CSI: Miami s09e10 Episode Script

Match Made in Hell

MAN This is Matthew.
Leave me a message, and I'll get back to you.
WOMAN Matthew, it's Abby Lexington.
We went out a few times, remember? I had a great time, and I thought you did, too, but then I never heard back from you, so I thought I'd remedy that.
Anyway, I don't want to leave all of this on your machine, so I'll try your cell.
Abby, enough.
Abby, hey.
How've you been? Hey.
I'm great.
Not as busy as you, I guess.
Yeah, sorry.
Uh I was gonna call you as soon as I got out of the pool.
Really? Really.
Um But look, we should talk.
Talk? It isn't bad.
It's just complic-- Hello? Help! What are you doing? Oh, my God.
What's happening? Oh, my God.
Matthew! Hi.
Um, I need to report an attack! I don't know how many people there could be.
But he was just screaming so loud.
Um, he was calling me from 21 Ulster Avenue in-in Coral Gables.
His name is Matthew Shaw.
Please hurry.
There's a blood trail.
Easy, easy, easy, easy H, what is this? Some kind of meat? Looks like cut steak.
It could be bait.
Whoa! Ooh.
Nice shot.
Welcome to South Florida.
Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! BOA VISTA: You were right.
The blood that leads to the pool is from a steak.
So somebody deliberately lured that alligator from the canal into the yard.
Nobody tampered with that electronic gate, so they knew the code.
Wolfe? Yeah, the victim was also the owner of the house.
His name's Matthew Shaw.
He is 28.
He moved here two months ago from Arizona after he sold his Internet company.
He died rich and retired.
Very retired.
Process the house, and see if he had regular guests.
Will do.
That isn't skin, is it? No.
It's not skin.
Torn piece of paper, saturated with chlorine.
I haven't seen anything like this in some time.
We get about a half dozen serious attacks in Florida every year.
I've become a bit of an expert.
An expert, huh? Yep.
Did you know that once a gator has you in its jaws, it's like Like being crushed by the weight of a small pickup truck.
Yeah, I knew that, Loman.
Practically worked gator patrol when I towed out in the Everglades.
Bone-chilling creatures.
Try staring at one underwater.
At night.
No, thank you.
Hey, did you find anything that might indicate who lured the gator onto the property? No, but I think that the lady who called Mr.
Shaw to distract him would probably be a good place to start.
Matthew, it's Abby.
Matthew, it's Abby Lexington.
How have you There's no way I set Matthew up for anything.
I'm the one who called 911.
What are you doing? He's testing you for animal blood.
Look, I'm telling you.
I did not kill him.
We went out a couple of times a few weeks ago.
We had a good time.
I called him this morning to reconnect.
No big deal.
ABBY But then I never heard back from you, and, well, that was unexpected, so I thought I'd remedy that.
Sounds, uh like you were pretty angry he didn't call you.
I admit I was disappointed.
But I could never Look, even if things didn't work out between us, Matthew was a good guy.
This should never have happened to him.
Was your relationship with him sexual? Absolutely not.
That's not allowed.
What? I'm sorry.
What do you mean? We met through a matchmaking service.
Her hands are negative.
Very exclusive, very respectable.
I'm sure it is.
The woman who runs it discourages her matches from having sex until they've agreed to enter a, uh committed, monogamous relationship.
And that takes a minimum of 90 days.
I was leaving her office this morning when I called Matthew.
She'll vouch for me.
What's her name? Tandy King.
Well, let's talk to Tandy, then.
Your skirt is way too high, and your neckline is too low.
Feature either the boobs or the legs.
Never both.
Well, sweetie did someone in clown college do your makeup? Okay, here's the thing.
Look at my lipstick.
It's pink.
It's tasteful.
It's simple.
The color's called "cotton candy.
" Buy some.
And bleach your teeth.
BOA VISTA: Tandy King? Yes? Oh.
Ladies, please take note.
This is an example of a woman who knows how to accentuate her assets.
Are you looking for the millionaire of your dreams? No.
I'm good.
I just need to speak to you.
Ladies, do you mind? Police.
Got it.
I'm investigating the murder of one of your clients, Matthew Shaw.
I heard about that.
It's awful.
Abby Lexington.
Was she here this morning? Yes, actually, my assistant said she did stop by, but you know, Abby and Matthew hadn't dated in weeks.
Really? Okay.
I'm going to need his complete file, and you need to come with me.
Of course.
I'm Matthew Shaw, um, Internet entrepreneur, avid swimmer, and air hockey champion.
Uh, and I'd like to welcome you to my humble abode.
But up to now, I've been focused on just been focused on my career.
Um, which has been rewarding.
But it can also get a little lonely.
So I guess, well, I'm looking for a friend, a partner.
Someone to share the good stuff with and the bad.
Matthew came to me a couple of months ago.
He was very particular.
I set him up with some of my best girls.
Everyone loved him.
Did they love him, or did they actually love maybe marrying into $70 million? Well, the girls' beauty.
The guys' money.
Fair trade.
Excuse me one second.
Hello? Natalia? I found the most exquisite engagement ring in our victim's robe pocket.
Two carat.
Gold setting.
He was going to propose.
That's very interesting.
Thanks, Tom.
Did Matthew tell you that he was about to propose to one of the girls? He was? I'm supposed to get commission on that.
Which girl? Well, that I don't know yet.
But maybe one of those girls who loved him so much was jealous enough to kill him.
I'm going to need to bring them in.
Oh, right.
I'd love to, but you see, my clients expect confidentiality.
And if I give you that list, I risk my business.
Yeah, but we're in the middle of a murder investigation.
So I really don't care about what happens to your business.
I didn't know anything about any gate code.
I couldn't have killed Matthew.
I'm vegan.
Good to know.
I would never touch raw meat.
She is negative for animal blood.
Matthew's dead? Great.
The only decent guy in Miami, and someone just had to go and shrink the dating pool.
Yes, I remember my first date with Matthew.
He walked me to my front door.
My roommate couldn't believe it.
Look at all these babes.
I want to sign up for Tandy King's service.
Net worth has to be over a million dollars.
On top of that, it's a 55-grand buy-in, and then you can't even have sex with whoever you're dating for three months.
And you have to submit DNA for genetic testing and blood for an STD screening.
I mean, I'll say this for Tandy King-- she's thorough.
She gave us everything she had: comment cards, questionnaires Look at this DNA report.
I just can't believe these girls would give up their genetic code to date a millionaire.
Where's the DNA? Natalia has it-- she's trying to see if we get a match on anything we took from Matthew's house.
So, have we talked to all the women Matthew dated? Yeah, everyone except Kate Pender.
She's the only one that hasn't called me back.
Did you get a match? I did.
The sheets tested positive for female biologicals that matched Kate Pender.
Our missing girl.
Well, she can't be that far, because the maid changes the sheets every day.
All right, that means she slept with Matthew in the last 24 hours-- let's go find her.
Went by the no-show girl's apartment, Kate Pender.
I spun the drum, but I couldn't find anything.
What kind of a car does she drive? DMV's got her registered in an Audi A4.
It's got a standard GPS.
Track it.
All right.
It's Kate Pender's car-- it's got a lot of salt on it.
Think she abandoned it here? Maybe she's attending the party.
How are you? Good to see you.
It's right down there, to the left.
I'm gonna, uh, need to see your invitations, please.
Uh, where where the hell did I put that? Hello, gentlemen.
I'm Paul Nichols.
I'm afraid this is an invitation-only party.
That's all right.
We brought our own.
Kate Pender.
Kate Pender? Yeah, Kate's here.
And what would you want with one of my girls? One of your girls? I'm a matchmaker.
Matchmaker, huh? High-end clients only, though.
Here's Kate now.
These gentlemen would like to have a word with you.
Alone please.
Yeah, of course.
So, what's this about? You're familiar with a Matthew Shaw? I am.
Why? He was murdered this morning.
Would you come with us, please? How'd you guys find me? Tandy King.
When was the last time you saw Matthew, Kate? I haven't seen Matthew in a while.
Kate, I happen to know you were with him last night, so come on.
Look okay, we aren't supposed to see the guys without Mr.
Nichols knowing, okay? It's It's part of the contract.
So he poached you from Tandy, wouldn't let you date her clients, huh? No, it was my choice.
Look, Matthew was sweet, we had a connection at Tandy's, but then when I came here, I told him we weren't gonna be a match.
But if that's true, why were you with him last night? Just to end things, once and for all.
One thing led to another, I guess it was good-bye sex.
Kate, are you done? Excuse me.
Yeah, I'd like to get back to the party.
I know you do.
I know you want to get in We've got a couple of gentlemen who'd be interested Excuse me.
Come on.
There you go.
Ugh! Brings me back to undergrad anatomy.
I thought I was used to all the smells down here, but this is, like wow! Quite a bouquet.
Ah Oh, my God.
BOA VISTA: Okay, well, that fish there, that looks like his usual lunch.
Hold on a second, Natalia.
There's something stuck to this can.
Let me get this cleaned up.
Eric found a piece of paper like this earlier by the pool.
I'll bag it for later.
Uh and this was his last meal.
The radius was torn here.
This is Matthew's left hand.
Looks like there's a piece of bandage in his hand right there.
Clamps, please.
It's a burn.
Based on the distinct edges, something very hot was held against his skin.
You don't get a burn like this by bumping against a furnace.
I'd say it happened within a week of his actual death.
So this gator was not the first time somebody wanted to hurt this guy.
Will you get some photos of that and get them up to the lab for me? I'm gonna try to match that burn pattern to whatever caused it.
Thank you.
Well, it's definitely not an iron, because I can't find one with circles that big.
No, I think it's some kind of a pipe.
But the only problem is, do you know how many half-inch pipes there are out there in the world? True, but I think this one looks more like it's a two-inch pipe.
Do you know how many two-inch pipes there are out there in the world? I don't know how this happens to a millionaire, but I found two "insufficient fund" notices in our vic's mailbox.
Nice little motorcycle burn.
BOA VISTA Oh, come on.
How do you know that's from a motorcycle? Circles are the right size and distance apart.
Had a buddy with the same burn on his leg.
He got it from the exhaust pipe on his cruiser.
Well, this one is on our victim's hand, and the severity of the burn indicates that it's from prolonged exposure to the heat.
But if it is from a motorcycle pipe, that just means that Matthew had his hand pinned by it.
I got an idea how this happened; I'll get back to you.
What do you think, Eric? There's nothing on the other bike.
Nichols, the cop is here again.
Hey, got something here.
It's cooked on a bit, but I bet you it's blood.
Hey! Hey, what do you think you're doing? Hit it with some fluorescein.
You want to let me know what's going on here? Yeah, we have blood, H.
This is private property! What do you think you're doing?! DNA.
Betcha it's Matthew's.
So, do I take it that Kate didn't answer your questions to your satisfaction? Who owns the motorcycle? That'd be my head of security, Ricky Tobar.
Okay, well, then he tortured the victim; he's under arrest.
Hook him up, please.
What, are you kidding me? Are you? Don't say a thing.
Don't say a thing.
Nic Stop! That's what you get when you mess with Mr.
Nichols' girls.
Stop! Stop! Stop! You understand me? No! Oh! My lawyer will meet you down there.
Torture? Why would he want to do that? Because Matthew was pursuing one of your girls and not paying your fees, and you didn't like that.
Good luck proving that.
That's what we do, and guess what? You're next.
I said I'm not talking until my lawyer gets here.
Your lawyer? H, who do you think pays for this guy's lawyer? That would be Mr.
Paul Nichols, Ricky's boss.
He's not your lawyer, Ricky.
He's your boss's lawyer.
He's here to protect your boss.
By setting you up to take the fall, Ricky.
Now, we know you attacked Matthew, and that's good for at least attempted.
It's not too far from there to murder.
Hypothetically, let's just say that your boss set you up, positioned you to take the fall because Matthew wouldn't pay his fee.
You think Mr.
Nichols is the kind of guy to kill over 50 grand? Well, I mean, come on, don't you? I'm not stupid.
I know this lawyer isn't here for me.
But I've got a family Which we can protect, Ricky.
You're right.
This whole thing's about money.
But a hell of a lot more than you're thinking.
Try millions.
And Nichols will do anything to protect it.
So, what is he working on? Detectives, I'm instructing my client not to say anything further.
Hey, you can tell him to leave.
And regardless of what he's saying to you, he doesn't work for you.
Oh, yes, I do-- and I've already posted bail for him.
You're free to go, Mr.
Ricky, don't make this mistake.
If you care about your family, don't do this.
Ricky, don't do it.
Like I said, I'm not stupid.
What do you want to do? I got an idea.
You wanted to see me.
I do.
Something happened at the Nichols mansion which caused Matthew's death.
Okay, I'll pull a warrant and start searching the place.
Or you could start searching for the perfect match.
Look, according to Tobar, whatever operation Nichols is running is worth millions.
This woman Kate Pender-- is she gonna help us? Only if you can separate her from Nichols.
Otherwise, leave her alone, okay? Now, listen, you won't get past security with a wire.
We won't be able to have ears on you.
Which means you need to check in with us every 30 minutes.
Every 30 minutes, okay? Okay, in and out, all right.
Good, you got it.
Be safe.
Please excuse the inconvenience, Mr.
Photography is not allowed.
We'll return this to you right when the party's over.
Great, thanks.
Thanks for accommodating me on such short notice.
Oh, of course, of course.
Yeah, my office sent your information.
Vodka gimlet.
Thank you very much.
This is my favorite, you know.
Well, we pay close attention to your likes and dislikes.
That's how we're going to find your perfect companion.
Your one page says you're in research and development-- new energy? Yeah, research and development-- basically windmills.
"R & D" sounds better.
We track electrical currents, we sell it to eco companies, that sort of thing-- very boring, not good stuff to talk about with these ladies.
Lot of pretty ones here.
How does this work? Oh, it's like your currents-- you circulate.
You talk to the ladies.
Skip the small talk, ask the questions that really matter to you, and your match may be here.
Here's to me.
All right.
Hi there.
Couldn't help but notice you standing over here.
You're so pretty, but you, you look so sad.
Are you okay? Oh, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of covering that up.
No, not really.
You're doing a terrible job of covering it up, I'm sorry to say.
Hi, I'm Ryan.
I'm Kate.
Kate, hi.
So what's on your mind? Um You know, sad stories aren't really allowed here.
You know, I find sometimes, when we share our sad stories, it can make us feel closer.
That's, that's one lame pickup line.
I got another one for you.
Get ready, this one's extremely lame.
Uh penny for your thoughts.
Um, okay.
I lost a close friend today.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
But you're here at the party tonight, anyway? Yeah, well, I didn't really have much choice.
I don't understand.
Yeah, it's complicated Okay.
Okay, just don't say anything, okay? Sure.
Hey, Paul.
Do you know what? What? I could have predicted that you two would find each other.
How you getting on? Good.
Great-- she's, she's lovely.
Listen, Kate, why don't you take, uh, Mr.
Durbin somewhere a little more quiet and you can really get to know him? I was, I was just about to do that.
Ryan, what do you think? Sure, I'd love to.
We got nine minutes, H! Nine minutes.
You okay? Katie, Kate, I thought we just came up here to talk.
Ryan, you don't need any of your lines up here.
You can have whatever you want for a price.
Hmm? Hold up a second, hold Wait, seriously? Okay, please don't back out now, okay? 'Cause Nichols will blame me.
You know, this is all moving-- it's all Can you just stop doing that? It's all moving a little fast for me.
Okay, but you can't complain to Nichols, all right? Kate, Kate, relax, I'm not going to complain to Nichols.
Is Nichols your, uh? He's your pimp.
I prefer "matchmaking service," actually.
Okay, uh I'm sorry about that.
I don't I don't know what got into me.
Is this good? It's okay, it's okay.
Okay, a lot of guys get nervous their first time.
Why don't we just talk a little more? Okay.
Okay, relax.
Want another drink? Yeah, in fact, um I'm gonna go grab a bottle of wine.
What do we got? Two minutes.
Time's up.
We got to do something.
Let's go.
Who are you working for? Who do you work for?! Who do you work? Let him go, let him go.
Wolfe! Come on! H, H, he's going for his gun! Clear! Breathe, get up.
Come on, breathe.
Breathe, come on.
You're all right, breathe.
Go on.
Are you okay? We found Wolfe.
Now let's find Nichols.
You kill my security guard and then you accuse me of this? Shut your mouth already.
Listen, I didn't know any of these girls were hooking.
It's nothing to do with me.
And yet they operated right here out of your home.
I run a legitimate business.
You're running a house of prostitution.
Hey, for all you know, it could have been that security guard that was organizing it.
Well, that's really convenient, because he's dead.
He can't defend himself.
I am not part of this.
You can ask any of them girls.
I want my lawyer here.
He'll sort this out in two minutes.
Horatio, you know, before I was drugged, I think I remember something weird about this bookcase.
There was something strange.
Okay, you get away from there.
Don't you touch anything.
You've got no authorization.
Shut up.
That, my friend, is a counting room.
Open the safe.
Open it.
I consider it my mission to help people find happiness.
For a price.
Arrest this son of a bitch.
You wanted to see me? Matthew's murder.
It's my fault.
I tried to break it off.
Matthew wanted to marry me, but Paul wouldn't let him.
Stay away from her.
Paul, please, we love each other.
Just let us go.
She's too valuable, and you can't afford her.
Kate, Matthew's a wealthy man.
Why didn't he just buy his way out? His business manager ran off with all his money.
Matthew told me he was broke.
I didn't care.
I loved him.
Kate, get over here.
Come on.
This was never meant to be forever.
Just let me leave.
Let us go, or I'll go to the cops.
You go to the cops and I'll kill her.
And Kate, you run off with him I'll kill him.
Paul murdered Matthew, Lieutenant, I know it.
Please, please don't let him get away with this, please.
Kate, if Paul did this, justice will be served.
Why would I kill Matthew Shaw? Because he was attempting to reclaim one of your girls at the expense of your bottom line.
I get it, all right? You're trying to wear me down, but it's not gonna work 'cause I didn't kill him Prostitution, kidnapping, attempted murder, and the list goes on.
I've never even been to his house.
How much was she worth to you? A hundred thousand? Maybe two? What's my lawyer gonna say when he finds out you've been questioning me without him here? I think we're done.
On the contrary.
We're just getting started.
Hey, what's-what's this? I want my lawyer.
Okay, I want my lawyer here now! I want to see my lawyer! I've got rights! What are you hiding in here? Eric found a piece of paper like this by the pool earlier.
See how there's all this design in the background and then you've got these smudged numbers at the bottom? So I'm thinking it's a check.
Right, that's what I was thinking.
What do you think? Yeah.
And maybe we can tie this to Paul Nichols, 'cause then we could put him at the crime scene.
Let's try to make out the letters.
That's a "T.
" Yep.
And then that looks like an "H-E-S" right there.
Oh, good one.
This is all all blurry in here, but it kind of looks like a capital "K.
" Oh, yeah, it does.
You think? Okay.
" Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait, maybe this could be a Is this "Tandy King Matches.
" That's her business name.
Well, if it's "Tandy King Matches," why is the check all torn up, and what is that red ink? Will you grab me the U.
light, please? Yes.
All right, let's see.
Okay, well, that is not handwriting ink, that is from a stamp.
And it's a capital "N" and a capital "S.
" "Insufficient Funds.
" When your money is funny, the bank stamps a check "NSF.
" I don't know how this happens to a millionaire, but I found two "insufficient fund" notices in our vic's mailbox.
Okay, but wait, if-if it's Tandy King's and it went back to Tandy, then what's it doing all torn up in Matthew's yard? I think Tandy paid Matthew a house call.
Because she didn't receive her sizeable fee.
She was upset, so She conveniently didn't tell me about it.
Now we got two people with motive to kill Matthew, but we can't prove either of them opened the gate for the gator.
Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute.
I think maybe we can.
What the hell is going on?! Get your feet off my desk.
We know that you have Matthew's gate code.
How could I have known the code? Because you have access to the tape.
I'm Matthew Shaw, um, Internet entrepreneur, avid swimmer and air hockey champion.
Uh and I'd like to welcome you to my humble abode.
You see, anyone who had access to the tape could decipher the code.
A hundred people could have had that code.
It doesn't prove anything.
We know you were at his house, and we know you killed him because he couldn't pay.
What are you doing? I'm gonna test your hands for animal blood.
Why? Because we know that you cut up a steak and lured that alligator into Matthew's yard.
That's exactly right, and we're gonna find blood on your hands, aren't we? Matthew It was a simple misunderstanding, Tandy.
It's been weeks.
I'll have my business manager cut you another check.
Oh, please.
Screw your checks, Matthew.
You owe me 55 grand, and I'm not leaving here until I get it.
I don't have it.
What? I lost everything.
Believe me, if-if I did have it, I would give it to you, because introducing me to Kate meant more to me than any amount of money.
Aw, save it.
You are unbelievable.
Listen to me.
I run a multimillion-dollar company, but my business is only as good as my reputation, and if I let some poser show me up, my business is done.
I vetted him, I vouched for him, and he made a fool of me.
If it had gotten out that he was a fraud, do you know what that would have done to my credibility? Take her.
You're making a huge mistake.
Hang on a second, please.
Where am I going? Well, they're gonna take you over to County and book you for prostitution.
I just keep thinking about the day that I got involved with Paul.
I just kept thinking, I need the money, it would only be for a little while.
That's the trap, isn't it? I just feel so stupid.
Matthew's dead, and I'm going to prison.
You know, Kate, it doesn't have to end like this.
What, you can do that? With your help, I might.
You want me to testify against Paul? The state attorney will grant you probation for that type of testimony.
Paul's capable of anything.
So am I, Kate, so am I.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Kate, it's gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.