CSI: Miami s09e09 Episode Script

Blood Sugar

You're looking good, Donna! I told you, Bobby.
Not at work.
You can't talk to me like that, just because your uncle owns this place.
Hey, this one I'm going to take a look at.
All I need I'm caught! Bobby, turn it off! Help me! Come on! Pull it hard! Pull it! Turn it off! Bobby! Turn it off! Turn it off! You're okay.
- You're okay.
- Thank you.
What was that? Oh, my God! Everybody get out! This is air 21, responding to a q48 explosion in progress at the Cavanaugh sugar refinery.
Advise all units to proceed with extreme caution.
Eric! I've got a body.
Hello! Eric?! I got somebody, Eric.
He's alive.
Where's Donna? Donna's still in there.
She's inside! She's in here! Donna! Donna! Hello! Here! I've got another one! All right, here she is.
What happened? Okay, sweetheart, easy.
It's okay.
Okay, here we go.
Gotta go.
We gotta get you out of here.
Let's go.
Here we go, sweetheart.
Right this way.
Good job.
Come here.
Watch your step.
That's it.
Easy, easy.
Eric? Eric, there you go.
I got her, h.
I got her.
How are you feeling? Get your vital signs checked Be gentle, gentlemen.
He's fragile.
So, Dr.
loman, one fatality.
Could have been a lot worse.
Damage was contained to one area in the sugar refinery.
Survivors say they heard three explosions.
Based on what I saw inside, it looked like a bomb went off.
What is the cause of death? He has extensive comminuted fractures.
I think the force of the blast shattered his bones.
Oh my God! Ma'am? Do you know this man? Um Eduardo santana.
We were getting married in a month.
Are you sure it's him? His mother gave him that watch when he graduated High School.
I'm sorry, I have to take him now.
I understand.
Ma'am, what's your name? Uh, Nina castillo.
Okay, how do I find his mother? She died three years ago.
It was just us.
Oh, my God, he I can't believe that This is happening! All right.
Okay, hang on.
Hang on.
I understand.
How could this have happened? You know what? Nina, listen to me.
We're going to find out, okay? All right? Come with me.
Just come with me, come on.
All right.
Come on.
No, we didn't find any explosives, right? Nope, nothing.
Until now.
What is that? This is sugar dust.
In large quantities, it can be an explosive.
So is sawdust, coal.
Any dust particle is a combustible if you let too much of it collect, and they find an ignition source.
This is on everything.
This amount of dust in a confined space like this, with no ventilation - spark will set the whole thing off.
- Which is too rare of an occurrence to be an accident.
Listen, then we're talking about - a murder, right? - It's starting to look like it.
There are safety regulations in place against dust explosions.
So if the owner broke the rules He would be responsible for the death.
Oh, come on.
Come on! We're way behind.
Luis! Sí, señor.
¡¡Vamos! ¡¡Vamos! Get these people moving, Luis! All right everyone, let's leave the building right now.
Que paso? Que paso? Que paso? You, sir.
Come on.
Right there.
- Put it down.
Let's go.
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! No! No! I want this place cleared out.
Let's go.
- No, no, no.
You can't do that.
- Mr.
Cavanaugh, shut it down.
No, you can't do that.
I have buyers from here to Dallas waiting for their shipments.
This is my crime scene, and I need to process it.
Crime scene.
What exactly is the crime? Negligent homicide in the death of Eduardo santana.
He's one of your employees.
I know who Eduardo was.
I know all my employees.
So you think I'm somehow responsible for all this.
I almost lost everything today.
Sugar dust it's all over the refinery.
Don't bother, lieutenant.
There is no way that that was a dust explosion.
That's not what the evidence says.
So you found sugar dust.
Good for you.
Did you find excessive concentrations? No.
But we will.
I doubt that, since I have a state-of-the-art ventilation system that draws dust out all day, and a fail-safe door that stays open 24-7.
And who exactly was responsible for that door staying open? An employee whose only job is to stand sentry.
I want his name.
It's in my computer.
Go get it.
Well, so much for knowing all of his employees.
Let's focus on the illustrious ventilation and containment system Because something is wrong.
It's clean.
There's no fire residue in here.
No charring in the vents or the ducts on the inside.
There's charring on the outside.
Which means that the vents were closed.
So big daddy lied to you guys.
I think we should send Tripp over there to see him.
Yeah, it's not him, it's her.
This is a note from homicide.
It said that while Cavanaugh owns the company, it's Cavanaugh's daughter that runs the day-to-day operations.
It was an accident.
No, I don't have an incident report.
Is this what I pay your obscene premiums for, so you can give me the runaround? Let me have that.
Who do you think you are? The guy that just took your phone.
Miss Cavanaugh, can you please explain why you had the ventilation system turned off in the refinery today? Cost-cutting measure.
Five times daily since I took over operations.
Save us a hundred thou a month in electric.
And you are aware that that's against safety regulations? Not if I maintain a dust concentration 20% below the l.
What the hell is l.
? Lower explosive limit.
Miss Cavanaugh, to say that your plan backfired today is an understatement.
Thought you'd impress daddy by saving money, and what you did is destroy his business.
Unless you can prove that, all you've got is a couple of closed vents.
Actually, what we have is a young man who died today a month before his wedding.
And it may have been your cost-cutting measures that cost him his life.
This the door you came out earlier with h? No, no, we went out the rear door.
This is actually This is where the fail-safe door should be.
Well, obviously, it's missing.
Must've gotten blown off during the blast.
Let's take a look, see if it's around somewhere.
It's not missing anymore.
One, two, three.
You seeing what I'm seeing? Yeah, the latch is blown off.
Looks like it was sheared off.
It means this door was closed before the explosion.
Walter, this closed door could've been the cause of the explosion.
What about the guy that's supposed to be guarding it? What happened to him? I got a work roster right here.
Work roster says a Manny delgado was supposed to be standing sentry at this door.
Okay, I'll tell h.
So, Manny, it is your job to keep the fail-safe door open.
So? The door was closed, the place exploded.
What is up? I may have stepped away for a few minutes.
Few minutes? Okay, 20 minutes.
You better start talking, my friend.
One of the field workers got sick.
Hey, shh, shh.
Are you okay? I have to get home.
Okay, let me help you, okay? Okay.
Shh, shh, shh.
And I took her home.
The field workers' trailers.
What is her name? Nina castillo.
Eduardo's girlfriend.
Is Nina gonna tell me the same story, Manny? I swear.
It was a hundred degrees in the field this morning.
I fainted.
Manny helped me back here does that answer your question? As a matter of fact, it doesn't.
And I'm beginning to think I'm not getting the whole story.
Tu hermana.
¿Dónde está? She's not here.
Excuse me.
Gentlemen, this is an active investigation.
This is also an immigration investigation.
This woman's sister's in the country illegally, and I'm here to detain her.
Listen, I am sorry, but that's not my problem.
It is now.
Let's fan out! Nina, I need to know what's going on.
Nina, is your sister here? You need to tell me right now.
Isabel, she's my older sister.
She was born in Escada, Brazil.
She came here when she was two months old.
I was born on this farm.
So you're a citizen, and she's not.
I already lost Eduardo.
- Hey! I got her! - Wait a sec! - Don't touch her! - Let me go! Let me go! Easy! Don't let them take me! Easy! Don't let them take me.
- Don't let them take - Hey! Hey.
This is my investigation.
Now, the woman is scared; She's not dangerous.
The zip ties are unnecessary.
Standard operating procedure.
Where are you taking her? Let me go! Detention center.
She'll be out for 24 hours.
- Isabel! - What if you were to give me 48 hours? You're asking me to break protocol.
I am.
You got 48 hours for your investigation.
Thank you.
And then it's my investigation.
I understand.
Nina Did you know about the raid this morning? Some of the workers found out about it this morning.
I took off, and I came right here from the fields.
To warn Isabel, right? I was in such a rush to get to her before immigration that I tripped and I fell.
Manny helped pick me up and get me home.
So Manny was telling the truth.
And any one of the workers could have shut that door.
Whoever shut the door, I know that they didn't mean to cause an explosion.
They were probably just trying not to get picked up by immigration.
Nina How common are the raids? They happen every month.
People are targeted in advance.
Targeted? Who targets them? Nina, who targets them? Mr.
Why, Nina, would he target his own people? To get immigration off his back.
He almost let them take Eduardo away, too.
He proposed to me over there.
He said that One day he was gonna buy us a real house away from the fields So that we could start life.
Nina You're gonna have that life.
What about Isabel? I'm gonna take care of her, okay? Where's loman? The hardware store, picking up some special tools to process this body.
Okay, well, did he find anything? Yeah.
Yeah, he did.
You know those comminuted fractures? They're not from the blast, like you thought.
Turns out the guy was crushed.
Crushed by what? Sugar! Yeah, loman thinks, like, a quarter ton.
See these particles all over him? They're baked on, like a crème brûlée.
None of the other injured were coated like this.
Which means Eduardo here was beneath the sugar during the blast.
Last time I checked, you don't just end up under a ton of sugar.
No, not unless there's foul play.
The big three: Jumped, fell Or was pushed.
Sugar came in through the spout, right? The conveyor belt takes it out, and if you look at the bottom of this funnel, it's completely torn off.
The sugar's all piled up on the bottom.
You know, Eduardo was a pretty big guy.
This tiny funnel would never have held his body.
That would have caused massive amounts of sugar dust to be in the air.
Christie was right.
The vents being closed weren't enough it was the victim's own body that collected all that sugar dust.
Okay, so that puts to rest how the explosion happened.
How'd this guy get in there to begin with? There's only one way into the silo that's up on that catwalk.
Nothing up here indicates that Eduardo was pushed.
Chances are, a guy with a fiancée doesn't jump.
Maybe he fell.
You know, I got an image of something up here.
I don't know what it is.
I can't make it out, but You know, my grandma thought she saw Elvis's face on a potato chip once? Walter, I'm not seeing things, all right? Hey, I got something here.
What do you got? I got a hair.
It's too coarse to be human.
Mosaic patterns.
Few ovoid structures, bulb-shaped root This is a horse hair.
There's no way there was a horse on the catwalk with our victim, so, it had to be from somebody who rides one.
Yeah, and whoever was up there knows what happened to Eduardo.
Or they were the cause of it.
Cavanaugh's got a whole stable full of horses.
How do we narrow it down to just one rider? Well, the color is golden brown with a fleck of cream.
That's from a palomino.
Let's find out who rides one.
You signed out the palomino this morning, Luis.
You were up there on that catwalk with Eduardo, weren't you? Did he fall into that silo? Or did you push him? Neither.
The man was crushed by a ton of sugar, Luis, and you were the last person with him.
You're gonna tell me that you don't know what happened? I'm the factory foreman.
I was trying to teach him.
Teach him what? How the different departments work together.
From the catwalk, you could see the production line.
Eduardo worked in packaging, but to keep a job here, he needed to make himself indispensable.
Or Roger Cavanaugh would give his name to immigration, right? Hey, Luis, we know about your boss.
Okay? I've seen a lot of guys like Eduardo rounded up.
My own son just a month ago.
So what happened when you tried to teach Eduardo? He was a good student.
Eager to learn.
When we were done, I left him up there.
Five minutes later, there's an explosion.
Come on, Luis.
That's all I know.
That's all you know? Nina, what is it you want me to see? I was in Eduardo's closet, when I found this.
Jefferson memorial.
He kept it hidden.
He never told me anything about it.
This is two years old.
Does it help? You know, it may.
Thank you.
Okay, I get that it's a medical file, but how does a two-year-old tractor accident? Eduardo needed a blood transfusion, Frank.
Who was the donor? Uh, Roger Cavanaugh.
Says here that Roger and Eduardo shared a rare blood type.
Passed only from parent to child, making Roger Eduardo's father.
Owner of a factory has an illegitimate child, and now the kid's dead? So, big daddy has a big secret.
Don't ask me to stop working, gentlemen.
Can't just sit still.
The business my grandfather spent a life building almost burned to its studs today.
Well, it didn't.
That makes you a lucky man.
And the same can't be said of your son.
You're mistaken.
I don't have a son.
Eduardo santana was your son.
We saw the medical records.
Don't pretend it's not a fact.
Despite what you're thinking, I cared for Eduardo's mother very much.
I was a married man.
I had obligations.
Heard this tune before, Cavanaugh.
Eduardo tried to get a little money from you.
You killed him to shut him up, didn't you? No.
After his tractor accident, Eduardo did come to me.
What do you want? I, uh I know you're the one who gave me blood for the transfusion, and, uh I-I think I know why.
If you're looking for some kind of payout No.
I just want to thank you.
You saved my life.
I know you didn't have to.
Turned out to be a good kid.
No thanks to you.
I promised his mother I'd look after him, and I have.
I even put him in the will.
Your daughter know about that? No.
Eduardo asked me not to tell anyone.
Christie had no idea she had a brother.
Nobody did.
Are you're sure about that? That's him? That's the guy who killed one of my employees? He's a kid.
Two weeks ago, you hired that kid to hack into your father's computer.
Don't bother acting like you've never seen him before.
He's already signed a confession.
All right.
I'm nosy.
Is that a crime? Yes, it is.
So is murder.
I didn't murder Eduardo.
But you did know he was your brother.
Daddy didn't trust me with the business, no matter how much money I saved.
I had to hack into his computers just to see his budgets.
And that's when I saw he changed his will.
I'm sure that was upsetting to you.
Knowing that you were going to have to split your inheritance with your brother.
My brother? Just because daddy had his way with the help a million years ago doesn't mean he should give half of his company to some illegal.
His father was a citizen.
That makes him a citizen.
The son he always wanted.
I've been learning the sugar business my whole life.
I spent prom night sweeping the refinery floor.
After all of that, my dad asks Luis to show Eduardo the ropes.
He was your brother.
He's not my brother.
And now he's not my problem.
It sounds to me like you're ready to sign a confession.
I want my lawyer.
I bet you do.
What's this? A rorschach inkblot? No.
I found this image burned into the side of the silo.
I just can't make it out.
It's driving me crazy.
Okay, what caused it? The explosion blew sugar past it Yeah.
Leaving an outline burned on the wall.
Oh, it's like one of those shadows left by a nuclear explosion? Similar principal.
Kind of looks like Italy, like a map of Italy.
I'm not imagining this, wolfe, okay? No, no, no.
I'm not saying it like that.
I'm just saying, shrink it down a little bit.
Shrink it down.
Okay, Eric, so let's draw a line from here, over to here.
See? There's the heel of the boot.
There's the tip of the boot.
You're right.
It looks like a cowboy boot.
You know, christie Cavanaugh was wearing cowboy boots.
I'll get somebody to go look at her boots, and maybe they can place her at the refinery during the explosion? Yeah, go ahead and do that.
I'm gonna go back to the scene.
I'm gonna take another look at the shadow.
I used to have a sweet tooth.
I know I'll never have a caramel again.
One sugar-free body ready for processing.
We need to find something definitive linking christie to this death.
What would make her kill her own brother? She comes off like somebody who cares deeply about money Enough to kill.
Hypertrophic scar on his thigh consistent with the tractor accident in the medical records.
Oh, look at this.
Check this out.
Check this out.
Looks like fresh wounds right here on his arm.
Four parallel lines, a fifth off to the side.
Those are fingernail scratches.
Maybe somebody was holding on to him before he fell.
Wait, wait, wait.
Maybe consider this.
Whoever pushed him had second thoughts, tried to pull him back up.
It looks like christie may have had second thoughts about killing her own flesh and blood.
All right, well, let's process those wounds, and see if we can find some trace of her.
Hey, Eric? Here's the latest.
Christie Cavanaugh's boots were clean, and we didn't find any usable DNA on the scratch on Eduardo's arm.
You get anything up there that can place a person, like, a, uh Like a hand? No, but I can tell you, based on the location of this image, whoever was wearing these boots was hanging from the catwalk.
Maybe they were, uh, struggling with Eduardo, and they fell off.
Look at this.
Something hanging off the back of these boots.
Looks like the shape of a rowel from a spur.
I don't remember christie Cavanaugh's boots having spurs.
They didn't, but Luis's did.
We need to talk, Luis.
We have a few more questions about what happened on that catwalk.
Luis! Luis! Luis! Don't move! Get down! Get down! Get down! Get down.
Luis! Down! Get down! H, he's going for the factory! All right, let's go.
Put the gun down.
What's wrong with you? Don't come any closer.
Luis Luis, you don't have to do this.
I have no choice.
Luis, he's not worth it.
Put down the gun.
This pig took everything from me.
I gave you a job.
A place to live.
Last month, you gave my son to immigration in place of yours.
Hey! Hey! You can't take him.
Eduardo I need him.
Take him instead.
Are you sure, Mr.
Cavanaugh? - Dad? - ¡Corre, Felipe, corre! ¡Vete! ¡Vete! ¡Corre, Felipe, corre, corre! ¡Papá! No! Not my son.
¿Qué pasó, papá? Felipe, no! No! Not my son! No! No! Not my son! Please, not my son! Every time I saw Eduardo, all I could think was that my son was in some detention center.
Alone, scared.
While Cavanaugh's son was free.
You knew about Eduardo? I had my suspicions.
And you confirmed them for me that day.
What are you doing up here? I come up here to think.
Think? Thinking how immigration should have taken you instead of my son? I didn't ask Mr.
Cavanaugh to do that, okay? Mr.
Cavanaugh? Who do you think you're fooling? I used to see him sneak in your mother's place.
Come on, Luis.
You think that makes you special? Huh? I don't want to fight you, Luis.
You think you're better than my boy? Oh, no.
Hold on, Eduardo.
Hold on.
Hold on.
I didn't mean to kill him.
I tried to pull him back up.
We know, Luis.
All right? We know that.
I blamed the wrong person.
mucking horse stalls.
It wasn't fair.
Why did they have to take my son? Luis, if you go through with this, there's no turning back.
Luis, listen to me.
He's right.
You're never gonna see your son again.
Put it down, Luis.
Please put that gun down.
Put the gun down.
You killed my son! Luis! Okay.
All right.
It's over.
It's over.
It's over, okay? They already told me about my father.
All my life I wanted that business.
But I don't want it without him.
So it's time to turn over a new leaf, then.
What are you talking about? Hacking into your father's computer is a second-degree felony, carrying a mandatory Or? Or I talk to the state attorney, and persuade him otherwise.
What do I have to do? Eduardo always said how much he looked forward to having Isabel as his sister.
All this time, he already had one? That's correct.
I understand why he didn't tell me.
He was too proud to take a handout from anyone, let alone Mr.
Sounds like a good man.
He was.
Are you sure that they got her out? How did you convince them to release me? A student visa? We can't afford college.
It turns out that Ms.
christie Cavanaugh has created the company's first scholarship.
And you two are its first recipients.
I-I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
You bet.