CSI: Miami s09e08 Episode Script

Happy Birthday

Eric, it's H.
I'm gonna I'm gonna be out of commission a few hours.
I'd appreciate if you'd cover me.
I need to go say hello.
Thank you, brother.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop! What's going on? There's a lady.
She's hurt.
Where is she? She's down the hill.
Want to show me? Yeah.
Where? I think she's pregnant.
Where is she? This way.
I was out running.
I didn't have my phone.
She's down here.
This is Horatio Caine.
I'm at Robin hill and seventh.
I need an ambulance immediately.
Did you see what happened? No.
I just ran up, found her lying here.
It's all right, easy.
All right Let me look at you.
Okay, okay.
Hang in there.
I called for the ambulance.
Okay, okay.
Help is on the way.
Just lie still.
Why are you making that face? Me, throw your baby shower? I would consider it an honor.
Did you ever stop and think what it is for me? Let me educate you.
It's a nightmare.
Marcie, you can't be serious.
How can you be so insensitive? After all I've been through.
The three years, the five doctors, all the heartache.
This is just another reminder.
Look, I know you've had a difficult time, but-but you have to No.
Do not go there.
You have no right.
Not when this is so easy for you.
Look, forget I asked, okay? I'll figure something else out.
You clearly cannot think of anything but yourself.
Really? You're going to say that to me? When all we talk about is your baby, your husband, your precious Mercedes.
You cannot deal with my happiness.
There's to your crummy happiness.
I'm out of here.
Everybody, clear the hallway, watch your backs.
Patient coming through.
Tell me the last set of vitals.
Heather, you're at the hospital now.
We're gonna take good care of you.
Hang in there.
Hang in there.
found by the side of the road, unknown history.
She's pregnant.
One, two, three.
Mom's bp, 150/100.
She's tachy at 125.
I've got major abdominal bruising.
The baby? What about the baby? Any fetal heart rate? The baby's at 109 with poor variability, late decels.
Baby's moving.
She's contracting again.
Six milligrams dexamethasone iv.
We have to stop the contractions.
You hang in there, mom.
H, I got your text; What's going on? I got a woman, brutally assaulted, eight months pregnant.
Baby gonna make it? Too soon to tell.
That falls under "expectation of death.
" That allows us to investigate before there's a murder.
- I want all hands on deck.
- I'll get everyone.
They are gonna pay.
That's all we can do now.
We appreciate the help, doctor.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Is this the victim's purse? Yep.
Check the phone.
Okay, the victim's name is Heather Chapman.
Let's put a bolo out on the vehicle immediately.
Got it.
I've got an emergency number in her phone for a Gary Chapman.
So that's probably her husband.
Looks like she texted him a few times this morning about a fight that she had with her girlfriend Marcie.
Okay, what do we know about Marcie? Okay, Marcie we've got "Marcie Westerfield.
" They had brunch this morning at the blue marine cafe.
Okay, so we find the girlfriend.
Got it.
Well, the waiter at the blue marine cafe seemed to think you were fighting.
We had a disagreement.
It happens between friends.
Your friend's listed in critical condition.
Her and her baby? They might not make it.
And you were the last person to see her before she was assaulted.
So, what was the argument about? I've been trying to get pregnant for the last three years.
Do you have any idea what that's like? No, of course you don't, because you're men.
It's hell.
Thousands of dollars, shots, procedures, in vitro.
And none of it has worked for me.
But Heather got pregnant.
She didn't even have to try.
Gary just looked at her sideways, and wham, bam, bun in the oven.
I hear some serious resentment there.
Maybe that's why you put her in the hospital.
No! I didn't.
I would never.
In fact, I'd like to go over and see her now.
No, no, no, she's in critical condition at the hospital.
I'd say you've done enough for one day.
The baby's vital signs are improved Excuse me.
My wife.
I really need to find my wife, Heather Chapman.
She just arrived in the unit from the er.
How's the baby? She's stable for now.
Heather hasn't regained consciousness yet.
I told you they wouldn't know anything, dad.
Next few hours we'll know more.
Chapman, I'm Calleigh Duquesne.
I'm a CSI with the Miami-Dade police department.
I've been staying with Heather.
CSI? So it's true my wife was attacked? What we know is that your wife was assaulted and her car is missing.
This is unbelievable.
How does this happen? We just don't have any details yet.
In broad daylight? The cops don't protect anybody.
Josh, enough.
A little respect, okay? Would you all like to go and see her? It's right this way.
Thank you.
I'll check on you in a few minutes.
Did you get a load of the hyper hormonal friend? Whoo! Did I.
Yeah, she's all that and then some.
Definitely motive.
Depends on what kind of evidence we can dig up, though.
What do you got? Well, this is where we found her.
Right in this area.
I just got started a little while ago.
So you're thinking she was assaulted up there and fell down this embankment, landing here? No, actually I think it all happened in here because we found some blood right there.
On the curb.
See it? Yep.
Same splash angle.
She was definitely on the move, natalia.
We've got directionality here leading us that way.
Across? Yep, yeah.
Hold that car.
More drip cast off.
Same splash angle.
Well, let's see where she came from.
There's some here on this curb pointed off over that way.
How the hell did she get all the way over here? She must have stumbled over looking for help.
More drip cast off.
The distribution of each drop is consistent, leading us across the road.
But how are we going to stop traffic? Get your ass off the road! You're impeding a police investigation! MDPD! Oh, come on! Hold this man all day if you need to.
We got some over here, too.
Got some right here.
Look at that.
Another one up here.
What's going on here? We got something going on over here.
Big something.
All that directionality is leading us to this pool of blood.
Oh yep.
Look at that.
We've got headlights or taillights or something all probably from her car.
Well, we know she owns a white Mercedes.
Mercedes' taillights are coated in a polycarbonate plastic just like this.
So she was in an accident.
This is the point of impact.
Oh! Take a step back and look at this.
Four fresh burnt rubber tracks forming a perfect rectangle.
From her tires? So she was completely still when she got hit from behind.
And not one skid mark from the other car.
Okay, so somebody targeted her.
I think Heather Chapman got carjacked.
The previous bolo has been upgraded to a suspected carjacking.
Suspect vehicle is a white Mercedes with a broken taillight.
Charlie-Oscar- Suspect vehicle spotted headed north on 37th near palmetto.
There he is.
There he is.
This is CSI Eric delko and lieutenant Horatio Caine.
We have eyes on the code 22.
We have eyes on the code 22.
We are in pursuit headed west on coral.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Get out of the way! We just lost the code 22.
Last spotted headed east on miracle mile.
This is Tripp.
I think I can cut him off.
Hey! Frank! You okay? I'm all right.
Just washed this damn thing.
On the ground! Everybody down! Get down, everybody! Down! Everybody down! Now! Get down! Hey! Put your hands on your head right now.
Right now! Where's your friend? You just broke my damn shoulder! Where'd he go? You think we're not going to find him? Where did he go? Where is he, huh? What's his name? I don't know! Where would he go? I don't know.
I swear.
Get that to the lab, please.
Who are you, ma'am? Vicki Turner.
I'm the day manager here.
You recognize the suspects? Have they been in here before? I don't know.
Officer delko, what do you want to do with this picture? Is that the one the perp threw at me? Yep.
Can you get that back to the lab, please? Wait.
Is it necessary to take that photo? Yeah.
The suspect handled it.
It might have some fingerprints on it.
Why do you ask? I'm the photographer.
Will I get it back? That's up to you.
Hey, did you hear about delko? Laid that guy out in the club like an all-pro linebacker.
I heard about that.
Yeah, it's too bad the other guy got through the line.
Pd's out combing the area for him right now.
What's going on with the steering wheel here? Looks like the air bag is missing.
You know, it probably deployed when the car was rear-ended.
Carjackers they they just want to take the car, right? That's what they're after? Yeah, so they got to get rid of the air bag so they can drive it.
Well, if they want to drive off with the car, why do they beat up the driver? I mean, especially if the driver's pregnant.
Doesn't make much sense, does it? No.
I'm sure she didn't put up much of a fight.
We got to find the guy that got away.
Somebody keyed the car.
It's the entire length of the car.
What? Yeah.
The paint near the groove is still flaking.
It's fresh.
So the car was keyed, then got jacked.
Then they beat her down and left her on the side of the road for dead.
Does that sound plausible? No.
You're okay.
You're in the hospital.
You're being very well taken care of.
My name is Calleigh.
How's the baby? They've given you something to slow the contractions.
She's a fighter, just like you.
Where's my husband? Heather, your husband is helping us.
He's with the police.
Do you remember anything, or Do you know why they would have attacked you? Yeah, I don't I don't know.
I can't remember anything.
It's okay.
Don't worry.
The baby.
It's bad, isn't it? They don't know yet.
Do you pray? I do.
I quit praying when I was 12.
Preteen rebellion, I guess.
I want to pray now.
For the baby, but I can't remember any prayers.
I know one that my grandmother taught me.
Do you want me to say it for you? Please.
It goes Angels of God Angels of God From heaven so bright From heaven so bright Watch over my children Watch over my children And guide them aright.
And guide them aright.
Fold your wings round them Fold your wings round them And guard them with love.
And guard them with love.
Sing to them softly And sing to them softly From heaven above.
From heaven above.
You rest.
Thank you.
Yeah? Just got a hit off that nine-mil you guys found at the club.
Rounds used in an armed robbery.
Same armed robbery where there was a loser who was the main suspect named Sam Novak.
Take a look at his priors.
Stolen property, grand theft auto.
Known associate of Ruben Franco.
Who you just brought in with the broken collarbone.
He's on his way right now for medical treatment.
You know what? Let's hold off on that, okay? Hey, can you hold up for a sec? Why don't you step out of the car? Thought we were going to the hospital.
Yeah, we will eventually.
I need you to tell me where your friend is.
Look, I don't know.
Someplace better than me, right? Do you recognize this picture? This is the girl and her baby that you left half-dead on the side of the road.
Hey, look, he took off without me.
I don't know where he's at, okay? Oh, really? You're going to be like that? Why don't you come with me? I got this, Billy.
Come on.
Where are we going? Where are you taking me? Huh? What? Shut up! Get in.
You know, Ruben, separate from everything, separate from anything you can put down on paper or maybe even drive off a lot, is the value of a human life.
And at the end of the day, that's all that really matters to me.
I'm saying that if this baby dies, they're going to be finding pieces of you all over biscayne bay.
So I ask you, Ruben, where is Sam Novak? Man, you're wasting your time.
Natalia? Close the door.
Today We have no options.
So last chance, Ruben Where were you taking the car, and where is Sam Novak? Which one? Oh, God! Okay, okay! I don't know where Novak is, but we were gonna take the car to a chop shop.
Where? We're looking for Sam Novak.
Where is he? Down, down, down! Down! Say hello to Josh Chapman.
We found him at the chop shop.
He's our victim's son.
I'm not her son.
Heather is my stepmother.
Ruben Franco gave you up, Josh.
I don't know who that is.
You work in a chop shop.
They steal the cars, and you chop them up.
Look, I work on cars.
- I'm a mechanic.
- Oh, really? Your stepmom's Mercedes is carjacked by two guys that you know? Don't you think that's a bit of a coincidence? You think? I don't pick the cars.
But it looks like you picked her.
Show him, Frank.
We found these photographs on a bench where you work.
Same place Franco and his buddy were taking the car to.
No idea where those came from.
Who took 'em? Novak or Franco? Look, a lot of guys come in and out of that shop.
I don't pay any attention.
Okay, let me see your keys.
Come on.
You see white on that, don't you, Frank? Mm-hmm.
You were angry enough to key Heather's car, huh? Yeah.
I did it yesterday.
It was a dumb thing to do, but I was pissed.
After all this talk about buying me a car, instead, one day dad's driving off the lot with a brand-new Mercedes for her.
Let me tell you something, kid if you're trying to send a message, you're sending it loud and clear.
Look, my folks got divorced.
Dad stopped paying attention.
That's all.
Now he's chasing some Norman Rockwell life with Heather and their new baby.
You lie to us, you'll get in big trouble.
I didn't put her in the hospital.
You got to believe me.
Here's the problem, son I don't.
Take him.
Let's go.
Gary Chapman? Lieutenant? Mr.
Chapman? Right-right here.
Chapman How's my wife? Your wife and baby are holding.
I need to talk to you about your son.
My son? Your son has been linked to a chop shop where we found surveillance photos of your wife.
I believe these men attacked your wife and they're linked to the same shop.
What? Josh is? Do they look familiar to you? No, I don't I don't recognize either of these men.
My son did what? Okay, I need your wife to I.
If possible.
Okay, follow me.
We don't have much time.
I don't know.
You know, you look good in black.
I like you in this.
Where's that smile? Come on, let's see it.
Sorry, sorry.
Hey, I'm sorry, baby.
Just if you can try to remember where this was taken, it would help the police a lot.
I went out a couple days ago, with Marcie.
It looks like it was taken in a restaurant.
You probably told me which one in the morning, and You weren't paying attention.
I'll work on that.
Sienna sky? Your favorite.
You are you're so gorgeous.
One more thing.
Just One more thing and then we'll let you rest.
See these guys? Can you recognize either of them? Are those the men that attacked me? The police think so.
I don't remember their faces.
Hey, hey, babe, it's okay.
Just look.
This one That's Marcie's personal trainer.
Marcie's trainer.
I only met him once.
He tried to sign me up.
Marcie Westerfield's trainer.
I'm all over it.
Just don't go.
Okay? Where's Sam novak? I don't know.
Look, the fact that my trainer is some sort of criminal is news to me.
I don't even see him anymore.
You sure about that? We found these surveillance photos in a chop shop.
The same one that novak was headed to with his buddy after they jacked your friend's car.
Somebody was watching Heather two days ago at the sienna sky restaurant where she was sitting across from you.
And we know you made the reservation.
You sure you didn't have her sit in that chair? Look, I don't need this, okay? My friend is lying in a hospital bed right now with her baby.
That you wish was yours.
I don't deny that I'm envious.
She has the perfect husband, the perfect life, everything.
And me, all I've got is this bloating, the irritability, the empty nursery.
See, I just think it's sort of weird that your trainer also happens to be the guy that attacked her.
Maybe I need a lawyer.
Well, sir, you see, I get paid to ask questions, because I work for the Miami-Dade police department.
That would explain why I'm asking all the questions.
Well, thank you very much for your time, too, sir.
You have a nice Jerk.
Who the hell was that? That's the manager of the sienna sky restaurant, who very impolitely told me they have no security cameras in their parking lots.
So, so much for stealing a shot of our photographer.
Eric, you notice this? The upper right-hand corner of the photograph, there's a thin, white line.
What causes that? The printer? Well, it could be.
Those are reproductions.
Let me take a look at the originals.
They're on the originals, too.
Take a look.
You know something, when we collected these photos from the club, I was dusting them for prints, I noticed some imperfections.
See if they match up.
Same exact white mark, upper right-hand corner.
Really? Same exact white line.
Same thing as the surveillance photos.
You know, I think all these photos were taken by the same camera.
Yeah, well, I'd be willing to bet that they're all from the same photographer, too.
I already told you everything I know.
Can I just get my camera back? Say "cheese.
" What is this about? Zoom in a little.
Oh, there it is the zigzag.
The what? Zigzag.
There's a flaw in your camera's sensor.
As a result, every picture you take has a distinct imperfection.
The photos you have on the wall of your clubs these photos you have of Heather Chapman while you were surveilling her.
Care to explain why you photographed our carjacking victim without her knowledge? Yeah, why were you surveilling her? I I used to date this guy, um, Sam novak.
He paid me to take pictures of this girl.
I figured it was his new girlfriend or something.
I don't know who she was, or what it was all about.
Sam novak stole her car.
Sam novak beat this girl so badly that her and her unborn child are in a hospital.
They might die.
That's what this is about.
And you covered for him.
That makes you an accomplice.
What? No, no, no, no.
I no, I You've got to believe me, I didn't have anything to do with this.
It was just a hit-and-run.
I didn't know he was going to beat her up.
If you don't tell me where Sam novak is, and this girl, this girl dies you're going down for felony murder.
Do it.
Go, go, go.
Miami-Dade police.
Get down on the floor.
Stop! That looked like it hurt.
I don't know what the hell you think I did, but I didn't do it.
We found these inside.
Oh, yeah.
We got an airbag here.
I'm guessing it's from the Mercedes.
You know you're facing two counts of attempted murder here? Two counts of murder? What, are you guys making up charges now? In your case, we don't have to.
Saddle up.
Right away.
Is there something wrong, doctor? Uh, there's some bruising starting to appear.
What does that mean? Could be a possible clotting disorder, like dic.
Can I get a nurse in here, please? She's hemorrhaging.
Now! Nurses, now! Let's get her on her side.
I need to get this patient to the O.
right now.
Heather, stay with me.
You're going to be okay.
You're going to be okay.
Let's go.
Move, move, move! Yes, I'm outside with number one.
I want to expedite his paperwork immediately and drop him down to holding You're going to burn in hell for this! Hey, easy.
Take it easy.
I should have killed you when I had the chance.
No! Hey! Hey! Hey! What the hell are you doing? Easy, easy! Let it go! Let it go! Let me finish this.
Huh? What are you doing? Get him out of here.
Get him out of here.
He deserves this after what he did to Heather! If Heather dies, I don't know what I'm going to do.
This isn't the way, Gary.
It's not.
And now you have a problem.
Take him, Eric.
Come on.
Let's go.
The abrasion marks line up perfectly.
So it clearly came from Heather's car.
This is from where novak pried it from the steering wheel.
They must have stripped it out on their own.
And it did not deploy.
No, but it should have.
I mean, Franco hit this car going at least 30 miles an hour.
Maybe, maybe it malfunctioned.
Hang on.
Look at this.
What do you got? Eric, somebody sawed off the tilt lever here.
Which means the wheel would be locked in place.
The steering wheel's at a weird angle.
The airbag didn't deploy.
Someone was definitely trying to make sure the baby got hurt in the collision.
Why would a carjacker go to this much trouble? He wouldn't.
Who did this, the son? The jealous best friend? Oh, no.
Come on, talk to me, h.
Why the knife? He never mentioned the baby, Eric.
Who?! Who never mentioned the baby?! Chapman.
He never mentioned the baby.
I got it.
I got it.
It matches up perfectly.
Son of a bitch.
Lieutenant, um I apologize for my behavior.
Have a seat, Gary.
You disabled your wife's airbag, Gary.
And then you locked the steering wheel in place so your child might be killed.
Then you hired novak and Franco to crash into your wife's car.
I didn't hire anyone.
I might have spoken to Vicki, and she said she knew people.
I don't do that sort of thing anymore, Gary.
Right, Vicki, I understand.
But look, we both know you have some old friends who could do this thing for me.
It's just I'm not sure.
Ask around.
Tell 'em I'll make it worth their while.
I'll see what I can do, okay? You tried to eliminate novak because he was planning to go public on you.
Look, I might have started something, but it wasn't supposed to be a carjacking, okay? And Heather was not supposed to be assaulted and left on the road for dead, okay? How did this happen?! How could you do this to me?! To Heather?! I didn't.
This was supposed to be a simple hit-and-run, Vicki.
They beat my wife unconscious! She could die! You were willing to pay anything to anyone to get this done, and I warned you! Gary, we believed in you.
Anyone could have used this knife, anyone.
Novak is your man.
He's sick.
He's your criminal.
I believed in you.
Lieutenant, I love my wife.
I love her.
Everything was perfect with us.
But it was just about to change forever, okay? I was Why, because of the baby? Oh, the baby.
Wah! You know what kind of hell a baby brings into a marriage? It's like a parasite.
Why do you think I got divorced the first time around? My wife Josh was born all we did was fight like dogs.
Look, you want to have a romance with a baby instead of me? Get out! And Heather was perfect.
Heather was always happy.
And then, and then she gets pregnant.
And I could see it.
I could feel it happening again.
No, I wasn't gonna lose her.
You know, this really could be anybody's knife.
I don't think you have much here.
Just got a text.
They just rushed Heather into the or.
It doesn't look good for the baby.
Fetal heart rate unstable.
We need peds down here now! We're running out of time! Color's bad.
Pressure dropping.
Angels of God From heaven so bright Watch over my children And guide them aright.
Fold your wings round them And guard them with love.
Sing to them softly of heaven above.
Let's get her on the warmer.
You can bring mom around.
Looks like we're out of the woods now.
She's beautiful.
She's perfect.
She is perfect.
I almost can't believe it.
What's wrong? It was supposed to be the both of us.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
I don't know if I can do this alone.
Of course you can.
You are one of the strongest people I've ever met.
And you're not alone.
You have each other.
She likes you.
She's an angel.
She is.
Well, mari She's a little girl.
And she's beautiful.
Just like you.
Just like you.
Happy Birthday.