CSI: Miami s09e07 Episode Script

On the Hook

(reel clacking) (insect buzzing) (buzzing ceases) Hey! Hey! Hey, what are you doing up there? (dialing) (phone line ringing) OPERATOR: Emergency response.
Yeah, look, I got a guy on the bridge.
He looks like he's about to jump.
What's your location? We're at the bridge south of the Wait, wait.
Hold on.
No! Hey, buddy, take it easy, all right? Look, just send help soon.
We're at the bridge south of the Causeway.
I gotta go.
I think he's gonna do something.
Hey, buddy! Hey, hey, listen up! Listen to me.
Get off there! You want to talk? My name's Brad.
What's yours? Hey! No do not jump! Do not jump! Look, we've all had bad days.
It's not worth it.
Don't do it.
Stay right there.
Easy, buddy.
Come on.
It's not that bad.
We all have so much to live for.
(gunshot) (bullets whizzing) (gunfire continues) (gunfire continues) (gunfire ceases) (groans) (indistinct radio transmission) Mr.
Webb, can you tell us what happened here? I, uh I, uh I was on my boat and, um, I saw this guy on-on the bridge up there.
And, um, he he looked like he was gonna jump.
So, um, I yelled, and-and he didn't respond, so, uh I called 911.
And that's when, uh when the shots started.
Could you tell where the shots originated from? No, it all happened way too fast.
All right, can you think of anybody that might want to harm you? No.
No, no.
Well, Brad, unfortunately, somebody did today, so we're gonna take you into protective custody until we find out who.
I wasn't gonna jump.
Well, the gentleman in the boat certainly thought so, Shane.
Look, I was behind the railing the whole time.
Shane, the scuff marks on that railing are gonna match your shoes.
Look, I'm fine.
It was an adrenaline thing.
You should try it sometime.
Let me get you some help, son.
Look, I already have a shrink.
A man was almost killed today.
You're the only witness.
Where did the shots come from? I heard the shots.
I dropped down to the ground until your guys grabbed me.
That's all I know.
Well, that's a start.
You're coming with us.
Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! (helicopter whirring) SIMMONS: Guys, I just need it down another foot or so.
Stop there.
Hey, I got a round here.
WOLFE: You did? No grooves.
No grooves? How did that happen? Not sure.
A lot of possibilities.
What do you got? I got a .
223 round with no grooves.
A .
223? You know, based on the weapon that bullet would come from, I'm guessing we're looking at about a hundred-yard search radius.
I'll be down below if you need me, all right? You take the swamp, I'll take the rocks.
Got the nice shoes on today.
I got that allergy, so, so I'll take the rocks and you take the swamp.
All right.
(mutters) We're clear to go.
I'm in.
Let's group up with our dive partners and head to the site.
(indistinct radio transmission) (indistinct radio transmission) We've arrived at the perimeter.
Let's start our grid search.
Starting transmission.
Calleigh, you receiving? Okay.
Transmission is up.
Cameras are working.
It looks like it's business as usual for the fish.
DELKO: Yeah, from down here, you'd never know what just happened up there.
I spoke too soon.
When we get the shooter, I'm adding animal cruelty to the list.
DUQUESNE: I'd say so.
Moving on.
Still nothing.
Heading east now.
Hey, Eric, will you turn around? I thought I saw something in the corner of the frame.
Yeah, there's a whole junkyard of them down here.
Any idea what they are? Yeah, you're holding a sabot.
It's a plastic cap that allows a smaller caliber round to be shot out of a larger caliber rifle.
The benefits are velocity, power, range, with the bonus benefit of disguise; there are no grooves left on the bullet.
The bullet and the sabot separate in flight.
Hang on a second.
I'm gonna call Walter and let him know what we found.
(phone rings) Yeah? Walter, it's Calleigh.
Listen, our shooter is using sabots.
It lengthens the effective range.
So you need to tell your team to triple their grid.
Got it.
Triple? Now how'd our shooter manage a line of sight that far out? (clicking tongue) Unless he was elevate Elevated.
being slick.
Unless he was elevate I need backup at the tower, south of the canal.
He is gone.
(indistinct radio transmission) I know you were up here somewhere.
Where were you? That's right, Lee Harvey.
Think you were gonna hide that from old Walter? Walter's gonna find ya.
Find you find ya! Ladies and gentlemen, the search is over.
We got ourselves a sniper rifle.
(sighs) (loud whoosh) (gunshot) TRIPP: Mr.
(loud whoosh) (gunshot) Mr.
We need you to stop shooting until we're done here.
We can see you like your Second Amendment.
Speaking of which, your former business partner, Brad Webb who you just happened to be suing the pants off of, was almost killed this morning.
Is that right? Yeah, by a long- range weapon similar to three registered in your name.
He was shot at while fishing.
(chuckles) That's the way Brad would have wanted to go.
Drunk, on a boat.
Well, we looked into your lawsuit with Mr.
You're alleging breach of obligations in the partnership? The company tanked.
Brad thought he could just up and quit.
Left me on the hook for half a year's worth of rent, insurance, not to mention taxes and operating costs.
Sounds like a horrible breakup.
In fact, that sort of breakup could cause someone to do something-- I don't know-- irrational? You know what a sabot is? Of course.
Well, we found a boatload of them at Mr.
Webb's crime scene.
to bad u just fired fired your shotgun.
Of course.
Now your hands are all covered in G.
You think I shot at Brad.
Well, you got the means and the motive.
I just want what's mine.
Dead men don't pay restitution.
Where were you this morning? At the office.
Feel free to check with the doorman.
But if it had been me I wouldn't have missed.
Are we finished here? TRIPP: Mr.
Hayward? Do us a favor-- keep your hunting trips local.
Shane and Tracy Newsom.
Cousins in crime.
Yeah? Officers said I was done.
Just waiting for my P.
You don't remember six months ago when I sent you two up for shoplifting? Boosted a bunch of Nikes.
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, that's us.
But we're doing real good now.
And, uh, no more trouble.
MAN: That's not what I heard.
Shane here was at the scene of a shooting this morning.
Do I got that right? Frank Tripp.
Neal Perkins.
I'm their probation officer.
Shane didn't actually do anything illegal.
Wrong place at the wrong time.
Well, I'm glad to hear that.
That saves me about 35 pages worth of paperwork.
Can I talk to you for a minute? The victim at the crime scene said that the only thing holding Shane to the bridge was a breeze.
And that concerned me.
Look, I'm fine.
Thank you, Sergeant, for telling me this.
I mean, this kid he has his problems, but he is in counseling.
I'll suggest to them to up the meds.
Well, it's time to do something.
Well, I spoke to Brad's ex-business partner.
And? And he strikes me as the type of guy who shoots first and asks no questions later.
He's a gun nut.
I don't think he's our guy.
Really? What makes you say that? Well, because Brad didn't have a scratch on him, which makes me think that whoever was the shooter was inexperienced.
What about the sabots? Anybody can look up a sabot on the Internet.
That doesn't mean that they know how to use a gun.
You know, there's a common mistake that some amateurs make when they first start to use a scope.
They'll press their eyes against the glass.
It's kind of like when a kid starts to use a water fountain and he puts his mouth too close.
If I'm right it's possible we could have DNA from our shooter on the scope.
Here's to inexperience.
(siren wailing) Dario Aguilar, let me see your hands up.
Let's go, all of you, hands up.
We found your DNA on a weapon used in an attempted murder today.
You're going to have to come with me to answer Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! The next step you take will be in the morgue.
So, Dario, why'd you take a shot at Brad Webb? I got nothing to say about the dude or what I done.
Hey, we've seen your rap sheet.
We know murder's not your M.
Man, just get it over with and take me in.
You're hiding something.
What is it? You are, Dario.
And you know what? We're going to figure out what it is.
Bring him.
Let's go.
(siren wailing) That's Dario Aguilar, Brad.
And you're sure that this is the man who shot at me this morning? Yeah, we're sure.
But we don't have a motive.
Do you recognize him? I'm sorry.
Any out of the ordinary incidents recently? Could be as small as you cutting him off in traffic.
Nothing about this man rings a bell, all right? I just want to forget about him and get back to my life.
Yeah, I get that, Brad.
This man's a gangbanger.
If you don't have a personal connection with him, then someone put him up to this.
So whoever wants me dead is still out there? Yeah.
You'll be safer here with us.
I'm the victim, but yet I have to live like a prisoner.
I know it's frustrating, but the key word-- "live.
" Walk out the door, I can't guarantee what's gonna happen.
(dogs barking outside) (barking continues) (rustling) (clattering) TRIPP: Horatio.
I got something.
Shoot, Frank.
Dispatch got a call on an excessive noise complaint.
It was the witness at this morning's shooting.
This morning? That's Shane Newsom.
Apparently, he raised quite a ruckus.
We got patrol heading over.
Cancel patrol.
We'll handle it.
(siren wailing) Shane? What are you doing here? TRIPP: Neighbor called.
Said you were raising a bunch of hell over here.
Shane, let us get you some help.
Look, I'm fine.
I'm just letting off a little steam, that's all.
TRIPP: Little steam? I'd like to see what a lot of steam looks like.
Your biggest problem used to be footwear fads.
Now you're pushing the destruct button.
What happened? I got to go.
CAINE: Shane, just stay where you are.
Now, listen to me.
If you don't tell us what's going on, it's a mandatory psych evaluation for you.
You understand? Okay.
It's just This morning, the guy was fishing, and talking on his phone, and next thing you know, he's getting shot at.
Another day, it could have been me.
CAINE: Shane you didn't mention the phone before.
I didn't? No.
SHANE: Guy was talking on his Bluetooth to someone named Vic.
Running down a whole bunch of numbers.
Talking about nickels and dimes, weird stuff.
Vic Shane could it have been "vig"? Yeah, maybe.
Hang on.
(cell phone dialing) Mr.
Wolfe, listen to me.
Webb's phone record.
See who he's been calling this morning.
So, Webb made a phone call to a land line that's registered to this address.
I talked to the manager of the building.
He said Webb rented it under his company's name.
But guess what.
His partner had no idea he was doing it.
Was Webb a fan of minimalist decor? Or did he lose all his furniture sports betting? Uh, not exactly.
But Horatio said Webb was talking about the vig.
Hello? The vig.
You know, the vig, the bookie's take on losing bets.
Yeah, Walter.
Webb's a bookie.
What? See this monitor? It's to make sure nobody rushes in the place without him knowing.
Several phones, multiple phone lines.
(knocking) Extra insulation on the walls, so nobody can hear his conversations.
Probably an answering system he puts the day's lines on.
Damn, Wolfe, you know a lot about this.
Yeah, I know too much about it, but that's in the past.
Enough said.
So what about this? Standard ceiling leak? Oh, no, Walter.
That's rice paper.
Bookies use it 'cause it's water soluble.
What you do is, you write your bet on a piece of paper like this, then you leave it somewhere for your bookie to retrieve it.
My bookie's drop box was downtown.
Then the end of the day, after he's paid out all his bets, puts a bunch of these in a bucket, douses it with water.
Gets rid of the evidence.
(chuckles) So Webb's a bookie.
That's his big secret, huh? It's not a big secret anymore.
Brad, you've been wasting our time.
What? Brad, we've been in your office.
Your real office.
It's the one you run numbers out of.
You guys, you got the wrong guy or maybe you got the wrong Hey, Brad, drop it, okay? We know you're a bookie.
And that means everyone who owes you money is a suspect.
WOLFE: So why don't you sit there, do us all a favor, be a good boy, give us a list of your clients.
Okay, look I-I don't know who most of my clients are.
All my transactions-- they're done at a drop box or on my phone.
All right, Brad, what about this? Somebody owes you money, what do you do? I collect.
And how exactly do you collect? Look, all right, someone tried to kill me and you're hassling me over a few bets?! I'm out of here.
You know, I can charge you with bookmaking right now.
Yeah, till you do, you can't hold me.
Listen, Mr.
Webb, I just don't think you understand the situation here.
I'm trying to save your life.
Get down! (gunfire) (alarms wailing, people shouting) The rounds are coming from the elevated station! Have Miami-Dade Transit stop service at Brickell station! Stop that train! Call it in.
Nobody leaves, including you.
Lock it down right now.
Nobody leaves! (sirens wailing) MAN (over P.
): There is no service today.
Please move away from the platform.
Service is disrupted from Brickell station on to the marina.
What's this about? I.
, please.
I need to see your I.
, please.
Hands on the wall.
Delko, I got a gun! Everybody down, down! Look, I have a license to carry a concealed weapon.
TRIPP: You have a license to murder someone with it? What?! Get over there and shut up! What do you got, Frank? Chamber's clean.
It means the gun hasn't been fired recently.
We searched everyone; that means the shooter's gone.
Hey! Make sure patrol doesn't let anybody leave the station downstairs.
Webb, you were officially charged with bookmaking and I get a phone call saying that you're checking out? Yep.
I made bail.
According to my attorney here, I don't have to be back until the prelim.
Okay, look, you've escaped death twice today.
Let's not go for a third.
After what just happened here, I'm not exactly feeling safe underneath your roof.
I think I'll try it on my own.
You know, I'm pretty good at playing the odds.
We haven't found him yet, but we have someone checking every train in the city, and we're not gonna stop until we do.
Good luck with that.
No grooves, just like this morning.
I guess they're using sabots again.
And no one on the platform saw anything? Well, that's the thing.
I talked to Transit.
Apparently, between rush hour, this platform is like a ghost town.
So I'm guessing there wasn't even anyone on the platform.
You know, the train was just pulling in as the shots were fired.
Let's get out of here, so we can get a look at that track.
Already found one sniper today.
Here goes two.
Hey, Walter, I found a casing.
It's a .
Still no striations.
Striations or not, two people have taken shots at Brad Webb today, and I think they're gonna keep trying.
Well, he's a bookie.
Either someone owes him money or he welched on a bet.
Nothing spills blood like money.
Hey, you know, I saw another piece like this over there on the track.
Some kind of residue or something.
Help me out for a second.
Place looks like a garbage dump for a hardware store.
Well, it could lead us to the shooter.
I think we should take it all in.
You would say that.
Okay, gentlemen.
This is it.
This is the gun.
What? Wow.
So then this pipe-- that's the barrel.
That wood's the stock.
The door hinge, the door hinge is a hammer.
They used a nail to serve as a firing pin.
And this spring-- wow, this spring creates the force that's necessary for the firing pin to activate the primer.
(train clattering) (gunshot) It doesn't have a manufacturer's grooved barrel.
That explains why the bullets didn't have striations on them.
But why'd the gun end up in so many pieces? Because any misstep in the construction of a homemade weapon will render it unstable.
So this weapon literally blew itself apart.
(gunshot) Wow, that's a big risk.
You know, why not just buy a gun? Well, without trace, DNA or prints, homemade gun like this-- it's virtually untraceable.
Until now.
Until now.
I didn't make anything.
Oh, no? Let me see your arms.
How'd you get those burns, Shane? SHANE: I was barbecuing.
You were barbecuing? Here's what I think happened.
I think you made the weapon, I think you discharged the weapon from the train platform, it exploded on you, and that's how you got those burns.
Now, here's my question.
When did you start gambling with Webb? What are you talking about? I know it doesn't look like it, but I try to live a clean life.
How did you and Dario get so far in debt? I don't know any Dario.
Okay? I told you, I don't gamble.
Then why'd you try to kill the bookie? Look, if you're gonna take me in, why don't you just do it already? See, I think, Shane, that you and Dario are working for someone.
Who is it? I can't.
And I think that person has threatened to kill you.
Shane Newsom and Dario Aguilar are working for someone, Frank, but won't say who.
(computer trilling) Besides the fact they both shot at Brad Webb, I can't find a common link.
So they've both been arrested, right? Yeah, but they couldn't have met in jail.
Shane's never been in.
Suspended sentence.
Wait a second.
Horatio, look who Dario's probation officer is.
Neal Perkins.
TRIPP: Yeah, I met the guy.
Out of all the probation officers in Miami, what are the chances? Look, man, call my P.
Get him down here now! There ain't no way I'm goin' down like this.
Perkins is not gonna bail you out.
We know he's the one that made you shoot at Webb.
DELKO: PD already spoke to him.
You know what he had to say about you? He said, "I tried my best with him, "but he obviously doesn't belong in society.
I think it's time to throw away the key.
" Why do you think he wouldn't take your call? He played me, man.
No, no, no.
He should be sitting here, not me! Only way to make that happen is for you to tell us everything.
Might even earn yourself some leniency.
Tell me, how does one man get another to kill for him? He said if I didn't kill the dude, Vice would find so much coke in my crib, it'd look like little Colombia in there.
Yeah, well, attempted murder charge won't be any better.
Listen, man, he gave me the rifle and he gave me the ammo.
And he said if I got caught, he'd protect me.
So who's this guy you want me to cap? Tomorrow morning.
Guy'll be fishing at C-157.
He's like clockwork.
Hey don't mess this up.
That dude was in the boat, just like Perkins said he'd be.
WEBB: You okay? And then I saw some other guy on the bridge My name's Brad! What's yours? acting all crazy like he was gonna jump, making a commotion.
Hey, no, do not jump! Do not jump! (gunshot) That's it.
Y'all know everything.
Now y'all can do your job and go get Perkins.
Testimony of a felon's not gonna convince the ASA.
I don't think so, no.
Do you have any proof, Dario? Text message from Perkins, anything? No, man, it was all face-to-face.
You know, you said he gave you the rifle and the ammo.
Did he give you anything else? Nah, nothing.
That's too bad.
Look, hold up.
You guys are gonna tell me that he's gonna get away with this? No, you better hope not.
We got one more person we can talk to.
So, I know what you were doing at the canal this morning.
You heard Mr.
Perkins planning a murder, so you decided to stop it.
I didn't want anybody to get hurt because I looked the other way.
After that, he put you onto his target.
He's always having his probies do stuff for him.
And if you say no, he'll violate your probation and throw you in jail.
Perkins actually came to me first about shooting Webb.
But once he saw I couldn't stomach it, that's when he got Dario.
But after I tried to stop the murder, Perkins just lost it.
Today he came to my place, and he was really angry.
You thought you'd get in the way of my business?! Look, I wasn't trying to mess things up.
Well, you did.
Now you got to fix it.
No, I can't do that.
You don't and I'm gonna say I found so much cocaine in Tracy's car, she's gonna go to prison for 20 years.
Though I will miss our little "dates," though.
Look, you leave her out of this! The only way she stays out is if you make amends.
Time to finish what you interrupted.
Look, where's the gun? No store gun.
It'll tie right back to you.
You're gonna make one.
How am I supposed to that? (gunshots) I missed the shot, and now I can't find Tracy.
Where is the piece of paper now? Shane, I need to know in order to save Tracy.
He told me to fill up the sink and toss it in.
So I did.
(phone speed-dialing) Yes, Mr.
Wolfe, I need you to retrieve something.
(siren approaching) (siren passing, fading in distance) (sizzling) You think the ink's still viable? If there is any pigment left, it should fluoresce in infrared light.
(beep) Oh, my God, it worked.
Grab one of those writing samples we got from probation.
DUQUESNE: All right, both have heavy pressure.
They both lean vertically to the left.
The spacing is the same.
WOLFE: Look at the mid-line on the A's.
There's extreme protrusion there.
DUQUESNE: It's the same guy.
This is it.
This confirms Perkins made the drawing of the gun.
WOLFE: So he's trying to kill Brad, because it's easier than paying him off.
I'll call H.
(siren wailing) (woman sobbing quietly) (sniffles) Please don't do this to me.
Please don't Tracy, come on.
Please don't.
I thought we were past this.
TRACY (crying): Please don't please You should know the deal by now.
You give me what I want No, please don't.
(sobbing): Please stop.
Hey! Get over here! Please don't And you don't go to jail.
No! Please! (grunts) No! Come here! All right.
(sobbing): Please Don't! Stop! Please! What the hell?! (grunting) (groans) You are under arrest for solicitation of murder and rape.
You have no evidence.
I am loaded with evidence, my friend.
What are you gonna do? You're gonna kill me out here? You know what? I'm gonna put you behind bars, right next to all of the people you sent there.
I'm gonna show you what the next And how are you gonna do that? (groaning in pain) (groaning continues) (indistinct radio transmission) (panting) (Perkins groaning loudly) Aww (Perkins groans) (sobbing quietly) Tracy (crying, sniffling) Tracy, you okay? I think so.
So, what's what's gonna happen now? Well for starters, you're never gonna see him again.
(sighs) Okay.
(sniffles) Thank you.
You know how you can thank me? (phone speed-dialing) There's somebody that you need to talk to.
Hello? Shane? Tracy? You okay? I think I'm gonna be.
Look, I-I tried to stop him to protect you from jail.
To do that, I had to do something bad.
I'm not gonna be around for a while.