CSI: Miami s09e03 Episode Script

See No Evil

Stop! Stop! No! Please! Don't hurt me.
No! You can take my wallet! It's not what I'm after.
Somebody help me! Shut up! Is somebody in here? I'll find you.
Where are you? No.
There you are.
I'm blind.
Don't hurt me.
I didn't see anything.
I can't see you.
I can't.
Please don't shoot me.
I can't see you.
Please don't shoot me.
No, I'm not going to shoot you.
What's the point? You're worthless.
God, are you okay? Whoa.
Hey, buddy.
You okay? Is that guy okay? Watch it, pal.
You okay? Hey.
Take it easy.
Excuse me.
I can assure you this, if she violated her restraining order Officer! Excuse me.
Excuse me, sir.
What happened to you? In the bathroom.
A man was attacking a girl.
In the public bathroom? Yes.
Officer, he had a gun.
He had a gun.
John, call it in.
Call it in, John.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, folks.
Everybody, get down! Police! Get down! Miami-Dade Police! Stop! CSI MIAMI What's your name, son? Ben Wilcox.
I only knew you were police officers because even when the sirens are off, the spinning lights still make a noise.
Kind of a clicking.
Not the type of thing sighted people ever pay attention to, but Those are the cues that allow me to live my life.
And maybe save somebody else's, too.
How? You feel up to a statement, Ben? Sure.
I mean, no problem, I Do you know who the girl is yet? Well, I just talked to Missing Persons, and so they're on it.
I'll do anything to help find that girl.
You need to go over and secure the entrance.
You know, I'm not sure how he's going to be able to help.
He didn't actually see anything.
I think you're blocking the lady's light, Mr.
He's right.
You're creating a shadow.
How can you tell? Uh, I could feel it.
The light was warm against my cheek until you stepped in front of it.
Are you seriously doing the hand thing? You sure you can't see? I can smell.
The scent of hand sanitizer was a dead giveaway.
I apologize for my co-worker.
Well, let's just get a few things out of the way.
I have been blind for eight years.
But I still dream in images.
I miss my sight every day, I don't have a dog, I do read Braille, and no, I'm not good at music.
Now let's get down to business.
Why don't you tell us what you experienced? I was in the stall on the end.
I-I heard footsteps and then a crash.
Stop! Stop! No! Please, don't hurt me! No! Did, uh did you hear the victim say anything that would help ID her? Uh, I-I don't think so.
It sounded like a mugging, but she said he could have her wallet, he said that wasn't what he wanted, and then there was a noise.
Metal on metal.
You can take my wallet! You can have it! That's not what I'm after.
Somebody help me! Shut up! And then what happened? Uh the girl started screaming.
Then there was a sweet smell, then the girl stopped screaming.
Sweet smell.
It's probably chloroform.
I was trying to dial 911, but, uh, my foot slipped.
The man discovered me.
He pushed in the door.
He smelled awful.
Like, uh rotten fish.
Then he held a gun to my head, and then he hit me with it.
If he smelled like rotten fish, maybe we're looking for a fisherman.
Now, you also mentioned that there was a metal-on-metal sound.
What could that have been? The gun, possibly? No, something with less weight.
So keys, maybe? Could've been.
Do me a favor.
Tell me if any of this sounds familiar, okay? Okay, yeah.
No, I-I guess it wasn't against the door.
How about this? No, that's not it either.
What about this? Yeah! That's it! Yeah? What is that? It's a, uh, draining grate.
My God, he found something.
They're dog tags.
And they're clean.
She must have pulled them off during the attack.
The name is Peterson, Todd.
H? We've got a name.
Todd Peterson? Get your hands on your head, and down on the ground, right now.
What's going on? Where's the girl? What girl? The girl that ripped these dog tags off you when you kidnapped her.
Where is she? I didn't kidnap anybody.
Those belong to my daughter, Lindsey.
Lindsey found these in my desk.
Asked if she could wear them.
Said she liked having a tough dad.
Made her feel safe.
When was the last time you saw her? Uh, this morning, before work when she called me on the way to my meeting.
Oh my God.
He'd already taken her.
That's why she needed money.
Let me get my cell phone.
Here it is.
Peterson, what exactly did Lindsey say to you? Uh, she wanted the-the PIN to the bank account.
PIN? That's only for getting cash out.
I don't think I'm ready to let you have that just yet.
You don't understand.
It's an emergency.
Look, I got a meeting right now.
But we'll talk tonight about upping your allowance, I promise.
No, Dad, wait! Did I get my daughter killed? Listen, the kidnapper hasn't gotten what he wants yet.
He'll call back.
Which means? Which means we wait.
Right here.
Honey, I'm sorry, I cannot hear you.
What is going on? That's my wife.
Claire, Lindsey's been kidnapped.
What? No, she's on the line.
Lindsey? Lindsey, are you there? Dad.
I've got the PIN code.
And you'll give it to me.
It's 3-2-4-8.
Tell him he can have whatever money he wants.
We just want to have you home safely.
That was a viable option before you got the cops involved.
What? I heard that click.
I know you're tracking this.
Now if I see cops in my rearview mirror, your daughter dies! Oh my God.
Lindsey? Lindsey? Give me the phone.
Where do you bank? Dade Mutual.
Eric, we need to get the photograph to every branch.
I'm on it.
Now that he's got her, is he going to kill her? I'm not going to let that happen.
Take off your shirt.
No? You saying you'd rather me do the honors? Take it off.
All natural, right? Oh, I like what I see.
We don't have time for that.
Put this on.
Eh, what? No! Put it on! Now you listen to me, right now! You do anything I don't like, I push this button.
Do you see this? When I do, it lights up this cell phone, and triggers all these C4 explosives.
And then? Boom.
You understand? I really appreciate this, Ben.
Anything to help find that girl.
Hi, Ben, I'm Calleigh.
Hi, Calleigh.
Okay, so Lindsey has the PIN.
She must be at a Dade Mutual branch.
We've mapped out all of the branches in Miami.
What we're hoping is that you can listen to the call and see if you can identify what branch the kidnapper might be closest to.
Uh, you know my hearing isn't any better than you guys, right? Well, that may be true, but identifying the sounds around you are how you live your life.
I'll do my best.
So I'm going to take out the voices, so you can concentrate on the background noise, all right? Uh-huh.
Here we go.
I heard that click.
I know Could this be some kind of power line? Uh, it's dragonflies.
Heard near bodies of water, blacktop surfaces.
Okay, well, unfortunately in Miami that's not going to narrow things down for us too much.
I figured this was a garbage truck.
Let me highlight all the streets today with pickup.
Uh, wait, wait, wait.
Uh, play that again.
There are no crinkle sounds.
Garbage bags always crinkle.
This stuff isn't in bags; I think that's a recycling truck.
Uh, there are several different dogs barking.
Could it be a residential neighborhood? It's constant, not like passersby.
Like a dog park.
There are no human voices.
You'd be surprised how much people talk to their dogs.
Could it be a kennel? Let me do a search for all of the animal shelters in the area that have an outdoor dog run.
Whoa, look at that! Okay, there's one street with pickup today that has an animal shelter on it.
$50,000 is an awfully big withdrawal.
My dad is buying me a Beemer.
Well, I'm going to need another form of ID.
No! Please don't shoot him! Don't come any closer.
He said he'll make it explode! Come on, Lindsey.
Hold your fire, Mr.
I get the money now, or she dies! Get in the van! Lindsey? Sweetheart? Would you turn to your left for me, please? Move it, Lindsey! Turn to my left? That's right.
Just turn to your left.
Come on, Lindsey.
Why don't you let her go? She's served her purpose.
She gets in the van right now, with the money, and maybe I don't blow her to bits! You follow us, she's done.
I got his face.
I saw his face.
Oh, I saw the kidnapper.
For a second, through glass, in a mirror, but I saw him.
I saw his face.
If there's ever a time you're not sure about something, tell me.
Don't make guesses.
I know you want to help catch this guy, but guessing will only lessen the drawing's accuracy.
I've been a police officer for a while, I kind of know the drill.
So what do you remember about the man you saw? He, uh, he was young.
He was in his 20s, early 30s.
He had a skinny, weaselly face.
Do you mean that his features were similar to a weasel, or that he appeared to be a deceptive person? Second one.
How about we look through this feature book, and you point out anything that resembles the man you saw? That one.
It was definitely that one.
Were the kidnapper's eyes set wide apart, narrow, or average? I'd say they were average, but they were deep-set.
And they were blue.
In fact, they were so deeply set they made his forehead stick out a little bit.
Prominent superciliary arch.
What about hair? Did it look like any of these? You know what? It looked exactly like this, but longer, like Tom Cruise in Cocktail.
Topical reference.
It's been on cable a lot recently.
Is there an app for this yet, or? Probably.
But I'm more of a tactile kind of gal.
Oh, yeah? On to ears.
His ears stuck out a little bit.
Stuck out like Channing Tatum, or stuck out like Will Smith? I I don't I don't have cable right now, but my sister gets Us Weekly.
Oh, your sister.
Can I take a look? Do you think you've ever seen this man before? He cuts my hair.
All right, look, Mrs.
He kidnapped your daughter.
Did you ever tell him anything about your family? Oh, my God.
Todd thinks I'm stupid.
But I know he's got something going on.
I may have mentioned that we keep a lot of cash in our bank accounts.
If something happens to her, I will never forgive myself.
Let's make sure that doesn't happen.
Why don't you tell me everything you know about this man, starting with his name.
It's, uh, Dominic Giordano.
Now where is Lindsey Peterson? - No idea.
- It's empty.
I'm going to ask you again.
Where is she? I can't tell you.
You got half a brain, you're gonna help yourself out, because you're going down for kidnapping and robbery.
Robbery? No way, man.
That money doesn't rightfully belong to anyone.
What are you talking about? Ask the Petersons.
I'm asking you.
You kidnapped her.
Where is she? That's the thing, man, I didn't kidnap her.
It was my partner.
This was all his plan.
I finished what you couldn't.
Listen, I was gonna do it, but You wasn't gonna do nothing.
I'll make it up to you.
Oh, yes, you will.
You're going to start earning your keep.
Yeah, well, what's his name? No way, man.
He'll kill me.
Not if we beat him to it.
What's his name, friend? I can't tell you.
But he's somewhere you'll never look.
Yeah? Surprise me.
Take him in.
Let's go.
Get in.
This better be good.
Peterson, Dominic Giordano implied that your money doesn't really belong to you.
What did he mean by that? I have no idea.
Okay, so you don't know anything that could help us find Lindsey? Todd, I told Dominic everything.
What exactly do you mean by "everything"? I'm sorry.
But you weren't being honest with me.
I was angry, and-and Dominic was a willing ear, so I told him about the money.
I mean, a restaurant doesn't just suddenly turn around and bring in a million dollars.
I'm not an idiot.
Of course not, Mrs.
If he was smart, he'd ask your advice on how to hide it.
Hide it? He's been depositing it all into the family bank account.
Where exactly did the million dollars come from, Mr.
Peterson? You have to understand, I am not a criminal.
My business was failing, and some men came to me with an offer.
Said they were Japanese investors.
What did you do for these Japanese investors? Our restaurants do a lot of cash business.
I just took their money and put it in our account, and showed it as profit for our company.
I gave it back to them after a few months.
For a fee.
You do realize that this is why Dominic targeted Lindsey.
He knew that you wouldn't report money stolen that was never really yours in the first place.
Yeah, but once Dominic got the money, why didn't he bring Lindsey home? Because he didn't count on there being a witness to Lindsey's abduction.
Once he knew someone was there, the heat was on.
He couldn't just drop her off.
Where is Lindsey now? We believe that she's with his partner.
Lindsey? Sweetheart? Would you turn to your left for me, please? Move it, Lindsey! Turn to my left? That's right.
Just turn to your left.
Come on, Lindsey.
Why don't you let her go? She's served Looked into Giordano.
Guy's got no history, save a, uh, DUI in '07.
No criminal associates I can find.
I don't believe that's true, Frank.
What do you mean? Are you looking at those? Small black squares? They're solar panels, Frank, designed to power a phone.
That's smart.
It's a signature.
I've seen it before.
Where? Joe LeBrock.
Dirtbag that tried to get to Kyle in prison? Hold on a second.
He's behind bars at a private prison.
You think he's connected? Don't you? I'll have him transferred, ASAP.
Let's go.
Ben, thank you so much.
This is really great.
Well, I just hope you guys find her.
You need any help finding your way out? No You gonna tell me what I'm doing here? Uh, Ms.
Boa Vista, who's that? It's an inmate being transferred.
At least give me a bathroom break.
No, I know that voice.
That's the man from the bathroom, he held a gun to my head! No, that can't be him, he's been in prison for four years.
I know it was you! You took Lindsey Peterson.
Son, you must be blind and crazy.
I'm not crazy.
No, you're not, Ben.
You believe me, Lieutenant? I do believe you.
How's Kyle? Bring Joe inside.
Really, Lieutenant? You're going to take the word of a blind man? I am.
And just so I understand, you're accusing me of kidnapping someone.
Somehow, you kidnapped a girl this morning and passed her off to your partner.
Somebody help me! Shut up! I'll make it up to you.
Oh, hell, yes, you will.
You're gonna start earning your keep.
She got the card? All you need is the PIN.
Now, you put this on her.
You get the money.
It's a 50/50 split, just like we talked about.
All right.
Well, um, I spent the morning in Miami-West Prison, so you have me at a loss.
Do I? What the hell is this? I'm testing for explosives.
Yeah, popped positive for RDX.
Joe, I did a little checking, and it turns out that you and Giordano were in detention a few years ago.
I think that's when you hatched the current plan.
Got three months for this DUI.
Just enough time for me to get behind on the mortgage and lose the condo.
It doesn't have to be that way.
Oh, what? You know a bunch of rich ladies who need haircuts? That's your problem, right there.
You're spending all your time trying to get those rich ladies to give you the money when you should just up and take it.
How exactly would I do that? I think you mean "we.
" Well, if you've got it all worked out, what do you need me for? Where is Lindsey Peterson, Joe? Where is Lindsey Peterson? If I had to hazard a guess I'd say, dead, dying No, Joe.
She better not be.
Or what? You gonna send me to prison? If this girl has been harmed in any way, prison will be the least of your problems.
How did he get out of that prison, Eric? Someone on the inside's looking the other way.
I'll get to the bottom of it.
Whoever helped him knows where Lindsey is.
Take off your shoes.
Put them in the bag.
When am I getting out of here? When we find Miss Peterson.
Please tell me you uncovered something at Giordano's salon.
Just Dominic's half of the cash.
Unfortunately, there was no sign of Lindsey.
That poor girl.
She must be frightened.
We're going to find her.
Have you finished the shoes? No, not yet.
Let me help.
You seen one of these? No.
All I've got is the asphalt gravel from the Miami-West Prison yard.
So that doesn't narrow things down for us very much.
And these fibers look like carpet, but we'd have to run a data comparison to find out exactly which kind.
It's the residue sample.
Sodium alginate.
What is that? It's a type of algae.
It's used as a stabilizer in manufacturing.
What kind of manufacturing? Good question.
Dental impressions, fabric dyes Multiple uses in the food industry.
Helps to maintain the texture of pet foods and certain canned meats.
Wait a minute.
This morning, Ben said that LeBrock smelled like fish.
This stuff could definitely be used in a tuna or sardine canning process.
There's no way there's more than one factory closed in Miami.
Lindsey? Lindsey? Lindsey? Lindsey? Mr.
Wolfe, I'm guessing this is LeBrock's half of the cash.
What is it doing there? Why's his money here? If he could've been a free man this morning, why'd he return to jail? That's a very good question.
This must be his hideout.
It's only a quarter-mile from the prison.
LeBrock's building a nest egg so he can save enough money for his final escape.
Wolfe, you see those drag marks? Yeah.
Lindsey? Lindsey? She's in here.
Okay, sweetheart, here we come.
We got you.
You were the men at the bank.
Yeah, that was us.
Did you find the men that did this to me? We did.
We got them, and they're never gonna bother you again, okay? All right, come on.
It's a wrench.
That's what this is for.
What are you doing over there? I'm putting this place on lockdown.
What's going on? Lockdown! Let's get her straight to the hospital, Mr.
Eric, what's up? H.
Found out how LeBrock was getting out.
He was tunneling his way out of his cell into the sewer line.
It's how he kidnapped Lindsey.
He snuck back in here.
That's how he got the perfect alibi.
Where does that tunnel go? Eric.
Well, I found the other end of the tunnel.
Officer Delko.
Hang on, hang on.
There's a C.
On the east wing that says that there's several toilets on cell block "F" that are just like LeBrock's.
And eight of those cells are empty.
Go ahead.
There's more.
What are you talking about? They're coming right towards you.
Who is? The inmates.
Come on, hurry up, let's go.
Nobody here.
Come on, this way.
Come on, hurry up, let's go.
Just go.
Someone's shooting down here! Where's it coming from? Come on.
Come on, hurry up, let's go.
Just go.
Cop! Shots! Let's get out of here! Go! That was good timing, H.
The prison thinks there's about eight inmates involved in the breakout.
Apprehended one, killed two.
Well, that leaves five running around the sewer system.
Gentlemen, we need to lock this city down right now.
Will do.
Eric, you need to get that checked.
It's all right.
I'll be fine, H.
All right, fine.
Let the manhunt begin.
Where are you going? I got a promise to keep.
You got my message.
Yeah, you found Lindsey.
Is she? She is okay because of you.
Think you may have missed your calling as a CSI.
Well, the firearms training might pose a slight problem.
Yeah, I guess so.
Well, look, if there's anything you ever need from us, you ever need any help, please don't hesitate to call.
You don't have to do me any special favors 'cause I'm blind.
I'm not doing you any special favors 'cause you're blind.
You helped us out today; We owe you.
I'm kind of used to everyone assuming I need some kind of help because of my disability.
You know, in a weird way, that's kind of what kept me alive today.
How's that? Joe LeBrock he said I was worthless.
Well, you proved him wrong and then some.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Thank you so much.
You missed your own jailbreak, Joe.
I told those idiots to wait for my order.
I won't make that mistake again.
And you know why, Joe? We're gonna drop you down a hole so deep, there'll be no yard time, no privileges, and no digging your little tunnels.
And you are going to be a very busy boy.
You see, a lot of those escaped cons were talking about a certain red-headed lieutenant.
And I think what they were talking about was retaliation.
Well you know what I say, Joe? I say bring it on.