CSI: Miami s09e04 Episode Script


All units quadrant search in progress for five escaped convicts currently at large.
Units at MacArthur Causeway, stand by for immediate East and West shutdown.
Air fleet reporting to base command on channel 11.
Suspicious activity reported at Lexington Center.
Escaped convicts from Miami-West Prison running loose in our very own neighborhood.
All looking for the fastest ticket out of town.
So these are the bad boys, huh? Yeah, and then some.
We got bikes, boots, air units from the prison to Broward County.
Hey, Marino, I need copies of these photos ASAP, thanks.
Ground units Bravo and Charlie en route from Bay Point.
Please confirm.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am very sorry for the delay.
We will have you on your way in just a few minutes.
Thank you.
Sorry, folks.
Okay, my friend, there are two ways off this bus slowly and quietly or feet first.
You decide.
Tex Gilroy, serial rapist, in custody.
One down.
Has he contacted the Mala Noche yet, Frank? No contact with the current leaders; we're trying to Wait a minute.
That's Memmo Fierro, right? Yeah.
He murdered Marisol Horatio's wife, Delko's sister.
I checked with Prison Gangs, Organized Crime, ATF.
All negative for planned activity.
We'll get him, H.
If it's the last thing we do.
You need a service manual? It's hard to be spontaneous when you're strapped inside of a midshipman's hitch.
You're all thumbs.
What was that? Traveling in style, eh? Get off my boat.
Nah, I'd rather take a look around.
Let's see.
A little something to protect yourself from pirates? I bet you wish you got to this first.
It works a lot better that way.
Oh, loaded, too.
My lucky day, not yours.
Dresses, jewelry.
Where's the missus? She's meeting me here later.
Think about it, buddy.
How far do you think you're going to get out here? Why? You doubting me, buddy? Let's take it outside.
The getaway boat is a Boston Whaler heading for Virginia Key.
Lieutenant, the additional units out there are coming up empty.
He may have ditched the boat, so check with the port and get back to me.
Wolfe? The guy rode a 500-pound anchor to the bottom.
Found dozens of prison-issue treads all over the deck.
This has Memmo Fierro written all over it.
If we don't find him quick, he's going to kill again.
All he wanted was jewelry? Dougie's gone over jewelry? I just I just thought it was something nice to bring on the trip.
I don't want it.
Look, Daisy, I know that this is so hard, but you cannot blame yourself.
Is this the man that you saw? He took our gun, too, the one Doug insisted we have on the boat.
I could see it in his hand.
What he was doing it's like he took joy in it.
Ryan, did you hear that they found the getaway boat? Yeah, Memmo beached it at Dover Bay, so now we have no idea how he's getting around.
Well, he might not need transportation if he ends up heading to this location.
Golden Sun Dry Cleaners.
That's where his girlfriend works, and it's less than a mile from where he ditched the boat.
Okay, Calleigh's at the bay; I'll see if you can find her.
Guess there's somebody for everyone, huh? Yeah.
Memmo's been in Miami-West Prison for five years now? He escaped, along with seven other people.
What? What, is this the first you're hearing of this? Yes, I work.
I'm at the dry cleaners 24-7.
I had no idea.
So he has not tried to contact you? No.
Not that I know of.
Do you have a cell phone, Ms.
Hernandez? Would you check it for us, please? No missed calls from anyone.
Where'd you get those earrings? They were a gift.
From who? From Memmo? No.
I told you.
I have not seen him.
Really? Because I have the matching necklace, and I got it off a woman who was robbed on her boat this morning by Memmo.
You know, he's killed one man since his escape.
So stop playing games with us, Ivonne.
He met me out back behind the dry cleaners, about an hour ago.
Take it.
Take it! What is this? Jewelry? He insisted on giving me this jewelry as a gift.
He will kill me if he knows that I was here talking to you.
You're already in possession of stolen property from a murder scene.
Not to mention aiding and abetting a fugitive.
I was living with Memmo when they arrested him.
They investigated me, too.
I lost custody of my daughter.
Now, to have any chance of ever getting her back, they said that I need to show stability, that I can support her on my own.
Were you going to sell this? Yes, and put it into savings.
Okay? I-I didn't want a gift from him.
Well, that will work out nicely for you, because we're keeping them.
And the cell phone, too.
Look at me.
Look at me! We know Memmo's leaning on you.
Where did he say he was going? He didn't say.
He wouldn't tell me anything.
Forest, dial 118, please.
Forest, please dial 1-1-8.
Kravitz, you have a visitor in the main lobby.
Can I help you? Yes, just a quick question.
Do you happen to know, by any chance, when, uh, when you started working here? Me? Uh, let me see.
I've been here since August of last year.
Wrong answer.
When did you start working here? When?! Please! January! Wrong answer.
You! Step out, now! Now! When did you start working here? Last week.
Attention all units, gunshots exchanged, officer down at Dade Memorial.
Suspect is armed and dangerous.
What have we got? We've got two dead, one wounded.
We're in lockdown.
SWAT's on their way.
Take K-9.
We'll use the elevator shafts, too.
He might still be here.
There's one way to find out.
There's some discarded clothing under the truck.
What do you think? Does it belong to Memmo? They've got fresh spatter on them.
It stands to reason, if he departed from here, he used one of these trucks.
This is Lieutenant Caine.
The suspect is now in possession of a department-issued nine millimeter handgun and has stolen a dispatch radio.
Please be careful with all transmissions.
All units, all units.
CSI reports suspect Memmo Fierro shed his blue coveralls and is now in unknown clothing.
All units use caution, as suspect should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.
You! Step out! Now! Step out! Why did he spare me? We're not sure yet.
He kept asking the same thing over and over.
What was that? "When did you start working here?" "When did you start working here?" "When did you start working here?" Why was he doing that? It made no sense.
Let me ask you a question.
Did he mention any specific calendar dates? I don't know.
I'm going to leave you for a minute by yourself.
This officer will bring you anything you want.
Okay? You've been amazing, all right? Thank you.
What the hell is going on, Horatio? Guy opens fire on a hospital staff, then he's in the wind again? What is he up to, Walter? What does he want? Could be avenging some gang thing.
I guess that's possible.
Lieutenant? Yeah? I got a civilian requesting you.
On our frequency.
This is Horatio Caine.
My name is Aaron Taber.
And I need for you to arrest me.
I need to arrest you? For what reason, Aaron? I didn't do my job.
And what is that job? I don't want to die.
You don't want to die? Memmo? Are you there? Unfinished business, Horatio Caine.
And this is my rainy day.
Yes, and if I catch you, it'll be your last, Memmo.
I know the sound of a man with a broken heart.
What's it been? Five years since you held your newlywed wife's hand? Still tugs at you.
Memmo I'm going to kill you for that.
You mark my words.
Walter, Aaron Taber.
Find him.
What do you think? You think it ends here? I forgive you for doing your job.
He's gone, Eric.
Damn it.
Why would he lure us here? And what do we know about him? I don't know.
Walter was checking his background.
Let's see what he sent me.
He was an employee at an agency called Find Us Families.
A case worker.
Placing children.
After Memmo was in prison Child Services came and found all of his guns still hidden away in my house.
I never knew.
Okay? But they did not believe me.
And all visitation for Elsa was restricted from that point on.
And, uh, this man was assigned as the case worker for your daughter? Yes.
They transferred our case to a-a private company.
They kept talking about a backlog or something.
He promised me that he was going to find a good but temporary home for Elsa.
Memmo shot and killed him in his own driveway today.
Why would he do that? Memmo's not in my life anymore.
And if I have any chance of ever seeing Elsa again, I cannot let him back in my life.
You did just let him back in.
And you had no intention of telling anyone.
I was protecting myself.
Maybe it is time to protect someone else, Ivonne.
He just wanted to see his daughter, and I told him that he couldn't.
And he pushed.
The man is on a killing spree.
Why don't you visit me, mi Amor? Look at me.
You better not find someone else.
You can't be out like this, okay, Memmo? Just go, okay? Ivonne, just take it.
Trade it, keep it, whatever.
Where's Elsa? Did she come to work with you? No.
She can't be with me, because of everything that you've done.
They took her! What are you talking about? Who took her? She's in foster care.
I never went to go see him in prison.
So I had to explain that a case worker had her.
A man named Aaron.
Memmo shot and killed two intake workers today at Dade Memorial.
Aaron Taber have any association with that hospital? I don't think so.
A couple weeks ago, Elsa was rushed to the hospital.
And Aaron said there had been some kind of accident in her new foster home.
And it made me really angry.
You told Memmo about this accident? Yes, I did! And I blamed him for everything.
They rushed her to the hospital, and they won't even let me near her! Because of what you did! You did this to her! She's going through this because of you! I thought that he was just going to leave.
I never thought that he was going to do anything, and I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said anything.
I agree, Ivonne.
I just Sit tight.
Eric? I'll get on the phone with the foster placement agency.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
It might be his next target.
Yeah, Aaron's been a case worker here almost six years.
Everyone's in shock.
We're afraid this escapee is targeting everyone associated with his daughter.
Elsa Hernandez? Poor girl.
Born into this world with Memmo Fierro as her father.
So you're familiar with the case? Do you know where she is now? Uh, no, actually, that was all Aaron.
We're faster than the city services at placing children with families, but we don't have a lot of time to compare notes with each other, so Let me pull the file from Aaron's desk.
Kenneth? I have Russell on one.
Hold the calls, please.
Yes, yes, his daughter is currently living with a foster mom.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
May I see that? Thanks.
Um Hey, H.
Yeah, it's Walter.
So, uh, the daughter is living with a foster mom a woman named Joanne Connors at 312 Gardenia Drive.
I'll let you know what we find out.
They're headed over right now.
So, I understand that Aaron had told the biological mother that there'd been some sort of a hospital visit? Oh, yes, yes, I remember that day.
Uh, yeah, he was gone most of the afternoon assisting the foster mom a household accident, apparently.
The girl had second-degree burns on her arm and was admitted to Palo Vista Medical Center.
Not Dade Memorial.
Probably 'cause they couldn't take her right away.
Mommy, it hurts.
Please, she's in a lot of pain right now.
I understand, but we have a lot of emergencies, sir.
Take a seat over there, or take her to Palo Vista.
That's, like, ten miles away.
Those are the choices.
We're sorry.
Mendez! Thank you.
Can you give us a minute? Yeah, sure.
That's why Memmo showed up there asking those questions.
He was trying to get the people responsible for turning her away.
Uh, do you know, uh, by any chance when you started working here? I've been here since August of last year.
Wrong answer.
And if you follow that logic, she suffered the burn injury on the foster mom's watch.
She could be a target, too.
Oh, God.
It's clear, H.
Wolfe, call an ambulance.
This is CSI Wolfe.
I need an R.
unit at 312 Gardenia Drive! Now! I left my phone out here.
Here we go.
Here we go.
He was bald and wore tattoos.
Okay, nice and easy.
We're gonna elevate this leg.
I know you're in a lot of pain.
Where is Elsa? I don't know! Did the man who shot you take the girl? Did he take the girl? No.
No, I told him she was gone already.
She went to school, and she didn't come home.
I've spent the past two days trying to find her.
Two days? She's been missing for two days, you haven't reported her? Are you kidding me? Ma'am, hang in there Horatio, where is she? Where's my daughter? I don't have her, but I'm gonna find her.
Why am I supposed to believe you? You can't even find me.
That's because you're running from me.
How do you know she's not running, Horatio? How do you know she's not somewhere right now, alone and afraid? Here's what we do you turn yourself in, we focus on Elsa.
This is the city that let her fall through the cracks to begin with.
They took Elsa from her mother.
Her mother was living with a cold-blooded killer, Memmo.
They dumped my little girl into the system and they forgot about her.
Why else would they leave her with a pathetic woman? They don't care it's all about their damn spreadsheets.
I'm gonna take those spreadsheets and I'm gonna hang them with them.
And if you don't show me my little girl, all of this is gonna get a lot worse.
Do you understand me? Whoa.
That's a lot of blood.
She gonna be all right? Yeah, we got to her in time, but the little girl's still missing.
And Tripp says the last time she was seen was boarding a bus at the end of the school day on Friday.
So he's canvassing the bus route, he's canvassing the campus to see what he can turn up.
So what should we be looking for, if she never came home? Yeah, well, here's the thing.
The foster mother never told anyone she was missing.
She's covering for something.
Yeah, she's definitely covering something up and I bet you it's right here in this house.
Where's the girl's bedroom? Bedroom's this way.
I'll go to work outside.
All right, so the screen's been busted out, and I got pry marks along the bottom edge of the window frame.
Window frame's split.
Looks like someone tried to jam it open.
Yeah, right here.
Somebody was trying to break in to this little girl's room.
Let's hope that the intruder left some evidence behind.
What do you got? You got something? Got a torn piece of paper with some printing on it.
All right, guys, I got nothing but this little piece of paper that doesn't belong.
You got a piece of paper? Eric, you got a piece of paper, too? You know I do.
So maybe they're connected.
Hey, so your piece of paper and mine are definitely from the same source.
Identical texture and thickness.
This piece right here, it has a crease bang, right there.
So I'm thinking maybe it was folded over something before ripping and separating.
Yeah, I mean, that's the last of the block lettering.
Yeah, that stripe It's professional printing.
It looks like it's from a local business or something.
We're grasping, huh? Yeah.
It could be from a flyer, a pizza joint junk mail from a retail store You know what? Here's a list of all the businesses in the area.
This one? No, I think the lettering is too bold.
The color is off on that one.
Bingo! Golden Sun Dry Cleaners.
Great! Now we know where the foster mom does her laundry, but it won't help us locate the missing girl.
No, you're thinking of the wrong mom.
Elsa's mom, Ivonne Hernandez, she works at a dry cleaners.
She works at that dry cleaners.
Were you or were you not in the house, Ms.
Hernandez? Just answer the question.
I was, okay? I was.
But it was a couple weeks ago, before Memmo had gotten out.
Elsa and the foster mom, they weren't even home.
What were you doing there? I don't know.
Aaron had got me some visits with her, but it wasn't enough.
He had told me that she had hurt herself, and I worried.
I needed to be near her somehow.
For a minute there, it made me feel better.
I know I've made mistakes, but you've got to let me go find her.
We can't.
In order to keep you safe, we need to keep you here.
She's right.
All right? Let us find her.
You find her before he does.
We will.
I promise.
What are you thinking? Yeah, I'm thinking I hope that's a promise we can keep.
I ran a report on the foster mother with a bullet hole in her leg.
Turns out she had a nine-year-old under her care two years ago, and he was hospitalized.
Look at that.
You know what I'd like to know? I'd like to know how this foster mom even qualified to take care of Elsa.
I don't know.
The whole Find Us Families operation is hinky.
Will you look through the employee roster? There's got to be at least one person who has an idea of where the girl is.
Find Us Families.
How may I help you? Okay, great.
Find Us Families.
How may I help you? Anything? No.
No, patrol's still just going door to door talking to all of her school friends.
Did you find anything, any prior placement location in her file? Nothing that we didn't know already.
Well, Kenneth McGuire is the agency rep here.
Walter and I spoke to him earlier.
He was supposed to give us his employee roster.
Secretary says he'll be back in a minute.
Aaron Taber made regular visits to the house.
He did more than that; look at this.
Says here he was trying to do the right thing; He recommended that Elsa be removed from her foster home.
He recommends that Joanne Connors be terminated as a foster mother.
But the whole thing is denied.
By who? Kenneth McGuire.
Kenneth McGuire said he didn't know anything about Elsa Hernandez's case.
Yeah, he was lying to you.
He knew it inside and out.
You have reached the voicemail of Joanne Connors.
Please leave a message, and I'll get back It just connected me to Joanne Connors.
So, McGuire has a direct line to Elsa's foster mom.
Where the hell is this guy? Hey, excuse me? You do know that this agency is under police investigation, right? I need to speak to McGuire right now! Not five minutes from now.
Now! He was supposed to be back ten minutes ago.
I don't know where he is.
You call him.
You need to make that phone call right now.
Right now.
I tried.
He's not answering.
Let's call him again.
I'm happy for you, Elsa.
Good things happen to good kids.
A family like this, you'll never have to look back.
I don't know his license plate.
Do you know what kind of car he drives? Some kind of Lexus.
A color? A model? I'm getting that information.
Does the car have a GPS unit? Does it have navigation? Yeah, yes.
The car has navigation.
This is Lieutenant Caine.
We are tracking a possible kidnapping suspect.
Copy that, Lieutenant.
Assistance requested for all units in the vicinity of Reservation Parkway.
Repeat, Reservation Parkway.
Kill the engine! Let's go! Kill the engine and toss those keys, right now! Do it! Hands up high! Let me see those hands.
Okay, slowly get out of the vehicle.
Hands where I can see them.
Very good, Kenneth.
So what are you doing out here? I'm giving her the life she deserves, after everything she's been through.
Look, beyond those gates is a wealthy family that will love her and take care of her.
And what is your cut of that love, Kenneth? That's what I thought.
What about the biological mom? A death row inmate's girlfriend? Yeah Even you don't believe that.
Believe me.
No one was going looking for this girl.
- You're wrong, Kenneth.
- H.
Keep your hands on the steering wheel and stay in the car! You're good, Horatio.
I knew you wouldn't let me down.
Let him go, Memmo.
I got a clean shot, H.
Easy, Eric.
You're too good a man to kill me in front of my own daughter.
You know how important family is, don't you?! You shut your mouth.
You don't talk to me about family.
Bring her out.
I want to see her now.
Not a chance.
Bring her out! Or I put one in this gavacho's head, man.
Elsa, listen to me, go back to the car right now.
Right now! Hi, sweetie.
Do you remember me? You're getting so big.
You're all grown up.
Memmo let him go.
Elsa, listen to me.
This is probably the last time you're going to see me, 'cause I have to leave.
Everything's going to be okay now, though.
Just be good for me.
Elsa? Go back to the car right now.
Can you do that? I've got somewhere to be.
If I even smell a cop tailing me he's done.
Memmo? I'm gonna take him! Easy, Eric.
Memmo! H, I'm gonna take him! Please don't shoot him.
Elsa, baby I love you.
I'm sorry.
Memmo, today is about her.
Tomorrow will be about you.
You okay? This is CSI Delko.
Please be advised All right.
We have a stolen yellow cab heading East on Oak Hill.
Passenger is Memmo Fierro.
He is armed with a hostage.
I repeat he has a hostage.
Go ahead.
Oh, my God.
Everything's gonna be okay, baby, okay? I thought you didn't love me anymore.
Don't you ever think that.
I will always love you.
Ladies Good luck.