
Someone was very, very angry.
Thank you, Doctor.
What've you got so far? We found the family's video camera.
Williams was using it when she was attacked.
So far, I've been retracing the victim's steps through the videotape, and it looks like that broken lamp definitely drew her over here.
Well, she could have interrupted an intruder breaking into the house.
Maybe panicked and killed her.
Oh! Those damn kids broke that lamp again.
This time, I'm getting you on tape.
Come out here! You're not gonna get away with this! You see that? What? Something prevented the blood spatter from landing in that area.
Maybe the killer was standing in that void when he attacked.
Is that the victim's son? Yeah.
Andrea and I were upstairs.
We heard the sirens, and we We turned into our driveway, we ran down and Dad told us Mom was gone.
You're a talented artist, Cody.
I control everything in these pages.
Shame it doesn't work like that in real life.
In my book, the bad guy always gets caught.
Well, we have a pretty good record, too, son.
You'll catch whoever did this to my mom? It's highly likely.
You should go inside, get some rest.
I'm gonna need to go over your statement.
A little later? When you're ready.
Oh! Oh.
You know, the whole anniversary party's on this video.
Oh my God.
You're not gonna believe what it caught.
Take a look at this, Jess.
What? Check it out.
Hey, Cody, are you in there? WOMAN Yeah, right.
I want my song! Exactly.
Chuck the guests are leaving.
It's time to say good-bye.
Excuse me.
I mean, it looks like the victim's husband is having an affair right there at their anniversary party.
Well, if that's the case, we have our first suspect.
I can't believe you dragged me in here.
I'm the one who called 911.
I've already told you everything.
Well, how about you tell me again? I was cleaning up the kitchen.
I took a trash bag out to the garage, and I found her body.
Williams, you don't seem very sad about losing your wife.
Is there a handbook on how a grieving husband should act? Do you have any idea how this feels? Yeah, I do, and if I were lucky enough to be with my wife on our 20th anniversary, she wouldn't walk in and find me with another woman.
What?! I saw the video from your party.
Now, who's the woman that your wife caught you with? That was Bridgette Clark.
She's our neighbor and my son's history teacher.
We were talking about Cody.
Your body language implied that maybe it was a little something more.
Something more? Something that your wife would take issue with.
Now, did you guys argue after the party? No.
Do you see how this is stacking up? Your wife thinks you're cheating, she kicks you out of the house, you get angry.
Enough! You want It's always the husband, right? They teach you that at cop school? Mr.
Williams, this murder is personal.
We're looking at everyone who was close to her.
Look elsewhere.
I have to make funeral arrangements for my wife.
Now, can I go? For now.
Miami National Bank.
How can I help you? Hey, Dina, it's Eric Delko from the State Attorney's Office.
I need to do some follow-up on the records I had you subpoena.
I need some specific information on Walter Simmons.
Acunt number eight-two-one three-three-two-eight.
Let me Can you hold on a second? I forgot my laptop.
I'm gonna have to call you back.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Just, uh, a sea of affidavits and depos here.
You want me to proof something? No.
You're already late.
It's fine.
You seem stressed.
No, I just got to get this to court.
That's all.
All right.
I'm going right by there.
You want me to take it? It's okay.
I'll see you later.
I admit it.
I like the effect I have on men.
I flirt, it's fun.
Chuck's wife just happened to catch it on video.
Well, she's dead now.
It's my understanding that you do more than just flirt, Mrs.
The mother of one of your students filed a complaint with the school board, claiming that you wouldn't leave her husband alone.
She's a lying, jealous bitch.
So, you're saying she's just envious of you? Look at me.
I wear makeup, work out.
Most of those soccer moms couldn't find their way to a treadmill if they were given a map and a GPS.
So Chuck Williams just couldn't resist you.
Probably not.
But I'm not sleeping with Chuck.
Listen, something terrible happened to that woman.
And I'd start with what's going on inside her house.
Bridgette do you know something that we don't know? Well, there's a little test I do when I'm worried about a student's home life.
Cody you haven't given your parents any of my notes.
I'm gonna have to talk to them about your behavior.
Please don't, Mrs.
They'll be mad.
Oh, you I was pretending to wipe something from his shirt.
That kid almost jumped out of his skin.
What does that tell you? That Cody thought I was going to hit him.
From my experience, he's being abused.
It turns out there was something going on at the Williams' house.
The police responded to a 911 hang-up call there last month.
They suspected domestic violence.
Were charges filed? No.
When the police arrived the husband had taken off, and the wife said everything was fine, and they left.
I'm hoping the video will speak for them.
I'm sorry, but there's nothing that points to Dad on this tape, and I can only work with what's within the frame.
Really? So, it's just Laura.
Not exactly.
There is someone sharing the frame with her.
Who? A ghost.
This tape was used before, and it's been recorded over.
But the camera - the eraser heads, they must be damaged or something, because it didn't fully erase the original image.
Okay, there.
Right-hand corner, you see the painting? Barely.
Let me just eliminate the current image.
How about now? Oh, yeah, it's, um like a birthday party.
Maybe it's one of the kids' plays? No, that's at dinner.
Can you sharpen that? If I apply a condensed sensing algorithm the computer should be able to take what little digital information we do have and multiply it, filling in the missing pixels.
It's Thanksgiving.
Hold on a sec, let me enhance the audio.
What did you just do? Nothing, I'm just hungry.
You grabbed food with your grubby little hands! Where are your table manners? Don't you see all the work that went into preparing this meal?! Laura, she didn't mean anything by it Stop it! Come here.
Come here! Mom, stop! If you want to act like an animal, I will treat you like one.
Get down! Get! Oh, my God.
That poor girl.
What is the mother doing? Is that a dog bowl? Now eat like an animal.
The father wasn't the monster in that house.
It was the mother.
I don't think you appreciate how difficult this is.
I don't see what the problem is here.
Horatio has you looking into who stole the diamonds from the evidence locker.
That's not the part I take issue with.
You're asking me to wear a wire and check my friends' bank statements.
I don't want to do this.
We've been through this, Eric.
You work for the State Attorney's Office.
We need to find out who compromised the lab.
I can tell you that the CSIs are clean, I'm sure.
Well, I'm not.
Jesse Cardoza planted an illegal wiretap.
Last year, your medical examiner was stealing pills.
I mean, do I need to continue? Listen, I'm not the guy for this job.
Our cases are only as strong as our weakest CSI.
We cannot afford to have evidence kicked because of a dirty lab.
Now, what do you have for me? I subpoenaed tax records and bank statements from everyone at the lab.
Someone made a pretty substantial deposit after the diamonds went missing.
Who? I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for it.
Who is it, Eric? Walter Simmons.
His landlord just raised his rent, but the guy's not a thief, okay? Give me a chance, let me look into it.
Let me see if there's any evidence missing from other cases.
I set the timeline here.
Work fast.
Hey, so we've already gone over this area three times.
Murder weapon isn't here.
Yeah, I'm thinking the murderers probably took it with them.
Or they left it in their car.
You search that three times? No.
Patrol took a look.
Maybe you should go take a look.
Maybe we should go take a look.
Maybe we should.
Walter, do me a favor.
Pop the trunk, will you? Yeah.
Hey, Wolfe Yeah? I got blood spatter on the front bumper and headlight.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Look at that.
That doesn't make sense.
There's no way the blood could've made it from the murder scene all the way here on the street.
Which means that this car had to be parked in the driveway during the murder, and moved here after.
Which explains the void Jesse found next to the body.
Chuck Williams said this car was parked here all day.
He lied.
I don't know how the blood got on my car.
It happened during the murder.
Which also means you moved the car.
Yeah, I did.
Makes sense.
You want to get rid of the murder weapon before you call 911.
No, that wasn't it.
I had to make room for the ambulance.
I thought maybe the paramedics could still save her.
See, that's funny, 'cause you didn't mention that earlier.
Well, obviously, I had a lot on my mind.
I didn't think it was important.
And you didn't mention your wife's abusive behavior, either.
She could be hard on the kids, but she never meant to hurt them.
Well, we have videotapes that show the opposite.
What? Thanksgiving last year.
It was one bad day.
The holidays are especially stressful for Laura.
So you didn't consider this behavior to be a pattern.
I don't think so.
I mean, I travel a lot for business.
Well, somebody was home.
How'd you find me? Cody told us you were at your boyfriend's.
Did you find who killed my mom? We found a piece of videotape.
What video? It's from Thanksgiving last year, Andrea.
Did you mother behave like that often? Andrea.
Would you put that out, please? Looking at the fire calms me down.
Always has.
My mom wanted us to be perfect.
That's all.
She was a good mom.
What happened to your wrists? Did you hurt yourself? Come on, tell 'em.
Andrea, they're the police.
Okay? You don't need to keep her secret anymore.
She's gone.
I snuck out one night to see Logan You are worthless! I know what you do with that boy! Wait, where do you think you're going? I'm not done with you yet! So my mom started handcuffing me to my bed.
She what? She had a lot of creative ways to punish us.
Did you tell anyone? One time.
I called 911.
She offered them sodas.
I thought if they just looked into my eyes, they would know that she was lying.
When they drove away, I knew there was nothing we could do.
It's okay.
It's okay, it's not going to happen anymore.
What'd you find? That's a piece of glass.
Could I see your shoes, please? You've got glass on yours.
So, if we test it, is it going to match the glass we found at the crime scene? I don't I don't know.
Thank you very much.
You wanted to see me? Take a seat, Mr.
I'm gonna cut straight to the chase.
I need you to answer for this deposit.
Hey, Delko.
Thanks for watching my back, man.
What are you talking about? I told you my rent was going up, and Nevins just brought that up to me before she accused me of stealing the diamonds from the evidence locker.
You told her.
How did she make the leap from rent to diamonds? 'Cause she's been investigating me.
She had my bank statements.
Said she was concerned about some big deposit I made.
I mean, you had an explanation, right? Yeah.
My buddy was paying back a loan.
But that's beside the point.
You're the only one I told about my rent going up.
I'm sorry, man.
I didn't mean to put you in the hot seat.
I don't know what you're doing, but just stay the hell away from me, all right? I don't know.
Based on what we have right now, I think the boyfriend looks good for this.
He had the broken glass in his shoe.
I'm not buying the husband's story, though.
I mean, he had to know about the abuse.
I think I might have something to inform your debate.
What do you got? COD is blunt force trauma to the head.
Tram tracks indicate something round, and approximately three inches in diameter was used.
That could be a pipe, uh, some kind of handle.
Are there any splinters in the wound? Not a one.
Makes me think the object was metal.
Aluminum bat.
I'm gonna stick with my theory.
It's the boyfriend.
He plays baseball for the college team.
Didn't find anything down there.
No? In some ways, I hope we don't find anything.
What's that supposed to mean? Kid was trying to save his girlfriend from Mommy Dearest.
I know what you're talking about.
It's like the line between victim and perpetrator keeps getting blurred.
And it looks like Logan crossed that line.
I told you.
I don't know how that bat got in my bag.
Then I suppose you also don't know how the broken glass from the victim's light fixture got in your shoe.
Actually, I can explain that.
I was at their house today.
You were at the anniversary party? Yeah, right.
Andrea's mom hated my guts.
She didn't like the fact that her daughter had a boyfriend.
I had to sneak in like a cat burglar if I wanted to see her.
Oh! I'll tell you something, Logan.
You strike me as the kind of guy who'd do anything for Andrea.
Do you remember what time you left the house? I'm not sure, but I know Mrs.
Williams was in the house when I left.
Oh, my God, Logan.
I can't let him take the fall for this.
Calm down.
Listen to me.
I'm telling you, I killed my mother.
Do you understand what you're saying? Yes, I do.
I killed her.
Where's Lieutenant Caine? Andrea, are you trying to protect Logan? Logan didn't do anything.
I'm the one that hid the bat at his apartment.
Andrea, what are you doing here? I just couldn't handle it at home anymore.
It's okay.
I'm supposed to go away to school next year.
I couldn't leave Cody alone there with her.
So you killed your mom to protect Cody? Why don't you tell us exactly what happened? After the party, my mom was mad 'cause we didn't play the piano.
She had that look in her eye.
She slapped me.
I reacted in self-defense.
I grabbed the bat.
I hit her once.
She just went down.
Andrea, your mom was hit nine times.
I respect you, Delko, investigating the stolen diamonds.
A lot of CSIs wouldn't want to look into their own.
Horatio asked me to look into the evidence-- all the evidence in lockup.
That's what I'm doing.
I'm sure it's not one of the CSIs.
Well, I'd like to offer you the full support of the Internal Affairs Department.
What you'd like is to take all the credit and sit center stage at all the press conferences after we catch the thief.
I'm not gonna lie, Delko.
I do look good on camera.
Listen to me.
Don't go telling any of your friends in the press about this yet.
This is more than just diamonds we're talking about.
I been doing some digging.
The numbers don't add up.
What numbers? Don't worry about it, Stetler, all right? You won't miss your close-ups.
Thank you.
Eric Delko.
Hey, Sully.
Thanks for coming.
You, uh, said some diamonds went missing.
Yeah, stolen from the evidence locker last week.
Oh, why you coming to me? I'm retired.
I think some evidence was also stolen from a case you worked a few years ago.
Wanted to see if it brings back any memories.
Oh, Everson was a thorn in our side for a couple of years, until we rolled up on his distribution hub in Key Biscayne.
You guys recovered over a million dollars in heroin.
You're saying some of that's missing now? I'm saying that, just like diamonds, heroin's pretty easy to carry out of the evidence locker.
Now, the amount that's in the lockup now is, uh, substantially less than what you logged in.
Any chance you wrote the wrong number? Well, no.
I mean, there were five of us there.
We couldn't be off by that much.
You're thinking maybe an inside job.
A cop.
It's not our guys.
That's what I'm gonna find out.
Good to see yo Eric.
All right, Sully.
Thanks for you help.
Good luck.
Hello? Rebecca, it's Eric.
I need you to meet me at the marina near the south entrance.
Look, I know you're upset about Walter Simmons, but I'm interviewing a witness right now in Hialeah.
Look, I've got some new leads.
It's important.
Well, uh it'll have to wait until tomorrow.
I can meet you around 8:00, okay? I've got to go.
Hi, Cody.
I don't want to talk about my mom.
I know.
You know, sometimes when you have to keep secrets-- a lot of secrets - it's pretty hard to decide what the truth really is.
So, why are you talking to me? 'Cause I'm hoping that you can help me.
Do you mind if I look at those? You're not gonna mess 'em up, are you? I promise that I won't.
I will be super, super careful.
They're awesome.
It's really good.
So, um, who are all these characters? They're vigilantes.
Totally bad ass.
Not scared of anything.
Well, this one looks like you.
And that one looks like Andrea.
And who's this one up here, this third one? Is that Logan? No.
That's Bradley.
But I'm probably not supposed to tell you about him.
Well, you-you can.
You can trust me.
Who's Bradley? He's my little brother.
Well, Cody, you don't have a little brother.
I don't anymore.
Cody was telling the truth.
I just found the birth certificate for the Williams' third child.
Bradley Williams, born June '98, Philadelphia? Where is he now? Let's see.
Deceased as of 2003.
He would've been five years old when he died.
Five years old? Chuck never mentioned losing a son, did he? Is there a death certificate? Cause of death was ruled an accident.
Father was out of town.
Mother says the child got into the kitchen cabinet, when she wasn't watching him.
He swallowed a fatal dose of lighter fluid.
Lighter fluid.
Would you put that out, please? You like playing with fire.
I told you it distracts me.
Bradley didn't just get into that cabinet by himself, did he? We don't talk about Bradley.
I understand that, but I really need to know about Bradley.
Did you leave the lighter fluid out? No.
I would never.
Why would he just drink that stuff? Bradley was smart.
He would never do that.
So what are you trying to tell me? Mom didn't mean to kill him.
What did she mean to do? She was punishing him for burning a hole in the carpet.
She made him drink the lighter fluid.
He's not breathing! Snap out of it! Snap out of it! Okay? Call 911! Right now! But the thing is I burnt the carpet.
And she blamed Bradley.
I didn't stand up for him.
It should've been me.
No, it should not have been either one of you.
Your parents are supposed to protect you, honey.
They're not supposed to hurt you.
I'm the one that protects me and Cody.
Where's your father in all of this? I think he was just as afraid of her as we were.
When I told him what she did, he took her side.
He said it was an accident.
But he had to know it wasn't.
It wasn't an accident.
Bradley's death was an accident.
It-It says so in the report.
I had a conversation, Mr.
Williams, with your daughter Andrea.
What did she say? According to Andrea, your wife murdered Bradley.
Laura didn't mean to hurt him.
She'd just get so angry sometimes.
I couldn't get through to her.
But she-she did hurt him.
I tried to stop her.
I-I did.
But she said if I told anyone, that they would take the children away from both of us.
I-I didn't have any options.
That would make murder your last resort, then.
I wish I were that man, but I'm not.
Well, I guess that leaves the children.
Oh, thanks, Ryan.
I appreciate the extra set of eyes.
So, we're hoping for some trace of the killer here? Yeah, Horatio does not think that the father did it.
Well, it's justifiable homicide, if you ask me.
I agree.
But we're just supposed to analyze the evidence, not pass judgment.
Somebody clearly wiped down this bat.
I didn't find a single print or an epithelial.
Look at this.
See right here? This is all dried, clotted blood.
So then how did that just transfer onto my glove? Maybe it's not blood.
Think you're right.
I think this is ink.
What, from a pen? No.
It's from a marker.
She would get so mad.
And her face would get so ugly.
Sometimes it was like she wasn't even a real human.
All she wanted was to hurt me.
So was it getting worse with you and your mom? Things were about to.
Andrea was leaving.
That meant three years alone with her.
I wasn't gonna make it.
Cody, I need you to tell me what happened last night.
During the party, I left my marker open on the couch, and that made a huge stain.
I knew my mom would make me pay.
I hid in the garage.
And then she came outside, and she was so angry about a broken light.
And I thought she'd blame me for that, too.
Oh, I just wanted to make her stop.
Come out here.
I'm gonna get your face on video, and I'm gonna send it straight to the cops.
You little piece of The next thing I knew I was looking down at her.
She was just staring off into the distance.
And I felt relieved.
Relieved? For one second of my life, I wasn't worried about her coming after me.
Then Andrea came outside.
What did I do? We have to call 911.
Give me the bat, go inside, never tell anyone about this.
You understand? I killed my own mother.
She always said there was something wrong with me.
I guess she was right.
No, Cody.
Don't think that.
Never think that.
Come with me, Cody.
Don't take him away.
He didn't do it.
I did it.
I had ink on my hands, I grabbed the bat, I killed her.
That's not what happened.
Please just let me be a father to my son, for once.
You have to understand, I have to do something.
And you will.
I'm going to talk to the prosecutor, and you and Andrea need to tell the whole story.
Will Cody go to prison? I don't know.
I hope not.