CSI: Miami s09e06 Episode Script

Reality Kills

Move over prime time, because your favorite reality series is back.
The Boroughs Take Miami is celebrating its premiere today, and you're invited to the party.
Yo, Gabe C.
from Queens here.
What up, party people? Yeah! You know what they call the sixth borough? Miami! Hey.
Huh? Are you, like, a bodyguard for the cast.
No, no.
I'm a cop.
Here to do crowd control.
You guys usually do that? On a day when we have five parades, yeah.
Hey, Miami, what's up?! It's your girl Too-Shea here representing Brooklyn, that's right.
So, you can't, like, introduce me to Too-Shea? No, can't help you.
You having fun? Listen, I got something y'all are gonna kiss my feet for.
My new tanning spray will be available in all your finest drug emporiums starting this month.
But y'all get a free sample! Oh, I love you, too! Yo, yo, yo, Miami! I wasn't even done yet.
What's up?! She loves it, she loves it.
Ladies do love me.
Yo! It's your boy, Zachary "Guns" Rittner saying holla from The Bronx.
So, y'all remember to pick up some Gun Fire, my signature performance-enhancing dietary supplement, the next time you want to catch some prey.
Possible gunshots fired, Hotel 220.
Stand by.
Welcome to the gun show, bitches.
Yeah! Yes.
False alarm.
Courtney's wasted again.
All units, all units, person of interest heading towards the main stage.
He's got on a blue flannel shirt, blue flannel shirt.
Keep an eye on him.
Have another drink, Courtney.
Miami Miami Get down! Gun! Gun! Everybody down! Move! Move! Watch out.
Watch out.
Watch out.
Watch out.
Watch out.
This is Eric Delko.
I need an ambulance and immediate backup to Hotel 220.
Hotel 220.
She's dead.
Listen, get up here.
Stay with the body.
Don't let anyone near her, you understand? Don't let anyone near her! Stay with the body! Watch out, watch out, move! Get out of the way! Move! Move! Move! Move! Coming through! Move! Move! Move! Move! These parking lots can be active.
Now get your hands in the air and get up.
Hands in the air.
You got the wrong guy.
Is that a fact? Then why are you carrying that weapon? It's not what you think.
It's a pellet gun, H.
It's just red paint.
Well, what are the pellets for? Courtney has a hair care line.
The pellets represent the blood of the animals that Courtney used to test her hair care products with.
That sounds like motive.
I just wanted to send Courtney a message.
I didn't kill her.
I didn't even get a shot off.
Well, you know what, my friend? If I find out you're lying, the same won't be said of me.
Reality got too real in Miami this morning for a star of the hit reality series The Boroughs.
Cast member Courtney Alderman took a tumble that sources say might be fatal.
Though police have yet to confirm the star's death, witnesses attending the show's season premiere party at Hotel 220 immediately tweeted about this celebration gone wrong.
I'm telling you, there are no secrets.
I mean, you live together in a hotel for three years, you get to know each other pretty well.
Do you know this man? Ew, pasty, granola hippie.
So not my type.
Yeah, well, we think that, uh, he or the animal rights group he works with may have something to do with Courtney's death.
It was one of those activist stalkers.
Yeah, Courtney and me we get, like, Some from stalkers with a cause.
Some from just plain-old stalkers who wanted to jump our bones.
Yeah, we're going to need to see those.
Oh, okay.
Statue of Liberty, uh, booze luge.
Makes you miss college.
Yeah, what you remember of it.
Tell you what, I'm going to go check the footage.
If the cast didn't see who the killer was, maybe the cameras did.
These are the hate letters we got just from today.
I don't know what it is.
People just love to tell us they hate us.
I don't know.
The dude needs to beef up.
Did you ever see him approach Courtney? Don't look like her type.
I mean, maybe if she was drunk.
And knowing Courtney, she probably was.
Fluoroscope's not picking up anything.
No pellets, no BFT, no lacerations, nothing.
No pellets.
Well, that clears Wayne Bullock.
What if somebody took a shot at her during the fireworks display with a real gun? Have you got a through and through? Torso's clean.
All right.
Let's go again.
Hands on.
Hey, Tom.
She's got blood in her ear.
Inconsistent with blunt-force trauma from the fall.
Only a millimeter in diameter.
And yet the tympanic membrane's torn.
Shredded her internal auditory canal.
Her balance was gone.
That's why she fell.
The fall isn't what killed her.
Courtney suffered a stab wound that penetrated her ear and didn't stop until it hit her brain stem.
An injury this severe, she would have been dead within a minute.
So she was stabbed near where she fell.
A regular knife wouldn't do that, would it? It would need to be something specific to navigate the ear canal and penetrate the gray matter? You're looking for a unique blade.
Four inches long, and only several millimeters wide.
I know exactly where to start.
To Courtney.
Hey, people, Miami-Dade Police Department.
The party's over.
Shea Williamson, Zachary Rittner, Gabe Calligan, you're coming with us.
Let's go.
Come on.
What is all this about? This is about finding the murder weapon that killed your friend.
Hands up.
Watch your hands.
What are you looking for? Geez, you don't have to paw-rape me.
I'm not paw-raping you, I'm just searching you.
Why would I kill Courtney? We've seen the footage from the show, and it's clear you've had problems in the past, Gabe.
Aah! I did not hook up with Too-Shea's sister.
You know what, fine.
Lie about it.
It doesn't matter to me, okay? Shea's the one that's gonna be pissed.
If Courtney's gonna accuse me of lying, she needs to realize that I will eventually shut her up.
This is my pocketknife.
Just your pocketknife, yet slim enough to match the wound in Courtney's brain.
So witnesses confirm that Courtney was in the green room before she fell.
So? So the cast were the only ones with access to the green room.
That makes you guys the prime suspects.
Hold up.
Courtney was my friend.
Not in The Boroughs, she wasn't.
Courtney, sweetie, you have to stop (bleep) guys after I do.
We just went to dinner.
You think I've been naughty? What do you think, this is some ploy for the cameras? Your friend Courtney was stabbed to death.
So you mean shot? By, like, that activist stalker with a gun? No, I mean stabbed.
By something sharp.
Like a nail file.
Do you think one of us killed her? What I know is that you were all the last people to see her alive.
And according to the show, you all had motive.
Booty call! Guns, not tonight, okay? It was some freaking nobody she met at the bar.
Courtney can hook up with whoever she wants.
I hope she catches that herpes virus thing and croaks.
Yo, the show has nothing to do with actuality.
Yeah, well, you know what, Courtney was actually murdered, and you are all actually suspects.
You understand that? I told you, you wouldn't find nothing on me.
Can I have my cell phone back so I can go now? No.
Let me look at your jacket.
No, I told you I wasn't sporting no murder weapon.
Come on! I wouldn't be so sure about that.
You sure know a lot about our show.
What are you? A fan? No, I'm a police officer.
I do my homework.
We're coming to you live now from Miami-Dade Police Department, where cast members of The Boroughs have been released.
Represticaing st e insisted they were just brought in for routine questioning.
No charges have been filed Hi.
In the stabbing death of Courtney Alderman.
Fans of the hit series are insistent that the show must go on.
So we luminoled everything they had on them, from the pocketknife to the nail file.
There's not a drop of blood on any of them.
Yeah, you, too.
No They're mugging it up for the cameras the same day their friend dies.
At least they're not letting murder get to their heads.
Hey, how are you? Hang on.
Who's this? Hey! Hey! Eric! Arrest him! What's your problem? Get him, get him! Hey! Mr.
Calligan, are you okay? Look at me.
Calligan? Hello there, "Dan Wilson.
" Why did you hit that kid back there, huh? It's complicated.
Oh, yeah? You want to explain to us why? I'm done talking.
I got him.
For now.
Let's go.
Calligan, look at me.
Who would do that to you? Did you know that man? I don't know.
First Courtney, now me.
What is going on? Why Gabe Calligan? What about Courtney Alderman? Did you stab her, too? Who? No.
You shouldn't be talking to me; I'm not the killer here.
Well, you did attack Gabe Calligan, and that's aggravated assault.
Wilson, I need a reason not to send you to jail right now.
What did he do to you? He tried to kill my baby brother.
How? Tyler, my brother, snuck into a club last night.
He's been acting out.
My mom died last year, and since then, I'm all he's got.
He texted his best friend from the club.
Said he'd bought drugs from Gabe Calligan, the famous kid from The Boroughs.
Only, they were bad drugs.
How do you know they were bad? Tyler OD'd.
He's on life support at Dade General right now.
You sure it was him? I'm positive.
I just can't prove it.
Tyler they don't think he'll make it.
What do you think? Not good, Lieutenant.
We haven't been able to identify the drug in his system.
What about symptoms? Dangerously low levels of sodium and potassium; Constriction of the blood vessels This is unlike anything we've seen before.
And until I know exactly what we're dealing with, I can't treat him.
The wrong therapy could kill him.
How much time do you give him? Hours.
We need to know what he took, and fast.
I'll get you an answer.
So here's what we know.
Courtney was stabbed through the ear with an unknown murder weapon.
And uniforms tossed the green room and came up with squat.
So, apparently, our murder weapon just vanished into thin air.
All right, let's just say for the sake of argument that it wasn't a fellow cast member.
Well, we also know that the witnesses said that there were no producers and no crew in the green room before she fell.
True, but we traced all the letters that Shea gave us Here are the people that we know were busted for stalking the cast in the last year.
That girl is in prison.
And that dude That's a woman.
Is in Latvia.
Right, so no one was even remotely near Miami.
Okay, well, maybe this was personal.
Maybe we should be looking into her past.
The show gave Courtney a fake identity, but we got a warrant for her real Social Security number.
Get anything from it? Sure did.
Courtney's real name is Megan Rauch.
She was born and raised in Darien, Connecticut.
What?! Really? Thought she was from a borough.
Apparently not.
She was homecoming queen, captain of the field hockey team, president of the drama club.
She has a squeaky clean record.
Really? Because on the show, she's drunk and disorderly every other second.
Maybe it was an act.
Maybe she was hiding who she really was.
Well, that's not all she's hiding.
So I found myself going through the footage of the show.
Don't you mean avidly catching up on the season? Maybe that, too.
I found something kind of interesting, though.
Take a look at this.
Yo, listen, if I impregnated you, you'd have twins.
You cannot tell anybody.
Tell anyone you did what? Come on, it hasn't happened for months.
Holy (bleep)! You two (bleep) guys hooked up?! You're dreaming, Shea.
It never happened.
Yeah, me and Court, man? No (bleep) way! This is good.
I mean, I would keep that a secret, too, if I'd hooked up with that roided-out freak.
Yeah, point taken, but, uh, look at the freeze frame.
Look what she's holding.
Her stomach? Maybe she was sick from partying all night.
I don't think so.
Maybe she was pregnant.
Thank you.
She is holding her belly like an expectant mother.
Hey, Tom, is there any chance our victim was pregnant? This is good.
She really was knocked up? How long after you started sleeping together did you find out? Well, no, we never did that.
We all just watched the same footage.
I don't think that there's any point in lying.
Yo, Guns ain't a liar! All right, Zachary, you've got two girls who know a lot about Guns.
You can sit down.
Look, Courtney's blood tested positive for HCG, so we know she was pregnant when she died.
All we have to do is run a paternity test on you, and then we could book you for murder.
Did you kill Courtney and the baby because you thought they might cramp your style? You're a good-looking guy.
I'm sure the ladies like you.
Did you think they wouldn't like you if you had a baby? All right, look.
That was all an act.
A setup for the cameras; It wasn't real.
All right? Look Courtney and I never hooked up.
In fact I've never slept with anyone.
I'm sorry.
Do you expect us to believe that you're a virgin? I mean, if that's true, why would you get buff? What's with all the buff? To quote from Corinthians, chapter six, verse 19, "Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you.
" Is this guy for real? Look, this is the real me.
Zachary Rittner, seminary student and future priest.
Then who is "Guns"? Who is that? I don't know.
A made-up character.
The producers of The Boroughs, they saw me on a beach in L.
, and they liked my look, so they offered me a part in the show.
Said I could play the part of "Guns.
" Look, I know "Why would a future priest take such an immoral job?" What better way to reach out to sinners? And the money goes straight to the Church.
You never slept with Courtney? And I will gladly give a DNA sample to prove it.
That baby wasn't mine.
Yo, Wolfe! Hey.
So, I went through Courtney's phone records and found one incoming Connecticut number that popped up more than any other, a guy named James Reed.
But there's no mention of him in her file.
Can we track his cell phone, see if he's in Miami? Way ahead of you.
Reed's at Hotel 220.
Been registered there for the past two months.
Two months?! How did we miss this guy? Guy's been hiding in plain sight, in a room directly across from Courtney's.
Oh, great, we've got another stalker.
I know.
I already brought him in.
So, you were stalking Courtney Alderman Look, we know that you came to Miami the same day she did.
We know you requested the hotel room across from hers.
I wasn't stalking her! You don't need to lie to us.
I'm not! Then why were you following her every single move? You want to explain that? Because she was my wife.
Look, Courtney's contract required that we keep the marriage a secret.
We agreed that she was gonna quit the show and go back to Connecticut.
All right, look, Mr.
Reed, we searched your hotel room.
We found a broken lamp, we found a broken vase by the bathroom.
You know what that looks like to me? Signs of a struggle.
That looks like you two I don't know, very happy discussion? Look, I'll admit it.
I reacted badly when Courtney told me she was pregnant.
Is it even mine? You know you're the only one I've been with! Everything else is just editing! Is it? I thought you were gonna be happy! I thought you wanted to start a family and make a new life with me! Baby, calm down, okay? Baby, calm down.
Once we cooled off, we agreed she'd leave the show and start a new life together.
You do realize how bad this looks? You and Courtney had an argument the same day she was murdered.
And you never stepped forward as her husband.
Look, I was a mess, man! I didn't know what to do.
But I did not kill my wife and baby! I loved them! So, you gave this kid poison? But I didn't.
What do you mean, you didn't? He O.
'd on drugs that you sold him last night at a club.
He dies, that's on you.
Calligan, I need you to stop lying to us or getting punched in the face will have been the best part of your day.
Look, I got no talent, no schtick, no nothing.
All I have is my fame.
I just wanted my own thing.
What, so your thing is selling drugs? What's in the drug? She said it was ecstasy.
Who's she? Your supplier? Look, I know what happens to a rat, okay? I'm not stupid.
Listen to me.
You don't talk, people are gonna think you did anyway.
Least if you do, we c.
To drop the charges.
You're looking at what's her name? What is her name? Hannah Beckstrom.
Her name's Hannah Beckstrom.
I'll track her down.
Is he gonna die? You better hope not.
Hey, so do you believe that Courtney's husband would really kill his own unborn child? Look at Scott Peterson.
And you know that they say that murder is one of the top causes for death among pregnant women? Yeah.
That's awful.
We know Courtney was stabbed here in the green room.
Maybe this was a crime of opportunity.
Then the easiest way to get rid of the murder weapon would be to drop it.
It has to be here.
No way it just disappeared.
Hey, Lady Liberty.
You know why the real one's green? No, but I bet you're gonna tell me.
She's green because she's made of copper.
So the oxidation process causes a green patina to form.
Did you moonlight as a tour guide? Hey! I spent some time in New York.
I took the tour and I learned that her crown has seven spikes for the seven seas.
But there's also another spike that not many people know about.
Wanna know where it is? Please tell me where it is, 'cause you are killing me.
Bottom of the torch.
Check it out.
Uh, no.
No? No.
That spike is not there.
What do you mean, no? I I saw it.
I took the tour.
It's supposed to Well, okay, it's not there.
I mean, in your defense, it looks like somebody broke it off, like it's missing.
See? Wait a minute.
How big would that be? Would that be about four inches long and a few millimeters wide? Small enough yet sharp enough to penetrate the ear.
No wonder we couldn't find the murder weapon.
You were right.
It didn't just disappear.
It melted.
It melted.
A murder weapon with a guaranteed expiration date.
Okay, but even if the murder weapon did melt, the sculpture itself might be able to lead us to our killer, so we really should take this in.
Yeah, but how do we stop it from melting? Find out if the hotel has a freezer truck.
Look, I'm double parked.
I better not get a ticket.
You guys totally dragged me in here.
Miss Beckstrom, parking tickets are the least of your problems right now.
That's a nice bag.
Bet you paid about two grand for that? I think we know where you got the money.
You sold drugs to this man last night at Club Rev, right? That guy from that reality show? You gotta be kidding me.
I do not sell drugs.
But you used to.
That's right.
You got a few priors for possession with intent to sell.
Hannah, a boy is dying in the hospital as we speak.
I need to know what you sold to Gabe Calligan.
I just told you, I didn't sell him anything.
So, what, did you move from selling to manufacturing? This is ridiculous.
I don't have anything to tell you.
And actually, I don't have to.
Hannah if I were you, I'd sit down.
Now open your bag and dump the contents on that table.
Do it.
Yep, it's marijuana.
At least 28 grams here.
That's a felony, right, H? Hannah, look at me.
What is in the drug? I don't know.
It's not like I make it or anything.
I don't do anything big like that Okay, who does? Who makes it? We meet at the same place every time, but a different guy sells to me each week.
What is the location? Ten years in a penitentiary.
So what's the location? Arthur Martinez.
Yeah? Get up, Arthur.
I have a teenage boy dying in the hospital because of a drug deal that happened in this restaurant.
We need names of all your patrons.
I don't keep names.
And I can't control who does business here.
What about credit card receipts? We're cash only.
This is a family business started by my father.
He didn't believe in credit.
Just honest work.
This is not going anywhere.
Not necessarily, Frank.
You know what, Arthur? I'm gonna guess and say you manufacture the pills here on the premises.
What pills? I don't know anything about any pills.
Really? It's 92 degrees outside and you're sweating like a pig.
Why is your air conditioning off? The A/C trips the fuse.
I turn it off when I'm cooking.
Yeah, but you're not cooking food here, are you? Get your hands on your head right now.
Got a warrant for that? Arthur, this is my warrant.
He's bradying down.
We need another ABG.
Come on, kid.
Doctor, here it is.
We got a sample.
We need to rush.
We're gonna have to narrow down what he took.
Starting the analysis now.
Wait! V-fib! Starting compressions.
We need the crash cart and I.
Come on, hurry up! We're losing him! Charge at 200.
No response.
Negative for cocaine and benzodiazepine.
No match in the opiate family.
Charged at 300.
Clear! Positive for a schedule one GHB.
Wait, it's also registering positive for an unscheduled substance.
We need to run it through the database.
It's methadrone.
We got it.
We need eserine and Diazepam, stat! Please hurry, though! There's very little time! Clear! Doctor, we got it.
Got it.
Starting I.
Charge at 400.
Clear! You're gonna be fine.
I know.
It's gonna be okay.
Guess I should've worn a parka, huh? Yeah.
Weker find out who handled the murder weapon, the less we have to freeze.
I don't see anything.
There's no trace where the killer broke off the spike.
Yeah, I don't have any prints, either.
This thing's been melting this whole time, so any evidence probably slid right off.
What if it slid down? Maybe trace from the spike flowed to the ice at the base of the statue.
Wait a second Get a little bit closer Yeah, right there.
See that sparkly substance? I recognize those particles.
Excuse me? I think that's DHA.
What do you have, X-ray eyes? No, no, it's just, it's the main ingredient in spray tanner.
And how would you know about that? I have a lot of friends who work around the clock, and, uh, still manage to keep those perfect Miami tans.
Just like someone else I know.
Roll tape, and action.
Zachary, come on Courtney would have wanted us to do this.
I don't think she would, since you killed her.
Shea Williamson, you're under arrest for the murder of Courtney Alderman.
Give me a break with this.
I didn't kill nobody.
We found evidence of you on the Statue of Liberty ice sculpture.
We know you used it as the murder weapon.
Get outta here.
Get outta here, like, now! You can't prove anything.
Everything must be all melted by now.
The murder weapon may have melted, but you left behind your signature tanning spray.
Are you guys, like, seriously arresting me right now? You know what, Shea? Drop the act.
Drop the accent.
We know who you really are, Elizabeth.
We know you have a very impressive degree from MIT chemical engineering.
That fancy degree came with a quarter-mil of debt.
Courtney was messing with my livelihood.
You can't leave the show.
We can't do The Boroughs without you.
Some things are more important than the show.
Oh, really? What's more important than the paychecks? I'm guessing you would've made enough money to pay back your student loans by now.
And then some.
Before the show, I had papers published, my peers respected me, and I spent every Saturday night at home, alone.
So, I mean, are you telling us that you went on The Boroughs just to get a social life? I put on this idiotic act, gave the producers what they wanted, and, in return, they gave me a new name and background, and the pilot aired, and my phone hasn't stopped ringing.
I never want to be Elizabeth again.
And as long as the show airs, I don't have to be.
So you thought that if you killed Courtney, you would save the show.
You don't just walk away from an opportunity like this.
What opportunity? Another year of partying and puking? I want to grow up, okay? I want to start my life.
What about the rest of us? I'm sorry, Shea, you're not my problem.
I just didn't want it all to end.
You're under arrest.
Turn around.
Is this real enough for you? We'll make sure to keep you updated, okay? Thank you.
So the doctor said Tyler took something called methadrone, cut with GHB, a stimulant and a depressant.
And if you hadn't found out what the hell he took, Lieutenant, my little brother would've been dead.
We got lucky, didn't we? Can I see him? Go ahead.