CSI: Miami s09e05 Episode Script

Sleepless in Miami

Open your eyes.
(gentle flopping) (gentle gasping) (liquid gurgling) (electrical buzzing) (grunting) (grunting) (gasping) Where are you? (bird screeches) (panting) (bird screeches) (wings flapping) (yelling) (grunting) (panting) MAN: Jason? Jason Reger? Jason? Jason Reger? (panting) What? Let me see your hands, son.
(sighs) Don't come any closer.
(panting) What is going on, Jason? Jason? What is going on? How How do you know my name? You called it in.
No, I didn't! You called 911 to report a murder.
You said it was your own murder, and that we would find your body here.
Easy, Jason.
I just found it.
I just found it.
I just found it.
WOLFE: Yeah, there's a dead body here.
It ain't Jason Reger.
Jason, who is that? Who is that man? Jason: I-I pushed him.
I pushed him, but I thought it was me.
So who is it, Jason? Who is that man? I don't know.
How do you know he was buried here, then? I don't know.
I pushed him, but it was me, but maybe it was just a dream.
Jason, the dream is over.
Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! (birds chirping and trilling) Open your eyes.
Take that shirt off.
Here you go.
Sleeping Beauty still think he's trapped in a dream? Yeah.
Did you check him for the wacky tobaccee? (laughs) I don't do drugs.
Not anymore.
Oh, yeah? Well, how come you can't remember driving up here, buddy? Found your car up the road, running.
Kind of hard to dream and drive, isn't it? LOMAN: Lieutenant Caine? Hey.
Hand me that trowel, thanks.
Yes, Dr.
Loman? I like to start my excavation at the feet, get an outline of the body first.
But this time, I can't find them.
And why is that? Because he doesn't have a body.
Hey, Walter? Come here, Jason.
(Jason panting) So, where is the rest of him? What do you mean? I-I don't know what's happening.
A man was murdered.
You led us out here.
Now lead us to the body.
Jason: This isn't the only dream I remember.
I only remember two other dreams.
In one dream, I remember just standing on a dock.
There was a sign, and I had a wooden trunk.
Is that the sign? Maybe.
Hey, man, I'm gonna need more than a maybe.
This is the fifth dock we've been to.
No, it was just like this.
It was just like this.
I was standing here What did you do with the trunk? I threw it in.
(garbled radio transmission) Jason: I remember another dream.
I was running.
Simmons: Jason? Jason? Hey, man.
(panting) You all right? Hey.
I don't know.
I don't know what happened.
(panting) What happened was, you were telling me about your other dream.
Then you just took off.
You said you were running through a maze of trash.
Does this look like that place? Jason, is this? I came to that.
You came to the incinerator? Oh, boy.
Simmons: Heads up.
Excuse me.
Special delivery.
You have some hands for me Walter.
I was a little late, so they got extra crispy.
Straight from the incinerator to you.
I'm just hoping they solve the puzzle of how our John Doe died.
Hand me fabric softener.
It's over there, lower left, please.
DELKO: You already knew where the victim's head was buried.
The rest of his body was in this trunk, except for the hands.
Those, Walter took out of the incinerator.
You want to know why I know? You've already been very helpful, Jason, but it might help us find the killer.
I've just been I was getting my life back together, you know.
I've-I've been clean for a year.
Right? So, and I've even seen some professionals.
Okay, so how-how about you tell me? 'Cause I don't know.
Well, we have no ID still on the body, but the hair that we found on you matches our victim.
I don't understand.
It means you had contact with him.
Well, when-when you found me, I was digging him up, and-and I It could have gotten on me when I was digging him up.
Yeah, you say digging, I say burying.
What is that supposed to mean? It means that we're just discussing the evidence.
Yeah, and the evidence says that he did it.
You said I called 911.
Why would I call 911 if I killed him? 'Cause I think you're building a dream defense.
"I went to sleep, Your Honor, and the next thing I know, "I killed a man, but I can't possibly be held responsible 'cause I thought I was dreaming.
" Hey.
It's not going to work.
Come on.
You're right.
I better work on my defense.
I want a lawyer.
Natalia, I need to talk to you outside.
You sit tight, Jason.
What the hell was that? We agreed we weren't going to push him yet.
You know what, the only reason that Jason knows what he did is because he did it.
Look, not necessarily, okay? He might have overheard someone, remembered it as a dream.
There's merit to cases like this.
This is such defense attorney psychobabble.
Do you do you know when my ex was on trial for attacking me, he used the same dream state defense, and believe me, he was wide awake.
Look, I'm not saying you're wrong, Natalia.
Okay? But right now we still don't know what happened, and Jason won't even talk to us.
So we find out the old-fashioned way.
Travers? Hey, Travers! This is the hair that we found on our suspect.
I was just wondering if you're gonna be able to tell me what part of the body it's from.
Uh, not specifically.
All I can do is determine whether it's head or body.
That is all I need, actually.
Will you do me a favor? Will you jump that to the top of your pile for me, please? I'm really in a rush.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
So no C.
yet? No exterior wounds, tox came back negative, and his internals are a very healthy 40ish, like he dropped dead for no reason.
So we looking at natural causes? Nothing natural about a body in four pieces.
Someone wanted him dead.
Dismemberment was post, but this is interesting.
They're hesitation wounds.
So it looks like our killer was remorseful.
So should I grab a load of laundry, Doc? I use it to rehydrate fingerprints.
You need an I.
, and I don't want you to go away empty-handed.
(computer trilling) And Peter, remember to lock the doors.
MAN: I'm sorry, gentlemen, we're closing early today.
Do I look like one of your customers? Mrs.
Garrett, Sergeant Tripp.
I notified you about your husband's death.
Of course, Sergeant.
I was just trying to close the clinic for a few days to make arrangements for Brandon.
We're sorry for your loss, ma'am.
Is it possible that your husband was having problems with someone? No, everyone liked Brandon.
Can we, uh, take a look at his office? Well, he doesn't keep one here anymore.
Well, this was listed as his business.
Peter, could you give us a moment, please? Sure.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you this on the phone.
Brandon and I, we were getting a divorce.
He has his own place now.
When was the last time you saw him? Yesterday.
We talked all the time.
We wanted to do this without a lawyer.
Are you OCD? You keep touching that thing when you say his name.
Honoring the dead.
I'm very spiritual.
Something Brandon and I didn't see eye to eye on.
Like dividing up the business.
That wasn't an issue with us.
The med spa is mine.
Well, that's certainly true now.
Let me get Brandon's address for you.
Thank you.
Looks like Brandon got the short end of the stick in the divorce.
There's no furniture up there.
It looks like you're buying me lunch.
I got first evidence.
Some scratches here.
We're not sure that this is evidence yet, are we? Well, they start from the bathroom, and go all the way to the front door.
If you ask me, they look to be about the same size as the trunk that our body was found in.
Hey, Eric, come here and take a look at this.
DELKO: Maybe I owe you lunch.
Looks like you found our primary crime scene.
(camera shutter snaps) Check the plastic fish in the drain.
That's a magic fish.
It's this, uh, psychic trick.
It's supposed to read your romantic mood.
Really just reacts to the sweat in your hand.
That's pretty cool.
Huh, I guess that means you're attracted to an Elena Manus? It's not supposed to have a name on it.
You know what? I bet that that's a business card.
Maybe Elena Manus is a psychic.
(chuckles) Think she already knows we're coming? No, Mr.
Garrett isn't a client of mine.
I've never seen him before.
That means your calling card came from our killer.
So, you have any idea who you gave these to? Oh, no, I pass those out like candy.
WOLFE: Maybe you should ask Brandon's spirit who killed him.
(chuckles) Well, now that would be something.
Uh, I'm not that kind of psychic.
I'm more of a healer.
I manipulate the energies in and around you to bring balance.
In fact, Detective Wolfe, if you don't mind I'm just gonna touch you right here.
See, your aura is composed of colors.
Right here it's green.
Green means finances.
Are you having some money issues? Well, sometimes I have, you know, to go to the ATM.
Yeah, I'm not surprised, because it's faded right here.
Something is keeping you from your full prosperity.
You know what? Just rub some oil there.
It'll free up your aura.
I'll bet you'll come into some money real soon.
Little oil.
Oh Look at that.
Yeah, look at that.
So if I were to if I were to have touched the owner of that like I just did with Detective Wolfe, maybe I could read some residual energy.
Well, why not? Let's give it a shot.
What do you say? (chuckles) Sure.
(inhales deeply) (sighs) Hmm (gasps) No, I shouldn't have done that.
Why? The owner's a client.
He carries that fish with him everywhere.
What's his name? You don't understand.
His aura's very dark.
I'm not surprised he's killed someone.
If he knows I gave you his name We would never do that.
His name's Jason Reger.
Jason, you never mentioned that you go and see a psychic.
I didn't think it mattered.
It doesn't, except we found a magic red plastic fish at the crime scene.
What fish? What is this? Red magic plastic fish.
You got one of those? Yes.
LAWYER: What's going on? What are you? Can I see it? What is this? I don't under What's going on here? It must have fallen out.
Well, does the fish have any identifying characteristics? That way, we can eliminate you from the list of people who may have been the murderer.
There's a tear on the back fin.
Like that? That's it.
Is that it? LAWYER: Yeah, uh, let me ask a question.
How many toy fish are out there missing fins? Because I just don't think your ASA's gonna accept it as evidence.
I do think they're gonna accept this.
Remember this hair that we found on your body that belonged to the victim that you said was from the head of the victim? This is actually androgenic, which means it's from the body, and not from the scalp.
So that means that you handled the victim's body.
No, no, no.
No, no, you know that my client doesn't recall any of this.
Yeah, I can spell this out for him, though.
After you killed him, you dismembered his body Hold on a second, whoa, whoa! And that's how the hair transferred onto you.
And as you were cleaning up all of the blood in the bathroom, Excuse me! You don't even have your little fish fell inside the tub.
A murder weapon at this point! Because how else would you know how What are you talk?! All the body parts got dumped? Well, we found Hello?! This is inadmissible! All this is inadmissible! Just shut up, please! Shut up! Please? I-I was in his home.
I don't know why.
Maybe I did kill him.
Is that a confession, Jason? No.
You know what? Not it is not.
It's not.
No, it is not.
And unless you guys are gonna charge my client, we're done.
Excuse me.
That's it.
Don't say another word.
Let's go.
Come on, Jason.
We're done here.
Come on.
Horatio, FYI, I scooped our victim's stomach.
He hadn't ingested anything.
But the headlines are petechial hemorrhages on his lungs.
It happens when you stop breathing so suddenly the lungs strain against the rib cage.
What causes this? I'll let you know when I do.
Thank you, Doctor.
So I pulled Stacy's financials, like you asked.
Turns out she's loaded.
She develops those weird treatments women are into.
Check out her product line.
She's got everything from algae lip plumper to snail venom derma abrasions.
Her lab must be a freak show.
What about her financials? Oh, right.
Last week, she withdrew $50,000 cash.
Sounds like hit man money, you ask me.
What about Jason's account? I checked his account, and no deposits yet.
Matter of fact, he's hemorrhaging cash.
Okay, so maybe we need to get a receipt from Stacy.
Garrett? Stacy? (woman moaning) You hear that? (moaning continues) (moaning continues) (metal clanking) Oh, boy.
Whoa! Hey, hey! Hey, how'd you even get in here?! Are you kidding me? Miami-Dade Police.
You didn't lock the door, did you? Damn it, Peter, get these off of me.
Honoring the dead, Mrs.
Garrett? I'm not doing anything wrong.
Brandon and I were over.
I moved on.
sure help you do that.
Hit man? What are you talking about? A very large, very recent withdrawal.
(scoffs) This isn't for a hit man.
I paid my psychic.
Is your psychic's name Elena Manus? What does a psychic do for $50,000? Helps me get pregnant.
I asked her to make me a fertility charm.
She said it was difficult to do.
(chuckles) You don't believe me? Well, guess what, it worked.
I'm sorry.
You're pregnant? Four weeks.
Elena can do anything.
So, what, you just you did this without telling me? It's called life with Stacy, Peter.
(chuckling) (paper crumpling) Thanks for stopping by.
We done? For now.
That's when she said I was going to make a lot of money.
And I said, "Honey, where were you three years ago?" You know, you got something oily on your forehead.
DUQUESNE: Well, we know we can't trust Elena Manus, either.
I mean, she didn't even tell us that Stacy Garrett was a client.
See, I think that everybody at this point is lying.
Yes, but Elena is the key, because Jason and the victim's wife were her clients.
I've been going through fraud cases, and psychics will sometimes front for drugs or prostitution.
Why not contract for murder? You think Elena might be a hit woman? She may be the middleman.
So let's ask her.
How do you mean? Not as a cop.
Let's ask her as a client.
Do you want to go undercover? I'm just saying that she hasn't met me yet.
I think that's a good idea.
Nice going.
I'm so sorry to keep you waiting, Mrs.
No, that's okay.
I was just glad you could get me in at the last minute.
Of course.
Now, I like to record my sessions for reference only.
If you don't mind? Hmm.
That's funny.
So do we.
Oh, I'm good.
I'm good with that.
So you said on the phone you were having issues in your marriage.
Yes, uh, that's that's actually why I'm here.
The egg thing, I didn't get why you wanted me to carry the egg around all day with me today.
I know.
It seems kind of silly, doesn't it? But you can understand an egg is a brand-new thing.
It's unpolluted.
And because of that, it can draw in any corrupting influences from our energy fields.
So I asked you to hold it, keep it with you, so I can see what we're dealing with.
Um, would you mind if I? You have a you have a hearing aid? You seem so young to be wearing one.
It's new.
And I'm just getting used to it.
It's a long story.
Of course.
I have to ask are you the only one who has touched this? Yes.
I ask because, if we find something inside, I need you to trust me.
Can you do that? Oh.
What does that mean? That tells me someone is hurting you, Natalia.
Is it your husband? All all this happened, um, the last time that he hit me.
I'm so sorry.
I just want him out of my life.
I just I I want him out of my life forever.
And he will be.
But I see in your aura there's a part of you that hasn't let go of him yet.
And you need to be able to do that in order to move on.
Understand? So I'm just going to realign your aura so that you'll be able to take control of your life again, all right? (strikes match) I just need you to lean forward and breathe.
That's great.
Just breathe.
And after this, your husband will never be able to hurt you again.
Close your eyes.
Red will become blue.
Blue will become yellow.
Yellow will become green.
Red will become blue.
Blue will become yellow.
(over monitor): Yellow will become green.
Red will become blue.
Blue will become yellow.
Yellow will become green.
Red will become How long has she been in there? Elena's healing her aura.
(rustling) What is that? Blue will become yellow.
Yellow will become green.
(rustling) Just got it again some sort of rustling noise.
Is she keying the Mic? Natalia, hey.
Give us some sort of sign that you're okay.
Cough or do anything.
Red will become blue.
Blue will become yellow.
I don't like this.
Get her out of there.
Red will become blue.
Blue will become yellow.
Yellow will become green.
Red will become blue.
Blue will become yellow.
Yellow will become green.
Natalia's cover car is gone.
It's gone.
Blue will become yellow.
Yellow will become green.
She put her chanting on a loop.
I-I didn't hear the switch-over.
We got ten minutes to catch up to them.
MANUS: Open your eyes.
Hello? Her backup weapon is missing.
Natalia? Natalia.
No, no, no.
Natalia? No, no, no.
Don't you come closer.
Don't you come.
Do not come closer to me.
Do you hear me? Natalia? You're not going to hurt me again.
Natalia? Stop! Natalia.
Do you hear me? You are not going to hurt me.
Stay away from me.
Get away from me.
Natalia? Natalia.
Stay away from me! Listen to me.
Get away from me! Do you hear me? Natalia! (gun firing) Get away from me! (exhaust hissing) (gun firing) Do you hear me?! Natalia! Stop! (Boa Vista screaming) No! Stop.
No! No! Natalia! It's us, it's us, Natalia.
Natalia, no! Natalia.
It's us.
Natalia, it's us.
Natalia! Natalia, stop! Easy.
DUQUESNE: Sweetie, can you open your eyes? Can you open your eyes? You're okay.
(gasps) You're in the hospital.
It's okay.
What what the hell? What happened? You don't remember anything? No, I do.
I do.
I-I, um I-I remember I-I went to undercover to Elena's.
And then, um and then I came back to the lab.
No, I couldn't, because my ex-husband Nick was there.
What happened? Elena figured out you were a cop and that your earpiece was a wire.
Somehow, she was able to drug you.
We found traces of a hallucinogen in your system.
It's made from a local weed called datura.
A hallucinogen that, uh, makes you very suggestible.
Basically, she hypnotized you.
What did what did she have me do? WOLFE: She had you drive out to the old Wheeler Mill, and, um that's where Horatio and I found you.
She knew that we were on to her, and she was hoping we'd be so concerned with finding you, she'd be able to get out of town.
This is what happened to Jason.
This is exactly what happened to I apologize.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't believe you.
I I just I thought he was making it all up, so I I figured there's no way It's okay.
That this could actually happen to somebody, It's okay.
But it does.
Just take it easy.
Get to him.
Tell him right away.
This is really scary.
It's okay.
We're going to tell him right now.
We just did normal stuff in our sessions, so Now, look, if we can prove that you were drugged, it can mean the difference between freedom and prison for you.
LAWYER: It's okay, Jason.
Answer their questions.
They're just trying to help you.
(stammers, sighs) We'd come in here, you know.
I sit here.
She sits there.
We talk.
You know, then she'd do her aura thing.
Did she make you any tea? She do anything with the gemstones or the egg? She she did something different yesterday.
She told me to lean over the candle, breathe it in.
Take deep breaths.
Close your eyes.
Take deep breaths.
That's right.
Purify my body.
There's something baked into this.
A datura seed pod.
That's how she drugged you.
Did I kill him? Jason Just shut up.
Shut up.
Did I? Simmons: To be honest with you, Jason, we don't know that yet.
Hey, look, man, she was a con artist.
You weren't the only victim.
You mean idiot, right? No.
Go ahead.
No, you can say it.
I'm an idiot, right? I came to her because the last time I saw my father, I was so high I told him to drop dead and, you know A week later, he did, and she told me that I needed her to to purify my aura, to cleanse myself, and I believed her because I wanted to.
I believed her because I was walking around with so much grief that I'd have tried anything to make it go away.
To escape your old life, Jason, you need to cut out what's holding you back.
Right? Remove its head, its hands, so it can no longer touch you.
Bury those evil parts.
Bury them where I told you.
Now open your eyes.
I don't think you had a choice.
OFFICER: Lieutenant.
Uh-huh? You got to see this.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
We found it in a hidden drawer.
Thank you.
Simmons: Sorry, Jason.
Hey, Walter.
Simmons: Sir? LAWYER: Okay, please let me handle this.
Jason: I'm fine.
$500 bundles.
That's what I pay her twice a week.
Want me to get this stuff back to the lab? No.
Here's what I want to do.
Let's restage the whole scene.
Elena's not somebody who's gonna leave town without the money.
Hands on your head! Hands on your head! (gasping) Take the money you found.
You can let me go; No one will know.
Bribery's not gonna help you, Elena.
(sighs): Oh, for God's sakes.
Will you listen to me? I didn't mean to kill him.
I didn't know what I was doing.
But you did kill him.
I don't know what happened.
He wasn't supposed to die; it was all fake.
What was fake? All of it.
Stacy asked me to mess with his aura so he'd croak.
She actually believes in this crap.
Whoa, whoa.
So you're saying you don't? No.
Not until yesterday.
I was just making it up as I went along, trying to take this stupid woman's money.
Because we're married, he gets half my company.
I want him dead, Elena.
Stacy, what you're asking is difficult.
And very expensive to do.
But I believe in you, Elena.
Set up a meeting at his house.
So what you're saying is that you committed murder to cover fraud.
Don't you see? I'm not a fraud.
It's all real.
I pulled the energy from his body without ever touching him.
So could we just get this over with? Please? Now, just relax.
All I'm gonna be doing is realigning your energies.
Okay? (clears throat) I can't feel my hands.
What's wrong with my arms? Is this supposed to be happening? (labored panting) What have you done to me?! Simmons: So then you used Jason to dispose of Brandon.
I just couldn't touch that body.
Get her out of here.
(gasps) Don't you see? It's all real! Okay.
Well, we know that didn't happen.
Think she's conning us? It's either that, Walter, or somebody's conning her.
I'm not even sure why we're still discussing this.
Elena already confessed, right? Confessed to what? Ripping the energy out of Brandon's body? DUQUESNE: Well, we know that it's not true, but she really believes that it is.
I say we go after the wife.
We have her for conspiracy.
She asked Elena to kill Brandon.
As much as it kills me to agree with Walter, we can't move on the wife.
All she did was pay Elena to cast a spell.
(snaps fingers) Well, Horatio thinks we should just look at the evidence, because Elena gave us the missing piece.
I guess this is where I come in.
Tom, thanks for coming up.
The psychic gave us the victim's symptoms before he died.
What are they? He was dizzy and disoriented.
He was acting like he couldn't breathe.
She said he was going numb.
He had pain in his chest.
Wait, hold on just a second.
Where did the numb sensation start? Psychic said in his hands.
Oh! Oh! LOMAN: And that's when I knew our victim was poisoned with a neurotoxin.
The numb feeling was his muscles becoming paralyzed.
His breathing slammed to a stop, which explains the petechial bruising on his lungs.
Neurotoxins don't present in tox screens.
I needed the symptoms to tell me where to look.
The numb sensation started in his hands, so that's where I looked for the injection site.
So we have a four-pronged puncture on the palm.
And our victim didn't even feel it.
Why is that? I I.
'd the poison as cone snail venom.
It's a natural anesthetic.
And they're deadlier than a cobra.
We can safely assume that delivery was in the killer's palm through a handshake.
Means your killer's hand will be irritated from the venom.
Doctor, I know someone who has a cone snail on her menu.
Get down off the ladder, Stacy.
Excuse me? Hey, these match the puncture wounds.
This is what they used to administer the poison.
Let me see your palms.
Palms are clean.
Where's Peter? I'm right here.
Hands off your guns and get away from Stacy now.
Get away from her now! Peter, what the hell are you doing? Peter put the gun down, son.
Come on, this isn't going to help you.
Shut up! Put your backs against that wall.
Back! All right, first thing, you guys are gonna let Stacy go.
She had nothing to do with this.
Peter, yes she did.
She hired Elena to kill her husband.
Shut up! That's not what happened, is it, Peter? You used a dead fish to collect the venom from a cone snail.
If we waited for that old fraud to kill him, we'd never get married.
She's not a fraud, Peter.
What the hell are you doing? I promise, I'll see your psychic.
I'll let her do her thing.
She'll help us stay in tune as we negotiate what to do with the company.
I'm only doing this so that this divorce doesn't get ugly.
I know, Brandon.
She'll be here in 30 minutes.
Thanks for doing this, Brandon.
If that dumb bitch had just left him be, you never would have figured this out.
I had nothing to do with this.
Stacy, I did this for you.
I had nothing to do with this.
Peter did this on his own.
You're lying.
Peter I got my gun pointed at two cops.
I murdered someone to protect you so we could be together.
And you're gonna lie? Peter did this on his own.
Just tell the truth now.
What-What would you have me do now? I didn't ask for Elena Huh?! Don't add to this.
What would you have me do now?! (gun clatters on floor) (gasping) CAINE: Freeze! Hey! Freeze! (tires screech) (truck horn blaring) (tires screech) This is Horatio Caine.
I'm going to, uh Never mind.
So, what happens? I mean, now that Peter's dead, what happens with Stacy? Can we charge her for anything? Yeah, she paid to get her husband killed.
Yeah, I just think that the lawyer is gonna say that the psychic was a fake.
She believed it was real.
(laughs): She was the only one who believed it was real.
(laughs) You okay? I am.
I Yes, thank you.
And thanks to you.
How about this? How about I drive you home, you give me the keys to your locker, I'll get the stuff out of there? I'll take you up on that.
Meet you out front.
What's gonna happen to her? We're gonna both be testifying at her trial.
What about me? State's attorney's office is gonna be filing charges against you.
But you're not gonna be alone.
We're gonna be there with you every step of the way.
I'm gonna be your ace in the hole.
Wolfe, no one can ever know that she fired her weapon at us, agreed? Yeah.
Especially Natalia.
Good night.
(coins clink) (keypad beeping) No one's gonna believe this.