CSI: Miami s08e23 Episode Script

Time Bomb

Hey, Calleigh.
Hey, I thought we were supposed to meet for coffee.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I-I got pulled away.
Oh, really? Yeah.
Uh, I'm downtown, about to step into court.
Is everything okay? Yeah, sure.
I'll talk to you in a bit.
Eric! What are you doing? Calleigh, where did you come from? Why did you lie to me? I didn't lie to you.
Yes, you did.
Calleigh, look, can we not do this now? You drove right past me at PD.
You followed me here? Of course I did.
You've been acting strange, and now you're lying to me.
What time can I get in to see Talbot? Yeah, I'm not lying.
Are you still working for the A.
? I never stopped working for the state attorney's office when I came back to the lab.
But you both have offices, so why are you here? Calleigh.
Does this have something to do with Walter? Are you building some sort of a case against him? What? No! No.
Well, then are you the reason why people are getting dragged into Rebecca's office? You don't know what you're talking about.
Then why don't you tell me the truth? I'll explain later, okay? When there's time.
Whatever works for you.
Calleigh! Eric! Eric! Eric, are you okay? Please stand.
We're live now at the Asher Business Park in East Miami, where a suspected car bombing has rocked the city and the state now that word is out that this may have been an assassination.
Walter, EDRK on the Hummer? Yeah, but you got to get it yourself.
I'm looking for another patrolman.
Eric! Eric, you okay? Yeah.
What happened? Supposed to meet Nevins here.
I I found something big, H.
I was going to tell her.
I I got into a conversation with Calleigh.
If that hadn't happened, I-I would've been standing right next to her.
What did you find for Nevins? The theft from the evidence lockup, it's There's more to it than the missing diamonds.
There's a half a million dollars in seized heroin that's-- it's missing, it's gone.
You're sure about this? Yeah.
I chased the paper on the Everson case from 2006.
I-I checked the evidence inventory it doesn't match up.
Eric, the Everson case of 2006 was Sully's case.
Yeah, he gave me some information yesterday.
This bomb could've been meant for you.
Who else knows about this? No one.
Eric, she was our friend.
Let's not forget it.
Hey, partner.
Missed a good day out on the Gulf Stream.
Not your thing, I know.
I understand you spoke to Eric Delko yesterday.
He came to me, yeah.
Wanted to talk to an old retired cop about an old case.
Specifically, the Everson case.
Yeah, he said evidence has gone missing.
It has Sully.
Well, what do you want from me? Have you talked to anybody else about it? Of course not.
Why? Somebody tried to assassinate Eric today.
They what? Clearly, Sully, he's getting close to something.
You think a cop did all this.
Has to be somebody inside, doesn't it? What do you want me to do? Need you to keep your ear to the ground, and if you hear anything, you let me know.
You bet.
Here you go.
Oh, thanks.
Listen, if you, um ever need to talk Thank you.
You know, Jesse, I keep finding all of this thin granular residue on the bomb site, and it's not dust.
There's more on the door panel; will you check it out? Yeah, it's some sort of white residue.
You notice that smell? Yeah.
Smells like fuel.
At first, I thought it was the car, but I think it's from the bomb itself.
That means we're looking at ANFO.
Ammonium nitrate fuel oil.
That would explain the extent of the damage.
Well, the bomb clearly originated from that car.
All right, bye.
You know, we need to find the detonator.
Will you make sure the separate sectors go back in different vehicles? Thanks.
Hey, flatbed's on the way.
We'll clear the scene when it's ready for transport.
What do you know, Eric? Nothing more than you do, Natalia.
Come on, you got to drop the act.
I mean, really, look at this.
Nevins is dead! This case has officially dropped in all of our laps, so you got to come clean about this, about everything.
Come clean about what? She deserves to know.
Everyone deserves to know.
Know what? Nevins-- she had me wearing a wire.
A wire?! You agreed to that? Evidence was going missing from the lab.
So you were spying on us? Everyone was a suspect on the stolen diamonds and the heroin.
Okay? If it wasn't me, it was going to be someone that wasn't going to protect you.
You're a real hero, Delko.
BOA VISTA: Okay, okay, it's not as simple as it all seems.
And you-- you knew about this the whole time? I'm sorry.
Some team.
I was doing it to protect you guys! You almost got yourself killed.
How's that protecting anyone? Hey, Delko.
When you get a sec.
You know a lot about cars.
So from what I can see, every VIN on this car was stripped before the blast.
What do you think? You know what, let's start with what's left of the suspension system.
Yeah, what are you thinking? Pass me that saw, please.
Got a hydraulic pump.
Or what's left of it, anyway.
This car had a hydraulic suspension.
Well, you know what? A serial number can be just as useful as a VIN.
All right, let's start with a search of local auto shops.
A serial number could get us the owner of the bomb car.
All right.
All right, the hydraulics were installed on an '86 Cutlass.
Hmm, that makes sense.
The size and shape of the wreckage could belong to a Cutlass.
Well, here's the VIN number.
Any details on the car? Vehicle records say that this car was shot up in a bank robbery in '08.
Bank robbery? Who owns the car? We do.
This car is supposed to be in our impound yard.
What? Hey, let the phone ring.
Um, let's see.
Yes, I think this is the car you're looking for.
A 1986 Cutlass.
Uh, was seized by Major Crimes in 2008.
Um, let's see impounded here two weeks later.
Even mentions the That's our bomb car.
Who signed it out? Uh, that would be a Detective, uh, Steven Carmichael.
Carmichael pulled the vehicle for Undercover Task Force in March.
I need to use your computer.
Yeah, of course.
Of course, just All right, let me ask you this.
So you signed it out, he never brought it back.
And that didn't bother you? Well, no, I-I have heard nothing about this.
This is the first time.
Got something.
Carmichael pulled another car out a month earlier.
Sounds like a pattern to me.
Look, I just got out of the academy like two months ago, all right? This is way before my time.
Pull all requisitions signed by Carmichael.
Of course.
Carmichael's in Narco.
His file's flagged "restricted"" That'll make it tough to track him down.
Let's start with his last case.
I need you to make copies of these for me.
Yes, sir.
Hey, easy.
Tino Garvez.
Have a seat, Tino.
What is this? Looking for a known associate of yours.
Associate? You mean cop.
Carmichael was investigating you, and he just disappeared.
Well, I guess that's too bad, isn't it? It's too bad, huh? Where is he? Screw you.
Screw us? Yeah.
Does Carmichael still work for you?! That undercover pig never worked for me.
He's responsible for almost $3 million in missing evidence.
You understand me? Cars, diamonds, narcotics.
That sounds just like my type of guy.
Tino, where is he? Dropped him off somewhere between here and Key West.
When was that? Summer of '08 sometime.
So you're saying you killed him.
Well, there ain't gonna be much left to find.
Maybe the anchor he went down with.
H, that car didn't go missing till March, 2010.
Tino, you're a liar.
Why would I do that? I'm sitting here doing life, chief.
Honesty's my new policy, all right? Now, however, I just told you two that I 86'd a cop, and you're going on here about some car? You guys are getting played, seems to me.
Yo, C.
Let's go, get out of here.
Huh? Huh? You guys are gettin' played.
What did you get from Garvez? It turns out that the car used in the bombing was checked out of impound by a police officer named Carmichael.
Used the name of a dead cop - we got a mess.
What do you want me to do? I want you to start pulling files on Carmichael and I want you to keep me in the loop.
You don't do interviews without me.
Got it.
I'm just saying, I've never stolen anything, ever.
I don't even know Delko all that well.
Come to think of it, that's probably why he set his sights on me in the first place.
I don't think that's true, Walter.
These metal sprockets that Natalia recovered from the scene might actually be helpful.
You don't think they came from the vehicles? No.
We collected hundreds of them.
I bet you they were part of the bomb.
Well, take a look at this.
I think I just found the ignition device.
What? What is that? Some kind of toy rocket engine? Yeah, it makes sense.
Motor uses a composite propellant.
The engine cap forces the gas and flames into the nozzle.
Surefire way to ignite a hundred pounds of ANFO.
Yeah, but what ignites that thing? What ignites that? A cell phone.
The bomb was detonated remotely.
Come to Daddy.
I found eight different kinds of sprockets in all this debris.
All right, Wolfe, follow me.
Sprockets are gears used in motors.
If we can match the sprocket with the motor, like here These sprockets are all used in golf carts.
Great, golf carts.
There's only a million of those in Miami.
We found hundreds of those sprockets, though.
But you know what, Walter? I don't think we're looking for someone who owns a golf cart.
I think we're looking for someone who repairs golf carts.
Drew Pollack, let me ask you something.
How is the golf cart business these days? Everybody over 50 in Miami has one, so business is good.
So you recognize these? 'Cause what I think, is that they're parts used in golf carts.
so? So, you used them to make bombs.
Like the one you used today to kill Rebecca Nevins.
What? What are you talking about? Don't play dumb, Pollack.
We know you built a bomb in 1999 that blew up a restaurant using the exact some signature as the one today.
Toy rocket cell phone trigger.
That was a long time ago.
Look, I I cooperated with the state attorney.
The state attorney was, uh, Rebecca Nevins.
She prosecuted the case, right? Yeah, yeah, she's the reason I'm out.
That's right.
She made a deal with you.
You copped a plea.
But you still got ten years.
I don't know, that feels like revenge to me.
Listen to me, Pollack, we know you're a rat.
And I'm going to give you a chance to help yourself.
How did you get the car out of the police impound, huh? Who are you working with? I want my lawyer.
This is Dr.
Tom Loman.
I am continuing the autopsy of Rebecca Nevins.
X-raying the remains with a digital fluoroscope.
Victim suffered massive concussive injuries.
Brain mass was pulverized and badly misshapen.
Cardiac sac was desiccated.
Heart muscle completely severed from arterial structure.
Lungs bisected and torn.
Liver shredded.
Victim suffered dislocation of the spine at the seventh cervical juncture.
An appearance of shrapnel is noted throughout the body.
Good God.
I will attempt to remove offending items with rubber tweezers, so as to preserve evidentiary value.
Assist, please.
Thank you, sir.
Oh I just pulled a GPS chip from Nevins' body.
Okay, the GPS in her car was intact.
So this has to belong to the bomb car.
If the bomber used Nav, then a reverse journey will take us right back to him.
FEMALE VOICE: Destination in one quarter mile.
We got backup.
So, are you still wearing it? No.
I'm not wearing the wire.
Are you sure? Calleigh, I stopped wearing it.
Destination in 1,000 feet.
'Cause I don't want to think about it.
Think about what? What are you talking about? Were you wearing it when we were together? Destination in 500 feet.
Were you wearing the wire when we were at home? You have arrived at your destination.
Calleigh, listen to me.
I wasn't wearing the wire when we were home together.
That's Ryan's.
The car bomb started here? No one really believes that Ryan did any of this, do they? Well, we know it was someone on the inside, so we do what we got to do.
Hey! Hey, careful with his stuff.
He's one of us.
Hey! I just don't feel good about doing any of this.
Yeah, me, neither.
I guess just look at it as not searching a suspect, but a way to exonerate Wolfe.
Yeah, well, Wolfe's here.
Hey, Wolfe's here.
Don't stop searching.
I'll go talk to him.
The hell is going on here?! Stop.
You can't go inside.
Oh, I can't go inside? This is my place.
I said stop! It's okay.
He can come in.
It's okay.
Those are my clubs.
Hey! What is going on here? Is this some kind of joke? What is IA doing here? Okay, look, the GPS coordinates from the car bomb led us back here.
Where were you this morning? You think I had something to do with the bomb? Are you serious? I don't know.
Are you kidding me? ! And what is he doing here? Hey, I'm just trying to help.
Oh, you're just trying to help? What's the matter? Your investigation with Walter hit a dead end, Eric? Speaking of which, make yourself at home, Walter, please.
Don't get up.
All you guys can take a look around.
Go through whatever you want.
You're going to find anything, so ha, ha, ha.
Eric, what are you doing? Those aren't mine.
Of course, they're not.
You stole them.
No, I mean I didn't put them there! I did not put them there.
I have no idea how they got there.
Someone is trying to set me up.
Do you see what's going on here? You guys got to believe me.
Someone's trying to set me up here.
It's not me.
Take him, please.
Thanks a lot.
What happened? You have some old gambling debts to pay off, so you stole the diamonds? You steal the car, the heroin, all that? I haven't gambled in four years, Rick.
Was Nevins getting too close? You think I murdered Nevins? You better come out and say it, buddy.
Well, the evidence that you trust so much is leading us all one way.
That's kind of how somebody wants it to look, isn't it? Mr.
Wolfe, back off right now.
Wolfe was the last person to see the diamonds before they went missing, Horatio.
I was in the evidence locker.
I was counting the diamonds.
I put them back in the bin.
Then I signed out with an officer.
And that is by the book, Rick.
He was the last person in the chain of custody, and the diamonds were found at his house.
I was also the one who reported them missing.
Oh, and thanks to two of your CSIs, we also know the bomb car originated from Wolfe's house.
He's a prime suspect here.
This is an active investigation, my friend.
You're done.
I let you try it your way, and A.
Nevins got killed.
So, cuff him now, please.
Those are not necessary.
It's by the book, Horatio.
You guys seeing this? They're dragging Wolfe away in cuffs.
This isn't right.
We-we got to do something.
Well, I'm getting nothing here.
Well, whoever framed Ryan killed Nevins.
Yeah, they also knew how to make themselves invisible.
I mean, there's no prints, no usable trace, no DNA.
There's no human DNA.
What are you doing? Is this a new identification process? Brand-new.
Just read about it in a journal.
Well, what is it? Well, every time we touch an object-- anything, from, um, a keyboard to a steering wheel To the diamonds? Exactly.
We leave behind a distinct bacterial signature that's consistent for up to two weeks.
So, you're saying we can tell who handled the diamonds by the bacteria they left behind? Exactly.
We each have a unique little set of creatures that are crawling on our skin.
Kind of makes you want to lose your lunch, doesn't it? This bacterial signature won't match 87% of the population.
Well, then, we need to get elimination samples from everybody in the lab.
Starting with Ryan.
Yeah, look, something about Nevins' connection to Pollack was bugging me, so I looked deeper into her case against him.
You're not going to believe what I found.
I didn't blow up that restaurant.
Well, next time, don't use your own cell phone as the trigger, genius, and maybe I'll believe you.
Sully, better fix your lunch order before Parker hits the road.
Sit tight, rocket man.
I'm not done with you.
Sully was the lead Detective.
He's the only one I told about my investigation.
If he's a dirty cop, he'd have every reason to want Nevins and me dead.
How do you want to handle it? I'll talk to him.
Taking a trip, Sully? Horatio.
Heading out to Government Cut.
Tarpon are schooling.
Drew Pollack, Sully.
Who? Drew Pollack, the bomber from '99.
Yeah, I worked that case ten years ago.
He killed Rebecca Nevins this morning.
You think I had something to do with this? I need you to come in for questioning.
Why? So you can run your tests? Take me in your lab and prove what? I This is your chance, Sully.
I know how it goes.
I walk in that lab I'm done.
Gun! Easy, everybody.
Sully, put the gun down.
I can't.
It's too late.
I screwed up.
I screwed up bad.
Let's talk about it.
Talk? Talk I dug myself such a hole, you can't even get me out, Horatio.
Sully, were you stealing evidence? No.
Then who was? Nobody was supposed to get hurt.
But they did.
They got killed, Sully, and that's on you.
Come inside, Sully, please.
Sully, come inside.
It's too late.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, H.
Have they released Wolfe yet? No.
Still waiting for the bacterial DNA results.
Sully say who Carmichael was? He did not.
We're looking for another cop, someone Sully knew and trusted.
We are.
The officer that works here in the evidence locker.
What about him? Before he worked the evidence locker, Frank he worked the impound yard.
Where most of the property was stolen.
he signed out for Carmichael.
And he was in the lab when the diamonds were stolen.
He gets around, Frank.
Yeah, that sounds good.
I like their food.
Get off of the phone, Olansky.
I'll call you back.
You know, during your time at the impound, you signed out multiple cars to an officer Carmichael - none of which were ever returned.
Including the bomb car.
Lot of people come in and out of impound, sir.
It's hard to keep the names and the faces straight.
That's fair enough.
But, uh, coincidentally, you were also at the evidence lockup the day the diamonds went missing.
And during that very same shift, Officer, you claim the security cameras went down and that you called Tech Services.
Yes, sir.
We checked the internal log and your extension.
You never made that call, Officer.
I misspoke, sir.
I went to Tech Services.
I thought it'd be faster.
You thought that'd be faster than a phone call? Officer Olansky, you shut those cameras off, didn't you? No, sir.
You did deal with Carmichael, though.
Yes, sir.
And he did sign out those cars.
Right, Officer? Yes, sir.
Including the bomb car.
Here's the problem, Officer.
Carmichael has been dead for over two years.
Two years.
So I'm gonna ask you again.
Who are you dealing with? Who signed out the cars? Stop lying, Olansky, all right? An assistant state attorney was killed in that car.
Who was Carmichael? Somebody shut those cameras off to protect that man.
Now, who was it? Officer, this is a murder one rap.
You don't give me his name, you take it yourself.
I want you to think about that.
I got your call, Horatio.
Bacterial DNA was a match.
So we got our man.
As a matter of fact, we do, Rick.
Why don't you have a seat? What's going on? We ran a bacteria sample from you against the profile from the diamonds.
You were a match.
What are you talking about? You never swabbed me.
No, but you were holding that folder while you were interrogating me.
Okay, so you got a bacterial DNA match.
You don't have my DNA.
We don't need it.
He's right, Rick.
We don't need it.
With Olansky's testimony, you're going down.
Or should we, uh Should we call you Carmichael? All of these years, Stetler, you were trying to pin something on one of us, you were the dirty one.
Stealing evidence, the cars, drugs, diamonds.
And most importantly, conspiring to kill the state's attorney, Rick.
Started with one car.
One stupid car.
Carmichael-- he takes a Porsche out of impound for a case.
Carmichael disappears.
Nobody cares.
Nobody notices.
$100,000 car gone.
$100,000? That stuff just sits there in Asset Forfeiture.
Goes forgotten.
So I made a trip to impound.
Where you taking the vehicle, sir? You're Officer Olansky, right? Yes, sir.
You know, you failed your last drug test.
I was told I passed.
Oh, did I say your last? I meant your next drug test.
Yeah, here's the deal.
I make sure that that doesn't happen, you get to keep your job, and all it costs is a dead banger's ride.
Is that fair enough? Thank you.
There we go.
That's where you got the car you used for the bombing, right? The diamonds they were gonna be it.
You see, I just needed a couple more weeks, because I couldn't let all those years of work go to waste.
You planted those diamonds in Wolfe's apartment to buy time, and that's all.
I gave my life for this.
And what do I got to show for it? I got high blood pressure, I got two ex-wives, and I got a pension that ain't worth spit.
We all do.
That's the nature of the sacrifice.
Cut the self-righteousness, Horatio.
You know better than anybody that this place chews you up, and what are you gonna get at the end, Horatio? You're gonna get an exit interview, and you're gonna get a cheap watch.
So I stole from some thieves.
Big deal.
Rebecca Nevins was one of us, Rick, and you had her killed.
This ain't me, guys.
You know me.
Get up.
Get up.
You tried to pin all this on me? You're going to prison, you son of a bitch.
I know.
I'm glad you got my back.
Thank you.
It's quite a sight.
That view never gets old.
I wasn't talking about the view.
Flattery will get you nowhere today.
I know it's gonna take me a while to earn back your trust.
You're right about that.